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Planets and Space Dream Meaning

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Did you have a dream about planets? Learning the meaning of planets in our dreams can be helpful for understanding the current events happening in our life.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Planets?

planets dream meaning symbol

In general, seeing planets in space brings to light one’s desire for greater wisdom and knowledge of the “bigger picture.”

Often times, when planets appear in our dreams it is a sign to truly open up to the deeper meaning of life. Your mind is becoming open to what your soul has been longing for.

Here are some common themes we can associate with seeing planets in our dreams:

Looking at the bigger picture: Are you looking at life through the lens of the universe? Are you wondering how we may all be connected?

Exploring Possibilities: Seeing planets from a distance in a dream might mean you are longing to explore new possibilities.

This is especially true if you dream of a ufo or other spacecraft.

Cosmic Connection: Often times we can dream of outer space because we are seeking connection with our cosmic and spiritual origins. It can be worth doing dream work to explore these cosmic connections to further understand what your spiritual goals and callings in this current life might be.

Being Out of This World: Sometimes dreaming about planets and space can mean that you do not feel like you fully belong. You may feel like an outsider or a misfit in your current social circle. You might feel like you are not understood.

Of Enormous Importance: This dream additionally reminds us that in spite of how large the universe is, we have our very own destiny to live out and the daily choices that we are making impacts that destiny profoundly.

Planets are gigantic in size, so it can be a symbol of importance. Think about the impact you might have on others, or something that is impacting you.

There are many ways to identify which of these meanings are most relevant for you in the dream. Journaling, prayer or meditation can sometimes help with understanding what these dreams may mean.

Common Planets and Their Dream Meaning

Dreaming of specific planets in our solar system can have various different meanings, depending on the planet featured in the dream.


jupiter cave

Jupiter is often associated with personal growth and wisdom. This is a planet of truth and wisdom, and so many times when it appears in our dreams it means we are seeking a deeper truth or understanding of a situation.

Often times when we dream of Jupiter, we may be on the brink of learning something very important about ourselves or others. Jupiter can sometimes be a sign of coming into enlightenment. This is a symbol for philosophy and powerful belief systems.

As the largest of the planets in our solar system, Jupiter is also often associated with abundance and wealth. Many people associate it as a lucky sign for attracting money or business success.


mars red rover

Mars is a planet about action, for better or worse. We do many things in our every day lives, and some of these things can be very good, but sometimes things we do can cause distress for others or leave us with feelings of regret or remorse.

Many people consider Mars as a planet to remind you of the golden rule, which is to treat others in a way you would wish to be treated. 

earning ways to peacefully resolve conflicts with others will be helpful for you to move ahead in your life. It’s often a sign to remind you that doing harm to others may come back to cause more harm to yourself in the long run.

As a symbol for action, Mars can also relate to motivation and goal setting. If you dream of Mars, it could mean that you are trying to find a way to act on your passions in life.

Perhaps you are trying to discover a way to bring your interests and the things you love into work, or you are working towards achieving success for a goal or cause you are passionate about.

dream about planets


Mercury is often a planet associated with thinking, logic and communication. Many people consider Mercury to be a symbol of luck for business. If you dream of the planet Mercury, it can be a symbol of being deep in thought.

Often times, this planet coincides with us making decisions in life and business, because most of these things require some time to contemplate. This planet can also appear to encourage you to listen to your heart over your logic. After all, it is emotions that cause us to be able to make decisions!

Mercury is sometimes thought as the “problem solving” planet. When it appears to us, we usually are in a place of determining how to deal with many of the challenges we face in every day life.


Venus is often associated with love and romance, but it can also be a symbol for receiving, giving and honest communication. When Venus appears in a dream, it’s important to think about the current relationships in your life. Is it an equal amount of give and take? Are both parties in the relationship working towards mutual benefit?

Venus also calls for us to think about our social skills. If you are nervous or feel awkward in meeting new people, this planet can often come as a symbol to learn new ways to better communicate and act with others around you.

As a whole, Venus is a planet about peaceful cooperation, universal love, and acceptance. If you are open to receiving and giving love in your life, all the other little details often naturally fall easily into place.


The planet Saturn in our dreams is often related to achieving success and victory. Many people see it as a symbol for business, hard work, and wealth.

Because Saturn is driven for success, it will sometimes appear for someone who is looking to have more discipline in their lives. If you have a hard time resisting temptation or setting up boundaries with others, Saturn can be a powerful symbol to help remind you to set healthy limits in your life.


Neptune is most often associated with creativity, inspiration, dreaming, imagination and exploration. Dreaming of this planet can be a sign that while you may have lofty goals, but you may also be very inspired and creative in your day to day life.

Dreaming of Neptune can sometimes mean that you are caught up in illusions or are trying to escape. It is important to consider whether or not you are looking for something new in a creative way or if you are instead simply trying to get away from problems that may be bothering you.


Uranus is typically a symbol for change and transformation, as well as a symbol for completion or evolution. It is a planet which promotes independence, and freedom.

Dreaming of Uranus can often mean that you are seeking something new or different in your life. You may be looking for something “very far out there”. You may also feel as if you are wildly different from others in your life.


This dwarf planet is often associated with power. Many people consider Pluto to be a symbol for life, death and rebirth. It can be a sign of great creation, or absolute destruction.

If you dream about Pluto, it is often a symbol for feeling powerless in a situation, or feeling as if you need to find the strength and power to overcome something that is challenging you in your life.

It can sometimes also be a powerful transformation, such as feelings that emerge after an abrupt change in one’s daily routine or life habits.

The Moon

While not a planet, dreaming of a moon can have some significant meaning in your dream. The moon is often a symbol relating to feelings, emotions, and going through the cycles of life.

The moon can also be a symbol for introspective feelings and getting to know yourself deeply. Just as the moon is “hidden” during the daylight hours, often times we have thoughts and feelings we do not share with others.

Our post on the moon dream meaning can help you understand more about the symbolism and messages from the moon.

The Sun

While also not considered to be a planet, the sun can often appear in dreams about these different celestial bodies in space. Since it is often considered to be the most important, with all planets revolving around it, this is often usually a symbol for things most important to you.

Each of us can have many different personal associations related to the sun – whether you love bright, sunshiny days full of optimism, or whether the brilliance of a situation may be blinding you from the truth.

Common Dreams & Dream Meanings for Planets and Space

Dreaming of Life on Another Planet

If you dream that there is life on another planet, it could mean that you exploring different possibilities and opportunities in your life. Just as there may be other worlds, universes, and planets with different types of lifeforms, there are MANY different types of lives you can live on this planet earth as a human!

Many times this can mean that you are exploring different choices for career, relationships, or even where to live. If you are thinking of making a big chance, this is likely a way these thoughts are manifesting in your dreams.

Floating Around Planets

Many of us experience dreams where we are floating. Floating in a dream in outer space can mean that you are flowing freely in your life and looking for new opportunities.

Floating can also sometimes mean that you feel detached from what is going on around you. Are you currently feeling ungrounded? Sometimes this symbol of floating can mean that you need to find a way to come to acceptance with the current challenges in your life to successfully find a positive outcome.

Touching a Planet

Dreaming of almost touching or touching a planet can sometimes be a symbol for goals and how you feel about reaching these goals. If you are successfully able to reach out and touch a large gigantic object floating in space, it’s quite likely that you are able to achieve anything you put your mind to. The sky is not even the limit for you!

Sometimes this symbol can also mean that you are aware of your own limitations and abilities. It can be a gentle message in your dreams to stay on task and to remind yourself to stay grounded in reality.

Do Planets Speak to Us?

Many people believe it is possible to receive messages from planets and communicate with spirits of stars and even planet earth.

While of course this is not something we can prove scientifically and it may not sound very logical, it is indeed possible to tune into the energy of a planet. When you connect with the energy of the planet, it is very possible to receive feelings of emotions, thoughts, and guidance.

Many people are able to carefully listen to the needs of Mother Earth and speak with the spirit of our very own earth planet which we live on.

What are your thoughts? Have you had a dream about planets you would like to share? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I had a dream yesterday I was watching different shining stars from far, and I went to different planet, feels real wish to see it again it was amazing.

    1. I hade a dream that I see all the planets in the sky the something fell from the sky and hit earth and debree was hitting me and my family in the face

  2. I had a dream yesterday I was watching different shining stars from far, and I went to different planet, feels real wish to see it again it was amazing.

  3. I had a dream yesterday I was watching different shining stars from far, and I went to different planet, feels real wish to see it again it was amazing.

  4. I still remember dreams I had as a young child, 45 years ago, about space. Remember the feeling and the sights. I’d close my eyes to go to sleep and would see the blackness of space, and slowly the stars would become clear, and the whole image would rotate and I’d feel as if I was floating away from them, they became further away. I felt like I was moving. Tried for years to have those dreams again but never been able to so far. I’d love to know what it meant, thank you.

  5. When I was a child I dreamed about 5 stars in a single line and the second dream was about futuristic airplanes or spacecraft flying in the sky and I was enjoying watching them.
    And the third dream was about a bird, which was similar to the Quetzal Bird.
    these are the only 3 dreams which I can’t forget forever.

  6. I once dreamed about the earth, at the beginning of it’s life, millions of years ago. In my dream the earth was cold and dark, made of entirely water, no living beings existed yet. The moon was made out of cold gas, and it would spin around the ocean creating enormous waves.

  7. I recently had a dream that I was on another planet with my family and others. There was a small building, like a bed and breakfest, and i noticed an old spaceship and realized it was mine from long ago and I had driven it to the same planet and forgot. I looked inside the old spaceship and wondered how I could have been so wreckless to fly something so dangerous by myself in the past. Then we all walked in a line down a natural land bridge to the ocean where if glowed blue and green as it became night time. I have no idea what that all means.

  8. Hi,
    I got this rare dream because I don’t dream mostly, of being on some unknown barren planet but with two moons and one was huge. Can’t figure if it was one moon and one Sun or one huge planet like Jupiter and one moon or Sun. But it was dusk or dawn because the sun wasn’t there but yet there was some light. And one of the planet or Sun or the moon was huge and reminded me of football. But I felt peaceful there just by myself there looking at these two celestial planets or star from the barren patch.

  9. I had this dream I was standing in my backyard. As it was night and I could see all the plants clearly can u tell me what this means?

  10. I dreamed that I was flying straight up into space I realized that i could control flying by looking up and took control of everything I did in this dream I was floating in space it was a heavy feeling in my chest I even felt the difference in the air it was harder to breathe I flew back to earth grabbed some cactus seeds and a pile of dirt flew back to space and saw all the planets aligned in my mind I debated which one would be best to plant the cactus seeds I thought of Mars and snatched it out of its place and all the planets around it unaligned I was holding mars in my hand it was the size of a soccer ball I placed the seeds on top and didn’t know where to put it back so I whispered lightly go back where you belong and it graciously left my hand and realigned perfectly with all the other planets I dreamed this a couple days before the Rover landed on mars and I had no idea of the new mission to mars I believe that I actually astro traveled out of body because I was in control the whole time

  11. Today I had a strange dream. I was in my garden at summertime in the afternoon, although in reality it’s winter/fall right now.
    I look up into the blue sky and see a line of planets. The planets look far away and small, they are also all white and a little translucent like how the moon sometimes looks. But I just know that they are the planets of our solar system. They are arranged in an almost perfect line. Left and right to that line there are also some more planets not part of that line.
    So I tell my family about it, because I was excited. But I was also fairly calm as if this was a normal experience. Then in the next minutes we all gather inside the house, still looking outside the window to the planets.

    Then suddenly the planets explode. There’s just a wall of orange-black explosions in the sky. We cannot hear or feel the explosions but we were scared. The explosions only last about five minutes, then something begins to fall from the sky which looks like skin or algae and it didn’t look so nice… but still a little bit like food or something.

    Now I don’t know what to think about this dream.

  12. Hi
    I am 35 years old. It’s not one time but again and again I had dream about sky, some times moving stars and light, sometimes some specific symbols and maps, sometimes some machines working in space . Hardly 2 to 3 times I heard some voice sound. Like yesterday I had dream with moving stars making some pattern and a sound come Here is Indiana.

  13. I had dream where it was night time but the sky wasn’t totally black it was a dark blue faded to a lighter blue. I walked outside and there were hundreds of moons going in a straight line. You could zoom in with your eyes to look a moon. Each moon had different amount of clocks on it going from 1-10. Before I woke up I was in a car driving down the road as I watched the moons.

    I just wanted to know if anybody else had a dream like this?

    1. Yes, my dream tonight was similar:
      About 15-20 planets that looked like the moon (white and translucent, as if far away) all arranged in a line. But some of them were scattered around that line.

  14. I had a dream of our earth sorrounded by 19 planets, some appears like the moon and other appears like saturn, they all raised up but in a circle, after few minutes they set down each down the side they were, after that it was only two planets left raising allianed with the moon.

  15. I had a dream last night i was sleeping outside and my brother is right beside me and i wake up and inside the house i check my cellphone before i sleep its 100% and its 11:57 am i didnt check the date then i lay down the bed and look at the window theres something in the sky i saw 3planets i saw red planet,sun and moon and i look more closely and i saw a space ship im not sure but i saw a city? I try to take a picture but my cellphone got flash so its delay i got picture of the city inside of the spaceship im not sure it its a space ship and the 3planets look creepy its like this:

    🌗Red planet

    🌑The moon

    Here’s the space ship
    Its too big and its dark
    After i took a picture the plant are disappearing at the same time and and the big spaceship is moving then i wake up… its so creepy i think i dreaming this agian but i can’t remember please.

    I need explaination.

  16. I dreamt about i am taking photos at evening time of moon & beach… suddenly seen another planet like earth which contains outer ring like saturn and taking photos of it too…

  17. I had a dream last night that another Earth-like planet was coming towards us. It got so big, it took up the entire sky. All you seen was this planet. I felt scared in my dream, and sensed panic from everyone else. I closed my eyes thinking it was the end of all, just to open my eyes and we all became one. The new planet collided with our planet without a single sound or shake. Very weird.

  18. I dreamt about being in venus and i was in a spaceship with robots, and we are getting ready for a war on earth. I don’t really know what that meant and it was confusing.

  19. Hi everyone in 2016 I had a dream of earth electing it president or it leader which was one of the current presidents we have. He was guided by most advanced humongous human robots. The same year 2016 I also dreamed of a planet similar to earth which I walked out in the middle of the night to witness it. It was beautiful. Recently I had a dream of very high technology which was used by aliens to kill humans this thing pops up in the sky with black clouds and loudy thunderstorms. It started attacking and killing people it was every where. I never learn anything about other worlds but I believe I know it all already I don’t know why. I believe there is more that I can see in this life or after life.

  20. I had a dream of me dying… right when that happened it felt like I got shot up to the END of the universe; black on top and galaxies on the bottom. I was walking on the galaxies like a god and talking to someone… I don’t know who, but now I feel wiser and more logical.

  21. I had a dream where astronomers found a planet heading straight for earth and it would take 3 days to get there, it was 5 times the size of earth.
    Within the three days everything broke into chaos, crime happened everywhere, suicide, there was so much blood, it was honestly horrific.
    My best friend’s father murdered their entire family except her little brother, but he died later from injuries
    When the planet finally collided, I was sitting on a bench at the end of my journey, on a small floating piece of land. It was floating cause the gravity from both planets was pulling at it.
    It felt weird when I woke up, cause in that dream I thought what I was experiencing was real. It was vivid.
    I had accepted my death in that dream, I was ready to die. And when I woke up, I still had that feeling. Does this mean anything? I’m scared.

    1. To be clear, there was another planet colliding with earth, and we would all die in 3 days. The planet I saw was a deep cobalt blue with stripes of a different shade.

  22. Hi, I had what feels like a significant dream last night. There were 5 full moons in a row and below them were 4 suns. What could this mean?

  23. I had a dream(s) that contained different episodes.. On the fourth one I saw the letter “G”, the sixth one I saw the letter “l” and on the seventh the letter “I”. But on the fifth episode I saw myself looking everywhere and were ever I looked there was brown grass and kinda purple tinted mountains. And on the sixth, I saw the planet(s) in a different perspective, I saw them as if I was having a view from space. One was orange with some white specks on it, and the other planet looked like earth except it wasn’t. So I searched up “gli planet” and what popped up shocked me. There is a planter called Gliese (sorry if I spelled it wrong) and when I went into images it looked exactly like mine. I did some research and it is a potential habitual planet for human life. Then I had another episode, but it was just me swimming, in water, at that planet. So when I woke up I wrote it down and I searched up “does gliese contain water” and the answer was yes.

    The thing is that I never knew about this planet and was never interested in them.

    What does this mean?

  24. I had a dream that I’m running in the outer space and theirs have blackman or i don’t know whats creature it is and i seel all the planets around us, and it’s weird cause i alway had a dream about thats and theirs have one more that i had dream that looking in sky and i don’t know but that theres have like exploding the stars but is beautiful but scary at a sametime thats two alway dream

  25. HI everyone, I had the strangest dream last night I dreamt rainbows were falling out the sky and hitting the ground and also the sky sucking the moon inside itself , there was a fried fish on a plate with a fried egg in the dream , in a vegan , just can’t get the dream out my head especially the rainbows falling and as they fell they changed colour one changed to green and the one that stayed in the sky changed to all purply pink in colour was so vivid , there was s guy in the dream with me but he couldn’t see what I was swinging anybody have any ideas on the dream meaning to this vivid dream 😊🌈🌝

  26. I had a dream I was on Earth then I took off like I was Superman straight to the sky out into space. just flying around different planets that I never seen before then I seen a black dark hole then I woke up.

  27. I had a dream where i woke up into a bed and it felt strange and then when i opened the door to get out of that bedroom i saw some type of futuristic bases and glass everywhere preventing any UV or Radiation Burns on humans and then i realised i was on Mars which is a great and bad place to wake up into then all the sudden the ground started shaking i had no idea there was no noise of anything or that something exploded it was just all shaky no noise at all and then i saw an Giant Meteor About the size of Ohio hitting mars it was so close to the bases i woke up Panting and breathing really fast i was just so scared i was so releifed that that was a dream .

  28. I am from Bangladesh.I dream that I’m in a open place with my sister . There is sky very near. Core of star shining very near on sky. I also seen 5 star horrigen same line. Also seen which star canceled other star by line. I was wondered. Can’t understand what is meaning.
    Is there any 5 star same line left sky??????

  29. I had a dream I turned into a planet with people on it and everything. And I was orbiting inside my old room I had when I was a kid.

  30. I was in a super market with my family and it was in space or ant night I don’t remember so we saw Saturn and it was gliching we saw little people on horses leaving Saturn my sister said they were real but my mom didn’t believe her.

  31. I dream about a planet and it started warping into space , and everything was being sucked into a different dimension.

  32. Had dream of floating threw space saw a solar system that had 2cplanets one close to the sun and another one it was a golden planet it was round but had a little lip in the central that jetted out nit far but noticable I have dreams of war saw middle hit a Cartier saw the number it was the USS George Washington I know I am not the only one dreaming that dream

    1. Sounds like some very vivid dreams John! I’ve updated our post to include a little bit about the sun and floating, it definitely is a common dream theme that many people seem to be experiencing lately!

      Dreams of war can be a result of many different things and the specific meanings can greatly depend on the person’s personal experiences. War can mean different things to different people, especially if someone has actively served in the military. I’m not sure if we have this in our dream dictionary yet, but I will try to get it added sometime in the next week or so.

      The USS George Washington is very specific. Sometimes when I have a dream I will look up current news or information on the topic, such as this entry in Wikipedia. Often times when I do this, I’ll find some part that actually resonates with what I’m currently experiencing in life. Everyone has different personal associations for different things, but sometimes paying attention to that and what feelings you experience in a dream can give you a lot of insight on what it might mean or why the dreams are happening.

      Thank you for sharing your dream experiences with us!

  33. I had a dream where I was on Mars and there where these people there with these swords and they where having to push this thing away that was coming and I had to get in the middle and hold this sword up and as soon as I held the sword up I knew every word these people where saying and the thing was billons and billons miles away and I could see it as if I was putting a marble close to my eye to look at it and then I went into this RV and lived in it on mars and I kept this little thing in this Circular container with a purple top and a tan bottom and the only way to open it was to shake to the right then twist the cap to see this little yellow fuzzy worm that could only live in sand like if you put this thing in water or if tried to feed it, it would die but as soon as you would put in sand it would be was fine and then I went back down to earth for a family reunion and I talked to one of my cousins and they asked me “how do you get down here like do you just fly?” And I said yea basically and he said no how did you find our house and I said “oh that’s easy just with coordinates And addresses it’s pretty easy when you know how.” Then he asked “do you still live up there”? And I said “yes.” Then I noticed my little yellow fuzzy creature was gone and then I woke up. Yea does anyone know what that means because I can never remember my dreams and I can remember every detail about this one.

    1. Hi Lillian, there are so many symbols in this dream! Have you looked at our post on my colored pencil method for understanding what dreams mean? With so many symbols, it would definitely be helpful to underline each one that really stands out to you and then think about what the symbol means for you personally.

      For example, some of the action words in your dream: Push Away, Shake, Try, Feed, Fly, Talk
      Some of the key objects in the dream: Sword, Knowledge, RV, Sand, Container, Creature
      Some of the descriptive words: Yellow, Fuzzy, Purple, Circular

      You are the best person to understand what the dream means, so I think if you start with some of these main symbols in the dream you may find some ideas what it could all relate to.

      Some questions to ask if you want to explore a little deeper:
      Is there anything in life where I feel a little “fuzzy” or unsure about the details?
      Do I feel as if anything is repeating or cycling in my life from past events?
      Do I feel like I am disconnected from anyone or anything currently?
      Do I feel like anything in my life is currently uncertain, shaky, or out of my control?

      You may also want to check out our post on color symbolism in dreams to understand a little bit more about the colors yellow, purple, etc.

      If you write your dreams down like you did here, you will likely start remembering them much more often. It’s a great way to explore different things about ourselves and our lives. I hope this gives you a good starting point in understanding what your dream means and thank you for sharing it with us!

  34. OMG I had the same dream. I looked out through my bedroom window and I saw planets extremely close to me. I remember vividly seeing saturns rings and how beautiful everything looked. I grabbed a friend to come look, then we were seeing the solar syatem and floating towards it.

  35. Last night I had the most weird dream ever. It so happened that I was sitting on our favorite bench in town with my best friend, and right in front of us was the biggest full moon. Out of nowhere, the sun showed up, without the moon moving at all, so the the sun crashed into it. I saw the moon crumble, but immediately after, there was a huge earthquake and all went white. No pain, nothing. After that some sort of afterlife started.. But the detail of the most beautiful moon ever, crumbling into pieces, was mesmerising, and knowing now that the world ended after I felt at peace for the first time.

    1. I can only imagine what a sight that may have been! It sounds like a very powerful dream. Perhaps a current challenge in waking life is coming to a peaceful resolution for you? Thank you for sharing your moon dream with us!

  36. I had a dream that there were five celestial bodies in the eastern sky. The moon and sun(dimmed? I do know those two were sun and moon) were next to each other to the right. Diagonally to the lower left were three planets, bronze, blue, and red. It was the most beautiful thing but you could feel the difference in the night air, that’s what made me look to the sky.


  37. ive had 2 dreams of space(that i can remember) the first one was an ariel view of our solar system it almost seemed like a visual presentation(it didnt look realistic). A voice was explaining and showing me that something has been in orbit with earth and it just missed earth but as it came backarond for the second time it crashed into earth and earth exploded. The second dream i had was my friends and i had a really ghetto spaceship and we left earh and went to this planet(unidentified to me) that was a very pale blue. There was existing life there. Life that looked human as well as not human. We were hiding from the leader who was this blonde white woman with blue eyes and we ended up speaking to her. When i looked at her all of her information appeared, i cant recall what the information said but it was important. SHe didnt seem mad we were there. As the planet became darker we went out to the city and all the buildings where martini glasses that were actually hotobs??? Basically i went swimming in this extremely large colorful martini hotub building and i woke up. I think the second dream can be a result of binge watching rick and Morty a million times but the first one is extremly bazzare and quite surreal. Relateable??

  38. I dreamt of a solar system and two new planets but I was seeing the same on a mobile screen with jupiter as the mid planet.

  39. I had a dream last night about a bright planet giving out a strong single it was a dark orange round circle the single coming towards earth I dremnt it feb 5 2019

  40. This is the second or third time I’ve woken up from a dream, a dream I was living and from mars with a 60s era style. In the dream I had several friends but I only knew one of them from earth. I also had a boyfriend in mars. We were all as one group in the near forgotten town, searching for something or someone. It was dark in some areas and mystical in others as we visited a building inside of a building which i thought was awesome. There was a school too! I can’t believe how recurring the dream is … I feel like its home everytime I visit

  41. i had a dream where i watched from my house in the sky, and the full moon was so close and big to the earth .then i saw on the moon human face, and suddenly soome kind of rocks and little drones or little airplanes idk but just a weird unexplainble dream….. before all of that there was rain …. 🙂 any explanations ?

    1. Sounds like a very interesting dream! You may also want to read out post on the meaning of water in our dream dictionary – that might help give you some more ideas on what the rain in the dream could symbolize. Thanks for sharing your dream with us!

    2. I … had alike dream . Like giant moon close to earth . Sudden earthquake….then it floats back and Jupiter comes closer .

    3. Ive dream of a dark llanet and the llanet is fall another big planet because aliens are took those planet so much planet’s things are fighing idk there’s no meaning of my dream LOL

  42. I dreamt that the world was in ashes, not long until it was going under, so I traveled on a pretty short notice without really knowin what I was getting myself into and without saying goodbye to my loved ones who stayed to die. I traveled to a planet named Helena in a really small spaceship with my best friend. Helena was really cold. Between -17 and -175°C, I remember researching or something. I didn’t get there during the dream.

  43. i had a dream that the planet pluto sitting in the top of the sun and then the pluto planet exploding starts and lights

  44. I remember a dream although years ago it still is something I think of regularly . I flew upwards almost like I was just stood up into the sky higher and higher , out of earth into our universe . I continued upward out of our universe into a dark galaxy/universe ? . Until I stopped there were very few planets and stars then a voice questioned me and I started to speak but it wasn’t my voice . It was a very deep ethereal voice that exaclimed that I was a dark overlord . I then heard another voice saying that they had been waiting for me to take my place in my galaxy , it was so surreal but very lucid ….. I don’t have delusions of grandiose, or any self inflated sense of importance it was just so odd .

    1. We had the exact same dream, but who ever spoke me was dark as the Universe. I forgot what the person or thing said…

  45. I had a very vivid dream that I could feel as well. I was living on another planet, alone but had communicated with people back home. I felt very comfortable there and I could see me going through daily tasks and chores….I was content and it felt interesting and I got the feeling that this experience was fulfilling. A satellite would fly over me pretty close and day Hi S.L.! Like it was a big Alexa able to give me almost a high five sort of greeting. I would wave and kept working at whatever I was doing. It felt real. I do have very lucid dreams when I dream.

  46. I have dream that me and my friends decide to explore in universe and we fall in other planet and investigate what kind of planet it is. Then I’m playing with a child there and his mother came and I was about to hide but his mother call my name and ask “nanjaan naba ung mama mo?”den I just nod and go straight to the door and in my surprise I saw my classmate parents and my mother is behind them . Then my mother saw me and call my name and go straight to my mothers house then that’s it.

  47. Saturn and I’ve had many ! They all are about end of the World, or is part of are world as in being able to see the rings around this planet. The one that scared me was of the world breaking open to a dark cloud and then planets were coming closer with fire in the sky… This planet scares me but also I feel a belonging to it… Weird I know does anybody know what this is about… ♈ Baby

    1. I remember as a kid. I had a dream i was sitting on front porch and. Staring at Saturn on the horizon. It was gigantic. Took up about 1/5 of the entire sky. When i woke up I walked out front. And there was a dead cat laying on The porch. I have had very few dreams since

  48. I had a dream sometime ago where I looked outside my bedroom window in the middle of the night, as if I had not fallen asleep yet, and I saw the most amazing spectacle of planets and lunar objects floating extremely close to our planet. Stars and planets were zooming by and moving surprisingly fast. It was the most beautiful yet terrifying thing I ever saw (or imagined). Not sure what to make of it to be honest but im glad I at least can recall what I saw for the most part

    1. hi! this is weird but I had the same exact dream two nights ago! I saw planets and stars super close to our planet from the bedroom window so I went outside and like you stated watched everything zoomed by. As well it was amazing but scary. This is so strange!

        1. Oh my god I have had exactly the same dream today (February 21st, 2019) Just curious, did you guys experience this recently too? If yes, this really may be an indication of something the universe is trying to tell us since I have really never dreamt of planets before. What I saw in the dream is what I termed the “Solar Show”

          1. Similar to a dream I had sometime in 2014 I think. Although it wasn’t planets but UFOs. “Woke up” and looked out my window to see all these lights in the sky zipping all over, some close enough to see details of the craft. I leaned forward putting my hands on glass and ended up falling through the window before slowly falling to the ground outside.

            It was like gravity was significantly lowered. I could run and jump to well above the houses and trees. It was exhilarating. A feeling of true freedom. Ever since it happened, I’ve wanted to experience it again I want to feel that euphoria again, but it’s never happened again after.

          2. I had a dream of all of the planets lined up and then earth got slammed into and then we all started floating

      1. hi i saw similar dream yesterday night. lots of stars grouped together to form patterns.. nd we can see lots of planets around..

        universe is communicating.. great to hear that you all have seen similar dreams.

      2. I also had the exact dream yesterday, but I stepped out of the window and walk on another planet and saw stars and I also broke a piece of the planet I went to

    2. I had the same dream . What the heck .is that possible ? It sounds so weird that person who’s name begins on the same letter as mine had the same exact dream I did. …

      1. I had the exact same dream! May 6, 2020. Some of the planets were colliding and one almost hit earth but then went right. It was scary and beautiful and the earth kept changing temperature getting hot and cold and back to hot.

      2. i had a dream like this last night 14 june 2020…
        i was outside talking to someone and all of a sudden the moon zooms up really close and just stops, there was another smaller planet next to it on the right about half the size which in my dream i was saying was jupiter and then behind it was the sun but it was small and it was really dim.. i remember feeling really freaked out but it was so beautiful

        1. Okay that’s actually kinda scary how I literally Had the same exact dream and In the dream
          i was telling my sibling I thought it was jupiter.

    3. I had this same dream, but in mine, the sun was behind this castle of clouds and it started flashing slowly, it was beautiful, then it got faster and faster, then it seemed as if the sky exploded and the clouds turned to a lava like substance, and everyone died, i actually seen and felt myself dying in my dream, it was terrifying

    4. I just had the same kind of dream. !
      Stars were floating by me slowly and the planets started to zoom in and get closer and an astoid floated by me

    5. I have had this same dream last night, planets spinning round and round very close, I also was looking out of a bedroom window but it was in the house I grew up in. The colours were amazing and I remember thinking no one would believe me, I videoed it on my phone, I showed people. I also saw earth spinning with the planets but only once. The one I kept seeing more and seemed closer that the rest was Saturn.

    6. same dream 22/02/2020 – very colourful kaleidoscope-ish kind of sky and could see other nebulars very clearly. looked amazing but i also had a calm/euphoric/apocalyptic feelin’ to like the world was about to explode, but it didn’t

    7. I had a dream similar to the dream you had about the planets floating close to the earth. I was with a group of people. We were watching the same spectacle. The moon had a face of a lady and she was smiling. The planets made circles around the earth several times, without colliding with it. We were able to see the spectacle without binoculars, or telescopes. I tried to make sense of this and looked it up online. Google said dreams with celestrial bodies means you have vast knowledge and want to find more spiritual meaning. Sounds good to me, right?

    8. I had a very similar dream. The sky was just full of planets and stars and such so close to earth and it’s like they were graphed out like had labels or something. Though it’s hard to remember. I had the same terrifying but beautiful feeling. It’s like I could see the entire universe in the night sky.

  49. I had a dream that I was in space watching a Stage II category of civilization in some galaxy far in the outer space near to a planet that looked like Venus but 6 times larger. And at that same instance, I saw Jupiter Explode! What does that really mean?

  50. Last night i dreamed i was living in mars in a small house. There i miss my family and i wanted to go back to earth but it was not possible.
    And i got beautiful tattoo in my legs.

  51. I have a dream that I went to planet mars,me and one man we are searching for something like gold and plant..

  52. I dreamt about the moon and jupiter sitting on top of a huge dark ocean and then there was a large explosion but im not sure if it was jupiter that blew up or a 3rd planet.
    I often dream about flying in a spaceship in space too.

    1. I often get these kind of dreams the explosion and UFO
      Last night I got dream of air left Earth and I was watching that and started choking …. Can’t imagine worst

    2. I had a dream of a planet with a ring around it through a triangle and it disappeared and then I saw an atom and couldn’t remember the rest after that

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