Magic Dream Meaning

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Did you have a dream about magic? Black magic, White magic, Conjuring, Bewitchment, Voodoo, Alchemy, Potions, Sorcery, Curses, Hexes, Fortune Telling, and Illusion.

There are many terms for magic, and many more types than listed above. Whether you believe any form of magic exists in the world of reality does not matter. The themes of magic have strong symbolism, as we often see in works of fiction and in popular culture.

If you encountered some form of magic in your dreams, your subconscious has found an interesting way to give you a message. Let’s explore further to gain a better understanding of your dreams message.

What it Means to Dream About Magic

Transformation + Change

Have you heard the phrase “magic bullet”? This term speaks of an immediate and absolute cure or solution to a problem. It can cure an illness without consequences.

It can solve a problem with no backlash. In truth, a magic bullet does not exist, yet it is something us humans are constantly striving to find for our everyday problems. The magic bullet transforms our problem into a solution, making the issue just disappear, like magic.

Magic has long been used as a symbol for transformation and change, even when it comes from a place of disbelief or skepticism.

Change and transformation can come in good and bad flavors. In the fairy tale where the princess kisses the frog and he transforms into a handsome prince, this is presented as good, however in some versions of this story the princess ends up being transformed into a frog, and I think most people would consider that… less good.

If you are performing magic on yourself in your dream, you are likely going through some sort of transformation, or are thinking about embarking on one. The fact that you are doing the magic to yourself suggests positive changes, and as we will discuss below, that you are tapping into your own personal power to achieve these changes.

If someone else is performing magic on you, this can also mean transformation and change in your life, however it can suggest that either you feel you need some sort of outside assistance or support to make these changes, or that something about the change feels out of your control. This could put a negative spin on the transformation, suggesting that you may be feeling stressed or afraid in regards to these changes.

Control + Power

Having the ability to perform magic would give you great power. Many works of fiction feature powerful wizards and witches, some who use their power for good such as Dumbledore, Glinda, or Galdalf the Grey/White, and some who wield their power in a most destructive and evil way like Voldemort, the Wicked Witch of the West and Saruman.

Just as humans in positions of power in our world have the opportunity to do as much good with that power as they can, some choose to abuse that power… and these themes can show up in our dreams on both ends of the spectrum.

If you are performing magic of some sort in your dream, this may be an indication that you feel powerful and confident in your waking life. But it could also mean that you DESIRE to feel this way. Perhaps you don’t feel very powerful and in control in your conscious hours. Your dream could be a sign that you need to step up and take back the control in your life.

If someone else is performing magic that affects you in the dream, this again suggest that you feel like you are not the one in control. If the magic being performed doesn’t help you in the dream, this is a good indication that this dream is about someone else’s power over you in your life.

Do you feel like someone in your life is too controlling? Do you feel like you don’t have the power to change something, but someone else could?

Consider what is going on in your life and the emotions you are experiencing to help decipher what you need to take from this dream message. You may need to have a tough conversation with someone, or finally take a stand on something important to you.

Help + Support

When someone we know is in pain or going through something difficult, we might wish we could just “wave our magic wand” and make it all go away for them.

If you find yourself doing magic in service of someone else in your dreams this can mean you desire to help and support other people in your life, or even people you don’t know.

If someone else is performing magic to help us, this can mean we either already have a great support system in our lives and feel supported, or that we are looking for one.

Consider how you feel in the dream as well as the type of magic being performed to help you understand the root of the message. Do you feel like you need help in some area of your life? This dream may be telling you to reach out and ask for it.

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

― Roald Dahl

Some other things to consider:

The type of magic in the dream is important, but most important is the impression you get of the effects of the magic.

Was it “good” or “white” magic? Then this suggests positive changes, support/help, as well as you mastering your own personal power.

Was it “bad” or “black” magic, curses, hexes, etc? This can indicate a number of negative emotions you are feeling about your situation in life, feeling controlled or attacked by others, blocks or challenges that are keeping you from your goals, worry and fear, just to name a few.

Who is doing the magic? If it is you, this is often positive and speaks of our confidence, personal power, as well as a beneficial transformation being on our horizon.

If it is a friendly person we know, then this is also likely positive and speaks of help and support from others, provided the magic in the dream is not intended to harm.

A dream with a stranger performing magic can indicate surprises, opportunities, abundance, or a desire to learn on the positive side. But if the magic is “black” magic or intended to harm you, then this dream could be about fears of the unknown, or feelings of being attacked or targeted by unknown individuals or groups.

Of course there are many other variables that can come up in your dreams about magic not listed here. Use your intuition to get to the bottom of the messages you are being given.

Common Dreams About Magic & Their Meaning

Now that we’ve covered some common themes and variables, let’s take a look at a few dream scenarios involving magic.

You are performing magic to help yourself

This dream is likely about transformation. You are either currently on a journey to transform yourself, or there is something about yourself you want to change.

Think about how you feel in the dream. Do you feel powerful or in control? This suggests a positive change in your life. Do you feel desperate to change something? This dream may be a manifestation of fear, guilt, shame or even a lack of acceptance of yourself.

Are you suffering from a health problem? Worrying about something in your life you wish was different? Did you do something you wish you could take back or change? Consider all of these questions to help understand the message.

Someone is performing magic to harm you

If someone else is attacking us with magic in our dreams, then it is very likely we are feeling attacked in our lives, or we fear some sort of attack.

Perhaps you have a rivalry at work or school, an overly controlling parent or relative, or you are terribly afraid of begin hurt or betrayed by your significant other.

This type of dream could be about just about any negative emotion you can come up with. Fear, anger, guilt, shame, jealousy, anxiety, worry, all of these emotions (and more) harm us in someway, and could be represented in this dream. Where in your life do you feel under attack?

You find a magical object

Finding a magical object is an exciting and powerful dream about finding something within ourselves. This magical object likely represents something positive within us, such as our personal power, confidence, spirituality, or our higher self.

This dream is a good omen that we are on the right path, and being encouraged to continue on this inward journey.

You try but are unable to perform magic

Trying and failing to perform magic in our dreams can be a sign that we are feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, or unsupported.

Maybe we feel like we are letting someone down in our lives, that we are not living up to expectations, or that we are lacking in confidence. Does any of that feel true in your waking life?

You are watching a stranger perform magic

Watching someone you don’t know perform magic can represent a number of things. A magician performs tricks and illusions, and if you find yourself watching this in your dream you may be feeling amazed or impressed by what you see.

But you may also feel tricked and lied to. This also holds true if you are watching a witch or wizard perform “real” magic. Magic holds the power to dupe us, with illusions and “glamours” – especially if we ourselves don’t possess magical powers. Does this remind you of any situation you are going through currently?

Watching someone else perform magic can also be an indication of our own desire to learn. Perhaps we are watching the performance through the eyes of an apprentice. This dream could be a manifestation of our desire to master some skill in our lives, or even to learn something new.

To understand more about what your dream means, ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you feel about magic in everyday life?
  • Do you have any personal associations with magic?
  • What kind of magic was it? (white/black, witchcraft, magic tricks, voodoo, potions, spells, etc)
  • How did you feel emotionally in the dream?
  • What other symbols appeared in the dream?
  • Are you going through any big changes?
  • Do you feel like you have a good support system?

Did you have a dream about magic? Tell us about your dream and what it means for you in the comments section below!

10 thoughts on “Magic Dream Meaning”

  1. In my dream i was in a familiar place from a dream 3 months ago. In the past dream I was able to do magic, i was learning. In my dream today i was at a school, trying so hard to do the magic that i learned and it wouldn’t happen. At the most i made a spark, then the world started to end and my magic was desperately needed, saying i had an expertise in my old dream, i returned to the place i learned magic but i was turned away, then the world ended and i woke up.

  2. I dreamt a few months back of myself casting a beautiful violet/purple ball of light in front of a classroom and guiding others on how I came to do so and how they can. I strongly believe this dream is tied to a spiritual awakening.

  3. Last night my dream was about Magic. I lost my first wizard that i made and found out is with my childhood friend and she use it for business so i didn’t ask to give back. In that time I’m holding my new wizard I’m with my friends and use my wizard to wish any kind of foods and help their needs.
    But then suddenly there’s two people who have wizard, trying to get me off and steal my wizard but i fight back and wins again to her mother, and the her is so strong when i about to use magic to her my wizard was broken. Instead thinking of surrender i said to my broken wizard “i believe in magic ” 3times and its works again but someone holding my back and broke my wizard again, so i said it again ” i believe in magic ” after that i felt very strong and fight agains her, she lose
    And i woke up.

  4. I saw a dream that there was river which everyone was told not to go, but i step inside the river, when I came out of the river, I came out with a knife and I started using the knife to fight my enemy

  5. In my dreams, which have been reoccurring, I’m being attacked by people I don’t know. I’m a solitary green witch, the thing is I’m having to use my magic to protect myself from harm. I don’t recognise these people (they have no faces) and they’re trying to hurt me. I came out of the broom closet more than 12mths ago and don’t have any enemies. My dreams are lucid and I’m waking truly scared. How do I interpret this dream. Am I being spiritually attacked. Your help would be so appreciated

  6. I saw a dream where I am the magician and I live in an ancient village which is suffering from scarcity of water so king asked me to do something about it .yes , I forgot to mention that the village is completely a desert and I teleported the whole ocean in that desert so now that desert is no longer a desert its a complete ocean.

  7. In my dream I woke up and saw my son sleeping in a bed next to me. I saw my son being young again, a child of about 8 years old, and was sleeping next to a young girl close to his age, but I was not shocked to see them in bed together. Later, my son was talking to someone on his computer, came to my room to close my door. I told him that i do not want my door closed, and he said to me he wants to have my door closed so i will not be able to hear him talking to some girl on his computer because he was talking to her about magic spells. Do you know what this dream meant? Thanks in advance!

  8. I have a dream… I saw myself moving things objects I couldn’t believe it and I saw credit cards appear and flying whenever I flip my hands. I can move books in the air I was amazed. And something terrible happened a demon came to make a deal and told me to write what I wanted in life.

  9. In my dream I performed a magic spell to help me find something. My younger sister (who still lives at home and I have not seen in a long time) comes running into the room a little bit later and says that the object I was summoning appeared in my room. I run up the stairs to confirm this in disbelief. Sure enough when I reach my doorway the object is on the floor. As soon as I tried to step foot in the room, though, I felt an immense pressure and anxiety. I remember thinking “everything comes at a price. What is the price for this spell?” And being terrified. So I turn around and try to leave the room. I start to feel the familiar feeling of sleep paralysis (still in the dream) and fall on the ground unable to move. I start trying to call out for help, and despite there being many people in my apartment downstairs, non of them can hear me. Then I woke up a gradually came out of sleep paralysis.


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