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Platypus Dream Meaning

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The platypus is a very interesting creature and in most parts of the world is quite an uncommon sight to see in everyday real life!

What does it mean to dream of a platypus?

platypus dream meaning

A platypus can mean many things in our dreams. This animal is quite unique, and often times in a dream can mean to be flexible, true to yourself, and embrace your unique individuality.

The platypus is a creature which has characteristics of multiple species – all as one animal. A platypus is a mammal, but also lays eggs and has webbed feet. As a native animal to Australia, these creatures are quite fascinating to learn about if you live somewhere else and have never seen one!

Be Flexible and Adaptable

A platypus combines features of a number of different animals all in one. It has the tail of a beaver, the bill of a duck, the webbed feet of an otter, and the male platypus is even venomous like a snake or spider!

What does this mean then when you dream about a platypus? It means that you are very adaptable to any situation that may come your way! You are prepared for whatever challenges you may face in life.

It could mean that you have a lot of various responsibilities in life, but you also have the different skills required to successfully meet them!

Paying attention to the characteristics of the other animals a platypus resembles can give you additional wisdom. For example, the tail of the beaver that is present with a platypus could be an indication that you are industrious and hard working.

Just Be Yourself!

A platypus is a very unique animal – there are not many other types of animals like it in the world! This is a reminder to yourself to embrace your unique characteristics and strengths to create the life you want to live.

Dreaming about a platypus can mean that you are worried about what others think. It is a message that you should do what you enjoy and can be of benefit to others without listening to the naysayers or doubters.

To dream of a platypus could mean that you often feel introverted in large social settings. It may mean that you need to work on being more comfortable expressing yourself!

Acceptance & Self Love

A platypus is all about acceptance. Sometimes it requires radical acceptance to be ourselves and who we are in life. Knowing that you are able to accept reality for what it is and get through it is a very desirable characteristic to have!

A platypus may also appear as a power animal to support you in learning to love yourself for who you really are – flaws and all. Sometimes, what appears as a flaw or something negative to others actually can give you an advantage in life.

The Platypus is a solitary animal – and so often times it can mean that it is important for you to take some time away from others to reflect and recharge.

Independence and Creativity

A dream about a platypus could also indicate you are a very independent person. You do your own thing and forge your own path in life. You may not fit easily in with the rest of the world’s expectations.

You may be very innovative and creative in your work or personal life. These characteristics can help you be a very important leader. You may introduce others to new concepts and ideas or a different way of looking at things in life.

Did you have a dream about a platypus? Is the platypus your spirit animal guide? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!

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  1. I had a dream. Naturally. My sister and I kept seeing something running around our house. So we camped out in the living room. In a little dollhouse, we saw a beak poke out. Initially we thought we kept seeing a mouse. It turned out it was a tiny, yellow, platypus. My sister started to feed the little fellow and we started to take care of our new pal. It was odd as they have never been in my dreams before. Even the times I would read about them. Then out of the blue. There he is.

  2. I had a dream of a platypus along with a small bright green dragon. The dragon was bright, health, and vibrant! The platypus on the other hand was dim, sick, and possibly dying. The platypus was laying on its side in a small box and the dragon (the size of a 40 lb. Dog) was on the ground at my feet looking up at me happy and content. I am not sure what this means. Any ideas?

  3. Last night I dreamt a pale blue soft toy platypus came alive. I walked into a bedroom and it was on the bed and approaching me and climbing up my body towards me. I wasn’t afraid in my dream although it was definitely a toy coming alive.

  4. I have seen a platypus in the wild 30 years ago, I dreamt (it felt real like it really happened) this platypus came and snuggled into my shoulders and cheeks comforting me as though to say everything will be alright I’ve got your back. I’m going through a separation right now after 31years of marriage so I guess I should pay attention to what this spirit animals is trying to tell me and learn from my dream.

    1. I just experienced last night of a platypus approaching me and snuggling into my chest and shoulders too. A friend who I grew up with came to me today saying that our relationship was no longer working out and wanted us to distance and I found myself really sad. Can’t imagine the pain you’re going through

  5. Flying platypus dream too! So odd that is why I looked it up. An eagle that turned into a platypus with a squirrel on its back. One odd dream. Thank u.

  6. I had a dream that a platypus broke into my bedroom through my floor, unbeknownst to me. I was getting up in the morning and as I swung my legs off the bed, a platypus greeted me and tried to get up on the bed. I got up and walked to the other side of the room to find the floor broken into from below and baby platypuses “stored” there by the mother. They were so cute. I went to the bathroom to get my husband to come see them, but he wasn’t there to see them. This dream has me wondering what this is all about? So strange.

  7. Hi 🙋🏼‍♀️ I had a beautiful dream about a platypus we were in a room well a house with lots of rooms that must have been flooded rubble and stuff everywhere and this gorgeous little platypus (mind you I haven’t even thought about one in well I can’t even remember years I’d say ! ) anyway he was so cute I guess it was kinda like it wanted me to hold it tight and care for it as when I caught it, it just hugged into me like a dog or cat would like I was saving it and it new I was only there to protect and love it and well I just never wanted to let it go, as I write this it makes me cry because I think I really understand it now 💖
    Thank you for helping me with my insight forever grateful 🙏🏻 XX

  8. Oh wow , I love this dream meaning , it fits with me ,
    I was at one stage in my dream carrying the platypus and I had wondered if it could bite me , but it didn’t , very friendly with me .

  9. My dream started with people in river being attacked by sharks who where chasing pelicans. Then a lady rode a horse in water and a platypus was attacking the neck of the horse. So so confusing as I am going through so much at the moment.

      1. I had a dream last night about a finding a Platypus in my home he had just found his way in but had an injured foot I think as it was limping.
        I was a bit wary incase it would bite me but it was so gentle

  10. This is wonderful! And explains a lot 😊
    The platypus in my dream was flying through the air slowly and gently then went into the water, it was beautiful

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