Eyes Dream Meaning

Dreaming about your eyes or the eyes of someone else could mean a variety of things, depending all on the context of the dream. Eyes are often described as “the windows of the soul” and can be an indicator of deeper reflection or connecting with your own unique spiritual beliefs.

Earthquake Dream Meaning

earthquake dream meaning

Did you have a dream about an earthquake? Learning what an earthquake means in your dreams can help you understand your current thoughts and feelings about a situation in your life. What Does it Mean to Dream About an Earthquake? An earthquake is a natural event that happens when the earth shakes. Earth quakes happen … Read more

Ex Dream Meaning

ex dream meaning

Dreaming about an ex? While these dreams can be confusing to understand at first, fortunately they can also give us a lot of wisdom on our current situations in life! What Does it Mean to Dream About an Ex? Dreaming about your ex is most often your subconscious processing the end of a relationship. Whether … Read more