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Wondering what it means to dream about an aquarium? An aquarium is a habitat for fish, frogs, and other underwater life. If you see an aquarium in your dreams, understanding the symbolism can help you understand what is currently happening in your life.

Aquarium Dream Meaning


Water in an Aquarium

Water in the aquarium symbolizes your emotions. Water in dreams almost always symbolizes feelings and emotions.

If the aquarium is well maintained and the water is clean you may feel that your emotions are in check and that you are calm, cool and collected.

However if the water appears to be dirty or murky you may be feeling bogged down in waking life with too many expectations from yourself and others and you do not have a good emotional outlet to cope with this pressure.

You may also be having difficulty setting boundaries with others and their demands on you are making you feel trapped. This dream is a warning that if you do not begin setting healthy boundaries with others, you may start to feel like you are in a toxic environment.

Dreaming of Fish or Frogs

To see fish in an aquarium in your dream represents life and movement. This could mean that you may need to take an important trip or journey, especially if you dream of fish swimming from one side to another.

Frogs are often symbols of communication. Dreaming of a frog inside of an aquarium can mean that you need to communicate your feelings about something, especially when surrounded by water. See frog dream meaning for additional insight.

Dreaming You Are Inside the Aquarium

To see yourself in an aquarium in your dream represents that you might feel like you are on display for others. You may be worried that people talking behind your back.

You may also feel like you are trapped or that you do not have control of your emotions. You may feel like you are being limited by something in your life.

Buying an Aquarium

To see yourself purchasing an aquarium in your dream can possibly mean that you will be undertaking a large project that might require an emotional investment. You may also be trying to consider possible choices and options for your feelings on what to do with your life. See shopping dream meaning for additional resources for what it means to buy something in a dream.

Selling an Aquarium

To see  selling an aquarium in your dream suggests that you will help someone who is currently struggling financially or emotionally. This person whom you will help will mention you favorably to others in the future.

If you were buying or selling an aquarium and gain or spend money, you may want to think about the amount of energy you are investing in your emotions and your current environment in waking life. Understanding money as a symbol for energy can be helpful to understanding more about your dreams.

Also, pay attention to the numbers involved in the prices of the dream. Sometimes these numbers can provide additional insight.

Small Aquarium

To see a little aquarium in your dream symbolizes small issues within your household and you will find a way to resolve these problems with the help of a person outside your household.

You may feel like your feelings are insignificant or are not being validated by others.

Large Aquarium

A big aquarium suggests that your problems with your family members will vanish as soon as possible as a result of your own efforts and your household ties will strengthen more.

Broken Aquarium

To see that an aquarium is broken or blown up in your dream symbolizes that you will occupy the same environment with people whom you don’t like. This most often portends to a work environment.

Many Fish in the Aquarium

To see a lot of numerous types of fish in an aquarium in your dream may represent that you will resolve the problems with individuals not by confronting them, but rather by improving yourself.

What are your thoughts on dreams about an aquarium? Share your experiences in a the comments below.

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  1. My dream is aliitle diffrent I dream of walking into a aquarium store, I look around but never buy anything then I just leave, the shop and fish are in good condition if that means anything

  2. Someone I don’t like put too many plants in the tank, restricting fish movement and view of fish. I took plants out.

  3. I always dream that I’m trying to reorganise fish tanks, move fish from one to another to make them more comfortable. Sometimes it’s rows of aquariums like you see in pet shops, sometimes just one or two. I’ve just dreamt I was cleaning out an old candle jar so that I could use it as an aquarium for tiny fish…

  4. I’m looking to see what my dream means. I dreamt that there were 2 aquariums one was a small half gallon or gallon and the other was a 20 gallon. The small one have tropical looking fish and an octopus and I decided to do an experiment and killed them all and the aquarium spilled out with all the fish dying. I freaked out checked the other aquarium and told the owner of the fish I killed them. I don’t know what it means and there are interpretations for just aquariums or just fish but not for the overall situation

  5. I had a dream that I had a long white hallway of aquariums with different fish in maybe 4 different tanks. And exotic animals sitting on the deep freezer across from them like a anaconda and something else, & as I was entering the hallway it’s almost like I forgot the animals were there and I allowed them to grow oversized and I spent the entire dream trying to have a couple different of my exes catch and capture them to clean out the hallway.

  6. For years, I’ve been having unpleasant dreams that involve aquariums and fish tanks. The dream could be about something entirely different, but one way or another, there will be some kind of aquarium or fish tank present. The water is always murky and dark and the fish are scary. Sometimes they’re dead, other times they’re perfectly healthy but they look terrifying. They’re often very large with pointy teeth and protruding eyes, but theres always a variety. Either way, the fish are always unpleasant to look at and I awake feeling uneasy. In my dreams, I can recall having a sickened feeling in my stomach as I slowly pass each tank, awaiting to see the next fish. I also have the fear that the fish will jump out at me because the tops of the tanks are always open, and the tanks themselves are often too small to contain the massive fish inside. I remember one particular dream I had where I entered a room in an abandoned building, and there were tall shelves throughout the room reminiscent of book shelves in a library. All the shelves had fish tanks of varying sizes, and all the water was filthy. I couldn’t see the fish inside, but as I walked through the isles between the shelves, I was shaking with fear. I could see faint figures and shapes through the murkiness but nothing distinct, which made me even more uneasy. I would really like to know what these dreams symbolize.

    1. Hi Aubrey, the murky water could be a reflection of your emotions present in your life about a certain situation – you might want to also look at our water dream meaning for some additional insight.

  7. I had a dream where the creature (maybe beaver) was in the large aquarium (water was crystall clear) It was looking for the way out and took a tool from the outside. Than the creature broke the glass and the water started leaking… I took than the creature into my hands before the glass finally exploded and injured me.. 🙂 strange dream. Wander, what does it mean

  8. Dream of two large fish tanks with large Tropical fish inside. The fish kept swimming to one side of the fish tank even though they were separate tanks. I was constantly moving the fish back to the empty tank with my hands the fish were beautiful but freaky as I had to pick them up over and over. Suddenly at the end of the dream a baby rhino is chasing me. At first I went to touch the cute little thing but it started running after me.

  9. I have a recurring dream that I have a lot of large aquariums but forget that I have them. Once I remember to check on the fish, the water in all the tanks is only half full and dirty. The fish are oversized for the tanks and have been cannibalizing the smaller fish in the tanks. It’s frightening. What could this mean?

    1. I also have had this same dream. Other animals too, hamsters, Guinea pigs. I forget I have them and they are half dead when I remember

    2. I’ve had a similar dream for years. I forgot about my aquariums, the fish haven’t been fed, there are usually too many in the aquarium. Very distressing. I’ve had many aquariums over the years, and have never forgotten them, and always fed them and cared for them properly, so I wish I knew what this meant.

    3. @Jan,
      Same! I dream I’m doing the normal routine, then I recall I have an aquarium and wonder if I even have any fish food because it’s been ‘forever’ since I fed the fish. Like I totally forgot about it for years. Another version is I run across an aquarium with fish I totally forgot I had. Then I am looking for the food again. These are both reoccurring dreams I have had randomly for years.

      1. It makes me wonder if there are parts of your life that need more attention. Maybe you’ve pushed aside your goals and forgotten them? Maybe bites the time to do more self-exploration!?

  10. Hi, I hope someone could help me interpret this.
    In my dream, I saw a big salt water fish tank, 200 gallons easily. There were fishes of all types, it might be because I used to have one in waking life, with different types of fishes too.
    Back to my dream, the tank seemed huge, but also I saw some weird looking menacing crabs, I felt they were menacing to the fishes, but in the end the fishes surrounded them and killed the crabs. All of the sudden the water started getting all agitated. I went to check the pumps and reduced their intensity but didn’t work. The water was getting so bad it started making waves snap splashing water all over. Somehow I understood that if I place my palms on the surface and somehow tried to cancel the wave patterns it would cease. It got weird. I formed a static huge wave with my hand movements, like a frozen plunging wave, but it was liquid. I released and so did the wave, and tried to calm the water and it worked. Then I started clearing out some rocks and change the water, some how the water dropped leaving only 1/10 of it all. I rushed to make some new water with the help of my brother, I knew I had to dechlorify the water first and salt it in big gallons, but for some reason I couldn’t explain it to him. I couldn’t read instructions either. And I woke up.

  11. Hi I keep having dreams about fish in a fish tank. The most recent dream the fish were exotic and very large one even spoke with me. Also my very demanding overwhelming ex was in this dream. The dreams didn’t start until I started dating him. Please help with these dreams.

  12. I had a dream about multiple aquariums with too many very large fish in each one. The aquariums were very tall and narrow and the fish filled the tanks from top to bottom. I remember a woman feeding the fish and telling her that she has too many fish in the aquariums and that the fish need more room.

  13. For the past 4 weeks I have been having dreams of friendly tropical and aquarium fish. Today I had a dream of me and my spouse in the tank surrounded by fish

  14. I need some help! I’ve been dreaming about fish tanks for years. Literally probably weekly for 10 years. Never dirty or cracked. Its always about buying larger aquariums, moving fish around to the bigger spots, sometimes about larger fish eating others because of displacement.

    1. Hi Kat! Do you have any fish of your own or work in any sort of environment with aquariums? {IE: Working at a pet store}. Since you mention buying aquariums, you also want to look at the meaning of shopping in dreams. If I were having recurring dreams of aquariums, I would probably ask myself these questions: What choices in life am I currently exploring? What makes me feel content? Do I feel confined at all in my work/job/relationships? Do I feel like there might be “something bigger” for me to move onto?

  15. I have had a dream where the water of the aquarium extends outside where the glass is and the fish can swim out and in freely. I can reach into the water to touch the fish and the water does not collapse.

    1. I had a dream there was fish outside the aquarium glass and most of the fish looked werid. One looked like a tiny shark cut in half and put back together?

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