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Dream About Being Robbed: Thieves & Stealing Dream Meaning

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Having a dream of being robbed by a thief can be an unsettling experience. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about the dream symbolism for thieves stealing from you and what it might mean in your everyday waking life. 

What Does it Mean to Dream About Being Robbed?

When you dream about a robbery, it typically involves someone breaking and entering into a place where you thought was secure and stealing your possessions. A burglary can leave you feeling invaded and violated.

These dreams understandably can be very scary and make you feel a little apprehensive. If you’ve ever been a victim of a real-life robbery, the same feelings of unease you experience afterwards can be present even if the experience was only a dream.

Dreams about getting robbed might make you worry about your own safety and security. The good news is dreams usually are not predictive in nature. Instead, they are a means for us to process our own feelings about our experiences in life. 

When I do a dream analysis for someone who shares a dream of thieves and robbery, there are usually three main themes that present themselves to me. Sometimes all of these are true for the dreamer, but typically only one or two apply. 

burglary dream meaning

A Need for Privacy

When we have a dream about being robbed, it can mean that feel like we have no privacy in our life. 

Think about your current situation in life. Do you know someone who is always asking a bunch of nosey and prying questions? Do you feel like other people are eavesdropping on your conversations?

Sometimes this dream will happen if you live near neighbors who are very noisy or disruptive. You may wish for more space or for a place that is not subject to neighborhood turmoil.

Sense of Safety and Security

Security is a basic need for our survival. We as humans feel an instinct to protect ourselves and our surrounding environment so that we can stay alive.

Think about your current lifestyle: Do you lock the doors of your house? Do you lock the doors to your car? Do you lock the screen on your iPhone?

Chances are you lock all of these things to protect them and yourself from others intruding. You may have valuable possessions you don’t want someone to steal. 

In our dreams, our sense of safety and security leaves the physical world and instead crosses into the mental and emotional realm.

Trust & Vulnerability Issues

thief stealing purse

Getting robbed in a dream can mean that you have a hard time trusting others. You may be dealing with your own insecurities in relationships with a partner or family member.

Being vulnerable to others is not easy, but often a necessary step in connecting on a deeper level to build healthy relationships. If you feel like you are insecure when meeting new people, the dream may be a symbol to remind you that it’s okay to let your guard down once in awhile.

Sometimes this symbol will appear in a dream after you experience a situation where you feel cheated afterwards. You may feel like someone else has taken advantage of you in some way.

Some examples of this:

  • Did you recently pay too much for an item, only for it to be made of low quality materials and break?
  • Did someone else get credit for a project you did most of the work?
  • Has someone close to you recently lied to you about something?
  • Did you let your guard down recently only to be hurt?

Paying attention to the other people and symbols in the dream can help you understand where you feel vulnerable or have a hard time trusting someone in your everyday life. This person may be doing something that makes you feel suspicious about their behavior.

Questions to Ask to Understand Dreams About Being Robbed

There are a lot of ways to interpret this dream and it’s important to pay attention carefully to other people, actions, the setting, and the details. Here are some questions to ask to help you understand more about this dream:

Where did the robbery take place?

Robberies can happen anywhere, so pay attention to the setting. Was it a place of business? Your house or apartment? A place you no longer live? Your car or a city sidewalk?

Being robbed at a business almost always relates to some aspect to your current career or job, whereas being robbed at home may be a symbol for your own current feelings in life.

Dreaming about a place you no longer live can be a dream to help release past feelings of being cheated or taken advantage of, or could also be helping you to process trauma of a time where your trust was broken with another person.

Dreaming your car or items in a vehicle were stolen: This can symbolize that you feel out of control by current life events or that you are having a hard time trusting others to move ahead in a positive direction in your life. See Vehicle Dream Meaning for more on what this dream may mean.

What Was Stolen?

thief stealing jewelry

While most robbers go for valuable items, in dreams you can have people stealing anything. Here are some examples of what different scenarios mean:

Dreaming of someone stealing your clothes: This can mean that you are feeling vulnerable and others are not giving you the respect you deserve. It may be a sign to re-evaluate your current relationships with others and set healthy boundaries. See Laundry Dream Meaning for more insight.

Jewelry Robbery: Jewelry is valuable, and this could mean you have lost a sense of self-respect or self worth. It could mean that you are processing the grief of losing someone very close to you, especially if the item was a ring or necklace of sentimental value.

Garbage Thieves: Believe it or not, people steal trash in real life and in our dreams. This could mean that you are holding onto a lot of excess emotional baggage and are having a hard time letting go.

Stealing Cash: Money is another common item that is stolen in dreams. This can pertain again to your own feelings of self-worth or can be a symbol for not feeling safe and secure about your financial future. You may be experiencing feelings of insecurity about changes in your career.

Who Are the Thieves?

robber breaking into bedroom dream

Thieves and robbers in our dreams can take on many different appearances. While pirates or the classic movie-style thug all dressed in black might come to mind first, many times in our dreams we know the thief in question.

Dreaming of a friend stealing from you: If you dream of a friend robbing you or stealing something from you, it often symbolizes trust issues and communication problems with that friend. You may have a hard time letting your guard down, or you may feel as if that friend is not trustworthy in your life.

Dreaming of family stealing from you: Family members are supposed to be caring and nurturing but as we all know life doesn’t always work that way. You may feel a need for better privacy, or you may feel as if your family has let you down in some way. Taking the steps to establish healthy boundaries may be necessary.

Dreaming of being robbed by strangers: Strangers appear in our dreams and can often signify either the Rebel character archetype or may even appear as a part of ourselves in the dream. You may feel as if you are cheating yourself from your own true potential or be uncertain about your own sense of safety and security in waking life.

Have you had a dream about being robbed by thieves? What did they steal from you? What do you think the dream means? Share your dreams and interpretations in the comments section below!

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  1. I just had a dream of been robbed by a stranger, he pointed a gun at me and ask for my purse, it was a public place in the middle of the street, but it was a bit confusing, I was surrounded by people, they didn’t react, it was in some kind of street festival, then later I was in one roller speaking with the employees and the robber came and he was speaking with me, then I ask him if he could at least give me my phone, because I leave abroad and wanted to call my son and he gave it to me and left. In the end he took my bank cards and withdraw some cash that I had in my bank account. Not sure how to interpret this. Thank you.

  2. This dream just happened to me not even a second ago. What’s funny is that this dream began like i was robbed before and it did in another dream but where is something I don’t know and it was the same person and same stolen item, keep that in mind. I was at a Walmart and a man assuming to be a friend, yet I don’t know him, comes to me and starts talking to me, same thing happened in the other dream, next thing happened he reached into my pocket and ripped money out of it and I immediately grabbed him in a chokehold before we go flying across the floor into the store. I was calling for others to get cops or security so I can get my money back while catching the thief but we was flying to fast. Meanwhile, like in the other dream, the thief was counting his loot so casually like nothing was going on even though we are flying across the floor of the store and he is in a chokehold, I even tried to punch his face but my arm felt like it was under water or even injured as I begin punching him to get my money back, same like the other dream. I worked up too early before I could know what happened to us, same like the last dream.

  3. I dreamed about thieves two young men, I was walking with my nephew Peter in town and we were looking for toilet and suddenly I saw this strange boys and when I looked at them I could not see my nephew. I only saw them and there was no one to help me fight this young men. They had knives. The robbed me only pair of my running shoes of Assics tiger and they were also saying, we are struggling and you are wearing expensive takkies we want. Please send me meaning and even numbers that goes with the meaning.

  4. I had a horrible nightmare that I was moving all my belongings outside onto a hill or embankment outside of a hotel alongside many other people. I had so much stuff and it seemed the moving was organized by someone so it occurred in groups. I wanted a find bell hop’s cart to help move my things easier but I couldn’t find one. I had organized everything in a pile but when I returned from looking for the cart, all of my things were moved and mixed in with everyone else’s. Then I saw people taking my things. A group of “rebellious archetypes” ie punks and metal rockers destroyed all my stereo equipment and all of my electronics were stolen. I was able to find a few things here and there but everything that was important to my business or very expensive was stolen and I was crying very loudly in the dream. People heard about what happened and offered me some replacement electronics, which was nice but the information on the laptops etc and things stolen was irreplaceable. I felt hopeless.

  5. i have had the same exact dream twice now, and it always feels so real. i can’t remember where the first dream i had took place but the second time it was in a local area outside of “her house” while it was snowing outside? (don’t know the significance).
    this same older woman always tries to steal from me, whether its money or clothes or items of value and importance that i don’t know how she even comes across this stuff especially in this situation/location we’re in.
    anyway each time i’ve had this dream with the same old woman she tries to kill me and physically hurts me and it feels so real it’s terrifying but i never wake up while its happening or finish the dream to see if i get away.

    extremely strange dream to me and i wanted to know id i could get an answer on what it meant.

  6. I slept just after my daughter left for school in morning. On our longer couch in the Livingroom.
    Had this dream that , my younger brother came and told us that we should leave the house now because robbers are already at the other house next to mine. Then in the dream i have my friend and her new born baby boy came visiting. So i quickly send them out while i managed to switched off TV and other gadgets. But i dulge at our back balcony seeing them entering my house. Young guys they are.
    So i used my back balcony to escape to the other house and went to sit somewhere. So i can see them when coming out from my house.
    When coming out i saw they packed the big TV in the Livingroom My Sewing machine,our long dining table.
    My surprise i saw a guy i trusted and play with on the street led them into my house. I got up where i sat angrily to challenge him ..was telling him he should kill me rather than take all this thinfs away . He replied said i should then die because they will take them all away .

    He pointed gun to me and shot me but the bullets didn’t enter my body .

    I then ran back to where i was sitting before and started telling people there what happened to me.

    They instructed me to call police quick before they left with those stuffs.

    Then i did call police but not getting through.

    When i woke up, was a but afraid and saying God forbid. I shall not witness any robbery in Jesus name.

    Please can i read meaning to this dream.

  7. I dreamed that that strangers had jumped over the fence into my late uncles yard was trying to steal a car, when I saw them I froze in place and as I tried to yell stop or what the f*ck are you doing, I was left with silence since nothing, not a peep left my mouth, I wanted to run out to catch them but I was un able to move, in each dream I’m still a youngster and I’ve had this exact dream multiple times since I was a kid, please tell me what it means
    Thanks in advance

  8. I dreamt of being inside a mall when two escaped prisoners appear with shotguns. I moved back quickly in order to hide from them, hiding my phone where they can’t find it. I then distract them by giving them my leather bag which is empty and talked to them. I then went to find every phones that I can find and hide them at a more secure place as those prisoners get distracted by other people.

  9. I dreamt of my niece and nephew. The first night my nephew was robbed by his whole bag. The second night I dreamt of my niece who was robbed also of her whole bag.

  10. I dreamt about 4 men where robbing my house.
    They were everywhere, police could not be found. Had no voice and my neighbors were not helping 😪

  11. I was at a drive thru restaurant (that I visit pretty frequently) then turned into a drive thru bank I was standing at it and kept putting this code it (which weirdly want my own) and kept getting money in quarters , I did this multiple times out the code in and getting quarters I remember I thought I should stop bc it was dark out then I did it one more time. Then this pale man with a ski mask on takes one step from a corner and I can see him visibly then he pulls out a gun and I turn around and try to scream but my voice just cracks and it isn’t loud at all then I wake up.

  12. In my dream, my relative and I were both awake and present in at home. Backdoor was busted but the robbers were all unarmed, and nothing was stolen that I remember.

  13. My family and I were here at the apartment and we had gotten a safe with I’m assuming something that was either important or very valuable. Well that same day more than one person was trying to come and steal it! And they ran there truck into the back of our apartment… well before that they just kept trying to break in and david my husband had waited outside like keeping watch and stoping them from coming in. Then when they finally realized that he wasn’t going to let them in! They got the truck and ran it into the back of the apartment! I was standing at my room door and was telling them just to take it! Like take whatever you want just leave me and my family alone and my husband was wanting to fight them and stop them but obviously they had guns, mask on and looked like they wanted to hurt us! And then I woke up before they could leave or anything else happen.

  14. I dreamt that I was robbed by strangers in the grocery store. I did my usual shopping then things started disappearing they took cash, my car keys and my debit card. The store was crowded and I realized the people who took the items were probably still I. The store. I tried an all call when a random women hung up the phone because she didn’t want to hear my announcement. I then got on the counter in tears, begging them to come forward. One by one they did.

  15. I dreamt I had moved house to a lovely looking house but after a couple of days some masked robbers broke in. They were only young lads and I couldnt wake up so I managed to text my friend in the dream to call the police. I ended up getting lads to sit and watch this film I was watching and not steal from me. When the police came I told them they were only here because they have nowhere to go and I wasnt sure why they were called out. The police left and the lads were baffled as to why I didn’t tell the truth. I told them if they ever came back to my house again I would kill them all but they can stay and watch the film this once.

  16. I dreamt I was robbed outside a cafe. Lots of sketchy people were around. Feeling unsafe and lost and confused before the robbery even took place. The thief was a stranger. He took my belongings, nothing valuable. He first took a few bags, and I felt like I noticed them but I was stuck distracted. He came around two times after that until all I had was my record player. I ran to a hotel I was supposedly staying at shortly after that.

  17. I dreamt I got into my car then the backdoor opened I looked round and there was a female, then a man was in the passenger seat, I told them to get out but they wouldn’t. We had an argument a could feel the girl in the back holding a knife against my side, I asked them where they wanted to go I would take them, they wanted the car, I remember being able to escape the car, they wanted my bag and money, I told them to have what they wanted I just needed my phone, I was able to get the phone as I was on the floor outside the car, I then got away. There were people around but no-one seemed to be helping, when I looked round the 2 people were out the car, I was going down different paths looking for someone to help but no-one did, the 2 people from the car started getting into alterations with other people on the street. I was away from them thinking I need to call my family to tell them and let them know I was okay. I felt the police were going to be arriving soon and I needed to tell them what had happened, then I could go home, and I still had my car.

  18. I had a dream in my previous home (with my ex). Before I went to bed I made sure the windows were locked.
    A robber (a stranger) could open the windows from underneath as the windows are cheaply made.
    He stole my phone, and bits and bobs like BathBomb, face masks and things I’ve collected over the years.
    I was heartbroken.
    The next night in the dream I waited up to catch the robber.
    He climbed through the window and I Threatened him to give back my stuff.
    I managed to convince him to give back the other stuff but not my phone.
    He wanted to have sex with him to give it back as a ‘payment’ so I agreed.

    I felt frustrated in my dream and heartbroken my phone has gone because all my pictures of my children are on there.

    I’m not too sure what it means but I left my abusive ex begging of this year.
    Which has been very difficult.
    I’ve also met someone new but I’m so scared he’s going to turn into a everything like my ex was. I haven’t really opened up to him and I’ve definitely got a wall up. I’ve also been let down my another guy who I was dating too. Let’s just say he’s not every nice when he’s drinking! I just pray the guy I’m dating now is everything he’s saying he is.

    Possibly having this dream because I struggle to trust men and when I eventually do they ALWAYS turn out to be Nasty people.
    Maybe this new guy I’m dating is triggering it because I’m worried he’s going to eventually end up the same.
    Promising me he’s a nice guy and turns out he’s now because that’s all I’ve experienced.

  19. I’m Liz,

    I had a dream like I’m going somewhere with one of my old friend’s dad. He is having cash of 40,000. I don’t even recognize the place because it’s totally new to me. suddenly, 4 people came in front of us, asked about that money. he said, he didn’t have cash. They checked the bike and gone. it was an early morning dream. it makes me so scared.

    What do you think about this? I’m totally confused. I didn’t see my friend for years. Why did her father come into my dream, and what does this mean?

  20. Dream about me and my deceased father being pickpocketed in a street cafe..followed and confronted pickpocket and she returned our wallets but kept others.one strange thing is that the thiefs face kept changing as we spoke. So she had the face of several women whom I didn’t recognize

  21. I had a dream where I was with some stranger not sure who they were, and I was maybe about to try and be forced into a situation of committing a robbery of a place near abandoned that hardly had any money left. It looked like it was in a metal box that was for some odd reason right at the enterance of a restaurant I’m assuming it was due to the people inside dining at tables as a family. However I refused to take partake in the robbery even though they said yes it could benefit us both and it would be a quick job but rather then commit I walked into this business and started talking to everyone and I guess I chose to be their friend? It was after this point I did not see the stranger and I guess they either gave up or got what they wanted when I chose to talk with the families inside. Any thoughts on what this might mean on a dreaming aspect?

  22. I had a dream three men broke into my house. My husband, 4yr old son, and myself were asleep, all of us in our bed. I saw the shadows of the 3 men appear and saw the very tips of their guns, and then their full bodies in my bedroom doorway. I nudged my husband awake and told him to give them all we have. I begged for them to not shoot us, that they can have it all, and that I wouldn’t call the cops if they just took it all and and left. The younger man in the middle said “Forget you” as he pointed his weapon towards my son and I, and the older man who I believe was the leader pointed his as my husband. It seemed so real and terrifying. I can still remember their faces, looks, and clothing. They had Assault rifles or machine guns of some sort. They shot my husband and went to shoot me and my son but I won’t up right before that. I haven’t felt right all day. It felt SO REAL.

  23. I dreamt of living in a different trailer. I opened the door to see that my mail was on my door. My cash and my laptop case was on the grass and I saw a lot of college students come through. I shut the door because I got nervous then I opened my door after a minute. My money and my laptop case were gone.

  24. Two women were robbing The belongings in my car, I know it was locked. It was on a street I don’t live on anymore, I managed to get my stuff back but i had to be violent In order to do so.

  25. i dream about the strangers robbed the two bags that is not mind. and also removes my money from my pocket and removes my cloths. but they only leave me with my inner wear.

  26. I dreamt that a man and woman dipped my bag and stole my purse. I challenged them and got the police to come but the police lady did nothing.. I then tried to investigate and it was in a hotel and I got reception to call the police and a person came pretending to be police and I went mad and threw his fake I’d away. I called reception again and they again called the police, they came and were dealing with things.. the 2 culprits wanted chips and I was screaming at them saying you cant have anything until you give all my cards and money back. In the dream I had tried to let the credit card company know but didn’t get through. I was literally screaming at the couple saying give me my driving license, give me my money, give me my cards… very real, woken up and need to check I still have my purse…

  27. I had a dream I was in my old home with my mom (it’s isolated from other homes) and a truck pulled up in the drive thinking no one was home and they entered the house and luckily I had a weapon to defend us. Does anyone know what this dream suggests?

  28. I was in a traffic jam of some kind. When I was able to see what was holding the lines up, it was a woman. She was standing in the middle of the road, naked from the waist up, staring with intention in the face of traffic, and looked to be full-term pregnant. She was strikingly beautiful and she was holding up a sign that I could not read.
    I grabbed my wallet and rolled my window down. When she came over to my window, she reached into the window to my wallet and grabbed however much she could have gotten her hands on. I couldn’t take my foot off the gas and for whatever reason, couldn’t put it in park.
    I remember yelling out the window “Wait”!! And that is how I woke up.
    Yelling “wait”

  29. I dreamt that I went to church and before I could get back home everything in my room were stolen, not even a pin or bed was left. please what does it mean. thanks as I wait your reply.

  30. I dreamed of 2 guys I don’t know in my lounge, they were done with my TV and sound system. I asked them why are they doing that and one who was wearing nothing but a boxer pants replied that my area is not safe. Later they itwas 3 guys and they came in my bedroom to collect my vy valuables such as jewellery, laptop and my phone and I was screaming and I woke up

  31. The dream was that I was robbed by 3 women. They took myself purse and said”they were waiting for me to leave a friend’s party’.

    1. I dreamed masked thieves broke into my house stole my tv and laptop …when I arrived home they were still there and had axes , one of them chased after my sister and I ..he tried to hit my sister with the axe but I caught it and I pushed the robber down .

    2. I dreamt when I have found my room upside down and very untidy because thieves were trying to take all my belongings but they failed

  32. I dreamt of my mum was telling me that my neighbour was doing something bad to my business and she wanted to revenge and i stopped her later to reach at my business everything was stolen and was left with nothing but there was a bed remaining.
    What does it mean

    1. I’m not sure what your dream meant, but I recivently had a dream about me and my cake daddy was in the car and when we pulled up to some place we got robbed but they only took from him.

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