Planets and Space Dream Meaning

Did you have a dream about planets? Learning the meaning of planets in our dreams can be helpful for understanding the current events happening in our life. What Does it Mean to Dream About Planets? In general, seeing planets in space brings to light one’s desire for greater wisdom and knowledge of the “bigger picture.” … Read more

Pig Dream Meaning Interpretation

Dreaming of a pig or piglet can mean a number of different things. Here we will cover some of the popular dream interpretation associations and meanings for dreaming about about a pig. The Wisdom of Pigs as a Spirit Animals You might be surprised to think of a pig as a spirit animal – especially … Read more

Platypus Dream Meaning

platypus dream meaning

The platypus is a very interesting creature and in most parts of the world is quite an uncommon sight to see in everyday real life! What does it mean to dream of a platypus? A platypus can mean many things in our dreams. This animal is quite unique, and often times in a dream can … Read more

Peacock Symbolism and Meaning

peacock dream meaning

Peacocks can be a symbol of pride, ego, vanity, and the desire for attention. Dreaming of a peacock has several different dream meanings. As a majestic bird, the peacock symbol in a dream often represents pride and ego. Peacocks can also be a spirit animal guide or power animal to help support you through a … Read more