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Arms Dreams Meaning

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Dreaming of arms can have a number of different interpretations and meanings. Our arms are used in a number of ways – we can hug others, hold something, and raise or lower them to signify something important.

arms-dream-meaningTo interpret this dream symbol, think about what the arms are doing and why you remember this symbol – there is a reason why arms were something that caught your attention in your dream!

Here are some of the possible dream symbol meanings for arms:

If the dream is of open arms, it could indicate inviting something or somebody brand new into our lives with a positive attitude.

If the arms are raised up in the air, it could mean your feelings or thoughts are being “held up” in some way – perhaps there are delays in your life.

It could also mean giving up and surrendering to something that may be out of your control. You may feel pressured by a force or entity that is more powerful than you or going through a power struggle with someone.

If you dream of your ams being chained behind you, such as in the event of an arrest, it could signify a loss of power or a form of constraint in some way in your life.

Arms full of things could mean that you feel overwhelmed with responsibilities from your job,  or that you have many obligations. The tasks you are doing may cause you to feel as if there is nothing left you can “hold” or “carry”.  The term “the weight of the world on your shoulders” also comes to mind.

Empty arms may signify you feel as if you aren’t feeling fulfilled by your present work or life circumstances.

Using your arms to lift heavy weights or to do some type of heavy lifting work can mean that you feel a lot of responsibilities.

A broken arm in a dream could mean you feel powerless, unable to control a situation.

Have any dreams where arms were a key focus point of the dream you remember? Share your dream experiences below!

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    1. I dreamt that an officer came and picked me up in front of my love ones and told me I could not put on my shoes he also said I will not put handcuffs on you. Then he put one hand cuff on me after that he took me around a pool full of water than a room which did not look like a jail cell but looked like a place where I was not able to reach my family. It was scary.

  1. I was carrying a women I didn’t know in my arms bridal style. We put our heads together for a few moments for kissing.. Not sure what it means.

  2. I dreamed I was standing inside the front door of a house across the street from my house looking at my house. It was in the middle of the night. I felt a presence and felt to the right and I felt a human arm. It then grabbed me and I tried to bite it because it was stronger than I. I awakened, but I could still remember the realness of feeling that arm of iron.

  3. I had a dream of my friends child having an arm amputated and I how did that happen and she like was just laying on me and I feel very protective of her like see no one takes care of her like I do but yeah it was weird

  4. I had a dream my right arm was covered in what looked like raw ground beef. A friend asked if it hurt, and when I said no she asked if I could peel it off. Some of it was mashed from my sleeping on my arm and some was coming off anyway so I was able to peel it away to have both of my arms looking the same as they do normally.

  5. I dreamt I cought a golden moth with my right arm. When I did so my right arm turned into a golden feathered wing with 3 fingers. In my wings fingers was a purple disk of glass I knew that I needed to protect.

  6. Had the most twisted dream the other night. I dreamt I was watching myself cook something boiling in a pot. (Note it was set in medieval times and it was around like a big black kettle pot.) And I had accidentally cooked off my I believe left arm. It was completely on accident in the dream and I was completely calm. I was just like no oh no. I actually had my arm too close to the pot for too long in the dream. my arm just sort of fell off and was next to me. Not really looking so much like a human arm. But it looks like a gross cooked piece of meat shaped like an arm. It was extremely sick and graphic… but i was calm in the dream. And also after I woke up. I rarely dream. Or remember dreams.

    1. The way I would interpret this dream is perhaps you were thinking about getting out of a serious commitment or making a big change in your life. You knew you would lose a part of yourself, but you somehow knew it would be okay. Maybe moving to a new city, career change, relationship you knew you had to let go of…or knowing if you stayed too long, you would lose something valuable, a part of you.

  7. I have dreamt that my right arm was amputated, I was awake and not put to sleep!! Anyone know what this could mean please?

  8. I had a dream something was holding my arms down. I tried to raise them but the force left them down. I didn’t see anything but I was trying to bite them to release me. But they/it wouldn’t. They did not talk but I did in dream. Scary stuff! I don’t see anything here about dreams of someone holding down arms? When I woke I could still feel where they were holding me down

  9. Dreamed of my my brother coming back holding his hand out to me. I held mine out to him but woke up before we touched. What does it mean

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