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Eggs Dream Meaning

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Dreaming about eggs can mean many different things – often times how this dream symbol appears can give us a better idea of what it means to dream about an egg.

What is the Meaning of Eggs in Dreams?

Eggs can manifest in many different ways in our dreams. Eggs are a very common food, and we eat them for everything from breakfast to using eggs as an ingredient in many of our favorite recipes for cakes and cookies.

Many animals, ranging from birds to snakes lay eggs. As you can imagine, it is a very different meaning to see a nest of blue robin eggs in the spring than seeing a plate of scrambled eggs for breakfast!

Rebirth & Renewal

In our dreams, eggs are often a symbol for rebirth and renewal. Seeing a nest of eggs could be a sign of your feelings towards starting a new project or beginning something new in your life.

Eggs are also very natural – especially if you consider almost all living animals and humans begin as a tiny egg in some way. It can be a sign of a desire to feel whole and tap into our connection with the universe.

Eggs can also be a symbol of fertility. If you are trying to get pregnant for example, you may have recurring dreams of eggs as a sign of your own feelings towards wanting to have children.

Common Dreams Involving Eggs

Dreaming of a Nest of Eggs

Often times we can see a nest of eggs in our dreams. If you see a nest of snake eggs or crocodile eggs, it may mean you have feelings of anxiety, fear, or uncertainty about the results of a situation.

Seeing a nest of bird eggs may mean that you are feeling hopeful about upcoming changes or are looking to start again in a new project or endeavor.

Eggs as a Breakfast Food

Eggs are a common breakfast food, and we often associate them with being a good source of protein and other healthy nutrients our bodies may need. Dreaming that you are eating a plate of eggs could mean you are nurturing yourself or doing something in your current life that makes you feel rejuvenated and renewed.

Scrambled eggs could mean you are uncertain about the outcome of a situation. Sunny side up eggs could mean that you are hopeful about the outcome.

See eating in dreams meaning and meaning of food in dreams for more details if you dreamt of a plate of eggs or cooking eggs in the dream.

Abundance & Wealth

Discovering a nest of eggs could mean that you are finding ways to increase your profits in business or want to experience wealth and abundance in your life. Eggs can often be a sign for wealth and financial abundance. You may be considering a new investment opportunity, or you could be looking for ways to help you save up a “nest egg” for retirement.

Gathering Eggs

If you dream of a chicken coop and gathering eggs, you may feel like it is time to see the rewards of all of your efforts in work or personal life. If you have been working hard at something, this could mean you are ready to see the results and enjoy the harvest of all of your efforts.

Broken Eggs in Dreams

Occasionally, we will see eggs as being broken in our dreams. There is an expression, “Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket”, and occasionally, dreaming of broken eggs can mean that you are relying too much on one thing. You may need to explore alternates or having a backup plan in your endeavors.

The broken eggs may represent a shattering of faith or beliefs. You may be seeing the truth in a situation, or you may be experiencing a shattering of illusions.

Dreaming of Dyed and Painted Eggs

Dyeing eggs is a very common Easter tradition. Seeing painted eggs or dyed eggs can be a symbol of celebration of life.

easter egg meaning symbolism

In Catholic traditions, the paint and dye of the egg is a symbol for the life of Christ – when the outer hard shell is broken, this is a symbol for the breaking of the tomb and of Christ’s resurrection into heaven.

Dreaming of filling or opening plastic Easter Eggs may be a symbol of discovering hidden treasures and meanings in something. If this dream is not a positive one, such as discovering the eggs are empty or filled with negative things, it could mean that something is merely superficial or that you are experiencing disappointment.

What do you think your dream means? Share your experiences with dreams about eggs in the comments section below!

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  1. I dreamed that I was dressed up to go to a wedding but my shoes were missing. Then my old manager handed me an egg with my name written on it, along with a smiley face. I remember being confused and questioning how the egg was supposed to help me with my shoe problem.

  2. When someone dreams that plenty eggs being locked up in a room by a woman,what does the dream mean thanks.

  3. I also have a dream when i was holding two eggs in my hands please whats the meaning of that dream

  4. I dreamt of seeing bunch of country eggs and a lot of tiny blue colour eggs like candy and those fell all over the place and didn’t break, I was Gathering and keeping it together.those tiny eggs where layed by my dog which I used to have

  5. I had a dream where I was asking someone to give me two eggs, the egg was right there but the person was not giving it.

  6. I had a dream gathering plenty of tiny wild birds eggs, I was making nests for them on sand, putting them in sets of 3, and then putting birds on top to incubate them.

  7. I dreamt that I was holding a very big chicken egg

    I also dream that about nest of eggs very close to a spring and i mistakenly broke one from it

  8. What could it mean to dream about bat eggs? They’re green and the size of coconuts! In the dream I thought they were coconuts but I heard someone say they were bat eggs?

  9. Hi!! I had a dream that two eggs were taken out of me by a hand. No face, no body, just the hand. I can’t find anything in the internet to help me interpret this dream. Please give me your insight. Thanks kindly. -Shay-

  10. I had a dream I put my foot into 2 different snake holes. In one I could only feel dirt. In the other I felt a snake egg on my foot. In my dream I could see the egg in the hole, but never saw the snake.

  11. I’m dreaming of being high on a hill where I’m raising my arms up into the sky, I’m holding & raising what looks like an Ostrich egg

  12. found three burrows in a deserted farmland, bush guinea fowl’s eggs. One, has 3. other had 2 and 1 broken, the third had 3 and 1 hatched. I then collect all went away .I shared with a girl besides me by then.

  13. What about selling of egg’s in the dream at a motor pack but no one is buying

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