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House Dream Meaning

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Dreaming about houses is very common – dreaming about a house can definitely give you a lot of insight into what is currently going on in your life!

dreaming about houses

What Does it Mean to Dream of a House?

Most often a house in a dream represents your whole being, and rooms within a house represent different aspects of yourself or different emotions or memories that are significant in your waking life.

If you think of yourself as a house, you as a person have many different parts and aspects to your personality and feelings in life.

Here is what each room of a house represents in relation to yourself.

Dreaming of the Kitchen:

The kitchen is often called the heart of a home, and is the center of everything that is happening. Kitchens are what makes everything else come together!

The kitchen is also often a busy place and a lot of work happens in the kitchen! For this reason, dreaming of a kitchen may be related to your career and your life work.

Ask yourself: Are you in a fulfilling career that is central to your happiness and well-being? Or, are you going along in mundane work that doesn’t really make you happy?

Dreaming About The Living Room:

A living room is for living! Dreaming about a living room can give you a lot of clues into what your true feelings are about a situation in your life.

Living rooms are often closely connected with relationships with others – family members and friends.

Dreams About the Bathroom

Bathrooms are often a place where you bathe and wash yourself. It can sometimes be a symbol for emotional release and relief.

There is also water present in a bathroom and water often signifies emotions.

Many people use the phrase “taking care of business” when they talk about using the bathroom, so occasionally this room will appear in our dreams if we have a lot of things happening in our career or business matters.

It can also be a sign of taking care of your physical self and paying attention to your physical needs. 

Dreaming about a bathroom is often about releasing emotions and moving on from the past.


A basement is your deep subconscious. Truly, it means to go down deep!

Often times a basement is a symbol of our fears and insecurities. The fear of the unknown is a common association with basements.


The attic is about your hopes, goals, and aspirations. Are you living the life you imagined? An attic can be a great resource for insight and inspiration. The view from the attic can mean to take a higher perspective in your life.


Dreaming of being outside of a house means that you are looking at the “big picture”. It can also mean you are concerned about appearances.

Dreaming About the Porch:

A porch is a covered part of the house that typically has no walls. In our dreams, a porch can often be a symbol for shelter or protection while encouraging us to be open and transparent about our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

A porch can also mean that we are open to new opportunities. Since porches are frequently used as gathering places for people to sit and meet, it can also be a symbol for opening up ourselves to develop new friendships and relationships.

Now that we know a little bit about the different rooms of a house, it’s important to think about the house as a symbol.

Common House Dream Symbol Meanings

In addition to thinking of a house in a dream as being about yourself, it’s helpful to think of other common associations with houses we may have.

Houses are Places of Shelter and Protection

We all need shelter to survive. A house can be a place of safety and protection. It can also be a place to hide – especially if the house you dream about has tall fences, heavy curtains, and is like a maze inside!

Thinking about the details of the house can help you understand whether you feel safe and protected, or whether you feel like you may need additional shelter in your life. It is also helpful to think about current things happening in your waking life that may have some bearance on safety, protection, security, and comfort.

Houses Can be a Symbol for Appearance

Many people see houses as a status symbol. A grand castle, a giant mansion, the perfect yard – dreaming about a large fancy house can mean that you want others to perceive you as something grand.

In contrast, a shabby house in a dream could mean that you feel like others do not see you for who you really are.

Is the House in the Dream a Fixer Upper? What Part of Yourself Do You Want to Fix?

Dreaming about making repairs to a house or buying a house that needs repairs can mean there is an aspect of yourself that is neglected. It could mean that you are wanting to change and improve, but are feeling stuck or unsure of what to do about the situation.

Where is this house?

The location of the house can also give us some clues about the meaning of the dream. When you are interpreting your dreams, it is helpful to take into consideration all of the details!

Is the house in a large city? Or is it isolated on the top of a mountain? As you might guess, a house on a hill in the middle of nowhere might mean you are feeling lonely or feeling like you don’t connect well with others.

Dreaming about a house in the city might mean you feel like you need more connection with others, or it could mean you feel like you need some of your own space – all depending on the overall mood and vibe of the dream of course!

Dreaming of a House Can Show You Your Highest Potential

Most dreams about houses can show us what we are capable of being and doing as our highest and best selves. We are the great creators of our lives, and a dreaming about a house can help you understand exactly how to build the life you want.

Types of Houses and Their Meanings

In addition to the basic dream symbolism of a house, we can find there are many different meanings depending on the type of house you dream about.

For example, it’s a lot different to dream of a million dollar beach house with stunning views that a falling down shack in the middle of nowhere.

Let’s talk about the different kinds of houses you might encounter in your dreams and what they mean.

Dream of a Beach House by the Ocean

A beach house is often a place for relaxation and vacation. The ocean usually symbolizes our own emotions and feelings.

To dream of a beach house can mean that you are aspiring for the finer things in life. You may feel like you reaching your dreams or that you are ready to take your life to the next level.

It can also mean that you are looking for a way to escape a current situation in your life. The ocean is a symbol for our feelings and in a dream the state of the ocean will reflect how you currently feel or you want to feel.

Dreaming of a Farm House

A farm house symbolizes everything about family. You may be wishing to settle down and establish your roots somewhere.

Farmhouses can also be a symbol for the simpler things in life. You may wish to minimize and declutter your current environment. You long for the good old days that weren’t complicated.

Dreaming of a Cottage in the Woods

A cottage in the woods in your dream can signify your desire to connect more with nature. You may be trying to avoid something in your life or hide from conflict.

Think of Sleeping Beauty and how the fairies hid her in the cottage to protect her from harm. A cottage is a symbol for coziness and security.

House in the City

A house in the city symbolizes your need to be in the hustle and bustle of every day life. Your friends are co-workers are important to you.

Dreaming of a house in the city often represents your feelings about your career and your current state of mind in your career.

Neglected and Run Down House

If a house in your dreams is neglected and run down, it means you are not taking care of yourself. You are neglecting something that is important to you.

To make repairs on a neglected house means you are trying your best to resolve what is bothering you. If the house stays in a state of disarray it means you need to give attention to your feelings and what you are doing in your life.

Only Seeing the Outside of a House

If you only dream about the exterior of a house and never set foot through the doors, it can mean that you are overly concerned about appearances instead of what’s inside.

You might be afraid to venture in too deep and are worried about what your true feelings about a situation might be.

Gingerbread House

A gingerbread house in a dream can symbolize your desire to nurture your inner child. You may be nostalgic about your childhood times or you may be even thinking about having children of your own.

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Do you have a dream about a house you would like to interpret or understand more about? Share your experiences in the comments section below!

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  1. In my dream I saw our family house in shanties.very shanty when look at it from the outside.
    From the inside is under construction with nice structure but still undergoing much work

  2. I had a dream I was sat in my living room with my partner cuddled up by the window . We were all engrossed with each other I glanced out of the window an noticed people moving past us quite fast then realised we seemed to be moving past them . I said to my partner ..the house is moving how is that possible. Next I know we had walked out side an my house had been relocated. The workmen an foremen were telling me there had been a big worm in the foundation of my old home an had moved my house to a new development /estate (which was still under construction) ,temporarily until my new house was finished being built. I felt happy the entire time I never felt phased. In fact felt excited. I was keen to explore my new surroundings but my partner was not happy an was questioning everything an seemed negative. I took no notice an didn’t let him change my feelings . He came along to explore there was a positive community feeling all around me an there was a slight feeling of order an routine as my daughters school secretary appeared an wanted me to sign up to things . There was a sweet / souvenir shop an it was free to residents an I was excited and was thinking how much my young children would love this .. My partner was still cynical an dubious but did sign some forms along with me . I then was woken but had a distinct feeling the dream hadn’t finished .
    Any help towards interpretation of my dream would be greatly accepted .

  3. I dreamt that I was stopped at a big two story house that was white with black shutters, a black door, and a black roof. It had pillars on the front porch and was for sale. I didnt go in but I was curious about it. I didn’t have time to do a walk through it though. I just saw the outside

  4. I have a re occurring dream of a house where I don’t belong and I’m not there to take anything but I use it as a shortcut to go somewhere. Not sure where but I don’t want to be caught in it. There’s no specific way out or rooms that I go into . I just want to go in and get out without being caught.

  5. I dream t being in a roofed house seated on the floor. The floor was incomplete and stones were layed on the floor for completion. I was seated and a man a woman were standing. What does that mean?

  6. I dreamed about dancing with a guy friend in my house’s kind of entry way. In front of a mirror, that what I recognized the mirror.

  7. I dreamt I was in my grandmas old house (which it did and did not look like at the same time) and I was going to fix it up change the locks and move in. I found there were lots of spiders and I had a lot of work ahead of me. But I wanted to change everything

  8. My dream was of my own house and I went out into a storm to find my dog and my house disappeared as soon as I stepped off the porch

  9. As a kid I used to dream of needing to walk down to my room in the basement and I had to walk under a ton of spiders that were falling on me to get there. From this I guess it was telling me what I already knew, I was scared of spiders.

  10. In my dream, the house I dreamed of was my mom’s and dad’s witch are no longer living and we were making it bigger and I remember at first I thought they were making it too big ang there wouldn’t be any room for Enough yard and that It ended up being to close to another house but than fixed it, and I also remembered there were family members helping with these ideas, the porch was small but it all looked really nice when it was done, than at the end of my dream my parents were alive again agreeing to what was done and I remembered wishing we could have it and was wondering why it was theirs again when we had done all the work, it didn’t make sense to me that they were alive again but I went with it and was happy

  11. i dream of un incomplete house it has no roof just the wall no windows nothing i don’t enter inside am always outside watching it at a distance

  12. I had a dream having a very beaitiful house built out of granity rock and finishing in one of small towns in my country. I have never been there in real life. The house was so magnificent

  13. I often have the dream of the same house, however, it is one that I’ve never seen in my waking life. It is a big, white, old and appearingly deserted, plantation style house with columns on the big porch outside, which is located in the middle of a secluded field, an abandoned farm perhaps. Inside, the home is in need of fixing up and in my mind as I’m dreaming, this is my plan and I am very excited. However, I begin to explore the house and it becomes a maze. There are hidden doors and hallways and I find myself going through this maze, just looking and exploring. I feel that this home represents my loneliness and parts of me that need attention in real life.

  14. I dreamed that I was in a house with my family. I came home from work to find a new kitten as well as my own cats. There were people inside my house looking around saying we were to leave in 5 days when I found a for sale sign in the window.

  15. I dreamt that i saw a new beautiful well finished house and i was checking each rooms and i entered the master bedroom very beautiful and very large with different beautiful lightening all over the place and i went to the living room same thing and i saw some people lining up to get their own allocation but mine was the top floor upstair… I also dreamt of a law firm as my office but its not big and a friend was advicing me that i am too big for this office that i should get a bigger one than this and i answered that i have but would soon move into it soon… I also dreamt of seeing myself washing my towel and clothes in a washing machine and finally i saw someone 3 women well dressed as if they were going for a party but their face are well known to me in real life… One of them was my childhood friend’s mother and her friends were the two other women…

  16. I have 2 reoccurring house dreams. In the first its a glass house and I’m safe and I’ve just got hm and am greeted by a loving man. But I can never see his face – i always wake up.

    In the second dream I’m in a massive house with room’s upon room’s. I feel like I’m on an adventure. I feel safe and am always finding new room’s.

  17. I had a dream in which I alone moved into a house where already 2 families are living but it’s big enough to accommodate me but I only saw the bedrooms and bathrooms. What does seeing the bedrooms mean in my dream? Moreover it was nice but old, I felt good but also missed my family. It was a weird feeling.

  18. I constantly dream of houses and apartments. Going from room to room, they usually are like a labyrinth with the strangest floor plans, with hidden stairs, nooks, and doors. The rooms never seem to end and I just walk from one to the next. Sometimes they are clean and modern, other times they are abandoned or really stuffy old-fashioned. It’s all kinds of rooms bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms, attic rooms, bedrooms, but never the basement.

    In the emotionally most moving version of this dream I dreamt of walking through an empty apartment, again it seemed to never end. I went into a lavatory where there was a little window high up where I only could see the sky. I felt a deep longing to see more of the outside. Walking further after a couple of more empty rooms I a new room appeared where there was a big hole in the outer brick-wall which opened to the most beautiful landscape. I stepped outside and a wave of happiness swept over me. I think I’ve seldom have ever felt so happy and liberated as in this moment.

    These dreams and particularly the one above really puzzle me and I think a lot about their meaning.

  19. I dreamed of a house. I was in charge of cleaning anything out and basically organizing it. The more I cleaned and purged the more I found; but had a sense I was making progress. I awoke knowing I hadn’t quite finished.

  20. The dream I had this morning took me by surprise. I saw a starry night sky that had clusters of stars of colors like red violet, pink, yellow and purple that were moving in spirals. The stars created a house in the sky. Slowly, the house of stars descended to the ground.

  21. I have several recurring dreams about houses that have many hidden rooms for me to discover. Usually I end up in the attic or basement. Attic is large with many king size beds but there are holes in the roof and pools of water on every bedspread. Basement is usually a huge swimming pool or a theater with lots of seats and a big stage.

  22. In my dream a former marriage’s marital home was across the street from me. It would fade away and completely disappear. Then re-appear. Then disappear again and re-appear. This happened over and over. I called attention to others in my dream who mostly seemed disinterested and were not people I knew. I’d look out my living room window and it would re-appear. Go outside and it would be gone.

  23. I keep dreaming of huge old houses that I am walking through. The structure is good but it looks to be abandon. Sometimes someone else lives there and only part of the home is covered with dust. But as I walk through I am amazed at its beauty and wish I could restore it. It has huge rooms and a inside pool and beautiful mountain views.

    1. I have a very similar repetitive dream, always a big older house, partially covered in dust, partially furnished, in a wooded area. In my dreams, I have just bought the house, and I’m showing it to others, and dreaming of fixing it up.

  24. I had a dream of a newly bought house that was a fixer upper but decent for a move in ready with furniture I clouded. Going through room to roo. I loved the set up. In the back sowing room I find a head and a girls dead body. I call the realtor who cleans up the sewing and crafts room but I am not spoked im relieved in the dream.

  25. I had a dream that I went to the basement to use the TV down there for games with a couple of friends and then something superstitious happened. I had taken a Tricycle with me and it was placed right in front of me in the dark and we heard it rocking and when I shined a light on it the training wheels were gone. I got spooked so I told my friends that was impossible and went into the living-room where My brother and sister-in-law were watching a scary movie with someone else. Then I remembered I took the light from downstairs with and asked my brother to return it. As he walked away I woke up. Before this dream I had another about my room being infested with spiders mice and it lead to 2 chipmunks walking around the house.

  26. I dreamt of a big house, I’m always dreaming of me in a big nice house with nice furniture. In the dream I’m always happy and I have my family around. I keep asking myself what does this mean cause I’m always dreaming of the same dream.

  27. I dreamt of this same home many times, I said this use to look like a mansion, but it’s not that big now. Neighbors were having a picnic in the back yard next door. So I waved and said hello Family. The doors goes into a hall and several doors is to bathrooms and bedrooms, I was looking into one that was filled with furniture like someone was moving in. I said which is my room., I had to go through another door. I woke up

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