Pregnancy Dream Interpretation and Meaning

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Dreaming of pregnancy and being pregnant is very common. Nearly everyone has had a dream of being pregnant or dreaming someone else was pregnant at some point in their lives.

Since pregnancy is a universal thing which we all experience in one way or another (either as a mother or as the child) – there are many possibilities on what this dream can mean.

Here are some common pregnancy dream meanings:


In many cases, dreaming of being pregnant symbolizes the “birth” of something. It can be a great new idea, a company, a small project, or other creative endeavor – whatever it is that you are meant to bring into this world. Many people who dream about being pregnant are in need of finding a creative outlet or are working on creating something in their waking lives.

Growth and Development:

Another common dream meaning for this symbol is personal growth and development. It can be aspects of your personal life, spirituality, your career or your relationships with others.

New Beginnings

Often times, dreaming of pregnancy can be a sign of new beginnings in your life. Are you being reborn? Are you starting something new? Do you feel like you need a fresh start or a new perspective on life?

You may wish to look up what it means to dream about babies, since both of these things are very closely related. Often times dreaming about birth and babies can be a sign of starting something new or new developments that are happening in a current project.

Divine Feminine and Motherhood Symbol:

Pregnancy and motherhood go hand in hand, and it is also not uncommon for pregnancy to be a symbol of one’s mother, or “mother’s instincts” one may have. If you have children, the dream may be a symbol for you questioning your mothering ability.

Anxiety While Pregnant:

If you are pregnant, dreaming about pregnancy can symbolize your natural anxieties and fears of everything being okay during the remainder of the pregnancy and delivery.

If you are not currently pregnant (or are a male) and feel anxiety in the dream over a pregnancy, it can symbolize a fear to create or get started on a new project or career path.

Dreaming Someone Else is Pregnant:

To dream someone else is pregnant can symbolize that a change is happening. It can also symbolize jealousy or that you may be comparing yourself to others. Occasionally, these dreams can also be predictive in nature, especially if you are close to a person on a spiritual or soul level.

Pregnancy Dreams While Trying to Get Pregnant:

If you are actively trying to get pregnant in your waking life, dreaming of being pregnant could be a wish fulfillment dream or it could be a precognitive dream that you may be pregnant.

Wish fulfillment dreams are a way for you to express your desires to the universe, precognitive dreams can predict the future. While it is more often a wish fulfillment dream than a precognitive dream, it can still emphasize that you are on the right path to conceiving.

If you are experiencing problems while trying to conceive, the dream may be able to help you identify some of the emotions and challenges in your life. Is there something the dream is trying to tell you? Sometimes the dream can be a message of hope – other times feelings of frustration may surface.

Here are some tips to help you interpret your dream about pregnancy:

What are your thoughts about pregnancy? Everyone has different views on pregnancy. Some people find it to be very exciting, such as couples who have been actively trying to conceive. Others may find it terrifying, such as someone who does not want to be pregnant.

Identifying your own personal thoughts about pregnancy, and writing your own definition of pregnancy can help you better understand this common dream symbol.

Are you currently pregnant? Dreams during pregnancy can be especially strange and vivid. Your hormones are always changing, and this can result in some very strange dreams! You may also have many anxieties over the pregnancy, or wonder much what it might be like to have a new child.

While dreams can sometimes be precognitive in nature, they usually are not, and generally just reflect the natural ups and downs of pregnancy emotions and mood swings. Try not to fret too much about the dreams you are having, and if they continue to puzzle or trouble you, don’t hesitate to mention them to your doctor or doula.

Are You a Man? Men can dream of being pregnant, which surely is a startling dream! It can symbolize your desire (or fear) of having children someday, or it could symbolize the motherly instinct that you may be missing or fulfilling in an unconventional way. Typically for men though, it means a new project, business, idea, or need to express one’s creativity.

Do you have additional dream interpretations or meanings for pregnancy and being pregnancy? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Hello I had a dream last and it was my first and only time to dream of such thing. I dreamt about hearing my child’s heartbeat through her mother’s belly and all i thought about after that was to protect that child no matter what. Can you tell me what it meant coz it felt like my own heart did not belong to me anymore

  2. I had a Dream last night that a particular person that I currently know whom is very spiritual when comes to God she look at me in my dream and told me you’re pregnant what does this mean

  3. My boyfriend dreamt of me being pregnant and he was just at a normal state standing with me by a hallway.What does it mean?

  4. This thread is kind of old but hopefully someone can help! Last night I had a dream that I was pregnant to a man other than my husband. The man I was pregnant to is one of my best friends that I recently stolped speaking to because I was having feelings for him and wanted to end the friendship before anything happened that we would both regret. Anyway, in the dream I find out I am pregnant and go looking for him. I go to my mom’s house and my sister is there. She tells me the last time she saw him was at the neighbors house but their house is on fire. So I run the whole way to the neighbors feeling fear and panic the whole way. When I get there, I find my friend standing outside and I tell him I am pregnant. He doesn’t really seem to care and that’s when I woke up. Please, if you have any ideas what all this symbolizes let me know! Thank you!

  5. Hi I had a dream that I was 5 months pregnant with a baby boy. I already have a two year old girl and really want another baby. Socdreaming about this made me a bit sad. Can you tell me what it means?

  6. Ok so me and my boyfriend have regularly been taking every precaution to assure that I don’t get pregnant. Last night and a few other times I have had dreams and in the dream I was pregnant. In the dream last night I hadn’t told my parents yet due to the fact that I’m young and in the dream I was sitting and talking with my family and asking financial questions because I wanted to know if they could help me support for the baby without actually telling them the truth. They eventually got frustrated and I yelled at that “I am asking all of these questions because I am wondering whether or not you will be able to help me provide for the child growing inside of me.” I yelled this while vigorously pointing towards my stomach that had a slight bulge because in the dream I was 7 months pregnant. I don’t know what this dream means because all of the interpretations keep saying well it could mean this but when I read over it and think about my life I see that they relate in no way. If those aren’t the reasons for these dreams then what is the reason??

    • Hi Faith, If it were my dream, I would likely think it may mean something to do with feelings of worrying about what might happen if you did actually get pregnant since it sounds like something you are currently not trying to do. Perhaps understanding your true feelings on the issue can give you some insight on other aspects.

  7. Hi I have a friend guy that is supposed to be having a baby by a girl that he doesn’t really know. In the dream there is this guy that keeps coming to me bringing me a receipt with her name on it telling me to look her up and find things out about her also in the dream he gives my friend some cash and say I told you so that this baby was not yours. What does this dream mean? Is the baby that this girl is carrying that is supposed to be 4 months his child or is it someone else?

  8. I had a dream my ex got his new girlfriend pregnant and they having twins. Funny thing is his mom had a dream something similar to that but it was me in the mom dream instead of the new girl, What do that mean anyone??

  9. i’ved dreamed my boyfriend saying to me sorry ,,,that there house has someone get pregrant ,,can tell me the meaning,,,thankyou

  10. Well my 2 year old daughter keeps asking for a baby sister randomly she also said somthing along the lines of mommy has baby in belly, and my husband and I talked about having another child. Then one day I woke up with a feeling of I might be pregnant. Then I had a dream of me pregnant, at least I think it was me. What could all this mean?

  11. I keep having several dreams that I’m pregnant with the same person’s child and every dream is different some of them I’m just finding out I’m pregnant and others I’m a few months pregnant. What does this mean?

  12. well i am a male. and i had a dream that i was pregnant. the crazy part is at the end of the dream some kind of people were opening my stomach up to pull out the baby then i woke up. honestly i didn’t remember the dream tell 10 or so hours later. my life is interesting. but that dream i have no words for. i don’t know if I’m supposed to take something from that dream. i have had many dreams and that one was the first one that i don’t understand how to understand it.

  13. I had a dream last night that I was pregnant, and the father ran away, but I met a guy who liked me, and he was making it obvious that he’d be happy to be the father. Awkward thing is I know the man in real life, he’s a friend. I kept trying to do things like walk down these steep steps to make it to the beach or something similar and he would run up and help me back, telling me it was dangerous because I was so late in term, and he’d say these things a little loudly, like he wanted people to know that he cared. Eventually in the dream I accepted his offer to marry me and be the father. Weirdest dream of my life, I tell you.

  14. Comment
    what does it mean…. I dreamt a royal family member pregnant an she hugged and kissed me on the chick as I whispered, congratulating and tolling her how happy I was for her.

  15. I had a Dream last night that I went into Labour at 28 weeks. I was at home and gave birth to a Girl and Boy but they both passed away within seconds of giving birth as they was still attached to Me by the Umbilical cord. I frantically tried to revive them, those who were around Me did nothing to help Me revive the babies. I was devastated. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant at the moment.

    • I believe this is natural when your so close to giving birth. Sometimes you don’t notice it but in our subconscious we worry about things happening to the baby before or during childbirth. I know this is late but I hope everything turned out well.

  16. hi i had a dream of a colleague who wanted a child for a very long time and i dreamed her pregnant need to know its meaning.

  17. Hello, ever since God revealed to me my child’s physical identity when i was 5 months pregnant of when she would turn 6 months old, ive had similar dreams of other people’s pregnancy in which God has revealed their pregnancy to me or like the one i had of my own child, the gender of the baby… what would that make me in the spiritual world as far as prophet,…etc.?

    • In purely a spiritual context, the bible states in John 4:1 we are told to test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. At the same time, it’s important to understand why you would even want to be recognized as a “prophet”, since that could be a matter of satisfying your own ego rather than true spiritual divine calling.

      Having dreams and visions of God or other spirits of course is very natural and there are many mystic practices that are widely recognized by various types of religions. You might find Jewish Mysticism and Christian Mysticism to be helpful resources to explore.

      I would also recommend reading our article on types of dreams to understand how to know what types of dreams you are having and be able to identify dreams that may or may not predict the future or be spiritual in nature. Sometimes dreams are merely coincidences. Hope that helps and if you have any other questions about dream interpretation or what your dreams mean feel free to ask anytime!

  18. Hello. I’ve been having a recurring dream of me being pregnant but be extremely protective of it. Even sitting here now I feel protective for some reason. No I am not pregnant in reality either. What could this mean??? I’ve looked everywhere but nowhere shows being pregnant in a dream while also being very protective. I would very much appreciate anything you got.

    • Hi, i woke up with the same problem ahahah. Buy i think that we started something new, and that may be unstable right now, but it will be important for future so we are trying to protect that fragile beginning.

  19. Oh I had a wonderful dream, I could feel the baby inside kicking and it felt sooo real. I believe my dream must have been a wish fulfillment dream, havn’t thought much about wanting to be pregnant in my waking life but experiencing it in my dream was so satisfying and beautiful I wish it was part of my real life now. : ) Loved every minute of my dream.

  20. last night i had a dream of my high school friend who u met in town yesterday, that she was pregnant. What could that mean?

  21. I had a dream this morning that my cousin posted that she was pregnant, but she got her tubes tied. What could this mean? My boyfriend and I are trying to get pregnant but every test I took came back negative but I am also 20 days late. Should I try to get a blood test done? I am confused as to what this dream means and what I should do.

  22. hiyah im just messsaging to ask about a series of dreams i am having and do not know what they mean. the dream i am having is – i fall pregnant for a boy i hang around with and experince the whole pregnancy, fights ect. But just as im about to give birth i wake up-
    This has been happening but each night a differant boys that i hang around with their face appeares for the father role. Im really confused.


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