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Baby Dream Meaning

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What does it mean to dream of a baby? For many people, dreaming of a baby means new developments are about to happen in your life – and no, these dreams do not always mean that a baby is in your future!

Is it possible to dream of a baby and then learn you or someone you know is pregant? Of course it is! However, most of the time these types of dreams are not predictive in nature, but rather a dream to give you deeper insight in current events in your daily waking life.

Common Baby Dream Symbol Meanings

Everyone will have their own associations for what a symbol means when interpreting dreams. However, these are common associations that tend to be accurate for most situations.

New Beginnings

If you see a baby in your dream this could be an indication that something new in your life is about to start. Perhaps it is a new job, project or you will be moving to a new home.

Your Inner Child

Alternatively the baby could represent you inner child and you may be feeling the need to experience more nurturing, care, or affection in waking life.


Dreaming about a baby can symbolize innocence and purity.


Do you feel helpless in a current situation in your life? Do you feel unable to do the things you want to do?

Or, does someone in your regular daily life treat you like you are a baby? Maybe they try to do everything for you or are trying to take control of some aspect in your life. Maybe they make you feel like you are inferior to them.

Caring & Nurturing

Lastly, if you dream of caring for a baby this may symbolize your desire to have a baby or something to care for in your life. You may be looking for something new to direct and focus your energy into.

Ask yourself, is there someone or something that you want to care for?

Other Related Dream Symbols to Baby

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Did you have a dream about a baby that you would like to share? Tell us your experiences and what you think the dream might have meant in the comments section below!

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  1. I had a dream that I had a baby but had to convince my husband in a distress way that it either was his baby or it was truly not my baby. My husband only wanted to be with me and was not concerned at all.

  2. I dreamed that my cat was at the vet and I went to pick her up. When I did, she’d had a large litter of kittens (my cat is fixed). Then I was in the vet’s office, while my cat rubbed on me affectionately in my lap, talking about how a stranger had brought her in and dropped her off; the vet had called me to come get her. I asked if she had given my cat her rabies shot (as she’s due one). The vet said yes, and told me I could take her and the kittens home now. Then I asked the name of the man who brought her in. She said the man’s name distinctly, and I repeated it as I tried to figure out who he was–then I woke up. I forgot the man’s name within seconds of waking but if I heard it again, I’m sure I would remember it.

  3. I had a dream that I somehow was pregnant by my ex but I did not want him to know. I was some how living in a house with him and my son from my current husband but it was like a roommate situation. The big thing the whole dream was not to let him find out about the pregnancy but in the end somehow someone told him. I woke up before anything became of it.

  4. I dreamt that I had a newborn baby and I couldn’t find it food. For some reason I wasn’t lactating so a was looking everywhere for newborn baby food but everywhere I went and everyone I asked didn’t have any. Finally I came I upon my sister and she had some (she recently had twins in my awake life) left from when her kids needed it. At that point, I lay my baby on the couch and went to make a bottle. I went back to the couch and fed what I thought was my baby the bottle but when I was finished I realized the baby was much to big. I said to everyone in the room wow look how big my baby is, its almost as tall as me now. I realized at that moment that wasn’t my baby and went to the couch… underneath a blanket was my baby and she was dead smothered and starving. As I was trying to revive her I woke up.

  5. I dreamt I was at a friend’s house with her baby grandson and he threw up all over me to the point where I had to take a shower but wasn’t able to as I had no spare clothes and although they were going to lend me some they never got round to it. Also when I looked out of the window the town was flooded with dirty swampy water and there were crocodiles swimming in it (there are no swamps anywhere or nearby our town)

    1. When God gives me dreams like that it is a warning I have been where I shouldn’t be. Usually because I had watched videos of cops arresting evil deranged people. God wants me to focus and spend my time with good people and keep my mind and eyes on positive good things.

  6. In a day i had the dream tow time that i was given a baby to care for and really care for them nuture them and they are really pretty

  7. as a child I had recurring nightmares of holding a baby with no mouth. Any insights? I cant find an interpretation that matches this. Thank you

  8. Recently I’ve had two dreams with talking babies. The first dream involved a male baby who kept following me everywhere, I couldn’t get rid of the damn thing, and he was somewhat overprotective of me, and I seemed somewhat over protective towards him. The baby would say grotesque and inappropriate things relative to what I feel a baby should say. Then the baby’s face turned into that of a man maybe in his fifties or older and he seemed to be grizzled and frustrated. The baby was trying to fit in with a group of raucous men of differing ages and spouting some very iffy politically incorrect statements and jokes about people’s gender and overall way of life. I felt that the baby was being disingenuous and this was not the baby’s natural stance on things nor it’s natural habitat. The raucous men were patronising and belittling the baby…this seemed to make the baby very sad, but it didn’t put him off from trying to gain some sort of futile recognition from these men. Finally igot to the point where I could no longer stand it, so I moved the baby away. Also the baby and I were chased by a group of maurauding young women. They had long metal tipped spears in their hands.

    The second dream also involved a male baby. This baby belonged to someone that I know(not well) in my neighbourhood. The baby was amazingly eloquent. He spoke to me at length, but unfortunately I can’t remember a word he said. The mother of the child said; ‘don’t talk to my baby’, because he been playing up, and really getting on my nerves. I felt like she’d emotionally tried to put him on the naughty step, but the baby was smart, so he didn’t even heed her. But the baby just carried on talking to me, i felt as though the baby was giving me some really pertinent valuable thoroughly enlightening advice.

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