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Fairy Meaning and Dream Symbol

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What does it mean to dream of a fairy? Today we’ll take a look at the meaning of fairies in our dreams.

What is a Fairy? What Do Fairies Symbolize?

Fairies are defined as small imaginary beings of human form that have magical powers. They are iconic in a number of different stories, myths, folklore and legends.

There are two common types of fairies that appear in dreams – those of the “Disney” nature where you have sweet, innocent, cute little fairies that ring bells and help people.

Of course, not all of them are helpful or even friendly or cute. Many fairies that appear in folklore often cause great mischief and mystery.

Taking note of whether the symbol was a positive or negative one in your dream can help you better understand what it might mean. 

Common Dream Themes: What It Means to Dream of a Fairy

Many times in our dreams we will see recurring themes. These themes can give us a lot of practical insight on what is going on in our lives!

Magic & Mystery

Very little is truly known about these wee creatures we have so many stories about, so of course magic and mystery can be a prominent theme whenever one may appear in our dreams. 

Sometimes these beings can possess special and magical powers. If this seems to be part of your dream, you may want to ask yourself whether your life could use a little magic in it. Conversely, it may appear as a sign to caution you to avoid wishful thinking. Not everything can be easily solved with magic!

Mischief & Playfullness

In many folk legends, it is known that these creatures can be quite the troublemakers! They often pull pranks and create illusions for others.

While a little light-hearted playfulness is good in moderation, sometimes it can go too far. Do you feel as if someone is not being completely honest with you? Do you have a hard time trusting someone in your life? 

Sometimes someone will dream of these creatures because they are in an unhealthy relationship. They may be “wishful” this person is the magical answer to their problems, but in reality the person may not have pure intentions.

Imagination & Creativity

Naturally we do not see fairies in our day to day life very often. Because of this, many people consider them to be simply characters in our imagination. 

While there is no way of course to prove whether or not fairies are actually real or not, it can be a wonderful way to unleash your imagination and tune into your own unique creativity.

Sometimes this dream symbol will appear to remind us that we need to use creative measures to solve a problem. It can also give us insight on whether we should be hopeful for positive outcomes or whether we may need a reality check to stay grounded in our lives. 

Fairy Dream Examples and Their Meanings

If the fairy you dreamed of was cute and sweet and innocent, it most likely represents your inner child and playfulness.

Dreaming of a fairy flying innocently about can mean that you need to get back in touch with your creative self and inner child. It can also symbolize your happiness and joy with your life.

If you dream of a fairy playing pranks on you, it could be there is some situation where you do not fully trust someone. This could symbolize that someone is not being fully honest with you, or you may be lying to yourself.

To dream you are playing pranks on someone, it could mean that you are questioning how you feel about someone. You may feel as if someone is a nuisance or annoyance, or your behavior may be annoying others.

To dream of a fairy house can mean that you are curious about hidden parts of other people you know in your life, or even possibly interested in uncovering and exploring some hidden part of yourself.

If you dream of capturing a fairy, it could mean that you are chasing after ideas that may not be realistic. You may be trying to obtain something that is not achieved easily. It can also mean that you are feeling trapped with current situations in your life.

To Understand Your Dream About Fairies, Ask Yourself These Questions:

What Words Describe the Fairy?

Choose 5 words that describe the fairy in detail. Do any of these words represent characteristics in yourself or someone you know?

What is the Fairy Doing in the Dream?

What actions is the fairy doing in the dream? Is she dancing? Flying? Talking to you? Weaving baskets? Whatever the fairy is doing will help provide some additional clues as to what the dream means.

What Other Symbols Are in the Dream?

The other symbols in the dream will help give you more insight into what the dream means. Take note of the setting of the dream, and the other objects of the dream.

For example, if the being was in the woods surrounded by trees, you may wish to also explore the meaning of trees in a dream

Learning the meaning of these other symbols will help you have a better understanding of the context of the fairy in the dream which will give you a better dream interpretation.

Have you had a dream about a fairy? Any possible dream interpretations we may have missed? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. I had this dream that I am with this fairies, not one but a lot of them, they seems all happy.. they show me their home and let me in.. others fairies keep playing and the 2 of the fairies talking to me. Then someone knock on the door’s fairies house, so I open it but the man told me there is a delivery and when look at it its all small coffins, it’s not looks like a human coffin but small boxes with cover on tops, whe wood cover is design with 1 flower on top. I get upset and told them to remove all those coffins. Fairies started to feel sad.

  2. I dreamed about twin fairies laying down. To me they look like they were sick and dying laying on wood floor. They were dressed like wood fairies. Brown clothing white green but look like dark brown wings.

  3. I dream a few fairies flew around in my bedroom and I catch one fairy…then she talked to me and said I must kiss her and I kissed her…I was surprise in my dream but very happy by seeing the fairies

  4. I dream about a little fairy that i hold it in my both hand. It was green and very cute. It was sleeping in hand..

  5. I dreamt that a I got stuck in a snow bank a plié came along got me out , then a pixie fairy came along and was dropping platinum rain drops.

  6. Recently, above 5 a.m. I will have a dream where I will be in the temple (Hindu Temple ) praying to all the gods. If I am not in the temple, I can see a God’s face comes and I will wake up after seeing his face. What does this mean?

  7. I’m having a dream about selling fish with my mom then when we’re on way home I saw faires catching rayfish, so I catch them too and put on a White plastic bag. And when I was about to took them a photos they flew away and leave a sparkling trace.

  8. I had a clear dream that a fairy died in my arms but it came back to life when I used one of my black stones

  9. I had a dream of female fairy !She was flying around right real close to me at my face.I felt so deeply in loving emotional feelings for her.She came up and gave me a kiss and flew away.There was no speaking in this small lucid dream!Maybe someone could tell me what this might mean!

    1. I’ve had that dream too,but it was a bit different. In my dream,I was a fairy returning to fairyland. The Queen had just died, and I had to be the next Queen.

  10. I was in a public restroom, a fairy dressed in a long black dress and a black hat, with a black umbrella was floating around me, I shewed and hit at it once or twice. It kept flying around my head. It was tiny.

  11. Once when I was very young, I dreamt of a fairy land. In my dream, I was a flower fairy princess, loved and respected by all. One day, I decided to live a human Life in the human world. I remembered looking into this huge mirror and choosing my human family. My fairy godmother (a wise and powerful queen) bid me goodbye and wished me good luck. She also promised me a noble position when I came back to fairy land. Finally, I gave one last wave to my fairy friends and family, then flew down to the human world and was borne a baby girl. Sometimes in my life when I’m going through some tough times, my fairy godmother would visit me in my dreams, giving me helpful encouragements and tips.

  12. I dreamed that i was the fairy? I wqs weak like my magic got spent doing something huge. Maybe ward off evil. N then chased by a bad guy who wanted me dead. And a guy was helping me escape n i think we fell in love.

  13. I cannot understand the meaning of my fairy i saw in my dream. The fairy i saw was very pretty and blue in colour she have long hair just above the waist and had a beautiful smiles .When i first met her she was happy but then she was talking to someone not me, she was very sad and she run away . But i searched for her and i finally saw her but not in a situation i hoped . She was in a very shabby clothes inside a unclean toilet ( something like that ) , crying quietly by herself . I noticed her and console her but she said i have done so many things wrong and i said to her that its okay we will find a solution to it . And i woke up . If someone could tell me the meaning of my dream i will be very grateful ….

  14. So I had a dream about a lot of faries but they were flying around(btw this was happening in my backyard and I like in a mountain so I have a lot of trees around me ),collecting fruits and somehow you can open the fruits and there were animals inside but every fairy had to collect certain type of fruit that they were given orders to but little afterwards I made friends with one fairy that had to collect blueberries and she had some family issues and she didn’t have enough blueberries so I tried to help her out . At one point though she go accused of stealing something really important and her mother showed up (her mother was the queen ) and her mother made the accusations .When the queen saw me she vanished but after that I found a new wallet in my pocket and it had 10 dollars and some coupons .

  15. I see that I release fairy from a little box like something.. After releasing them i m dancing with them & singing there r thousands of fairy which have golden glow & sparkles they r so happy at the last point they fly all over me & they give their golden glowy pixie dust all over me..& fly away..

  16. I saw fairy was transferring her powers to normal human being on earth and was moving to heaven with leading fairy.

  17. I’m some what scared, which I know I should not be. I had a dream that a fae was ringing a bell and that meant she was coming. She appeared at my window and was holding a red box, a present that she wanted to give to me. I shut the window before she could come in, but I know they some times don’t mean the best. I also wanna know if they were trying to communicate.

  18. At first I thought it was a big eagle or vulture with huge wings I could feel the claws on my back trying to lift me,but I was to heavy.and then, I get a broom and start taking swings at it,so it could let me go. At some point a female grabs the wings and I hit it and knock it out. But once it’s down it’s so much smaller she has like bat wings and these big fly eyes her body looks like a moth. I start inspecting it and it gets up and start talking to me and everything she saying is evil threats and insults. Keeps flying around me at a fast speed I keep trying to catch it but I can’t and keeps say bad things at me.

  19. Peace and Blessings ❣️ I am a Divine Feminine and I had a vision of a male fairy flying. Does the male fairy have a different meaning to the female fairy???

  20. My whole town was partly submerged in water. Everything was green. I was sitting outside on my balcony at night and the fairy came to me. It was a male, he was with others flying around in the sky… the people knew of these creatures but feared them and thought they were evil. They were human size, looked mostly human with pointed ears but dressed differently and had wings. He sat on the rail and said, “Why are you here? Do you not know that you are one of us and you can leave these troubles behind whenever you wish?” I knew there was a rumor that I was a fairy and the neighbors hated me for this and I argued with him about this. The neighbours saw him, started shooting at him and he flew away. He came back again to prove it to me by showing me that I could fly. I flew, with difficulty, and told him I couldn’t leave my family behind. But then I brought it up to my family, who was very upset… and so I flew away and the neighbors saw me and started shooting at me so now I had no choice but to go. I didn’t go with the fairies and tried to go back home but there was another fight so for the rest of the dream I practiced flying and trying not to get shot by hanging out in the trees. I think i recall some fairies not liking me being part human, too. But I don’t remember the rest of it that well. Just sitting in a tree and looking at a very dark, starry sky by myself. I keep racking my brain about this. I don’t remember many dreams anymore so it feels important.

  21. I dreamed that I was pregnant by a fairy… what in the world could that mean? I remember being extatic and around a lot of people when I found out. Almost like a father or a party with loved ones. They fit that was with me was my boyfriend and we were happy… but he was definitely lot a fairy. I remember seeing a fairy. Can’t remember much of what it looked like. But this fairy is the one that time use I was pregnant with a fairy. I’m so confused lol

    1. Not father I meant gathering
      Ugh auto correct
      “The GUY that was with me was my boyfriend….”

      “This fairy was the one that told us I was pregnant with a fairy….”

  22. I have a dream that I help a beautiful butterfly and she was happy that I help her I ask her that does she knows where fairys live she said yes what you want ask them I said that I want ask something that I always wanted to be she take me to the world of fairys then we meet a fairy queen I ask her to make into a star fairy with wings and powers she said I’ll think about it later I feel sad that I’ll never become what I want to be the butterfly can see that I was sad she look to queen and ask her that I save her life and she have to be what she wanted the queen smile and make me a star fairy with wings and powers I thanks to the butterfly and then I flew to my cousin house so I can make her into a rainbow fairy with wings and powers while I was flying I woke up.I always think what it means and yes when I was at night sitting on chair I saw a yellow sparkle thing flew away I believe it was a fairy and after many days when I was outside at night I see stars and suddenly I saw a white sparkling thing flew I thought it was an aeroplane then it quickly disappeard and I believe that was not a aeroplane it was a fairy can someone please tell me what does this means???

    1. I drempt 3 fairies one was purple one yellow and one pink, the purple with open wings flew toward me I took a shovel and gently pushed them away from me because I was afraid

    2. i dreamt at first it was an angry puppy that keeps on biting my hand then in the end i grabbed it in the head forcefully and throw to the ground then suddenly it turned out to be a male bald fairy who is arrogant and no manners.
      i asked why he did that but he keeps laughing and bullying me, then i cried hurtfully though i didn’t really hear what we are talking i just feel hurt and sad i cried and cried til other fairies came but did nothing .

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