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Boomarang Dream Meaning

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While the boomerang is not always a common dream symbol, it is certainly possible you may have dreamt of one, especially if you have had an experience repeat itself or if you are recovering from a situation.

Understanding the meaning of a boomerang in your dream can be very helpful to understand more about what is happening in your life.

What does it mean to dream of a boomerang?

boomerang dream meaning

A boomerang originated by the Australian Aborigines as a hunting weapon. When one throws a boomerang, it will come back to the person who threw it. In today’s modern cultures, often times a boomerang is more of something used for sport or hobby.

Because it originated in Australia, many of us associate this as a symbol for the continent of Australia – right along with symbols of koalas and kangaroos – and of course crocodiles thanks to movies like Crocodile Dundee.

If you’ve never been to Australia, or if the dream does not really have anything to do with living or traveling in Australia, it is possible you are having a dream where it is reference to hidden or off-limits information. “Going Down under” could be a message from your higher self to explore more into your hidden and deeper emotions.

Karma Meaning of a Boomerang

Karma is another possible meaning for a boomerang in a dream. While karma is something that completely different origins than the boomerang itself, the nature of the way boomerangs come back could be a manifestation of how what we put in life often comes back to us.

When you see a boomerang in a dream it is often symbolic of bad karma. You are either experiencing that negativity you put out into the world is now on its way back to cause you harm. This is especially true if you dream you are hit by a boomerang in the dream.

Alternatively, if you successfully catch the boomerang this signifies that you are awaiting positive energy to return to you. You may be expecting to see something good out of any effort that you have put into a project or a kindness you extended to others.

Did you have a dream about a boomerang? What do you think it means? Tell us your dream in the comments section below!

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  1. A boomerang came out of my mouth. It landed on a big pile of other boomerang ‘s, there was a lot of people standing around the pile, and they said , Yes we have a lot of boomerang’s.

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