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Koala Bear Dream Meaning

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koala bear dream meaningA koala present in your life as a spirit animal or as a symbol in a dream can have some very important meanings. While koalas are not bears {there are indeed marsupials}, many people are enchanted by these adorable creatures native to Australia.

What Does it Mean to Dream of a Koala?

Living a Balanced Life

Dreaming of a koala is a symbol that your physical, spiritual and emotional selves are all starting to become in sync with one another. You may be currently trying to find some balance in your life. The koala as a spirit or power animal may appear to help support you in finding a balance.

Resilience & Persistance

To dream of a koala could suggest your resilience to things that may otherwise harm or upset most people. You are able to recover from negative things easily.

You may also be able to persist where others would want to give up. A koala in a dream could mean that you will be able to achieve results in something in your waking life if you continue to work at it.

Need for Relaxation and Enjoyment

The koala is all about finding a balance in life. If you feel like your personal and work life is not in tune with one another, it could mean you need to find a way to relax and break. It may also indicate that you feel overworked and desire more rest and a slower pace of life.

What was your dream about a koala? Do you connect with the koala as a spirit guide? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. I had a dream that there were small finches in the house that were not flying out the window and there was a large tree growing in the corner. When I backed up, there was a koala in a nest sort of thing at the top just sitting there peacefully.

  2. In my dream there were many different animals and somehow I was babysitting someone’s animals for a day and for some reason I seemed very connected to the koala. I was holding it the entire time and was talking to my mom about work and my recovery and then my down time. I think this reading was spot on. Thank you!

  3. I dreamt a koala approached me, my sister and two friends and hung around. I kept an eye on it to be sure it wouldn’t bite. My friends got on a bus and we thought it might follow. Instead it followed me and my sister as we walked away.

  4. I dreamed of koala despite finding no one there the cuddly koala came close and flashed apart from being surprised the koala was around for the whole 8 hour sleep then finish sleeping was the koala too , nice

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