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Bird of Prey Dream Meaning

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birds of prey dream meaningWeather you dream of a hawk, eagle, osprey or other bird of pray, this is a dream that is typically symbolic of your personal freedom or lack of it.

Some common bird of prey dreams include:

If you see a bird of prey flying free: This could indicate that you feel free.

If you see a bird of prey swooping down to catch its prey: This suggests that you are in the process of trying to reach an important goal in your life, and that you possess the skills and confidence to successfully reach that goal.

If the bird is caged or otherwise restricted: This suggests that you feel trapped in some area of your waking life and that you must use your intelligence and keen senses to figure out a way to regain your freedom.

If you see a dead bird of prey on the ground: This is a strong indicator that you are discouraged to the point of hopelessness in some area of your current waking life. Birds of prey represent strength, and seeing a dead bird suggests that you feel powerless to rise above the situation and that you do not have the strength, tools or resources to improve your current life situation. Perhaps you are going through a divorce, layoff, or are otherwise trapped in an unbearable situation.

Tips for further interpretation of this dream as it applies to your life:

If you dream of a bird of prey, evaluate what is going on in your current waking life. Are you feeling confident and free or are you being confined and restricted from living your life. Dreaming of birds of prey and more specifically, their actions, will give you a very strong indication of your current life situation. It will bring awareness to you if you are in need of making some changes to life your life to the fullest.

Please feel free to share your bird of prey dream and thoughts pertaining to it in the comments below.

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  1. I dreamed I was in a car with my husband with the windows rolled down a couple of inches. We were on an interstate, but took a detour. There was fire on my side of the car around a destroyed gas station, but his side was clear. Three birds of prey (they looked most like golden eagles) circled above the fire, and one or two were perched on the ground near the fire, and appeared to be watching it. As my husband kept driving, an eagle started attacking my side of the car, getting its talons partially inside my window. I turned to warn my husband to make sure his window wasn’t open too far, expecting an eagle there too, but his side remained clear. My side kept getting attacked, and I felt like the eagles were hunting or stalking me specifically. Eventually, the road gave way to some body of water, and my husband drove right up to the water’s edge. Two dolphins came up for air, side by side, and went straight back under. Then I woke up.

  2. I dream of a prey bird trying to kill a young chick but the mother of it fought for it and since was next to them the chicks were saved but I killed the prey

  3. I dreamed of 2 owls a baby and a mama hanging near my first car. I went to Costco and I came out the birds spoke to me they were very calm.
    Then I saw seagulls circling I told the 2 owls to get into the back seat. I shut the backdoor. The I got into the front seat.
    I shut the door but it wouldn’t close so I held the door. Then I heard a knock and the papa owl came to my car. I told him get in so you won’t get eaten. He said okay. Then I woke up.

    1. I dreamt that bird was hunting and had a smaller bird in its beak but a next small bird was fighting it. When I walked past a pastor friend I know the falcon flew down and landed right in my head and held on

  4. I always base my dreams on a biblical interpretation and thus far has not disappointed interpretations to my dreams and believe me….I have plenty of dreams!

    The Bible often uses the symbol of an eagle to portray strength, power, vision, and even destruction. The Biblical analogies using eagles should inspire us to righteous living and strengthen our walk with God!

    I hope this helps

  5. In my dream my dog and the eagle are sat on our lawn, sort of cuddling up together. I call the dog in who eventually comes in. Our other dog runs out too can see the eagle, at this point some sort of large hawk swoops in and sits on her back. At this she freezes and stops chasing the eagle.

  6. In my dream I was in the backseat of a car leaving a park then I saw a hawk landing with something it caught. It was a bald eagle. The eagle tried to get away but couldn’t. As we rounded the corner to exit we could see the hawk was tossing and catcing the eagle. Then we were out of the park and I woke up

  7. I have seen 3 hawks and 1 is the big one in them but that big one don’t have any body just wings and claws other two are just normally watching my steps and all the way that big one is kept following me from the sky he keep flying

  8. I was in a car with specific family members. A young -fledged But still able to tell it was young bird of prey. All white and kind of tufty. Eagle maybe, on the path road. I rolled window down to try to shoo it away from the road. It took flight and followed the moving car. I held my arm out and it was attempting to land on my hand/wrist. It was hesitant but was almost on my hand

  9. I had a dream last night that I was helping a lady put down her election banners in yards and as a walked up the street a red tail hawk landed on my right shoulder. So I continued to walk to the end of the block with it on my shoulder trying to not scare it so that I could reach the lady so that she could take a picture but by the time she took the picture the hawk was now a large eagle with one leg on my shoulder and the other on my head. So as she snaps away with the camera I began to get scared so I push the hawk away but it just flew to the street pole next to me and just looked at me. What does that mean?

  10. I dreamt a huge white owl is swooping down flying for my face with talons as wide open as possible, then suddenly she changes direction and lands on my shoulder, as I watch her flying towards me, I had no fear, and was ready to feel the pain, and prepared for the pain. any thoughts?

  11. Last night I dreamt of a barn owl, who flew into my room through a broken window I was boarding up. It landed next to me and bit down hard on the skin of my arm. It held, and I didn’t wish to anger it so I froze. I called to my husband for help but his back was to me, and up until I woke I waited pleading while the owl still sat firmly attached to my arm. I have no definitive answers as to what this means.

  12. My dream was full of strange imagery but what caught my eye was the six-winged owl. First it was simply a few barn owls circling the house but as the flock grew four-winged owls began to appear, until one giant owl, as big as a man, with six wings dove at us, breaking its head through the sliding glass doors of the back porch and dying. We all went to sleep and in the morning all the owl corpses were gone.

  13. I had a dream of two baby white owls sitting outside my window just staring at me and they were very innocent and adorable. Then a bald eagle came down trying to catch them as prey. Then I was trying to protect the owls as the eagle chased them trying to catch them.

  14. I have dreamt of a hawk two days in a row. The first he was just flying gracefully in the sky, then last night I was sitting on what I think was a picnic bench surrounded by trees and he landed on the table right next to me and stared directly into my eyes (at least that’s what it felt like) with his head straight, then he turned his head sideways not breaking the stare. It didn’t feel like he was going to harm me but part of me was scared. Why was he so close literally only feet from me and why was he staring at me so intensely, it made me nervous or scared or both and I woke up.
    Not sure how to interpret this.

  15. I had a dream where I saw my reflection in very clear water and there was a hawk of eagle sitting on my shoulder. I was unaware it was on my shoulder until I saw it in the reflection. Then it spread its wings and flew off. It was so vivid and real?!

  16. In my dream I saw an eagle attacking a crow while in flight. And in the air itself it caught the crow and started eating it alive. It started to eat the crows mouth and I can see it ripping off the flesh and crows mouth vanishing slowly while it struggles helplessly. What does this dream means ?

  17. I often dream im flying with birds of prey, were all circling together looking down on a meadow near where I live ,(one of my favorite places where I also frequently see Buzzards.

  18. I dreamt a bird of prey (apparently a hawk) kept swooping down at my head. I decided the hat I was wearing resembled a hawk, and that was what was attracting it. At one point he looked me straight in the eye, just a few inches from my face–but never tried to harm me. Any thoughts on interpretation?

    1. Woke up to a similar dream. Bird that looks like a an eagle. It would land on the tip of my back hand. It would fly and land on me . More like what dogs do with their owners.

  19. Something is going on at my home and family is gathering. I leave the house to be alone and walk through the wooded area near it. As I walk I see at the foot of a tree a dead Bird of prey. I continued walking and this continued to happen. I came upon seven birds at the foot of seven trees. I then turned back home to get gloves so that I could give them a proper sending off rather than just allow them to lie there or someone to just toss them in the trash. When I went back however, they were gone.

  20. bald headed eagle i’m helping it heal first within a cage where it feels safe then letting it out of it’s cage, still taking care of it, looking for a business where I can purchase a live mouse to feed it, everyone wants the beautiful bird to eat dead flesh, & when it insists on eating fresh, two policeman try to kill it by shooting it, the eagle takes control & whisks me away, I’m am careful; though because I don’t want to be accidentally stabbed by it’s beak, it is so beautiful, majestic, solemn, understanding it’s environment,

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