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Garden Dream Meaning

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Gardens can be quite beautiful in our dreams, and can symbolize peace and harmony, or they can be a symbol of things in your life which need to be tended to.

Common Garden Dream Symbols:

Flower Garden: To see a garden of flowers represents beauty and innocence. It can also represent your creative desires.

Fruit or Vegetable Garden: A fruit or vegetable garden in your dream suggests that you have worked hard and are now seeing the rewards of your labor.

Gardening: To be gardening in your dream symbolizes that you have found work that you enjoy or that you have things in your life you need to tend to.

Watering Your Garden: Watering the garden means you are taking care of your responsibilties. Pay attention to how you feel in this dream – water is often a dream symbol for emotions.

Overgrown garden: To see an overgrown garden in your dreams symbolizes neglect or lack of focus and direction.

Weeds in the Garden: To see weeds in a garden symbolizes things in your life that need “weeded” out.

To sleep in a garden means you are looking for ways to get a rest from work. You may feel overtired and overworked, or you may feel as if you are in a dormancy period in your life.

Related Garden Dream Symbol Meanings

If you dream about a garden, it can be helpful to explore other related symbols in the dream. For example, you may wish to look up the meaning of a gate if you dream of a gate in the garden.

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There are always clues to what our dreams may mean if we are willing to explore the different symbols and signs we may encounter!

Do you have any additional dream interpretation meanings for gardens or gardening in your dreams? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. I’m in a dark neat garden next to a house. There are a row of trees and a wire fence at the opening into a beautiful countryside. There are cute dogs at the entrance. There is useless old furniture at one side of the dark garden and the trees dumped there by my uncle who is my husbands brother in the dream. I have a heated argument with my husband about this! I want it removed.

  2. I was in a dark garden with only lawn and trees beside a house. There was useless old furniture at one side put there by my uncle who was a brother in my dream to my husband. I had an an argument which became very heated with my husband about why he allowed my uncle to dump this furniture in the garden. There was also a fence at the side of the garden which led I to beautiful countryside. There lovely dogs gambling in this part of the garden.

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