Cats and Kittens Dream Symbol Meaning

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Cats in dreams can have a number of different roles, from being lovable and affectionate animals to being mean and hissing.

cat dream meaning

To see a cat in your dream and to interpret what it means will greatly depend on your own opinions of cats, as well as events from your waking life.

Tips for Interpreting Your Dream About Cats

Before we cover some of the common things cats can symbolize in dreams, it is very important to first think about your own personal experiences with cats, as well as how you describe the cat in the dream.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

How Do You Describe the Cat? Think of 5 words that describe the cat. Some people describe cats as cute and lovable, others may find them irritating and difficult to breathe around if they are allergic to cats.

Think about the cat in your dream – how would you describe it and its personality? Is it like anyone you know?

What are your experiences with cats? Your own personal and unique experiences with cats will greatly influence the meaning of the dream. Do you have any pet cats?

Have you ever owned a cat? What experiences have you had with cats in your life? What words do you use to describe those experiences? Does that remind you of anything going on in your waking life?

Does the cats color or breed say anything? Cats come in number of different shapes, sizes, and breeds, and so thinking about the cat’s characteristics will also lend a helping hand in understanding just exactly what your dream means.

For example, a white cat might have a different meaning than a tabby cat. See color meanings and symbolism for more information to see if the color of the cat might provide some insight on what the dream means.

Common Cat Dream Symbols

Now that you’ve given some thought about how the cat relates to your waking life, reading some of the possible dream symbols below might help provide further insight for you into the meaning of your dream.

Abuse/Neglect: Dreaming of an abused or neglected cat/kitten may symbolize abuse or neglect you may have experienced, or it may symbolize your need to care for something or being in a codependent relationship.

Independence: Cats are very independent animals. To dream of a cat may symbolize your own need for independence.

Affection/Companionship: Cats make for popular pets, and also can be a symbol of the need of affection or companionship in one’s life.

Femininity: Cats are often seen as a feminine symbol in dreams. Ask yourself if that cat resembles any females you may know.

Survival: Cats are said to have “9 lives” and can sometimes be a symbol of survival for some. If you have been going through a particularly hard time in your life, dreaming of a cat can symbolize a second chance or surviving the rough patches in your life.

Dreaming of Kittens: Dreaming of kittens in your dream may suggest there is a part of your life that needs nurturing or cared for. It may also be helpful to look at the meaning of the dream symbol baby. Could these kittens be a sign of a new development in your life?

Hissing/Scratching/Biting/Attack Cats: To dream of a cat attacking, scratching, hissing, or biting you often means that someone in your life is being destructive toward you.

Cats with Other Animals: If you have a dream about cats with other animals, it can be helpful to look up the meanings of these animals in our free online dream dictionary. Often times these other animals can provide additional insight for the meaning of your dreams!

What do you think? Have you had a dream about cats you’d like to share or any additional dream interpretations for dreaming about a cat? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

69 thoughts on “Cats and Kittens Dream Symbol Meaning”

  1. I dreamt of a baby gray kitten’s innards was being ripped out by an adult white cat, that is similarly looks like my own adult white cat. After I witnessed all this in my dream, I quickly get a huge rock and slam it on the face of the white cat, whick kills it instantly. I dug a grave for both of them, to lay them in.

  2. I dreamt of a kitten tabby leapt out of the bottom of a cupboard as I opened the door in passage outside the bedrooms, one of the wild kittens my friends have been trying to domesticate. This kitten leapt into my arms and started purring and smooching, giving me kisses. I’m a dog person, and nervous of cats because of the claws and fine hair giving me a scratchy throat and eye infections. Standing watching us was the man of the house where I was staying for a holiday, who happens to be a minimalist, hates clutter of any kind. I wonder if this is a message to clear out my cupboards and general clutter

    • I had the same dream 3 times over the last couple of weeks. I am with my grandchildren in my home, when we hear a kitten crying I go into my kitchen, (which is my parents kitchen from when I was a child) and there’s my cat that died years ago laying on the back of a couch cleaning her paws, then I find 2 kittens a couple of days old crawling up the other couch meowing, my granddaughter said aww they’re adorable, while I am picking them up in case they fall then I wake up feeling sad!

  3. I had a dream about a cat. It could have been a catastrophe – but it wasn’t. I woke up and was in a catatonic state, but eventually snapped out of it.

  4. In my dream I had a beautiful orange tabby jump in my car. It sat on my lap with so much affection, I was thrilled thinking I have a new friend but then thought nooo, this cat is well loved and has an owner. I began looking at his (assuming it was a male) collar for tags, one was religious, others were charms but none of info of his owner. Around his collar were gifts that I needed for some kind of journey. I got to store and before I went in I looked back and he was sitting in the yard and just stared at me, he blinked his eyes and disappeared. I was sad but I was grateful for his visit. He was a beautiful cat.

  5. I’m in bed small tabby cat is on my chest looking behind me. I remove a skinny black cat by the neck. Also see a long hair black cat going into the corner I am now holding two black cats. Outside my bedroom door I see a long haired main coon. I now have three cats in my arms. I wake up.

  6. I have been trying to interpret mine. I dreamt that I forgot I had a kitten and when I went to check on it. It was weak, frail, sick and I was absolutely heart broken. Gut wrenching sad.

    I was angry and sad and tried to fix the situation. I got some food and started feeding the cat to try and get it healthy. First it was a bit timid then it was a lot braver and came and ate.

    I went looking for more things for the cat and called the vet to help.

    I kept waking up and falling back asleep straight back into the dream. I’ve been feeling sad ever since. I have no clue why it was so profound. I’m just so sad still.

    Backstory. I did have a dog for 13 years who died. It may have been from old age but I don’t think I ever forgave myself for taking so long to carry her to the vet.

    I’m not sure if it’s related or not. I’m just so damn broken up.

  7. I’ve had the same dream about 5 times now, where I turn around and my cat is there with his eyes really wide, and his teeth and claws have all been pulled out and he’s bleeding everywhere. That’s the only part of the dream I remember and it’s been the same every time I’ve dreamt of it. Can someone tell me what this means? I do worry about my cat (he’s like my baby) so I wondered if it’s just me subconsciously worrying that somethings going to happen to him??

  8. Had a dream that a kitten was sectioned to my face, it was not harming me nor did it hurt. I was stuck in a hole of a floor, When it went to lick me, it had got stuck to my face. I pulled up out of the hole , then tried to get the kitten off my face. No success. On my way to the hospital then dream goes away. In between a lot more happened too.

  9. Hi idk of you still reply to these but last night I had a dream of me and my partner seeing these kittens on the road with their mommy cat but we could only pick up two of them, one was a gray//white striped kitten and one was a tabby orange kitten but that one just walked up to me !! What does this mean?

  10. I saw a white cat with spotted black colours sitting and moving in front of the display shelf in my shop, and I did not move close to it. Please what can be the underlying meaning of this my dream?

  11. Dreamt about an a beautiful slim silky fur ginger cat appearing he/she felt familiar almost a combination of my two cats
    Ginger and grey cats and following it in my old house it jumps on the kitchen counter trying to catch something in a narrow space but doesn’t get it don’t know what it was remember something flying or jumping out and mom trying to look for something to kill it and she pushing me fast out the way as it comes out then walking up

  12. I had a dream i walked into my living room to a cat white and orange walking into my house i immediately knew it wasnt mine cause my cat was om the other window looking out hes also a black cat, when i turned around there were three kittens . I knew we couldnt keep so i started finding things to help them since it was raining outside but i instantly loved one. I felt like the mom was asking me to protect her babies

  13. I dreamt about my house cat. She is fat and black and sometimes has some minor skin issues. She’s lovable and likes to sleep with me. In the dream, I saw my cat (Lucy). She wasn’t acting right in my house so I just kept watching her. Every time she looked at me something didn’t feel right and her eyes looked different. Since I could see all her fur I just thought I was crazy and kept trying to figure out what was wrong with her fur. I kept watching her though and she would look at me with almost evil in her eyes. Some time passed and her fur didn’t look any better. I even started noticing some blood near her neck area. That got me worried so I got closer and noticed her whole ear was missing. I shouted to my wife (I am female also) “Oh my god her ear is missing! And look at these teeth! These aren’t her teeth! These are huge!!” (They looked like mini versions of maybe a savor tooth tiger teeth, cat size) Then I proceeded to tell my wife I was going to call the vet (before I noticed the teeth). After I noticed the teeth I started getting really upset in the dream stating this cat took my cats skin! I told my wife I was going to call the vet anyway and have this cat put down because it took my cats fur and my cat must be dead somewhere. I was so angry and upset at the same time and just kept repeating I was going to put down this cat for taking my cats fur then I woke up.

  14. The last dream I had was confusing and very sad to me…..

    I was walking up my street and on the ground I see a kitten laying frozen in the snow…. I dig it out and put it in my jacket and try to warm it up. It eventually does warm up and stays alive, but still makes me cry my eyes out in my dream. Felt so real. I have 2 cats and a dog of my own; Ive owned another 2 cats previously to this. The kitten in my dream was grey, and very small — looked exactly like my one grown cat when he was a baby.

    I dont handle these vivid dreams so well sometimes…. any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you so much

  15. I have always loved cats and they have always been affectionate towards me. I haven’t had any in about 8 years. The last one I had was a stray I used to feed, came home one day and found her in my pantry with 6 kittens. I kept two and gave the others away. Anyway, I had a disturbing dream about a dark colored tabby cat who was attacking kittens and she had the kitten in her mouth and I heard the kitten scream as she bit down on it. I was unable to help the kitten and awoke with my heart pumping. What in the world was that all about?

  16. I didn’t like cats when I was younger because one bit me and scared me. It wasn’t til I was older that I became fond of them and grew to appreciate their independence and regal manor, but I’ve still never had one as a pet.

    This afternoon I took a nap and dreamed of carrying two striped brown & white kittens in a bag to bring home in hopes of finding them a home. A friend Came over and I opened the bag to let them out, only for 3 or 4 more to appear. She frowned saying she didn’t want a cat. I started trying to gather them together but they were roaming all over the house. I could get 2 but the others were hiding from me.
    What do you think this symbolizes?

  17. I had a dream that I was looking out the patio door and a woodpecker was there then all of a sudden the bird was gone and my deceased cat Nikki was there trying to get in. She always was a long haired fluffy cat but in the dream her body was shaved and only her head was fluffy.

    Can you help me please?

    I’ve never dreamed of her or any other animals before

  18. Hi

    I have had a dream which didnt make any sense at all.

    In my dream i was taking a ordinary stroll down the road when i noticed this tree filled with alot of cats & kittens.

    all of a sudden they all got down the tree and started chasing me only and no else around as if i was a target of some type.

    what does that mean

  19. I had a very vivid dream of ironing and my daughter who loves cats was behind me sat in a chair. I heard a fuss and turned around as she was hurting the cat. Its mouth was wide open. I shouted Beth stop. I then woke but was really distressed at the pain she caused the cat.

  20. I have had numerous dreams recently that I’m at a childhood home and i have lots of cats hidden in my bedroom. I don’t know what happens in between but basically i always forget to feed the cats and i return to my room to find dead kittens. The kittens have already had babies and the cycle begins again… i forget to feed them.. i keep realising i need to feed the cats but some are dead and the rest are alive.. so it’s a race against time to save the living ones. It’s so upsetting and so vivid 🙁

  21. I had a dream where there was a mama cat in my bedroom, and she had a literal PILE of kittens. Couldn’t even count how many there were. They all looked alike, they were all grey tabby I could not figure out how they got into the house.

  22. i had a dream that someone bought kittens to my old primary school and they needed adopting but i have two cats and would get into trouble if i got another, i was also struggling to lift bags of clothes that i should probably sort through and on stage doing poetry. all of this is pretty accurate to my life though. i think the kittens are about me n looking to my mum for nurturing n care and not being able to receive it because of logistics, the clothes are me trying to sort out my life but it being too heavy to do alone and the stage doing poetry was ? just fun maybe not sure. also my name is cat so i feel v connected to cats n kittens so i think in dreams they symbolise me

  23. I dreamed that my wife & I were looking after some kittens, the house was quite scruffy, the kittens were also quite scruffy, the owners told us that they like to try and escape, we looked around the room and could not see where they were escaping from, we followed them into another room, where we found a greeny blue door with the letter box near the bottom of the door, the kittens of different colours were escaping through the letter box onto a high street, at the bottom of the High street a parade was taking place, the kittens were coming in and out of the letter box.

  24. my cat who i’ve had for 16 years visited me in my sleep and it was a pretender something evil my real cat showed up and ate his head off to protect me and my family.

  25. i keep dreaming about kittens. in every dream i try to protect them, and the threats keep getting worse and more out of my control. for instance, in the first dream i just had to shoo some dogs away from the kitten, but in my most recent dream it was at the vet because it stopped breathing. these get so vivid and i wake up still feeling the silky soft fur of the kittens. i own three cats in real life, so i’m questioning if it’s just them in my room sitting on me at night but these dreams keep happening even without my cats in my room. i’m starting to miss the kittens more and more and every time i feel like the kitten gets more and more real. it’s not the same kitten every time, but still.

  26. I had a dream with cats. All I could remember were my fur babies (one black, one tabby) appear in front of me looking for attention. Then they start multiplying, my fur babies seem to be making clones of themselves, but reach one slightly different than before. Example: one black fur baby clone had a stubbed tail, but my tabby does not seem to change dramatically. I feel overwhelmed in my dream.

  27. I dreamt last night seeing a cat who gave birth to two kittens in my room unaware by me but they suddenly got out of hiding and started playing all over my room, I became scared as I hate cats so much,so I started pursuing them and they were coming closer to me but I managed to catch one of the kittens with a bag and threw it outside my house.
    What does it mean please

  28. I had a Dreamed still 2 nights ago about 3 black kittens attacking me and biting and scratching me and I was very frighten and when they would attack my legs I would squeeze them so they can let go/ stop biting my legs and I would throw them aside and it was just a constant cycle of that happening over and over again and again. I didn’t think much of it until I was cooking tonight. But I think this dream has a connection with something within my life because I’m only 16 years old and I’m about to start a small business but I am scared that I will fail along the way . Plus me and my mothers relationship is not so good and we argue a lot about things. Ever since I did some research on my dream I’ve been super scared to even start my small business. Please please help me understand this dream.

  29. In my dream , I was a baby crawling following my elder brother who was going to school, but on my way a big black cat attacked me and bit me nearly to death , but I survived the attack ..
    what does that mean . am puzzled.

  30. I had a dream that a cat that I thought was male, was actually a female. The cat gave birth to three kittens on a couch. The kittens began walking around, and were very happy, and playful. What does this mean?

  31. My dream was a night just happened, this ghost baby that had deep black circles around its eyes the colour of this baby was practically grey, and had my mums last name on its fongers, but this ghost baby was trying to reach in my daughters shirt towards her heart, I smacked the ghost babys hand away then I saw it crawl out the window with 2 of my kittens (I love kittens) I ran out the door the ghost baby was gone but I caught one of the kittens the other one (which looked to be pure white) I was chasing down everytime I got close itd run further into the woods then the kitten stopped and I heard a hissing I looked behind me and saw this snake-cat coming towards me fast with sharp teeth hissing at me…

    • I realize now how many grammar mistakes I made but keep in mind I just woke up from this dream and it’s 2 in the morning

  32. A few days ago, i dreamt – I went into my backyard, on a mostly sunny afternoon, with a few white clouds & there were 10-20, maybe 12 or 13 (i didn’t have time to count before waking up), black cats – 3 or 4 had white feet, otherwise black, the rest were fully black. In the back half of my backyard. None in the front half of my backyard. Some were walking around parts of the backyard slowly,  not caring a human came outside, but most stopped & stared at me.  I thought this to be extremely weird & confusing & very unusual.

    I stayed by the door, trying to decide what to do.  besides the 3 or so wandering around not caring, the rest, We watched eachother, must have been for at least 5 minutes or maybe a bit more. I told someone inside, to stay inside, as something weird was happening  – a bunch of black cats – the person stayed inside.

    No approaching, on either side.  I thought I’d count them, then go inside for a bit. But, Before i could count them, or decide do anything – I woke up. 

    In the dream I didn’t know if it was a bad sign, or just a weird, unusual happening.  I didn’t know if i walked into my backyard a bit,  would they attack me? Stay there watching, stay there & move around without care, or leave my yard.  I wasn’t sure if it was harmful, or protective, or neither.  I was extremely confused by it. But chose to not go into the backyard, in case it was bad, like most things in life have always been. In the dream, my gut said – something is not right, but adon’t rush to judgment.

    Any idea what this means?

  33. I don’t really care for cats but I don’t hate them. I think they can be mean and fickle. Sometimes they like you and sometimes they don’t.
    Anytime I’ve dreamed of a cat – something negative happened in my life shortly after. I’ve lost a bid on my dream home, have had issues at work and even a miscarriage. I wake up in great fear of what misfortune I will suffer and pray profusely all day for God’s protection.
    Today I have dreamed of a beautiful, white persian cat that seamed to be mine. It was lying in the doorway of a house. I was having some kind of distressing issue and some woman standing beside me at this doorway said, “ask your cat. Breathe into his face and see what he tells you.” I lovingly picked up this cat, put him on my shoulder and stroked him. Then I blew gently into his face and put him down. He lay back in front of the doorway and began to speak. I woke up immediately in a panic realising I’ve had another ‘cat dream.’
    I can’t remember what the cat was saying and am now very sad and very concerned about my impending ‘bad luck.’

  34. I had a dream that my black male cat was having kittens and then I looked back down and there were kittens but only the lower half of my cats body was left It looked like the upper half had been eaten

  35. My biological father, who raised me, was very abusive toward cats. Lately I’ve been plagued with dreams of cats being abused and no one listening or helping me. I believe dreams do have symbols, but I thought I knew was it meant and that confessing what he did to a friend would stop them. But it hasn’t and my sleep has been in decline. It’s dreams of kittens or cats, always hurt or abandoned. Yesterday it was a vet office that everyone had left leaving the kittens thin and dying in cages and only I was freaking out and breaking in to save them. Tonight it was a kitten that’d been badly bitten and was dying, someone called the vet but we couldn’t leave and they would come within two hours. I sat there holding a cloth to it’s wounds sobbing as everyone walked on. I know it’s like, some kinda symbol for holding in abuse and you cant see what people are going through. I just want it to stop. I’ve seen the real thing, put cats out of my life, and I’d rather not dream about it anymore.

  36. I had a dream about kitten following me to home from a market place and I am trying to get rid of that kitten

  37. I dream about forgetting to feed my cats. I don’t have cats anymore. I dream i goto the cupboard and I’ve forgotten to buy cat food. Then one cat runs away. Sometimes stray cats come if i leave food outside but never the cat i am looking for.

  38. Hello, This dream was so startling that I decided to inquire.

    I dreamed that I found a mother cat and her newborn kittens. Even though they were just born, visually in the dream I knew these kittens were at least 3 weeks old. I looked at each of the kittens but already I knew that when I found the last kitten that it’s body would be wrong and enlarged. I examined this kitten to find that another kitten had been born inside this kitten and the inner kitten was pushing against the skin of his/her sibling trying to escape the skin. In my dream I cut into the side of the baby kitten. It was necessary to cut through two layers for the kitten to emerge. I woke before cutting through the second layer of skin. There was no blood or pain for the kitten though I was worried about this when I began cutting.

    Thank you for reading.

  39. Ok so my cat gave birth to three kittens last night and they were all perfect. Weird thing is, my daughter doesn’t even live with me and we both had the same dream last night. We both dreamed that she had about 20 kittens and one of them had bright blue hair. Im so confused! Any interpretation would be nice.

  40. I had a dream that I was going to sleep in my room and noticed two animals crawling through my clothes. I turned on the video on my phone and flash pointed at them. There was a black cat, very strong, seemed to be the adult. And a light brown smaller cat, something in between a kitten and a cat. I took an object and shoved them out of my room and the entered my moms room, i tried to shove them out but couldn’t, I ran to the kitchen to get a bowl of water so I can lower then into leaving at the front door. I woke up.

  41. Several days ago I dream of finding water puddle in a section of a house where there is no plumbing. Went to bathroom to find water on the floor and in the bathtub. There were cats playing in the tub and one jump out went to the toilet and the toilet raised up like it whad an hydraulic base. The cats were gray multi colors.
    Last night I dream of rushing to a tree where multiple cats and of very big size and all light multicolor gray were they jump off when they saw me. There behind the tree on the ground was a dark gray cat crying and hurt. Behind her was a black and white kitten crying. I was then in a hole in the ground having to move a wooden box to crawl out.

  42. I keep dreaming about kittens. In my dreams I’m having a rough patch and then i come across these kittens and they start snuggling me. It makes me so happy and content. Then I wake up. Not sure how to interpret these dreams

    • Hi Jai, could the kittens be a symbol for taking some time to nurture your needs and doing the simple things that make you happy in waking life? It could also be a symbol for new positive and uplifting friendships. Thinking about how you felt in the dream and what feelings you are currently experiencing in your daily life may help you understand a little more about what the dream may mean. Thanks for sharing your dream with us!

  43. I had a dream of two white kittens initially. They were inside my room and I was petting one of them. Later their mother(white colour) came inside and took them to somewhere in my terrace by grabbing them by their neck one by one. After that she came back and had food with us peacefully. Last I saw three kittens not two in my terrace where she kept them. Two white and one black.
    P. S. Didn’t had any cat at home till now in real.

  44. I dreamed I found a mother cat and two newborn kittens on the river’s edge. They were all under water, but not drowning. They were white and the mom cat was friendly. I love cats, so dreaming of them may not be unusual, but I can’t figure out why they were under water…and how they were breathing. I brought the kittens home and found I was being followed by many other kittens of all ages.

  45. I had a dream of my caressing a kitten against my chest but it started trying to scratch my face. I held down against my chest but the claws dug into my skin through my shirt. It wanted to scratch my face badly.

  46. I had a really weird dream. There were cats stuck in a tree and I was trying to coax them to come down. There was a white cat that was about to come down and a big fluffy orange kitty right behind him. Well the Orange kitty couldn’t wait so he jumped over the white one and onto the ground. A few minutes later the white kitty followed. Then I realized there was a third cat I hadn’t seen before. He was a tabby cat. It took a long time of coaxing before this last kitty finally climbed down out of the tree. He was very reluctant. I would love to know what the 3 kitties represented in my dream.????????????

  47. I had a dream that a mother cat lead me to her four kittens whom were under my bed on top of a brown box. I started looking for a blanketvand a more safe and warmer place in the house to relocate them. I was thinking I needed to get food for the mother and purchase a liter box. Then I woke up.

    • This dream is of comfort and love! Kittens represent the feminine nurturing side of us! I believe in Angel animals and this was one of them!
      You’ll be happy with a healthy baby and mum!! God Bless!!

      • In my waking life my boyfriend was going to leave me, but i convince him to stay. In my dream we were at his house and he handed me he’s favorite cat, Gandalf a big ol gray cat and it started purring and i remember him saying, “he likes you”. Can u tell me what this means?

      • I had a dream where I adopt a cat…but I had to go somewhere for work and I can’t nature him or her …I worried if I will lost her …,but after I return home…she recognised me and was very playful…but I concerns about her health as she was not looking healthy but in my subconscious mind in dream tells me that …this cat mind be of breed breed…the clour of the baby cat was light grey and white mixed…

  48. Had a dream one kinda older other a kitten both were laying down and qiuiet ,my friend was in my dream laying on a table at my chriopractors no longer,,and chiropractor just walking around me with the kitten a lil older kitten what does this dream mean..i also dream of my cat just walking

  49. I dreamt that I walked in my room and it was filled with wild kittens, many, many of them different colors. When I tried to touch any of them, they’d scratch or bite. I left and walked down the street. To the right of me, next to every building were hundreds of kittens just like at my home. These couldn’t also were wild and mean. They didn’t attack unprovoked but I couldn’t pet them. Towards the end of my walk, one thing was different. Off to the side was a big cat that was hairless except for a big shock of hair poking from the top of its head and tied up in a big pink ribbon. I tried to get close to it but it growled at me and showed me human teeth!

    • You have fears of humanity, as we all do! This is coming out in your dream. Cats represent sneaking ssdi and cunning! They’re usually seen as evil creatures that’ll attack and hide after doing so! There’s a human aspect to this dream with the human teeth being shown!
      I would say this is a warning dream! Be careful of the people you are acquainted with or will be in the future! Stay close to home or if you do go out please do NOT go out alone!
      This is a hidden danger dream representative of a female enemy that you don’t realize dislikes you immensely!
      This is where the big cat comes into play, where you’re trying to get close and you’re a friendly and trusting person! She’s not!!
      Beware of a jealous wolf in sheep’s clothing!!
      Stay safe and know the signs of true friends and weed out the rest!
      Be safe!! God bless! ✌

  50. I dreamed me n my missus wer in bed, she got up and left to use the bathroom, i could still feel something behind me, i turned and there was a number of black and white cats they rubbed me and rolled allover me, they pinned me under the quilt, i felt like i couldnt get out and couldnt breath, when my missus returned i asked for her help but she just went back to sleep, i then woke from the dream feeling like i hadnt been breathing and trying to catch my breath.

    • This could be telling you something you actually felt in your sleep! I know this was posted a while ago, hope your doing well and you have not had any health problems!
      Also, the dream of those cats and being smothered could have made you feel as though you couldn’t breathe upon waking creating anxiety and panic! That’s an intense dream!
      Another interpretation is that you feel smothered by your relationship and there are trust issues that you are not conveying in your waking life!
      You may be a person that keeps the deepest fears to himself and they’re coming out in your dreams!! That’s not good for you physically or mentally!
      Speak up! Let it out and you’ll feel better about yourself and situations that surround you!
      Sweet dreams! ✌

  51. I have a VERY much loved cat that went missing 9/5/14. I moved in Aug 14 and he got outside in September and I think he got disoriented and lost. I have always felt like he was still alive (someone called me and said they saw him in December but I wasn’t able to locate him). I just had a dream that I went to someone’s house close to where I used to live and he was in their house, sitting on the dining table! I was ecstatic and ran to him. Snuggling him. They said he was a “stray” that had showed up a couple months ago and they’d sort of adopted each other. I woke up then and have been trying to decide if it’s a sign I’ll find him soon, or if it might mean he’s passed and he came to visit me in my dream. I didn’t recognize the people in my dream.

    • I’ve been studying dreams since I was a child. I have had many vivid dreams almost every night of my life that I can remember very well. Therefore, I have come to the realization that I’d like some to be true and others were so upsetting that I could not forget them! We dream of things that we have come into contact with which our brain registers and puts into a completely different context, most of the time!
      Then, there are the wishful dreams, which our brain tries to comfort us with a glimpse of something or someone, a lost pet, relative and so on!
      I have only had people tell me of a few dreams that have actually come to life after any given dream.
      These dreams of ours are slides how’s for the most part and are not a complete interpretation of future events. Even though skeptics might say they will, our fears and wants come into play in our minds at the REM stage of sleep and gives us our much needed relaxation!
      I’ll admit I’ve have the most terrifying dreams made for the big screen and an Oscar!!
      They didn’t happen, thankfully!! Not yet anyway! They represented my deepest fears and brought out other ones!
      With you dream, painfully so, you miss your beloved cat! I have rescued cats and I understand, being an animal lover!
      Your feelings about your furry baby may be true, cats are resilient and I would say that your cat has found a home!
      Stop feeling guilty, it’s bothering you and that’s the problem, losing your most loved pet is the second!
      Things happen in life, forgive yourself!! Your cat will be happy no matter who its with just so its taken care and in a cozy bed!
      You need to do the same in your heart!
      All’s good! ????

  52. I have recently had a dream where I wake up and have two cats in my house I fear my dogs have attacked them and they have been pregnant with kittens the kittens are lying around the floor all mangled I then look at the cats they appear to have had their belly ruled open that had previously been sewn with my telephone cable then the phone rings and it is my husband’s deceased aunty who is his mother’s twin sister can anyone explain what this could mean

    • It seems like you were connected from a distance in life as the aunt died after having a bout of an illness and it obviously was torturous to your family and especially your husbands mom! Especially a twin they’re usually even more closely connected! Did your husbands mom or your family hear of the death by phone!
      Please let me know if not too late!
      The telly cable stands out as does the mangled kittens!
      Kittens stand for nurturing and the need for comfort!
      I can tell by the enormous turmoil of these dead kittens strewn about that there wasn’t much organization. Cats represent a very wild side of us, also a free roaming adventurous side, representative of femininity and cunning!
      This, you see is much depending on your own perception of cats and also your husbands aunt! How did you perceive her as a person?
      Do you own cats? I feel you have dogs or owned them at one time! Do you even remotely like cats, or do you think of them as evil sneeky creatures?
      There are a few issues with this dream, so there needs to be more info given.
      Now, it seems that the telly wire and mangled cats represent much turmoil and a distance that was problematic during the aunts illness/death!
      This dream has something to do with her femininity or what she or someone was concerned about!
      Another is she was a free spirit and illness ended that keeping her only able to connect over the telly! Did she have a bf or husband? Did he care for her or was she lonely?
      This dream is centered around the telephone wire, dogs, cats and kittens=husbands aunt, culminating in the death of innocence!
      Dogs are seen as protectors and obviously didn’t like the intrusion of these pregnant cats!
      The phone rang and connected the death to these animals that otherwise are natural enemies!
      This is specific to YOU!!
      Look deeply into the your feelings of the death of your husbands aunty!
      Again, how did you see her when she was alive? Was she an enemy or friend of you and your husband?
      A nice person? Did she love animals and save them or have a dislike for them?
      That could say a lot about a person and especially this nightmarish dream!
      Did she like cats and adopt them to have them spayed?
      There’s aspects of our dreams that only we can own and put into perspective!
      Sweet dreams!!


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