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Camera Dream Meaning

retro and dslr camera
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Dreaming about a camera can represent your memories, the way you view the world, and your vision for the future. Let’s explore what it means to dream about a camera and how you can apply this wisdom to your day-to-day life.

When we see a camera in our dreams, we need to think about what memories we may be holding onto and what we want to see happen in our lives. The context of the camera in the dream can provide important information on how we currently feel and what we need to do.

camera dream meaning

What It Means to Dream About a Camera

We can see cameras in dreams in many different ways. For example, you might dream of a digital camera, a video camera, or even the camera on your phone. All of these things mean different things.

Dreaming of a digital camera means that you are taking in a lot of new information. You may be learning a new skill or you may be discovering some interesting developments in a situation going on in your life.

Dreaming of a video camera means that you are not spending enough time in the present moment. You may be too caught up in the past, or you may be trying to anticipate what will happen next. It is often a reminder to be more mindful and present in your day-to-day life.

close up view of arranged video cassettes and digital video camera on pink background

Dreaming about a cell phone camera means you are looking for ways to communicate how you feel with others and express yourself to someone. You may need a creative outlet.

Dreaming about an old-fashioned or vintage camera means that you need to carefully consider the past and the lessons you learned from previous experiences in life. It might be time to consider a new viewpoint in life.

To dream about buying a camera means you are exploring your options for the future. You are thinking about how you want your life to look like and what you need to do in order to accomplish your goals.

If you have a dream about finding a camera, it means that you are open to new possibilities. You may be discovering some good news in the near future.

Dreaming about losing a camera means that you may be missing someone important to you, you may be afraid of forgetting this person as more time passes on.

Vintage camera
Vintage camera

Receiving a camera as a gift means that you have are open-minded about the future and are not set on any one specific viewpoint. You have a knack for being able to see things from many different angles. Learn about gifts in dreams here.

Taking pictures with a camera in your dream means that you are trying to figure out how you want your life to be. You might need to review some memories in order to better understand where you are going.

Looking into the viewfinder of a camera means that the way you see the world may be distorted. You may be looking at an illusion instead of the truth. Having difficulties looking through the viewfinder can mean that there is something you aren’t ready to see or accept into your life

If you are photographing people in your dream, it means you are longing for new friends and connections. You may be missing someone. It can be a gentle reminder from the universe that you should go out and try to meet new people.

To photograph scenery, nature, and landscape shots means that you are looking for perspective in life. You need to think about the big picture and not get too lost in the small details.

To dream about taking blurry photos means that you are feeling confused about something in your life. You may be unsure of how something will turn out or what you should do to reach your goals.

Cat and photographer
Cat and photographer

To dream about taking photos of babies, children, and/or animals means that you are feeling the urge to help someone. You may feel like you are not being nurtured enough in your life, or you may be thinking about your own instincts to be nurturing towards others.

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To dream of photographing a car or other type of transportation means that you are thinking about what direction you want to move in life. You may feel like you need to be in control of your destiny. See what it means to dream about vehicles.

To be or see a cameraman filming an event means that you are trying to keep up with the action in your life. You might need to view a replay of your life to better understand why things are the way they are.

If you dream about a broken camera, then it means that your view of the world is not accurate and that things may not turn out the way you imagined they would.

Cleaning a camera means that you are trying to fix something in your past that was once broken. You may be trying to move forward from a mistake you have made.

If you are obsessively taking photos in your dreams, then it may mean that you have a fear of missing out, you are afraid of not being able to see and do everything you want to in life.

Blissful female model in elegant coat posing with camera. Smiling photographer taking pictures of a

To dream of having your photo taken means that you are trying to figure out how others see you and what they think of you. You might need more feedback from other people about your life right now. You may feel like you are being judged.

Dreaming about modeling in a photo shoot can mean that you are looking for a mentor in life. You may be trying to do something but you are struggling to figure out how to communicate your needs and wants with someone important in your life.

To dream that you are late for a photo shoot means that you need to re-evaluate what is important for you and look at the bigger picture.

How to Interpret Your Dream About a Camera

Flat lay adventure vintage background with hat, camera and passport on old map. Top view

You are always going to be the best person to interpret your dreams and so it’s important that you think carefully about what happened in the dream and how it made you feel.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you better understand the meaning of this dream:

  • What kind of camera was in the dream? Was it old? New?
  • What was the setting of the dream? What type of backdrop did I see?
  • What colors did I see in the dream?
  • What other people were in the dream?
  • What other dream symbols did I see?

To look up other symbols that you might have seen in your dream, be sure to check out all of our dream meanings in our free A to Z dream dictionary.

New to interpreting dreams? Get a crash course on how to learn dream interpretation here!

Did you have a dream about a camera? What do you think it meant? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. I dreamt I was in a hock store and I saw a camera it was $458 and I instantly wanted it and brought it to the counter. The woman looked at me strangely and said ‘I thought nobody would ever buy that camera.” I replied “It’s a good camera.” Then I woke up. I felt positive though (today) and that feeling lasted all day. Right before that part of the dream my partner and I were travelling I think and with a bunch of pet mice/rats. In our hotel room we needed to find them a safe place to sleep so we put them in a box and I taped the box so they couldn’t escape. The whole dream was quite vivid.

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