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Gift Dream Interpretation and Meaning

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Gifts in our dreams can be full of surprises just as they are in our waking life. In general, seeing gifts, giving gifts, and receiving gifts in a dream are all positive experiences, though occasionally it is possible to have a negative connotation toward presents and gifts.

What Does it Mean to Dream of a Gift?

gift dream meaning

Most of the times when we dream of a gift, it can be a sign of positive feelings and abundance. Sometimes we may feel we are very fortunate with the way something is happening in our lives. It can also be a symbol of gratitude.

Typically, when we think of getting a gift, we are very happy about it! We usually really enjoy the item we were given and appreciate the thought and effort the person giving the gift has put into it.

However, some people have feelings about gifts that are complicated. Have you ever had to give a gift to someone you didn’t like? “Obligatory gift giving” can be very frustrating for both the giver and the recipient!

Or, maybe you’ve received a gift from someone in real life and you really hated the item! An ugly sweater that doesn’t fit, or maybe some sort of generic item that really doesn’t reflect your true interests or that the person cared about you.

Sometimes being given a gift can make us feel guilty or inadequate. If you are a humble person or have a low self esteem, you may not think you deserve gifts or that being given a gift is appropriate.

If you have blocks about wealth and abundance in your life, you may also have some feelings about gifts that need to be addressed in order to have the financial situation you want.

Gifts in a dream may also relate to our own unique talents and special abilities. Is there a talent you are not fully using? Do you have a special ability to do something easily that others are not able to do?

Common Types of Gift Dreams:

Giving a gift: To give a gift to someone in a dream shows your generosity towards others. However if you are giving someone many gifts, it may symbolize your need to be accepted or being pushy in the relationship.

Receiving a Gift: To receive a gift in your dream symbolizes that you are open minded and accepting of others. It could mean that you are hoping to receive some good news or that a good event might happen. You may also feel a lot of appreciation and gratitude towards someone, and this dream is a way of processing those feelings of gratitude!

Jealousy: If you feel jealousy in your dream that someone received a gift but you did not, it symbolizes jealousy in other parts of your life.

“Gift Horse”: There is an expression that goes “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”, which means to be wary of the person giving the gift. If this applies, think about the person giving the gift in the dream and ask yourself if they could be deceptive in some way.

Pile of Gifts: To see a large pile of gifts symbolizes that you have many uncovered talents and abilities. You may be working on bringing some form of abundance into your life.

Anticipation: To believe you will be receiving a gift symbolizes your anticipation over something in your waking life.

Bad Gifts: To open a gift and find something terrible or repulsive inside symbolizes that looks can be deceptive or that you are experiencing disappointment or deceit. You may feel that someone is not taking your needs or feelings into consideration.

Gifts can be very interesting symbols in our dreams! Do you have a dream where you were given a gift or were giving a gift to someone? What do you think it means? Tell us your experiences in the comments section below!

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  1. Car audio equipment. This is what my dream involved. Radio, amplifier, mp3/4 player, compact disc & double tape-cassette player & such. There may even have been other stuff too, it just seemed a lot of stuff (for him to splash out on (in 1-whack). Was a gift from my ex whom I’d split up with several times over the last25 years. He didn’t normally buy me exotic or expensive robust presents. It wasn’t in-his nature. And rarely several presents at ince. There were about 3-5 separate packages unwrapped (they were in their original store boxes). I was somewhat perplexed pleased & and a tad healthily naturally suspicious. He’d not give you the bogey from his nose, unless it was absolutely necessary (like in a life saving situ, for instance). He was going “come (my name) open your presents then”.

  2. So a little bit of context! So my girlfriend and I actually just broke up recently and before we broke up I had bought her some gifts for Valentine’s Day that still haven’t came in the mail yet. We didn’t break up in bad terms tho and are remaining to be friends, and I still plan to give her the gifts. A couple nights ago I had a dream where we were hanging out and I was giving her the gifts but they were completely the wrong gifts! Like I’m real life one of the gifts is a necklace of moon and it has picture you can look into it and see it, and in the dream I gave her a heart necklace that said her name and another dudes name, and it had no picture. The other gift in real life is a bracelet that says “Sweets” on it, which is the nickname I gave her. But In my dream the bracelet was different and had a different name on it as well. In my dream we were laughing about it, but I felt sad and upset about it, but didn’t show that to her. I just thought it was weird!

  3. I dreamt that I was trying to piece back together gift baskets that had been taken apart. I spent most of the dream looking through piles of gifts in the large room and sorting things that matched together, trying to keep them with one another while other family members and acquaintances sat around and conversed throughout the chaos.

  4. i dreamt where i received a huge gift box from my father and the giftwas cosmetic products.I was really happy about getting such gift,later i realised all the products were expired and started yelling at my father.!

  5. Dreamt when I went to the mall to buy stuff, before I enter the mall, three girls gave me three happic toilet wash each for supporting someone on a television show, then I ran back home happy

  6. Dreamt when I went to the mall to buy stuff, before I enter the mall, three girls gave me three happic toilet wash each for supporting someone on a television show

  7. I heard a dream that I received a gift in arrear and for my birthday gift but what scares me most was the gift was a wristwatch that was very loose in my hand

  8. I had never dreamt about gifts at all until last night when I dreamt that the daughter of a recently deceased male inlaw gave me his old sound system. As I did not always get on with the man when he was alive, I did not really appreciate the gift in the dream. As it was not new or even gift wrapped, I felt it was condescending and disrespectful, which he had occasionally been towards me, although he was generally a very nice guy who I truly miss.

  9. I dreamt where l received a gift of money. I saw the envelop it was twenty two thousand naira ( Nigerian money) but when l was presented with the gift it was now nineteen thousand naira. I told the person no that l saw the envelop addressed to my name is twenty two thousand naira. It happened they changed the envelop readdressd it to bear my name with nineteen thousand naira.
    Again l was offered gifts of clothes dull colours ash precisely. I didn’t like the colours of the materials. I quickly commented and l woke up.

  10. Dreamt that I got lovely gift things I love and an unplanned marriage that I was so excited about
    And that the person giving the gift was looking so disappointed about hurting my feelings

  11. PLEASE tell me what is the meaning of this!

    …. We’re happy, I told him my younger years. Then I said to him that I need to go to the Comfort Room but before I go I give him a gift. I go to the CR then I’m so happy. I can see him, he’s curious what it is. Then I woke up. I didn’t know what is that gift or what is inside!! That’s what I’m curious about!??

    Thank you ❤️

  12. I dreamt that a young women gave me a rosary in a yellow small square pack, That said my name on it. The D in my name was hand written specifically like a Fancy D. The rosary was hanging out the side. The beads were a cranberry color , very beautiful.. Then as I walked away talking to someone about some duties then in a few steps towards a lake I woke up.???

  13. I had a dream about a colleague phoning me to thank me for the gift I left them which I knew nothing about and afterwards I received a call from a company telling me I owe R36000 for the gift I bought which I still knew nothing about…
    I can’t imagine what this must mean? Please Help

  14. I had a dream were someone that did not relate with me gave me a set of black baby baths basin, and my spirit rejected it, so my sister opens it and found a black flower with red Rose.

  15. I had a dream that my ex showed up with her daughter out no where and gave me a gift, like a paper wrapped up with another one, I didn’t took it she just simply dropped it in my lap and then left in some dudes car without explanation although I did asked who made this and she said it was her and a coworker from her job. I tried to get a hold of her before she took off but the guy took off in his car and after that I woke up . What can that mean?

  16. I dreamt a friend who has a lot more money than me came into my house when I was gone, took some of my things, and replaced them with more expensive, but used, things of hers. She replaced my rug and other things. In the dream, I was very confused about why she would do that without my permission.

  17. i keep having the same dream every night it xmas eve and i have been to work and i have no xmas presents my children as still small in the dream they are in there 30

  18. I have a dream about land been share between my father and his brother, and they gave my father a small portion of the land and i was not happy in the dream. I was asking them why they are giving my father small portion but they did give me any answer. What is the meaning of the dream can someone explain it to me please? Besides my father is late

  19. Hey, I dream of receiving a luxurious house as a gift but I don’t know who’s the person, his face was such a blur and there was a dog named “Ava” that comes with the house. What does it mean? It has been bothering me for a few days already. Thank you.

  20. I actually collected a pair of shoe from my neighbor which I’ve not paid for so someone else would not pick it in reality.
    Then I dreamt she collected the shoe back, I don’t remember for what reason and it’s a pair of black suede/leather sneakers with white sole.

    What could this mean please?

  21. I dreamed of my father who passed on giving me a new blue beautiful car, but when I get inside the car, it was old inside, some things were broken, it was a mess

  22. Sometimes I fall half asleep during the day and I start to dream but I wake myself up. I do not remember the dream. But lately, I have a recurring dream (3xs now) that someone is handing me a gift. They are leaning down, (I am sitting) and their face is out of proportion, like in a fisheye lense, they have happy faces and I do not feel threatened. I do not know the person.( I rarely dream of ppl I know and when I do sometimes they look completely different) When I reach for the gift, I physically begin to do it and it wakes me up. I have no idea what it means. Oh when I was younger I often had reoccuring dreams

  23. It could be your father’s way of reaching out to you spiritually to let you know that he is there celebrating with you and looking after you and your sisters.

  24. I just dreamt of a gift I didn’t and wouldn’t want. My mom bought me a Nintendo Switch system and a Smash Bros. game. I don’t play games anymore and why would my mom buy me a $200 piece of equipment? I told her I will hold onto it, but I won’t be playing it.

  25. I dreamed of receiving a pitcher of milk.

    I’m hoping this dream means that a friend of mine is going to help me set up a web page to sell my book, Half-way There.

  26. I dreamt that someone that is no longer living came to me house and gifted me a Twister game. What could that mean?

    1. Hi Gabe, the game Twister makes me think it could be a dream that means you’ve made some unexpected changes in your life since that time or you’re thinking about making some moves in the near future. Hope that helps and thank you for sharing your dream with us!

  27. My dream was so vivid, I dreamt I was at a birthday party my sister threw for me it was at her house (but the house looked very different) there was so many people there but I didn’t know where my 3 year old son was and my sister who threw the party had been missing… everyone knew me and my name but I didn’t recognize anyone except three people. The first two were a famous plus size model who gave me a box of jewelry and said “I have to ask you something” I began to cry while opening the jewelry thinking I would be asked to be the maid of honor… as I pulled the silver Tiffany’s necklace out it read “will you go to my Christmas party?” I broke down crying and giving the famous model saying yes! Yes! A thousand times yes as if I was responding to a proposal and hugged her as if she was my best friend. The man next to her was supposed to be her husband but looked like puff daddy he handed me a pack of cigars and said oh wait not this one these blunts are for me but when I looked down at my hand there was 3 blunts rolled and given to me. After that a friend who had betrayed me tapped me on the shoulder and handed me 3 sunflowers wrapped up ( sunflowers are my favorite flower) after that she disappeared and I no longer wanted to be around all these people and it felt like I didn’t want to even have this party since I only knew 3 people there. I began testing people to ask if they knew who I was and when they responded correctly I yelled at them to leave, seeing their faces become upset I pretended as if I was joking and told them that my sister had left so please leave. I then felt a little uncomfortable at first walking through the row house halls telling every single person in there that the owner of the house was no longer here and everyone had to leave at first it was uncomfortable but then we’re leaving. At first they were only three presents on the table but as I begin to tell people to leave the house freaking filled with people are carrying presents and taking them with them… I asked them why they were taking it with them if they brought it for me Nancy I knew this was going to happen I just paid a cover to get in here insinuating they were going to be kicked out as soon as they gave me a gift. I went through the rest of the house telling everybody that the owner was no longer here and that they had to leave, hearing that my sister had charge people a cover fee to come into the party made me extremely upset, there where only three people leaving when my sister reappeared Asking where everyone had gone? I asked her about the cover fee for my surprise party and she replied oh yeah we made a lot. I turn to the table with all my presents and then morphed from bags two toys my son likes everything on the table looked as if it was for my three-year-old son, is he went to cut the cake I noticed it was strawberry flavor I don’t dislike but not my favorite I felt let down and sad in that moment I turned and saw my son wrapped in a blanket staying my name I went to pick him up thinking okay whatever now my son has new toys and then I woke up.

  28. I dreamt of someone I like, he was saying sorry on the email I sent where I told him I like him. But he gave me a gift and there were three items, I don’t know the two items because they are wrapped the other is in a gold foil, the other is on the red foil. There was a note on the one with the red foil that says “If you want this gift you have to be Julia”
    The third item was a shirt, it’s actually the shirt I want my whole life and in my waking life I bought that shirt online and just waiting for it to come. And in my dreams I remember that I was really happy about his gifts.

  29. I had a dream I received a box in the mail with my address and inside was a army jacket wrapped nice and neat and a ziplock bag with a book he was reading at the time, marked with personal notes… I remember the name Andrew, someone I knew from Perryville a long time ago. Even had pictures in it. Why did it have my address on it and what was the dream trying to tell me?

    1. Hi Jontea, it could be the dream is symbolic of changes you have gone through in the past and making progress through your current life. You may also want to check out our post on Books Dream Meaning, that would probably give some more insight in what the dream means for you. Hope that helps!

  30. I dreamt my neighbour had left me a hutch with 3 animals in it in my garden. The rat inside killed the rabbit. Next she left a gorilla in a cage in my garden. I was really cross that she kept breaking into my garden and leaving me these unwanted gifts. In the end I told her that I didn’t have the money to feed a gorilla and that I really didn’t want it and that she would have to take it away but without coming through my house (because of the pandemic) What on earth does this dream mean?

    1. The gorilla symbolizes wild thought that might not lead to death but might be disastrous if one carries it out and this dream means that your close relative or a friend is about to persuade you into doing something wrong through wild thoughts

  31. I dreamt my brother bought a house directly opposite me. My husband and myself went to see the house and spoke to him and he gifted me a gift filled with plants. I saw on this huge plot they had horses outside too. I am currently living very far from him. I was very happy for him though.

  32. I had a dream we’re I felt I surrounded by people I care about at a giant party outside. And thought the party a rather not nicely dressed lady appeared handing out wonderful rich gifts. Many people seemed disgusted by her and didn’t accept the gifts and some did because of value. But when it came to me and my friends, we only accepted I think one each and thanked her. And asked if she needed a ride to town and that we could give her one especially after the gifts. She accepted But suddenly a massive snow storm hit and i suddenly got buried under snow…..it was weird

  33. I dreamt someone gave me a small but high white mattress. I do not neccessarily need it and the person appears not to need it as well and was telling me they dropped it off for me incase I need or want it. I would have used it, However the mattress was very small for the bed I have at home and I was contemplating on returning it to the giver or asking anyone else if they need it. I woke up

  34. I have a young girl whom I am trusting God to marry but recently my namesake came home and did his wedding. After that wedding, another friend to my namesake told they have a particular girl to link me with so that I can marry her. The namesake afterwards confirm that and that the girl dated some guys but mostly they eat her money and run away. That she works in one of the customer care service at an airport. Days later I had a dream the elder brother to my namesake was sharing his goods and on reaching there my namesake was also there, however, instead of giving me a black t shirt with tiny white stripes, my namesake suggest giving a white colour t shirt to which I was happy about it.
    Please help Interprete this.

  35. I have a dream on my birthday were I received a gift from my dad in the future when I’m older and successful. I opened it and I wake up before I know what is inside. This is a recurring dream I have on my birthday every year.
    The is my dad passed when I was 5. So it wouldn’t be possibly for me to get a gift today. Also, my 2 sister have the same dream every year, on the same day as well.
    I’ve thought that this dream could mean the disappointment and grief of not having my dad to see me grow up. But my sisters having the same dream as me is what’s scary.

  36. I dreamt that I was helping someone pack, instead the person gave me most of her new clothes, bags and even shoes.
    What does that mean

  37. And I dream another guy we are not talking to each other, bought clothes, I took blue t-shirts, & yellow and white.

  38. I have a dream of giving gifts to my ex colleague that put to bed something like Pampers, tissue paper, soap,

  39. I dreamed about receiving three small gifts from a certain person I’ve kept dreaming about. In my dream I kept losing those three gifts even though I just put them on. (the gifts were a ring, a necklace, and a bracelet)

  40. In my dream last night, I had driven 2 hours to a near by town to deliver gifts to my previous partners mom, whom I have never met before. All of the gifts were of the color purple, and even when she had come out to see that I was in her living room, we had both been wearing similar purple sweaters (purple is my universal color). throughout this dream, I could feel the emotional distance between my ex and I. like he was rejecting me. I’ve been contemplating on this dream all day and have come up with a couple of ideas of what this could mean. I’m open to any interpretations?

    1. Hi Sara! Sometimes in dreams, gifts can be symbolic for lessons learned. After a relationship ends, it can take some time to heal, but usually we come out of the relationship with a higher wisdom and understanding of ourselves.

      To quote the author Mary Oliver: “Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”

      Some of these other posts on our site might be of help to explore what you think the dream means:

      I hope these resources are helpful for you and thank you for sharing your dream with us!

      1. I dreamt my aunt who pretends to like me gifting me a long door mat.
        Please help me interpret this dream.

  41. I have dreamt of receiving a gift from my cousin, it was whiitee plates, saucer that contained the burning of the candle and the ore cups.

    1. I dreamt my niece returned a baby gift to me saying you can’t comb a babies hair with a silver comb ..stop sending gifts that don’t work! And tore up a greetings card.

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