Driving Dream Meaning

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Driving is a common dream theme, and understanding what it means to dream about driving a car can help you better understand what is going on in your life.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Driving a Car?

In almost 98% of all dreams, when we dream of driving it often relates to our feelings of control in a situation. Whether we are the ones driving behind the wheel or whether we are a passenger with someone else doing the driving, it almost always relates to our own personal power in life.

Driving is related to being able to steer and navigate where we are going.

Often these dreams are about our life path and decisions we are making, but not always. If you are currently in a situation in life where you feel as if someone is controlling you or you are not in power, then it is possible this dream would reflect whatever is happening in your life currently.

what it means to dream of driving

In order to fully understand this dream, it’s important to pay attention to the whole context of the dream and the different events.

You may also find these dream symbol meanings helpful to fully understand what it means to be driving in a dream or to be riding in a car where someone else is driving.

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Common Dreams About Driving Interpreted

Dreaming of Someone Else Driving: It is likely that you feel as if someone else or something else is influencing your decisions or what you are doing. You may feel like you are not fully in control.

The other person driving in the dream could also be a symbol for some sort of aspect of yourself – is your ego leading the way? Do you feel as if your emotions are driving your life?

Dreaming of a Taxi or Ride for Hire: If you dream that someone is hiring you to drive, you may feel like you have a lot of responsibilities, or it could even be a subtle suggestion from your subconscious to consider a different route to get ahead.

Driving an Out of Control Car: To dream about driving an out-of-control car means that you do not feel like you can control what is happening in your life. This is often true – there are many things in our life we can’t control! What is important is we learn to accept what is happening to us and learn to let go of things we can’t control.

If you dream of hiring a taxi or taking a ride share ride such as an Uber or Lyft, it could possibly mean that you are hoping an external source will solve your problems or make decisions for you. Are you relying too much on others?

4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Understand This Dream

In order to really understand what this dream means, it can be helpful to ask yourself these questions. These make for excellent prompts in your own dream journal.

How did you feel in the dream? Often times your mood in a dream will reflect your own feelings. Did you feel excited? Or nervous and afraid? How do these feelings apply to situations you are facing in your current life?

Where Were You Going? Were you hitting the open road in search of a grand adventure or were you navigating your way through clouds of fog unsure of the next turn. The destination can often provide clues on how this dream relates to your waking life.

What Type of Car Was in the Dream? There are many different types of cars in dreams, and they can all have a different meaning. Dreaming of a fast race car is much different than dreaming of a wagon being pulled by a horse! The colors of a car in a dream can also have some significance.

Did you see any type of signs or numbers in the dream? Sometimes the signs are literal in our dreams! For example, you may dream of a stop sign, or you may dream seeing the numbers on the car clock or on a sign.

Did you have a dream where you were driving a car? What do you think the dream means? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “Driving Dream Meaning”

  1. I was driving the Devil’s car but it had 2 steering wheels. I was driving the left and a male was driving the right. It was black, beautiful and it was the fastest car in the world. We drove fast but not too fast. We pulled up at lights and people would look and admire the car. It was a short drive and I think we went to the shops and back. Not once did I see or talk to the Devil. I was happy and excited to drive the car.

  2. I keep dreaming I am driving my husbands car, it keeps getting fancier each dream and I always manage to damage it. The last dream I drove into water and the car wouldn’t start afterwards.

  3. I dreamt my second daughter was driving a car I used to own backwards she drove 19 miles at 100 mph my second son was on the passenger side and me and the rest of my kids were on the back seat we rode until I saw the reservoir on hwy 43 and asked her to move over she did when I stopped the car in a vacant spot on the side of the road before I got in the deep curve a man walked to my car and said hey I looked at him and drove off I made it to the casino me and my kids were greeted by a dark skinned girl and she was flirting with me we ate free as I was getting ready to leave my kids ran and I couldn’t find them before we left the table two men sat by my kids and one gave my daughter a pair of high heels they were so tall I gave them back

  4. I dreamt that I was driving around in my former Ford Mondeo green car ( that’s been sold) in the rain and suddenly the paint began to fade away into a yellow colour. Please what does this mean?

    • I dreamt about me driving an expensive blue car, I did not care about anything while driving, whether I’ll crash or what. I don’t remember where I was going but ended up crashing into bushes. I was not hurt and I cared less.

  5. I dream about a Young person driving me. She look to be 18 or 19 years old. No I do not know this person. But I remember I said in my dream that I feel comfortable not because of the car but just being with this person driving me. I don’t remember the place but I saw grass and people.

  6. I dreamed I did not want to drive and the car was going down the road anyway. People were telling me I needed to get in the drivers seat but I wanted to be in the backseat. I finally had to climb from the backseat into the front and steer so I didn’t hit a tree, and had to stay there to avoid oncoming vehicles. I was mad that I had to drive. There were British soldiers on the side of the road and I didn’t want to stop for them, and just looked at them as I drove by. I then stopped at a location on our last vacation on an island that doesn’t even have cars. Then I was driving a remote control truck and laughing.

  7. I always dream about driving. I’m a learner driver in real life and I think these dreams are to be interpreted literally because I fear driving on my own. In my recent dream, my driving skills improved.

  8. I often dream I’m in unusual vehicles with questionable power sources. Often they are close to the ground. Almost always I am supplying the energy, even on the highway. I’m always visiting some place I lived, and traveling to work from there.

  9. My grandpa died 2 months ago, basically of old age (he was almost 96). I keep having a dream that he’s driving and I’m so worried cause he hasn’t driven in many years. I’m always a passenger in the car (but not always the only one), and it’s always near his house. I wake up really missing him. The only thing I can think is I’m worried about him in the afterlife, however, that hasn’t stopped the dreams.


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