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Computer Dream Meaning

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Most of us use computers nearly everyday, so it’s not surprising they would appear in our dreams! Today we’ll look at the symbolism of computers and what it means to dream about one.

Common Associations With Computers as a Symbol

To first understand what it means to dream about a computer, we have to start with understanding what we usually associate computers with. Our own personal associations with a dream symbol always give us the best method of understanding our unique symbolism in a dream!

Work and Responsibilities

blue computer screens

More often than not, a computer is often something we use for work, and so not surprisingly it frequently symbolizes our own work and career. You may feel overwhelmed by your never-ending to do list or you may feel like you can’t catch up on all the work you need to do.

Work often relates to our finances, since it is usually a source of income for most of us. Generating an income is something we need for nearly everything – from putting a roof over our head to buying food and more. These responsibilities in life sure can be stressful!

If you dream of using a computer at work or for work, you may want to check out our dream symbolism for working and jobs, as that is going to help you better understand the context of the computer in your dream.

Distraction and Avoidance

Girl playing online video games
Girl Playing Online Video Games

Of course, just as we use computers for working – often times we use them for entertainment! Many people use computer games as a stress reliever – but these games can also cause us to avoid our responsibilities. It’s easy to get wrapped up in a game and completely forget about the things you need to do!

Sometimes games on a computer can also give us other context into what we are feeling and working on. Nearly every game out there has a goal – and steps one must take to win – which in dream symbolism translates into your own waking life goals and aspirations. Of course, the only way to make dreams come true is that you have to turn off the games most times and do the work!

Problem Solving

Computers were originally designed to solve problems – technically, a calculator is a computer! As such, when you dream about a computer, it’s likely that you are thinking about problems in your life and how you might solve them.

Problems come up in our lives in all forms – whether it’s something simple like trying to solve how you will plan your day or something more complex, like needing to figure out how to get a better job or needing to move somewhere new.

When you dream about a computer, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • What problems am I currently facing in life?
  • What is challenging me?
  • What are some of my responsibilities?
  • Do I feel stressed out or overwhelmed by something?

Asking these questions, and thinking about the context of the computer in your dream, will help you better understand why it has come up as a dream interpretation symbol for you.

Looking for Shortcuts or To Make Things More Efficient

MacBook Pro on top of brown table
Photo By Kari Shea

Computers make our lives easier, no doubt. Instead of waiting 2 weeks for a letter to be delivered or documents to be signed, you can send everything instantly with a click of your mouse.

Many times if you dream of computers and other types of technology, it means you are looking for a way to make your life easier. You might be thinking about how you can be more efficient or how you might do something faster.

Of course, most things in life we can’t take shortcuts – sadly, good old fashioned hard work is the only solution.

Again, think about your current challenges in life and problems you are trying to solve – are you avoiding the hard work that is necessary or are you looking for ways to be more productive and efficient in getting stuff done?

Seeking Connection and Communication

Young curly female recording podcast from home and talking into a microphone

We use computers to connect to people all around the world – I’ve made friends all around the world online, with friends on nearly every continent (not Antartica!) and hundreds of different countries.

We also use computers constantly for communication – whether it’s chatting with a friend on social media, reading our morning news, seeking answers, or even just sending an email to someone.

If you dream of a computer and being online, you can be certain that the dream is related to how you want to connect and communicate with others. If you are having problems with something, sometimes asking for help is the best solution!

Now that we’ve explored the main dream symbol themes and associations we get with computers, let’s look at some different kinds of computers and what they can mean for us.

Types of Computers In Dreams And What They Mean

There are tons of different types of computers, so let’s look at the different kinds you might encounter in a dream:

Desktop Computer

clipart of desktop computer

A desktop computer can mean that you feel stationary in life – maybe things have grown stagnant, or you feel like you aren’t making the progress you want to make – nothing is moving!

Desktop computers also have a few components that provide further symbolism and associations. Usually your desktop computer has a tower – the case that houses your hard drive and processors and circuit boards. This tower can symbolize that you are feeling overwhelmed – your responsibilities are “towering” over you. This is doubly true if you dream about the parts of the computer tower not working or taking them apart.

You also often have a separate monitor, or a screen, when you have a desktop computer. Screens and monitors are much like the symbolism of glass and mirror symbolism – things may not be as they appear on the surface! You may feel like you are being watched, or even that your privacy has been invaded.

Laptop Computers

computer laptop on desk dream interpetation

Many people prefer laptops over desktops, simply because they are more portable and today can be just as powerful as desktop machines.

Dreaming of a laptop computer can mean that you crave some flexibility in your life, or it can mean that you don’t want to overcommit yourself to too many responsibilities – if you’re dreaming about a computer it’s likely you already have enough responsibilities as it is!

Other Types of Computers

Beyond the traditional computers, there are plenty of others – things you may not even consider to be computers!

A calculator almost always suggests you are trying to work out and explain or solve some sort of problem you are facing.

A tablet computer, like an iPad or similar, usually means you want to have more flexibility in your decisions, or you may be thinking about new ways to solve problems.

A smart phone means that you are craving connection and communication, and that these two things will likely help you with facing some of your challenges in life.

There are tons of other ways we might see computers in dreams, so let’s look at some specific examples of computer dreams and their interpretations.

Computer Dream Interpretation for Common Scenarios

Fixing a Computer

Computer Repairs
Computer Repairs

Fixing a computer in your dream means you are seeking solutions for your problems, or you may feel so overwhelmed you don’t know how to make things better in your life.

If you are seeing all kinds of computer parts or are taking a computer apart to fix it, it usually means that you need to examine all the different parts of your problems in waking life and how they fit and work together.

For example, if you are not making enough money at your job, this might spill over into having problems paying your bills, or you might be fighting with your spouse or partner over money, or you might be missing opportunities because you can’t afford them. That’s very frustrating indeed!

To dream of fixing a computer tells us to look at an overwhelming problem in small parts – maybe we can make a small little change that will have a big impact on everything else! It can also mean that your goals are a lot easier to reach when you break them down into small, achievable steps. The only way to run a marathon is to put one foot in front of the other!

Computer Not Working

laptop maintenance
Laptop Maintenance

Computers often give us problems and sometimes they won’t even turn on or boot up or our favorite software programs will crash.

If you can’t get a computer to work in your dream, or its constantly crashing, it means that something in your current life is not working for you. Maybe you are unhappy with your career or your living arrangements, or maybe you’re just struggling to reach a goal.

When your computer is broken in a dream, it means that you need to make a change. You need to look at what went wrong, and think of ways to make it better.

Playing Games on a Computer

If you dream of a gaming computer, or playing games, it usually means that you are craving something fun in your life. Maybe you are burnt out with work, or maybe you are avoiding your responsibilities and commitments.

You may also be easily distracted from your true aspirations and goals. Are there things you are neglecting and avoiding? Are you procrastinating on something?

The type of game you are playing can also provide some additional clues. A puzzle game suggests you are looking for ways to solve problems, a role playing game can mean that you are thinking about what role you play in your life, or you may be struggling with some of your personal relationships in daily life.

Dreaming of Super Computers or Data Centers

Data center with endless servers. Network and information servers behind glass panels
Data Center With Endless Servers. Network And Information Servers Behind Glass Panels

Dreaming of a gigantic computer with tons of blinking lights and buttons and massive screens often means that you feel like you’ve gotten into a situation where you are overwhelmed and feel like you are not good enough to do the task.

It could also mean that you may need some serious help or power with a situation in your life – it’s possible you need a lot more information or assistance than you may have first thought.

You might be questioning your ability to solve a problem or have doubts that you are able to do what you need to do in order to make your life better.

For further understanding on this specific type of computer in a dream, see our symbolism of machines.

Broken Screens or Dropping a Laptop in a Dream

broken computer monitor screen
broken computer monitor screen

If you dream of a broken screen or that you drop a laptop and the screen cracks, it often means that you are shattering illusions. You may be learning new information that “breaks” everything you believed in before, or there may be an instance in your life where you are not seeing clearly.

This type of dream can also mean that you are feeling disappointment or loss about something in your life. Maybe you didn’t get what you wanted, or maybe something you hoped for has become out of reach.

Dreaming of Spilling Food or Coffee on a Computer

Spill coffee from white cup on the computer laptop keyboard.Damage to computer due to spilled liquid
Spill Coffee From White Cup On The Computer Laptop Keyboard.damage To Computer Due To Spilled Liquid

If you dream of spilling coffee on your keyboard of the computer, it usually means there is something distracting you from properly communicating or finishing the tasks you need to do.

You may also be prone to making mistakes at this time in your life, so use care to ensure you aren’t going too fast or doing too much at once.

Looking at Websites on a Computer

Surprised boy and girl sitting at the restaurant with laptop in hands
Surprised Boy And Girl Sitting At The Restaurant With Laptop In Hands

If you dream of reading websites on a computer – or perhaps even designing one – it can mean that you are planning or looking for more information on how to do something in your life.

If you find yourself surprised by what you read on a computer, or shocked or upset even – it can mean that you may get some unexpected news or that there is something you need to find out. Sometimes this news can be good – or sometimes it can leave you worried. Either way, it usually signifies in a dream that you will be better equipped if you have more information and the truth.

Buying a Computer or Online Shopping on a Computer

Buy - computer keyboard with green BUY button. Buying purchasing shopping online concept

Shopping in dreams always means we are exploring our choices. If you are dreaming about buying a computer, it means you are thinking about what choices you can make and the impact it will have on your current challenges in life.

You may be thinking about different ways you can solve a problem, or you may be looking to improve your life in some way.

  • If the computers are affordable, it means that you will easily be able to get what you need.
  • If the computers are expensive or not what you want to buy, it means that you may be frustrated by a lack of choices
  • If the computers are old and outdated in the store, it means that you need a new and fresh solution for old problems.

Outdated and Old Computers and Obsolete Technology

Pile of old, discarded laptops on shelf
Pile Of Old, Discarded Laptops On Shelf

If you have a very old, vintage computer in your dream, or you dream of piles of old computers and laptops somewhere, it often means that your problems have got your tired and worn down and you need a fresh solution.

You can’t solve old problems with old techniques, and so usually if we see this in our dreams, it means we need to “update” our life in some way. We may need a fresh approach to how we solve problems, or we may need to think of new ways of looking at things.

Receiving a Computer as a Gift Symbolism

If you get a computer or laptop as a gift in your dream, it can mean that you will have help with your life from someone else, provided the gift was a welcome one! If you are disappointed by the gift, it can mean that you have high expectations.

It can also mean that you are looking for magical solutions for your problems or you are expecting too much of others to do the work for you.

See the meaning of gifts in dreams to better understand the meaning.

How to Interpret Your Dream About Computers

I’ve written it hundreds of times on our website – you are always the best interpreter of your dreams! Here are some tips on how to interpret your dream about computers:

  • What challenges am I currently facing?
  • Do I feel overwhelmed by anything?
  • What other symbols happened in the dream?
  • Are there any colors that are prominent in the dream? (See color symbolism in dreams)
  • Am I distracted or avoiding work or problems?
  • Do I feel like I’m trying to find shortcuts and quick fixes for things that require hard work?

Learning dream interpretation is easy and fun to do – see our resources on how to interpret dreams and some of our dream interpretation techniques you can try!

We use computers all the time and hopefully this will help you understand better what your dream about a laptop or desktop computer means! Did you have a dream about computers? Share your dream and your interpretation of it in the comments below!

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