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Insects and Bugs Dream Symbol Meaning

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Did you dream you were covered in ants? Or that you were being attacked by bees? Perhaps you were admiring a beautiful colorful moth…

Dreaming about insects or bugs can mean many different things and it’s important to consider what was happening in your dream, what kind of insect it was, and how you felt about it to really get to the bottom of it’s meaning. In this post we’ll cover some of the many different things insects or bugs can symbolize in your dreams.

On planet earth, there are currently over 900 thousand kinds of known living insects. They come in many varieties, flying, swimming and walking.

Some common types of insects you may come across in your day to day life are ants, bees, butterflies, caterpillars, dragonflies, fireflies, house flies, mosquitos, termites and ticks.

Many people consider insects pests or something to fear. But some people consider them fascinating and unique creatures to be marveled at.

Insects behave in a many different ways, and all of this matters in the context of your dream. Consider how you feel about the insect you dreamt of… Did you fear them? Did you find them interesting or beautiful?

What it Means to Dream About insects

Negative Feelings, Dissatisfaction, Anxiety

Dreams of insects can sometimes represent emotions and feelings you are repressing, but that nonetheless “creep” through your unconscious.

Did you dream of creepy crawlies? This could represent an emotion or experience you are pushing away or repressing. Are you ‘pest”ered by some past trauma that you just don’t want to deal with?

Sit with these questions and consider if you are trying to “exterminate” some inner part of yourself.

Change and Transformation

Some insects go through massive changes over the course of their lives. Butterflies and moths begin their lives as caterpillars but eventually emerge fully changed.

Did you dream of a caterpillar? The caterpillar can represent the many phases of our lives. This could mean that you are on the brink of leveling up! Especially if within the dream the caterpillar transformed into a butterfly. Massive changes could be ahead.

The caterpillar could also mean that you feel something is missing in your life. You yearn to become the butterfly, but are not yet sure how to make that happen.

Abundance and Blessings

Bees can be a symbol of blessings and abundance. The honey it creates, the result of the hard work it puts forth, has long been associated with prosperity and wealth.

Ladybugs are associated with windfalls of good luck. Some people believe dreaming of a ladybug means your dreams and wishes will soon come true.

Butterflies among grasses and flowers are associated with prosperity, new ventures and good fortune.

“We are all insects. Groping towards something terrible or divine.”

― Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle

Common Types of Insects in Dreams

Now that we’ve covered some common themes in insect dreams, let’s take a look at the different types of insects you might encounter in a dream.

Ants in Dreams

Ants can represent dissatisfaction with your routine. Ants live a very structured life, going about working on the same thing day in and day out, with very little reward for their hard work. Is this how you feel about your routine? See our post on dream meaning of ants for more insight.

Bee Dream Meaning

Bees are tenacious, hard working and selfless creatures. Dreaming of one could mean that you also embody these traits, or that you should work harder to in the future.

The term “busy as a bee” is commonly know… does this remind you of yourself? Perhaps your dream is a reflection of you feeling overwhelmed by all the busyness in your life.

Bees are also known to be a symbol of wealth and good luck. According to feng shui, if bees move onto your property, building a hive in a nearby tree or even in the wall of your home, this is considered a great blessing of joy and good fortune.

Caterpillars, Butterflies and Dragonflies

Transformation or change may be on the horizon. Dreaming of caterpillars, butterflies or dragonflies are all opportunities to take a look at our lives and assess if there is anything we should leave behind. A relationship, a job, a new way of looking at something… transformation can come in many ways.


Fireflies, also known as lightning bugs, often light the night time sky of summer months. Seeing a firefly in your dream is a hopeful and positive sign of creative inspiration.

Flies in Dreams

Often associated with dirt, filth, and unsanitary places, flies in your dreams could be bringing your attention to buried negative emotions such as guilt or shame.

Flies in dreams can also represent distraction and annoyance. If you are irritated with the flies in the dream, that could indicate some nagging irritation in your daily life. Perhaps a recurring situation that you would rather not deal with.

However, if your experience with the flies in the dream are positive, it could represent new personal growth. Flies are persistent, and can remind us not to give up on our quest to meet our goals.


dream about termites

Dreaming of termites can mean you feel attacked or weakened in some way, just as the termite attacks and bores through wood and other building materials, weakening and destroying them.

Ticks & Mosquitos

ticks and mosquitos

Ticks and Mosquitos, both blood suckers by nature can indicate you are feeling drained. This could be about your job, a relationship, a health issue, etc. Where in your life do you need to recharge? Do you feel as if your energy is being sucked away from you?

These are just a few of the many insects that may be visiting your dreams. Now that we’ve covered some of those examples, let’s look into the dream interpretation for different dream scenarios you may experience.

Cockroaches in Dreams

The cockroach in our dreams can mean that we need to persevere in life to get what we want. It tells us to be adaptable and make changes.

You may be feeling like you can’t overcome an obstacle in your life. You may also be unsatisfied about what is currently happening. Learn more about the dream meaning of cockroaches.

Common Dreams About Insects and What They Mean

Catching Insects in a Dream:

If you dreamed you were trying to catch an insect, you may be feeling frustrated about chasing after something in your waking world.

This dream may be telling you that you are a pursuing a lost cause and you would be best to put your efforts elsewhere. Where are you wasting your energy?

Being chased by insects:

Dreams about being chased by insects could indicate that you feel overwhelmed by your daily obligations. You may want to get organized and make a plan of action.

Being chased could also mean you are quite literally running away from something. Is there something in your life you are avoiding?

Being Bitten by an Insect

Being bitten by and insect or insects in your dreams suggests you may feel attacked in some way. Perhaps someone hurt you, physically or emotionally, and you still feel that pain.

You may also see an attack coming on the horizon, perhaps a rival or coworker seeks to discredit you and harm your reputation. This may be an invitation to face your fears or protect yourself from further harm.

Killing insects

To see yourself killing insects while you sleep may be gross and unsettling but can actually be very positive symbol. This is likely a metaphor for overcoming challenges and obstacles in your life. You might very well be “killing it.” See killing in dreams for more interpretations.

To understand more about what your dream means, ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you feel about insects in everyday life?
  • What other symbols appeared in the dream?
  • Have you been feeling overwhelmed, attacked or afraid of something?
  • Is there anything in your life you would be happier letting go of?
  • Are you ready to make some big changes?
  • Are you repressing any negative emotions?

Did you have a dream about insects? Tell us about your dream and what it means for you in the comments section below!

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  1. I dreamt that what looked like a large spider was on the ceiling in our bedroom but then when it flew over the bed and landed in doorway I realized it was a butterfly. No colors just dark. I called for my husband and told him there was a butterfly in the house.

  2. I saw a dream about an insect that looks like a tick but thin, it got inside my body and I screamed for help, nobody helped me so I went inside my house and I said everything to my mom, she did nothing, the insect got bigger and it couldn’t stay in my body any more and it ate me

  3. I had a dream that I opened a box with little insects in got bitten on my cheek it woke me up I am now wide awake

  4. I had a dream last night where I was being chase around our yard by a flying insect that resemble a cross between a dragonfly and a mud dobber. I tried to kill it multiple times but it just wouldn’t die. I finally woke up.

  5. My dream was about lots of different bugs. I was in my husband’s sleeper…he’s a truck driver. And all of a sudden I kept feeling something crawling on my hair and face I rose up to see a large trail of ants like about 6 six rows tight. I was what the hell I picked up the pillows and blanket and there many more bugs all kinds. I distinctly recall a pretty shiny blue purple bug that flew passed me and out the window, yet there were more not sure what they where. Then my stepson and daughter came into the truck with his 3 kids. And I asked them if they seen all those bugs…they laughed and said nope. Then I woke up. I can still see all those bugs. I didn’t kill them but shock them off the bed and off of me.

  6. I dreamt that my partner and I had a darling pet caterpillar or something that looked like one. He went away for work and I was left to take care of it. I would pet it and it would let me know when it was hungry by biting my finger. I fed it little pieces of apple and it turned green.

  7. It first crawled on my leg that was exposed I shoot it off and it came around and came back towards me and started crawling up my arm towards my face. Almost felt like it missed me but I didn’t recognize it and I didn’t know what it was going to do so I was afraid I’m so interested to know what this means

  8. I had a dream that I was sitting on the kitchen floor playing and petting my dog and there was this big huge bug at first I would’ve described it like a beetle but it was more like a caterpillar not like a bug or insect I’ve ever seen or recognized before in life so maybe I look like a caterpillar it was very big bug and it first I wasn’t afraid of it interested in it and then I noticed that it kept crawling towards me like it was Attracted to me then I got a little frightened

  9. In my dream a big flying bug that was spiting out some kind of venom! Was trying to get in and I kept saying it is trying to get in! The venum was like deadly and it looked like it would burn you! The bug finally got in and it was looking around seen me it started coming after me I ran then I fell it came toward my face it started to spray and I dreamed and woke up.

  10. The dream was about a wasp that stung on my leg near my ankle. When I wanted to take it of my leg it break and I removed the back part. The front part wih the sting was still in my leg. When I pull that of a sticky slimy part form on my leg. When I got that of my leg swell up and it was very painfull.

  11. I had a dream that I had a wound in my leg , and when I went to tend to it , I pulled out of the wound , two big black worm centapde like bugs from inside. 🤔

  12. I had a dream about t insects that I can’t recall, but I was so amazed by their intelligence, I was watching them making formation of different words. What is the meaning of this?

  13. In my dream I was with 3 other girls and we were friends in my dream but I never met them in real life and we were walking around bushes and trees where a bunch of bugs usually are and we were intentionally getting stung and bit by bugs to see how long we can handle it and we were all laughing and giggling about it when we were walking back

    1. Also, I didn’t feel scared or threatened or anything I was calm although some of the bites did hurt (I just didn’t really care) and my friend was screaming cuz it hurt but she kept sitting there letting them bite her and then she ran up to us and was fine

  14. I dreamt a few lightning bugs landed on me. Surprisingly one bit my middle finger. It shocked me because I didn’t think they could bite. It hurt a lot. We tried to remove it but it’s head was stuck and it’s body ripped off. Had to use tweezers to remove tiny pieces stuck in my finger. I wasn’t afraid, just sort of shocked.

  15. I dream about sneakers it was Nike and it was full of honey and cover with either fondue or honey. A Roach or some type of bug got in it I try to kill it them the sneakers was normal but inside the sneakers was lumps of honey or maybe something hard like gold or a rock

  16. In my dream I was in bed & woke up there was cockroaches all over & coming towards me I was screaming for my dad it woke me up & when I went back to sleep I went back into same dream which has never happened before

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