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Giant or Gigantic Objects

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To dream of a giant (or gigantic objects) can mean a number of different things in your dreams.


The Meaning of Giants in Our Dreams

Giants can refer to large human creatures – or it can refer to the size of an object. You may dream of a giant person, or you may see gigantic objects in your dreams.

In these types of dreams, the size of something seems huge and enormous. And yes, this size can be an indication of something being of great importance to you!

Gigantic Problems

Often times, we dream of giants when we are facing difficult or challenging times in our lives. You may be feeling small and insignificant. You may feel like you are unable to fully overcome any obstacles in our life.

Ask yourself, Does something in your life seem insurmountable?

Feelings of Insecurity and Low Self Worth

Sometimes when we feel small compared to others, it can cause us to feel badly about ourselves. Dreaming of a giant may be a way of your mind telling you that you do not feel like your needs or desires are important when they really are.

It can also symbolize your own insecurities and feeling inferior. Is there someone in your life who makes you feel small, insecure or unsure of yourself?

Feelings of Power and Might

To dream you are a giant can possibly mean you feel powerful and mighty – or, at the very least wish you had the power to overcome current issues in your life.

Dreaming of Large Objects and Animals

You may also wish to look up the individual meanings for the objects you see in a dream or the meaning of any animals you might encounter. Often times, when we dream of something being big or large in size it is to stress the importance or significance of something.

Seeing something larger than it should be could also mean its meaning is amplified.

Here are some common large objects/animals worth exploring:

Elephant Spirit Animal and Dream Meaning

Dreaming of an Ape or Gorilla

Dreaming of a House

Dreaming of an Arena or Stadium

You may also wish to explore additional dream symbol meanings by searching the dream dictionary on our website.

Need additional help in understanding what your dreams mean? Learn how to interpret your dreams here.

What are some of the dreams you have had about giants or gigantic objects? Share your dreams and what you think they may mean in the comments section below!

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  1. I have recurring dreams where large objects like Ships, boulders, planes, huge walls, churches or steeples thereof, would be hurtling towards me at great speed and I am stuck to the ground and can’t move. I always wake up just before I get flattened like Stanley! I do have agoraphobia and megalophobia so maybe that’s all there is!

  2. I had a dream where this huge group of people went into this farm barn to gather tools and then a giant broke thru the roof and started to take people out to kick them around like a toy

  3. I had a dream that a race of Green giants with same coloured eyes came to earth and were eating humans, we were trying to hide from them and we were trying to blind them from seeing us by emitting gold light though very bright lasers upwards to the sky. I was hiding with a friend under clothes in a small room and the giants hands were grabbing at us when I woke. It was so scary. I felt sorry for the giants because they were so weak with the hunger, very strange. I’ve dreamed of giants before always hiding from them behind buildings etc, this was the first time they were Green. Any clues. With thanks Lorraine

  4. When I was a kid and even into my teenage years I had a recurring dream. I remember being terrified more of the feeling than of the images. The images would change but it was always about something enormous compared to something tiny and often these things would collide.- like a plane crashing onto an ant or a planet balanced on a regular sized needle. – or maybe the sun moving through a person or a speck of dust. It was all very abstract. And the colors were never vivid- more like faded, like in an old photo. It felt like death. Nothing could stop the big-thing. It could have been about feeling powerless. – maybe realizing my own mortality? I haven’t had this dream in years.

    1. I had this dream when I was in my childhood multiple times like a object really firm and the other object in relation tiny and fragile, or something enormous crushing something really tiny. A block with evil intentions but has no face.
      These dreams felt like it was focused mostly on my feelings rather then image/ symbolism.
      This dream has to do with anxiety and high sensitivity, there are many things in life that could cause this anxiety but for me was being a disobedient little kid.

  5. i dreamt of a large pink rose, half the size of me, and many other smaller pink roses surrounding it, almost like they had rained down the sky, i was walking with a person i never saw before in my dream, but it feltlike i knew them for a very long time, then we found this large peach that was as big as the rose, and we ate it. I dont even like peaches

  6. ever since I was a little girl I’ve had this nightmare that mostly included my own body parts and saw my hands or legs giant , I would wake up fully aware of my surroundings and touching things to make sure my hands really are the size I know and it seemed as though I was stuck in the dream cause I couldn’t seem to realise that they’re not actually big and it terrorised me . today after like 8 or 9 years I saw that dream again woke up completely confused and me being a 17 year old girl completely panicked and started crying cause I couldn’t seem to completely understand that my hands are not huge , if this has happened to anyone or someone knows what this means please contact me

    1. I believe your dream means that you are over self conscious about your appearance in your daily life perhaps school or around friends.
      The part about feeling “stuck” like something close to a paralyzes means you worry a lot and should be more carefree let go of whatever bothers you and accept it.
      The fact that you have a dream like that means you have a good heart and your unintentionally creating stumbling blocks in front of you and your mind is trying to put you back on a good path.

  7. I used to have the same dream as a kid over and over again that I was a giant and that I was getting tied down by smaller ppl. What is this about? I kno giants are real or else we wouldn’t be able to dream of them without actually seeing one in person. Think about that.

  8. I dreamed of getting ran or drugged through giant gears like in clock towers it used to happen every night as a little kid and I’ve never understood it. I don’t remember it ever threatening me or anything it was always just like my body was getting stretched or rapped around the gears as they would turn and eventually I would be moving with the gears over and over again until I would wake ip

  9. i had a dream that i was on the freeway and there was this giant person in my dream that i’ve never seen before

  10. My son is 5 years old. He woke up this morning around 5am from a night terror. He said it was about giants. At first the giant was coming out of his house, and then out of the neighbors house.
    And then something about the closet having doors, and that he kept trying to close them.
    I’ll have to see if he remembers his dream again when he wakes again.
    There’s obviously more than one thing to interpret, and I’m curious if he saw any colors that stood out to him or anything else.
    The idea that my son my being feeling low in his self-worth is so sad.
    He has an 11 year old sister who can get pretty snappy at him, well, they snap at each other. The age difference is rough.
    But as their mother, I always try to correct their behaviors towards each other, because in the future, I believe in siblings being close and there for each other.

  11. I dreamt my sister came over & brought her new pet. It was a two story sized Water Buffalo. I was thinking- now why would she bring him into the house ? I marveled at his size & beauty. I never felt threatened. Then I noticed he pooped my wood floor. I was scheming how to get that up with a shovel without scratching the floors. Then I woke up.

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