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Hat Dream Symbol and Meaning

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In life, we wear many proverbial hats, and likewise in dreams hats often symbolize a role you are playing in your life.

Noticing the details of the hat such as type and color, as well as what else is happening in the dream, will help provide clues as to the meaning of the dream.

Hats often signal to us to pay attention to how things currently appear. What are we showing to others? How do others appear to us?

Here are some common types of hat dreams:

Profession Hat: Whether it’s the hat of a nurse, construction worker, or firefighter, all of these “profession” type of hats can be a symbol of your need for a career change. Or, they can symbolize something to do with that profession in your life. For example, if you dream of a firefighter’s hat – is there something in your life ablaze or that might need extinguished?

Losing a hat: To lose your hat commonly symbolizes a loss in business or your financial situation. It can also symbolize losing something else of value or importance to you. If the wind blows away your hat, it signifies a change that has occurred in your life.

Taking Off a Hat: Taking off your hat in a dream can be a sign of respect towards someone or something. It can also mean uncovering something about yourself.

Top Hat: A top hat can symbolize illusions or deception (such as a magician’s hat), or it can symbolize wealth, prestige, and power.

Sports Hat: A sports hat can simply be a reminder of your favorite team, or it can symbolize your competitiveness.

Fancy Hat: A fancy hat symbolizes that you desire attention and admiration. It can also be a symbol of popularity or social status.

Many hats: To see many hats in your dream symbolizes a number of choices or confusion about what your role in life may be.

Here are some more tips for interpreting your dream about hats:

Pay Attention to Color and Size: The color and size of the hat can have a lot of weight in what the hat means in your dream. For example, if you are wearing an orange hat it may mean you are feeling friendly and outgoing, whereas a red hat may symbolize anger or embarrassment. See Color Symbolism and Meanings to find what the color of the hat means.

What are your personal associations with hats? What or who do you think of when you think of hats? For example, hats always remind me of my Dad, who always wears one. If I dreamt of the type of hat my Dad wears, I would look in the dream for other symbols in the dream to see if there was any correlation between the dream and my Dad. You may have a favorite style of hat or other personal association with hats that can give you further insight into the meaning of the dream.

What “hat” are you wearing in your waking life? We often wear many different hats and play different roles in our lives. What role are you playing in your life right now? Does the hat you dreamed about correspond?

Do you have any other dream interpretations for dreaming about a hat? Share them in the comments section below!


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  1. I dreamed about putting on a baseball cap over and over again that was too small for my head. Which is really weird because I have a small head apparently because baseball caps are always too big for me. So it had to have been a child’s size baseball cap if they even make those. Also, it is a very very rare thing for me to remember my dreams but I remembered my dreams two nights in a row, this was on the second night.

  2. I dream of finding my white peek cap in a stony area turning green and I pick it up send it home saying am going to wash it when I get home. I was a little worried too as to why a brand new hat that I never wore and take from the plastic bag ended up where it was

  3. I dreamt at an art show held in my home a woman shopped for 3 of my hats. Each hat was uniquely designed. Though she tried them on she did not buy them. The art show was set up by my apartment manager after a staff person found and returned a photograph that had been stolen.

  4. Dream I’m coming out of a building and I saw a good friend of mine sitting in his red truck he park in front of my old car. with I don’t have no more. I said ohhhh look. Right before I go to him to start walking to see him. On my right there a man wearing all white. and he wearing a all top hat. He said to me you won’t to come to my wedding. I look at him he took his hat off I said Paster Eden in the natural. I no him in real life. He a paster. I said yes I come to your wedding I run up on him gave him a hug!!! But something different about this dream.

    1. Sounds like you are invited to the wedding, feast of Christ. Hopefully you are staying in the word or at least practicing it continuously.
      It is a calling to get ready for Christ’s return. It is October Tuesday the 24th 10:14am Detroit time. You see what’s happening now in Jerusalem, the Euphrates river is dried up and war is upon us not to mention the third temple is in construction as I type this. It’s almost time.

  5. I dreamed that someone I know, put a giant white hat (my size) over me which covered me completely and felt safe and comfortable. It was something of a Fedora, in white cotton.

  6. I dreamt that I lend a woman my cap , we were all in a gathering wearing the same dress and cap to match I noticed a woman who was not wearing cap and wanted to go in for presentation I quickly pull off mine and gave her.
    Please help me with the meaning.

  7. I dreamt that I won 1000 baby hats and I was to sell them. They were mixed colours but the colours I remember were navy blue and grey. I have recently become a new mum and this is hard work and taking its toll.

    1. Being a mother is tough! Be sure to reach out to your doctor if you’re having any of the symptoms of postpartum depression – there are a LOT of resources available that can make it a much easier experience.

  8. Okay so I have nightmares every night and finally started writing them down to try to figure them out and last night I had one where giant crustacean/bugs taking people and making them into hats and then wearing them, the people were still alive

  9. I dreamt that I was walking with a friend and it was windy the wind blew off my cap… On getting to where it was to pick it up someone else picked it up saying it was his sister’s we dragged for some minutes then agreed to go meet his sister… His sister then said it wasn’t her’s that her brother only thought it was her’s that was why he wanted to take it from me.. She apologised to me and gave me my cap back.. Please what does this dream mean

  10. I had a dream were my ex baby daddy was holding a hat and talking to me but unable to remember what he was talking about he was humble and talkative

  11. I dreamed that I was somewhere in a social circle and a guy approached me (admirably) handed me his hat and told me to keep it I asked him when can I give him the hat back and he said we will meet again. And walked away. What does this mean

    1. I have knowledge and insight as a dream /vision interpertator.the man left you his hat in remembrance of him. He will meet you at another time. A relationship W gladness will form. You will acclimate much interest in this individual. It’s a good start. The hat he gave you to keep or wear has much authority. Wear w respect and respect this man. There is a double meaning. A new friend and the authority he carries as a believer. This man abides in the Lord and has a mantle of grace wisdom authority and power.

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