The Meaning of Colors: Color Symbolism in Our Dreams

Dreaming of certain colors in your dreams can have great significance when it comes to unlocking what a dream means.

Since we are affected by color in waking life (we often associate color with emotions and moods) – it only therefore makes sense that our dreams also use color to help guide us and help us understand ourselves better.

Before we go over what all the different colors often mean, it is important to remember that colors in dreams can have many different meanings, and they will vary from person to person.

Someone who is fond of the color yellow will think much differently than someone who hates the color yellow. So while these meanings below will give you a good start on interpreting your own dream colors, bear in mind you are the best interpreter of your dreams!

Here are some of the common color symbols and their meanings:

Black Color Meaning:

example of black objects in dreams
Example of black objects that might appear in dreams.

Black is the darkest of all colors and to dream of black can have a number of different meanings. It is often a color associated with loneliness, sadness, emptiness, mourning, and depression. 

The color black can often signify the unknown or mysteriousness. Black can also mean hatred, fear, anger, and darkness.

On a more positive note, black is often found in business attire and fashion. If you dream about wearing black clothes, it can symbolize you are ready to become more serious about your career and goals in life.

Blue Color Meaning:

color blue quote by sarah dessen

Blue is a cool, often tranquil and peaceful color. We often see blue associated with water, heaven, and the sky.

It can signify a flowing of ideas/thoughts, creativity, calming, loyalty, honesty, soothing feelings, and relaxation. Blue can sometimes also mean sad and depressed (feeling blue).

Meaning of the Color Brown:

Brown is an earthy color that we often associate with dirt, stone, and wood. To dream of the color brown often means you need to be “grounded” or need to go back to the origin of a problem.

Brown can mean friendliness, trustworthiness, and wholesomeness (think whole grain bread). Since brown is a darker shade of orange, it can also mean a dulled sense of hopefulness and adventure. Light brown or beige can mean neutrality or predictability.

Meaning of Gray in Dreams:

Gray, a mixture of white and black, is a neutral color. It can mean indecision, uncertainty, or confusion. It may mean isolation or detachment. It may also mean feeling lifeless or dull.

Dreaming about the color gray can also mean that you are disinterested or not emotionally attached to current events or an aspect of your life.

Green in Dreams:

Green, like blue is another cool color that appears naturally in our environment. For this reason, it often can signify harmony with nature, peace and tranquility.

Green, the color of the heart chakra, is often associated as a color of healing and hope. Green can often mean “go”, such as power on button or a traffic light. Green can symbolize newness and freshness. It can also symbolize money, wealth, riches, and prosperity.

Orange Dream Meaning:

Orange is a fun, bright and bold color and often symbolizes hope, freshness, zest, vigor, and optimism. Orange is a stimulating color that can be a symbol for hunger, desire, creativity, or sociability. Orange makes you feel alive and well and on top of the world.

Pink Colors in Dreams:

Pink is a lighter shade of red, and can be a symbol of romance, love, sharing, generosity, kindness, affection, protection, and innocence.

It can also be a symbolism of notice/observation, especially if you are familiar with the term “pink slip” for receiving notice of being fired or laid off from your job. 

Purple and Violet in Dreams:

Purple, the combination of blue and red, is considered to be a very spiritual and majestic color. It is sometimes associated with royalty and good judgement. Purple is a very creative and inspiring color and possesses a mixture of passion with calmness.

Violet, a lighter shade of purple, can mean delicate, precious, or highly regarded. Shades of deep/dark purple may represent moodiness.

The Color Red in Dreams:

Red can mean many different things to different people, so when interpreting a dream with the color red, it is important you think about the context of the color in the dream and in connection with your waking life.

For some it may mean love, romance, passion, lust, desire, and intimacy. For others it may mean anger or violence or to control and over power. Dreaming of red can also be a warning (ever hear the expression, raised a red flag?) or a sign to stop (think traffic lights and stop signs).

Red is also a power color, and can mean that you are not afraid of making decisions or living a bold and adventurous life.

Dreaming of the Color White:

White is often thought as being the opposite of black. It signifies love, acceptance, purity, peace, knowledge and brightness. While white usually has positive connotations, it can sometimes have a negative meaning, as white is a color of mourning in several Eastern cultures.

There are also many sayings and phrases that use the color white that may be applied to your dream, such as “white out” and “white wash”, which mean to cover up/conceal.

Yellow Color Meaning:

Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra.

Yellow is a color with various meanings, usually either positive or negative depending on the context of it being used in the dream. On the positive side it can mean innocence, hope, happiness, and lightheartedness – to have a “sunny disposition”.

On the negative side it can mean indecision, cowardliness, or sickness. Pay careful attention to how the dream made you feel to understand the meaning of the color yellow in your dreams.

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Some Useful Tips for Decoding Dream Color Symbolism

Understanding the different meanings of colors in dreams can definitely help you with dream interpretation. While the above meanings are common, they certainly are not the only meanings for a certain color in your dream.

Below are some more tips that will help you get an accurate interpretation of what different colors mean in your dream.

If You Remember a Color, It’s Probably Important:

If you remember that something is a certain color in one of your dreams, it’s probably important. After all, we don’t really go through our day to day lives and identify the color of every object we come into contact with.

If you dream of an object that is a certain color, don’t dismiss it – that color very might well be tied to the greater message of the dream.

Look for Color Combinations:

Often times we’ll see different color combinations in our dreams. For example, maybe you dream of a yellow and blue bird. This might mean that you feel at peace and happiness, or it could mean you feel cowardly and depressed.

When you think about how the two different colors relate together, it can help you greater understand the meaning of the dream. 

Consider Your Personal Relationship With the Color:

If your favorite color is hot pink, and you dream about it, that would mean something different to you than if you dream about yellow, your least favorite color.

Think carefully about your relationship with that color. Do you like it? How does it make you feel? What experiences in life have you had with that color? Do you often see it in your waking daily life or has it seemed to be more prominent than usual lately?

Remember the Context of the Dream:

The other dream symbols will certainly play a role in what the colors mean to you and help you find the meaning of the dream. If you are dreaming about that blue and yellow bird locked up in a cage trying to escape, that is different than dreaming about a blue and yellow bird singing on a tree branch.

Remember to Write Your Dreams Down:

Writing your dreams down as a daily habit will definitely help you be more likely to remember your dreams, as well as make it easier to interpret them. When you write down your dreams, try to include as much detail as possible about the colors of each object in the dream.

You can also try some of these alternative methods for keeping a dream journal or even get really colorful using our colored pencil dream interpretation technique to better understand what your dreams mean.

Think About Color Names and Different Shades of Colors:

There are thousands of colors and even more names for the basic colors, like turquoise, aqua, fuchsia, burgundy, olive, maroon, crimson, ivory…the list goes on and on.

If you happen to have a color like that in your dream, consider whether the name has any significance – then think about the qualities of that color – is it light or dark?

For example, colors like teal and turquoise are a shade of blue green. As you can guess, it has qualities of both blue and green. Burgundy is a deep, dull red color – which could signify a dulled passion or love interest for example.

Are there any colors we may have missed? Do you have any tips for interpreting dream colors you would like to share? Have you used these color dream meanings to help you interpret a dream? We’d love to hear from  you in the comments section below!

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  1. I dreamt that I got into an open jeep that another was driving and sh drove us up a hill that was covered in dull coloured brown green snakes .I felt calm but suggested we should drive back down and away from the snakes. Which the driver did. The driver agreed with me that snakes made her feel uncomfortable uncomfortable I said yes and that scorpion too that I saw isaw from the corner of my eye. The driver was surprised and said she had not seen the scorpion. I woke up. I am normally petrified of snakes so surprised I felt calm. Any ideas what this signifies?

  2. I dreamed that I was asleep and saw a blue and fold bright light coming them stepped out of room and came back and was on top of me squeezing me and pressing into the left side of my back. I woke up stiff and moved and my back was hurting in the same place where it was pressed on in my dream. What is going on?

  3. Last night I dreamt I dyed my hair black then cut it . Then I added highlights of bright shades of pink yellow and lime green . I felt happy then woke up ?

  4. I dreamed that me and my parents were on the way to a school to meet with the coach that was giving us his condolences on my brothers passing and for his funeral but I don’t have a brother in real life. As we are walking up the walk way of the school I run into a huge black and white striped snake and I screamed and it seemed to have startled the snake and it really started coming for me and my mom was trying to guard me and crying hard but I was calm and trying to push her back to guard her as the snake got closer and it struck out but I woke up before I knew who was bitten. I woke up calm but worried.

  5. I dreamed that a girl I did not recognize, had 4 short fat snakes in her hand and was giving them to me. The snakes were primarily white, with red and emerald green stripes going around their bodies. Their bodies were short and fat and tapered off quickly. Each snake was smiling at me… almost with a cartoonish grin. What could this mean? Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember anything else about the dream. Thank you for any help.

  6. Last night I dreamed a snapshot. I say it was that because it was an image that flashed to me. There was no dream before or after it. It was a lion looking straight at me. It was colored with every color, bright yellow, red, blue, green, clear, purple, white. If there was any black it was an outline. I cannot find what the symbolism of multi-colored means. Feedback appreciated. Thanks.

  7. Saw a purple and red colours in my dream what does it mean. Also saw pink, peach and white colour foaming beautifully in the sky

  8. I had a dream once, where I woke up to the warmth of the sun peering through the sides of a curtain that was a shiny gold. I was laying next to someone but I could not see their face. The bed was warm and cozy with soft sheets that were also gold. The blanket was a large down comforter with a cover that was both shiny gold with white moroccan type design. The walls were a rich grassy green like the blanket of a spring meadow and it had bright shiny gold diamonds that were connected point to point in straight lines going down the walls. The gold on the walls reflected the light of the sun causing an interesting effect on the room. It felt familiar but new at the same time. When I woke up in real life I could smell fragrant flowers that eventually faded away as I gathered myself for the day.

  9. I dream of my auntie together with her husband that they are wearing color green and ride in a green car even the garbage bin is green and I laughed to much. We cooked pizza the sauce is shiny red and the cheese is put in a big tank.I hope someone will interpret my dreams thank you in advance.

  10. I dreamt about changing from a green school dress to a blue school dress but I first asked my friend for hers .Somehow I decided to go get mine at home though I some how took it out of my bag. Then I went to school .I began feeling like I was suppose to go to another school then I remembered I was going to that school next year. I went to an Asian friend of mine (her sister was there) and we began plying with or hair but it seems like mine was loved more (I have long African natural hair that everyone at school likes).Then we lined up in a line for price giving day ( there were only clever people but my friends were not there though they are clever but not more than me and a good friend of mine who I played with last year in grade 7 was there but we are not in the some school)

    (another dream) I was wearing the some outfit that someone who I am kind like a big fan of wore. A white T shirt and black trousers .

    (another dream) I was in a very nice car learning to music .The voice sing the song sounded like the one of my favorite singer. But I later relies it was my voice when I look at the playlist as I wanted to reply it. Thought there was another name but it seemed to be mine. I looked out the window and saw two woman who seemed to be about .(the song was about abuse)(when I was listern to it I was also sing along and felt like I kwew the song thought I did not)

  11. I dreamed about multiple snakes getting into my hotel room they were black with red on the head, some all black, and blue. They were all kind of small/medium size. In my dream I was trying to find out where they were coming from and then I realized they were coming from a room which for some reason had a hole on the floor I looked down it was lit and seen more snakes coming at that point I started feeling kind of scared I was trying to avoid them they meren’t really attacking. Once I laid down in my dream I saw a little black snake get on me and woke up trying to get the snake off me and realized it was just a dream.

  12. Hello, I had a dream last night that I had a tank full of snakes, and unbeknownst I had a boa constrictor that woke up. It was underneath the bedding it shifted from yellow to orange for the body and when it rose, it looked directly at me and had human like eyes and then they shifted to snake eyes. It was so weird and then it pushed its head and lifted the tank open!! I kept trying to push the head back down and in yet it was too strong and got out!! I tried to capture it in a pillowcase and then a trash bag but it kept getting out. Scared, nervous and anxious I ran and woke up!!! Please help me understand what this means???

  13. I dreamt that that I wanted to paint an old wall and later my desk with nevy blue but I pick Meron colour however the colour turns out light brown after painting moreorless the same colour with the wall and desk but the difference is the painted ones turns out smooth and shiny.

  14. I dreamed on a day time, a shot glass with purple liquid on it on top of a sparkling bright white tabletop. It’s just a sudden nap that awakens me instantly thinking what doest it mean?

  15. I dreamt of a pink with dark spotted snake (like boa) kept trying to enter the house through front door many times and we kept pushing it trying to get rid of it. Everytime it try to enter we managed to push it away with a big wood. It almost slithered into a hole inside the house and we managed to pull it out and throw it. And it was looking at us and we closed the door thinking it will try to come in and we told to each other we must secure the house

  16. i dreamed that my ex stole my green perfume and i caught her but instead of being mad at her i give it away and buy another green perfume for myself what does it mean please reply thank you and God Bless

  17. I dream that I was jumping from a big bush that was in Clift. The bush color was yellow and black. In my dream someone was showing me to jump over the bush. if I did that I will go back to the same spot. That person said that it was a magic tree. But I jump between the bush. I was so happy jumping but I did not go back to the same spot. I was falling happy and worried thinking that I should jumpy over not between the bush.

  18. I had a dream that I walked into my living room and seen my pet cat fall through the floor and all of the sudden these mice (which I am so scared of but not in this dream) started gnawing holes and headed towards my front door. They were yellow and so cute my daughter actually tried to pet one but it scurried out the door. We me and my 2 children go to my front porch and head to the driveway when we hear a big noise. We turned to see a HUGE ugly brown rodent or kangaroo gnawing its way out of my roof and fall onto the porch. We jumped in our car and drove away. My husband was not in my dream. It was strange but so stuck in my mind this morning when I woke up but I can’t understand what it means !

  19. I had a dream about multiple snakes in multiple colors. I took them to where I live. Don’t know why. The thickest/biggest one was black. Looked like it lived in a swamp. Others were hot pink (small), yellow with white (boa constrictor), red (small), light pink (medium). Me and the other women worked together to get them out of the house. We were successful. The boa constrictor wrapped itself around one lady but she handled it well, was never scared, and got rid of it. I trapped one and gifted it to the neighbor. It did bite me a bit before giving it to him, but it didn’t hurt nor was it concerning. There was fear in getting them out but not intense. What was interesting is I could remember each one of them (size and color) so it helped us get them all out. Reflecting now that I’m awake. The biggest one (black one) was not removed bc I forgot about it.

  20. I dreamed that my late grandfather was with me at a cookout, all the decorations weather it was party containers, to lanterns were all turquoise which is also my favourite colour. He told me he loved me very much, in which I started to cry in my dream, I usually don’t remember most of my dreams. I woke up still crying because, I knew he wasn’t here physically.

  21. Dreamt someone very close to me was wearing different pieces of clothes with different colours,and print which ,she would never wear in real life.
    She was standing at the center of the road laughing with her sister on the side of the road.
    At the end i saw an extra tall person walking on long sticks , ran pass the same street also wearing a multicoloured dress . What does this mean

  22. I dreamt w/my son’s deceased friend (she accidentally OD). We were in a white room, and painting part of the room in lilac and then I decided to paint a portion of it in teal. I woke up happy then the sensation of happiness went away because why had I chosen teal to paint a portion of that wall. The deceased friend was happy and laughing in the dream. I’ve only seen pictures of her but never met her in person. What does this mean?

    • Hi Iris, the color teal takes on tranquility of blue and green, while lilac is often also associated with spirituality and calmness. You may want to look into our post on Visitation dreams, I have had many dreams of friends who have accidentally OD’d and a peaceful dream about them to assure me they are OK in the afterlife.

  23. I dreamt of being in the middle of the sea to visit a certain statue and when we were approaching the spot, a black snake come through me and bit me in the the neck,I was shocked and a bit scared .Then, I told my husband about it in the dream and he was not even worried. What do you think the dream means?

  24. (1)Dream about loosing my shoes….(2)dream of watermelon (3)dream of child in red black and white stripe dress fall in manhole..

  25. I saw white n black color in my dream in morning time 6am to 9am. There was a big panda with prominent colours of black n white. Firstly, the panda attacked on me in anger then later on became my good friend. Panda was slightly injured. What is the interpretation of this dream.

  26. Am very impressed here, with the sound expressions I got over my dream research today 30/10/2017 “Receiving Green based Coloured Suit from the hanger of Green Suits of sizes, which mine was with mixed with black and carton colour; like military camo at the front and pure Green at the back and it long slive of the Suit sir”. God bless your ideas of helping my destiny as a dreamer. Thanks!

  27. I had a dream that some paint came at me like a ocean wave and the color of paint was red white and blue thought I was going to drown but it went away and I was ok

  28. I dreamed of a snake that has a color of orange and black, in my dream i was in our bathroom and i just finished pooping and then there’s this a hole in our bathroom which is like a drainer in our bathroom, there i see the snake body, i see it in sideways,it was in it round shape because i see a two layers of it and it was moving so i stared at it to see which side it’s going from, it was moving backwards and to my surprise it was already the head of the snake that i was seeing(it was on sideways) then it suddenly face to me and attacked with it’s mouth wide open, i used the water dipper that i was holding a shield but that was enough as a shield so it attacked me again face to face as if it was going to devoured me and the next thing happened i woke up in shocked with my heart beating fast. What does it mean? By the way it’s my second time dreaming of a snake, the first one was color yellow that entering to our house through our windows but that was 4 years ago? I think.

  29. I dreamed about seeing a small tree with pink leaves. It is submerged into a clear river. Me and my husband are there looking at that beautiful tree. I feel so happy on that moment. Above us, is a big tree that is color purple. It is very old… and we can see purple fluids coming out from that big tree.

  30. Lastnight I woke up from a terrible dream…there was a dark green snake in my house I was the only one tryna to killl it my other to siblings were helping a lil and also on of their friends. At one point me and my sister were in the room & my lil brother and his friend where in another with the snake and I also have a 2 year old son & it bit him!! ???????? can anyone help me with this never experience a dream like this before

  31. Hi can you help me? My dream took a turn when randomly i got told ‘The black figure’ by a voice i did not know – just a voice-and lots of images of black objects flashed before my eyes- inanimate objects like spray bottles, can, bottles, figures…
    I felt like i had to be wary of them and a warning as they appeared on a red background. Then a black cat passed me on the street when i left the house the cat was on a black bike. It was not cycling but staring at me on the moving bike that controlling itself as it goes past. I turn and its replaced with a small white dog on the same black bike but this dog seems in control cycling- however impossibke as it cant reach the peddals. I video the dog in awe

  32. I dreamt of a derelict condition of a place which is my current restaurant. In the dream, we closed it due to water seeping from the 2nd floor room which is undergoing a renovation. I was so mad and pissed. Suddenly i saw a gray cat with big beautiful purple eyes. It came running towards me and i called her. She was somewhat aloof at first until i was finally able to carry and per her. I hope you could help me interpret this dream of mine.

  33. I dreamt that the sky was beautiful with deep turquoise colour and the clouds were reddish. I was trying to capture if in my phone and found that there were some symbols in it.

  34. Good day sir,in my dream I saw that the cloud were bringing a Snow n the color was pink n purple,I hardly see because of how much the snow filled everywhere. Everyone with me were happy.after DAT police arrested someone in the dream.but the cloud were still ful with pink n purple.

  35. I had a dream about some snakes but the were a pretty royal blue and gold and in my dream, somebody told me they were maiting. (making a baby) I don’t know why I saw those colors but their stuck in my mind

  36. I had a dream about some snakes but the were a pretty royal blue and gold and in my dream, somebody told me they were mailing. (making a baby) I don’t know why I saw those colors but their stuck in my mind

  37. Hello, this is my 2nd time have a dream about a lavender snake, the first dream it was a purple snake. In my recent dream I was in an indoor pool with my 1 yr old baby. The snake was also in the pool chasing us slowly in a playful way and also flying slowly above our heads chasing us. My child & I were a little scare but not really with little smiles. There was also a strange woman sitting over us on the edge of the pool just watching. She seemed very comfortable with the snake. What does this lavender snake dream means?.

  38. I just had a dream that may room colour was changed & painted to the colour pink, I don’t hate the colour since I do have a shirt & a hat that is pink. What would that mean?

  39. First time since my mum died in 1983 I dreamt of her..
    she kept calling my name telling me to open my eyes to look at her.. I refused because I new if I opened them she would disappear…
    I was also looking in a mirror with myself wearing a policewomans hat??


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