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Backpack and BookBag Dream Meaning

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Bookbags and Backpacks have been used by travelers and students for centuries. It’s no wonder that most of us have dreamed about a backpack at some point or another. So what does it mean to dream about a backpack? Let’s explore this question together below.

Bookbags and Backpacks as a Symbol for Our Burdens

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Just like a backpack can be heavy when it is loaded with books, the backpack as a dream symbol always holds symbolic weight.

Many of us carry around a lot of “baggage” in life. Maybe you have things from your past that you’d rather not think about, or maybe you have a lot of responsibilities that leave you feeling drained.

We experience a lot of burdens in life:

  • Financial burdens
  • Emotional burdens (anxiety, depression, etc)
  • Physical Burdens (illnesses, chronic pain)
  • Balancing Relationships

The burdens that we carry through life can be represented by the backpack that we dream about.

Often times this dream symbol will appear when we are feeling overburdened by life in general. You may also be trying to take on more responsibilities than you are able to handle

Sometimes the baggage that holds us back is an experience or person from our past. We may be so caught up in past events that we forget to live in the present moment.

Female travelers with backpacks in the forest

Backpacks as a Symbol for Independence and Self Reliance

We can also see the backpack as a symbol of independence and self-reliance. Hikers are often able to survive for days, even weeks, on just a few things they have packed in their backpacks.

Think back to your very first day of school as a child. Your bookbag was a sign that you were ready to leave home and try to experience life without your parents. You went on an adventure to learn new things and meet new people.

Dreaming about a backpack can be a measure of how prepared you feel in life. It can mean that you are ready to try new things on your own. It can mean that you are ready to take more control over some element of your life – you are ready to accept your responsibility in making things better for yourself.

what it means to dream about a backpack

What it Means to Dream About a Backpack or Book Bag

There are many ways we can see backpacks and bookbags in our dreams. Let’s look at some common scenarios and what they mean.

If you see a bookbag at school in your dream, it means that you are feeling burdened by the weight of the past. You may feel like you know better now than you did when you were younger.

To dream of carrying a book bag on one shoulder means that you are feeling off-balance. You may be trying to juggle your responsibilities and are having a hard time making time for what you really want to do in life.

To dream of an empty backpack means you feel like something might be missing in your life. You may feel as if you are unprepared to handle the obstacles in your life. On a more positive note, this dream may be a sign that you are ready for change.


To dream of an old bookbag represents familiarity and routine. You know how to deal with life’s challenges because you have experience.

If you are hiking in the woods with a backpack, it can mean that you are seeking new adventures and opportunities to get out on your own. You may be trying to establish your independence to break free from the control of others.

To dream that someone is stealing your backpack represents something that you were holding onto for too long. It can also mean that someone in your life is trying to take control of the situation from you.

To see a group of people carrying backpacks in your dream means that you may feel like you are going through life alone, or that you need to find like-minded people you can connect with. While it is good to be independent and self-reliant, it’s also important we remember we need other people to survive.

To see a group of soldiers with backpacks can mean that you may be currently going through some difficulties in your life. You may need to be resourceful in order to overcome these challenges. You may feel as if your past is trying to attack you.

To dream of a bookbag inside of a locker means that you are procrastinating and putting off an important responsibility. You need to take care of this problem now, or it will weigh on your conscience.

Dreaming about a backpack in a library means you are not sure about what direction to take in your life. Things may not be what they appear on the surface and you need to do some more research before striking it out on your own.

Carrying a backpack on a train means that you are thinking about your past and trying to find your place in life. You may be looking for a connection to move on from the past to start a new future. See what it means to dream about a train.

To dream of carrying a backpack on a plane means that you are trying to keep yourself grounded, even when everything around you is changing or moving very fast. You know what’s important is keeping yourself together above all else. See airplane dream meaning.

Longboard and backpack on a bench.

To see a broken backpack in your dream implies that you need to let go of the past in order to move forward. You are struggling with some aspect of yourself, but you will overcome it soon enough.

If you dream of the zipper breaking or jamming on your backpack, it means that you are having a hard time dealing with your daily problems. You may not know how to get out of a negative situation or are struggling with a bad habit.

To carry a backup upstairs means that you are working hard to overcome your current challenges in life.

If you are carrying your book bag downstairs, it can mean that your work ahead for you may be easy to get through. See the dream meaning of stairs.

To see someone hugging their backpack in your dream represents how they are holding onto the past. They may be clinging too tightly to something from their means that you need to communicate your feelings more effectively. You may have been bottling up your emotions and this is causing problems in your relationship.

Questions to Ask About Your Backpack Dream

To best understand what your dream means, ask yourself these questions:

  • What were the contents of the backpack? What is inside the bag?
  • What color is the backpack?
  • Where did the dream take place?
  • What people were present in the dream?
  • How did I feel about this dream when I woke up?
  • What things in my life currently feel like a burden?
  • What things in my life make me feel independent?

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Did you have a dream about a bookbag or backpack? Share your dream and what you think it means in the comments section below!

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