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Airplane Dream Meaning

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Dreaming about an airplane can mean that you are feeling ungrounded in your life and that the direction of your journey is unclear. This can also be a symbol for your anxieties and worries that need to be addressed. In this post we’ll cover the many different things airplanes symbolize in dreams.

It is important when interpreting a dream about an airplane that you take into consideration what else is happening in the dream, such as who or what you come across, where you are going, how you feel, or whether anything specific happens.

Plane in Sky

What it Means to Dream About an Airplane

Here are some common themes we see with airplane dreams.

Freedom and Liberation

Flying in an airplane in a dream can symbolize freedom and liberation from responsibility. Freedom is an important aspect of air travel, you can travel to anywhere you like and your only worry is getting there safely.

We often seek freedom in our lives in a number of different ways. At the most basic level, we have the freedom to move about and explore our environment without being restricted by our physical location.

We also seek freedom from responsibility and responsibility-related guilt and shame. We sometimes feel that we are not ‘good enough’ in order to deserve our freedom from these burdens. In some cases, we want to leave a place because we don’t want to deal with the people or circumstances there anymore.


An airplane in a dream can also be a symbol for success. It can represent your ability to soar above your problems and troubles. This is a good dream to have if you are feeling ungrounded or disconnected from your direction in life. It can also mean that you have work left for you to do before you can feel complete.

In a dream, the view from the sky is often awe-inspiring. Flying in a plane is one way to get that view without climbing up a mountain or being an astronaut!

Businessman in airplane

#Experiencing a Loss or Change of Status

Planes can also symbolize change in your life. For example, you could be flying with the people of your dream, but then the plane falls out of the sky and you are left in a place that is completely different than where you started. This can be a sign that your life is changing for the better, but it could also mean that you have had enough of something in order to make changes or cut ties from it.

Feeling In Control

Airplane cockpits have a lot of different controls. If you are flying an airplane, it’s quite likely this dream is about how in control you feel about a situation. Flying the plane with ease means that you are feeling calm and collected about a situation in life. On the otherhand, if the plane is crashing while you are driving it, it’s quite possible you are feeling like things in your life are out of control.

Flying a plane is also a big responsibility, as the lives of all the passengers are at stake. Not surprisingly, an airplane in a dream can also signify being thrust into responsibility before you are ready.

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Airplane Dream Interpretation Examples

Now that we’ve gone over the common themes we see in dreams about airplanes, let’s look at some specific examples of ways you might see an airplane in your dreams and what it means.

Riding in an Airplane:

If you are riding an airplane in your dream, it’s important to consider how you feel during the dream. Are you dreading going somewhere or are you excited to enjoy the view and looking forward to reaching your destination?

If you are looking forward to the trip, you may be ready to move on in your life. On the other hand, if you are feeling apprehensive about the trip or feel like you’re in a rush, it could mean there is something that you are avoiding.

In some cases, riding in a plane can be seen as a symbol for getting away from something that’s bothering you. It could mean that you are wanting to get away from some person or some situation in your life that is causing you pain. You might be looking for an easy way out of a difficult situation.

Plane with Trails

Dreaming About People on an Airplane

If the plane is full of people, this can represent your feelings about other people in your life and how you feel about your relationships with them.
If you dream of being on a crowded airplane, it can mean that you are feeling overwhelmed by something in your relationships.

If the plane is empty, you may have a fear that no one cares about you, or that others consider you to be insignificant.

If you are sitting in a plane alone with someone else, it could signify a connection and bond with that person. You may share a similar goal and vision for the future.

Escaping From an Airplane

If you dreamed of escaping in an airplane, it is likely that you are feeling a sense of hopelessness and trapped.  You may feel as though there is no where you can go to escape from your current situation. It may be time to get off the ground and move on from the past.

If you were able to safely escape from the airplane before it crashed, this could be a way of telling you to be prepared in your life. If you are thinking of taking a risk in life, be sure that you do your research and take care to minimize the risks of problems.

Dreaming of a Plane Crash

A plane crash can be a scary thing. We are all aware of the dangers that come with flying, but it’s never a good idea to bring such thoughts into our dreams. If you were thinking about a plane crash in your dream, you might be feeling fear over something in your life.

Flying takes a lot of skill and practices, so if you were flying an airplane in your dream and it crashed, this could mean that you are worried about the skills or abilities that you are practicing. It could also mean that you have been behaving recklessly lately.

Airplane looking down at a city.

Airport Chaos

Being stuck in an airport can signify that you are no longer moving forward, as though you’ve gotten stuck. It is a time where there is a lot of disorganization, chaos, and confusion.

Dreaming About a Toy Airplane

Seeing a toy airplane in your dream can mean that you are feeling like you are being held back by a lack of resources or money. It might be time to expand your horizons in life and reach for something new.

As with most dreams, there is no one meaning for an airplane dream, so it is important to remember this as we explore the various meanings of a plane dream.

To learn more about how to interpret your dream about an airplane, check out our article on How to Interpret Dreams.

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  1. 2 huge fat airplanes took off in different directions, like the speed of lightening! One went to the right. It twisted as it took off with lightening speed and the other simply went straight up to the left, diagonally.
    There was an expectation that they would return with a crash! I screamed and sobbed, then woke from dream. It felt like something left me and I was overwhelmed with grief.

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