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Clouds Dream Meaning

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Wondering what clouds mean in dreams? Do you notice clouds often as a sign and symbol in your daily waking life?

Understanding what clouds can mean can give you a lot of insight into what is happening in your life that you should pay attention to!

Clouds Dream Meaning

In general, dreaming of clouds often occurs in situations where the dreamer may need to have greater faith in waking life but due to fear or anxiety is unable to overcome these concerns.

Clouds may also indicate deep rooted fear or anxieties as well as wonders, hopes and desires of our internal self. Clouds also bring life providing water to the earth in the form of rain, and so can suggest there is new growth in some area of your life.

Here are some common associations for what clouds mean in dream:

cloud dream symbol meaning

Faith and Hope: We often associate clouds with heaven and having faith. Seeing clouds reveal a ray of sunlight could be an indication of staying hopeful about a situation.

Finding Clarity: Clouds can give you a message that you either need to find more clarity and focus in your life, or it could mean, if the clouds are being lifted or moving away, that you are about to understand something more deeply.

Changes Ahead: Clouds often are a sign of changing weather. From storms to bright and sunny skies. If the clouds are moving or you notice that the weather is changing in your dream about clouds, then you may want to ask yourself if there are any upcoming changes in your life that you might be nervous about.

fog clouds dream meaning

Feeling Confusion: Clouds can sometimes make it hard to see everything, especially when they are low in a fog. If you are dreaming of fog clouds, you may be in a situation where you need more information before moving ahead or you may want to proceed with caution. Fog clouds show that you may be feeling uncertain about something.

Reaching Goals: There are many sayings about clouds and reaching goals. For example, “building castles in the sky” is an expression and saying that means you may not have realistic goals. Clouds can mean you are trying to reach a goal but are having a hard time in succeeding. Ask yourself: Is this goal realistic?

Being Ungrounded: Being ungrounded means you are not facing reality in your day to day everyday life. You might be caught up in ideas or feel a lot of ranging emotions that change often. Another possibility is you are doing activities in your life trying to escape responsibilities or obligations. The clouds in a dream might be a subtle message that means, “come back down to reality”.

types of dreams

Other Special Things to Consider When Dreaming of Clouds

While the above meanings very well may help you understand what your dreams mean about clouds, it is also important to take into consideration what the clouds are doing in the dream and what types of clouds you might encounter.

Paying attention to these details can help you better understand the dream meaning and what is happening in your life that is coming to the surface of your consciousness.

Clouds Clearing to Reveal Sunlight

sunlight reflecting on clouds

The clearing up of beliefs and sensations, or pains, that have clouded your recognition of your innate being and held you back from the wisdom of your existence.

Seeing the sunlight come through the clouds can also be a symbol to remind you to stay hopeful in your current life situations.

Clouds Covering the Sunlight

Attitudes, fears as well as inner problems that cover your genuine self, your resource of power and also imagination. These clouds alert you of the current blockages to your core self and suggest that you must work through them to become who you want to be, not who everyone else wants you to be.

Flying in the Clouds

This can either have to do with a feeling of on your own without the common constraints of physical body, of principles discovered in a materialistic culture– or shedding touch with your day-to-day life and also running away right into imagination.

Developed Clouds (square, round, etc.)

A hidden influence is shaping your thoughts or feelings. It is necessary to note just what feelings you have regarding such clouds in your dream, as this brings a clue to what their message means for you.It is also important to identify the source of this new influence and decide whether or not it is positive for you.

Moving Clouds

big puffy clouds

Clouds constantly move, and dreaming of clouds in motion may suggest that something important is entering your life and thoughts.

It is important to take notice of the new events, experiences and opportunities coming into your life, because if you do not seize the moment and focus your energies on obtaining them, they may pass you by, just as the clouds in the sky keep moving until they are out of sight.

Bright White Clouds

Normally sensations of enlightenment or spirituality are at play if the dreamer sees puffy, white clouds. They could also symbolize your ability to to remain optimistic during challenging situations in your waking life.

Gray Clouds

Dreaming of gray clouds often eludes to high levels of anxiety in waking life and/or feeling overshadowed by something. Such dark clouds are occasionally a warning concerning things we plan to do in the near future or are embarking on. They reveal we are not feeling good or certain about it and that careful thought must be given before going forward on this path.

Black Storm Clouds

Seeing black storm clouds in a dream often indicates strong emotions you are having about a certain situation or person. They may also bring awareness of trouble brewing in your life in the very near future. Proceed with caution, live as peacefully with others as possible and make amends if you feel you have recently wronged someone, before they seek to take revenge on you.

Rolling Clouds

These could either illustrate being lost in your ideas, emotions or life path without a clear direction, or a solid change or feelings.

Have you recently had a cloud dream? What do clouds mean for you as a symbol? Please feel free to share it, and what you think it means for your life in the comments below.

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  1. I dreamed about dark clouds with skull on it? Can somebody reply to me and give me some piece of advice?

  2. A very thick cloud has an opening and a very strong hand reaching out. Then the whole thing goes away. It was a wow moment and thought of it all day, was it pointing or reaching out.

    1. Was walking in a farm with my grandma and I saw really dark clouds coming our way and my grandma turned her back ad went the other way while I went the other way…but the clouds kept moving towards me

      1. I saw something like this yesternight, only that this was only one cloud dark asf and it was whistling out to me.

  3. My dream last night has me fighting with a demon (I washed everything with holy water and recited Latin rites at it but we became tolerant of each other)
    But there was also a massive black wall of rolling clouds moving closer. It was pitch black and consumed every thing. A vauge face appeared in it too. There was a cliff with a large drop but a girl climbed around it to get to this strange open mountain top. There was something calling her to stay even as the clouds got closer. She made it back safely though. There was also a cluttered house that had cats and millions of rats. The rats swarmed something and the cats were being left alone.
    I have no idea what it means, but coupled with the weird eyes in the sky dream and the one where I was having an allergic reaction I’m kinda concerned.

  4. I had a cloud dream a couple of nights ago, I dreamed I was looking out a window the window had shutters that were open as well the window has a screen as i was looking out there was this cloud that was moving and it was made of circles combined to form a shape of a lightbulb I had reached to get my phone in my dream to take a picture when I was getting ready to take the picture the cloud burst and the circles moved (reminded me like I was seeing a firework display) then the weather had changed to a funnel like a tornado cloud then there was a burst of water that came from out of no where rushing towards the window the I had reach to close the window which I could not close and through the screen I could feel just a sprinkling of water on my face cool and refreshing.

  5. I had a dream that there was something moving in the clouds and the sun was moving crazy also , then after it did that it stopped and was showing an image of something dark and a show but I didn’t see it people were going crazy we all thought it was beautiful in the beginning then just turn dark . I think it was an angel in the sky to warn us in what is coming in my dream I am a big believer in Jesus Chirst I have so much faith but this dream really woke me .

    1. I saw the same thing.. omg!! The cloud couldn’t be more black!! But a huge amount of water brake through my sliding door and I lost my senses…. I was urging my family but it had such a massive power… I found my self in the hospital and when I came back to the house the damn cloud was still there…. Outside my sliding door

  6. Last night, I had my first ever lucid dream. I was falling hastily in the sky, with storm clouds surrounding me and blocking my view from below. It was so dark, but still had rainbow of colors from the flashes of lightning. Out of no where, I see a shadow silhouette of a massive dragon looking at me with glowing eyes. It held it’s place by flapping it’s wings. I felt in awe (amazement) at the sight of the dragon, but then felt overwhelmed and anxious as the dragon was observing me (I didn’t know what the dragon’s intent was towards me, but it didn’t give me any malicious vibes).
    I wanted to be on the ground to feel secure, but took a bit to actually happen. I held my eyes shut, opened them to see if I was still falling (was still falling), felt irritated I wasn’t on the ground yet and shut my eyes once more. Before I opened them again, I was concerned that my landing would hurt and had to reassure myself that it wouldn’t. Opened my eyes, and found myself semi-sitting/laying on the ground (I recall it being concrete). I fixed my posture and noticed how the storm clouds were still above me with their stormy rainbow hue. It was beautiful yet held this overwhelming vibe.
    I don’t know what exactly my dream meant but I do hope to lucid dream again. I’m very curious what’ll happen next.

  7. Had my first cloud dream last night and I don’t know how to feel about it. My dream was about seeing these dark clouds surrounding our city. I had happened to get into an argument with my current bf cause I noticed he was talking to another female. So I packed me and my 3 kids a bag and took off in this storm. In the midst of driving we stopped at a gas station where I ran into my brother (who at this moment in life we’re not the closest since my mom passed in 2019) but he asked to use my car real quick I told him ok. So me and the kids went inside this gas station/ restaurant. And waited ended up getting stranded because he did he was in the next town which walking wise was not far. So the whole time this storm was escalating becoming bigger, but when I really focused I noticed this storm seemed alive! He and the kids took off walking to go get the car, I looked up right at the cloud and it was these black swirling cloud that were alive. They struck like lighting but were swirling around the things it attacked. For example it struck and swirled around the light pole right in front of us, instead of it just falling I watched it snap all the power lines and had them going crazy flicking all around. I instructed the kids to stay running it was then I noticed this swirling black cloud chasing right behind me. It was almost like a black entity right beyond me. I pushed my kids into this building to get away from it. And while looking outside I noticed it was now circling around this building we were in just waiting for us to come out. (I then woke up so my dream is over) I don’t know what it means but that black cloud was scary. I kind of feel it’s something or someone creating darkness in my life and I’ve got to let go but idk. What do you guys think??

  8. I had a dream like this- A baby was in salon after he sees me he smiles at me for couple days, one day I am in that salon to have a hair cut and the barber handover the kid to me and says adopt this baby. i accepted the baby, I carry the baby and after moving out of salon the climate changes something like strange things web series clouds changes. The clouds are moving in horizontal ways. We are happy for some time we are smiling at each other i built a strong bond with the baby, Then i said to the baby that i cant adopt him and he didn’t believe first and stares, smiles at me. For Sometime the baby played around me and i keep watching him play. Then he realize my words what actually meant and started crying and said “don’t live me, I am an orphan and i want to stay with you” for the first time and this is the first i hear he spoke to me since i taken care of him after that barber give him to me. After seeing the baby cry it broke my heart and my heart felt heavy and I started to cry with him by taking him into my chest, We both cry a lot. When we cried enough i made him stop crying and then the baby cool down and I started drawing a tree on the wall and it is big tree this situation made the baby very happy and he totally cool down and started staring at me in a way that to take him into my hands and i took him into my hands and i started drawing the tree again. After completing the Tree its green with some yellow shades at the end of leaves and it is a tree with coconut Tree leave all over it. The baby starts smiling at me which he didn’t stop after i started painting the tree. The baby was very cute that my eyes can’t stop with happy tears when he sees directly into my eyes. My eyes can’t wait to see his smile and he can understand my words from the starting but he only spoke to me when i said i can’t adopt him.
    The main two things in my dream are i can’t be away from the baby and I am unmarried and the clouds change there way vertically to horizontal moving which are faded into pieces and they are really close to us. But the whole time i was carry the baby in hands except the time that i said i can’t adopt him and i can’t stop imaging the baby face even after i woke up from the dream, its like the feeling that the baby face is registered in my mind and i want see the baby face in real world immediately and i would paint the baby if I am really a artist.
    Can any body explain what my dream meant. It really means something to me if I find the meaning of this dream.

  9. Hello. Just now, I dreamed of seeing clouds in my dreams and I’m bothered cause I’m mostly dreaming about someone else’s death. But I get to dream something else 3/7 times a month. Anyway, In my dreams it was sort of some announcer talking infront then suddenly I saw a Lion-shaped cloud and notice it was moving. In my dream I told someone next to me about the cloud. Then it was moving forward from left to right. The next thing I saw was a wolf and tiger together. And then there’s dragon. And different animals. (I forgot the pattern) But then there was a fireworks after. Mind telling me what does this means? Please.

  10. Robert Villarreal RoDreami of a reddish cloud dripping bodies having the few feeling of eminent danger or I can since something coming but I could not move my body says:

    Dreaming of a reddish cloud dripping bodies having the few feeling of eminent danger or I can since something coming but I could not move my body

  11. I had a dream that white and black clouds were crashing into each other creating a sphere and then exploding. I could see out in the distance they were crashing and exploding everywhere. To my left they were just exploding and to my right they explode and some turn into tornadoes. I didnt feel fearful but I’ve had many dreams like this.
    I do struggle with myself often in the waking life and there are many things in the world I’m uncertain about so its probably just me wanting it to mean more when in reality its probably just my personal beliefs crashing with current events and changes in the world. When I was a child I had these dreams too. And when I was little I was terrified of the tornadoes and they would chase me. Now I no longer fear them and the tornadoes often curve around me or go in another direction away from me. Its more as if I’m observing whats happening.

  12. I had a dream about a cloud and there was a bright moonlight shining through. The next morning it was raining what is the meaning of this revelation

  13. I saw the clouds being sucked in by the sky and a helicopter passed it was almost sucked in too but it fell in between our neighbours house and ours burnt everything but left our living room and bedroom with soot and nothing was burnt at all

  14. I had a dreams recently,
    I don’t know why but somehow I, was above the clouds. and in the dream i saw a man walking on the clouds towards me, i couldn’t see how he looked like but i remember he had a piece of black clothing. For some reason i started to freak out and i felt like i was stuck in a cage, i was trying to run but i couldn’t get out, i knew it was a dream and i was trying to get out of the dream, and eventually I did.

  15. I dreamed last night that there was a black cloud Shaped like a square with two red eyes hovering in the air. My kids and I was outside looking at it, trying to see which way it was going. Then it headed our way we all tried to run into the house, but we all did not make it. The cloud stopped in my front yard looking around for a place to get inside of my house. There was a crack in the door and it came through that crack it was hovering in the air in my living room I felt it’s evil present. What kind of meaning does that dream have???

  16. I dreamt I had a supercellrotating above my neighborhood. It seemed light in color. I must’ve gone inside because the next time I am outside the cloud has stopped moving and has descended to almost 4 feet above the ground. There’s a chunk that juts out from it like 10 feet long and 4 ft tallx3 ft wide. There was an opening at the end almost like it was a snout and it allowed me to look inside. Basically it looked like a toothless mouth and the top of the inside looked wavy like the roof of a mouth. And that was it. Then i remember telling friends about it and woke up.

  17. In my dream, I was sad and on the verge of crying and i saw my mother sitting on the terrace and keeping her head down indicating that she was sad too. There were grey clouds in sky as if it was about to rain so i was about to cry i decided to brisk walk to channel that energy and when I completed a round I saw A huge man and A huge skeleton made up of black clouds i was so confused what could it possibly mean?

  18. In my dream, I was looking out the window of a house that I think I had just bought or recently started living in. There was a vast, grassy field, a forest to the right and light grey clouds moving very quickly from left to right. Once those clouds had disappeared into the tree line, black smog or smoke clouds started to billow out from the tree line. They moved fast, but at the moment they emerged I could see a yellowy orange, possibly even a little red hue in the distant portion of the fog. The dream ended without explanation regarding this dark cloud.

  19. I had a dream of many people looking at the sky so I went out of my house to see what they’re looking at and I saw many bright white clouds in a blue sky but one of the white clouds was on fire. I have not found anything about clouds on fire.

    1. Hi Rachel, fire often signifies change and transformation, much like clouds! Fire is also fueled by air, so that could be another part of the meaning of your dream. Our post on fire symbolism in dreams might give you a little more insight – thank you for sharing your dream with us!

  20. I saw a dream of clouds forming the shape of god’s – and blessing me – what does it indicate – I felt happy as I woke up

  21. I had a dream I was with my mom and some other girl i didnt know her really but we were from a competition.Just before us we saw a cloud in the air it looked like an inverted pyramid.But it was full of sand and it started to pour down to the surface.Just stood there and then I woke up🤔

  22. I had a dream last night about planting ginger on a cloud. Like i got myself a newly grown ginger and went up and planted it on the cloud. I was teaching the people on the ground on how to plant the ginger on the clouds. What does this dream mean?

  23. I dreamt of clouds that were the shape of gods hands and they were a beautiful color of an orange yellow sunset. Curious of what that could possibly mean.

    1. That sounds like a beautiful dream, Heather! You are the best person to know the message of the dream, but if it were my dream I would probably recognize it as a divine message from God for love, protection, and help. Thank you for sharing your dream experience with us!

  24. I had a dream of me standing outside then saw this clouds in form of skulls on sky .Pls can someone reply with the meaning thanks

  25. I dream that I am chasing a stormy cloud and I never end chasing it.. It turns out that after I lost the chase, I never get wet and when I come back to where I used to be, people or things are really wet … Can you tell me the meaning of it?

    1. Dream I meet my sister at a neice that is deceased It looked foggy outside I told my sister I was try of waiting for her because how the fog looked .my sister went for a swim and told me to come as we wanted for my neice So I did it was a pool that turn to black deep water ,I thought I was never touch the bottom I LIKE TO GAVE UP BUT I STARTED TO KICK MY LEGS AN GOT BACK TO THE TOP N MY SISTER WAS STILL IN THE POOL LIKE WATER THEN I WAKE U

  26. I had a dream last night I was in some sort of room, but I was definitely up in the clouds. The clouds were white and puffy with long trendils hanging down. I have always wanted to touch a cloud, so of course I reach my hand out in my dream! It was the most brilliant feeling. It was dirty though once my hands got through, I could see the grit and dirt. This is the first dream I can remember having about clouds.

  27. I took a nap today and I had a dream that I walked out my front door and the clouds in the sky where so dark like a sever storm was coming. I called to my daughter to get her Ipad so i could take pictures because my husband had my phone. The clouds are moving fast and as I’m trying to take the pictures they just stop and a very bright vivid rainbow appears in front of the dark clouds. Then I turn to my right and look east and white clouds form a dragon against the dark clouds. So I take a picture of that too, and then I wake up. Now I like storms, I always have for as long as I can remember, for some reason they calm me down if I’m in a bad mood or I get excited and watch them roll by.

  28. I dreamt of a pure black cloud that was moving incredibly fast and swirling rapidly unlike the other clouds behind it. They were grey and white. The Black cloud then stopped in from of me. It continued to swirl until it displayed an image. A skull. I don’t know what this would mean, but I’m assuming it’s got to do with death.

    1. It wasn’t exactly death. More like it’s a warning. Perhaps It tells you to be prepare to what you’ll encounter. BUT…

      “You MUST act FAST”

      A hint of some words: No Time Left?

  29. my dream last night really scares me. i saw a rolling black clouds falling to the sea and become big waves that hit our house that was just on the sea shore..
    what was that mean? i need an answer.. it bothers me a lot…

    1. i had this dream last night too! the exact same! for some reason my house was on the seashore, it was an eerie dusk with a reddish/purplish sky. i just watched as the clouds became pure liquid water and splashed into the sea. then a huge wave came and we ran for our lives. the only dialogue i remember from the dream is “RUN” and it’s really disturbed me. just seeing the clouds fall like that.

    2. I saw beautiful white clouds . They were moving.some of the clouds had taken shape of continents. I was able to figure out Africa in them.i was also able to see blue sky behind these clouds and the day seemed bright.

  30. I had a dream of a missle trail in the distance, then a low line of grey clouds came at night. They rolled in with a fast speed engulfing the street below as I was in a high level of a building. I became frightened as the building bagan to shift and I awoke in terror.

  31. I had a dream where I saw beautiful white billowing clouds over a landscape of fields of wheat waving in the breeze and then the clouds became a huge Angel that filled the sky and pointed at me??

  32. I was outside a store and my favorite clouds were everywhere. The bright white clouds. The clouds came to me surrounded me,covered me, in my dream I was excited and happy because i have always been drawn to the brightest clouds. But in the dream, the pure white clouds vanished and in its place was a beautiful and I mean a Beautiful naked man. I was no longer wearing clothes either. And it was absolutely the best dream ever.

  33. I had a dream about clouds, it was a mixture of grey and white clouds. They was hovering over the sky .. sort of like a how the fog sits over the city.

    The clouds was rolling at a steady speed, then moved fast and then another moment they wasn’t moving at all.. In my dream I had gone to get my sister to show her the clouds. But they wasn’t there anymore, well she couldn’t see them but I could still see them and they was disappearing. Almost like a vacuum.

    I believe my dream had a mixture of many meanings. The Last 6 months for me have been stressful. I am currently going through a debt relief/ bankruptcy also. As well as studying 2 days a week with exams every fortnight and working 4 days a week with one day to myself. As you can imagine it’s been very manic for me. I haven’t had much time to spend with my family and my partner.

    I have one more week to go before I complete my course and I can’t wait to start progressing with my business plan.
    I think my dream was showing that I was suffering with anxiety and it’s coming to a end, weight lifting off my shoulders.

  34. I saw a dream that i am cleaning a grave of one of my uncle who already passed away couple of years back then i saw black clouds moving very fast just want to know what does it mean

    1. I had. Dream about a little girl taking my blanket about and she got a little cute and we kick the girl out and everyone like that girl she took everything away from you and my big sister said we where going to chunky cheese for 1 dollar and then I saw a wave cloud and it hite the house part of it came off and I was with my big sister and we saw tree cutters and a guy joking about kicking it down on them and we saw a police going to them then and then me and my big sister when walking we had a umbrella so we could hide from them and then I saw a guy from school and said this is a dream/nightmare and woke up

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