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Pig Dream Meaning Interpretation

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Dreaming of a pig or piglet can mean a number of different things. Here we will cover some of the popular dream interpretation associations and meanings for dreaming about about a pig.

The Wisdom of Pigs as a Spirit Animals


You might be surprised to think of a pig as a spirit animal – especially if your first thoughts about pigs is that they are dirty or gross creatures. However, pigs are actually very friendly and intelligent – and so it only makes sense that they would come to us as messengers!

When pigs appear to us as a spirit guide or power animal, they are here to support us through our journeys in life.

Pigs can remind us to be playful, curious, and friendly in all of our matters in life. Pigs can also be a sign that we need to pay greater attention to our own surroundings and dealings in life.

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Pig?

If you have a dream about a pig, the first thing is to think of your first thought or association with pigs.

Do you think they are cute? Intelligent? Dirty? All of these things will help you determine which of these possible meanings might apply to your dream.

Also, carefully think about the other elements of the dream – how did the dream make you feel? What other events or symbols were in the dream?

Context can play a big role in determining which possible meaning applies best to you and your life.

Here are some common symbolic dream meanings for pigs:

Prosperity and Abundance: Dreaming of a pig can often symbolize abundance,as it is customary in some practices to place pig statues or symbols in the home to attract wealth and prosperity.

Feelings of Affection, Love, Friendship: Pigs are the color pink, which we often associate with love, attraction, and affection. You may have been craving this in a relationship.

Intelligence: Pigs are very intelligent creatures, and dreaming of one could signify that you have gained new knowledge or insight regarding a matter.

Newness: To dream of baby piglets with their mother, could signify the beginning of something new – whether it be a relationship or a business venture you hope will succeed and be profitable. It can also symbolize your desire to be nurtured or to nurture someone else, depending on the context of the dream. If you are dreaming of a baby pig, you may also want to look into the meaning of baby dreams.

To have a pet pig: Dreaming of having a pig as a pet can mean that you feel one of two things: Either you feel you have taken on a new responsibility, or it can mean that you enjoy the role of taking care of others or matters in business.

Feelings of Guilt, Shame, or Low-Self Worth: A dream about a pig may feel like you are on the chopping block or that you do not feel love towards yourself or another person, especially if your association with pigs is not a positive one.

Legal Concerns: Pig is a common slang term for police, and so for some people it could mean that you are having guilt over illegal dealings and fear police involvement or that you are concerned about authoritative figures in your life.

What experiences have you had with pigs? Do you have any dreams or thoughts you would like to tell us about? Share your thoughts on dream interpretation meanings for pigs and piglets below.

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  1. I had a dream of a pig trying to hold my neck tight/trying to kill me as its trying to sack blood out of the time I woke up I was feeling pain in the neck.thou I struggled so had.

  2. My piglet got shanked, and i got to hug it one last time before i 3d printer a coffin for it. loved that pig

  3. I dreamt of seeing a suffering pig in the woods. It’s body was torn open and ripped up but it was still breathing. I spent all night trying to find a way to save it and trying to find out how it happened or who did it to the pig.

  4. I dreamt that I was at a farm and saw a cute baby pig. We bonded right away and I wanted to take him with me so I stole him. Then people were chasing us to get it back.
    I think this signifies my new relationship I’m starting and how I think someone or something might mean to take it from me.

  5. I dreamt that I found a tiny piglet about the size of my little finger nail it was so small I kept losing it. But in my dream I liked it and wanted to care for it.

  6. I had a dream the other night that a piglet walked through a doorway and a small white dog came grabbed it by the neck took it outside and killed it with its teeth

  7. I dreamt of a party with a big fire in tbe middle and everyone was wearing pig heads -real ones that had been cleaned after butchering. Everyone was happy as I watched from the sidelines..???

  8. In my dream all the piglets of my farm has gotten loose out of Their shed. I managed to put them back but their pans were full of dirty puddles. And I picked a piglet to give it to someone but I felt sad to give it away and I put it back in the pan. He was very scared and didn’t move at all.asif he was fainted.

  9. I had a dream that a dead cut up pig I bought at the store came back to life and it birth a piglet and it started chasing me to bite me when it got closed to me I screamed and woke up.

  10. I dreamt that I was going home but I encountered a brown bull w lots of hair and tiny horns it stood right in my way and was pretty aggressive he just jumped here and there a broke many things but created a different way to go to my home I was pretty scared tho but I somehow gathered the courage and start to go on the new path but a brown pig started chasing me and I ran as fast as possible I was shit scared when I woke up

  11. I saw a pig giving birth to 4 piglets they all were ok and then I was comforting the mother pig.
    What this could mean??

  12. i had a dream my brother brought a live pig in my kitchen to cook, it was walking around my kitchen a big pink pig then i said to my brother i dont eat pork i will not touch it then i woke up, what does that mean

  13. I had A dream that i saw a medium pig(its clean and it was not totally black as if i can still see his pink skin.. its jus covered with few black hair of him.. ) and its lying or sleeping not sure in a bamboo made chair i wasnt feel afraid itwas as if it were my pet.. then it surrounded by green leaves..

    1. Last night I had a dream that I was hanging out with my cousins and there was a empty ditch so we all went in to it but after a couple seconds this ditch started to fill up with water then we started trying to get out but we couldn’t. But then we turned around and in the water was a bunch of hogs/big pigs were swimming torwards us. Then we tried harder to escape the ditch but we couldn’t, but then the water stopped about mid thigh length and we looked down at the sand witch was rumbling there was little dots like what you see at the beach on the sand in the water.. but then the top of the pigs back started rising then we all hopped on it and went in circles on the creek/ little island in the middle.. there’s other parts of my dream that were weirder but yeah
      (Ik this sounds really weird

  14. I had a dream that I saw some pigs two or three laying on my bed room floor in front of my door the room was dark but I could see these pigs a little piglet and a medium size pig I wasn’t afraid of them it was as if they were my pets. Protecting me. But I managed to get pass them without waking them then I woke up.

  15. The dream I had was traumatic; I dreamt that a pig came into the yard and killed another pig that was in the area and then this pig killed a family member. I then ran up to the scene and started to hit the pig with a shovel.

  16. I dreamed I had a pig. I turned it over and there was a note that said ” This pig is pregnant.”
    The pig then turned from a flesh color to pink. Then it started giving birth. It then reached down with its front legs and starts pulling the baby out by the umbilical cord. I was awakened before the baby was fully born.

  17. I dreamt of a pet piglet , a cute black baby so playful . Jumping around and falling in water and I carrying him all the time . I wish I had that piglet in real. The dream felt so delightful

  18. My sister did istekhara regarding marriage with a particular person as she got a match. She dreamt of pigs in istekhara dream. Could you please help me out what it means?

  19. In my dream I appeared to be pregnant and this half man half pig was let loose for only the purpose to charge and bite me. It sunk it’s teeth into my belly and it felt like it was draining all of my blood, as I started to feel lifeless I remember talking to myself in my head saying “rub his head” so I did then that pig started talking to me and turned into a man. What does that mean?

  20. In my dream i saw a head of a pig in my kitchen and also when looked down from my gallery saw a lot of dead pigs piled…i want to know the significance of it….

  21. I dreamt that I was at my ex’s house, they were throwing a party, and there were a lot of horned mini pigs, they were all very furry, most of them were just chillin, people didn’t seem to care about they’re presence. I sat down on the couch and started to pet a brown one that was sleeping there, and then there was this black and white one with bigger horns than the others, he started to jump and grunt, he really wanted to climb the couch after I sat, what scared me a bit, and my ex’s stepfather was like: “Nah, it’s fine”. I was going to ask him wtf were those lil horned piglets but then I woke up.

  22. I had a dream that I was watching 2 pigs like on a tv they were like cartoon characters. The one on the left was purple the one on the right was pink. The purple pig was crying she said “my name is Edita” I noticed the pink pig on the right was a good friend of the other but that was it. I woke up but the name Edita was very much on my mind so I looked it up and it is actually a female name Italian partly meaning wealth. I am though very concerned about why I didn’t get an explanation of why she was crying. This is during the current 2020 pandemic so it may have had something to do with that.

  23. i dreamt about a lake full of dead bloody pigs. there was a cemetery about 100 meters away from the lake. my friend was swimming in the water and opened her eyes under the water and saw all the butchered pigs and she screamed and got out. someone pleasee help me what does this mean?

  24. I had a dream I was in a huge college with lots of students some one screaming out my name sitting down or standing. I was walking up the stairs but we were pulling up on a rope like sheet once I reached the top we walked to a door a man opened it said come in. As we entered the room there were 2 giant size pigs one was in a box walking out of it the other one was looking directly at me. One of the friends said just walk so I did as I was approaching the back of the room the pig followed me and squeezed my leg I was in panic. I tried to run away but the pig wouldn’t let me after it freed my leg I tried to block it and push it with chairs it got really upset and still proceeded to follow me until I reached the front door I was able to fly as high up as possible until I was abled to come down open the door to free myself. Once the door was open a women came to me showed me a credit card and said I just wanted to see who this person was who donated this money. I knew it was me but I wanted it to be confidential so I took back the card and walked away. The women jus stared after and shut the door

  25. I just dreamt of coming across a new momma pig with lots of babies of wild/domesticated mix. Momma was all pink and some of the babies were pink, black like a wild boar and whitish pink with black spots. There were too piglets many to count. All so cute sleeping and or nursing. Mother was fat, calm and smiley. She even let us pick a few up unbothered. We found her in a shaded area around a water source like a river. Her birthing box crate was semi submerged in the fresh crystal clear water and you could see the piglets breathing below the surface. It was interesting to see them all content and sleeping under the rising waters.

  26. I dreamed of being trapped with a pink pig. That time I felt scared. Scared that it might step on to me or hurt me. The pig didn’t hurt me thou. I am just worried of the feelings I felt that time in my dream.

    1. I had a dream and during this dream I saw pig heads whitish pink. As I was leaving this place the heads looked black or covered in mud.

  27. I dreamt I was on a city street and saw a pig running. He wasn’t pink. He had grey patches. I called out to him and said.. I love pigs and don’t eat pork!. He came running back in a playful way and I started scratching his belly!.

  28. Morning, I dreamt of a lot of piglets not too small though, brown in colour, they were running around in an industrial area. Following me and my son as we were walking to an ATM and some of them following other people who were around the area, they were not hostile just pulling people with clothes, with an impression like they want to be played with. Please help interpret my dream and thanks.

  29. Hi
    I had a dream that a wild pig wants to marry me
    I was in a kind of a valley.
    There was a home, i was inside that home and the other side there was a door.
    Someone was knocking the door I thought its a human being i was about to open that door but someone told me not to open its a pig and he knocks like human so that you will open.
    He was trying to push the door and I was trying to hold it, I was scared that he will break the door.
    The door was getting hot because of the warmthness of pig.
    I was feeling the warmthness on my body as well.
    I was unable to hold that door.
    Someone asked me and said I will hold it.
    You should escape from other side.
    I started running from other side as the pig can’t find that side, I was not alone when i was escaping I dnt remember who was with me but it was to hard to escape that place.
    Somehow I managed to escape and find myself on a bus stop.
    I was trying to leave that place and was looking for a bus or cab. I was not having enough money to travel.
    Then i woke up.
    I’m so scared from the time I had this dream.

  30. I had a dream the other night about my husband setting up a pig farm much to my displeasure. He had 6 big fat pink pigs bigger than ponies, they kept trying to follow me and I was trying to avoid them because of the smell. (in reality I can’t stand the smell of pigs) My husband then had to go away for a short time in the dream and left me to tend the pigs and this made me angry. I didn’t want to look after them and procrastinated about their care and cleaning up their area, by the time I decided to start, 3 young teenage boys climbed over the gate (rather than opened it) and came towards me and said that my husband sent them to help me care for the pigs. I was relieved because there was a lot of poo in the pig area.

  31. I dreamt of my deceased stepfather having pigs and telling us we need to make a place for the pigs. What does my dream all about?

  32. I dreamed someone gave me a piglet then I took my piglet and put it in the washing machine then I watched it get all soapy and clean then it jumped out and starts shaking the soap on the floor then it started running around all happy then it seen me and ran up to me and I picked it up and walked away with my piglet

  33. I dreamt that I killed a piglet because I was thinking that it was a monster who can go invisible and attack me. I threw a knife to it and realized that it was really a pig and not a monster so I took it to a doctor. It almost died. I dont know why I cried when I wake up.

  34. I saw a piglet in my dream running after me and was jumping and happy, to be with me. Please what is the meaning of this?

  35. I had a dream my mother was waiting outside for me in the car while I went inside a mechanic shop, however, the mechanic shop was closed. The door to the shop was open so I went in. Once inside i noticed they had pets so I started petting them. I notice some were new born piglets. So new they still had their eyes closed. I found the mother and helped the piglet feed itself. But the mother started to die and all the piglets attached died as well. I tried to go back in the shop to wash my hands and a voice over a speaker came on, as if an security alarm company was watching me. I couldn’t understand the exact words but I understood the voice was trying to tell me the shop was closed and I was trespassing. Woke up feeling horrible.

  36. I had a dream about 3 severed pigs heads walking and eating each other’s brains. They would gradually eat each other until they fell to the ground and died.

  37. I dream of a mother pig giving birth, but I could not remember of the mother pig is dead or killed coz the story goes like this; I was walking on a road in our place and I saw an accident, 2 man lying with wounds and a big pig giving birth at the same time. I ask what happen then they said the big mother pig went wild and bite each people she cross with, ( that’s why the 2 man with wounds) and then I woke up! And feel so much tension and my heart beats fast. What’s the meaning of it?

    1. I dreamt of a man giving me a few little black pigs and I was holding them. We were in a hallway in my apartment. He told me about how if I told them “go home” they were trained an new how to do it. So I did just that and one pig went to one door and another pig when outside downstairs from that hallway to another area. I said goodbye to the man and swiped up the pig which then turned into multiple in my hand. Then it was late so I decided I needed to go home. I picked up all the black baby pigs and Ran down the ‘home’ where the second pig went. While going to my apartment I saw a dog but kept running, it was a Chihuahua anyways I went past the pool to the downstairs of where my apartment unit was. The unit was dark and I knew I was already dreaming so I imagine the stairs into my dream and climbed up.once I did I saw an old woman and she was talking to me and then she left and I was just there in the hallway. Suddenly it changed and I was inside of a grocery store and it was sort of a store meeting but I was sitting down taking care of the black baby pigs that turned into one and I was hugging it. From there I don’t remember much if not anything else.

  38. I saw a dream of a piglet, which was a pet of 2 little boys and they bought it my tuition. I felt dirty n angry why they brought it to my tuition so I ordered the boys to leave behind the piglet in their home and come. When they were going to their home the piglet came suddenly and touched my feet and I got afraid. I saw this dream at . What does it mean ?

  39. I had a dream that i was at my mothers house (we do not speak btw) and i was cleaning out my old bedroom and there was a big old pig in the corner, just laying there. so eventually i went up to the pug and pet it and said i’m sorry you’re stuck here and it hopped up like a dog and started talking. it was my grandma. so i helped my granny pig up into the bed and asked her what was wrong and she was taking about how she wasn’t even that sick and then i heard my mother yell “you have stomach olsores ma” and then i woke up

  40. Please, I dreamt that i was on the road in a speeding car, with a pig at the opposite end speeding towards me. We collided and the dream ended there….

    What could that symbolise, pls?

  41. I dreamed i nearly ran over a boar while i was driving a golf cart to the post office, i stopped just short of hitting it to see the boar had morphed into Miss Piggy.

  42. I dreamed i nearly ran over a boar while i was driving a golf cart to the post office, i stopped just short of hitting it to see the boar had morphed ibto Miss Piggy.

  43. I had a nightmare that I was in a car pull of pigs and they was talking saying to kill me and they was trying to eat my fingers what does this mean

  44. I dreamt of a pig. Originally I’ve wanted a horse as a means of transportation, but it turned out that I got a pig. And the pig was aesthetically pleasing. And we became friends after it started talking to me.

    Can someone kindly interpret this for me.

  45. I dreamt about a field of pigs and I had to feed them via a lorry load of red apples, but I had to cut the apples before I feed them to the pig and piglets. I was feeling happy but daunted by the work of cutting the apples.

    1. Maureen, a note for thought. Apples represents many things, I feel in your case it may represent your health. There maybe some digestion problems? Maybe some foods you need to stop eating, a change of lifestyle. Whatever it maybe, be kind to yourself and take one day at a time.

      Love and Blessings,

    2. I dreamt I was being attacked by a pig, I kept fighting it off but it kept biting me (at one point I may have woken as the chomp to my femur felt so real) eventually I had gripped the pigs jaws open and managed to hold its mouth open. My brother came and cut its throat. So vivid, please yell me what this means

  46. I had a dream of killing a good size pig brown in color,and it had a horn like a unicorn on its snout,but prior to killing this good size brown pig with a horn like a unicorn i had all ready gotten one prior,and remember saying to myself i needed another one. The second one i killed in a muddy ditch.When the dream started i had all ready gotten the frist one. What dose this possibly mean.

    1. Gilbert, first of all let me say I’m not a dream interpreter, but I do have some qualities which I would like to exercise by giving you some insight about your dream.

      The big brown pig is someone you know who has a high position and who you feel appears to be deceitful, which you may feel you need to expose or bring their deception to the light. Also, keep in mind it could be you going through a spiritual transformation. A cleansing process is needed before you can continue on your journey.

      The second one you mentioned that you killed in a muddy ditch also maybe you cleansing something that was much easier for you to remove. The bigger pig as mentioned, may present a challenge which may require some assistance from your higher self.

      It appears you are on your chosen path, keep going forward. Hope this helps.

      Love and Blessings,

  47. I dreamed of two big pigs taller than buildings these pigs as if they just had baby piglets but I only saw the big pigs they were taller than four-story buildings these pigs were huge and you can see their tits but no piglets there were a lot of big buildings I saw one Pig won’t buy me and then I look too far away and that was another Pig and I said in the dream wow them some big pigs

  48. In my dream the pig was walking away from all this road kill which were huge reindeers and tree were driving past it trying to avoid rebutting it but guts and blood and a head even was all over the road, the only big pink pig looked fine as it was walking towards are moving car as I was turning my head around to see the pig. The pig took a few steps before it turned it’s head to the right and I saw blood on it’s neck.

  49. Comment : I saw a brown-black pink pig but clean. It was a different type of pig with its piglet, also of the same colour but more of pink. They both entered one of the rooms in the house. inside the house was white

  50. I dreamt I was going out to meet the family of my man, he’s holding two babies one on left pouch of the back pack, the other is on the right. Then as we left the house, I saw the area was flooded with dirty, muddy and stagnant water, and in it was a drowned or a dead pig, maybe a sow. We were looking for a way to get out of the unknown house, because it was flooded everywhere.

  51. I dreamt in a tax car going to Joburg my father was there, mom, aunt, brother tax was full, when i want to go and buy something to eat and drink i was using a driver door the people who was in a car bought a beers father asked me to where his pigs because he left 9 i said to him i know 2 i tried to explain to him by defending mom bacause i know that she sold them all, aunt tried to speak with him and explain

  52. I had a dream I found a baby piglet and it was my child I was trying very hard to keep him safe and people kept trying to rip him away from me I was so scared that they would take him I kept fightiNguyen and fighting he was so small and pink I just wanted to keep him safe I woke up in tears I didn’t know what to do or how to feel

  53. I dreamt seeing a girl friend paying an employee to take care of a set of pigs in a cage.,she extended the working hour till 10pm at night…what’s the meanings please

  54. I just had a dream that i was standing there and this girl was feeding 2 pigs mean worms like a hole bunch of them in this boxed in white cream and all over the floor and the pigs were just eating them like crazy whats this mean plz tell me i for some unknow reason need to jnow

    1. White (purity) cream (fetus or Birthing something coming to life) worms (eating the good soil) pigs I would have to know moRe about them to possibly interpret this dream.
      I believe it means you have a pure heart but outside influence is attacking your soul.
      I would get into a deeper relationship with our Heavenly Father. Build good relationships with followers of Jesus and stay away from those eating up the good soil.

  55. I dreamt the super of my building came up to6my apartment i believe he was supposed to be fixing something.he comes in stretches across my bed the pig comes and stretches across my bed as well.the pig starts playing with my6two small dogs,then the dream changes and the super has a baby in his hands then asks me to look after him for a short time then i awake.

  56. I dreamed of a huge pet pig and it was so loving and cute and me and my brothers were caring for it after we had rescued it from being trapped deep in mud and named him and everything:’)

  57. I dreamt that I was in my yard when a sudden stampede of pigs came running through. There were pigs of all different ages, colors, and sizes. After a while, a second group of pigs stampeded through from the same direction and they ran to the same direction as the first. Then the first group of pigs came running back and head back to the direction in which they came from originally. However when the second group came running back through they kind of stopped and stood in our yard for a while and then an earthquake started to occur. My dad tried to scare them off with a leaf blower but they just sort of walked stubbornly. One of the pigs saved my dad’s life when he was about to fall inside an earthquake gap.

  58. I dreamt I was in the minst of the flock of big pigs they are neat and was using their trunk to rob me I was scared and there is someone giving them instruction to stop and to continue when the person asked them to stop they will stand still and when he instruct them to continue, they will start using their trunk to rob me like they were playing with me but I was so scared and when I had an opportunity to escape I did and I escaped to my house and met my mummy I started explaining to her and I wokeup.

  59. I saw a big black pig in my dream chasing me with cult class then I climb a tree and wake up meaning?

  60. I saw so many pigs together. They are bathing. Its like a machine, one pig go inside it coming out same like a car wash machines.
    they were not that dirty but mud patches are on their body. someone told me from this brush the pigs will be cleaned.

  61. I was watching some people chasing three pigs, one person was bitten and mentioned he didn’t know pigs bit. they caught two of them but one got away and the man chased one of the pigs past me and between two houses. another person saw me and handed me one of the pigs. I held it and thought how cute and healthy it was.

  62. I dreamt that I saved a pig from being killed by a farmer who didn’t want it and this is the 2nd time I’ve had this dream, but the dream was 6 months apart

    1. many young pigs entering the shop towards me through the dug hole made on the wall when making noise followed by a man with dangerous material wants to kill me that I killed his young pig

  63. I tandom nurse my 2 babies and I exempt the other night they were cute little pigs I carried around everywhere with me. Lol

  64. I dreamt that I was having a walk in a religious hallway. I came to the farthest area where only a window providing light is all that I can see and just three people having fun and decorating the area with stars. I noticed the stars and one of the people asked me of something I dont particularly remember and then she smiled back. I walked back again in that beautiful hallway and bumped with a long time friend that I know and I was surprised because he’s wearing a robe with color gold and green. We had a chat and invented me to eat with his friends there. A marinated meat of a pig or what we called “adobo” is the dish. After that I asked if I can take a picture and they permitted me. I said I want to go back and take a pic and this friend of mine came along with me. But, when we got back, it’s so different. We went back again and we can not see the place we’ve been through, we move around then and I realized that what if the place where we are is the Past look of the Present look that I’ve seen. I can feel that both of us are so confused and afraid of what is happening. What I can see at that time is a paved road with well planted lawn on both sides but with few people in Full black in color. I prayed and asked God asking for help and what we did wrong? I was holding a glass bottle and tried to break it as I pray. As it hit the floor, we noticed that the reflection is different. A reflection of an old Greek style structure. My friend get a hold of it and saw himself as a PIG. I also looked out of curiousness and I also looked like a PIG. We think of WHY? Then I realized that we ate a Pig. We run fast back where we came from searching for something that we can do about the matter. We run into a dark small passages between houses and happened to see a family roasting a meat of Pig. We enter and roasted it ourselves till it turns black and we washed our slippers with soap and water. Until I can feel that I’m about to wake up from that dream. Finally, I’ve woken up and in deep thought of what happened in that dream.
    I wanted to know what can you explain about this dream. All I can figure out here is that eating Pig in some religions is dirty and unallowed. I’m a Roman Catholic and in my religion it’s not forbidden to eat Pig. What can you say about this?

  65. What does this mean ? I dreamt of a small cute pink baby pig . It was on the BBQ and the plate was hot . It was walking on it up and down . I was upset telling someone that it’s alive stop it your cooking it alive . They took it of to slit its throat . I was so upset I woke up . It was a nightmare .

  66. I dreamt of three dead piglets and cannot seem to find what that means. Very curious to know! It was a very peaceful dream, but still…

  67. Last night while I was deep in my slumber, just dreaming of every day run of the mil stuff…. when a momma pink roud pig and a dad pig just the same showed up. At first everything was fine, untill the mom pig started to give birth. I quickly moved the mom and dad pig to a big cardboard area in a basement to make them more comfortable. When I did this she began to give birth, each baby piglet popped out all slimey and fell to the floor. When this was happening it seemed to me that the pigs were getting smaller and smaller, as if toy size on a plastic farm.

    I started to catch the last few babies as they came out. When she was finished giving birth, I quickly brought them to her so she could see that they were all alive and breathing. However daddy pig had died. I continueously poked and petted the daddy pig, still able to feel his warmth but hoping he would start breathing. I did this for what seemed like forever untill I decided that I need to take him away from his wife and babies.

    I dont know what this dream means. It was so livid and heartbreaking that when I woke up i could feel grief.

  68. I dreamed of having a pet piglet i was so madly in love with it …people were jealous that i took it around everywhere with me …some even asked me about making it to bacon or pork chops i was so mad at the comments…but i turned to my pig and smiled as it smiled back ………and picked him up and walked on …..

  69. I dreamt of a couple pigs at my front door with little baby piglets I was talking to this guy in my dream and herd the pigs rooting around out side so we went out to have a look and the guy that I was talking to ran down the stairs and grabbed the baby pigs and through them on my veranda and killed one of the little pigs and through the other little piglet onto the veranda and it servived then we seen a heap of other pigs beside my house just laying there what does this mean

  70. I dreamed I saw a tiny pink pig born from an eggshell. I was worried it would die without help but I was busy trying to help an ex-boss (whom I saw in real life this week) I didn’t want his work to fall out of the truck (he stacked wrong) I kept looking at the pig, burden it would die without my help. When I started to help I thought how dirty pigs are and I didn’t want to get my hands dirty although I didn’t see dirt. The pig was running around confident in himself but I knew it would die without help by drowning or starving to death. I hoped another animal would take care of the pig. At one point I worried it was dead from drowning in the water pools from the rain (I did not see rain) and again burden it was my fault. I didn’t stop to help though. Not being careful I pushed the stack of papers over and made a mess. Then out of the blue I was in the hospital, I saw a lady in the bed bleeding to deth. She wanted my help. the nurse saw her but walked away (I do not work in healthcare, I work in accounting in real life) as my husband (Who was by my side yet I’m never see him in dreams) nugged me about the bleeding lady because others were dieing and he didn’t want her to die too. I remember thinking I didn’t know how to help and why am I dreaming this. Why is it my problem when I’m in the hospital myself. I then jumped back and started picking up the papers I pushed over. I asked two boys to help, one kid was mad and didn’t wait to hear out the instructions before snapping and pouting over my instructions although he had not heard me out. I had a good idea of how to resolve the issue but I had to snapp back at the boy before he started helping. I woke up wondering why the pig was born in an eggshell no bigger than my thumb and why all the jumping around

    1. I just wanted to say I’m sorry I can’t help you, but I like the way you wrote up your dream, and it sounds just like my dreams, all the not wanting to help someone because I have no experience or it’s not my occupation and the dream seeming to lack logic, but at the same time is logical, and me getting all impatient an people expecting me to deal with stuff that in real life idont feel that I have th capacity to deal with. I feel real empathy towards u coz of your dream. I like your candour.

        1. I saw three pigs inside the water one was shivering trying to come out but the rope used to tie its legs drag it back but it did not fall back into the water

    1. I dreamed I bought a pig from the supermarket and someone chopped its head off and all this flour came out of its head ????

      1. Sounds like feeling guilty subcontrously for viewing pugs as food, and that deep inside you would rather eat flour or plant based food or even other meant instead of pigs. Pigs are highly intelligent and social animals.

      2. I dream that a pig as I was making way to go the pee, I saw this big pig running out, I shouted and wake up, what does it mean please

      1. Oh my God, really! I’m pregnant and don’t know the baby’ s gender. Hope it turns out to be a boy then. Will write back once baby arrive!

        1. I dream someone i don’t know who gave me a fried pork I ate it but kept telling the person I don’t eat pork because am a Muslim. What does it mean

        2. I dreamt i carried a black baby pig that has five legs, three at the front and two legs at the back,i carried it with passion and affection,but then i had to drop it because i had to go attend to something

        1. I had a dream that I was being pushed down A hill Being chased by a demon with a pig next to me or piglet and it was talking about how it wished It could jump over a powerline

      1. I has a dream that some notorious village Thug came to our house and kill our pig took it and leave the one from their home simply because tgeirs it was thin and ours was fat. So he went with ours, dead

    2. Me too either it was a baby pig or a micro one but I was on a walk at night when it came out of a bush. I was cradling it in my arms and prepared to take it home with me 🥺

    3. I dream of one pig..we just feeding it with my sister. We clean all its craps but i don’t understand why we earned a lot of money by just taking good care of one pig..from morning to 6pm..?

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