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Water Dream Meaning Interpretation

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Water is a very powerful symbol in our dreams and dreams about water can mean many, many things. Water is shapeless, odorless, tasteless, vital to our life, and part of a never ending cycle. When you dream about water, you will likely find some very insightful information that will help you on your life path.

Because there are hundreds of different ways we see water in our lives and in our dreams, the context of the water in your dream is extremely important when interpreting it.

Water can be both negative or positive in your dream, so it is important that you consider both possibilities and pay very close attention to the other dream symbols in the dream to fully understand it.


What Does a Dream of Water Mean?

While the type of water you dream about will certainly play a big role in how your interpret your dream, there are also some basic meanings of water in your dream that may also give you some insight on the meaning of your dream.

Water as a Symbol for Emotion

Water will often symbolize emotions and feelings in dreams. The type of water dream you are having, the clarity of the water, and your overall emotional response to the water in the dream will provide some insight on what emotions and feelings you are experiencing.

Emotions are an important part of life, and by learning to recognize emotions and how we deal with them in our dreams can help us deal with them in our waking lives.

As a Metaphor for Life

Water is essential for life, and we begin our lives surrounded by water. Man cannot survive without this vital element. Therefore it is logical that we would see water to represent life in our dreams as we do in our waking lives as well.


Many religions have Holy Water which is used for blessings and other religious purposes. Many myths and legends often portray water to have a very close connection to the spiritual realm.

Water is also often used in a variety of religious ceremonies, especially baptism in Christian religions. Others may associate water as a symbol of connection to spirit and our own life force.

Renewal and Transformation

We often associate water with bathing and cleansing, which can also mean renewal or revival. Water also can change to take on many different forms. In science, water transforms many times through the common cycles associated with weather. Water can evaporate into fog or steam or even freeze into ice.

Water is also a very common symbol in dreams about pregnancy and childbirth. We often associate water with new life and new beginnings.

water dream symbol meaning

Motion and Energy

There are many ways water can move – through waves, the current of a river, or it can be stagnant in a pond. Dreams about waves and water often are a symbol for the movement and flow in your personal situation. The motion of water can signify the flow of the way things are moving in your life.

Water is used for energy in a number of ways in real life and it can also symbolize energy in our dreams. Often times the flow of water in our dreams is a metaphor for the flow of energy and emotions. It’s not a coincidence that we often call moving water a current, just as we use the word current to describe movement and flow of electricity.


Many people associate water with prosperity and abundance. Without water, it can be difficult to grow foods to eat or sustain life. In many areas of the world, if you live in an area with rich, fertile soil near a river it can mean a great abundance of crops to harvest. If you lived in an area that is prone to droughts or gets little rain, it can mean barren land with few resources.

Because water is so necessary for life, it is easy for us to understand how it can be much more precious and valuable than even money itself. If you have a good water source, you are able to sustain life and prosper.

Common Dreams About Water and Their Meanings:


To dream of a bath or shower in your dream often symbolize cleansing or purity. If dreaming of a shower – is the water warm, cold, or just right? Is it coming out gently or rough? If dreaming of a bath tub, is the tub filled or shallow? Answering these questions will give you better insight in finding the meaning of your dream. 


Dreaming of a creek or stream often symbolizes your flow of energy and emotion. It can also reflect your subconscious/conscious self. This can quite literally be an interpretation of the stream of consciousness.

If the creek is over flowing, you may be feeling overwhelmed or have an abundance of energy/emotion towards something.

If you dream of a dried up creek, it could signify disappointment or a lack of energy and emotion. A dried up creek can also mean your lack of spiritual connection. A creek can sometimes also be a symbol of a path you are on in your life.


A river is a very spiritual vessel in dreams, and to dream of one represents the flow of energy and emotion.

Ask yourself some basic questions about the river:

  • Is it wide or narrow?
  • Is it a river you recognize?
  • Is the water moving quickly or is the river calm?
  • What surrounds the river?

A river in the forest for example will mean something different than a river in a dessert. How does the river make you feel? Can you see an end to the river, or does it go on forever? All of these things will help provide greater insight into the meaning of the dream.


Oceans are vast bodies of salt water, and can signify a number of things. If the ocean is calm it can mean relaxation, tranquility, and peacefulness. If the ocean is rough, it could mean emotional disturbance or uncertainty.

If you are dreaming of ocean water, you may also want to consider that ocean water is often salt water. Salt water is not very good tasting, but often times salt can have its own associations our water dream meaning. For example, tears are another form of salty water, so sometimes the ocean can be a vast sea of sorrow and sadness. We also sometimes use the expression “add salt to the wounds” which means to add more pain and misery on top of existing pain.

Dreaming of waves in the water knocking you down can mean that your emotions are getting the better of you. You may feel like you are unable to stand up for yourself in a situation, or that you are literally being pounded on in life by a lot of responsibilities and demands from others.


Lakes are often associated with calmness and relaxation, as the water is generally calm. Lake water does not usually move, so to dream of a lake could mean you are “bottling up” your emotions or you do not feel as if you are free to express your emotions as much as you would like to be able to.


Dreaming of a sea is very similar to dreaming of the ocean. However, our brains often confuse the words “sea” and “see”, which means there could be something in your life you need to see more clearly or that you are not “seeing” emotionally.

Dreaming of Rain:

To dream of rain in your dream could mean a couple of different things. If you feel a positive vibe to the dream, then the rain could signify renewal, refreshment, and cleansing.

If however you feel a negative vibe to the dream, the rain could symbolize emotional anguish or expression of emotion. Some also believe rain to be a symbol for sadness, forgiveness, and fortune.

Dreaming of Boiling Water:

To dream of water boiling means you are very angry about something. If you are burnt by the water, it suggests that you have been bottling up your anger/emotions and it is causing you pain and suffering.

Ice or Frozen Water:

If you dream of ice or snow, it could mean you are quite literally experiencing cold emotions, or that you are denying your true feelings. You may feel like something is preventing you from moving forward in life.

Glass of Water:

To dream of a glass of water signifies thirst. You may actually be dehydrated while you are sleeping, or it can mean you are thirsty for something else in your life. Also ask yourself, is the glass half empty or half-full? It will provide whether you see things with optimism or pessimism. To dream of a glass of water overflowing means abundance. You may wish to also look at the meaning of food in dreams and what it means to eat in a dream.

Pool of Water

To see a swimming pool in your dream may have a number of meanings. Think carefully about the shape and size of the pool, and how you feel about swimming.

Someone who swims everyday for exercise would have a different meaning for this dream than someone who is afraid of water! A swimming pool can mean feeling confined, or it can mean bottling up fears and emotions. If you enjoy swimming, it could mean feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Puddle of Water

To see a puddle of water in your dreams means you may feel as if you (or your feelings) are unimportant. While a puddle is a much smaller body of water than say a lake or an ocean, it is still water nonetheless and often has a connection to emotion.

To dream of a muddy puddle signifies confusion or feeling unclear about something in your life. A puddle could also mean that you feel like you are experiencing difficult times financially or emotionally, or perhaps even both.

Being Splashed by Water:

To dream you are splashed by water may mean you need a “wake up call” or to be alerted to something important going on in your life. You may also literally be trying to “make a splash in the world” and want others to notice you.

Being splashed could also mean you are in need of more playfulness and fun in your life.

Dreaming of Being Underwater

dream of being under water

To dream of being underwater often means you are exploring your subconsciousness or are having deep emotions at the time. Often times going deep under water can mean that you have deeper issues that are not obvious on the surface of a situation.

If you dream of scuba diving, it could mean that you are in need of special preparation or equipment to deal with the current situation in your life.

What it Means to Dream of Waterfalls and Fountains

Water sometimes will appear in our dreams as waterfalls and fountains. These are very powerful forces of water, which can sometimes be quite majestic.

Dreaming of a waterfall can signify cleansing or release of emotions. It can symbolize letting go or forgiveness. If you are standing underneath a water fall, it can mean you feel overwhelmed by emotion or problems.

If you dream that you are about to go over a waterfall, it can mean that you feel like your emotions are out of control. You may feel like you have no control to be able to change the current path of events in your life.

Dreaming of Water Inside an Aquarium Tank:

Dreaming about water in an aquarium? This can often mean you are feeling confined in some way, or that you must come to terms with accepting your emotions. See aquarium dream meaning to learn more.

How to Analyze Your Dream About Water

With so many different possible meanings for water in a dream, it’s important that you ask yourself some clarifying questions that will better help you to understand what the dream of water means.

There are many questions you can ask yourself to help interpret the dream.

What emotions did you feel during the dream?

Because water is often associated with feelings and emotions in dream symbolism, it is very important to pay attention to the feelings and emotions you felt during the dream.

Did you feel sad, angry, or overwhelmed? Were you feeling peaceful and relaxed? Identifying your emotions and relating them to your waking life events will help you better understand your dream.

What Kind of Water Was in Your Dream?

Water comes in so many forms, the type of water dream you had will make a big difference in the interpretation. There is a big difference between dreaming about an ocean and a glass of water meant for drinking!

Understanding these differences, and the feelings you might associate with these very different and distinct forms can give you a lot of insight into how your dream may relate to your everyday life.

Was the Water Clear, Clouded, or Dirty?

The color and transparency of the water can have great significance in a dream. For example, if you dream of crystal clear water you can see through, it may symbolize you have great clarity on a situation in your life.

If instead you dream of dirty, polluted water, it may mean you are feeling as if something has been tainted or you are feeling uncertain about situations in your life.

What Other Objects and People Were in the Dream?

You should always try to think of the context of water in the dream in relation to other objects and people. For example, if you dream of a friend swimming in the water and having a good time, that would mean something completely different than being on a boat alone out at sea during a storm.

You can use our free online dream dictionary to lookup dream symbols. Understanding what different symbols might mean can help you better piece together what a dream means in context with your daily waking life.

Related Dream Symbols to Water

Rarely do we dream of just water and nothing else! If you dream about water, you may want to also look up the meaning of the other different symbols that appear in your dreams.

As you can see, water can mean and symbolism a number of things in dream analysis. It is very common to dream of water, and when you understand the meaning of water in your dreams it can certainly help you in your waking life as well!

Do you have any dream experiences with water you would like to share? Any interpretations or meanings for water we may have missed? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. So I dreamed of being in my brother’s car and it just started filling up with water but mainly on the drivers side and I kept yelling to my brother omg your car is going to get ruined and my brother just stood there but we couldn’t find where the water was coming from but it didn’t rise that much and I just kept climbing on the dashboard not to get wet it was a very weird dream I felt calm and ok nothing bad just felt bad his car was going to get ruined with the water but I don’t remember getting out the car

  2. I always dream about water. Always! One time me and my sister is running away because it seems there is a flood. We run in alleys until we reach at the top and and find out we are surrounded by water but is safe. Another dream, I was passing by the road and saw some of my friends enyoying the big waves, waves are really big like you see when someone is surfing in a competition, I then stop at a store to buy something while watching the people enjoying the sea swimming and having fun. Within this week, I dreamt about injured fishes, they are big near the shore, at first I thought they were dead but suddenly the moved and swim away! Just last night I dreamt about seeing a very beautiful landscape like in the mountains of Switzerland and then in that dream I saw black water buffalos getting swept away by strong current of the river and at the end is like a waterfall. I didn’t see the water buffalo’s falling just being swept away by raging river.

  3. I have recurring dreams that the world is made of water very clear water and I can see the world under me with buildings we travel around like the earth was flooded and we have to swim everywhere we go…most of the times I’m around strangers almost always looking for someone but I don’t know who

  4. Just had a dream of being sent to fetch water with friends. Infact, we were a lot, but on our way going, we saw a water on grounds and all my friends decided to fetch it. But I told them not to fetch it because it was smiling, and waste water from the clinic near by, but they all refuse. So I decided to leave them and I went a few meters away and I found clean water. I fetched it but I was the last person to get home.what does mean?

    1. In your dream, it is shown to you that don’t try to teach people or friends how to do things in life or how to live their lives.Just find your way to do your own thing. You have your own calling 🙄

  5. Dreamed about being in a ship with a bunch people and all sudden a big wave hit the ship I was holding on everyone was screaming and i was calm trying to keep others calm one person fall over and lost his life another wave came again and I looked over to my left it was man controlling the ship and they water pressure on the side if dock like it was a testing ship to see if you could handed rough tides or wave another fall off but was saved. I have these dreams that be beyond me and I don’t dream much but when I do. I know its meaning behind it. Just like when I dreamed about my brother dying and I was with him and I jumped out my sleep and we got called he was pronounced dead.

  6. I had a Dream that my best friend that just passed and I went scuba diving. We were in wet suits and going to check out a sunken ship. As we rounded the bend of the pier, the entire water above us turned to ice, people were skating above us and walking on ice. There was no where fit us to get out. My son heard me screaming in my sleep.

  7. I have experience dream about water,its really clean and clear.im at peace that time when im on the swimming pool then i saw 1 tree that have only 1 leaves and that leaves is point on the middle of the swimming pool that so deep but also too clear on the bottom i input my slippers on the side of swimming pool then i went on the middle of swimming pool and get the leaves,but i also seen that 1 more girl want to try to get it but i got first after i get the leaves i back on the side of swimming pool and that time i woke up

  8. I had a dream the night my mum passed away of her and her best friend who had passed away 3yrs to the day. I dreamt that they were together, there was a waterfall and the water was clear flowing upwards. I summarised that my mum’s friend was there guiding my mum to her afterlife. Has anyone else had this type of dream or can anyone give me an idea of what it could possibly mean? This dream actually helped me when my mum passed away but I would still like to understand what it meant.

  9. Pushing a shopping cart into clear water on a street and gruadley the water got deeper and the cart could no longer be seen.

  10. I was sitting on the side of my bed one morning and quickly dreamed about water coming towards me in a spraying formation. As I tried to move out of the way of it it continued to follow me. The movement of it was like that of a ballet dancer, moving gracefully, full of life and purpose. As it got closer to me I begin to see that whatever it touched it began to wash off layers and of layers of stuff, revealing new and beautiful designs. The water continued to delayer and reveal, then I woke up.

  11. Swimming underwater in crystal clear water, able to breathe. I had a coffee cup in my hand which made it more difficult to swim so I let go of the cup and moved freely once again

  12. I had a very nice dream my feeling was comfortable;
    My dream, a crystal water flowing from the rock coming to my face and overflow to my body.

  13. Hello Doctor D. What an interesting article and typically you, written with such passion and enthusiasm. I am a prolific dreamer, sometimes feeling I dream more than I sleep! As I read your article, I realized that I cannot recall, in all my life, dreaming about water. A native of Sub-Saharan Africa, I spent a great portion of my youth swimming and water-skiing in rivers and lakes. I would have thought, with all those years of swimming, I would at least had a dream about water. Well, I must be fair, maybe I did have a dream or two and don’t recall them. Most of my dreams seem to be helping others trapped in desolate places, often losing my direction and whereabouts in the course of these activities. Not knowing quite how to describe the situation, makes it difficult for me to find sources for analyzing these dreams. The dreams have been very repetitive and lasted for a many years, whilst vexing, they do not bother me, nor are they of a nightmarish quality, I guess, bottom line I’m rather curious about their meaning.

  14. Can someone please interpret this dream for me? It has been weighing heavy on my heart and mind.

    Myself and a group of other people, some I know some I don’t remember if I know, are walking across an icy railing less bridge over a dark but not dirty river. We are surrounded by tall mountains and pine trees. The whole dream is fairly dark with only the sunless light blue sky, highlights of snow and tips of white waves in the river for light. I don’t remember exactly how we got to the river or on the bridge but I do have a resonating feeling that we were on some sort of journey. The closest to the beginning I remember was an overhead view of the mountains, the river, the bridge and the group of people on it. We were walking west to east and not together. Like small groups, pairs and singles walking slowly on the bridge. Like dragging themselves along as if being tired after a long journey and just pushing through. At this point I was outside of my body watching from above. I then start to feel like my feet were slipping and I enter my body and continue the dream from that point of view. Then someone holds onto me around my waist and my view is pointed to where my head is on their shoulder looking backwards and my arms are wrapped around them like we are hugging but walking at the same time. I instantly know who it is. It’s my best friend who I’ve been in love with since the minute I saw him on my first day of high school 11 years ago. We have been inseparable since. We’re always there for each other and he has gotten me out of the most shitty of situations I have put myself in and it’s always no questions asked, however, he has no idea how in love with him I am. We just go along our lives as “best friends.” When I feel him around me in the dream I feel safe as we continue to make our way across the bridge. At this point I don’t know if he lets go of my hand or if I let go of him but I slip and fall back first over the bridge and into the water. The water is almost frozen solid with ice shards floating on top. My instant reaction is not to fight. Not to try to swim. I tell myself to just hold my breath and it will all be over. So I do and start to sink further down into the water. I have a feeling of peace and acceptance. Waiting for the end in the almost comfortably frigid water. Suddenly his hand plunges into the water and grabs my hand. I’m not sure if I felt relief at that moment but I know I was close to feeling content with drowning. Startled, I grabbed the hand back and he pulled me out of the water. The next scene is everyone who was on the bridge including me and my friend were on the bank on the other side and we were all going in and out of the water as if it wasn’t cold anymore even though it was. The general feeling from myself and the crowd was happiness and I wondered to myself what we were scared of falling into in the first place.

  15. I had a dream where I was struggling/powering my way through a small river (in the middle of a school, which was weird). It was ice-cold, fast-flowing, and was heading towards a waterfall, but I never got there because a past enemy of mine started laughing at me. Suddenly, we were in this class that taught like nutrients or something. Once I found out that I didn’t need to be there I left. then I went to this theater/auditorium with a tall like a mountain and stairlike stage and I hung out in the trying not to be noticed. Then I end up at my house and 2 other strange men are there but I felt like they were familiar. We started playing dodgeball, only we were throwing these hard balls and they kept hitting me in the head. Then it turned into me on a field trip to see marvel characters, but they were all fake as well as the suits (they more like costumes). I tried getting food there but all the food tasted wrong and was different than what I wanted to get. For example, I went to get a small tub of strawberry Icecream and the lady gave me frozen cranberries. Another time, I asked for corn on the cob, and I started eating it, it turned into some kind of fried corn (it was disgusting). Then I got lost and couldn’t find the bus, and I woke up to my alarm. it was really confusing.

  16. This dream has bothered me for some time. I have gift of premonition I inherited it from my mother. It doesn’t happen often now as much as it did when I was a child. Anyway this dream was different. In the the dream I am in clear water. I look to my right and there is a wave of clear water coming toward me. I see a tree or what I assume to be a tree I gram on in fear and start climbing as the water rises. It lower so I go downward seeing a child fall I start for the child but a man jumped down just as the second wave came in and I went back up the tree. I woke up confused but have never forgotten the dream. I went under the water twice in the dream. Please can someone help me understand?

  17. I had a dream that at first I was on dry land next I was on top of a building a glass building that had water below as though it was the ocean my thoughts or something was telling me to jump in the water knowing how fearful I am out of the water but I find myself in the water cost up to the glass building and there was a log a long block about 6 feet long standing from the water drowning water of course and I stated in my dream thank you God for the log and I went my way around the building of the water thinking that someone would come and save me however the next thing I knew there was a parking lot and I just flipped over onto the parking lot and then next I was sliding down a skyscraper building and I end up catching onto something and grabbing it and I was on land again at some kind of mall downtown I called my wife but there was no answer and there was some coins on the floor that a guy before me head must’ve dropped and then he tried to sneak me pick it up and I told him go ahead it was here before I got here wish me the money on the floor I was thinking how did I get here my car is at home in the driveway then my dream was over

  18. I dreamt that I was in my aunt’s backyard. The very back of the fence had turned into a large rock, with a cave, metres up high. Flowing from that cave, was a stream of water. I could jump in and out as I pleased, and there was another wooden platform om the right side of the back.
    If I jumped into the stream, it made a circuit of flowing water. I could just lie motionless in there, and let it take me. There was a valve down in between the streams, but that’s a choice being presented to me that I can’t take, and I just go with the flow.

  19. I had a dream we were at a restaurant then water starting rising the drains were overflowing – full coming from a poor or something

  20. Dreamt of swimming with son and friends in ocean around boats clear calm water with stingrays and sharks there were pennies floating on top of water then great white attacked me but was fighting him off then woke up

  21. Hi i had a drean where by i was inside a car driving ,i saw this too much water coming towards me and i was running a way from the water a mananged to escape from the water

  22. i‘ve been dreaming about waves lately. it stood out to me clearly it might mean something since it’s been common thing to see. the first few times i dreamt about it, i intentionally was going into these crashing waves it didn’t look like i was scared or bothersome although it was odd to see. recently i had a new dream about waves except this time i was sitting on a bench with other people and my best friend was next to me and we were being pushed on the bench by force into these giant waves to get somewhere across the water. no one was bothered by it except me. i was screaming and crying and begging for it to stop cause i didn’t want to go into the waves. luckily my friend was there so i was holding to her as like for protection or sense of help and she let me hold onto her. i don’t understand why i’m seeing this dreams about waves? can you help me figure it out?

  23. I dreamt of being at work and sheets of hot water was falling in the threshold of a door and other places around me. I turned from it to go in another direction, only to see the whole building was being flooded with hot water. In the dream I felt that it would be a hard task to get out, because I was a ways from the exit. Before I made up my mind that I would be brave and face the journey, I noticed that a lot of people didn’t notice what was going on. I couldn’t understand why because they were in the same situation that I was in, but somehow they didn’t notice. I went out unharmed. Only three or four others came out. I was communicating with one and awoke .

  24. Hello,
    My name is Nadia.
    Last night I had a dream about water that was perspiring and leaking everywhere from the walls of my house. I was desperately trying to find my husband to let him know of the situation. I found my youngest son laying on his bedroom bed on the second floor. He was not aware if the situación even though the water was leaking everywhere around him. I asked him about his father, but he didn’t know where he was then I woke up.

  25. In my dream I was sitting on a dam like place where the waters are so close to the top of the wall and the water was flowing from my right side to the lower side of the left side and the waters was so much and it was flowing with great streams. I feel in water and my elder brother also jumped to save me . we both were flowing in water and he was swimming so fast that I can hear his legs hitting the water so that he can be with me. we bot came down and found the water flowing in the city where people were standing. we bot got to the edge of the water and got up to the land and started walking towards the place where we came from where all my family members were sitting on the dam side . We found them and we sat there I was facing the water and my mom sitting to my left and my dad sitting to my right and all the others both facing opposite to me. My elder brother Younger brother and their family members sitting on my back side. Suddenly a Black crocodile came from waters to eat me (its half body was inside water and half was outside to eat me) I saw it coming out of water I told my mom and dad to go away I hold the mouth of the crocodile and pushed into the waters. Again it came on to the place where we were sitting but this time full it came out to eat me. I went to it it attacked me but I pushed it again into the waters. Now I had no strength to wait on to the dream so I woke up.

  26. I had a dream that a young man came to my door and asked about a previous tenant, an old man, I told him I didn’t know anything. He then returned, asking the same thing, and this time I was little uneasy and told him I didn’t know anything to leave and then he said “but I wanted to see about the girl” to which , surprised, said “what girl? What?” And he said “I wanted to see if she needed water” and then he stabbed me shallowly in the chest, drew the blade down and I started bleeding out; but I was bleeding water, not blood

  27. Dreamt twice that my Grandaughter as a little girl was drowning and I attempted to save her by grabbing her arm and lost my grip. I lost her tried to find her it was horrible woke up afraid and with my heart racing. My body was stiff and in pain.

  28. I had a dream I lived in a house with big windows the interior of the house was white and all the windows faced the ocean ? My deceased mother was there with myself and my children it was a sunny bright day the sky was clear
    but waves appeared to be coming towards my house big pretty waves my mother was holding my youngest child and she told me to calm down because all though it appeared the waves was going to crash into my house they didn’t?

  29. I was always told in my family that dreaming about water meant you were going to cry about something and depending how clear the water was how much you were going to cry. So if the water is clear you are going to cry a lot. If the water was cloudy then not very much.

  30. I dreamt where where I was playing hand ball in a dream with some people and my team were winning team. But at long after the game I started swimming surprisingly I could swim but the water started to dry up

  31. Hi. I had a dream were water was hitting the back side of my ears. It felt like it came from a hose pipe like from behind. The water was clear. I woke up immediately and I felt shook.

  32. I had a dream last night in which I was walking off of a street up onto a curb. I was putting my foot down, taking the last step before the curb, and I just fell into a watery hole. I screamed and woke up instantly, at the exact same time. I had not seen that a hole was there, because it was full of water like it was raining, or had just finished raining, heavily. As far as I can remember, I like never have dreams that cause me to scream and jolt awake.
    Can anyone please tell me what it means?

  33. I dreamt that my washing machine was overflowing with dirty soap water and it covered our whole ysrd.It was flowing straight into tge street.As i was struggling to stop the water it just continued.I saw 2 guys working on n car and they were standing in this water that was continuing to rise.I remember feeling helpless ad worried about the wayer bill was gonna be.My dream continued with my kids sitting on the front stoop and a drugdealer came calmly into oir yard and hid drugs in the ground.We were to scared to say anthing and just went into the house.I was standing in my front door just looking at all the mud the water caused but it was still flowing down the street.What does all this mean.I dont dream alot but when i do i worry bout it.Like my dream the previous night.IAs im entering the gate with my youngest daughter i saw the image of a man standing at my front door.My daughter laughed and said its not a man its a white snake.And as i was so scared of the snake she took it and start petting it.

    1. Hi Lynn,

      The dream about laundry could be symbolic for feeling overwhelmed about your current situation. Back to school season is upon us, so you may have concerns about your kids going back or how you might be able to juggle responsibilities. The dream about the snake could be a dream to remind you that it helps to keep a sense of humor and a positive attitude even when things are out of our control. You can also see our post on snakes for additional insight. Hope that helps!

  34. In my dream I was with another person I did not recognize the person, we were in a calm.flowing river with alot of rocks, I bent down to cup water in my hands to drink. The person with me told me that water from that river was unsinkable no matter how long I cupped it I was not able to drink it. I was only able to lick it once. I felt frustrated and I woke up. Kindly help me with the meaning of this dream.

  35. I have no clue what this dream could mean. Can anyone help me? I was in a car with my family. It was windy and the car drifted and fell into the sea, it wasn’t too deep and it wasn’t that fast. I was calm and but alert and when the car stopped under water I was the first to get out calmly and successfully. Everyone got out, but no one saved a baby that was in the car( I don’t have a baby brother in real life). When we got home I realised that I left all my belongings under water and no one saved the baby. No one seemed to care about any of these.

  36. Hello, I need a translation on my dream. I observed a puddle of water in a room next to where my mother and elder brother were having a conversation and I felt drying up the water from the wet floor suddenly my mother stopped me and said I should allow my elder brother do it.

  37. I have a friend who dreams a lot with me. He told me that he has feelings for me but I didn’t want us to have a relationship because we live too far away from each other. Yesterday night, he has a dream where I held him and pulled him under water but we could breath normally and the ocean was filled with colorful creatures. Here is his own words “You guided me to tantalising sea creatures that popped with colour. The deep blues of the ocean mixed perfectly with the fiery oranges and pinks…”

  38. I dream that I found my purse floating in the water and it was empty. Don’t remember any emotions or what kind of water just that ;(. What does that mean?

  39. Last night I dreamt of an ocean. It was night time… I was sitting with my family by the side of the ocean and we had planned to stay at the beach because we were stuck there..it was night and we couldn’t go back…so we decided to stay at the beach…suddenly waves became very violent and it almost reached to the place where we were sitting…. we got scared , So we decided to move upwards towards the hill so that we can be safe.. within a few minutes as we reached slightly upwards to a safer place , we looked back and we saw that the entire ocean has suddenly dried up… Not even a single drop of water was left in the ocean… And we could see the entire underwater flaura … And we were so amazed actually dumbfounded to see that!!!!
    I don’t know what that dream means.. can anybody help ????

  40. Ive had a recurring dream from very early childhood. It’s the very first dream i ever remember and still comes to me now but not as often. It’s really hard to explain.. but I’m under water, it’s dark and cold, there’s a big metal chain just in front of me. I know I’m being held under by this chain..and I’m at the point of stillness..calmness, the point my life leaves my body. I can hear water in my ears. Feel it..feel my breath shorten & weaken.. feel my hair floating around me. Just stillness, then it goes black. That’s the point I would wake up screaming as a tiny child. It makes me jump awake now. I get a horrible taste in my mouth every time I have the dream and every time I try to describe it. Along with a heavy cold sense of dread that I can’t possibly put into words. I’m scared of deep dark water now if I can’t see the bottom.
    It’s always the same tiny point in time.. that point of feeling my soul leave my body. I can hear, feel, taste and sense it all in exact detail. Extremely intense senses. It makes me feel sick. It’s so hard to explain to people but it’s horrible. Nobody has been able to explain it.. how can a tiny child of preschool age have such a strong vivid dream, over & over year after year and not have the words to explain it? I still don’t have the words to fully explain it. Any ideas? I’ve tried for years to get some explanation so any opinion would be greatly appreciated.

  41. Hi,I had a dream that there was a man that froze women and had his own collection of them and he tried to freeze me as well but I ran away from him

  42. I am in a beautiful pool with a beautiful women. She try to convince me to take diving lesson with her and the group. I feel a little bit anxious but at the same time I really want too. It sounds fun but it’s a change.

    Suddenly I became aware of the moon at my left. She’s really big, beautiful and full of symbols. It looks aliens to me but I don’t feel scared.. And then a little bit after, I see a UFO in the sky. It looks like a giant illuminated kite. Almost like it’s in fire. I jump out of the pool and tell people to look at this beautiful alien spaceship.

    I asked before going to sleep, to have answers about how to come to term with my loneliness. And also I’m going to go on a date soon and I am scared of being rejected again. I feel like this dream is showing me of taking good care of me in the process.

  43. I had a dream where I was walking down the sidewalk in my hometown. And I witnessed a kidnaping and they took the the person under the sewers I later went down into the the sewer because it was left open ..there was clear water I went under and swam into an underwater room with white walls I came up from the water and it was just a single room with a small pick nick table in the corner set up with all kinds of voodoo items for performing rituals / spells ….candels,drinks,dolls,stones,etc….I then woke up. Please help me with some insight on this dream. Thank you.

  44. I dreamt that my youngest son and I were walking hand in hand along a bridge crossing over the sea with a whole crowd of people, suddenly the waves started getting really huge and started washing over the bridge, washing people away, my son had a small blow up boat with him and I told him to hang on to it tightly, I looked up to see a massive wave come our way, it splashed over us and my son couldn’t hold onto the boat then I woke up

  45. I dreamt i was in a bathroom, small, wall close to me. A lizard crawled up the wall and I watched it. Suddenly it’s head popped open and melted off of its body. Just as this happened my feet began to feel cold and wet. I looked down and water was rising up over my feet filling the room with about a foot high of water. I remember calling to my kids.

    As unpleasant as this dream sounds, I woke up content, peaceful, with what seemed to be a positive connotation attached to it.

    I don’t usually pay much attention to my dreams, but for some reason, when I woke up, I immediately began looking for the meaning.

    Any thoughts you dreamers wish to share would be appreciated!!

    Sweet Dreams💫

  46. I dreamt of standing dirty water near a certain house. I then picked a spade and opened a way for the water to move. My boss at work spoke to me and asked me what i was doing because the owners of the house were preventing the water from entering their house. But to my surprise the water didn’t enter the house and i tried putting back the soil trying to stop the water but i failed. I felt bad about that in the dream. What does it mean i’m worried.

  47. I had a dream of being in the ocean at night, rough waters, I can also see others like my self feeling scared… I saw orcas and I was feeling so scared; all I wanted was to reach shore…. I struggled to get there feeling horrified of the thought of the orcas getting me. I finally did and I can see my self from above my body right there on the sand…. and just like that I woke up.

  48. I dreamt of a dark alley filled with black water in the middle. I was screaming that “I am the devil” with anger and sadness. There was a silhouette at the far end of the alley from where the faint ripples in water were coming from. It was as if I was daring that big creature to show me its face, but it never showed up, just screaming.

  49. Hi I dreamt last night about water overflowing together with blood! Please tell what this all about?

    Thank you so much,

  50. Ive had this dream for 3 nights now and I can’t seem to let it go. I somehow get submerged under water. It is crystal clear water I can seen under n through the water. I have no fear it’s very calm water like I’m just under there floating n looking up at the sky as I’m going deeper in water after a few seconds I seen my son he’s 3 years old he has his clothes n jacket on he reaches out for me as soon as I grab him were both no longer under water an I wake up

  51. I had a vision/ dream of a vase of water that is cloudy, and in the background, is my family members, and I can hear all their voices. We are either praying, singing Worship songs, preaching about the Bible, etc. As the sounds continue, clear water gets poured into the vase, and the vase with the murky water becomes crystal clear. The water just continues to be poured into the vase, and the vase is filled to its brim, but it does not overflow.

    The these 5 perfect, smooth, white pebbles/rocks, are placed into the vase, and as the pebbles get placed in one by one, the water starts to flow over the sides. By the time the 5th stone is placed in, the water rushes over the sides, and it continues to rush over.

    Do you think the 5 smooth stones could symbolize the stones from the story of David and Goliath, and the clear water being poured into the vase could symbolize Jesus filling us with His wisdom, knowledge, love, guidance, grace etc.

    And… when the rocks are placed in, and the water flows over, could it symbolize that the wisdom and knowledge gained is going to seep into every sphere of your lives – family, friends, marriages, careers, etc, and we are going to touch people with the word of God?

    Let me know if you have a different take on this.

  52. I can’t remember much of the dream only the ending. I was on a great brake wall one side was fighting a demon or something seriously bad and other side was a small lake or large swimming pool size puddle of water. I started to bend the water churning it up to throw over and fight but eventually I couldn’t fight the water and it stopped moving then people carried on swimming in it. I was told water is the flow of life and can’t be controlled sometimes.

  53. I saw water flowing in opposite direction in river suddenly and i was very scared…water was so scary whn it was flowing In normal direction…i was scared in both situation…i was telling ppl may b earthquake wil come if it like this pls tel me what it means

  54. Hello, I dreamed of the river and bridge being over flooded with water just when I am about to cross the bridge. I stepped aside and waited until the river water was calm and no longer overflows. Then it was calm and just like after heavy storm. Water was dirty just like during stormy rains.

    First time I remembered my dream after a long time.
    Thank you so much for the service you are giving

  55. I had a dream of walking in the rain. It was a good feeling. I like the rain. I seen my crush and was staring at him and a car came along and splashed me and washed my face lol. I was upset later about being embarrassed. And I then woke up.

  56. I dream visiting a girlfriend at their workplace, then I was introduced to her mother and sisters and I realized they where wearing yellow/golden dresses, the offices where neatly partitions and decorated. But suddenly after talking to the motherbthey gave me a bucket of water with some yellow staff like spices and directed to the bathroom to bath. It seems everyone had already bathed. When I started to bath I was singing Micah stampely heaven on earth song

  57. I dreamt I was in an underground canal. Like from antiquities, like on a tour. It was well lit with Amber lighting from a torch. I was with other people, I could sense their presence but I never saw their faces and they were not physically close to me although some may have felt emotionally close to me. I remember looking into the water traveling thru the canal. It was so crystal clear. Everything had this Amber hue to it. I could see straight to the Ricky bottom. Nothing was in the water but the rocks that made up it’s containment. It was e so exciting to me to see how clear it was, to see everything so clearly. I yelled out look at how clear it is and everyone was amazed too. It was deep enough to swim in and I felt such strong compulsion to be emersed in the clear water that I jumped in and others followed me. At first it was great but the water was moving as it was a canal, and it began to carry me with it . And as I looked forward to where we were headed it was darker ahead, as the water was moving under there canal header. The darkness terrified me. I began to panic, frantically looking for a rock to grasp to climb out of. It was easy to find and I easily climbed out. In my panic I thought that it would be hard to do but it seems the water was not going as fast as I thought it was when I became afraid. As soon as I became afraid, it felt the water was instantly rushing. But when I grasped the rock it was once again a gentle flow. And just on the other side of the header, the support beams, there was light again, so I could still see clearly. I began to help others who were afraid or just wanted out by telling them to grab the rock, and how to grab the rock. I was surprised and relieved at the ease of it all. I was explaining it was easy over and over again, helping everyone who wanted to listen. Than I woke up. I believe this was a lesson about fear, and that it is only my imagination that causes it. But that I have nothing to fear because my conscience is clear and that anytime I want, I have the power to rescue myself and not only myself but others as well. Not all will listen or be grateful and kind but that doesn’t change the fact that I can and will always survive and whoever chooses to listen to me will also.

  58. I dream about swimming in the ocean. As I go through, the water is gradually disappear until their is nothing left. What does it mean?

  59. Hello – last night I had a very vivid experience whilst asleep. I was in the ocean and was stuck under the water in a wave and the water was very rough around my head. I had the sensation of not being able to breath. I remember thinking I don’t wont to die, as I couldn’t get my head out of the pull of the water. It went on for a bit and I had a very strong feeling of panic and survival at the same time. Next thing I woke up with a gasp of air. I had surfaced so to speak. Can you please help me with what all of that means, please. Thanks Mandy

  60. I dreamed I had to shower in front of co-workers. I had to figure out how to strip and get in without being seen. I ended up getting in the shower with clothes on and they got soaked. I forgot a change of underwear so was stressed about screwing that up and getting them wet. As I showered, th curtain was open in a dew places and people could see in so had to keep making sure to close it. The whole time I was uncomfortable and felt watched as I was taller than the curtain.. the shower eventually filled with water all the to the top of the curtain. Which helped me feel more concealed. I remember feeling out of place the entire dream and that I was exposed and embarrassed in front of my co workers. Recently I started talking more to my co workers rather than keeping to myself.

    1. Let your light shine, God call you to be different, although your in this world, dont be of the world, in other words don’t be afraid to be different, be an example.

  61. I had a dream of a white toilet that was very clean and the water was crystal clear. When I looked in the toilet, I felt calm and pleased with what I was looking at.

  62. In my dream, my friends and I were in the middle of the forest. We were trying to get out of that place so we busied ourselves finding the exit. As we were doing our quest… we found a crystal clear blue water somewhere near the exit. I think it was a river with some little waves made by a waterfall somewhere I couldn’t see. It was emitting a really beautiful bright white light. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I felt really calm and peaceful just by looking at it… I also felt scared because I kept thinking that it was deep and dangerous so I did my best to avoid it. I tried looking at the water for a short time, but I couldn’t see my reflection on it. After that scenario, we were able to get past the exit which was the door of our old house. Outside that house, the sun was setting and the sky was orange. Everything was quiet and warm. The end.

    I don’t know what this means, but everything felt so real. I could see all the colors clearly. It was so vivid.

  63. I fell asleep hard,?I must’ve been in the deepest state and I say this because when I woke I felt like I had been drugged and could hardly walk . The dream started out where I was outside standing in water. The water felt warm and came up to my knees. It was sunny and beautiful. I turned around to see a tunnel, to get to the other side you had to walk through the tunnel with water and so I walked. The water started at the knees and then came all the way up to my head. halfway through the tunnel the water turned from clear to brown. I could feel to The water go from slick to gritty, and trash was all around me. I had reached the end of the tunnel and the closer I got to the end the tunnel the dirtier and deeper the water became. Teaching the end of the dark tunnel, nothing was there. I swam as fast as I could to get out of the tunnel, I felt fear because I was afraid of being stuck in there . As soon as I got out of the tunnel the water was clean again. All of a sudden the water was so clear I could see everything below my feet as I swam. I kept watching the things that I would drop sinking so far they went out of sight . I was dropping fishtackle. I could see huge fish and they scared me , they look like monster fish . Like real fish , just once you would not want to be swimming next to.The size of these fish were bigger than me . I feared them but felt I couldn’t look away. I was then all alone, wanting to climb out of the water but couldn’t. I could see through the water but it was like a pulsing thing, I could see through, then I couldn’t. I tried to swim deep and went deep, I only came up because of fear of the large fish. I could breath underwater. …. ???

  64. I have this dream that I’m taking a bath in a clean white tub. The water is clear and not too warm (lukewarm). It’s deep enough that when I lay down on the bottom the water-line is a couple inches above my face. I am completely submerged, eyes open looking up through the water at the ceiling. My mind is relaxed while i’m holding my breath. I can feel the water seeping in my sinuses, yet I am not bothered by this uncomfortable feeling. I’m beginning to feel the urge to get more air. I know I should surface and breath, but I don’t. I decide to breath in a small amount of water. Nothing bad happens, and it strangely feels natural. I attempt breathing again with a much longer inhale. I can feel the water’s thickness in my nose. I can feel the streams running through me. I can hear the water rushing with every breath. I’m getting excited, loosing focus I begin to choke and spasm. “STOP” I say to my self. I know that I had just breathed in the water and that it is possible! I settle my self down again. Relaxed I begin to breath once again. Fluid and smooth.. I lay there in awe. Calm and completely at peace. I can do this… I am doing this.

  65. I had a dream last night that I was wading in a harbor. I don’t recall why I was in the harbor in the first place, but the water was relatively shallow and I was essentially walking through it, about waist deep. The water was disgusting. There was all kinds of weird things floating in it. I don’t think it was raw sewage, but almost like what a sink of water might look like after washing up a dirty dishes (i.e. chunks of food floating in it). I was trying to get out of there but the banks of the harbor were too slippery. I would try to get out and would slip back down into it. I kept walking around trying to find the best way to get out, and eventually I did, but I can’t recall how. I also remember there was people on shore just watching me, not helping.

    I should also mention that the harbor was one that exists in my hometown, and it is polluted by sewage. They have been working on cleaning it up but you still definitely wouldn’t want to be in it. It’s also much deeper in real life than it was in my dream.

  66. I dreamt I was at several beautiful island beaches and they were so polluted with human sewerage I couldn’t walk anywhere with getting it on me . I was disgusted and so disappointed. . In the distance I could see clear beautiful water. But when I

    got there I was worried about getting into the water because I was afraid of something big swimming in there maybe whales in the water .

  67. Water in my dream was dark but when I touched it, it was luminescent with beautiful colors and I can lay on top and I would not sink. It was a huge ocean with beautiful caves surrounding it. I felt happy and in awe by the colors.

    1. I had a similar dream about the colors when I touched the water. The only differences was I was pregnant in the dream and there was no caves only northern lights in the sky.

  68. I had a dream that I was in an Icy place and I hopped into the water to have a swim and the water was warm but I didn’t want to swim too far because of the current but the water was completely flat and peaceful. I was suprised to find the water warm in such a cold place …

  69. Because the place was dry ,so I performed a miracle and water came from underground and on top of the mountain, people were happy….

  70. My dream was that I was near grave yard, some people were dead including granny…then later I prayed to God for powers, he granted me and I performed miracle that made clean water come from the mountain that made the dead awake.. Please advice me on why was the meaning of the dream.

    1. We do have the power to perform miracles, according to the faith that works with in us, build up your Prayer life and fast, also believe.

  71. My dream was finding my bathtub semi full of water from the night before. So rather than taking a shower I decided to add hot water to the bath…I turned around it was empty, confused I was going to shower and it was full again. When. I called my son to make sure I wasn’t crazy and it did it again. I was more confused then frightened. Thank you for your tume

  72. I was dreaming we living in a home by sacred land and in our backyard there was a crater filled with the most beautiful clear water that you could see clearly to the bottom and the water was glowing in a most beautiful turquoise color. An old lady came over and jumped in with me then she told me to follow her into this cave that was so huge that it had some kind of writing and pictures that I had never seen. Then a native gave me a rock and told me to hold it up to the bright moon and see what appeared on it. The only thing I could read were the three numbers 333 and writing I did not understand. I was a pleasant and calm dream. Have never dreamt anything so beautiful.

  73. I dreamt I saw a black goat with white ears staring at me and I went to take a shower in the baththub and while taking the shower my right foot fell into the baththub hole, I brought it out and continued my shower, I was scared while having the shower and it was a cold shower

  74. I had a dream I was like a mermaid. I was in the huge pool on board a huger boat and there were tons of sailors in the water with me. The water was mega clear. I kept diving under because it amused me that I could breathe…. at the end I saw a guy’s chest and yelled “boobies”

  75. I dreamt that my boyfriend and I were driving down these white sandy stairs that were surrounded by very large palm trees, the car ended up falling down the side of one of th stairs and we fell into a really clear blue water. I don’t know what this means

  76. I dreamed I was walking by myself and stepped with my left foot into a puddle. It was icy on the top and when I stepped it broke but the puddle came up to way above my knee. I quickly pulled my leg out with such force I woke myself up. Jenkins my leg violently as I did.

  77. I had a dream that I was going to get a glass in my cupboard to pour myself some water and all the glasses were half full of cloudy water and I was upset about it

  78. Hi,I was sitting on top of the sea or ocean with my son very calmly,we were adoring each other with no fear whatsoever,I woke up very happy content it is still . magical and I still feel good.

  79. I have had dreams about water the last 2 nights. Night 1 it was a home that was filled with water, but when we opened the door the water was gone. Last night I dreamed I was on a large boat and we were floating down the river. the water itself was calm. But off in the distance Godzilla (not trying to be funny) was ravaging a mountain in the far distance. I was calm but slightly anxious about Godzilla. Overall the water in the dream was calm and the dream with Godzilla was a night dream so I couldn’t see clarity of water.

  80. Hi. Dreamt of a lovely ocean seen from a hillside. Clear light blue near the beach and deeper a little further out. When my friends and i went down to go swim there was always something in the shallows, manmade, like steam train or machinery or trash polluting the water so that we couldn’t swim. Disappointing to say the least.

  81. In two separate scenarios in the same dream, my dear friend ran ahead of me saying she was going for a swim and rushed to an outdoor swimming pool. she was in already barefoot and in a swimsuit and i think a floater around her waist. this is my dream so idk what it means for her.

  82. I had a dream where a boy whom I don’t know personally but I do know of was lying in my bathtub submerged in water. He was awake and alive and he was also fully clothed. For some reason I bent over the side of the tub and we kissed and I remember in the dream feeling like us kissing was the only thing keeping him alive, as if I was exchanging oxygen with him. The feelings were ones of genuine love, not lust. It has been bothering me. I feel like I need to know what this could mean.

  83. i dreamed i had the aibility to breath under water. the river i found my self to be immersed in is in real life a very wide river, and murkey and brown. it was also known to have crocs the and other living things in the river.. in my dream i dived in to the river and allowed myself to sink lower to the river bed and there i rest my head on the river bed and closed my eyes and dozed off. i did not experience fear in my dream. i felt calmness and peace. i stayed under for 5 hours and then i woke up and swam back to the banks. i dont know what it means but i can’t forget about it….

  84. I was in a crystal clear and very calm part of the ocean, carribean like.. there was vegetation under the water.. All was crystal clear. I remember being just before fully submerging under water all was clear & then as soon as I submerged all became even more clear, beautiful in total peace. As I was submerging fear that I couldn’t breathe arose.. But then once fully submerged I relaxed and somehow started breathing underwater. The calm, beauty and clarity I settled into was out of this world. It was an incredible moment.

    1. Wow I had a similar dream the other day, except I was being guided through the ocean by an Angela dnwe started going deeper and I became afraid and said no I won’t be able to breathe and he said that you will be able to breathe as we went deeper and continued to flow and swim through the ocean waters. They were clear.

    1. I dream about an end of river where it merge to the sea, the river is brown in color and the sea is very clear water, and i have two friend who go and play in between the river and the sea, i was so scared for them that they may swept away by the current while i was at the top of a cliff watching them playing in the clear water. what is that mean?

  85. My boyfriend dreamed we were both in separate tubs.I was asleep, my tub was filling w/water & ready to overflow. When he noticed me getting

  86. I dream of a muddy water overflowing in the creek and my Friend is there starring on it and also me what is this mean?

  87. I had a Dream of being in a House that was rented out, and water was flooding it in areas that was downhill. The water couldent get away although it was downhill. I felt through The floor together with two persons and The water was dirty. There where furnitures with perfume bottles and fine chinas. Madonna use to live there,and The former friend that lives there now is not a friend in My life anymore. It was apparently My House and i wanted all The water to go away in order to make it a good House. This was some of The things in My dream

    1. I had a dream that I was in a warm pool doing a skit. After the skit, I saw a friend that I’m never going to see again under a waterfall. The pool was the pool that I have at home but there was a waterfall. 😛

      1. It was like one of those dreams where I wasn’t there I was just watching everyone else do stuff. You know like when you’re playing video games and you don’t make you character visible you put it behind the screen… that’s how I was seeing the dream… So my visuals are just passing through an alley and then all of a sudden im over a cliff and im seeing someone ( a chubby fella) dive into this body of water… The water was very cloudy… I could see anything but the person diving cause my visuals were following him all the way… when he dived there was an unbelievable amount of fear that hit my body…. I wanted to wake up immediately…. I have had this dream many times before so I already knew the outcome… I was trying to stop or switch the dream but it just wasn’t happening…. he was heading to the bottom of that body of water at full speed and when he hit the bottom my eyes opened up a but in real life… (This is where my sleep paralysis got activated) (which I didn’t know, I thought I was just waking up) so my eyes opened up a bit and everytime I would close them… like even just blinking I would fall right back into the dream… That’s how I knew I was in sleep paralysis… I did also try to me a bit but it was hard to… that there now confirm I was in sleep paralysis… so im just there opening and closing my eyes trying to relax…. every time I closed my eyes when the person hit the bottom of the body of water kept replaying…. so then I just tried to stop blinking cause every time I saw that fear was adding the already large amount of fear that was in my body… I couldn’t seem to stop myself from blinking though …. so in the middle of me blinking and dying of fear…. at one point when I blinked and opened my eyes to the real world … something appeared at the end of my bed …. that drives even more fear into my body… it wasn’t like a person or ghost-like figure…. I was a dragon…. it was beautiful but it was scary… scary as shit…. I couldn’t see its face I could only see its body because of the angle it was at and how I was positioned on the bed …. it felt like the dragon was pulling one of my legs to take a bite of it… and then after I blinked again (all of this happened in a couple of seconds) I blinked and the dragon disappeared and then while in my subconscious I hear someone say.. “it is not tradition to look for your demons”…. In all my times of having this dream no one had ever said that to me… but none the less… I was familiar with what was going to happen now in the dream because as I said I have had this dream many times before… what was going to happen was I would appear in the house I remember growing up in and I would begin to be haunted and tortured mentally by all these different demons …. if would first appear as people I am familiar with and then (cause i would always seem to be in the house alone and when someone familiar shows up I would always be happy cause i have a fear of being alone) i would be so happy when they showed up but then another of the same person would show up and then I would realize that the first them wasn’t the real them and then the demon-like figure would lower me into a room and paralyze and scare the heck out of me

    2. It sounds like you’re holding onto the past or something which can’t be held in the same condition. The perfume is disguising the rotten relationship, Madonna just represents more of the past. Let go and the water will drain from the house. Your friend may come visit again in time once the house has been aired out.

    3. Its a second time i dream about.
      I was swimming in a pool and a pool becomes dry…when i stand up and looked down I saw a man riding a bike with his daughter on back riding with him…its falls under but they cross on the falls and i see the way on it…its so dangerous for me to see it but they cross it safe…the waters falls is so clear and the place its like a paradise.

      On the other night i dream again:
      I want to take a bath its in the river falls also but its not a big falls…the water is running clear and i finish my bath…suddenly when there are some people comes to make bath the river falls becomes dry.


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