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Having a dream about being trapped can be a frightening experience! Many times these dreams will manifest when we are feeling stuck or are not sure of what we should do next in our lives.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Being Trapped?

being trapped dream meaning

If you dream that you are trapped and cannot escape this typically means that you feel emotionally trapped in some way during waking life and you are unsure of how to escape the situation.

Here are some of the things that can trigger us to have feelings of being stuck or trapped:

  • Jobs and Careers we are not satisfied with
  • Relationships that don’t make us happy
  • Overwhelming responsibilities and Obligations
  • Making Commitments for Things We Don’t Enjoy

If you have a dream where you are feeling stuck in a situation, it can be helpful to understand exactly what is happening in your current life that is making you feel unhappy or feeling blocked and stuck.

Sometimes these dreams can also surface as a way to help us heal from painful past events. For example, if you had an experience where you were trapped, this dream may be bring up the fear and other emotions from the event that happened.

If you do not have anything in your life currently that is unpleasant and you have not had any traumatic experiences you can remember, it is also possible that dreaming of being trapped could simply be a surfacing of emotions and negative energy you need to release.

Sometimes we have emotions we have buried deep in our subconscious, and the only way to truly heal from them is to let go and move on.

Dreaming of Other People Being Trapped

It is also possible you may have had dreams of friends or family members being trapped. These can be very frightening and vivid dreams that stay in our minds for a very long time.

Fortunately, most of these dreams are not necessarily predictive or precognitive in nature surrounding the actual events in the dream – however, it can be a message dream where someone on a soul level is asking for help. See our article on the many types of dreams for more information on how to know what type of dream this might be!

In most cases, dreaming of someone trapped could mean that there is a part of you that feels stuck or that some aspect of yourself is being dominated by something else. Remember to think of you dreams as a movie and the people in it as actors – that other person in the dream might be playing a character!

You may also feel like you are unable to take care of things in your daily regular life. If you are taking care of someone, you may feel like you are unable to keep up with the demands, or that it is becoming impossible to catch up on things.

In some instances, these types of dreams may be signaling to you that someone you know might need help, but they are not sure how to ask for this help. For example, you may dream of a friend who you haven’t seen in awhile being trapped in a dream. This could mean the person is unable to ask for help, and it might not be a bad idea for you to check in on them.

Sometimes these dreams can also be a sign of soul loss or degeneration.  When we experience difficult things in our life, it is possible that parts of our soul go missing or dormant. If you’ve ever heard someone say the expression, “a piece of my soul just died” when something happens, this is often a case where soul loss has happened. Fortunately, if soul loss is the case it is very possible to bring back soul fragments and return to being whole again.

Pay Attention to Other Dream Symbol Details

If this is a dream that is symbolic in nature, and you’re not exactly sure why the dream is happening or what the dream is about, it can be helpful to look up the meanings of the other dream symbols.

Are You Trying to Escape From Emotions?

Many times one of the things that traps us most in life is our very own emotions. We often try to avoid our true feelings as much as possible, especially when these true feelings are negative or unpleasant to acknowledge.

Sometimes we feel like we are not allowed to express or experience our true feelings because they are not socially acceptable or others may judge us for them.

Being trapped in a dream very well might mean that you are trying to escape from your own feelings and have been avoiding them for too long.

This is where other dream symbols and events in the dream can give us some important clues about what the dream might be trying to tell us.

For example, if you have a dream about being trapped under water, it is likely that you are experiencing emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life. Water is a very emotional dream symbol to pay attention to!

Your negative emotions might be drowning your true potential and you are unable to escape negative events from your life until these emotions are fully acknowledged and released.

Are there other people in the dream?

If you dream you are being kidnapped or held hostage, this could signify there is something happening in your relationships or career where you feel like someone else is taking away your personal power and freedom.

Sometimes the people in our dreams come in like actors in a movie and performing as characters in a scene. If you dream someone is kidnapping you, and it is a person you do not know, it is very likely this is an aspect of yourself. Is there some part of yourself that you do not like? A part of yourself that is dominating another aspect more strongly?

Do you have any thoughts or questions about what it means to dream about being trapped? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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  1. Last night I dreamt I was trapped in a dangerous neighborhood and everyone including children were trying to kill me and I lost my phone and my purse. It was so terrifying I woke up crying and having a panic attack and I couldn’t breathe.

  2. i just had a dream i was trapped in this large house with my family except it was haunted i guess and me nor my family could not leave i then tried to leave out the door multiple times but every time i tried to i would just get sent back in the house i did this multiple times and the next thing i know this different family grabs me and takes me to a room in the house it traps me there but i managed to escape but i was still trapped in the house with my family i then went up the steps to my mom and asked her how could i leave she then said “i could, if i grab my baby sister” so i picked my baby sister up and went down the steps again i then walked through the door and made it out but when i looked down in my arms my sister wasn’t there she was still in the house and then i woke up . pretty weird and scary

  3. I had a dream of myself trapped in a huge, empty dumpster. It appeared very clean, like it never had garbage in it. There wasn’t any way out. I looked up & saw a covering giving shade. It was like the ones at a gas station, above the gas pumps. It was daylight, quiet & I yelled, “Hello, anyone there?” There wasn’t any response or noise. It seemed it was deserted, didn’t hear anything… just a slight breeze. I kept wondering how in the world did I get stuck in this huge dumpster. It was around 10 feet high & 12 feet wide. I wondered if anyone would come or not. Then, I woke up…my first thought was, “What in the world was that about? And that dumpster was so humongous!” 😆

  4. I dreamt about trying to get to the airport was late, once I got to the airport I was lost and couldn’t find my terminal. There was all kinds of activity around me. I then got trapped in a very small bathroom and urinated on myself. It was a dark dream and I once I got out of the bathroom I had a baby. It was very unsettling. A lot more details, but bottom line was I couldn’t get out of the situation, even when I was telling myself it was a dream I could change it,it didn’t have to be this way, I couldn’t escape

  5. I often have a dream of being stick in a room. Often feeling like I’ve failed to do something correctly or screwed up. This is usually brought on by stress at home

  6. I just dreamt of being held hostage. Basically like jail. Myself and random other kids and young adults were kept with this wrist band on, one that looks like a Disney band. We wernt aloud to leave, and if we did we couldn’t return if the head person found out. Someone working for this place who wasn’t even in charge, let us all go if we wanted to. There was these two rectangular things by the doors that looked just like the sensor things in department stores. But the device would shock or hurt you from that wrist band you wear if you ever try to exit without them being turned off. The worker shut off the devices and everyone was so happy they all had balloons. They crowded the area and I had to push my way out. When I ran outside my grandma was waiting in her van and I told her what happened. For some reason Princess diana was coming along. Random but we then all had a car ride together. And that was that. When I looked up being trapped, I found this. And I’m my relationship right now I can see this being true. It’s sad but true. My family and I always look up dream meanings once we have them, it’s important to pay attention to these things.

  7. In my dresm, I’m being chased by a supernatural figure not a human, more like a ghost. I am with my childhood friend and we find refuge in a small place my father used to use as a tailor workshop. My friend and I manage to lock ourselves in but I can’t find the right switch to turn off the light. There are many switches but I can’t find the right one. In the meantime, the ghost has arrived and despite not being able to enter, he knows where we are because of the light.

  8. So I was in a dream where I got stuck in a water slide that seemed like it went on for ages and it started to fill up with water and when I started to panic, I found a window and started to brake out of it and I eventually got free and in my dream my breathing became normal… what does this mean??

  9. I had a dream that I was being stalked, kidnapped, and held hostage. There’s a kidnapper and his clan on the loose and he was obsessed with me, almost trying to kill me? Basically, he would find me, take me and scare me and then I’d find a way to get out of the situation and hide again until he’d find me again. Most intense dream I’ve ever had and it was horrifying.

    1. I had a dream where me and a guy i was friends with (whom i estranged irl because he was toxic…) Were riding a bike downtown he wasn’t looking at traffic and driving very recklessly so i got off , there was this weird alien store place which was giving away something and i found it weird and went in to inspect found the owner ( looked something like the underwater toad from starwars ) i asked the owner how come you can give this away for free and he said “this is how” next moment i was trapped behind the glass display same place where the other thing was before , i think it was like a meat shop which is scary . Anyway i was looking down the road my friend on motorcycle went hoping for him to come save me he never did , next moment i was out of the place without doing anything like teleported out , and then it was like a movie when a scene cut to another , there were three country guys somewhere else ( I don’t think i knew ) planning to rescue me -end-

  10. I’m allways dreaming iv gone somewhere but cant get home it’s not on my train route etc .my mobil never works.lately I’m try to get in touch with my dad or nan who have been dead for years .all my original family have died .im on my own now .

  11. I had dream of how i ran into shot with a strange woman and that shop has closed, so i couldn’t get out and the shopkeeper said to me well you are stuck with this woman and it make me think sexualy about that.

  12. I keep having hostage dreams. I’ve had these through out my life constantly since I was even a kid. I’m 27 now, and it still drives me crazy whenever these dreams occur. Always a diff but somewhat same scenario – I somehow manage to get kidnapped. It’s always me and a friend getting kidnapped by a random person and both held in diff rooms. Not tortured, but told if we leave we will die. Friend is always different in the dream, but same scenario – friend is content and sticking to being afraid and staying there. My crazy ass is devising a plan to escape, whether it’s jumping out of a super high window with nothing else but a pillow or crawling down a side of a house. the dream/nightmare feels like forever. I always wake up before actually escaping. It’s always so bizarre but I’m glad I finally looked into this and came across this article to somewhat try and help shed some light on this.

  13. Dreaming about being interlocked physically with friends. But unable to move, no way to escape, i just knew I would be forever stuck in thar situation. I luckily wake up shortly after. I think me being too heated may have made me dream this way.

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