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Alien or UFO Dream Meaning

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Did you dream of an alien or ufo? Learn what dreaming about aliens might mean as a dream symbol – or how to know whether an alien is trying to communicate with you.

alien dream meaning

Alien or UFO Dream Meaning

Learning about the symbolism of an alien in a dream can be helpful for your to understand what your dream is about.

What Does it Mean to Dream About an Alien?

A Sign for Something Unknown:

To see an alien in your dream shows that you have actually experienced part of your own psyche which is unknown to you. You may feel that this ‘unfamiliar’ part of yourself is hostile or an opponent.

It is important to remember that every character featured in or dreams is just a representative of the different parts of ourselves. Ask yourself what part of you this alien could represent.

Your primary step ought to be to get to know this overlooked facet of yourself on your own. As an example, you might be behaving in ways which are ‘alien’ to you or have sensations that are ‘unlike you’. It is undesirable to repress or neglect these parts of your nature.

Because of its unfamiliarity may in time become a mentor and also ally, what at very first appears as frightening. This alter-ego might have something good to supply you.

Feeling Like an Outsider:

Sometimes, we may associate aliens with being something that doesn’t belong. The alien may stand for a situation you have actually recently experienced. When we start a new work we might in the beginning feel ‘pushed away’ or you may really feel that you resemble an outsider.


UFO Dream Meaning

If you see a UFO in your dream, fortunately, this does not mean that you are at risk of getting abducted by space aliens.

It more likely represents a new relationship, job, or situation that you are faced with and may be feeling apprehensive about. Enter into this new area of your life with caution, and trust your own judgement and intuition regarding the situation.

Do you feel like something is “out of this world” in your current life? It may mean you are feeling like you need to connect with the physical world around you. You may also be wishing to explore unfamiliar territory with something in your life.

Are Aliens Real? Can Aliens Communicate With You in Your Dreams?

Whether or not aliens are real is probably a discussion best left for another time. There is no way to really explain things about aliens and lifeforms on other planets. Some people very much believe that aliens are real – others believe that aliens may actually be a spirit or type of ghost or even a type of demon in a dream.

If you are dreaming of an alien, you may wonder if the alien is some form of spirit trying to communicate with you. Spirit does, can and will communicate with us in our dreams, but it is important for us to stay grounded in reality: aliens are not believed to be real by the majority of most people.

If you do find yourself chatting up with an alien in spirit form in your dream, you may be wondering whether this is normal or what to expect.

Talking about aliens as if they are real is not encouraged because often times people do not fully understand the mysteries of cosmic beings or even believe it is possible to communicate with spirits.

If you are concerned about thoughts you have or if aliens are telling you to do something which may harm yourself or others, you may wish to also seek the help of a professional. Certain medications or medical conditions can cause these types of experiences, and it is important to be evaluated by a professional to rule out any underlying medical causes if it appears you are dreaming about real aliens communicating with you.

Do you have any thoughts about aliens in your dreams? Tell us your experiences in the comments below.

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  1. As i’m reading these stories only about the UFO’s sorry the aliens one’s weren’t attached to what my UFO dream. BUT as I read these each one had some attachment to mine so when i spotted those attachements I found it strange and interesting . I’M GOING TO TRY TO MAKE MY DREAM AS SHORT AS I CAN. I was tired one day and so i layed down just to rest a bit as i slept i dreamt of first being at my HOUSE and FAMILY being around as the time went on i spoke to my friend on the phone and i step outside to hear her more clearly . As i’m speaking with her i feel a wind and i look at the sky it begins to go dark with BLACK CLOUDS looking as if it’s night and the wind begins to feel stronger . As i watching the sky it starts spiraling and black and a purplish color i thought it was beautiful until The wind turned into violent waves trying to blow me away i tried to make my way inside but my legs weren’t holding me down anymore at that second i grab onto whatever i could reach and just hang on . Then the wind starts reduce little by little until i made it to my porch to be near the door . All of a sudden i watch the sky again and i see a blue and red light as if they were hitting each other i couldn’t tell but it looked as if they we’re fighting and then they get one good hit and a sonic boom made the dark clouds part to reveal a night sky. As i’m starring at it the neighbors come out and my aunt pops out the door to see what’s going on we stand in the front lawn looking at a Blue object and it started circling for a moment and looked as if it was then suddenly it made a U turn and saw it coming closer i couldn’t move i wasn’t scared nor shocked just starred . It kept coming and then started to land on the front lawn in front of me my aunt and the neighbors made their way to the house door and i tried but didn’t move IT WAS BRIGHT and i wake up and lean forward to look at the window and just had me as if that felt so real .

  2. I had a dream i was at Bora Bora with m’y kids. Walking in smooth and clear Eater. Bright baby Blue. I felt relax. Then in the dream i was asleep and was woken Up by a friendly alien.. we were talking. But i have no notion of what was the subject.

  3. So I had this dream last night and its rare for me to dream at all.
    I must have been on an archeological dig on the moon and was with at least one other. As I’m scrapping away on the surface i come across a rock that is exactly a square and then another and then another. They are black and exactly resemble a brick at the top ie each side has a slope down inwards like a triangle but not rectangle. They are forming part of a wall and realising they are not natural but “man” made I call the nearest person to look and then we find many other items but I’m not sure what they were. Then we are at an auction house selling them for millions and I stop the auction and tell the others that we must preserve all of our finds for mankind and take stock of everything only then can we decide which items to auction and which to save.

    Can anyone tell me the meaning of any of this

  4. How do I know if my comments have been posted? Twice I tried and twice I got no notification that my post is either being verified by an admin, or it’s just too long.

    1. Hi Terry, all comments are pending approval before posting live to the website to help reduce spammers. Don’t worry, we DID get your comment – Thank you! 🙂

  5. I had a dream ……I was with my mother in supermarket and after a second asteroids started falling they were very big on that time I saw a UFO and I was very scared then u came back home and I was with my mother and brother on that time an alien came and he just hold my hand and he was trying to take me with him .then he took me to a ground and started saying that he want to tell me something important but he told first we will find a secret place to talk. Then we choosed a supermarket we just started our discussion my father came and he was asking me that what I am doing here I told I just came here to take some grocery.and then my mom waked me up

  6. One night I was looking at the beautiful stars because their light was next to each other. it’s look like dipper. I was surprised because they moved suddenly, Like a dancing ball lights.

    The sky around the stars changes color, Like aurora and milky way.

    A bright light gradually descended closer to me.

    I was looking it because i’m interested, The alien suddenly appear in front of me and the alien showing it to me the aircraft.

    It’s like a saucer and like pyramid.

    I was looking and smiling with that alien.

    The alien was wearing a violet suit.

  7. in the dream i was outside in my backyard when one of the stars i was looking at exploded then my mum came to see what i was looking at when a red light shinned over everything and five UFO’s flow past not to quickly so i got a good look at them then they disappeared and a policemen came got of nowhere and asked questions about my night and if i saw anything weird and then he disappeared again into thin air then i woke up very confused.

  8. I had a dream I was upset with my husband for wanting to go with someone else, all of a sudden I’m at a outside concert with unknown people, where I saw two flying saucers. Both were sucking up people with a blue light. I tripped down to the floor and one came over me and up i went. It felt and looked like I was falling through a dirty tube, where I landed in the ship. It kind of looked like a airplane from the inside but very tiny without seats , I was lying stuck in the aisle. There was pilot and a co pilot (aliens). They were two feet tall greyish and greenish with big ears. I was crying, begging to let me because I have kids waiting for me to go home. I looked through the window and looked down and saw beautiful lights. I think it was their planet. The Co pilot was scared of me, thinking my tears were acid. I told him it won’t hurt him, so I smeared alittle on his arm and he smiled at me. I don’t know how but I befriended the pilot alien and he took me home. I don’t remember them speaking to me,which is weird but he gave me a whistle incase I ever need anything. I was back home to find my husband with someone else with him knowing I was missing. In my head I was thinking of blowing the whistle and have my new friend take her away. Then I woke up. My husband and I don’t have marriage problems. We are happy together.

    1. Hi Valerie, sometimes the people we know in our real lives can act as a symbol for parts of ourselves in our dreams. So for example, your husband could represent the romantic part of yourself and while there may not be problems you may feel like you need something more adventurous for the two of you. See our post on Characters in Dreams – hope that helps!

  9. I had a dream that there was a weird alien or entity with skimpy legs standing in front of my cupboards outside of my bathroom fiddling in my stuff but as soon as I saw it, it got spooked. Then, I woke up I wonder if my cat might have some connection 🤔 because he was rescued in the mountains by my niece.

  10. So I was at my gfs parents house and woke up to go to the toilet then I seen a shadow when I walked out of the room that quickly disappeared so I walked to the toilet and turned the light on and it was her little brother so I had a pee and walked back out through the lounge room were my daughter was sleeping and she was awake saying she was woken by something touching her pants I woke my partner and told her what she said and my partner came out of the ro and spoke with her and went back to sleep then her little brother started vacuuming when I looked at the alarm clock it said 3:50 am I my daughter started getting grumpy Soo I carried her into the room with her mum and tripped into her little brother and I got angry and told him to fuck off then he went away and I layed down and went to go sleep then was woken by a sound so I looked out the window and seen a group of kids on bikes looking right at me and going through people’s yards and then looked at the sky and seen this black storm cloud coming our way but it was like a bomb how wind comes gushing towards U after a explosion then our bed was suddenly wet at the bottom and then my partner and I went outside and had a look and started seeing people but they were taking people’s cars even the van out the front of her parents Soo we went in side and locked the front door and I went outside and looked into the sky and seen these wierd lights everywhere then a lady was coming near me and then I noticed a man so I went back in side and watched them the man chucked some sort of garden light that pierced the top of the other car at the back Soo I ran outaide and went to grab the device that then lit up like a beacon and ripped it out and threw it on the ground by then I looked up again and the lights got closer that’s when I woke up and didn’t want to go back to sleep…

  11. I was just there just staring at a demon girl just watching her and I felt so scared and I couldn’t move at all like I was paralyzed on my bed just watching her then the dream ended with me all sore.

  12. I dreamt that i had an alien child that I never knew of I tried to introduce myself to her but she was too brilliant and smart she talked at day 1 when I gave birth to her she seemed not to like me and I think I felt the same

  13. This is a dream I had just recently (my dreams are crazy but it told me something interesting about alien kind)
    I don’t remember how we met the alien but I remember just walking with all my unknown friends with this alien around the mountain and the alien was telling me that aliens hat to do something with the ocean and they used to live there or something and then he said something about Poseidon and how they were connected I wanted to know all the secrets of the universe and ect but then we were at the beach and for some reason a big wave came but then he said something about it but yeah idk I think something was trying to communicate with me

  14. Hi, I just had the most vivid dream that I was in a strange place where everyone was locked away. Some were sneaking out for what seemed to be for something very important and there was one person being held prisoner and left to starve in a room on his own. I was in the dream but like I was watching more than being actually there. Anyway, I looked up and a ufo came down to take people away and I kept seeing a piece of paper with a code on saying “we are here”. I’d love to hear what people think about this and what it means x

  15. my dream is in afternoon i was sitting in my backyard alone a i looked at left is like a cube multiple colors i take a video on it and i post it on facebook and i got friend with an alien more like a human he/she has ability to shapeshift and i got end up being a prisoner of the cia and my alien friend shpe into a prisoner the agents didnt know he/shes an alien so i kept saying whats my fault and they kepp saying your not allowed to take video or photo of Extraterrestrial life and i got sentenced to death i was crying i suddenly wake up

  16. Last night around 2 am I woke up startled and frighten wondering what I just dreamed and why. I was dreaming that these tan alien looking beings were both in my romm and the hall way leading to my living room. I remember turning over to the side in my bed looking and seeing them. I felt something was on the opposite side of my bed and I turned over to look and one was leaning over me just watching me. I was even startled in my dream and woke up. I was so startle it took me around 30 minutes to go back to sleep along with having the feeling something was actually there. I know thats weird but it happened. Thanks for letting me share.

  17. I dreamed daily when i sleep whether in night and day .
    Dreamed seemed to be real but i can not tell you when was my dream start but i can tell you when it end .
    I saw a different dream daily so i am very excited about it what will i see in my dreams today before sleeping .
    I think dream is another kind of world in which we can do everything besides we want to be a superhero and can save the world and many more things
    Many times i saw ending of this world by water ,many times

  18. I had a weird dream and was just curious about the symbolism.

    Last night I dreamt I fell in loved and got married. Other weird stuff happens and of course there was intimate parts. We even had a child. Anyway towards the end of the dream my dream husband tells me he is a alien and that we weren’t not really supposed to be. That I was supposed to be with another human, but with him marrying me interfered with that. It was a very sad moment. Then all of a sudden ‘poof’ I’m back to when I was a teenager as if nothing happened. Then I woke up

    1. Hi Nicole,
      If it were my dream, I would see it as symbol for feeling as if dating someone would only lead to disappointments and so you may feel like giving up. There are many opportunities out there to have fulfilling and loving relationships, so it could also be a symbol to broaden your horizons on the dating field, perhaps even dating people you ordinarily would not be interested in. Hope this helps.

  19. A few nights ago I had dreamt of a beautiful white UFO peering through the sky.. after that dream occurred I literally saw ufos in actuality for the very first time in my life right down the street from my house in Levittown Pennsylvania and I have the whole entire thing on camera. Find me online on Facebook if you would like to see it for yourself

  20. I dreamt that two aliens were killing off everything as they went along. I was behind a tree and moved round the tree as they went past. They left a marble white trail all over the land. I waited till they were a distance and then ran the opposite direction. I got to the edge of a town which h was affected and then went into the housing estate and it was unaffected. Children were playing outdoors. I thought people may have to go underground to be safe

  21. Ive been dreaming alot of dreams about death and friends i havnt seen and talked to in years and today i dreamt about aliens trying to kill me. Idk what to do its kinda freaking me out ive read alot of articles and most of them say that something is about to change in you life or something about myself has changed but honestly i dont really know what they are talking about. Can you explain to me or tell me what is gonna change 😥😓

    1. Hi Leem, aliens usually mean you are dealing with something foreign or unexpected in your life. As for what type of changes it can symbolize, it can mean that you are going through external changes in your life you cannot control {ie: getting a different job, relationships with others, etc.} or it can be a symbol that it is time to explore new things if you are feeling stuck in a rut. Hope that helps!

  22. I just had this dream , so I was here at my house , I live with my bf and his mom and her bf and 2 kids a teen and 6 yr old . So first I was having a normal dream at the house and then it became night and I went outside to say by to our step little niece and after they left the sky look like purple and cool light and very beautiful so I called my mother in-law out and we took vids and pictures but I somehow struggle to get to my camera on my phone , and then the dogs started barking at something behind the house and we looked there was nothing so we went inside. My dream is kinda scattered so sorry if it doesn’t make sense , but anyway somehow my bfs little brother was outside and we kept telling him get in and he would run and a little later he came banging on the door and we let him in and asked him what’s wrong and what happened and he said there was a tall black alien that’s trying to get us and we all freaked out especially me . So we were all looking out the windows and I ended up in the kitchen alone and randomly I see a mans arm trying to break open the window , but it wasn’t alien looking , and I screamed and we just kept looking everywhere and I kept praying to Jesus and god to plz protect us and let nothing happen and then I woke up to my bf alarms for work . I told him about it bc they say if you don’t tell a dream it will come true ..

    1. Hi Evette, it does sound like quite a scary dream. Fortunately it sounds more like a release dream and not one that would come true {especially since we know so little about whether aliens exist or not!}

  23. I dreamed I was laying in bed in a new place in a different state. A red disc about the size of a frisbee made of tiny red stars was floating at the opposite side of the room. I knew it was not from this planet. I watched it come toward me and as it approached I closed my eyes. I knew I couldn’t stop it. I felt it pass through my hand. I woke up feeling like I had been given some kind of power.

  24. In my dream, when i was about to sleep, i was approached by dark gray alien being, it was hard to see because i was tired but i heard his words, “look for us in Antarctica”, he disappeared afterwards. Next day, i decided to go and look with a help of my other three friends, during our adventure, it only gotten worse. Police started coming at us, shot at us, random people that seems strangely different but helped us out and gave us medical attention, but along the way, i was the last one arriving to Antarctica, bullet holes were still on my body, bleeding, i was almost dead and freezing. Then i met this Tall gray alien being that probably is the leader, he said “welcome and everything will be alright”. He gave me firm handshake then i passed out on the snow. I woke up with fear of pain and distrust.

  25. I had a strange dream that an alien was pressing me down and had forceps attached to my forehead as I thought it was hands til I got it off but couldn’t at first as it was like sticking to my head suction or goo then I woke up sweating as it’s first time av had this type of dream can you help?

  26. I was on this other planet, i don’t know why, and there was all of these aliens. They looked more like monsters than aliens. All of them were different, some even looked like humans. I was not scared of them at all. Their planet was slowly freezing, so they had to move planets. They were going to move to mars. In order to get to mars we had to stop at earth. Me and this other alien, who looked like a human, started going to earth. when we got to earth, i told some of my school friend who this girl was. No one was scared. We also noticed this girl, she didn’t fit in. Later we figured out she was one of the aliens who looked like a human. the next day we had to go to mars. We took the other girl who was actually an alien, and went on an airplane and flew of to space. When we got to mars it there was a giant city built there. I have other dreams about scary stuff, but i am never scared. Why is that? What does it mean?

  27. I had a dream that aliens came to earth and made all humans slaves and the queen alien was pregnant and with 1000’s of baby aliens. She spoke to me and I told her she can’t slave us because Jesus was our savior then she wobbled away from me. After that I was not under their control like everyone else. Then I woke up.

  28. I recall being in my tub the room was dark trying to yell as loud as I could and felt no one can hear me. Do I was making loud humming noises just to be heard by anyone. I could not see anyone I was being held from behind and being pushed down in my tub. Not sure if water was there and then I heard my husband say “it’s ok, it’s ok”, my husband said I was very loud and that he had been trying to wake me for a whole. Not sure what to make of this but my shoulders still hurt from being held and push.

  29. I don’t really remember my dream and in fact I don’t really know how to describe it. Is complex…
    I do remember I was in my hose, I had just woken up and I saw on my window many beautiful lights from a distance in the sky, like a flock of birds traveling together. They were thousands, millions on them. Some of them were looking for me. They did try to hide themselves but, they were revealed to humanity. Is all I remember

  30. I had a dream that it was my friends birthday and we were so excited to celebrate (Being in lockdown that obviously couldn’t happen) we planned out to meet up but keep our Distance. We all FaceTimed each other it was 6 am then my friend (whoms birthday is was) went off it was just me and my other friend, we saw 2 helicopters go over our head and we were very confused, then I thought I saw a plane and a helicopter follow that. I was already downstairs in my garden so I just watched it go right over my head and stop my parents came outside and my dad shouted “It’s a UFO!” And whist it hovered over my estate there was a red symbol protecting in our garden from it. My friend and I were so scared she said “I see it too.” With a panicked look on her face. My mom told us to stand in a line and keep 2m apart it sort of scanned us and slowly drifted away. It lit up the whole area the sky went orange and red/brown. It was very scary. I woke up so confused and still remember it a week later…

  31. I have opened my third eye over a year ago. I have now had 2 dreams where I have been sucked up by some sort of tube, in to an alien craft. This last dream the tube was purple. I have not remembered seeing any alien in my dream, but have had a meditation of a blue skinned beautiful female. My cards says I’ve had past life not of this world and I’ve been told I’m a light worker by other mediums. I really want to understand wot I’m trying to be told can anyone help me to understand please?

  32. i just woke up from a dream of an alien invasion as i was lying down on the couch in my living room paralyzed. i could see the UFO flying saucers hovering over our home making a loud humming sound as my son pointed out the window and hear the cries of fear of the people in the streets. As i lay there i could feel the presence of something coming up the stairs and the heavy footsteps shaking the floor as they approach us. my wife and kids run to the kids room and as i lay paralyzed on the couch and try to look at the hallway with blurred vision i could see a tall grey alien with pitch black eyes looking directly at me and just walks towards my kids room as i cry helplessly not being able to move or do anything but lie down helplessly and powerless, unable to do anything. My fear of my kids being abducted by these creatures came true as i hear my son yell for help as i see the tall grey taking him away. I ferociously try to fight and move as i am only able to move my toes and regain slightly my voice i remain unable to do nothing. I then see two more tall grey aliens entering my home as i realize that they are targeting my other two children. My baby girl barely 2 cries in fear of these creatures and runs towards me and limbs on top of me for protection. The alien beings to approach me and i scream and plea to leave her alone and right before my eyes the grab her and try to take her away from me. I begin to fight,move, squirm around trying to break this paralysis that has befallen upon me. As the tall grey alien begins to walk away with my baby i finally broke free and i rushed toward the alien with intent to kill! I tackled the grey and smashed it head on the ground and i was able to protect my family. My son who was abducted was soon able to return with the help of my wife who went after him before he was placed into the space craft. We then saw the aliens flee from earth and then i awoke from the dream to find my kids looking at me. They say i was squirming around in the couch mumbling in my sleep and that it looked like i was fighting someone lol! glad it was only a dream

  33. I dreamt that one particular Alien was trying to kill me but there were multiple as they were part of a group and all of whom were impersonating human beings. None of them I connected to as people I knew of. After multiple death attempts of my life I woke up as my sone of my friends were arrested by the MIB or CIA as they were accused of being the human bodies of these aliens. In my dream, I knew they were not and had been wrongly arrested. I woke up as I needed to go to the toilet unfortunately. I wish I could have finished the dream. Does anyone know what any of this means?

  34. I dreamt 4 or 5 small grey aliens(bulbus heads like you see in the movies) were trying to take me somewhere. They took my hands and pulled me gently but eagerly away.. I resisted. And was frightened. I didn’t want to go. I tried to call out to someone and even (somehow?) Use my phone to txt/call someone but they used some power to put them in a daze and not respond to me.
    I eventually woke up.

  35. I had a dream where i was with a group of people. Keep in mind this is the second time I had a dream similar before however with no people around.

    So to begin we were in a art studio of some kind two of us felt something odd. We all went outside and the sky grew dark, after a bright mid day. Almost like a rip in time happen. Best discription almost would be like stranger things, but more look into space.
    It happen again however and it was causing anxity and hairs to stand. To the left there was a rip and you saw space though this tear. Lightning going on everywhere. Went like this two more time between the time the sun came back out and myself and the other person related stories. We questioned what was happening. Then I woke up, feeling odd pressure to my chest which i chopped up to some anxiety or something. Just feeling really unsettled for a repeat of a dream but more vivid and more elaborate. Any theories on this?

  36. I had a dream that I and two other people were throwing these bodies into the water. We were on a pier made of cement and trees were growing from the water. One of the bodies got stuck on the tree and when I got a good look at it it had no skin, only muscle, and bones with huge eye sockets and a cone-shaped head. The face had a neutral facial expression. Very weird dream.

  37. I had a dream that I was just in my house and there was a storm going on. I hear a big lightening strike, and i then look out the window and I see that the strike has left two massive alien like symbols in the ground. Along with a spray painted cartoon alien in a UFO on the fence. I try to video this, and then send it to people to see if maybe this is happening to them as well. But, every time I try to video or take a picture I look back on the video and it’s been completely changed to look like everything is fine. So that doesn’t help but I still message my cousin and tell her to help me she says something like it’s happening to her but she’s at the airport. I then run around trying to lock every bit of my house up, and I get all my family members in the same room. My sister separates and goes to sleep in her room. I realise she’s gone but it’s too late because she comes back and she isn’t her, she’s a alien or some figure disguised as her. I say “where did you put my sister!!?” And the thing says “she’s okay, she’s been taken to 236550 18 million light years away. I run to a window and yell across at my neighbors who are outside across the fence, and say “quickly come over I’m having a party” (I have no idea why I said that) anyway about 8 people come over and I say look out the window! What do you see? They see it and start crying? I then say “if I die now you know what killed me, you HAVE to tell people you need to help us” they nod and agree then go back to there house.

    And with that I then wake up fully crying. Im still pretty freaked out. Also because there’s a storm going on right now too..

  38. I was dreaming “I think” that I was walking through a parking lot and looked to the east at the two brightest stars in the morning sky. I started to look for the moon when above the two shining stars another star was shimmering, then broke into two lights and got closer to me. I looked around the sky some more then saw a gray circular upside down pyramid looking ship hovering in the distance. Now back to the shimmering lights. These light got closer and closer to me and out of nowhere appeared a small white and red disk with black looking cameras on the bottom side. This disk was about two and a half feet wide. All of a sudden this disk circled my head and then pressed against the left side of my neck. I do have very bad neck pain. Anyways, I felt the sensation of happiness asking it “why do u make me feel happy and feel like I want to talk to you”. I then grabbed this craft and truned it upside down, holding onto it as I pushed it to the ground. That is when I saw six cameras in the shape of a smiley face. Two as the eyes and four as the mouth. I then woke up in my bed. But I sat stight up with out any struggling and NO neck pain. Absolutely zero pain. I felt very strange and wide awake. Thinking and askking myself “was this real”. Anyways, this was my dream. Now my question is, did this happen in a different stage of my life or maybe in a alternate universe, perhaps a parallel universe?
    Thank you for letting me explain my dream to you all.

  39. This was a dream… a friend was having a big party and my wife did not want to go. So i told her to go home and id call her later to pick me up.. the party was very large with open bar and alot of people of whom i did not know and few very random people that I did know, one of which was a childhood kid who was a bad influence and someone who I did not like. I was soon being teased at the clothes I was wearing by few people but it didnt bother me cause i knew I was different and I could wear whatever i want. Shortly after I am standing outside and an extremely loud noise happens. First I was confused, then it happenes again, a very loud, scary noise. I quickly run inside this gaa station for cover. A big plane ends up hovering above the street where hundreds of people are. It then creates a sinkhole and I almost got fell in but ended up escaping and running down the street. I stopped shortly to wave down my ride if she were to drive by. Then i woke up.

      1. I had a dream this morning and me and my mom were at a coffee shop in our area, then the ground started to shake, and we drove away and we went to the farm market then the ground started to shake again and this time they were after us. I saw huge hamster bubbles and everyone had to go in it and so we did and we went down the road. then, we end up by wegmans and they were gonna put us in the water to drown and I remember seeing my moms friends house and the crane was gonna tore it up and i remember seeing her car there so she probably died and then it was our turn to go in the water and the other people in the bubble told us they would try to save everyone in the water and escape and i remember telling my mom one more time that I loved her and I also remember thinking about my best friend Alex hes in Florida but I remember thinking about him and I remember saying I hope he’s ok and then i remember calling out to Jesus and asked him to come save us then i woke up.

  40. It seemed as if I had woken up from a dream at night. I looked around my room, looked at my boyfriend sleeping next to me. I then looked out my window, which is right next to my bed, and I saw in the distance a UFO. I remember exclaiming in astonishment;
    “A UFO!”
    And then I looked closer, and there was a skinny, sly- looking Alien with a long smile, ready to come in through my window. I then knew what they were trying to do, and I panicked and I must have shown or exclaimed my fear, and I burried my face into my boyfriends side until everything went black again.

  41. I was just sitting in my house… With some different house members I don’t know.. It was noon time and I was sitting by the window of the house that was rarely opened before.
    I don’t know why I was sitting there but I was happy and blabbering.. after which I saw a UFO … Round shaped.. metallic brown… Flown nearby… And I was like as always.. excited and screaming…
    “Hey…. Look… A UFO… ”
    One of my friend gave me a very full look saying
    “Fine.. good… Nothing new”
    Still I was really excited of looking at it. Though it went out of my sight.
    After that my same friend came and told me…
    “Please close that window. I’m not used to it… And the room looks better when it’s closed”
    With a heavy heart I closed the window…
    Since it was past noon… Everyone had their lunch… I was the only one left.
    I went to the kitchen grabbed a plate and put some rice onto it…
    But somehow all of the rice fell onto the floor… I was picking up the rice from the floor and putting it into my plate.
    After that I had to go to the living room for which I had to go through that open space of the house to reach living room..
    Suddenly, I saw the same spaceship… Swooshing towards me… I ran confused… Trying to get a shelter… But somehow they grabbed me. My feet were above the ground. I was so terrified by it that… I woke up.

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