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Ghost Dream Symbol and Meaning

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Dreaming of a ghost usually symbolizes being haunted by something in the past or that old memories are being brought up again by recent events.

Common Ghost Dream Meanings:

Past Regret/Remorse: Have you done something which you now regret or feel remorseful about?

Old Memories: Dreaming of a ghost can symbolize memories of your past.

Paranormal/Supernatural: Do you take interest in the paranormal or supernatural? The ghost may be a symbol of your interest.

Fears: If you are afraid of the ghost in your dream, it can be a symbol of fears you have in your waking life.

If the ghost is someone you know personally who has died, see instead: Visitation Dreams.

What are your dream experiences with ghosts? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. I have been having dreams about the same 2 terrifying haunted houses for about two years now. They happen a couple of times a week and I always wake up EXACTLY one hour from the time I went to sleep. I’m in search of someone who can draw sketches for me and could help me put these dreams on paper. If someone could point me in the correct direction, I would appreciate it!

  2. I had a dream last night. I am with my friend walking on the corridor or hallways, then suddenly of walking I saw a ghost wearing white dress upnto her feet but I didn’t saw her face, then after a seconds he disapper, and a seconds again he camback that makes us scream and scared, My friend almost run and I left behind of the hallway abd the ghost run to me and then he locked me with her arms. I scared and the only thinf that I do is to say this words “in the name of jesus” and I suddenly wake up but my eyes yet closed and I even can’t move my body, and I don’t why coz I really scared. After that I pray a lot and repeatedly pray and pray And everytime that I discuss this story to mybfriends and family I always afraid really so scared and almost terrified even I wrote this story and when I in that point that I pertain to him, oh my ghaad I feel so terrified afain. shit. I don’t want this feeling!

  3. My dream was last night. At first, the dream was in a gloomy setting. There was an apartment in a, what looks like an abandoned building. There was a girl living in the apartment and there was also a ghost. The Ghost turned out to be her lover since I also keep seeing that ghost’s past and he was like guarding the girl, and the girl was always sad or unfortunate. The ghost always sleeps next to the girl, observes her, at the same there were also glimpse from his past life. At the same time, it felt like a dream inside a dream since I am writing it down in my dream since I am a writer and I am aware that the ghost part is a dream so I keep waking up-still in my dream- and writing it down. I am just frustrated since I want to know what happened next since I did not finish the dream. It stopped when the ghost made the girl see him and he told her that they were lovers.

  4. I had a dream last night that I was killed by a vampire someone I’ve never seen before and he was the only one who could see me and hear me. He started hanging out with me all the time. He moved in and we went out on the town and partied all the time, but it was depressing because everyone out in public couldn’t see or hear me. I was yelling at the top of my lungs and people just kept walking by. My family could see me because they didn’t know I was dead and slowly my family stopped recognizing me. I was so sad at this realization. In the dream I was so sad and depressed about this. It was so strange.

  5. I had a dream last night and in my dream I was sleeping except by my front door was a ghost of me same clothes and everything then when I turned the lights on she was coming after me and disappeared

  6. I had a dream last night of a school that I was in and I went into a room there were a few ghosts but I was friends with them I felt comfortable and relaxed I wasn’t scared at all it felt really weird it felt as though they were my friends I don know what that means

  7. It was last night when i had a dream about different scenarios where ghosts would chase me down and if they caught me they would turn into humans/zombies, and they would torture and kill me. The only one I specifically remember was I was in a horse stall with my friend, and she was trying to get the horse out of the stall thing. So when she left, I started to panic because I knew that the presence of something was still in the room. I then heard a low rumble noise, I turn around and a motorcycle had been started and the headlights were on me. I tried getting out of the stall but it was locked, so it took me some time to unlock it before i got out. I started running and screaming my friends name, but she was nowhere to be found. I ended up out running the ghosts. It was the most bizarre thing and I woke up in a panicked state, and sweating.

  8. I have this weird dream of seeing ghost and dead nuns inside the church. Dead people walking everywhere inside it, I’ve got this dream many time and every time I wake up from it I won’t be able to until and unless I get to see the end of the dream. It always ends up with me running from the place trying to find the way out. It’s like an open filed with fences around it, I cross the fence and never look back again. As soon as the dream comes I really don’t know what happen, but my body automatically recognize the dream and tries to warn me and yet before I open my eyes the dream already starts and I don’t get to open my eyes until I finish the dream . I’ve been getting this dream for a long time. But not on regular basis. The dream always gives me chills. But the most interesting thing is I’m not even a Christian and I’ve never been to any church.

  9. In my dream there was a mysterious force that grabbed me from behind tossing me towards the sky which became a ceiling. There was a young girl and her father nearby that saw this and watched in horror. Incouls not scream or speak. I jolted awake and gasped for air and at that moment felt something releasing me from behind. It was squeezing me so tight. It was not sleep paralysis it was a dream that folllowed me to awake. It was the first nightmare I had in 30 years that scared me because I knew it wasnt real but could not control it. Infeel like there was an evil presence in my room that night. At 37 years old I wanted to go sleep with my mom. I’ve never been that scared in my life.

  10. Were do i begin last night i dreamth of my husband in fetal position yelling from our bed. No!no ! ghost!!! And i stood by him and looked it was a ghost short ghost floating towards me very fast and as i kneeled down felt it go thru me i jolted and woke up. Its not the first time ive felt an encounter like that when i was little in my childhood home i had dreamed that a lady was after me she was wearing same white dress as the ghost from last night and i was running from her she caught up and bam!! Pushed me i felt my body jerked and i woke up my back was sore and i was nervously afraid ……

  11. I had a dream that I was in a big store, similar to Home Depot, with my cousin roaming around and my family was up front. I had this feeling this place was bad news and I wanted to leave. But then I forgot all about it and started running around and playing. Something happened and we began to RUN. We got into the candles section and everything was going off. I was so scared…but i paused for a moment and asked it, blink once if you can hear me. It blinked. I asked it again and again. It could hear me. We started running again and we got to our parents and seemed like everything was fine. We got home and we needed to go back for something. Paint I guess? We got there and we got in the line and there was this woman with her baby buying something. I told her that she needed to get out quick cause this place was haunted. She was scared and left. Then we got home and needed to go again….. We got back there and was at the back of the isle beside this young man in a wheelchair sleeping. Some”thing” dragged his arm and pulled out an object. It said….. “Distracting can occur.” What does this mean? Why am I so young and having this dream? Am I unwanted? It seemed all so vivid! Why am I having this dream?

  12. I had a dream of two ghost peering over a bench, like churches have, just looking at me. I felt like I was strapped down but conscious and awake at the same time.
    I was watching them watching me and I was yelling that I see you
    I said several times and finally I was able to get up from my sleep
    Felt real

  13. We moved into a new house and there was there was This ghost girl I think she first lowkey hunted me but then we ended up being best friends she was nice to me but she killed everyone on the party and forced me to take someone’s face off…

  14. I had this strange dream where I seen loads of ghosts they were all happy smiling at me they were happy for a reason but I forgot the reason and they were all happy then they all drifted away

  15. I dreamt about the spirit of a little girl that kept appearing in this house. She was sweet but kept appearing and I couldn’t figure out why. She was dressed in a school uniform. I don’t know who she was or why she kept appearing. What could this mean?

  16. I was dream a dark shadow of girl
    She want go inside my body but I scream because I don’t want her to enter my body, I see she’s bring a bad curse she want use my body for some reason that I don’t want to be happen. Help me how to explain this situation, I’m so scared when I was waking up.

  17. I dream that we have brought a new house. I’m upstairs in one of the bedrooms when the corner of the duvet lifts, I see the duvet rustle through and lift the other side as whatever it is has exited the bed. Then the bedroom door shuts! I run to the door and can open it but then as I run downstairs it’s my old house and I go to the bathroom where my partner and daughter are just standing there and I wake up.

  18. Last night I had a dream that I was walking through the kitchen and all the lights were off and I started to walk and there was an older lady in-front of me walking away I was trying to get her attention and I couldn’t talk so I walked to the living room and as I’m waking my body started to go numb and bassically I just layed in the floor trying to tell everyone that was in the room that I saw a ghost and this is why I’m feeling that way I couldn’t talk at all and I just felt so numb like a thousand pointy needles poking me ! I don’t know what that means or what could possibly happen next time I go to sleep any advice ?

  19. Last night I dreamt that I was back in my childhood home and was sleeping with my 3 year old son. A ghost grabbed me from bed and pulled me across the room and I scrambled to get back to my son. My only thought was that I had to protect him. Again another ghost tried to grab him from me and I pulled him back and then a third ghost floated above and tried to grab both of us and I snatched my son away and pushed the ghost. As I ran away from the bed holding him the ghost turned into my husband who seemed to be confused by what was happening. I ran crying into the arms of my godmother who told me I needed to go back and face it. What does this mean?

  20. My aunt just told me that she had a nightmare of my house being haunted. It was small things like lights flickering and the fridge opening and the pantry door opening and closing. She said that when she ran outside to leave her car had been torn up and made so that she couldn’t drice away. We just moved into the house six months ago and she comes and visits us quite a bit. There was only one family to live here before us and the mom died in a hospital a few years before they put the house up for sale. We’ve heard a very small amount of noises that couldn’t be explained and a few weeks ago I heard my name being called when I was downstairs by my self. I feel like me wanting the house to be haunted is causing me to see ghosts where there aren’t. I really hope I didn’t conjure something with my crazy thoughts 😂

  21. My dream was very real it seemed. I was arguing with the spirit or ghost about it being mischievous. I was standing near our bedroom door when I noticed that hooks were being raised by an invisible finger. I chastised the ghost and it began moving around the room unseen but the presence could be felt. Eventually it disappeared but I had the feeling I was being watched and dreaded the ghost showing back up.

  22. I dream a lot that I hear or k how there are ghost where I am at and I am terrified I dont understand why

  23. Please reply me back for the below mentioned quetion.

    If in the dream, a girl ghost who elder than me and weared yellow frock along with jesus mark silver necklace along with blue beautiful eyes. In the dream I am bringing my shopping bags and going to somewhere and suddenly I noticed and I know that yellow dress girl is a ghost or some atma is coming behind of me so I am trying to reach my place as much as possible by keeping that in my mind started to escape from the ghost and was going little forward but in my way suddenly that jesus plus mark made me stop to go froward which she wEared that plus mark in the necklace. Ghost girl was not visible but only that jesus plus mark was making me stop to go forward.

  24. They just wanted human friends. And soon me my brother and my brothers best friend had a whole bunch of new ghost friends but they were all like people you found now in middleschool and stuff like a mean girl a jock the guy every girl likes. What does this mean?

  25. I had a dream that a ghost raised me high into the air and then dropped me. I was falling fast, but slowed at the last second, and gently touched back down on the ground. Then the ghost lifted me slowly, just a few inches off the ground, and pulled me backward. I could see that the entity was an orb of greenish-yellow light. I stopped moving and another ghost/entity came into the room. This one was like a black shadow and a hand reached out toward me; then the shadow-like ghost receded back into the darkness. I started to chase after it but I woke up. This was the strangest and scariest dream I’ve had in a long time!

  26. I saw I was in my garden night time making some video for a tik tok from front camera and suddenly when light’s reach my face I saw a very bad face in my phone I thought it was a ghost and I ran away

  27. The ghost would constantly be in my room making a lot of noise able for me to hear it. Which would wake me out my sleep in the dream and it would also catch my attention in which i would run to my parents and scream for help. As its seems the ghost just wants to set fear in my heart waking me up in the middle of the night?

    1. My dream was short but I just looked at the mirror from my bed and my lights were on and she just walked in the mirror or something and looked at me. That’s when I woke Up

      1. i had a dream that i was laying down and a ghost just went up to me and i took a big gasp of air then i woke up in the middle of the night

  28. When I dream of ghosts, it is generally uncomfortable. I am usually in a house, which in my dream, I am trying to inhabit. The ghost does not want me there. I don’t think I have ever recognized the ghosts in my dreams. I just know that they are not warm or hospitable. They strike terror in my heart. They make me aware that I am unwelcome.

    1. I have the exact same dream. For over a year I have been having this dream. Is it the ghost of an old lady?

      1. Last night I just had two dreams of ghosts, the first one was of my brothers I just saw but they were more invisible than actual ghosts. And the second is more disturbing, I was a different house and there was this guy I swear I have never seen in my life and he kept trying to calmly tell me he was murdered and I was calmly accepting it but was slightly freaking out, and I had more control in this dream than I’ve ever had.

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