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Red Symbolism and Dream Meaning

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What is the meaning of the color red? Today we’ll explore this bright primary color and the different things it can mean mentally, physically, and spiritually.

If you have a dream where red is a prominent color, understanding the symbolism of the color red can help you better understand what the dream means and apply that wisdom to your everyday life.

When we think of a rainbow, red is often the first color to come in mind. Red is also the color of the root chakra which deals with all things concerning our safety and feelings of security in life.

dreaming about the color red

Common Meanings for the Color Red

To under what what the color red means in your dream, it’s helpful to first think of any associations you may already have with this color.

As a primary color, red is often one of the first colors we learn about in elementary school. You can use red and combine it with yellow to make orange or combine it with blue to make purple.

What does the color red symbolize? Let’s look at some common meanings we associate with the color red.

red fabric

Red is for Romance and Passion

Red is often associated with romance and passion – in the month of February we almost always see all sorts of red displays of hearts and gifts for Valentine’s Day. If you were writing a word association test for the color red and you asked people to say the first thing that came to mind, “passion” would certainly be one common response.

Why is red associated with passion and love? There are a number of possible explanations. First, it is associated with red (a color with a lot of energy) and we humans can’t help but associate it with fire and heat. When we are passionate about something, it is commonly said we are “fired up”.

Second, the heart is the center of emotional life and it is the color red so we commonly associate it with love.

If you see red in your dream, it can be a symbol for the passion you are feeling towards another person. Of course, not all passion is strictly limited to romance – we can feel passionate about a number of things, from our careers and goals to our life calling.

red peppers

Red is the Color of Fire and Heat

Red is associated with heat and fire because it relates to our physical body. Fire, of course, can provide us with warmth as well as light. When we are in a heated discussion or argument with someone else, we commonly say that the situation is “getting hot”.

You may be wondering just how hot a fire needs to be to burn bright red flames – 932º F will give you a red hot glow. Temperatures between 1112-1832°F will produce red flames.

We often feel heat in many aspects of our life. “Feeling the heat” is an expression that means being under a tremendous amount of pressure. Seeing red in your dream can mean that you feel pressured to do something or you may be experiencing performance anxiety.

red power color - red business suit

Red is a Power Color

When I was in a college level public speaking course, we were taught that red was a power color. If you wanted to gain the respect of others and command authority, the color red can help subconsciously let others know you are in charge.

Because red is such a strong and bright color, it takes confidence to wear it in public. You do not wear red if you don’t want to draw attention or stand out!

Dreaming of red clothes can be a sign that you are feeling confident about a situation – or that you should take the steps to help yourself be more confident. Confidence is a great way to go through life. If you are not feeling confident in life, try wearing something red and see what happens!

Red is associated with victory and fame because of its association with power and performance. Although it may not be your first choice, red can certainly be a powerful color choice if you want to be noticed by others. When we see someone dressed in red, we know immediately that they are looking for the spotlight.

Red for Feelings of Anger and Rage

red with anger

We also tend to associate the color red with feelings of anger and rage. When someone is very angry it is not unusual for the face to take on a reddish hue. Red flags are often used in bull fights to instigate the bull.

When we are angry, you sometimes hear the expression “seeing red”. This means that one is so consumed by their anger that all rational thought goes out the window.

If you have a dream that features the color red in a noticeable way, it can sometimes be a reflection of our own feelings of anger about a situation in our life.

When you feel angry, you should try to channel that emotion into a positive direction – being angry for the sake of being angry is not always effective.

Red Symbolism for Danger and Warning Signs

red stop sign

You have probably seen red stop signs on the street while driving. In the United States, red is often used as a symbolic color for danger and stop signs. This has become such a common practice that you will probably see them in your dreams occasionally as well.

To see a red stop sign in your dreams means that you should take pause and consider the consequences of your actions before moving forward. You should consider the pros and cons of any potential risks you may be thinking about in your life.

red objects

Red and Money

In your dreams, money can symbolize your energy, vitality, creativity and personal power. Money is also closely connected to the concept of abundance in our life.

Because red is the color of the root chakra which is all about how secure we feel in life, it is not surprising this also pertains to our financial security.

When you dream about seeing red bills or coins, it can represent new opportunities that are open to you. This could mean that your financial situation is about to improve.

If you dream about losing a lot of money and “being in the red”, it can mean that you are feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities you hold right now. It may be time to make a plan of action to address any debts you may owe to others.

When we feel financially secure, we can sleep a heck of a lot better at night. So many people go to bed worrying about how they will pay for the things they need, especially with prices of everything being so expensive.

Dreaming of the color red can sometimes be a tip that you should practice fiscal responsibility. Learn how to budget, save money, and think of ways to increase your income to give you better financial peace of mind.

red telephone

Red is the Color of the Root Chakra

The root chakra is located at the base of our spine and it represents security, safety, survival and comfort. Red is often associated with physical energies and drives because it relates to our connection with our bodies.

The expression “being in your reds” is used commonly among athletes to refer to the state when all their energy is being focused on their sport (and not on socializing or other activities). It can also refer to feeling strong, healthy and enjoying life. In that sense we could say that the color red symbolizes vitality and life.

To boost your root chakra, try putting a red pillowcase on your pillow or wearing red clothes. You can also eat red foods, such as tomatoes, red peppers, watermelon and strawberries.

Red is the Color of The Holy Spirit

red bible

Red is also frequently associated as the color of the holy spirit. The red flame is seen through the heart of Jesus as he hung on his cross and transfigured before his disciples.

In the Catholic religion, the color red is often used at Pentecost in dress and spiritual ceremonies. It is very common for the color red to be used in Bibles, sacred texts and hymnal books in many different religions around the world.

What It Means to Dream About The Color Red

red coffee cup

When you see the color red in your dreams, it’s important to think about the context. If the color red stands out to you in the dream, it’s quite likely there is some significance that is calling for you to explore deeper within.

We can experience all kinds of red objects in our dreams. For example, you might dream about a red telephone. If you dream of a red telephone, it can mean that you are feeling too angry to communicate with someone or it could mean that you excited to talk to someone about the things you are passionate about.

Wearing red clothes in a dream means that something is seeking your attention or you are seeking the attention of others. This shows that you desire a position of power and leadership. You want to be a strong and independent person that commands the respect of others.

If you see red in a dream that seems to be about a significant other or partner, it can mean that your romantic life could use some attention. It might be time to heat things up or take your relationship to the next level.

Of course, seeing red in our dreams isn’t always a positive experience. If you’ve been feeling frustrated with a relationship, seeing the color red could be a sign that your significant other is feeling angry or upset about something you have said or done. If you are dreaming about red, take stock of your own attitudes and actions.

If you dream of driving on the highway and see red road signs, it can mean that there may be a situation on your life that has the potential to become dangerous. It might also mean that there is a roadblock that you are facing in some way.

We have many symbols in our online dream dictionary where the color red can be significant in helping you better understand what your dream means.

Here are some questions to ask to help you understand your dreams about the color red:

  • How did I feel in the dream?
  • What are my personal experiences with this object and color?
  • What things am I afraid of?
  • Do I feel in control or out of control in my life?
  • Do I feel a strong connection with the people in my life?
  • What am I most passionate about in life?

Have you had a dream you’d like to tell us about? Share your experiences about red as a symbol and what it means for you and any dreams you had where the color red was significant in the comments section below – we would love to hear from you!

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  1. My grandpa just passed away yesterday. We went to say our final goodbyes before Hospice called the funeral home. Things went well as best could be. We all came home at night before bed. I fall asleep. Dreamt of one of my children(the youngest) wearing a red shirt- he tells me “I don’t want to be here anymore then falls off the stairs onto a concrete floor & his face turns bright red. No blood, i scream for my oldest to call 911 but he wasn’t around I couldn’t see him as he was just there in the dream. I wake up frantically & disturbed. Does this mean anything, as I dream often and look for meanings in my dreams. typically they are like dejavu to me

  2. Dreamed of multiple red metal gates made to confine. Not locked but only to be opened by the powerful or the aurhorised

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