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Stop Sign Dream Meaning

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What does it mean to dream of a stop sign? If you happen to notice a stop sign in your dreams this could have several different meanings. Learning about the significance of a stop sign symbol can definitely help you understand the meaning of this dream in your life!

stop sign dream meaning




What Does it Mean to Dream of a Stop Sign?

To dream of seeing a stop sign:

This may be an indicator that you need to stop your current activity in waking life and take time to look around before proceeding. Is there something you need to literally stop doing in your life?

Most stop signs are also the color red. Red can often be a color that means warning or an abuse of power. Red is also the color of the root chakra. Learning about the meanings of color symbols can be helpful to understand why the red color of a stop sign is important.

To come to a complete stop at a stop sign in your dream:

This suggests that there is some area of your life that you need to be patient and wait for. If you stop at the stop sign and then resume driving again you can be sure you have a relatively short wait for the things you currently desire.

If you do not proceed forward or you are stopped for what seems like an unusually long time this may mean that you must take the time to contemplate your next moves or that there are things standing in the way of you progressing.

By identifying in waking life the obstacles that are prohibiting you from moving forward and recognizing which things you have control over, you can begin to more effectively take the steps you need to work toward progressing in your life.

To drive through a stop sign in your dream:

This is a sign that you are taking life too fast, not obeying the rules set before you and that you are not taking the time to cautiously and mindfully navigate on your life path.

This is a wake up call to slow down in order to open yourself up to greater awareness and greater likelihood that you will experience otherwise missed opportunities.

Other Stop Sign Related Dream Symbols:

Driving a Vehicle Dream Meaning: Were you driving in the dream where you saw a stop sign? Cars and other vehicles are often a symbol relating to control.

Fuel Dream Symbol & Gas Station Dream Meaning: If you are dreaming about a stop sign and needing to get gasoline or stop at a gas station, this could mean you need a break and need to recharge.

City Dream Meaning: Did you see a stop sign in a city scene? If your dream took place in a city, this could also provide additional meaning.

Have you recently had a dream about a stop sign? We would love to hear about it. Please share in the comments below!

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  1. In my dream I was driving a car. 2 kids, a boy and a girl were hugging. The car seemed like it was gonna hit them. But didn’t it went around them then? I saw a red stop sign and it went around the stop. Sign what does thisthen?

  2. I dreamt of being on a motorcycle (I own a scooter) and I came to a 4way stop intersection. The road in the dream I was on was 14th street. The crossing road was D avenue. There were other motorcycle drivers. One on my left. One on my right and one straight ahead. We all stopped. Then the cycle driver in across from me facing me left. The tragic rule in the dream was that nobody could proceed until the guy came back. So three of us waited a frustratingly long time. Then the guy returned on foot. I think he had his bike but he may not have. So then we all proceeded. I turned onto d avenue and ended up at a graduation party scene where there was no party but a woman was there who knew me. I k ow her in real life. She wanted to ride my scooter and she hugged me.

  3. I had a dream my family and I were in my car and as I was approaching a stop sign I pressed on the breaks put my car didn’t slow down. It was like my brakes didn’t work. I kind of did a stop and roll. I did this with two stop signs.

  4. The night after I learned my daughter was killed, I dreamed that she had a vehicle she wanted me to drive her and me to a place in another town. My legs were not long enough to reach the pedal comfortably but the steering wheel was pressing against my bladder. As I proceeded to drive us, we came up to a stop sign and I didn’t get the vehicle slowed down enough to stop where we were supposed to. We did somewhat of a roll through. We then came to another stop sign and it happened similarly. We eventually made it to our destination, where we parked in a parking lot and then I was aware she had passed away.

  5. It sounds like you are not taking the time before making decisions and you’re waking life and that it’s leading you into different paths quicker than it should be or maybe even the wrong path and that you’re continuing to repeat that and the fact that you’re upset with yourself when you wake up shows that maybe you’re not satisfied with the choices that you’re making or where they’re leaving you because of rushed decision making and not enough consideration about outcomes and consequences.

  6. I had a dream that I ran a stop sign and a red light in my dream. I was going to two different places each time (but in one dream) and on the second one, I can’t remember whether it was the stop light or the stop sign, I knew it was the second time I had run one and I was upset with myself. Any ideas on what that would mean?

  7. I cannot think of anything I dreamt before this short stop sign dream. Just before waking up, I saw an old type stop sign. The one with the little red circle on top and the S-T-O-P letters downwards. As I read it aloud, I saw next to it large S-T-O-P letters, larger than a metre plus, made out of rough wooden logs, about three inches thick. Like 3 inch thick branches cut in metre long peaces and put together to form the word STOP. As I woke up, I said the word STOP, and told my wife, as she entered the bedroom on that stage.

  8. I had this dream that I was riding a skateboard on a side walk. The sidewalk squares were uneven (quite like the average) so I was being careful not to trip because I had remembered in my walking life, I didnt know how to ride one. But at the same time, it didnt feel like a dream.
    As I was riding, I was slowly approaching a human like figure made of stop signs.
    The head was a big stop signs and each section of the body was made of smaller stop signs.
    As I got closer to this figure of stop signs something was telling me to not go closer to it as if something bad was going to happen. I ignored the potential red flag and passed the figure on my skateboard. I then had to turn around, and the the back of the figure was then made of crossing signs (I live in Canada, so idk if these signs look different anywhere else in the world. But these songs are bright yellow with a black silhouette of a human walking)

    1. To me that sounds like you we’re being told to stop to like you know take time to consider things but you didn’t and then you came to the situation of having to make a decision quickly.

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