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Ape & Gorilla Dream Meaning

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Dreaming of an ape can symbolize knowledge, resourcefulness, friendship, social relationships, communication and a sense of environment. Apes are a type of mammal that includes a number of specific animal species, such as Gorillas, Chimpanzees, and Orangutans.

Since most of these specific species of apes share common characteristics, we will cover each of these in this article, since most of them share common common themes as a dream symbol.

gorilla dream meaning

What Does it Mean to Dream About an Ape?

Because apes are large animals, this can sometimes also symbolize strength, fear or danger or great force under control if the ape presents itself in a gentle manner.

The kind of ape you dream of may also give you an important clue as to what your dream means. Remember, apes are different from monkeys; they are larger and do not have tails.

Orangutan Dream Meaning

Orangutan dreams are usually warnings. If an orangutan shows up in your dream, it implies that others around you may be using your influence to advance their own efforts.

This is a warning to be on the look out for people who are trying to use you or your good reputation to get ahead. It may also mean that if you are in a relationship the person you are with may not be faithful to their partner.

It can also suggest that the person will experience a great deal of sadness over this particular lover going astray.

Chimpanzee Dream Meaning

To dream of a chimpanzee may mean that you are putting too much thought or over thinking an event in your life.

It may also mean that you are lacking patience in some area of your life and need to refrain from taking matters that are not under your control into your own hands.

Gorilla Dream Meaning

If a gorilla appears in your dream you may find that you have been repressing your physical instincts and desires.

It might be time to consider opening up and exploring this aspect of yourself. It may also mean that you are being to dominating or overpowering in some area of your life.

Gibbon Dream Meaning

To dream of a gibbon often times means that you have an important goal that you would like to meet and you have come to the full awareness that you have what it takes to reach the desired goal.

The gibbon is a symbol that it is now time to reach out and grab onto what it is you desire. It is yours for the taking!

How to Interpret a Dream About Gorillas and Apes

If you want to know what your dream truly means, it can be helpful to read our article on how to interpret dreams for some valuable tips. Often times it is important to really think about the context of the dream. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where am I in the dream?
  • Who I am with?
  • How do I feel during the dream?
  • Are there any other dream symbol meanings to consider?

To obtain the true essence of the meaning of ape dreams you will want to think carefully about what the animal was doing or any particular aspect that really seemed to stand out in the dream.

For example, if you are teaching the ape sign language this may indicate that you feel that you possess great knowledge or skill in some area. This may mean that you believe it is worth investing the time to teach this knowledge or skill to others.

On the other hand, if you see an ape savagely attacking someone or something it may indicate that you yourself are “going ape” in some part of your life. Usually this is a wake-up call for you to work through your aggression and resolve these feelings in a more positive or mature way.

Have you recently encountered an ape in your dreams? What do you believe your dream means? Please share with us in the comments below!

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  1. I had a dream we’re ape, or maybe gorrila the size not sure is up to an ape we’re mating, I open d gate for them and I played with them later they were friendly to me, but my former landlord very long time ago came chasing them of with big stick I was unhappy, looking by my side I saw a rottwailer, guess the dog has lost its legs and can’t stand, can you gimme a clue to this.

  2. I had a dream where it was dark and the roads were icy and snowy. I was lost, driving in an unknown area and trying to find my way back to some kind of landmark that I recognized. I was also driving too fast and was sliding all over the road. Chimpanzees started darting out from the side of the road running across the street. I accidentally plowed a couple over. It was horrible.

  3. So I had a dream last night,A friend of mine came over and gave me an ape to cater to,Saying she’s looked all over and no one can take care of the little ape except me in which I accepted.Ive never seen an ape in my entire life except I. This dream.The animal got attached to me immediately was so gentle and playful

  4. I had a dream I was at my grandms house and ended up arguing with some dude. he was talking about he wanted to fight so we stepped outside. My brother was there to ref. He ran super speed we got in to it for a bit then I got saved by a orange friendly small monkey who whooped dude. The monkey could talk a bit I told him thank you. And told bro to come in the house and the monkey gave him a hug. Then I woke up

  5. I dreamed of waling in a forest with my best friend , it was easy for me and my friend to climb trees and walki in it , i found a group of gorillas marching towards our side , they were wearing a garland made of some stones around their necks and hands , the little one of the gorilla offered me one garland , and i was accepting it , the garland was chill and soft , within seconds all the animals started to move and scatter , me and my friend started to climb the tree to know what was happening , the tree was too tall and we reached a massive height that we were able to visualise many deers running and when we reached the tip of the tree , we saw a lion over there ;
    Near the tree we found a big building and we found a safe place to stay over there.

  6. I had a dream about a gorilla. I dreamed I was living in some village town it was at the foot of these tall mountains. The village people including myself were out and about in the grass Minding our own business doing our own thing. I was talking to some of the villagers about a lump that I saw sticking out of the grass in the distance. We were all making a lot of noise When the lump of grass began to move and what comes tearing out of the ground below is a gorilla taller than the mountains, he was huge! He stood up angry and raging and begin a rampage in the village stomping everywhere. We all ran for cover at the foot of the mountains where there were these little cupboard like doorways…very small so we all hid in them so the gorilla couldn’t find us.
    There was no one out and as he passed by us we would hop from one Little cupboard to the next to keep moving and hiding.
    we were all cornered underneath the mountain and we were deathly afraid especially me. I felt that the gorilla would find his way towards the ground and bend over or something and open the little cupboard doors and eat us. That’s when one of the village girls heard the gorilla coming and she ran into my cupboard underneath the mountain that I was hiding in and she did not close the little cupboard door all the way so it remained cracked open.
    at that point I couldn’t move we couldn’t make a noise because the gorilla was approaching so we held our breath. I was cursing out this girl for being so reckless and exposing us to this danger. As the gorilla approached I felt vulnerable and knew that he would find me and I was going to die He was hungry, he was angry, and he was murderous. I made a noise out of desperation because I risked exposure by attempting to close the door and protect all of us. Right before the ape could reach for my cupboard door to open it, I woke up.

    1. I feel like the size of the gorilla was significant as were the mountains and the little crawlspaces that we were all hiding in. I really would like to dig deeper into what this means because I have never experienced a dream like that but it’s nagging at me because I feel like there’s something I need to learn from it

  7. I had a dream that I was in my family home where I grew up and an ape was trying to get in the front door, the chain was on and I opened the door to discover the ape trying to force in the door, I felt scared…… what does this mean?

    1. Woah! My dream was similar me being in the house that I grew up in. The gorilla was trying to force its way in. I was scared but I was trying to find ways to keep it out. Did you get any interpretation that resonated with you?

  8. So, I dreamed of a chimpanzee, hanging around at my balcony. And I was quite asleep and when I woke up it kept teasing me. Then I tried to rush back to my room, it followed me and didn’t let me lock my door. So I grabbed my pant from the door hanger and threw at it. Only then it ran away. I wonder why would I even dream such a thing, I don’t like chimpanzee, I haven’t thought about it even and this surely is one of the random dream that I have dreamt of.

  9. I dreamed of two very large gray gorrillas, they were a couple and don’t ask me how I know this I just knew they were male and female. They entered my house through the front door(the female entered first as if the male was being a gentleman
    ) and the atmosphere was friendly, I felt no fear or aggression towards them at all nor did they towards me, they were a beautiful gray colour and I felt mesmerised by their presence, the house we were in was not my actual home but it felt like it was mine as I was already waiting for them to come, very strange dream as I’ve never dreamed of a gorrilla before. I also heard a name being said over and over during the dream and I think the name was me although the surname isn’t mine the forename is, and the more I’ve thought about it the more I feel the surname is meant to mean something to me. I’d never get married again so I’m not quite sure what to think.

  10. I had a dream that I was in a house by a road and I put my actual kitten away in the front while I go do something. Then I see him running down a not so busy street towards the middle grass part and then I see someone from the opposite direction come out with a gorilla on a leash and the gorilla grabs my kitten with its mouth and looks like it devours it and the put them in the car and drive off.

    I was terrified bc the second I SAW that, i ran out but It was too late. I was trying to take a photo of the license plate but it looked blurry. I met up with someone from my past and they told me the car was in a business that supported animal cruelty or habitat destruction idk but I was freaking out and he gave me a bunch of numbers to call but I was in a hurry so it was hectic I was freaking out and everyone around me seemed unphased and fake concerned.

  11. I recently had a dream where I was in the backyard of my home, between to sheds, behind the sheds is a wall which acts as a barrier to hold back, vines, bushes etc. All of s sudden I see to close family members quickly climb a metal folding ladder to the top of the wall and dissappear into the vines, but they didn’t seem frightened…. soon after A very large gorilla approaches the ladder and dismantles it. I am paralyzed with fear, I don’t move, it doesn’t see me, but something inside tells me we have to move, but very slowly. As I make my way around the front of the shed I see the massive gorilla sitting and leaning up against it, and it immediately makes eye contact with me, all I hear is the wind blowing, I slowy walk towards the folding ladder to unfold it, the gorilla sits and watches intently, as soon as I put my foot on the ladder the gorilla grunts and shakes its head left to right, as if saying no don’t do that. I remember looking into its eyes and seeing something that made me feel somehow connected to it, like I could read the emotion behind its eyes. I look across the yard and see a another ladder, this one heavier more secure, I pick it up carry it over to the wall and lean it up against it. The gorilla soon gets up, I’m paralyzed again by the size, he was HUGE, he walks over to me and nudges me up against the ladder, in that moment I felt the power this animal had, even though it didn’t hurt me, I knew that he could rip me to shreds, but he doesn’t, he nudges me to climb. As I make my way to the top of the ladder, I watch as the gorilla walk away to the front of the house and dissappears out of sight, and then I wake up.

  12. I’m in an area with a pool. A lot of greenery / trees around past the pool area.
    I’m walking with two or three people – I assume they are family members but not positive. I look down as we are walking past the pool & see a chimp or young gorilla at the bottom. I assume he is dead. I watch for a moment. I don’t like it and yet I don’t say anything at first. Someone walks on the other side of the pool so I walk back a little bit. Can’t stop staring – it can’t be. But it is. It’s arms are almost in a hugging position. Just at the bottom. Then I wonder if it’s alive and so finally say something. My significant other comes to look. Somehow we get him out & it turns out he’s alive but “wounded.” Almost like a bomb or something exploded near him. His abdomen on one side is not bleeding but just burned and exposed. We bring him with us; I’m a nurturing type so it bothers me that I didn’t try to clean it up or look for someone to “doctor it.”
    We just held him and took him with us through the tree areas (jungle??). I had him most of the time but I remember my significant other and a cousin holding him for brief periods.

    No idea what it means but I can’t stop thinking about not saying anything & not helping him more!

  13. In my dream I was sitting peacefully with my friend whose dog had just passed away. She lives on a farm and though a little strange there was a friendly gorilla there. The gorilla started to hug me but then it began to feel too over powering for me. It wasn’t attacking me at all but it did start to bite me and I couldn’t get away. It felt like it was in love with me somehow.

  14. had a powerful dream about a big black gorila with beautiful black shiny fur and a strong golden glow/halo.I am not completely sure how to look at it

  15. In my dream an angry male gorilla was approaching my family in a chaotic Street. I had some sort of object that I used to scared it (like a light stick/baton) but as we got closer to each other I didn’t want to use it, I didn’t want to hurt him or make him fear me or intimidate him. Instead I touched his face which was prickly like a man’s regrowth, and he looked me in the eyes and appreciated the love I was offering. No one was hurt. I feel like when I listen with my heart and have confidence not fear I can overcome my battles inside myself with love and do the same with the aggressor I have in real life in my family. I just need to be calm, patient and perhaps silent.

  16. Hi,

    I recently had a dream that a gorilla or an orangutan was chasing me in a parking deck. This is all I remember and towards the end it never really got to me. It was very scary, it was trying to hurt me, I saw it’s teeth and it’s rage.

  17. I had a dream that I was resting on a sofa in my home office. I opened my eyes and noticed a medium sized gorilla sitting on top of a palm tree a few feet from my window. It was relaxed and eating, doing what it does normally.

    The window was open with just a screen. So, I tried to ease up slowly and walk out the room and close the door. From the hallway. I peaked through the door to see the gorilla looking toward my window, like it was wondering where I had gone. It climbed through the window and I got a little scared. Then it come in the hallway where I was; still in a gentle and curios manner.

    I turned to it and signed loved with an open heart and belly. Then I become really happy.

  18. I saw a gorilla in my backyard eating out of a food bowl that I leave out for feral cats. He looked at me and kept on eating. He seemed content but it scared me.

  19. I dreamt that I woke up in an empty gorilla nest. No gorillas, no animals, just me. I remember sitting up and looking at the trees around me and calling out “Hello?” But there was no answer. I feel like there was a retreating face of a gorilla into the trees but that was subconsciously noted (even moreso I mean). When I got to my feet I started wondering into the jungle and looking for a path and I must have stopped because then there was a man that was walking by and he noticed me and offered to help but i started to wake up because I can’t remember his words but I know it was a trap because I started to panic then. And then I was awake

  20. I’ve had 2 ape dreams. One was a small ape that was in captivity thag I was supposed to free. But the ape had bonded witb me and wanted to stay witb me. It told me that he would be unhappy without me, so I let him stay, but it felt wrong. I knew he had to go but we loved each other so much we both had to oversee it. But the something bappened and he got scared and had a heart attack. I gave him CPR for the longest time. The guilt and shock I felt lasted for a whole day. My second ape dream I just had. It was this small ape kid that had been adopted by this couple. He was the smartest ape alive so he basically behaved like a very smart six year old. For some reason, him and I were very tight. I knew everything about this kid, his problens, what being the smartes ape alice brought him, how he felt in captivity… he was unhappy but he put on a show for his parents because he loved them. He was constantly visiting the doctor. For some reason, I knew he was supposed to die last Thursday but he didn’t. Because I knew that, that week I spent with him everyday. I took him to Disneland with his parents and told him what I knew. For some reason, I knew there was a big chance that he was going to die that week’s Thursday. It was a Wednesday. I asked him if there was anything I could do to convince him to go to the hospital that day. He said there wasn’t. He basically had given up. I couldnt tell his parents because that would be betraying him. I hugged him a bunch, then cried in the elevator up to my room. Cried and cried for more than 80 floors. Then I woke up

  21. I saw an ape in my dream, a huge one, it seemed to be very sad and somehow I got to know that it was kicked out of its home and was actually standing at the entry of the street to my house. But it just stood there with his head facing down, and I was pointing to him and saying something to make sister, maybe about him.

  22. I had a dream Me and one other person (who’s face I cannot recall) got stranded in some type of swamp. There were old and unfinished buildings there and we were both holding one military machete each. Gorillas started attacking…I’m talking a lot of them, one by one, some of whom also had machetes. My partner was badly injured so I started dragging him along as we both swung our weapons left and right onto incoming vicious attacks. Moments later we had managed to defeat a lot of them and got into an abandoned building, there were so many pistols on the ground. Gorillas had started to shoot at us and so I picked up a few pistols and started fighting back. I was shot multiple times and my partner was badly wounded just laying down. I was like Tom Cruise, I finished them all off and then went back to my partner, carried him on my shoulder and started walking away. It really wasn’t a pretty dream and I just woke up and looked it up first thing. Idk what this means, I’m young pacifist, in University and I’m only 22 and I love gorillas and all animals. It would make some sense if I had seen or watched a video of gorillas this past week but not at all, I haven’t seen anything like that lately and I’ve never held a weapon nor physically fought a soul…what’s my subconscious trying to tell me??

    1. Hi Spenser, sometimes our dreams will bring to our attention subconscious feelings we would rather not confront. If you love gorillas and at the same time are very peaceful person, it’s possible the dream is a symbol of something that is causing conflict for you in your current life. Is there something you are very passionate and caring about that you are willing to stand up for and defend? Other people in our dreams can sometimes symbolize that person or the role they play in our life. Is your partner struggling with something you wish you could help them with? Other times people in our dreams can actually symbolize a part of ourselves. Is there a part of you which feels weak or vulnerable?

      I know these are a lot of deep questions – taking some time to reflect on this in your journal can sometimes help make sense of what your dream may mean. Hope this is helpful for you and thank you for sharing your dream with us.

  23. I had a dream about fully grown human sized apes. Some I could see and some i could not. The ones i saw were white in fur color and made me feel uncomfortable. The ones i didnt see two flung two distinct clear nostril mucus about the width of a quarter at a sliding door window of the vehicle. The vehicle i found felt safe and secure. The apes were not chasing me afterwards while i was inside the vacant vehicle of which I hid in. I looked out the front of the vehicle’s windshield whilst making an ape like uk-uk sound. There were three apes standing upright with their arms to their side while looking up, and it was like they were praising the Christian God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob without making a sound. It was then I continued making the uk uk sound. I don’t remember what happened after that and i woke up at 2 a.m. What does it mean?

    1. Hi Abraham, You may also want to look at the meaning of driving on our site. It’s possible the apes symbolize something in your waking life that is unknown/different to you, and the car is a symbol for you feeling safe when you have more control of the situation. If it were my dream, I would probably interpret it as dream to encourage you to explore ways for how to deal with situations you cannot control or understand. {Which many of us tend to experience in life almost daily!} You are always the best interpreter of your dreams, but I hope that at least might give you some ideas on what it is about. Thank you for sharing your dream with us!

  24. I recently dreamed of an ape, I believe to be an orangutan. The orangutan was escaping capture and then once it escaped, it appeared to be me as a human, but then I went back to help other apes escape. They appeared to turn human as they were freed too.

    1. I had a dream about a gorilla coming out of the cave and it was burning. There was a big flame on it and the flame faded as it was going away.

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