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Hairdresser Dream Meaning

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Dreaming of a hairdresser can have many different meanings. Learning about this dream symbol can help you understand how your dream might relate to your waking life.


What Does it Mean to Dream of a Hair Dresser?

Dreaming of a hair dresser is often related to beauty, ego, appearances, and self care. Paying attention to the different details of the dream can help you focus on what is going on in your life.

Are you visiting a hair dresser? This could mean you are considering changing your outward appearance. You may wish others could see your true potential.

To dream that you are at the hair salon shows that you may be concerned about how you look or how others perceive you.

Visiting a hair dresser in a dream could also mean you need to take some time to take care of yourself. While we often think that getting our hair done by a professional is a luxurious expense, taking care of our physical body is also important!

To dream that you are a hairdresser or beautician could potentially mean you are forcing your thoughts and feelings on others. Are you trying to make someone “beautiful” based on what they want to feel, or what you want to feel?

A hairdresser could also potentially be a symbol for someone who is “cutting you out”. Is there a person in your life you do not see as often as you used to? Is there someone who often says negative or hurtful things towards you? This could be a message in your dream to cut that person out of your life.

This dream may additionally also symbolize misleading thoughts and/or concealing of some circumstance happening in your life. Are you trying to disguise your true feelings?

Dreaming of being a hairdresser or being at a hairdresser may also mean you are prepared for change and ready to move in an alternate course.

Do you have dreams you would like to share about being a hair dresser or going to a hair dresser? Share your experiences below!

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  1. I dreamt of moving from one salon to another without getting my hair done was looking for a stylist that can make a particular hair


  2. I had a dream where i was about to dye my own hair for an event (normal for me) but then a hairdresser came out of nowhere and was dying it (very forcefully) and dyed it black pink red and yellow (my hair is red and brown) and then cut it in to long layers and crimped it. Also she was just rly creepy ? Idk lol

  3. In my worst nightmare, my commander and I (in the body of a male soldier) are walking through a forest. The commander told me we were heading somewhere but he wouldn’t let on as to where exactly we were going. I followed anyway, as is custom. I could tell we were getting closer to where we were headed because the forest started to look less like a forest and more like the woods behind someone’s home. The commander looked sad and I became very nervous. We came upon a house. It was dirty-looking and old. The commander sighed heavily and told me to go inside. I hesitated, asking what was in there for me. He looked at me and told me to follow orders. He turned, choking up a little, and walked towards a field in the distance. I turned and walked to the door of the house. Inside there was a very skinny and withered man with a pair of scissors standing behind a chair. The chair faced a mirror. Instinctively, I sat in the chair and saw that the man standing behind me started to cry. His hands were shaking. I looked to my left where a window showed my commander with his back turned. The crying man with shaking hands started to cut my hair. Slowly at first. As he started crying harder, his hands moved faster and more carelessly. He began to pull entire strands out of my head at an alarming speed. His scissors were constantly hitting my scalp, puncturing it deeply. I screamed and begged for him to stop, but the man was deaf to my cries. The pain went on for a few minutes before the crying man finally dropped the scissors. I ran out of the door and towards the commander, crying. I stopped just a few paces behind him. He turned to me. End.

  4. I dreamt that I had an appointment with my hair dresser to get my hair colored. When I was sitting in the chair he acted like he was going to cut my hair. I told him that I was there to get my hair colored and he started yelling at me and told me that he didn’t have time to color my hair. Then he told me that I made the appointment for a hair cut, he kept yelling at me. So I left. I was upset that I didn’t get what I went there for.

  5. I went to a salon in my dream, but I fixed my hair myself, but found no band to pack it ponytail, so I ended up leaving it relaxed on my shoulder.

  6. Hello, I dreamed being a hairdresser and there was a que, people waiting for my service, and in real life I’m not hairdresser. Please help me understand this dream.

  7. Dreamt of seeing a short man wearing a suit and his fingernails were brown but polished with clear polish and appeared manicured, but brown. He was styling the hair of a female who I did not recognize. Her hair was long and full. She was brunette. He permed her hair…then it was highlighted or streaked with blonde highlights. It looked fine, but after the weird man who looked a bit sketchy with the brown nails left, the girl took scissors and cut her hair short or barely shoulder length and all of the blonde streaks disappeared and her hair was all brunette again. She cut it neatly and then put on a cute hat and looked happy.

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