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Tree Dream Meaning & Symbolism

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Dreams of trees are often associated with life. As a dream symbol trees can show you a lot concerning your past, present, and possibly even the future as well.

what it means to dream about trees

There are many possible dream interpretation meanings for trees in dreams, so we’ll carefully explain common types of tree dreams as well as common meanings for dreams about trees.

Common Dream Meanings for Trees

what it means to dream about trees

A Symbol and Metaphor for Life:

Our lives are made up of the past (roots of the tree), present (the trunk of the tree), and the future (the branches). Think carefully about each of these parts of the tree that appeared in your dream.

If you did not see the roots of the tree, that means you are not concerned about the past, and looking only at the present and/or future. If the focus was on the branches, you may be concerned about the future. To see just the trunk in your dream shows your current present state.

Resilience and Strength:

Trees are strong and can withstand a great deal of weather. To see a tree in your dream that is strong and healthy can symbolize your own personal strength and endurance.

When hard winds blow, even though the branches may sway and bend, the mighty oak remains upright and is able to withstand even the most challenging of conditions.

If you have ever seen a tree fall, you may also be aware of how heavy and forceful this can be. I’ve seen trees completely destroy cars and houses and close roads down for days because it is difficult to move them and repair the damage.

Seasons of Change:

Those of us who live in the Northern American climate can appreciate the beautiful changing of the seasons each year. In autumn the leaves transform from green to many beautiful hues of yellow, orange, red, and auburn.

To dream of autumn trees with leaves changing colors can symbolize a change you are undergoing yourself. It can also be a sign that you are ready to let go. After all, trees are the masters of letting go.

trees are the masters of letting go

They know by allowing the leaves to fall in the autumn they will be able to be healthier with new leaves in the spring and summer months.

Attachment & Connection:

As trees are deeply rooted into the ground, they can also be a symbol of something you are deeply attached to, such as past emotions or feelings or a relationship. 

Sometimes this deep rooting can be beneficial, but other times it can be a hinderance. If we are stubborn or unable to let go of things bothering us, this can build up and cause problems slowly over time.

We can also think of trees as a symbol for connection and a unifying symbol between all 4 elements.

  • The roots grow deep into the ground, connecting with the energy of the earth.
  • The branches are way up high in the sky, reaching to the heavens and strong in the elements of air and wind.
  • These plants typically grow in places where water is present and abundant.
  • Finally, when the lifespan of the tree is over, we can use the wood for fire.

Family & Ancestry:

“Family Tree” is another common dream interpretation for trees, as the tree represents family. This may be especially true if you dream of more than one tree or if the tree has a lot of branches.

Our families are often intertwined in a lot of different aspects of our lives. Sometimes family relationships can be complicated.

Today genealogy is a growing hobby where many people trace the roots of their ancestors, even completing DNA tests to solve the mystery of who their ancestors may be. 

As a symbol for family and heritage, trees can often appear in visitation dreams, especially as we remember and honor those loved ones who have died.

Common Tree Dream Examples & Interpretation

Now that we understand some of the common themes and symbols associated with these large woody plants that provide us with shade, air, shelter, warmth and food – let’s go over some different ways they might appear in a dream and the possible interpretation!

Forest/Woods: To see many trees in a forest or the woods means that you feel a need to connect with others. It can also symbolize feeling lost or uncertainty. 

Climbing a Tree: To dream you are climbing a tree means you are reaching your ambitions and goals in your career and your personal life.

Tree House: A tree house in your dream most likely represents how you see yourself. Pay attention to the details of the dream, such as the size of the tree house, the condition of the tree house, and other details. Taking note of this will help provide more clues as to how you see yourself. You may also wish to see our post on house dream meaning.

Hollow Tree Stump: To see a hollow tree in your dream can symbolize something has come to and end or there is something missing from your life. For example, have you recently quit your job or ended a relationship?

Tree Branch: To see a tree branch that is dead signifies something in your life that is dead or dying symbolically or it can symbolize that you are having problems reaching your goals. To see a living tree branch shows that you are moving forward in life.

storm roots dolly parton quote
“Storms make trees take deeper roots.” – Dolly Parton

Uprooted Tree: To see an uprooted tree in your dreams symbolizes turmoil in your family life.

Fallen Tree: To see a fallen tree in your dream may symbolize obstacles, as well as disappointments in your life.

Tree Blocking a Road: To see a tree blocking a road in your dream signifies obstacles in your path, or your roots may also be keeping you from your path.

Cutting Down a Tree: Dreaming of chopping down a tree can mean that you are severing or ending some part of your life. This could mean that you are no longer associating with a certain activity or event. It can also mean that you are ready to move on to new things. 

Dying or Sick Trees: If you see a tree covered in moss, insects, or other common diseases and parasites, it can mean that there is some aspect of your own physical or mental wellness that is being neglected. It can be a sign that you need to make it a point to give yourself some attention and self-care.

What Different Species of Trees Symbolize

There are over 182 different species of trees! While we cannot possibly list them all, we will try to include the most common trees we often see in our daily life and give some ideas for possible interpretation.

Flowering/Fruit Trees:

To see a tree bearing fruit or flowers can symbolize fertility and abundance in your life. Examples of species that bear fruit include Apple Trees, Pear Trees, Peach Trees, Orange Trees, Banana Trees, and Black Cherry Trees. Plums, Nectarines, Grapefruit, and Apricots also grow on trees. 

Sometimes it can be helpful to look at the meaning of the specific type of fruit and its symbolism to better understand the meaning. For example, if you dream about an apple tree, it can be very helpful to learn what it means to dream about an apple

If in your dream you are eating the fruit from the tree, this can mean that you are nourishing a part of yourself. 

Flowering trees typically only flower for a very short time span in the spring. Most deciduous/hardwood trees flower each year, and the blossoms can be very beautiful, even if they only appear for a short time.

These flowers appear as a symbol that life can be very short and we must appreciate and give thanks for all small joys we may experience.

To see flowers or blossoms on trees while dreaming can be a sign you need to practice gratitude and appreciation in your life. 

Deciduous Trees & Hardwoods:

Deciduous species lose their leaves each year through the passing seasons. Common North American species include Maple, Oak, Ash, Poplar, Birch, Sassafras, and Cherry. These woods can take a very long time to grow, but are often preferred by most woodworkers and furniture makers.

These woods are also preferred for using to build a fire, because they typically burn slowly and evenly. 

maple leaf

Maple is often associated with maple syrup and has a distinct leaf pattern we can recognize on the Canadian flag.  The process of making syrup is a long and slow one, and so this may be a symbol for patience.

If you have friends or family who live in either Canada or states like Vermont that are well-known for maple syrup production, it could be the maple leaf appears to remind you of that person.

Oak trees grow to be strong and tall, all from a tiny acorn. The wisdom of an oak tree is to remind us that we all start with small and humble beginnings, but with perseverance we can become strong and resilient to challenges ahead of us. 

Symbol Meaning for Evergreen Trees

evergreen symbol meaning

Evergreen trees are conifers which never lose their needles and stay green year round. Examples of these species include pine, cedar, spruce, and redwood.

These trees symbolize endurance and longevity. For example, evergreen trees may relate to your marriage or a long time career. Many conifer woods such as cedar are resistant to rot and decay, and so this can be a symbol for strength and lasting durability.

Tropical and Exotic Trees

Many varieties are very rare and only grow in certain remote parts of the world. For example, ebony is a protected endangered species. 

Other species such as palm and coconut are only able to grow and thrive in a tropical climate.

If you live in a temperate climate like I do with very cold winters, seeing palm trees in your dream can mean that you are longing for an escape or exotic experience. 

On the other hand, if you live in a place like Southern Florida where palm trees are more common, it can mean that you are taking something for granted or that you are longing for a more spiritual connection in your everyday life.

Tips for Interpreting Your Dreams of Trees

Dreams are a deeply personal and unique experience, and therefore you will always be the best interpreter of your dreams. Here are some tips to help you interpret your tree dream and questions to journal about.

What type of tree did you see?

Was it a maple or a pine tree or a big redwood tree? The type of tree may have special significance in your life. Do some research on the type of tree, or think carefully about the tree’s name.

For example, if it is a pine tree, it could mean you are “pining” for something in your life. Dreaming of orange trees might make you think of Florida where you have relatives you miss. Sometimes our dreams manifest symbols in a very strange literal language indeed!

What’s Going on in Your Waking Life?

Because there are so many different possible meanings for a tree in your dream, it is especially important to think about your waking life when interpreting.

By thinking about what is going on in your life, your current worries, or latest events, it will be easier for you to interpret the true meaning of the dream.

What were your feelings or emotions during the dream?

Pay careful attention to the feelings that you felt during the dream. Did you feel happy? Peaceful? Frightened? The emotions you felt in your dream may pertain to the emotions you are feeling in your waking life.

Do you have any other possible dream interpretation meanings for trees in your dreams? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. A colleague of mine dreamt that he saw me in a part way, a big tree with just one fruit by the road part. please the meaning.

  2. Hello. First, thank you for these interpretations. Second, I would like to ask for some interpretations about my dream which started when the moon was in Pisces this month- very vivid. 🙂 I dream of visiting an “old relative/friend” whom I did not know in wake life. In order to go to “her” place, I (we, since I have 2 other girls with me) had to enter in their main house- so basically she’s in the backyard or so. We need to climb on a tree (served as a stairs), just to get to her room — which was not visible. My two companions were able to climb but I was not. There were hellhound dogs approaching us which frightened me so much. SO I grab tree branches but I can’t really climb at all. Then, weird thing is that, these dogs did not do anything but to climb on the tree as well. Then I woke up. I woke up confuse and afraid.

    Thank you much!

  3. I had a waking dream. I closed my eyes for a second and saw a tree branches with leaves. I closed my eyes again. The tree leaves were still there. I reached out to grab a leave. Instead my hand was flowing through the tree leaves. Than a hand came through i tried to touch the hand. But got scared and opened my eyes. Whats does this mean?

  4. I dreamt that I was in a building with a glass ceiling. I was surrounded by many people, and a storm occured. When I looked up, I say a very large tree trunk coming down over our heads, and I said, ” I TOLD Y’ALL.” Then I woke myself up.

  5. I had a dream where I saw the most beautiful tree with yellow pinkish big flowers and green leaves. It was like the tree was glowing. I have never seen a tree like this one but it was so beautiful and watching it bloom. There was many people standing around the tree gazing at the beauty of it. It was a wonderful feeling so happy so warm so amazing an awwing.

  6. I had a dream… I was in the house I looked out the window there was a beautiful forest. I smiled and thought it looked nice. Next I heard a chainsaw I didn’t think anything of it, but the noise carried on so I went outside,
    As I went outside all the trees in front of me had been chopped down apart from the ones at the back, they cut them down to the stumps and they blocked the path to the ones they hadn’t cut down, they stumps still appeared as though they were still fresh, I felt shocked and left wondering why they cut them down.

  7. My brother announced that he’s moving out of state. He had a piece of his favorite tree to give me so I can plant in my own home. I’m a new home that was strange to me. As he drove up to bring it to me. I found him with tears running down his face. What does that mean? I have been sad that he’s moving.

  8. I dreamed I walked around some bulky bushes and when I came around the bushes, there was a beautiful tree I have never seen before. (This trees branches were perfectly upright reaching for the sky elegantly and each branch was covered in green, no leaves)
    THIS tree does not exist but if it’s did I would have my yard full of them. Something I think I will see in heaven one day.

  9. I had a dream where my sister and I were walking in the woods and we suddenly encountered a fallen tree. It was not just a normal tree, though. It had a few holes where I’m guessing animals made to have babies or live in, but there were no animals in it. The inside of the tree was on fire, literally. The fire was coursing through the tree but the outside of it was intact and not damaged. Our first respond was confusion and then it turned into excitement since we assumed this doesn’t happen so often. I suggested to my sister that we should take a video for proof but we didn’t have our phone on us at the moment. Then she said that we should leave the woods and call our other siblings to come see it too. And then as we’re waking away from the tree, the dream ends. I would really appreciate it if this can get interpreted!

  10. I have a dream about a tree where I was praying under a tree and at the same time I saw a lot of people hung on the tree some were dead,some were struggling for their life and some of them too they were blood coming from their nose at that moment I was terrifying though I was praying in the dream

  11. In my dreams, I always dream within the same world that my mind has designed. Some aspects of it are similar to places in the real world, but altered a little bit. On one street near my dream’s version of my childhood neighborhood, there is a tree in the middle of the cultesac. It is light brown with streaks of chocolate brown. It’s tall, and feels alive, but there are no branches at all. The bark is smooth and the top is three rounded stumps. Every time I see it, I get an awful feeling. Like something terrible is about to happen. Usually, shortly after I see it, something bad then does happen. Usually a cataclysmic storm of some kind. I feel like my dream is trying to tell me something with this tree but I’m not sure what. Any insight? Most of what I find about interpretations of trees don’t match.

  12. i had a dream this person asking me how to get to this campus that was uphill and i showed her if you held unto this vine of this really tall tree you can walk up the side of it. but i kept falling then restoring myself and then falling a little further everytime and also met someone everytime i felled and they told me something that i cant remember. i finally went to almost the bottom of the steep grass covered hill and i said”why is this happening” and someone told me something that i dont remember right night and the vine slung me up in tree. i gathered leaves and put them inside my shirt and something like fire-ants started biting my back so i ran in my house and my cousin just sat there on the phone not helping me open the sliding doors then i ran to the back room and sat with my baby nephew. i woke up to my back itching in multiple spots.

  13. I was looking out a window at the storm. There was a big strong tree and a small young tree. The big tree had a layer of big rocks around and up the trunk. They began to slide down and then the tree fell over because the wind was very strong. The small tree was bent at the base but never uprooted. I saw a woman trapped by a large piece of concrete. Asking for help. I and my son went and saved her. I saw another lady who had a baby in a stroller. She accepted the child as her own because the baby was lost. The parents were unknown.

  14. I dreamed that branches of green leaves were growing out of my left shin and calf
    The branches were thin but strong. They seemed out of place and I felt compelled to pull at them

  15. I had a dream that me and I believe it was some of my family members were preparing to sleep high in a tree just on its branches. I was concerned and asking how we were going to be able to sleep on a tree branch. The trees leaves were green and full. The tree itself tall. That really all I remember.

  16. Dream interpretation please: I dreamt my husband had planted 2 beautiful & blooming Rose of Sharon trees in the way of a new home addition about to take place. I was furious. The trees would block our view & total purpose of our home addition. What could this mean please?

  17. I had a dream that I was walking up a hill after what appeared to be a storm with broken trees surrounding me and laying in the street. There was also a person walking next to me, but i can’t remember much about them.

  18. I was in an ashram (spiritual community place) there was heavy rains, nice and clear, so I sought cover under trees. The trees were very green, luscious, had spreading branches. What does this mean please?

    1. Hi Renato, this sounds like a lovely dream! The rain and trees may be a symbol of abundance, and a connection to nature and your true spiritual and emotional self. Thank you for sharing your tree dream with us!

  19. I dreamt about swimming over submerged trees on the side of a dam however water very deep and trees scary as hell getting out on the other side them later having to swim back over the same trees and get out again but I cannot explain how hectic this was anyone have a idea what it can mean please. Thank u

  20. I dreamt that I was floating up alongside a tree. It looked as though early Spring with little blossoms and leaves on many of the branches. I somehow kept floating up alongside it and began speaking to the tree as I do my plants. Knowing that plants feels vibrations I try to always play music for them and sweetly chat with them everyday. In this same way I was interacting with the tree. As I reached the very top of the tree I could see I was very far off from the ground and instinctively I thought about that to myself yet the feelings of fear did not overwhelm me. Somehow my mind pushed them out as I knew that I was safe. I continued my affectionate conversation with the tree and gently pruned any loose dried leaves from it that I could see. They’re weren’t many. And I just felt happy to be close to this magnificent tree and floating so high above it.

    I have no idea what this means. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  21. I was dreaming I was stuck in a tree and nobody could reach me to help me get down what does this mean.

  22. I dream of some big y’all pine trees they were beautiful a color I never seen before like a reddish look, I was so amazed how big and tall they were in the dream it were my two sons and a friend of mine and this old House , I remember I had a b.b. gun I look through the scope and took a shot and I hit a metal plate and my son said come on and let go cause he didn’t want to get caught with the gun

  23. I had a tree dream a couple of days ago(april 11) in my dream there a plot of land just dug up ready for gardening there were 6-8 rows in the rows were plants. The plants were dead in the ground the stems were brown and dead. There was trees all around this plot the trees were bending toward the earth the leaves were brown and falling off and they all was bent the same direction.

  24. I recently dream of 2 black trees fighting each other, neither tree had any leaves,just long black branches fighting one another.

  25. I dreamed of a tree trunk sawn into wedges. It appeared to be a tree that had been freshly cut down. I did not actually see it cut down. I was anxious because I did not want the wedges to be sold and wanted to build a coffee table from them.

  26. Hello
    I saw the biggest tree in my dream . It was multi coloured and full with all kinds of fruits .
    But most amazing thing was that all fruits were beautiful multi colours .
    Sun light was passing through the tree and I felt I m in heaven
    The colour which I saw they were yellow orange red purple lavender and pink .
    I was extremely happy and anxious

  27. In my dream I was aware that my landlord had hired some people to cut trees, but was wondering why they left a particular tree.. I knew it was dead ..but they left. Not sure where i was or what kind of tree. The tree was hollow. For some reason I was concerned with pushing this tree down and sawing it up ( not a chain saw) I had my blue circular saw. But next thing you know the tree mysteriously fell and just barely hit the house across the way and just skinned it. Strange the tree had no branches. After it fell I was obsessed with cutting it a certain way to make things.. I wanted a table… I took my blue saw and cut it straight up to halve it…I also notice the tree was somewhat hollow and dead inside . then I cut it directly around the middle making 4 pieces. I was thrilled I could make a table i always wanted… And strangely enough my landlord was present and we were discussing the minor damage to the house…but in the dream it wasn’t the house I live in!!!

  28. I just now woke up from a dream, I’m not sure where I was or why but I was in a room with a short ugly dying tree. The branches were taller than I but just barely& they were breaking off. The tree felt like it was a person& the whole time, I was trying to get out of the room cause I was scared. In my waking life, my uncle just passed away from cancer. It didn’t affect me personally but it’s taken a toll on my family. Another event, I’m 26& have no career, I feel like the tree is representing me, because it’s so dead and the branches kept breaking off. My feelings towards adult life. I’m kind of over it. Idk, weird dream.

  29. I had a dream this night. I had a phone call with my mother about my little son (who know is 33 years old). I don’t recall what I asked for, I think I asked her for advice ( I never asked my mother for advise in my whole life… We are very different on how we see life:) ). She told me, I should take better care of my apartment, therefor this wouldn’t happen. I got furious and told her that I don’t have a cleaning lady 3x a week as she has and that I can quiet well reme,ber, that when I was a kid, our house was very messy…. It was okay. With children it gets messy. Saying that, I tried to show her, that I m not criticising her.
    I think, that I called her from a Restaurant. It was summer. A bunch of young people where making fun of the older generation. Two handsome guys decided to dance with older ladies, just for the amusement and to have a good laugh.
    This young people where revolted and rebellious (same crowd as in West Side Story). One of the girl who was with the young men, looked at me. She didn’t want me to get involved with her boyfriend, who wanted to dance with the two older women (one was around 70 and the other one was younger then me). I reassured her with a blink of my eyes, that I wouldn’t do anything.
    I took it as a compliment that she was thinking, that I could be a danger to her maybe 20-25 years old boyfriend (I m 56, but look younger). She was reassured. They all went out.

    It could be that I had then my phone call with my mother but probably it was before. I went out of the Restaurant.

    The Piazza was full of people. In the middle of the piazza there was a huge majestic old tree with wide branches and leaves on it. The leaves weren’t colored with strong green colors, but rather a bit brownish.

    First I didn’t look at the tree. I saw my little girl (now she is 30) and was angry at her, that she was walking in the dirt (not my stile to get angry about it…)
    Then the crowd around me got exited.Young people where sitting on the branches of the wonderful tree and starting to saw up a couple of branches, I saw especially a boy sawing one of the branches. I was so angry and astonished about what was going on. I asked why this tree was being destroyed. I got the answer “its not a Spanish tree, we can’t have it. We need to cut it down`!” Apparently we where in Spain (I live in Switzerland and have no connection to Spain, but I am an emigrant from Italy. When I was a kid, I was not accepted from the other kids because I came from Italy??).

    When a large part of the tree fall to ground I was yelling loud, but it was inside of me, nobody could here me. I cried, got so anxious and couldn’t brief anymore. I walked up in tears.

  30. I’m only 11 but I had a dream that I was in a treehouse it was a oak and I was laughing an thinking about if I fell of and I fell but somehow the wind took me and I was flying about up 400-500 ft and fell and spattered I woke up cause I died what does this mean

  31. In my dream a tree trunk was talking to me, we were conversing about the date when he will give me something not sure what though. What could this mean?

  32. I’ve had several dreams about watching trees fall. One was a large evergreen that fell over in my backyard. Another dream was a very tall, full leafless tree that fell over a highway. I didn’t have any fear but relieved that it didn’t do any damage. The top branches were very visible to me.

  33. Dream tree:
    I dreamt I was inside a hollow tree in a garden – the garden was not green but dry like in fall – it was a very thick tree with thick windy routes and branches, not too tall . It seemed like the routes were the same size as the branches that came out of it but I don’t remember exactly. While inside the tree trunk, I remember feeling scared because there were some animals outside I didn’t recognize. The inside of the trunk was split in two – with two drawings on each side of it – that looked like a drawing of a another tree that was actually a house(?) I think. The two drawings were mirror images of each other – one was black and one was white- I wanted to carve something out on the inside of the trunk but I felt limited in time and stressed… Also because I was scared of the animals outside. I carved out the following on the inside of the tree trunk, on the side of the drawing that was white : “sg <3 am" . After I carved this I felt scared but then I saw a dog outside looking at me. The dog led me out of the garden – he seemed like a huskey combined with a German Shepard… I felt safe with the dog. When we were almost outside of the garden the dog turned into a small black dog with a pink tongue. I pet it and thanked it and asked it if it wanted a bone

    Can you help me figure out what this means?

  34. I dreamed that there a volcano erupting and my daughter and I we were running for a lives. We saw a very huge tree like the one in jack in the beanstalk and we climbed it. Then I woke up never knowing what really happened..what does this mean?

    1. I had the same dream…..Can you tell me what you found out about the meaning of your dream? I was in a house and I could hear crackling and a huge tree fell on the house I was in and came through the roof and almost hit me, right next to my head. I mainly saw the trunk of the tree. Then (same dream) I was walking past it and it happened again but did hit me on my head.
      In life, I had recently seen my mother and brother who I haven’t seen in a long time.

  35. I had a dream a week ago that I was walking around outside and there was a patch of big trees. Fairly big trunks a little too big to put your arms around but the branches were fairly small with no leaves. I went up to one of the trees and put my hands on it and it fell over completely uprooted with very large roots. I was shocked but not scared and went up to another tree and the same thing happened. I can’t remember it I pushed over 2 or 3 trees. After waking up and going to work the next day I told a coworker about the dream and that I was worried about a friend who had been moved to Hospice a few days before. When I got home from work late that night I found out my friend had passed away. Now I wonder if in my dream I was sensing she would not live much longer.

  36. So, I had a dream about a tree. And it is very confusing. The tree was alive. Constantly moving, sort of like a mixture from Harry Potter of the Whomping Willow and the staircase that is always moving. I remember trying to get to the tree and the roots constantly moving, alive under my feet, knocking me over, pulling me in, never wrapping around me, just forever moving. The tree was on the edge of this lake, and it obviously covered the bottom of the lake with its moving roots and vines. I’d say it was a giant oak, but not certain. Once I made it into the tree, there were stairs and rooms. It was somewhat a nightmare, as there were scary things in the tree. I knew I should be afraid, but I wasn’t. There was a woman on the second floor of the house inside the tree. She disappeared before I could talk to her, leaving only her clothes in a pile on the floor and her hair hanging on a limb where she’d just been standing. There was a girl, I knew to stay away from her.

    I know it’s random and odd, but I like interpreting my dreams and I just can’t crack this one.

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

  37. I dreamt that as I walked into my compound, it was the former house we packed from. I discovered that a very huge tree that looks like iroko tree has been fallen. The tree was uprooted from the very tap root and a trace of the fallen tree was not found. But a very deep and wild hole of the trace of the root was there and linked into one of the rooms, where I used to sleep; clean water started flowing from underneath the tap root in the room to the outside of the compound where there was trace of the root, just like a stream. In the dream, it seemed like a crafty tree had been uprooted. I wasn’t sad nor rejoicing in the dream. Please, do you have any idea?

  38. Hi Juliet, I am no expert dream interpreter but I have a special interest in the area. Hence, over the years I have done some self analysis or would discuss the possible meanings with close family members who share a similar interest in what dreams say to us in our subconscious that can be relayed in our real life as it pertains to the meanings. Additionally, I have found the online sources very helpful as well.

    I have two interpretations for you:
    1.Is is possible that your family is living in an area that is prone to destruction from natural forces which worries you about the awful consequences? Maybe you have been trying to tell your mom about it but she doesn’t see any need to worry.

    2. Perhaps there are issues in you family that you are worried about…perhaps two issues at that pertaining to the closeness of your family or possibly or something that could negatively impact your family household that could come suddenly without warning. Your mom seems to be quite optimistic about life in general? Were you confused or surprised as to why she was smiling or is she usually very positive when dealing with issues of the family? Perhaps she is the one who can address whatever problems there are before it is ‘too’ late.

    …awesome break down of the Tree meaning….I had a dream and went about researching it. THANK YOU

    1. My husband just told me about his dream and he was very concerned. He dreamt that he was picking up a dead hollow log and heard something rattling around inside. As he continued to pick it up a huge black hairy scorpian cam out of it. At first he picked it up and held it with no problems, but then it tries to attack him. He woke up trying to get it off of him.
      So far from what I have gathered the black scorpian is a bad omen.

    2. @Precious,
      Hello, seems I may need an outside interpretation of a tree dream … Would you mind assisting? Please

  39. I dreamed of landslides at the back of oir house and two trees falling on our house .and they ripped it off . i saw my mom not really worried about it . she smiled positively while i am so sad that our house was destroyed . what does this mean . ?

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