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Visitation Dreams: Dreaming of Someone You Know Who Has Died

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Have you ever dreamed of someone who has died and wondered whether they are actually communicating with you?

These are something special that I call visitation dreams, and I’ve experienced them my whole life since I was a very young girl.

Today I thought I would explain these types of dreams and help you understand them better. I also want to assure you that you are NOT crazy if you find yourself talking to dead people in your dreams.

It is perfectly normal, but it’s not something most people share or talk about that often.

visitation dreams

So, if you’re looking for help in understanding dreams about a passed on friend or family member or other loved one, today I hope that my 30+ years of experiences will help you understand what’s going on.

First: What is a Visitation Dream?

dreams of someone who died

A visitation dream is best described as a dream experience where you truly do feel as if you have communicated with a deceased loved one.

Typically these dreams are of friends and family members who you were close with – but it can also even be acquaintances or even non-human loved ones, such as a pet dog or cat!

Many of us will experience both visitation dreams and release dreams at some point in our lives, and both are completely normal.

While the Visitation ones aren’t ones we talk about very often, they usually are the ones that leave a lasting impression and memory in our lives.

release dreams vs. spirit communication

Release Dreams Vs. Visitation Dreams

There are many different reasons why we may dream of someone who has passed away. Sometimes, our dreams are release dreams, where we are simply just processing our own feelings of grief or sadness when we lose a loved one.

As you may already know, we experience different types of dreams. Release dreams are a little bit different from true visitation dreams.

Release dreams help us process and understand the different feelings and emotions we are currently dealing with in life. They can help us to let go of past feelings we may be holding onto.

In a release dream, you are often processing your own feelings and emotions. Some of these dreams can be quite confusing!

These are the types of dreams where nothing seems to make logical sense. You can be driving a car one minute and flying to the moon the next.

Sometimes they can even be scary in some ways, especially if the feelings you are releasing and working with are ones of fear, worry, or sadness.

release dreams definition

Many times, dreaming of a person who has passed on can simply be a release dream in which your feelings about the person come to your conscious awareness.

You may have a dream about a person as a natural part of dealing with the emotions involved when you are experiencing grief.

The dream may also be one in which you are simply remembering the good things about a person or our subconscious way of expressing our love/sorrow for a person.

Let’s take a look at the 7 signs and characteristics of visitation dreams to help you determine whether your dream may have been a visitation dream or whether it may have just been a release dream.

7 Signs & Characteristics of Visitation Dreams

In the examples of these dreams I have shared, you will notice that some of these have very distinct characteristics.

In every visitation dream, there have always been some very clear characteristics of the dream for me to know it was truly a visitation dream and not just a release dream.

Understanding the common signs of a visitation dream will help you better be able to identify whether you are truly communicating with the spirit of a passed-on family member or whether your dream may simply be a release dream of processing thoughts and emotions.

1. The Person Will Seem Happy & Healthy

If the person in your dream seems sick, injured, angry or upset, it is more likely this is NOT a true visitation dream. In these cases, this is usually a reflection of our own feelings of grief. 

Losing a loved one is never easy. There are a lot of emotions and thoughts we have to process. Sometimes in our dreams we may surface up feelings of regret, guilt, sadness or even anger as we work through the healing of grief.

In visitation dreams, it is common for the person to seem younger and healthier. If the person was ill before their passing, you will notice in the dream they do not look sick. This is because illness does not carry over with us through death.

2. The Dream Will Have Logical Sequence

In most visitation dreams, the sequence of events are very logical. You know those dreams where you are flying in one place and then driving a car and then in some weird room the next minute? Those are more characteristic of release dreams where you are processing different feelings and emotions.

In dreams of the deceased, it is more common that the sequence of events will be very natural and logical. You know exactly how you get from A to B.

3. The Details of the Dream Are Very Vivid

If you have a very vivid dream where you remember fine details or even experience sensations of touch, smell, or sound it is very likely that it is indeed an actual visitation dream. 

In most of my dreams, I can remember fine details of these more so than I would with ordinary dreams – and I’m already a very vivid dreamer!

In many ways, a visitation dream is every bit as vivid as a lucid dream. You will notice everything you felt and pick up on details that may not ordinarily be apparent in other dreams.

4. The Message is One of Love and Peace

Most often the message and feeling in the dream is one of love and peace. During a visitation dream, our loved ones most often simply want to communicate they love you.

They may have messages for others, or they may even want to clear up any unfinished business they may have on earth to make things right.

If you dream of a deceased person who is angry or yelling at you, this is more likely a symbol for your own feelings while you process the stages of grief. It’s important to remember this if the dream is not a pleasant one.

5. Other Symbols in the Dream Relate to the Person or Communication

Symbols are the language of dreams. When we dream of a loved one, it’s not uncommon for other symbols in the dream to be something we associate with them. 

For example, in the dream with my aunt, we were sitting at the kitchen table because for me that was where we were very comfortable talking together in real life. 

The telephone in many of my visitation dreams is an example of an obvious symbol for communication. In your dreams you may experience a radio, a television, a letter, or other signs and symbols that relate to exchanging a message.

6. You Don’t Even Have to Say Words

It’s not uncommon to have full conversations with loved ones who passed in our dreams, but it’s also not necessarily required. 

A few years ago I had a dream of a friend who passed away unexpectedly after a drug overdose. In the dream, I was walking down a path through the woods when I came to a clearing where my friend stood. 

In the dream, we simply hugged and a huge washing sense of “everything we needed to say was not necessary to say” came over me. This dream confirmed it was not so much the communication, but the connection.

7. It Feels Real

If you have a visitation dream, you will have no questions of whether or not it was one. You will just feel it. 

Of course, saying, “you will just feel it” sounds pretty vague! But if you wake up from the dream thinking, “I saw grandpa last night” or questioning “how did I talk to that person? they are dead?” – it’s quite likely you had a very real connection with the person in the dream.

Can Deceased Loved Ones Really Communicate Through Dreams?

Are visitation dreams real? Can the dead really talk to us through dreams?

I have had many different visitation dreams in my life, and yes, I do believe they are real. However, there have also been times when I have dreamed about deceased relatives when they were NOT visitation dreams.

When you dream of someone who is deceased, it is important to look at the context of the dream and identify whether you felt a real connection or whether you were simply exploring your own emotions and feelings. 

Naturally, it is impossible for us to prove much about the afterlife. However, there is enough evidence to support the belief that yes, loved ones can communicate with us through our dreams.

If you read through the hundreds of comments at the end of this post, you will see many more examples of visitation dreams!

For many of us, the proof is not necessary. The dreams themselves are enough “proof” we could ever need, even if it is not something we could share or show to others.

A Few Examples of Visitation Dreams

One of the best ways to understand a visitation dream is to show some examples. Here I will share a couple of the different visitation dreams I’ve had, starting with the very first one I had as a small child.

Example 1: Dream of My Grandma When She Passed On

My first visitation dream was when I was six or seven years old. I don’t really remember all the details of the dream (it has been over two decades since the dream now!) – but I do remember my grandmother coming to me, telling me she loved me and saying Goodbye.

In the dream, she didn’t actually say the words goodbye, but I knew in the dream that was why she was there. It is best described as a feeling or sense that just surrounded me. One minute she was there, and then she wasn’t.

I woke up at that moment, knowing she was gone. Sure enough, a few minutes later my mother called the house to let us know what I already knew from my dream.

As a six-year-old, I didn’t really understand much about what happened, or even what it meant for someone we love to pass away, but I still to this day vividly remember the dream.

Visitation dreams are very common in these instances as someone is about to leave this plane. Often times our loved ones wish to say goodbye to us before they cross over into the spirit realms.

Example 2: Messages From Spirits on the Telephone

communicate with the dead through dreams

Another visitation dream happened when I was 12 and involves my other grandmother, who called me on the telephone.

In the dream, she left a message on the answering machine in the dream (yes, we still had answering machines back then!). She was very clearly leaving me a message!

Since then, I have noticed the telephone has been a very popular dream symbol for spirits trying to communicate, especially dead loved ones.

I’ve had many dreams of phone conversations with my deceased family members and friends!

Example 3: Conversation With My Aunt & Messages for the Family

More recently, I had an interesting visitation dream with one of my aunts who passed away. We were sitting at a kitchen table, and she looked good – much younger, vibrant, and healthy – how I remembered her when I was a young child.

We had an interesting conversation, where she explained how her physical body was just too tired to keep going in this world.

We talked about the day she died and how sad it was for her to leave her kids and grandchildren behind. Our family had been through a lot of losses, and so she mentioned feeling sad that she was also leaving my dad and the other siblings behind.

However, she told me that she knew her body would not keep up. She was trying to do a lot more in the physical world than that tired old body could handle. She could do a lot more by watching over for her loved ones “on the other side” so to speak.

Of course, she then laughed and said, now don’t give anybody any ideas – nobody better be doing anything dangerous or dying anytime soon! We don’t need any extra work around here!

How to Be Open to Having Visitation Dreams

how to have visitation dreams

The next question that most people have about a visitation dream is wondering how they might be able to have one, or if it requires some sort of special psychic gift or ability.

The good news is, anyone can have a visitation dream – you do not necessarily need to have a natural ability to communicate with spirits. While it can be helpful to practice your intuitive abilities, it is not required by any means.

If you are wondering how to have a visitation dream, there are some things you can do to help open yourself up to communicating with a loved one who has passed away.

This is called “programming your dreams” and it is a good habit to do at night anyways, even when you are not looking to have a visitation dream.

Practice Meditation Before Bed:

Meditation can greatly help you with calming your body and soul to help you be more open to receiving your dreams.

Guided meditation can help you get started with meditation if you have never tried it before. You can also just try some deep breathing exercises which will help relax your body and your mind.

Affirm You are Open to Communicating With the Person:

Sometimes you need to say affirmations that you want to see the person. This is because subconsciously you may be unsure or afraid of having such as dream.

Say to yourself, “I am open to dreaming about [insert person here] and would like to receive a message from them” or another similar affirmation.

It may take several attempts, but after several nights or weeks, this will increase your likelihood of dreaming about the person.

Keep a Dream Journal:

Getting in the habit of remembering and writing down your dreams will help you better understand the world of dreams. Keeping a dream journal is always a good idea – even if you do not always want to know the deeper meaning of dreams.

The simple act of writing things down will make it easier for you to remember dreams and process any emotions and feelings you might have.

It can also help you clear through any other “energetic gunk” such as feelings of sadness or fear that might be standing in the way between you and a loved one trying to communicate with you.

Why Your Loved Ones May Not Appear in a Visitation Dream

Of course, it’s important for us to cover that not all deceased family members or friends will appear in a dream. There are a lot of possible reasons for this – and it’s not because there is anything “wrong” with you!

One of the things that is important to remember is our passed-on loved ones have their own spiritual needs and goals. Some people who have died are not able to communicate through dreams – it’s simply not a skill they have. It may not even be something they would have a conscious awareness of being possible – even when they are a spirit.

Others simply may not want to. Free will is not something that we only have on earth – it is something that we have as a universal law in any type of manifestation of consciousness.

If someone you cared about deeply has passed on and you have not had a visitation dream, it’s possible that the person has already crossed over very quickly and is absolutely “done” with the physical world in which we live. They are very likely already onto the next part of their own spiritual development journey.

This does not mean that they are “too busy” for you – but it may not have any true benefit to them or you to communicate with you. Sometimes those who have passed on are simply done with this life and this world – and so in that reasoning, it does not make any logical sense for them to come back.

There are also a lot of other variable factors that can affect whether or not the spirit of a deceased loved one might not be present. If you need to heal from a traumatic experience or are in need to move into the present moment and your current life, it may be that the communication from the person would not help you do these things.

It is not always beneficial for you to communicate with a dead loved one – sometimes this is simply a clear sign that it is time to move forward and begin to heal from feelings of grief or loss.

Lastly, it’s important to know that our passed on family or friends are not always necessarily good for giving us guidance.

Just because someone is in spirit form does not automatically make them a spirit guide or enlightened being.

Just like those of us who are in the physical world, there are many spirits who are still in their own phases of development of consciousness.

Other’s Experiences with Visitation Dreams

Since the date of original publishing, we have received thousands of comments and messages from others who have shared their experiences about visitation dreams.

We have imported the majority of these original comments from the old website because it can truly be uplifting to read through these and certainly validates that the experiences of a visitation dream are real.

Please take a moment to read through the comments on this article, because it can truly be quite interesting to read! And, if you would like to share your experiences or dreams, we would of course love to hear from you in the comments!

Have you had a visitation dream? What was your experience? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. I don’t have any idea why, with regards to death, we say we lost somebody. They’re not absent or lost. They’re whisked away from the most impenetrable hug.

  2. I believe i have found the right article which really describes the differences between these two subjects. I too have been dreaming about dead people since my grandmother died when i was 15. we would always be in the kitchen. When one of my closest friend died when i was 22, he would often come and visit and it was always a dream of him playing with me and our high school classmates, it was always fun. Our maid who raised me also comes and would feed me in my dreams, when she died of cancer when i was 27. she and my friend would often talk to me and it was always a good dream, seeing them all well and happy and smiling. When a patient of mine died, i wasnt at work, but i dreamed of her passing, she looked like she was at peace, but did not say a word. These visitation dreams stopped since my papa died last december, he would always be sick and or confusingly alive in my dream. We never had the best relationship, but i never truly grieved for him. I was not even at his funeral. Before my dreams about him started, i had an emotional dream about saying goodbye to my grandma. And now i wish they would come and visit again. You explaining the description of release dreams makes me understand the reason i am having these confusing dreams about my father. Thank you

  3. My lost my husband in 2020 to Covid. I have had several dreams about him. A few really stick out. The first one was a week or so after he passed. We were standing in the kitchen like we usually did when we would talk, but this time we weren’t saying anything to each other he was just facing me staring into my eyes. It was almost like he told me “I want to show you something.” Yet no words were spoken. As I starred at him in his eyes, he showed me all his happy memories of my daughter and I. They were memories I remembered being there for but unlike my memories of him and my daughter, they were from his point of view of my daughter and me. Once he showed me it was like I came back and I was just looking into his eyes again. I woke up and I was crying. There’s no doubt in my mind that he visited me that night.
    Another time was after he passed he had ring at a pawn shop that meant a lot to him. I went to go take it out and the day I got it, I took it home and put it on my dresser. That night I had a dream and he was standing at my dresser crying and thanking me for getting his ring out and telling me just how much it meant to him. I’ve always been a believer but times like these really convince me it’s real.

  4. My Nanny passed away 3 weeks ago. In my dream she was in her bed. She looked great. She said my sister was very good to her. She also said “they” got her ready for bed and put her in and she can stay there. I asked if that’s what she wanted/was she happy and she said no. I asked why and she said I’m waiting for you. I said I’d things to do first and she said she had to go to her own bed. It confused me abit. I think I got in beside her I can’t remember the rest though. What does it mean??

  5. Hello everyone my name is Aaliyah and i’m 15 years old and a few minutes ago I had a dream were my grandma that’s passed away was in my dream and I was in a house and when I went outside my grandma appeared out of know where in the front yard and she told me to come here and so I went and when I sent she told me to stay still and she put two fingers on my head and said in (god we trust please put a part of me inside of Aaliyah and when she did that her finger was glowing and when she said all of that she told me to find one of her rings and wear it)and say the words she just said but when she said it I didn’t hear what she said and my grandma said it’s ok just figure it out and that was my dream.

  6. Lastnight I had a dream of my older brother who passed in 2015 that we were on the bus coming from school not a grammer or high school, but some sort of school so I asked if he needed me to drop him off guess we were going different places once we got off the bus. He said no, there’s a car that sits up on the hill and I don’t know what they want but I don’t want them to follow you home, which I know this sound so weird and off beat its making no sense. I woke up but when I feel back to sleep I was back on the bus by myself and the bus driver commented I didn’t have my friend with me tonight and I said that’s my brother. And now when I got up this morning I have a blood clot in my eye, and no i didnt hit, scratch, poke myself.

  7. So, last night I had a dream about my boyfriend who committed suicide 3 months ago. Let me explain a bit about him. Young 30 year old with 2 beautiful children. Was a gym freak he was there twice a day. However he struggled mentally. His dad passed away 2 years ago and a close friend of his also committed suicide in my boyfriend’s flat to which my boyfriend found her. He got put on sleeping tablets but he got addicted to them and was eating them like sweets, amongst taking other tablets to help him cope with his daily life. So anyway my dream, I found myself sat in what looked like a shopping centre and his face was on like a poster thing advertising a gym, just seeing his face made me cry. I then find myself walking down a street and notice a car I hadn’t seen in person but I knew it was his, he had just got his license back. I walk into the gym and lay down on onw of the leg bench things and my boyfriend and his deceased dad are at the side of me. His dad his helping him train his arms and he is laughing and seems so happy with his dad. He turns looks at me and looks surprised I’m there. It’s like I went looking for him. His dad looks at me, smiles and gives him the nod to talk to me. I’d never met his dad but it was like his dad knew me. I walk off and I’m looking in a mirror messing about with my eyelashes to which he then says, you should make your own brand. You’d make loads of money. I look at him and his eyes are the brightest blue unlike what they were before he passed. It was like the pain and sadness had gone away from him and he was so happy. We hug eachother and the feeling of his touch was like he had never left. I hold his face and ask him why, why did he do it and why didn’t he ring me like he always did when he felt so low. He then gets tears in his eyes and he’s trying not to cry and he said “I was off my head and I was seeing things, I had to, but I didn’t want to” I told him he knew I wanted to help him and I know he was begging and pleading for help and he always had mw to try and get him thr help he needed. He said he was sorry, I told him I love him and I always will and he looked at me again with tears in his eyes told me I didn’t love him and told me to stop, then grabbed my arm and it was like he threw me out of my dream. Then I’m wide awake crying. What the bloody hell was that about? I feel like I was the one looking for him and he was happy to see me but he regrets doing what he did and he feels guilty for it, he knows I love him but it upsets him that he left. I feel more at ease knowing he’s happy and no longer suffering he is with his dad and he adores his dad. But I feel like I need more from him, for him to open up more to me. I know he isn’t coming back but how I felt being with him was like how it was when he was alive. His touch was real I could feel his face. I could smell his aftershave. If anyone has some sort of interpretation on this please go ahead.

  8. Last night I had a dream of my sister who passed away nearly 4 years ago. I was on holiday with my husband and youngest child, we were walking to the seating area outside where the entertainment was about to start. I looked over and saw my sister sitting at a table, she was smiling at me and so happy to see that I noticed her. She got up and started to walk quickly over to me with her arms open to hug me, we hugged very tightly and she said ‘I miss you’ and I cried and said ‘I miss you lots too’. It woke me up because I actually said it out loud and was crying when I woke up.
    I remember every detail of the dream, her dress, the palm tree behing her and the smell of her perfume, she looked so happy and healthy.
    The anniversary of her death is on 10th September and she passed away on holiday to Portugal. She took her own life by jumping off the apartment balcony 6 stories high.
    I’m so grateful for her visit, I felt a lot of comfort to see her beautiful smile again, i really miss her so so much🤍

  9. I have had three visitation dreams that have been very vivid and meaningful for me. The first was when I was 12. I dreamed of my sister in a long white dress, barefoot, and running through a field of grass and white flowers. My sister who was 15, was sick with cancer. In the dream she looked well and had long dark hair again. I woke up and knew she had passed away that night, but I was comforted by the dream. I remember telling my mom about the dream and then saying I had better get dressed or I would be late for school.
    The second dream was also about my sister. She was in the same white dress, but this time she was older (in her twenties) sitting under a tree playing with a little blond girl who was about two. She said to me “Don’t worry. I am keeping her safe for you.” I was in college at the time and had been worrying about the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy. Either I lost the baby early on or I wasn’t actually pregnant. But years later in my 30’s, I had my first child. She was blonde. I gave her the middle name Diane for my sister.
    The third dream was just this spring. I had lost my dog in March. She was 15 and blind, but I felt very responsible like I should have caught the kidney issue and prevented or delayed her death. In my dream, Foxy put her paws up on my bed and then on me, and then put her head down. It was a motion she had done all the time when she was alive and we called it a hug. I woke up feeling more at peace with the situation and less guilty.
    I don’t know if I actually communicated with the the loved ones that had passed on through these dreams, but I do know that these dreams helped me,and made me feel more at peace with my life and loved.

  10. I’m unsure if this was a visitation dream but it was so inexplicably vivid. A friend I’ve known for about 5 years and I recently reconnected and confided in one another, he tragically passed away unexpectedly. In my dream he was very unexpressive never really changing from a blank face and he never spoke, he also appeared to be not sick but unwell. We embraced and I held him and he was so hot, almost sweaty, and his hair was sticky from gel when I touched it. But although he didn’t speak nor physically expressed anything, it was as if he was telling me, he was going to die and there was nothing that I could do and almost telling me I have to accept It and he wants me to be happy through emotion and feeling and I would keep saying how I didn’t want him to go essentially and he would combat it with this intense feeling of sureness and acceptance. I remember I spoke to as we embraced but he never verbally responded, it was very brief but there was such a vivid strong connection and feelings like he was trying to tell me so much and trying to just bring me comfort. Then he left and I remember trying to get to him again throughout the dream but I never did.

  11. This morning I woke up from the most insane dream I’ve ever had. My grandmother was a beautiful person, the closest I know personally to a saint in real life. I have no idea how to take this dream.. She passed 10 years ago, I’ve seen her before in dreams, always as I remember her growing up not as she grew weak and sick or anything (usually in her home). This dream specifically the Earth was being hit by a lot of solar flares and there was a lot of panic. I had found out she was being housed in an abandoned asylum, turned government facility being kept alive all these years. I’m like, but I was at her funeral, that can’t be. So I decided to go investigate because something told me it was her. I was so happy and excited thinking I was going to have the chance to see her again, having missed her immensely all of these years. At the time that I heard the news she was still alive the solar flares hadn’t started, but when I went to visit her the facility confirmed she was there but that I’d have to visit at a later date to see her. I was horrified thinking she had been alone all these years knowing how important family was to her. I left, the solar flares began and I met up with some vigilante survivalists not far from the facility. I told them my situation, they decided that in the chaos they should use the building for shelter and supplies. The military had just shown up and we stormed in. I don’t know how, I walked through and managed to find her pretty quickly. One of the scientists gave me a key while fleeing, saying “you’ll need this”. Once I saw my mommom, she looked better than I’d expected. Younger, healthier, but still elderly. I wish I would have listened more, everything felt so real. After hugging her and telling her how much be I’ve missed her, I started instantly asking questions. How, why, when? What medications do they have you on? Going through everything frantically trying to be quick. I had planned to flee to other family members once I got her out. I woke before we could get out. The amount of love and happiness I felt with her was unbelievable, but if I hadn’t asked all the wrong questions maybe I could have gotten more of why she was there. It felt so real. The only thing I thought of was right before she passed she was in a nursing home, but always wanted to die in her home where her husband passed. I was trying to get her to eat, she was kind of out of it and was talking to her husband who passed 30+ years prior. I sat her spoon and pudding on the tray next to her and asked her if she wanted to go home and the spoon flipped out half way across the room, and there were witnesses to this. I feel as though this was her husband telling me it was time. She was taken home and passed a day or so later, but I can’t help but wonder if she’s trapped, she was so out of it and almost gone maybe it was too late and her spirit stayed in the nursing home. I’m not sure. I’m going through some things in my life that the apocalypse situation makes sense to me, but I have no doubts I was talking to the spirit of my mommom in this, and a few other dreams in the past. Every detail of this one is engrained, it’s crazy. I would truly appreciate any insights or anything anyone would have to offer of the interpretation of this dream, please, and thank you for taking the time to read!

  12. I don’t know if what I experienced was visitation dream, but my friend died 2 years ago. He drowned, so his death was unexpected, and left me more devastated then I expected to be. We grew up together, but we were never extremely close. He used to be my crush back in middle school and we hang out more as we grew up. Ever since his death I dreamed about him a couple of times and I can’t understand why. The one dream I remember the most vividly is the first dream. I was sitting on benches, the ones that are for example on football tribune (he used to play it since he was child, maybe that’s why). That’s when I saw. I knew he was dead I think I tried to talk to him, but he didn’t answer. At least I think he didn’t answer. He looked…neutral. I dreamed about him a few more times, but I don’t remember much. I think he talked in those dreams and even smiled. I am not sure if he found peace or if my mind tried to make peace with my grief and made him look happy to comfort me.

  13. I had a visitation dream last night of a former lover. In my dream, we made love and I could feel him laying with me in the spooning cuddle. It was wonderful. I’ve been missing him so much, lately.

  14. I had a visitation dream this week about my sister, Jill, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on January 24, 2022: I was sitting up in bed and a wind began blowing steadily in my face. I was surprised by it because I was inside the house looking out the windows in front of me. Then Jill said, “Hi Linda, it’s me.” I smiled, I could feel myself physically smiling, and I raised my arms in the wind, my clothes flapping. Then she was gone.
    Since then, I have felt lighter and more clear-headed than I had since her passing. Life is short.

  15. My husband died in October 2021. A couple nights ago, after a particularly hard day, I dreamed about him. We were standing together in a house doing something casual like making dinner and chatting together, just like we would normally do. I suddenly stop and realize what’s going on, turn to him and tell him that he is dead. His face becomes serious and he asked me what happened. I told him that he overdosed and died. He looks sad and then says something to me like “what should we do?” So I told him to stay with me as long as he can. He came up behind me and gave me a hug and we stood there holding each other. Then the dream began to change and he was gone. It felt so so real, I didn’t want to wake up. For context, my husband and I were separated but loved each other very much and his death was sudden and unexpected. What’s strange is that a few months before he died, he wrote something about a dream he had where he was visited by these beings who brought him to what he believed was some sort of afterlife. He saw one of his friends there who told him that he died but the memory of his death was erased because it wasn’t needed where he was going, but his death was sudden and not painful (which later became true) then he saw a bus pull up and all the people getting on were happy because it was going to bring them back to life but my husband felt like he was supposed to stay for a while. I thought it was interesting the way his death was seemingly predicted, how he didn’t remember his death in his dream and didn’t remember in my dream either. Things that make you wonder… All I know is I hope to see him again soon.

      1. A wonderful women entered my life for 5 great years. I moved on kowing it was best for her hi profile life to grow without me . 30 years later i had A tragic dream not knowing she died tragicly. That morning i searched obits in the town we knew and there was her name, wow two months ago sensless murder in her sleep. I felt tge whole attack in my sleep. And was led to the obits. Im still in shock as this all just took place. How could she visit me abd share that helpless feeling qith me. WOW

  16. Last night, I had this dream where my best friend, who passed away a few months ago was there, we spent time together, he seemed so healthy and happy. I even forgot that he passed away, I felt like he is still here with me. I remember his voice, laugh, and touch. We made selfies, talked about some things I cant remember. And in the end, he told me with a smile on his face ^ You are gonna wake up soon, hug me ^ he told me ^i love you^ and kissed me on the forehead. I felt so confused and I woke up in the next second. I didn’t know what was happening until I realized, that was a dream. I kept questioning myself, why did it feel so real. Usually, in my dreams, I cant feel the touch of a person and I can’t hear anything. I’ve felt anxious all day, and I’ll hope that wasn’t a goodbye, I am not ready for goodbye. I still want him to visit me, cause I miss him a lot

  17. Friday night I dreamt that my cousin had died. I could clearly see him, he looked at peace. I also saw his wife and his oldest daughter. Saturday morning I found out that he had died on Friday and his body was removed at 2am Sat morning. Does this qualify as a visitation dream? I am trying to understand the meaning of this dream.

  18. My best friend passed a year and a half ago. Leaving behind 4 kids and her husband. In my dream we are sitting together on the porch, she looks healthy her hair beautifully braided as I remember the last date night she had with her husband. Then as we sit there she’s staring straight ahead and says, “this place is going to burn, everything is going to burn.” I respond, “what do you mean?” No response, she stands up to walk away and I ask, “what is heaven like?” She turns to me and says, “I don’t know.” Then she is gone and I wake up. I can’t stop thinking about this dream. I’ve had many dreams of her before but, nothing like this. I can’t stop wondering what does this dream mean?

  19. So my grandpa passed away back in 2010. Me and my brother were really close to him. I have alot of feelings about his death because I was in tx while he was in FL. I didn’t get to go to his funeral. Do I basically didn’t get to day goodbye. I recently found out in pregnant again. Also my brother just dropped the news he’s expecting too. So I dreamt I was back in my grandpas apartment. There was a big party. Lots of lights. Music but I can’t recall what kind. I noticed in the dream it was his old apartment and started looking around for him. There was someone getting ready to come out the room. It was his old room. I took a peek inside and I saw him in the dark getting dressed. I backed away and began to wait for him to come out. I felt happy and relieved to see him. I’ve been missing him lately and after finding out my brothers having a baby it just made me miss him so much more. He never came out of the room. And then I woke up. So I feel like the dream was his little way of saying congrats. Could it mean more.?

  20. My husband passed away 1 1/2 months ago. I’m devastated. He passed from ALS. I was his 100% caregiver. There were issues with his ex wife manipulating and lying to his kids. She was evil at the end of his life. I do not get to have anything to do with his kids. This is so upsetting! His family has also turned their backs on me, for honoring my husbands wishes. I’ve lost so much.
    I had a dream last night. That my husband was alive, but I was shocked at this in my dream, because he should have been dead. He was with his kids. He basically told me that he really wasn’t dead, and the last month he has been alive and with his kids. And dating someone. And her name was Collie. My names Colleen, and his nickname got me was Colliebean.
    I did cry and get to hug his youngest, which was great!
    This is so confusing! What is going on with this dream???

    1. [I had a very similar dream, in my dream he was kinda sad though and almost wanted nothing to do with me…

  21. Hey everyone , I’m not 100% sure if the type of dream I had but anyway here it goes .

    7 years ago the night before I went for a craniotomy I spoke to god within my own mind. I asked not forgiveness but to be ruled on my life choices I’ve made . If I fail to draw breath during or after surgery so be it . Anyway I went to bed around 11:00pm , when I finally reached REM . I noticed I was walking in a white hazy environment. I see a door and open it I walked inside the door and into a room that was dark yet seemed bright at the same time . I walk forward and see three people , they hear me approaching and turn around . No lie it was 3 of my closest friends who passed away . I turn to speak to my friend Andrew he passed away in Afghanistan at the age of 19 . I say to him and my friends Alex and Lucas . “ Guys looks I’ll be joining you all here shortly “. My friends Andrew says to me “ The hell you will I will not allow this to happen , your time on earth is not over yet . People need you “ ! My other friends Alex and Lucas both choke in saying , Chris it’s not your time to go “ ! The next thing I know after that is my brain kicks over to nothing but happiest moments in my life and the best times I’ve shared with my family and friend’s. The next day I go for surgery on April 13th 2014 at 8:00am , I went through my surgery and as I’m coming to all the nurses and surgical staff yelling oh my god Chris your alive . Oh my god he’s alive . My surgery ended on April 14th at 4:00pm . My doctor tells me
    6 months later I must of had someone looking out for my , because I should of died twice .

    Not sure if the dream I had before hand was a visitation or not , I had an intelligent conversation with my deceased friends and we all addressed each other by name . Also I was not on meds at the time , the doctor would not allow those kinds of meds to be used at the time.

  22. I think I had a visitation dream last night. I’ve been thinking about it all day, but I’m also confused because it was about my grandfather whom I never got to meet. It felt so real and I was very emotional in the dream as it was my first time meeting him, eventually he said it was time to go and he held my hand and said “I’ll always be with you.”

  23. I had the most amazing but confusing visitation dream back in 1999/2000 about my father that was killed in a car accident in 1985 when I was 10 years old. In the dream I was with my fiance and we had stopped at a gas station/service station. We both went inside to get something to drink. When we walked in I saw my stepmother behind the counter. I was instantly confused because she was a teacher, not a service attendant, and I had not seen her in over 10 years. I said hello to her. Her response was “you’re Dad’s not here right now but he’ll be back shortly”. I was so confused but before being able to ask her what she was talking about my Dad had walked in but had walked right past me like he didn’t know me. At that point I had started crying. I went running up to him, calling out “Dad!!”, and gave him a hug. He pulled back at first as if he wasn’t sure who I was. As he looked at me he said my name and had this amazed expression as he said “wow, you have grown into a beautiful young woman!” He asked who I had with me and I introduced my fiance to him and they shook hands. At this point I was crying so hard that I was sobbing. My Dad asked why I was crying as I was hugging him again. As I started to ask him how was it possible he was there and where had he been that is when I woke up in tears and sobbing. The dream felt so real that I have actually cried about it on and off for years. Actually, I occasionally cry about it still to this day.
    Does anyone have any possible explanations or possibly know what this dream means?!?!

    1. This dream is powerful, I was crying as soon as you wrote he had an amazed expression on his face and I am still crying writing this. My own personal observation, I think the forces had you two come together so he could see you grown and well and to give his blessing to your fiance. This is truly beautiful 💖

    2. Oh my goodness – I felt every bit of your description. My father passed away one year ago. I had my first visitation dream exactly 7 wow after he left us suddenly and unexpectedly. In my dream, I greeted him almost exactly how you described greeting your dad. My exact words to my dad were “Dad, you’re back, you’re back!” I hugged him so tightly and just sobbed. The embrace was so warm and real. I woke up still sobbing but happy that I got to see him and hold him.

  24. I lost my mum 9 months ago.. I have Dreamt of her a few times since. a few were I was desperately trying to save her
    🙁 I think these were my release dreams.
    I have also had a couple of visitation dreams one was I could hear her calling me from a room and in my head I knew she had passed on so was telling my self no point going in there she’s gone.. but her calls got stronger like get in here! So I walked in and she hugged me so tight we gently touched each other’s faces and she said I love you I’m okay love I’m okay!
    And again similar last night she appeared I held her I felt her just as she felt before such a slight person I real hug, were we reminded each we love one another and again she told me I’m okay! I only ever say I love you I miss you, just after her passing amongst the release dreams in one of my dreams we were kind of arguing but screaming at one another I love you! And she was saying marry me! I don’t know what that one was all about but it was nice in away. my more recent ones that I mentioned are a big comfort to me knowing she okay and still letting me know how loved I am x

  25. My husband passed early Feb 2021, had he lived we would have celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary on 5/16. We had dated 4 years before we married. A few weeks ago, I had not slept well on 6/28. My grandfather I had been extremely close to birthday was 6/28. I do not believe it had any relation to my dream. So was up early 6/29, had a cup of coffee and laid back down around 7:30am. At that time, in my dream, my husband was standing behind me calling my name. He got a little louder as if I had not heard him. I thought he was at a distance but when I turned around he was right behind me, close enough to touch. I clearly remember length of hair, Style of mustache and beard, exactly what clothes including color he had on. But when I turned and he was right there it seemed so real I sat straight up in bed and woke. I feel he was trying to tell me something

  26. I often have dreams of my stepfather who passed away from cancer 9 years ago. They are always so vivid and he is always happy and healthy. I think it’s his way of telling me he’s okay and also guiding me through tough times. I treasure these moments as he was definitely taken from us way too soon.

  27. I Dreamt of my baby brother who passed away at the age of 38 from diabetes & Sadly A Grave Marker is still needed at his gravesite.
    In my dream, my baby brother is a youngen in a diaper, smiling up at me, sitting on wet soil in a planter,
    picking at the single red petal.

  28. Last night I dreamt of my ex-husband who died in 2006. I hadn’t seen him in 40 years & we’d had a difficult relationship. He was abusive. In my dream he’d aged as he might look now. I had no animosity toward him, which I don’t have. The other in the dream, all strangers, told me they liked me but couldn’t invite me anywhere if he came to. I didn’t defend him, merely told them he & I had had a difficult relationship. Any idea what the dream means? Thanks

  29. My ex dad comited suicide. From time to time I dream I am in the home he did it and I see him he never talks just there but I always dream of seeing him and my ex but I know he’s dead but in the dream he’s alive is so weird he never tells me nothing just there. I have always wonder what does it mean. He passed away 15 years ago and yet till this day I still have dreams of him.

  30. I normally have visitation dreams from my grandparents who have passed but last night it was of a young woman who I grew up with and who took her own life (highly speculated). I haven’t seen this girl in a few years, and I was sad when I heard she was no longer in this physical world. She has a small child that she left behind that made me even more upset with her leaving. She had a lot of demons in her physical life and her husband passed away a few months before. In my dream I saw her jogging and looking very happy and fully of light. I stopped her and immediately hugged her. In my mind I knew she was dead and I wanted so much to ask her about her son. She looked so happy I didn’t want to cause any sadness to her. That’s all I remember so I’m not sure if it was a visitation dream or just a dream.

  31. I recently had a dream I’m trying to understand about a very close friend that passed away. In my dream I sent her a text asking if she was home where she responded Yes so I asked if I could come come over and visit where she also said yeah come over. I immediately woke up and I started to get up to get ready to go over her house when I remembered how can I go see her I’m in Florida and she’s in New York. Then it suddenly also hit me she’s no longer with is. I’m so confused why I was so ready to go to her house and why it took so long to realize I couldn’t just walk over and visit her anymore. If anyone has any insight into this for me I would greatly appreciate it.

  32. I had a dream of my father after 2 weeks he died. I was just so flushed up with my emotions i was crying and telling him how much i loved him, how much I missed him and how sorry i am that i could not even say him a goodbye. He was continuously saying “i know” and “don’t be sorry”. And we were hugging. I’m in tears right now again.

  33. My grandpa passed away in August, 2020. I was 16 years old at the time. I never got to say goodbye to him. I could tell he was getting worse and worse. I was painting my room to cope with the pain that my grandpa might die, then I got the news he had passed. My cousin was 3 years old at the time, so he never understood what was happening. when I would babysit him, he would tell me, “grandpa went into the hospital and never came home, is he Okay?”, I would hold back tears and hug my cousin and tell him, he is in a better place now. I never had him show up in anything until I started taking medication for my shoulder after a go-kart crash I was in. in my dream, I would be sitting down at this bench that I have never seen before, and he would be walking up to me and he would laugh and tell me “tell your mom i said hi, and tell grandma that I love her”, I would break down crying in my dream, and wake up to my face wet from crying. This has gone on for a week now of him telling me this. sometimes when I am babysitting my cousin, I would hear him laugh and he would tell me that grandpa made a joke about my car. (I drive a 2005 Subaru legacy with a turbo engine) My cousin (who had never bin in it when It was running or moving) said “grandpa said you never wanted a Subaru, but you have a car that goes so fast like lighting McQueen”, I told him that he has never ridden in the car, and that grandpa has never seen my car, and he told me that grandpa drove him in it. I know that I have had other experiences when I was little talking to dead people, and it stopped after my dads girlfriend died in a car crash. I though i was going through a faze, or that I was crazy. But seeing my grandpa with him laughing and smelling like cigarettes, telling me to tell my mom hi, and tell grandma he loves her, makes me think he wants to stay and watch us grow up. I do miss my grandpa, everyday. I just wish I got to say goodbye to him.

  34. My mother passed away in 1993 from cancer. I don’t believe she was ready to leave this earth, however she woke up one morning and was hurting and we took her to the hospital, where she passed away about 24 hours later. I was extremely sad and depressed, and I would dream of her almost every night, however she would never speak to me. She would just be laying in the bed, staring at me. She was 75 at the time of her passing ( looked pretty old, due to the cancer, weighing only 75, plus being a heavy smoker from the time she was about -14). This went on for approximately 6 months. Then one night she appeared in a ( Dream), she looked about so much younger, had make-up on and she had a cloud surrounding her/in the middle of it. She said to me, “ Sheila, don’t worry anymore”, I asked her then “ But Mom, are you happy@. She replied “ Yes, I am very Happy now”. I woke up, however it didn’t seem like I was sleeping, so I am convinced that she did indeed visit me, to help me and herself with what we both needed. I have not dreamed of her bad or good since around October/November 1993.
    Now, since my husband left this earth , so unexpectedly going on 3 years, at the end of this month, I have dreamed of him, hugging me, a couple of times, plus receiving so many, many signs, appearing on there own, as well: when I have asked for a specific sign, it appeared!!
    However, in my dreams, he didn’t say anything, the touches, the hugs were so real, but I would love to hear his voice.

  35. I’ve had several one was one of someone I didn’t know but she was supposedly a aunt of my husband’s we were going to visit in my dream. When we got there and walked in she told me you are the one I’ve been waiting for and gave me a huge hug to where I felt as we floated off the floor and it made me feel real happy like the happiest I had ever been in my life. Let me add at this time I was very sick in pain going through depression do to my illness and pain. When she hugged me all of that went away for that moment and she said u don’t know me but I’m ur spirit guide you’ll get through this.

  36. Please can anyone help me understand what this means I’ve just lost a very dear friend and on the night I found out I went to sleep woke up thinking that dream was real. In the dream my friend walks in laughing me joking like he always was and saying it’s only a joke I’m not really dead we were just winding you up. That’s all I can remember then I woke up what can this mean

  37. Ok so kind of freaked out rn. I’ll start by saying I’ve had visitation dreams since very young my father passed when I was a baby and my mom would tell me id wake up in the morning and tell her about dates and things that her and my dad did together that she had never told me about things I couldn’t have known except from him telling me in my dreams. Throughout my life I’ve been visited by my father many times dreaming and not dreaming. There’s been times I feel his presence beside me and can physically feel his hand grab my hand or touch my shoulder irl. I had a dream a few years ago I was at one of my family members funeral and I knew that someone’s brother had died but everyone was upset and crying I didn’t want to ask who’s brother it was because I knew it wasn’t my brother. A few months later my cousin died he had two siblings ie he was the brother who had died. After his death irl he had visited me in my dreams twice. The first time was about 6months after his death and I was at a house looking through old pictures laughing with my mom sister and brother and his mom dad brother and sister were out looking for him trying to bring him home with us. He walked into the door of the house with all this light surrounding him with the biggest smile I ever saw and he said to me “tell them to stop looking for me. I’m okay. I’m happy. Tell them not to worry” and he truly seemed happy and at peace. The second time was this week it was another family gathering like a family reunion and he came in and everybody was happy because they missed him and he came straight to me again and he hugged me so tight he lift me up and spun me around. When I woke up I still felt the squeeze of that hug. It made me feel safe. So I say that to say I had a premonition of his death and his death was very tragic and sudden he wasn’t sick he drove his car at a really high speed into parked cars and died. I personally believe it to be suicide but it wasn’t officially ruled that. So I had a premonition of his death and I was visited after his death. Tonight I had a dream it started off weird I had a baby (which I don’t currently have any children) and I was in a house with my brother and we were tryin to lock all the doors because people were trying to get in to kill us and I was trying to protect my baby. Then all of a sudden someone told me my mother died and in a blink I was at my moms funeral and I didn’t see her but I knew she was dead and everyone was sad and random people from my past were with me comforting me. I recently irl had a conversation with her about her helping me pay my medical bill and in the dream I remembered that I still need to pay that bill and that she had told me to use her medical card and I started crying because she was supposed to give it to me and now she’s gone and I knew I couldn’t bring myself to find the card myself. It was extremely weird and I’m scared because of the premonition that came true about my cousin. Like I don’t want my mom to die it’s very scary to me. And the fact that I had that part about the medical card made it kind of real because that’s something that is in real life. Idk I’m just scared and it’s 4:00am I don’t want to call her and freak her out so I started googling and found this page so I’m deciding to comment this in hopes someone can help me to understand this?? Has any one had visitations and premonition dreams?

  38. My best friend, whom I equate to a sister, passed away a year ago this April 27th. She had metastatic breast cancer. I miss the hell out of her and think of her every single day in one capacity or another. I have had several dreams about her over the past year where we are talking, she is happy go lucky, healthy, and talks like nothing is strange about this. Last night I had dreamt that she and I were talking on the phone. Once again like nothing was strange about it. I asked her, like I do in every dream, how we are talking since she is dead. She said, I don’t know and then changes the subject. I read in this post characteristics of a visitation dream. One of the characteristics was that the dream would be vivid and detailed. The conversation I had with her felt very real, but I don’t remember what the conversation was about, or really anything else in the dream. Is this still a visitation dream? Even if it wasn’t a true visitation dream, I strongly believe she was trying to communicate with me.

  39. I had a dream last night and my mom visited me. She said “I wanted to say congratulations.” I am 5 months pregnant. She appeared in front of me in the driveway of our old home. She looked just as I remember her and it felt real. The more I wanted to hang onto that moment, she started to fade.

  40. I had the strangest dream about my dad, he passed away 40 years ago this year…I was in a place I didn’t recognize, when I looked up my dad was standing at a counter, I remember being really surprised and at first I didn’t believe my eyes, I thought this is just someone that looks like my dad. I got up and said, “Daddy is that really you?” I walked around the counter and hugged him. I told him I would call my brother and sister, he went and sat down on the patio, surrounded by trees…suddenly there were biting flies

  41. Reading these comments has confirmed that my beautiful mum who passed on 29th june 2018 visited me in my dream. In the dream I was in her home and I kept saying to myself that I’m aware I’m dreaming, a few of my family members were just sitting about not seeming to acknowledge me but then my mum walked in and she looked radiant and healthy, I started to cry and she just held me tight and said it ok love, let it all out, we were then sitting having a conversation and she began to cry and said said I didnt think I was going to make it but I did and she was smiling, she said she was ok and then I felt the sensation of waking up and I told her mammy I’m waking up now and she smiled and said I love you. When I woke up it didnt feel like I had been asleep it felt like I had just closed my eyes , I was fully aware the whole time. I needed that to happen as I myself questioned where she was and if she was scared. Thank you for these experiences you have all shared.

  42. Someone that I was very close with passed away just a few weeks ago from cancer and I’ve already seen her in my dream twice but the problem was it was very bad.*backstory*: after she died me and my father had been renovating her house that she left us and we changed up a lot of stuff* so in the dream we were at her house and she walked in with a few people and she began crying and yelling at my dad saying “I can’t believe you ruined my house”and then she walked out of the room and went outside crying she then came back in when me and my dad were in the kitchen and then went into her closet and she started crying once again screaming” where is all my clothes, what do you do to all my stuff” and then she came back out and when I looked at her eyes, it was blank white and then my dad was trying to comfort her but then she started saying “bad energy, bad energy” she then walked up to me and touched me and started saying “good energy” and then my body started burning and everything when white and then I woke up. The second dream happened about a week later. We were all sitting in her house and she was there too and then I went to give her a hug and she started screaming “DONT DO THAT” and then she got up and ran into the other room crying and yelling and she was wearing a bright purple sweater, if that means anything. But after she ran away my dad told me to go to the car and she didn’t see me. So basically what I noticed from these dreams if that it’s almost like shes scared of us and she wasn’t happy with us for some reason although before she passed we all had a great relationship and there was no problems. And also she passed away in the same house all these dreams took place in

  43. I had a visitation dream from my best friend she died 11/03/2020 and I do not know the actual cause of her death because I never got to see her before her death due to her parents not wanting me around her and not having me at her funderal. On 02/03/2021 she comes and visits me in my dream. She looks younger and beautiful but is upset or more like her face looks tense n in pain. We meet at my college outside the gym area and whe she was alive we would always go to her college gym. I ask her in my dream what’s wrong she is not telling me so I keep asking her and then she tells me that she wants to spit. I’m thinking in my head in my dream that she wants to throw up. She holds on to my arm and I can never forget that touch . I work her to the side and she is struggling to spit so we sit down as I’m holding on her. She is in so much pain to just spit, I’m looking straight at her face, listening to the sound of her haveing such a painful time to spit. Then she does spit and its something red that she spits out. I keep looking at her red blood looking like spit but I know in my dream it’s not blood. I can’t tell exactly what it could be. I keep looking at the red stuff on the stone ground and then I look at my best friend and she looks relieved. I help her get up, I’m holding her hand and we start walking away and that’s all my dream was about. She did not say anything to me besides the fact she wants to spit

  44. Ok so how would I interpret a full conversation with a person I wasn’t super close with but knew in grade school who died almost 10 years ago. We talked as if we were catching up on the now. She hasn’t crossed my mind in a long time, nothing made me think of her the day before my dream. Honestly I couldn’t even remember her last name. I don’t ever dream or remember my dreams. I was sick and in bed for 5 days pretty much sleeping it off and this is the only dream I had.

  45. My dad passed away July 2020 and i dream of him often. The first dream i had was after his funeral and we were driving around in a car. It was me, him and my brother. The car was filled with so much laughter and love. He was telling me everything is ok. I don’t remember the rest of the conversation but i know he was at peace. My recent dreams of him I’d be flying in the Sky and can hear him yelling my name. I had one dream where i was in what felt like a falling elevator but i couldn’t move and was struggling to breath. I could hear him yelling my name and telling me i had to get up. I heard my husband and my children (who are alive) calling for me to wakeup. I knew it was a dream, but i didn’t want to wakeup. I thought if i stayed there i would cross over and be with my dad. It was my daughters crying outside of the dream that woke me out of that dream. Then tonight i dreamt of my and i in the clouds. He hugged me so tight and i felt it in my physical presence. It warmed me all over. Then i watched him being dragged away in the clouds as if he was being punished for hugging me or reaching out to me. What can this all mean?

  46. i’ve had three dreams about my best friend who committed suicide a little over two months ago. my first one was the night before his funeral & it was like we were in the clouds. we had a nsfw conversation but it made me laugh when i woke up. the second dream i had, i was sitting on the floor talking to a group of friends. out of nowhere, he walked in & was staring down at me and it was like every other noise was silenced, like it was just me and him. i told him that i love him & that i wish i could hug him. he agreed. last night’s dream was different though. i was sitting on the floor alone (i find the sitting down part weird) when he walked into the room, like it was normal. we just stared at each other, and he looked confused. he began walking out of the room when i told him “we need to talk” to which he nodded, and then i told him i love him and he told me that he loves me too. he came back into the room & i asked “do you know you’re dead?” and he just stared at me. i don’t remember much of the conversation as well as i did this morning but i remember crying with him. the dream continued. we danced, and sang, and laughed. we were so happy. i was okay waking up this morning knowing that he was doing well.

  47. So my mom passed away on April 18, 2012. I have these dreams of her being healthy as can be but in my dreams it’s like the timing is now but she’s still alive in my dreams. She has never met my son because she passed before he was born she had never met my now wife but in my dreams everybody is in it! My mom, my kids (all 3 including my son) my wife… I don’t understand these dreams but the most recent one my mom and I were somewhere I think in a parking lot at a store, not sure where but there was a bad guy and he was pointing a gun at us and I instantly woke up as he was pointing the gun at us and never continues that dream. That was the only scary dream I had with my mom in it but other dreams I had were all good like doing fun activities like we used to when she was here.

  48. I have recently lost a close friend, she had passed away at a young age from cancer and it affected all of the girls and myself very much. It has been 7 weeks since she had passed and last night I had a dream about her. I dreamt that I was sat on a sofa with her and one of our other close friends, in the dream I can remember how I started to cry when I saw her and told her how much I love and miss her and I kept apologising for crying because I didn’t want to make het upset, however she kept smiling at myself and telling me that everything was alright and that she knows how much we miss her and she misses and loves us as well. I can remember feeling so happy but could not stop crying in the dream it felt so real as if I was actually talking to her and telling her how much we miss her. I then woke up and felt this wave of love over myself and started to cry because I really believe she came to see myself in my dream to ensure I knew she knows how much we love and miss her and she feels the same way however is at peace. This made me feel so happy and content.

  49. My best friend my other half my my world he committed suicide and b4 I even knew what happend and what he did to himself I was in jail I had a dream there was this guy I likeed him alot we sat there held hands was watching t.v he gave me a hug and a 💋 and said imma die soon then a couple hours later I was told to call my mom then I heard the news he was creamated his ashes are in his mom’s living room which I didnt know until I asked his mom where his ashes were only because every time I dream about him. Its in his mom’s living room. And after his funeral I had another dream about him we were in his mom’s living room he kissed me down my neck and said ive missed you I gave him a hug and without saying it I said I love you no words needed to be said cus the feeling was so strong and there then I thanked God he whispered in my ear and said try not to forget about me then I woke up ballin in just know for all of us to have dreams like this there is life after death I believe I’m grateful to know he’s always with me and his family and kids faith goes along way bless u all

  50. I had a dream about a friend that had passed a year prior. In my real life, I was considering going on a date with someone I really didn’t know. In my dream, the phone rang and it was my deceased friend in A happy voice saying hi to me. It freaked me out so I hung up, since I knew she was dead ( how can she be calling me). She called again and I hung up the 2nd time. Then I looked down at the caller ID box and it had one word “rapist “. I was very emotional when I woke up. I realized she was warning me that the man I was contemplating datingi was a rapist. I turned him down, never dated him. Months later I found out he was a “date raper”. I was always grateful that my deceased friend was still looking out for me. 💘

  51. I had a dream that my grandpa visit me 2 times my favorite place to talk to him was on the porch of the house I lived in he was the only person I could talk to and tell him whts wrong he was like a father that I once never had so on this first dream I was standing outside the house and I seen my grandpa on the porch on his chair that he use to sit in and holding his favorite drink he was trying to communicate with me but I couldn’t understand him and the 2nd dream is where he look healthy and happy he was smiling and he was there talking to me I couldn’t understand why

  52. I had a dream a few months after my father unexpectedly passed away. I was at his house and I was cleaning the bathroom and he walk into the room and I hit my knees. I said how are you here? You passed away. And my dad laughed hysterically and said oh man you should see your face. He thought it was so funny. And I said but why are you here and he said I just wanted to tell you that I’m okay and I’m happy. And at that moment my husband woke me up. After then I would have several dreams of him for months but he was always someone in the crowd that I would see. Almost like he was telling me he was with me everywhere i go.

  53. I had a dream once that I was running with a crowd through my old high school and as I was running, I turned my head and saw my grandfather down the hall, standing, healthy (he passed having an amputated leg and was in a wheelchair) holding a door open as if he was a teacher waiting for the kids to enter and was just smiling at me. I walked up to him so perplexed as to why he was there and alive and no words were exchanged but I felt him so clearly and I remembered that dream so clearly when I woke up it felt like it really happened. I’ve also had another dream of him where I was in my place of work (a hospital) and I was talking to a nurse and had the urge to turn around and he was siting there in the doorway of a room in his wheelchair just looking at me with a warm expression and I immediately started balling and freaking out wondering how he was there. I asked him how as I was crying and I woke up and felt his energy over me, again, like it was so real.

  54. I had a bad feeling about my wife when i noticed she had lots of excuses which seemed like a lot of lies so i needed to clear my doubt because she used passwords on all of her devices Spymasterpro3x provided me access all of her devices remotely, and the good thing is her phone still functioned normal so i saw all of her conversations, spymasterpro3x Gmail is the most legitimate hacker you should write the gmail contact correctly.

  55. I have recently lost the love of my life. Everything happened so fast my Henry had a rough life since he young. He turned to drugs and lastly alcohol to mask the hurt and pain he was feeling emotionally. He always managed to smile no matter what but many weren’t aware of the pain he was going through behind all the smiles and laughter or the demons he was hiding. We had known each other from the past and had reconnected years down the line. We started by talking and built up the friendship again before it become something more. When we entered into a relationship Henry said he fell in love with me instantly. I helped him work though all his demons and face a lot of the pain and hurt he had a hard time facing. He decided he no longer needed to drink and started looking forward to a better future with me in it. He dedicated the song “Tennessee Whiskey” to me which means a lot. Well months later he died, all the drinking and abuse he put his body through had finally caught up to him. Since I haven’t been the same and have been going though a really rough time. I been upset because I didn’t feel him or felt I was getting any signs from him letting me know he is ok. Then two months after his passing I finally had a dream of him. In my dream Henry was sitting down as I was standing talking to me. I’m not sure if we were in a restaurant or some sort of hotel setting but there were people around and you could clearly see the ocean in the background which leads me to believe we were by the beach. Any how he told me “you are going to live with me when I say” and of course I was excited and replied ” Yeah I am where are we going to go?” and he said ” by the beach” I woke up right after that and was happy and content and felt a warm feeling. Anyhow it’s been bothering me because I’m not sure what the message was or what he is trying to tell me. Just wondering if anyone might have any thoughts?

  56. I had a dream last night about my sister who passed 7 years ago. We were talking, but I can’t remember anything that was said? However, she produced a necklace in my dream, which was the EXACT necklace she gave all her female siblings on her wedding day. Is this a visitation dream?

  57. Had a dream of my grandmother who passed almost 6 years ago. It felt very real. The setting was a similar layout of her house, but not quite the same. In the dream, my family was mourning the passing of my grandfather. I saw his body earlier in the dream. My grandmother had already passed (which happened the other way around in real life). I remember thinking “They are both gone now” with sadness but acceptance, as both were in their mid 90’s. I was morosely wondering through the house and went into their bedroom. I was standing there and took in all the details of the room. All of a sudden my Grandma came into the room and walked straight to the door leading outside. Just like she would have done in real life; Walking like she was in the middle of a task. She was wearing clothes she’d wear to do house work and her hair was tidy but not ‘fixed up’. She looked comfortable, yet busy. A normal behavior. I felt my mind become aware of the dream and consciously realized “wait, she isn’t alive.. how is she here”. I don’t know how to explain the feeling of realizing I was in a dream..Its like a shift. In the dream, I just stood there and watched. My grandma opened the door and paused, looking at me. She offered no words, but gave a small and warm smile. She continued her trek outside and I could see her silhouette outside the window. Suddenly, it disappeared and a strong wind came through the window. It was a comfortable yet cool wind that almost made me step back. I felt the wind go through and around me, ruffling my clothes and hair. I think my arms were spread out. I felt enveloped in love, peace and wonder; almost like being elated. The dream suddenly ended but I don’t think I woke up right away. When I did wake, I still felt the same way the wind made me feel. I’ll always wonder if this was a visitation dream.

    1. I had a similar visitation dream:
      March 5, 2022 at 2:56 pm
      I had a visitation dream this week about my sister, Jill, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on January 24, 2022: I was sitting up in bed and a wind began blowing steadily in my face. I was surprised by it because I was inside the house looking out the windows in front of me. Then Jill said, “Hi Linda, it’s me.” I smiled, I could feel myself physically smiling, and I raised my arms in the wind, my clothes flapping. Then she was gone.
      Since then, I have felt lighter and more clear-headed than I had since her passing. Life is short.

  58. My fiancé died almost 8 years ago I’m February. I had a dream he spoke to me for the first time. He looked sad almost. And in my dream I felt he was sad because I am married now. But in my dream he held me and loved on me like he always did. I even smelt his smell, which I haven’t smelled in years. He told me he loved me. I think he was just worried maybe. He gave me this face that he used to when he was sad. And I just remember running up to him and saying I love you so much and he hugged me then was gone. Wish I knew what it was. I miss him a lot. He was the most amazing sweet man.

  59. I have a question so I don’t think my best friend has passed on I think she is trying to visit me but I have a block up because I’m trying so hard to reach her and when I say best friend I mean we knew each other for 15 years I know she is waiting for me

  60. For years. My grandma always let me dream that she is hungry whenever it’s close to her death anniversary. When she was alive she is the one thought me that when we dream of someone who are already dead they are asking for prayers.

    My mother came to my dream the day after she died. I know she was her because she was wearing the winter coat I bought for. In the dreams she appears to scouting snow by hand and she lift her heads up her face was smiling but then transform into an ugly man with pointy ears like horn. I know then she needs lots of prayers.

    Last night I dream of my godfather who died several years ago. He is trying to show me something what to do with a white thread, like the kids can telephone back then. Then, I was awaken with a pain in my ears but then went away. What are those dreams mean.

  61. Hi, I am from Indonesia … So, I had this dream about 2-3 weeks ago. I saw my grandfather … He past away 3 years ago. When I saw him, we were like, sitting on the clouds and I didn’t even say a word … But he said my name, which is Maureen … He seemed so happy up there, given the thought that he didn’t say anything … But, knowing he is happy there, I feel alright … Love you Gramps … 🤗😉

  62. My mom died in July 2019, 3 weeks after I moved house. We knew she was dying and she came home to die, the day before I moved house. She wanted to come and see the new house but once home, deteriorated and was unable to leave her own home ever again.
    A few weeks after she died, I had a dream. I was standing at the front window and I saw my parents walking along the street towards my house, arm in arm.
    My mom looked well and happy and had a big smile on her face. Her eyes shone and her skin glowed. She had make up on and looked vibrant.
    I thought ‘she’s here, she made it to my new house after all – I knew she would!’
    I smiled back at her and waved a small wave and as she reached the gate of my front garden, I knew that she couldn’t come in because although she was very much there in front of me, something told me that that was it.
    She had come to tell me that she was happy. I now knew deep down that she had passed through to heaven and she was here to let me know.
    So I turned away from the window, knowing it was the final goodbye. I knew that when I turned to look again she’d no longer be there. She wanted me to turn away because her task had been completed. She knew that and I knew that. I felt ok; not sad but happy that she was happy.
    I woke up the next morning and felt so much better. My mom had truly passed on and I was fine and she knows where I am and she kept her promise of coming to see my new house, even if we both knew she didn’t get to come inside. She didn’t need to.

  63. My dad passed away a couple weeks ago. He had Parkinson’s and the onset of dementia. He fought long and hard and my Mom and I were with him when he passed. He was unresponsive at the time but I told him how much I loved him and appreciated him and how great of a Dad he’s been to me. I was expecting to dream of him that night and was joking with my friend that I was lowkey offended he didn’t visit me sooner because at this point it had been two weeks. I had a dream I was in such despair and sadness in my old room. There is was no furniture in this room which makes sense because that’s how I remember seeing my room when we moved a year ago. It was completely empty. All of a sudden my bedroom door swung open and my Dad came bursting through the door in all white, healthy, radiating a white light, younger, and happy. He said “Hey!! Lella!!!” Because that’s my nickname. His voice was clear as day and it’s exactly how I remembered it before he lost his speech. I was conscious at this point that this was special and meant something because I knew my dad had passed in my dream. I ran up to him and screamed “Daddy!!!” And started crying and I gave him the biggest hug. He said “Hi sweetheart” and then I woke up. I know he’s healthy now and happy and that gave me so much peace.

  64. When I was probably 13/14 I had a dream about my grandma who died when I was 6. I was at her house, remembering every little detail about the house. I hugged her and said I love you, happy birthday grandma. This was a short dream, I don’t remember many other details since its been over 10 years since I had it.

    I was in the car with my mom a couple of days later, and I randomly asked, when is grandma’s birthday? She told me the date, and it was the exact date I had that dream. My mom was freaked out, she thought it was really weird considering I have never known when my grandma’s birthday was, not even subconsciously.

  65. My neighbour died two weeks ago and I had been very close to him. He had treated me as if I were his own son and we did many DIY jobs together for the last 14 years.

    Last night I was asleep and I had a dream where I was in a fully furnished room, where it was like his living room in his house, although it wasn’t his house. It was more like a representation and it had a large organ that I was playing with.
    He came in the room and said, “I’m not really dead, you know.” And he smiled at me. “I am happy now” He continued to say and then walked out of the room.

    I was so upset since he had died and had been asking for a visitation from my neighbour to show that he was alright and I am now convinced more than ever that there is life after death.

  66. My husband and I had a good friend pass away abt 4 years ago. He was never married and was a complete sweetheart. He passed in his home alone and was there for a few days before found in his recliner.
    Anyway hubby mentioned to me this morning that he had a very vivid dream of Bill-they were in a basement where there was a dead person. Hubby said he woke up from this dream a few time to only be back in the same place with Bill. We aren’t close with Bills adoptive family so we never found out his actual cause of death.

  67. My sister passed away in 2016 of breast cancer overseas. I have to bring her remains to our country and take care of her funeral. She mentioned in her will that she wish to be cremated. However, I cannot fulfill her wish as our place (entire province) don’t have cremation. I keep thinking whether she is happy with her funeral.

    Months after her funeral, she visited me in my dream. I was in this big house looking for my things that a naughty little girl keep hiding. I was very angry that I said to myself that when I caught this little girl I will spank her. Then someone called me and told me that I have a visitor outside the house. Its my sister and she looks alive and healthy and the whole thing looks and feels real. She told me that she is happy of my decision about her funeral else she won’t be seeing me now. She invited me to go some place. I told her I can’t as I need to find my things and I told her about the naughty little girl who keep hiding my things. She told me not to worry about those things as there are plenty of it to where we are going.

    We ride a bus and I saw the little girl with a woman (or couple – I can’t remember clearly) sitting in a bench in a park. I can’t see the woman’s face – I can only see her back. Then the little girl saw us in the bus and start chasing the bus. Concerned, I ask my sister if we should bring the little girl to where we are going. She replied not to worry about the little girl because there are people who will take care of her and she is not required to where we are going.

    I notice that the bus is full but I don’t know all the passengers. My sister and I are in the front seat. I asked my sister where we are going. She replied we are going to Church. I told her if I know earlier I will not go as I hate gong to Church. Then I start having difficulty breathing. I woke up sweating and breathing heavily.

  68. Hello ,my father died in 2005 ,but I had a dream about him,i visited him to his place and conplained to him about how am suffering and he did not leave me anything ,(he was very rich),so he showed me a tree in our compound and told he had put there some of his riches but he died without telling anyone?…then i woke up …. what’s the meaning of the dream ,is it a release or a visitation dream?.

  69. Can someone explain the meaning of the conversation I had with my friend?
    I dreamt of a childhood friend who died I think more than 5 years ago. The very same friend I played Pokemon with when I was im grade school. He’s older and kind of on feminine side. We had the same religion, that’s why we became friends despite not being schoolmates. But later on, after we became young adults, we haven’t talked much and moved on with our lives. So there’s no way I would think about him these days. Yet on my dream, it’s quite vivid enough for me to search the cause and the meaning of it. He was at the corner and smiled at me. I was shocked, (probably because I knew we’re not close anymore) for him to greet me with a smile, yet to my surprise I approached him and even asked “Hey! How are you? Are you okay?” And he answered me: “Oh, I’m fine! Just getting older.” with a smile. And I touched his hair and agreed with a small laugh and said “yes, I can see this gray hair of yours.” and we laughed. That’s when I probably realized, wait this guy has been dead for years and we are not even this close anymore so I immediately forced myself to wake up.

    Does this mean visitation given the time frame? It’s not normal for me to do smalk talks like asking how are you. I usually just nod to or smile at people I knew. I hate being held up with small talks and pleasantries as I considered myself being an introvert.

    So what does his I am fine means?

  70. My biological mother passed away in January 2020 and I couldn’t see her during her last hours when she was in the hospital. When the dead body was taken home for rituals, I stayed with her all the time when she was home. The next day we did the rituals.
    Since then, it’s October 2020 and I see her in my dreams very often. I remember I saw her, she was hugging me and telling me that I am back and I won’t go again and I was happy. I was sitting with my family in the dream and we were talking about her. The moment I looked away from her, she was gone and I woke up and realised it was a dream. Everytime when I think of her, I see her the next day in my dream, talking to me and I see her happy, the way she use to dress is the same. I actually feel loved seeing her in my dreams. Two months back, in india there is a ritual called “Shradh” , it is done for the betterment of the dead person. So we did that and it is said that once we do the shradh of a particular person, the soul of the person goes directly to heaven and doesn’t connect with the anyone in the dreams too.
    That month I didn’t see her. A day back, I was thinking about her that I haven’t seen her since long in my dream, and, yesterday itself I see her talking to me about things( which I don’t remember). In the same dream, I saw myself crying for her and telling everyone in my family that I saw her and I can’t see her now. In the dream itself, I could see the glimpse of her as if she is playing hide and seek and in the whole dream I was crying.
    The moment I woke up, I googled and got through this post. I am literally grateful that I can still connect with her in my dream.

  71. I know I have had a couple visitation dreams. My first one was in the beginning of December 2016. I can remember very vividly there was a knock at my door and when I opened it, it was my Dear Sweet Momma. My Momma was my best friend and she passed in May of 2004. My Momma just opened her arms and I fell into them crying uncontrollably. That dream bothered me for days. I couldn’t understand it at all. Was it because I’ve missed her? On Dec 15, 2016 my heart broke😥 My 22 yr old son unexpectedly passed away. I believe my Momma came to do what Momma’s do, take care of their babies❤😥
    The 2nd time was this year I was having a hard time. I asked Josh for a sign from him that he is still here with me. I know he passed over but I needed to know he is happy and still around. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking that my husband was holding me but I heard him in the living room. I was definitely being held in arms so gentle and comforting that either Josh or God helped calm me. It’s these moments that help keep my sanity some times.

  72. I had a dream where I was at a wedding, then when it was over, my family and I were wondering where we should go as we had no plans after. so we got to some sort of campsite and my entire family was sitting in a circle on camping chairs. I left my seat and by the door I see my uncle who passed away. He starts showing me these sun glasses and he says “Wow, look at these glasses! they almost look like they could be from the year 2020!”. I was so confused because I was wondering why he came back from ‘the dead’ so I hurried to go tell my sister, but my was gone.

  73. I had a brief dream of someone saying mama, mama and I woke and saw a thin shining light a on my closet door. The light was there for a few seconds then disappeared. My adult daughter died six months ago. Could this have been her reaching out to me?

  74. I had a visitation from my dad I was in our childhood house where we grew up and I was looking in the mirror we use to have hanging on the living room wall, as I was looking in the mirror he stepped behind me and spoke asking how i was and how my mum is and to make sure we look after her, then he was gone. When I woke it felt very real a proper visitation which made me feel very happy. I also have many dreams of deceased ever since I was a little girl.

  75. Wel I’m not sure to say
    that may mother has past away or not coz haven’t find a body or a anything else since she disappeared a few years ago in our small town. But when I usually get dreams of her I dream she is dead, once of drowning and the other time of jumping of building…most recent it’s always drowning don’t know how to go about it

  76. I lost my mum in July this year, We were very very close and she used to tell me when I was younger that she would contact me when she passed, as we have always believed this is possible.
    I’ve only had one dream with her but would like to know if it’s a visitation dream or not.
    In my dream I was sitting in a chair beside my twin sister, but she wasn’t focused on Mum like I was.
    My mum was in front of me, holding my hand in both of hers, so calm and peaceful, with a soft smile. She wasn’t saying anything but I was hysterical about losing her and no one else was reacting like I was.
    I’d really appreciate feedback on this dream please, losing my Mum is the hardest thing I’ve ever been through and I just don’t think I can feel her here with me like I thought I would.
    My oldest daughter and my Mum had the strongest bond and relationship too.

  77. I just an incredible experience from my deceased Mum, she passed away in April this year. On Sunday night I was home alone and I was making space in the garage and found a basket of Mum’s blouses – they were in pretty good shape, but I don’t really have the time to go looking for second hand shops etc. to take them, so i placed them in the big council bin to go out the next morning. When I put them in the bin I mumbled to Mum that I was sorry and hope she wouldn’t get upset.
    The next day I was talking to my ex-wife who told me she’d had a dream with my Mum in it that night who was texting her messages on her phone telling her that she was upset about her tops! My ex new nothing of what I’d done and thought it was weird my Mum was even using a phone in her dream – imagine when I told her about the subject! Now that’s a real visitation dream.

  78. Hi my Mum passed away on 9th August 2020 so only around 5 weeks ago it’s still very fresh. She suffered for the last year of her life and me and my daughter, her only granddaughter were there for her. We had a very strong bond, she always said 3 generations. Her exit from this world appeared distressing and I constantly spoke out asking her to let me know she was ok. I believe I had a visitation dream last night I was sat in my lounge here at my home. And my front door opened I stood up because I knew my Daughter was upstairs and no one else has a key as only us two live here. As I looked closer I could see the arm of what appeared to be my mums coat that she always wore them I looked and she closed the door and leant back onto it as though she was relieved to be here but extremely tired. As she leant back on the door her head was to one side so I couldn’t see her face full on, when she passed her head was to one side but it was enough for me to know it was her.,I said oh my god Mum it is you and I walked towards her saying please come in and sit down and I put my arms out towards her but as I did that was it I woke up and it was over. When I awoke my heart was racing and I had an eye mask on and was a little scared to take it off as I felt a strange sensation in my room. I definitely feel this was a visitation but I would have liked her to have said she was ok. She looked younger and walked in the door without an aid which she wouldn’t have been able to do before she passed. I know spirits have their own journey when passing and was wondering if she was tired as she is still learning her way on the other side or maybe she was just relieved that she had found her way here? The dream felt so real and I remember it unlike other dreams when you forget. Do you think this was a sign that she is here with us now? X

  79. Just today, I dreamed about a very loved cousin in our family who passed away of cancer at the beginning of this year, and she was sitting down in the table in my house, like we used to, talking with my family members and me watching from the sofa, without really interacting, they all laughed and watched videos, but all of them also seemed aware of her being dead. When the dream was ending, they said it was almost time for her to go, and I burst out crying (in the dream) and told her I didn’t do enough for her, but she just looked at me gently and wiped my tears off. I woke up at that moment, crying. I somehow felt relieved, but my chest hurts a lot!
    I’m glad to know this, thank you so much. I hope to dream about my kitties who passed lately too, I have been wanting to see them again.

  80. A couple of days before my cousin passed
    I was in my room asleep when I heard someone call my name really loud and bang on my room door. I thought it was my mom or sister but when I opened my door no one was there. Today makes 4 months since she’s been gone and she’s been in so many of my dreams. One where she came and told me she faked her death

  81. Last night I had a dream of my late mum who passed away unexpectedly, we were in an old address we lived in, she was there but not in person, I clearly remember I would ask a question Like “mum where is………” and she would answer by blowing curtains in certain directions, things would happen to make me look in certain directions, she was my best friend and I could always talk to her for comfort, advise or just a natter. I woke up feeling amazing like it was real (not in my dream), I’ve been out with my kids and grandson today and I felt like she was hugging me holding me to let me know she’s there, I do believe she’s with me all the time but there are sometimes I feel her warmth so much more stronger x

  82. After 30 years of my brother who I was very close to died he came to me in my dream kind of…I only remember a part of it but it felt like I was floating toward him. He was talking to a girl on my right leaning up against something and I was calling him on my phone but he did not look at me and he did not answer. He instead texted me call me tomorrow. I then replied NO I can’t do that you won’t be here tomorrow. That was it. I have no idea why right now I am getting a dream like this but I can tell you not a day go’s by I do not think of him. I miss him incredibly. I was 10 years old in 1990 when he committed suicide. Our mom was never really a mom to us and he had moved into my grand mom’s house at an early teenager age and then met a girl. He then decided to move out to Colorado to be with her so I then cherished every moment when he came to see me in P.A. I only remember bits and pieces since I was so young. My other brother and sister I do not talk to and they are the only one’s who will know anything. My grand mom died years ago and I never really got to talk to her about my brother ever so I am here stuck not knowing things and always crying.

  83. Lately I’ve been dreaming of everyone I ever that has passed away come into my dreams. It has become more frequently. They are all calming experiences. The one I had recently was a colleague who I asked her what message is she trying to give me. She didn’t have one, so I asked her how she’s doing and her reply was that she’s in the most beautiful place in the world. The room was filled again with many many people, some I have forgotten about, others were people I knew but we’re faceless. We did a lot of laughing and it was then my time to go home. I can still see it even now. What does this interpretation mean?

  84. This was an amazing read and thank you for it. I lost my first love/daughters father in 2009 when he was only 32 years old. He had made a bad mistake and went to prison so at that time I didn’t have much contact with him but I was told he was sick. I had a dream one night and in the dream I walked into my bedroom and he’s sitting at the edge of my bed looking down and very sad. I tried talking to him but as I tried to get closer I woke up. This dream felt so real but I just didn’t think to much about it. So I get a call two days later that he had passed away and I sat on the phone in shock, I said he died today? They said no two nights ago at about 10:30 pm. My mouth few open because around that time is when I had that dream about him. I realized he was coming to say goodbye to me and was obviously sad because we had a deep love for each other and I had his only child which I’m sure he was sad to depart earth from. I’ve also had a few visitation dreams about him where I’ll see him and he looks so good/handsome and healthy and I run and hug him and it gives me chills as I think about it cause when I hug him in my dreams it was really him, the smell, the touch, everything is so vivid and real. After I hug him I tell him I don’t want to let him go and beg him to stay with me. He doesn’t say anything he just smiles at me and looks so good! I wake up happy he visited me but sad I really couldn’t hug him again. I’m happily married and have been for years but he knows he was my first love and that I’ll always love him and I know he feels the same about me! 🙂

  85. I had a dream of my husband who passed away 2 years ago in his sleep. The corner said he died of a massive heart attack . The night when he went to bed he wasn’t feeling well and I asked him to go to the hospital to be seen but he refused. So in my dream I dreamed about him showing up at the door after being in a bad car accident and I was mad at him for not going to the hospital and get checked and the car he had the accident in I was mad at him for wrecking him. He then hugged me and he was sorry and I started crying and woke up. not sure what the meaning is.

  86. My brother was killed in a car accident. He had gotten into trouble and had been released for about two months. Mother’s day weekend he was having a cookout for our mom. Him and two friends left early in the morning for the store. All we know is the car crashed and he was the only one to pass. Less than a week later I had a dream with him. We where in what I could describe as a cloud. He told me he was ok and to let everyone in the family know the same. He told me to stop crying bc he was fine. Big smile and he looked great. A month or so later he was in another dream. This time in my old bedroom at our grandmother’s house. We talked like the first dream.this time I was super excited bc I was talking to him again. He told me that I couldn’t understand what he was. The only way to communicate with me was to manifest himself into what my mind could understand. By doing so he said it took a lot of energy for him to do it. He said sometimes I might see him in a dream but he might not be able to talk. He told me to get something to write with bc he could feel it fading. I grabbed something to write on and with. I turned back to him and he had the biggest smile on his face. Then he was talking to me without talking to me. I asked him a couple questions before he faded. I haven’t seen him in a dream since. Not sure what all that truly means but It was amazing!!

  87. I recently had a dream of a very good friend who passed tragically the same day I gave birth to my son. I walked into her apartment, which was empty, she was standing in the kitchen. She turned and smiled at me. What stands out is she was holding a large bowl in her hands and started to speak to me but I could not hear her voice. I am still trying to understand what could this mean. I feel like it was a visitation but the fact that I could not hear her has me puzzled.

  88. My brother passed away on 20 July 2020, his funeral was on 27 July 2020. He was 63 years old. (He had Covid Pneumonia as well as renal failure and he was in septic shock). On Friday night (31 July) I dreamt about him. I was lying on a couch in a living room (not my living room, nor his). He was sitting on a coffee table opposite me. His hair was brown (as it was when he was a young man) and was neatly combed. He was smiling and looked happy and healthy. He just kept smiling at me. What would this mean? That he is happy and healthy where he is now? My heart is broken, I miss my brother so much. We did not even get so see him whilst he was in hospital nor did we get to say goodbye to him.

  89. I lost a person I loved and grew apart from but still carried love for them. I’ve been dreaming of him almost every day since he’s passed Which is almost 20 days ago. I feel some are just my emotions but others feel like he is visiting me and telling me everything is ok.

  90. I had a beautiful dream about this celebrity that passed away tragically recently. It was a murder but the killers are trying to convince it was a suicide as he was mentally depressed. Which is not true. In India, he was deeply loved by millions. I just had a beautiful evening with him, there was crying, he tried to tell me exactly what happened but he just left it to the happening of God! The thing is I was never really that much into him but in my dream, I was feeling exact moment, exact expression, I was smelling things it was definitely something I can’t forget it was a story. He was so happy. We even hugged. He was wearing black. I knew he was not really alive even in the dream but that only I could see him besides some other people. It was weird but BEAUTIFUL I fell like I was in love. As a matter of fact I wasn’t evening following his work but this dream…. Was one I would never forget ❤

  91. I dreamed of my dad last night. He has been dead 3 years. You say visitation dreams must be good but this wasn’t. We were close and I loved him. He was here. I held his face and looked into his eyes. He wasn’t at peace. He seemed desperate. He was a dead body and he kept trying to go back and lie down in his grave. I kept trying to help him and I would cover him like he was a sick child but he couldn’t stay dead. He was trying to protect me from some people from our past who hurt my daughter. I know he was with me and I have been upset all day. Crying. I woke up at exactly 3.33. Is he in hell? How can I help him?

    1. Hi Steph,
      I’m sorry to hear about your Dad, and dreams like you described in my experience are not true visitation dreams but instead are release dreams concerning your own feelings of grief and loss. Without knowing exactly the details of your situation, a dream like this suggests the pain of past events may be blocking you from being able to fully allow yourself to grieve and move on. Speaking to a grief counselor may be beneficial in this case if the dreams are especially troubling.

  92. I had a dream about my mom and dad about 1 month after my cancer surgery. They were both in a very small form both sitting on my right shoulder. My surgery was on my left side. It was like they told me that I was going to be fine. They both have passed away of different cancers many years before. It was like they were reassuring me that I would be ok. I will always remember this dream. I think that they saw how worried I was and also very fearful.

  93. I have been having consistent dreams of my best friend’s father, who passed away about 7 years ago. At this point in time, my best friend and I only communicate once or twice a year. I had known her and her family for 20 years. Her father was like a second father to me and was with them all of the time. He passed away of cancer and I would visit him once a week and just to see him in that state was horrible. He was such an active, happy man, and to see him go from that to being in a sick state was extremely sad. He has been visiting in my dreams for years! Lately, it has been more consistent. In my visitation dreams, we barely speak, but he appears extremely healthy and happy. Each time I see him in my dreams, I cry and hug him. No words are exchanged, but the emotion is so incredibly real! There is nothing in the dreams that would indicate a sign or a relation to something. Last night, my dad (who is still alive) was in my dream as well and was able to see him and it looked like he had the same emotions I had. They were best friends for years.
    I appreciate each moment that I get in my dreams with him.

  94. Hey so I had a dream last night about my grandad he’s recently passed away coming up to three months now but in my dream he had come back and he spoke to us and said that he hadn’t really passed away he was away working and that it was someone else who’s funeral we had attended what could this mean?

  95. I had a dream back in February that I came home from work and my late grandma, Nan and great Auntie were sat on my couch and they hugged me and told me they were proud of me and everything was going to be okay. I remember every detail of their faces, they even smelt how I remembered, except they didn’t look as they did when they died, they were not sick. I woke up confused as to why they had told me everything was going to be okay because everything was okay. Only not long after the dream I got the news that my mum had cervical cancer. It was very early stages and she had a hysterectomy and she is clear now. She had her smear test in the February and I really believe they had came to me to tell me that my mum was going to be okay. They must have already known. I’m so grateful they came to me, those three women were a massive part of my life and I miss them more and more every day. I wish they would come to me in dreams more often.

  96. My grandmother passed away due to complications from Chemo Therapy for breast cancer in April. Unfortunately she wasn’t allowed to have anyone with her at the hospital and her funeral was limited to 10 people. I was devastated as my grandmother was like a mother to me and I kept begging her to come to me in a dream or show me a sign and for the longest time I was starting to give up hope. its been almost 3 months and this morning I had a dream of her calling me on my cell, she sounded so calm and so peaceful and said she visits me every night at 11:29pm. After that I remember just telling her I love and missed her and that was it. I don’t know what 11:29p is supposed to mean but I’m asleep at that time every night. Just hearing her voice like she was happy and not suffering was amazing.

  97. I most certainly experienced a visitation dream and the reason I needed to search for examples of dreams relating to this subject. I am still recovering from the impact of the dream which took place about two weeks ago. The dream was about an Uncle who was killed in a vehicle crash along with his brother 1952. Both young men were in their early twenties and the one who came to me in the dream was on vacation after surviving his two year stint in the Korean war. In the dream this young man presented himself in the Emergency Ward of an Hospital where I was on duty. He presented with burns to his hand. I recognized him but didn’t tell him that I was his Niece until I was putting the special burns dressing on his hand. I then told the nurses at the Nurses Station that the patient was my Uncle. During our conversation I asked him “Where are you now ?” meaning where did he live. He told me that he was still on “The old Warrior”. That was the end of the dream and as the dream was so vivid I decided to google the names of the British War Ships that were involved in the Korean war while the dream was still fresh and before it faded. However I was totally floored when I found that HMS WARRIOR R31 that was a supply ship and yes it was involved in the Korean war from 1950 to 1952. My Uncle was a Stoker on the ship and the possibility of him sustaining burns were possible. I wouldn’t know as I would have been about four years old when he joined the National Service and was ten years old when he died. I knew nothing what so ever about his Military Service or the names of ships etc., I am just stunned about the reality of the dream and the confirmation of the conversation.

  98. I’m confused about my dream..

    I’ve had visitation dreams of my pets before. I was overjoyed to see them! I woke up feeling refreshed and happy that I saw them and it felt so real.

    Just a few nights ago, I had my first visitation dream of a person who has passed away this year. It was my sister’s best guy friend from highschool. They had always shared a spiritual bond with one another and he loved my sister. However they never dated because he admitted to my mom before he didn’t want to ruin their friendship. 16 years later, he reconnects with my sister with their new lives. They had a few cookouts, but her friend ended up having a horrible addiction to drugs. She confronted him and he stopped using for 2 weeks. The next week he had overdosed. So back to the dream, I had dreamt that my friend was sad. Severely sad, so deep I could feel it radiate off of him. He didn’t want to look at me, and he didn’t say a whole lot to me other than he was Sorry, and that he just wanted somebody to need him. I asked him if he did it on purpose, he just kept saying that he was sorry. I told him that we missed him. And he said I wish I could talk to Lindsey. I was so happy to see him, and was giving him a hug when I woke up.

    Is it possible to have a visitation dream by a troubled soul. I worry about Ben in the afterlife since he didn’t have any spiritual beliefs. I pray he’s at peace, but I’m worried he’s not.

  99. On father’s day this year my mother in law passed away. A few days after her funeral I had my first visitation dream. My wife and I were texting her as she was in the hospital after surgery. We asked if we could visit her before she left but then I woke up. My mother in law died peacefully in her sleep at home.
    Two nights later I dreamt of her again. This time it felt so real! It was my wife and our dog Bruno. My mother in law loved our dog and in the dream she was playing with him. She said she thinks he had to go potty so I let him outside. Once back inside, I sat on my wife’s lap and talked to my mother in law. I asked her “so tell me, how is the afterlife? Is there a heaven or hell like they all say?” She looked younger than before I last saw her, wearing the same outfit I last saw her in. As she took a swig of her Bud Light (the beer she loved) she shook her head and said “no. We actually live on this earth as ourselves when how we died.” She told me how she had met a friend 3 days ago who just recently turned 80 but died when she was 40 and looked as her young self. She then got up form her recliner to change a childs diaper. A little girl I never seen in my life.
    The dream felt so real and I was so happy to see her I woke up instantly after she picked up the little girl to search what this meant. I then found myself in this article writing my own story. After that dream, I fell back asleep and dreamt of our family friend who was like an uncle to me. He had the same look with his black hat faced backwards and a cigarette in his left ear. It was snowing outside and I asked if he needed a jacket because how cold it was. He said “no thank you, it is warm where I am at.” There was also a little boy who looked kind of like him, though a face I never seen and from what I can remember, he never had any children. Yet, he was a dad in my dream. I don’t know what that could mean. A face I never seen though in both dreams? How?

  100. My ex, which was my 1st boyfriend from when I was 16, just passed away 3 days ago & he was shot in the head. I just had a dream with him last night in which I feel was indeed a visitation dream! I had been hoping that he would come to one of my dreams because I’ve been so sad after learning about what had happened to him. In the dream I was in a white room with a long white table & a door that he walked in through. When he came in I told him “I’m so sorry for everything, I love you” then proceeded to hug him, he said “I love you too but, you might not feel the hug I might go through you” indicating I guess that he’s a ghost or something. But in fact I felt his hug, I felt him & it felt so real. I needed that closure because I felt a little guilty that the last few times we saw each other we did not speak, and I was told that he wanted to see me before he passed. I had hoped that one day everything would be cool between us, because he was a big part of my life & everyone knew! But I know that he is with God and he’s resting & I can be at peace knowing that he’s at peace now. RIP Richard C. Dominguez ❤️

  101. Last night I had such an amazing dream. My partner of 16 yrs and love of my life came to me in my dream. I never remember dreams…ever. But I woke to myself crying with sadness only because it ended, not because of the dream.She was happy and so sweet. She told me she only had a few hours and then she would have to leave. I remember her smell, her eyes, her laughter. Her laughter always made me smile. We were getting dressed to go out when she told me she only had a certain time before she would leave and I remember not wanting to go, just sit and watch her. This is the first one I have had and remember it. She died almost 2 years ago and sadly enough, I was not there. We were still friends, but no longer together. I had been married to someone else for 3 months when she died. I have felt I was part of the reason she gave up. She fought copd for years and I think her body was tired.She took my heart when she died and I have battled depression since. Recently divorced, I was just amazed this morning at how happy I felt when I awoke. Waking to her laughter but her gone, it made me feel peaceful. I know she still is right beside me and occasionally I think i feel her near me.

  102. My son died recently I saw him in my dream standing over me in bed I was lying face down and he touch me in my back ,is was frightened so I screamed .I later realize he was probably saying don’t worry.

  103. Last night I had a dream there was a psychic hypnotist and she told me I had to talk to someone and she needed to hypnotize me. I went ahead and let her do it. I closed my eyes and they started to flutter and everything turned white. I heard the voice of my grandfather who passed away 12 years ago. He said to me “Hello, how are you doing?” And I responded saying “Is that you papa?” But we were interrupted by another voice that wasn’t making any sense and then I woke up. I felt very uneasy after awakening and felt as if there was a presence around me. I think my grandfather came to visit me because I haven’t thought about him in a very long time. I also do not remember what his voice sounded like until I heard it in my dream. I was 13 years old when he passed.

  104. I have had dreams of my daughters father quite alot lately and he is always opening his wallet to me.

  105. I’ve just woken from a dream and found your page through a mad google search for meaning.
    A girl I went to high school with passed in an accident shortly after. This was 20 years ago.
    In my dream she was guiding people around my old apartment as a real estate agent not in uniform, as I was moving out.
    Casual clothes, looked her age as she WOULD be now, talked to me (inaudible).
    I asked another old school friend In my dream from school if she’d seen this girl and she confirmed this girl passed. This affirmed I saw her spirit

  106. My best male friend has been gone almost 16yrs in just a few days actually June 2. I’m a strong believer I’m being able to contact the departed especially In dreams. My friend comes to me in my dreams and there so vivid i wake up crying as i miss him so much. I’m sense married and have a son, but everytime I dream of him I’m telling him I love him, he passed when we where 18. We never dated but I did feel a strong connection with him in the living years anyways. On this dream I actually held his hand I felt his hands that is the first time I’ve actually had this happen. Then at the end I watched him vanish as quickly as he had appeared, that’s when i woke up in tears saying I just wish you would stay longer! Im still so sad as his passing was self inflicted and I dont think i ever healed from the news of it. I love and miss and think if him often. It was nice to read the information on all the dream interpretations.

  107. Second dream of my mother…

    Family finally arrived the day before my mother’s rosary with the day after being her funeral. It wasn’t until a few days after all the family had went back home that I had this second dream. Again it was during a afternoon nap that this unusual dream happened.

    I was walking in a dry desert type area. There wasn’t much of anything around to see. I could barley make out something that looked like a collapsed stone bridge off in the distance. To my right not as far away I could see this old abandon brick building. Next to this building I could see my great aunt who had passed away many years sooner, was sitting in a tall chair. She was facing the brick wall but I could see half of her profile. She was very still and calm. As I looked back towards the stone bridge I could make out what started to seem like a blur of vapor. Similar to a mirage. The bridge had collapsed in the middle and was use less to cross. However, from the middle where the vapor was I began to see something starting to form. I looked back at my great aunt, still in that same position and loudly ask, “aunt Maryann, aunt Maryann, where is my mom? Do you know where my mom is? She didn’t budge at all but just kept very still facing that wall. I asked this a few times but nothing came from her. I had kept glancing towards the vapor and with each glance I could make out more and more what was transforming. Finally I realized it was her! It was my mother! She once again was wearing her denim blue dress and she was smiling beautifully! Her arms were already extended outward and by now she was approaching and becoming more and more vivid. Again I never seen her feet or walk but she continued to move towards me. Recalling the first dream I was aware that her hug would vanish right through me. I prepared for this as we were now close enough to embrace. As her hug was around me, I slowest embraced her image. She said to me at this moment, “honey, good by”. I began to weep slightly and went to my knees as this hug was still slowly passing through me. I replied to her, “no mom no, it will never be good by, I will see you again Mimi will see you again! And she was gone. I woke up that moment again crying hard. I knew she wouldn’t ever be bake, I knew she told me good by and she was at peach and on her journey home. I miss her so so much! Everyday! Those words she spoke to me never came from her mouth but I heard them and in her physical voice as I remembers it.

  108. 2002 my mother died unexpectedly. We were very close and this really sank me into a spiral of grief and shock. It waited 7days for family to travel before we had her funeral. The first dream was just before her funeral. Inlaid down to nap and the dream that came to me was the strangest I’d ever experienced.

    Me and my sister were sitting in a non existing area of my mom home. We were packing her books in boxes and there were boxes all around us. Behind me was my mother very large bay window. I stood up and slightly turned towards the window. As I looked through it I seen a figure that resembled my mother. She was wearing her denim blue dress and staying back expressionless just watching us. I began to Wayne my hand to my sister saying,”tree, it’s mom, it mom. Once my mother could seen that I wasn’t fearful of her, she slowly began to move towards us. I never seen her feet, only her movement. As she approached closer she began to smile and bring her arms out in front and to the her sides. I was so excited to see her and so happy she was here. I hadn’t any thought that she had died at this moment. I extended my arms out and open to embrace her with a hug. She soon was right in front of me, her smile was so beautiful. No words were said yet I knew she was ok. As we exchanged hugs I remember being shocked that she was not tangible. I embraced her as she did me but when I should have felt her body, she evaporated right thru me. I woke up instantly crying. I knew it was her. I felt her. She hugged me and had passed thru me that instant. I felt her. She was letting me know she was happy and for me not to worry. Without words I knew this. Second dream next up.

  109. I’m not sure if this was a dream or not. I heard my late husband call out his nickname for me. I woke up immediately to look for him but he wasn’t there. Has anyone got any idea what this means?

  110. I had a dream about someone who I don’t know personally, but I do know they died back in 1986…I was still not born then, but in the dream it felt like we were friends or even lovers maybe in the past life. I don’t know if that means that his ghost visited me the night of the dream or am I just dreaming of him because I’m madly in love? help please, thank you 🙂

  111. I had a dream this morning, of my first love. He had passed away too soon, at a very young age. We had broke up before he had passed away and many things were unanswered. We both had hurt each other and I had moved on another person who is now my fiancé. But he was always special, my childhood love. The dream was so vivid, he was healthy and always smiling in the dream and teasing me like he always used to. We cleared the air between us, discussing everything. It was so peaceful! And then I remember he said you have only 15mins more with me, come let us dance. And true after 15mins I woke up. I am at peace at last!

  112. I once had a special friend who passed away 6 years ago. A month after he passed away, I dreamt of him. We were all nice and sweet. And he told me he’s fine and healthy. But at the end of the dream, I tried to hug him and he then told me that he was already gone. And the sequence has been the same in every dream I have of him. Being happy together then just right before I wake up from the dream, he would tell me/I would realize that he’s already dead. Just like last night, I dreamt of having fun and being happy with him. Then we went home and sat on the porch, watching the sunset. Then he told me that “I am not here anymore”. What does that suppose to mean?

  113. Not sure what type of dream this was but I’d like to believe my sister was really there.

    My sister passed away a week ago but I just found out a few days ago. That very same night I found out I prayed to god for her before bed; then she appeared to me in my dreams to let me know she was okay. She looked like her normal self again (I was proud to see that side of her again ).

  114. I often dream of my Mum who I lost in October 2018 and who was my best friend. I had a particularly vivid dream a couple of weeks ago where she came to me and said she was with me most of the time but it was amazing in the afterlife and they could do anything, go anywhere, eat whatever they wanted. She said it was like an elevator where they could go to where they wanted and that she was just on a different floor now. She was very happy. I woke up feeling comforted although I miss her so much and am still grieving massively.

  115. I’m deaf and I had a relationship with this deaf man who committed suicide on Christmas Eve 2017 but we already broke up in spring 2003. Then I met my husband and had a child with him. Then. I saw my ex bf and was on good terms. Suddenly he committed suicide without anyone knowing it. So I had 2 dreams about him. I’m confused because in my dream he lived across from my current house and he came over and spend the day with me laughing and talking . And end of the day , my husband and my daughter aren’t in my dream but my parents and my sister are in my dream. They were coming back from somewhere, walked in saw us hugging together. I yelled out he was just leaving ! It’s funny I saw group of his deaf friends across the street from my house . They’re alive in life but waiting for him to join him for some kind of a pool party at his house. I’m confused what does this dream interpretation about ? I thought we were on good terms. Jsut the relationship didn’t work out and end up being friends. Not sure after his death , his friends and family said that he talked about me a lot and all the time but not sure . Pretty confused but I’m happy with what I have !

  116. I had a dream about my best friend. He was telling me he was trapped and couldn’t move on. He died a year ago. I have never had a dream about him since he has past and I have never had a dream like this, ever…. It was so real and completely freaked me out. I usually don’t have problems forgetting about a dream, but this one I can’t forget. I’m I nuts?

  117. Can someone help me? My friend had a visitation dream where someone special to her told her something that she never was told in her life, and it wasnt something she forgot because the thing is only known about to two people who only talked about it once, and not near her.

  118. Hello,

    My sister had a dream of my brothers girlfriend . in her dream she said that it was me my oldest sister and her walking into a forest scenery and when we get there my brothers girlfriend is sitting waiting for us she is sitting with both hands on her knees with her head down and rubbing her hands back and fourth like if she was confused or upset . she said i kept telling her to go ask her if she was okay if she kbew she was dead and she didnt want to but i kept telling her so she did. When she asked her if she kbew if she was dead that she lookedup at her shrugged her shoulders and she got up and walked away . she never said one word ..
    What does this mean we think she is list and diesnt know she has passed away.

  119. Hi,
    Last night I had a dream about my great-aunt who died last year. I was sitting on a wall and saw her walking with her husband (who is still alive). She looked very healthy, younger and happy. I called her and she looked up looking weirdly at me and then continued walking. They walked into a cafe and sat at a table so I ran there and joined them. But when I asked if they know who I am they both said they didn’t… It was very weird because in real life I did visit them very often.. When I mentioned my dad they did know him, just not me.

    I was wondering if this is a visitation dream or not? Because I woke up very confused.

  120. Last night I saw my late dad’s friend who had also pass awy for over five years now. He was my dentist when I was a child.

    In my dream, I was crossing the road and I saw him driving his vehicle. I shout out his name and apparently he also mentioned my name and the next thing I remember was talking to him. I told him I was so sad he was dead and I tried to reach out to his family to share my condolence. ( he died in the US) I asked him whether he died in peace and he told me his death was paceful because his family were around him during his death. I told him I was so sorry that he died. Then he started telling me about his son and what he’s become. He asked me whether there is any resemblace between them and I just couldn’t find the right answer for him.

    Afterwards, I saw myself in a sitution wherein I was a decided vote for an election. It was an election among some of my local people anda foreigner. I decided to vote for the foreigner who apparently won the election. Some of my local people were not happy and stop talking with me. There were other events I could not remember then I woke up…

    Weired dream I thought…

  121. Hi there!

    Last night, I had a dream where my mom who passed away 3 years ago came and sat down next to me on the sofa with a couple of her favorite cookies clutched in her left hand . It took me a minute to see that she was there since I was sitting on the floor with my back resting on the couch by her feet I looked up to her and said “Hi Mama” She said “I don’t understand.” I said “Don’t understand what Mama”? She left then. I felt her next to me. it was a peaceful, loving feeling. I miss her more than words could ever say.

    1. My daughter is 8 years old. My mom just passed 1-12-20. She woke up to tell me she had a dream about grandma. But she said it was real. Her and grandma were playing and talking. She could see me but I couldn’t see her or grandma, nor hear them. She said it was like I was outside but I was right there. My mom and I believed in the after life. John Edward’s, Silvia Browne etc. I just started crying because I knew right then it was true. My mom had just turned 65 in June.

    2. i had a dream about my mom she had a baby and the baby was beautiful but when i tried to hold the baby, she changed her eyes they were grey and scary. the following day i dreamt of her again but this time we were arguing. i would love to understand if you can help. my mom passed away 2013

      masentle dube

  122. Hi,

    I had a dream yesterday of a very dear friend who passed on a month ago. It was a telephone conversation but I could somehow see him at the same time. He said he wishes to come see me but he doesn’t have cash, I responded by asking him what did cash have anything to do with him visiting me. He said if he leaves the house his daughter will also ask him to bring something from the shops…. The last message from him was ‘Please love your kids’. In the morning I was really happy….He looked happy and well kept and the dream felt so real. Also, the last message felt like a goodbye. Can someone explain this dream please

  123. Hi yes I have had quite a few visitation dreams and yes I write them down as because sometimes I wonder if they come true or its a sign. And yes a lot of them have become true or its the afterlife wanting a message… I tell my family stuff. They think Im weird but not lieing lol. Just other night had one of my uncle asking to make sure I look after aunty Mary.. So I told my cousin about t..

  124. I recently had what I believe was a visitation dream, but the deceased individual has been deceased just over a year now. It seemed so real to the point of that in the dream itself i can remember myself saying wait this person should be dead whats going on here. In my dream this person was scared he asked for my help and I hugged him tight and told him everything would be ok. As i was holding him in my arms the ground was shaking parts of it were sinking everything got a little blurry and then he left my arms and ran to the corner of the room. I need to know what this meant. He was a very troubled person in life I was always A Loving friend to him he died of an illness. I just need to know what to read this as because it has really been bothering me. Thank you

  125. I think I have a visitation dream from Grandpa and I was confused due that he was going down the stairs of the town where I lived for 28 years my friend said to me look there’s your grandpa coming and I could not see him at first then I saw him and he was happy and I hugged him that he saw my father and he went after him, it looks like my father was going into a bathroom which I felt the sense of it not actually seeing it, and than my Grandpa came and he was crying and really felt sorry and worried for him whether he is not happy or maybe he miss us a lot as a family, or he want to see my father more. These questions are in my mind now and I would love to figure them out.

  126. I just lost my grandfather who raised me last week. Since his death I have been asking him to please talk to me. Prior to his passing I was his caregiver and the one who discovered him dead. I have had two dreams with him. The first dream we were in my apartment and he was sitting in the seat of his walker calling me asking for a new diaper. The second dream I’m not sure where it took place but I was laying beside his dead body and he was talking to me, not his body but his spirit. I wasn’t afraid of being next to his corpse, I felt comfort until I wanted to get up out of the bed and felt like my body was paralyzed and his spirit kept insisting I stay with him. This dream scared me because it felt so real as if my body was paralyzed and I couldn’t wake up.

    1. Hi Erica,

      Visitation dreams will never leave you feeling afraid. Most likely your dreams are release type dreams where you are still processing all the different emotions from your grandfather’s death. All of these feelings are completely natural to have.

      The first dream could be related to feelings of not feeling like you did enough for your grandfather while he was alive. The second dream could be a feeling of fear that you will never talk to him or see him again. These are completely normal feelings to experience after the death of a loved one. Everybody has different ways of coping with grief and loss.

      Sometimes visitation dreams can only happen after we give ourselves the necessary self care and space to grieve. It can take some time to heal after losing someone we love, and our loved ones know this. While it can be incredibly uplifting and reassuring to talk with loved ones who passed on, this does not always help us deal with grief. Visitation dreams are more likely to happen after we give ourselves some time to process all of our feelings first. Journaling can be very helpful for this.

      I am sure you will have a dream of your grandfather when the timing is right, and thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  127. I need some help… I have had a visitation dream but my aunt did not talk but I felt an extremely deep connection with her…. was it real…?

    1. If you felt a deep connection during the dream it is always possible. Spirits do not always communicate with us through words but feelings and sensations we might experience.

  128. Just woke up from a dream where my family and I are in the living room watching tv and all of sudden I notice things moving a little. But since im spectacle about stuff like this. I (in my dream) think its just my eyes playing tricks on me. When all of sudden things are moving harder (but not flying) seems like a small earthquake. Im calm not freaked out. For some reason I knew it was my dads spirit and asked him, “Dad if its you, move the curtain” and the rod of curtain fell off on one side. I felt a big relief. Like peace within.
    Left me wondering about my dream. And the meaning behind it. I rarely have a dream where I know in my heart it has a meaning but cant figure it out. Help anyone?

    1. So I had a friend pass 3 months ago due to cancer. I went to her resting area
      A complete mess asking her for guidance or a sign. Anything really. Well, when I’d asked all of a sudden my phone disconnected from bluetooth and started playing a country song. I shrugged it off thinking of it as a glitch. Well, lastnight I had a dream I was in this plain blue room and when I turned around there she lay in her coffin. I was aware she had already past so this startled me as I walked up to her and stared. All of a sudden she opened her eyes and I was shocked, her seeing that she started laughing. She looked healthy and vibrant and she got up and jumped out. We started talking about life after death and she’d told me it’s not what everybody makes it to be but she was at peace then she’d said she had to go and was just gone! It felt so real that when I woke it felt like I had really just been talking to her I can’t really explain it. It brought me peace but at the same time scared me because I’d never had a dream like that before. Help!

  129. Just had one where my deceased aunt who passed between 2012 and or 14 I believe she is telling me she approves of my soon to be significant other even tho firewood was involved and yea that symbol could be negative or positive. I want to believe positive and that we will be blessed soon. And well my lifestyle before my honey came into my life; not good but then I literally settled down with him 🙂

  130. Hello my friend died 8 years ago… He new all my familiy and i lost all my children in the ststem for domestic violence…. In the dream his telling me what happen i thought i was gonna take care of my children… He said ill help u get them bk .

  131. I had a confusing dream about my deceased mother who have died years ago. In my dream it was like a mental fight cause she was here but I could not process why I’m thinking she gone.I was aware if her dying years ago but it was like my mind was wanting me to forget reality since it’s a dream. Im still confused and sad now cause I was interacting with her and my dream and told her how is it that shes here when she passed years ago, and she couldn’t understand what I was talking about in my dream. I woke up and this dream has been bugging me since

    1. Hi Lolla,

      Sometimes our dreams are a way of processing grief, other times I really do think our loved ones are trying to get in touch with us – and I am also sure there are sometimes where it can be possible that the dreams can be a little bit of both!

      If I had a dream like you described with someone dear to me, I would ask myself these questions and journal about it:

      – Are there any feelings of grief that I haven’t yet accepted or let myself process?
      – Is there anything I wish I could say to the person?
      – Is there anything I wish I could ask this person?
      – What might I think the person would say if they were here in my daily life now?

      Journaling on these questions can bring up some tough emotions, but sometimes just writing it all down to release it can help us with the processing part. We can also often find comfort in knowing our loved ones are often with us in spirit.

      I hope this gives you a little bit of insight in exploring more about your dream, and thank you for sharing it with us!

  132. I just randomly thought about a dream I had almost a year ago and I had to look into it that’s when I found this article and I’m glad I did . ☺️ My grandfather who I wasn’t really close to pass away and 3 months after that me and my fiancé bought our first home. In the first months of living in our home I had a dream where I was super excited to show my mom and dad our new home. When my parents arrive I opened the door to let them in the last person who walked through that door was my grandfather and I was obviously in shook . I look at him and asked how are you here I thought you passed ? He said I’m spending time with my family. As my parents look around my home I couldn’t stop staring at him then I asked him how are you feeling are you ok? He said his great with this big smile on his face . I wanted to asked him about heaven and if it’s real but right after the smile I woke up . I wasn’t sure if I had just spoke to a ghost for the first time in my 27 years of life. 😧

    1. Hi Elizabeth, that most definitely sounds like all of the characteristics of a visitation dream! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  133. I had a dream that I was seeing in rough water with my mom, sister, ex-fiance’s younger brother and my ex-fiance (he died July 21,2017). His name was Juan. Juan was swimming next to me and kept on saying “it’s okay, I’m right here” and once we got to land he grabbed this small patch of grass on the ground and rubbed his hand on it, picked a piece of grass and said “here” and held it out to give to me.

  134. A year or so after my Dad passed I was on a plane to England with my husband and my brother and his partner. It was my first trip to Europe and we were all so happy to be heading on this great trip. I fell asleep on the plane and in the this dream, I turned my head and Dad was in the seat next to me! I put my hand over his and I could feel his hand, it was warm and brown like his hands always were. He was wearing a blue shirt with his black glass case in his shirt pocket. It was unbelievably real. The most amazing thing was that when my Dad died he had had Alzheimer’s for 10 years which was brutal. In the dream it was Dad in his 50s or 60s, his eyes full of health and intelligence, it was him, the real him. No words were exchanged but I knew he was going with us to Europe! When I woke I was just sobbing, it was extremely emotional. I was so over joyed to see him well again and not the fragile ill man he was in his last years. I felt peace and relief following the dream.

  135. I had a dream which I’m unsure what to make of, this is the second of this type of dream where a deceased person has come to me. my nan was poorly the day I had last seen her (the day before she died) that night I sort of knew she would die within the next few days, I was restless and didn’t sleep much all night but when I did fall to sleep around 4am i had a dream/visitation? And in the dream she was laughing, happy, healthy everything she used to be before she got ill, she didn’t speak much only to say she was ok between the laughing, I remember we were in a coastal village we both know well it was exactly how it is in reality. I woke immediately and i knew she was no longer alive I had this feeling that she was not part of this world anymore. I checked my phone and I’d had a message to say she had passed about an hour before. It was such a vivid dream I can’t seem to brush it off.

  136. It is possible to visit a spirit on a dream.I had seen the friend in a dream while trying to save him from hell but to no avail.That morning, just as i woke up, i got a call from his niece to tell me the news that he committed sucide last night .

  137. I dream of a guy i used to date we only kiss once and i never really had a feeling of him being in love with me i knew him from school and in my dream he was giving me love letters they were 3 and he said that it was a confession of hes love for me in the dream i was very in love with him it felt very vividly the connection we had i have never expirence it in real life and in the dream orange snakes appeared and they bite my leg but they werent poisonous and he heal me it was very strange he passed 5 years ago..

  138. My Dream actually happened last night! on Halloween my mother passed away when I was only 13 years old in feb 2011 and since then I always think about her would look at pictures of her everyday and a lot is going on with me now and my birthday is coming up and I truly believe she appeared to me to give me some closure I never got the chance to say goodbye her in the hospital she died from pneumonia and I dreamt I was back in our old apartment at the dinner table with my dad and there she was glowing and she looked healthy and I balled my eyes out and ran up to her to hug her and tell her I never got to say goodbye and she hugged me back and told me she knows and that she was okay and she’s with me everyday and it felt so real ! that just gave me the peace I needed and I felt so much better to know that because I miss her terribly and it just lifted a weight off my shoulders.

  139. Someone I loved very much passed on March 8, 2017 and I’ve had a few dreams of her alive and happy. I use to think it was a message of her telling me she’s alive because that was what it looked like. I remember one specifically. We were at a building I didn’t recognize and there she is with other of her friends revealing she’s alive and she looks at me and I hug her tight then she would kiss my cheek. I promise I actually felt her kiss my cheek. As much as I feel my skin and my clothes and everything else. As much as it breaks my heart it also makes me happy to see her so happy and full of life. I never got to tell her how I felt about her. I’m hoping this is her way of telling me she misses me. Because I miss her everyday.

  140. My grandma died 6 years ago. Haven’t dealt with her death well. Still cry. I miss her so much. Well a few nights ago I had this so real dream. I was about to get in the tub and she kept talking to me and we were just having a normal conversation but can’t really remember much of it. I don’t talk to one of my aunt’s who also appeared in the dream but her voice was clear too but she can’t talk right now due to throat cancer and her having her voice box taken out. Not sure where my Aunt went to but it was weird because my grandma just laid down in her bed and I got in the tub and I woke up. It’s weird because there was just her bed and this bath tub in the room. I was very comfortable around my granny but not sure why I had this dream out the blue.

  141. I dreamt I met my Grand mother who had passed, who had only visited our small town once in her life, from a train, I showed her around our town, on foot, talked about all kinds of things with her throughout our visit, walked her back to the train station, put her on the train, she kissed me on the cheek and told me my sister was going to have a baby boy. She wasn’t pregnant, or so we thought.
    She called later that day, she was, and she had a boy!! 18 months later, same dream only grandma told me it was twins………they were born 8 months later!!

  142. Normally dreams of them being alive and well and there dead isn’t that still a visitation from that loved one my parents are both deceased my mom has only came in my dreams twice each time she is alive and happy and I was very happy too see her she was laughing with my aunt and she walked up to me this dream just happen I just dozed off her an hour ago and there she was she kept talking too me saying my name over and over and over again then she looked at me and smiled and we hugged she acted like she seemed kind of hestitate too hug me at first she was talking then stopped so I have no clue of what this meant. I know I wish she was home and my dad too.

  143. i do get dreams of deceased ones pretty often. starting from my grandparents to a strangers. there were way too many times it made so much sense and connected the dots that no one could deny it. Therefore, i believe we are connecting with those deceased loved ones and our dreams are the bridge for that communication. but yes there is just a dream dream or it was actually a communication? well for me it is very easy to tell the difference. when i wake up if it was a real communication with the person…. omy my chest would be filled with an ocean! and cant even hold it in. that is the hardest and emotionally i will be a train wreck. i’d cry for at least couple of hrs and whenever i try to tell someone or just by thinking of it, cant even breathe n tears would like a waterfall. so, yeah kinda easy to tell which is what. i think it is an amazing thing that we could connect with them in our sleep.

  144. I had a dream last night about my father in law who passed away March 23, 2014. I never had a dream about him, my dreams are usually about my late husband who comes in my dreams. So this one dream is freaking me out a little. We were in some sort of hospital and I believe it was my mother in law who was ill this time and my father in law came up to me and handed me his cell phone and on his phone had his name. When I asked him why he handed me his phone he looked at me as healthy as can be (he passed away of cancer) and said because you need it to contact me in case something happens to mother in law. My relationship with my father in law started when I was a little girl. You see I was the neighbor down the street and would go over to their house and hang out with my husband’s sister who I am married to now. I became a widow in 2009 and I married my first boyfriend in 2013. I have always been close to this family until we moved away. I reconnected with them in 2009 after my husband passed away. I didn’t get very much time with my father in law and I never had a father in law, so when I got married I was very excited. But then he passed away in March 2014. I want to understand my

  145. My granny passed away two months ago after a very long battle with cancer. I was extremely close to her, and obviously, took her death very hard. This was before I developed more spiritually, but it was a couple of weeks before my parents went on holiday I was having a very down day missing my granny. My granda passed 16 prior when I was three, I had never had a dream about him. I was talking to my granny through my mind, saying how much I love her and miss her. That night, I had the most powerful vivid dream of my life. I can still remember it.

    I was walking to her bungalow, and she came out of the bungalow ( she died at home with all of us around her ), before she had cancer, she was quite chubby and this what she was pictured as. She was wearing her favourite nightdress with a huge smile on her face. I was awed how healthy she looked. I was like, “Wow, you look amazing granny!” then she started to blow me kisses.

    Prior to her death, she was in the hospital but as we were leaving I blew her kisses as I left.

    I sat and smiled at her, before I knew it, though, I woke up feeling so calm and loved. It was amazing. I knew it wasn’t an ordinary dream. I knew she was with me and still is.

    A couple of weeks later, my parents go away on holiday since my mum deserved it by looking after my granny, I stayed at home since I had booked London for August. ( Just back from London. ) But I was feeling curious again, so i asked politely in my mind for my granny to come into my dreams tonight. But she didn’t come alone.

    My granny was standing by my granda, who I never really knew. My granda died of a stroke, leaving in hell for 11 years before passing in 2001. I was very young.

    They were both healthy. Laughing. They were looking at me and smiling. I knew at last, my granny found my granda after missing him for so long in 16 years. I was happy, I was more than happy. The next night, I was taking a photo and I saw these orbs around me. I knew they were protecting me, and it’s a comfort. I wish they would try and communicate with my brother and mum, but I think I have a psychic gift type of thing.

    It has helped my grief, knowing they are still with us no matter what, even in death.

  146. I guess this is more of and question because I think I’ve had visitation dreams one of my sister and my cousin whom I was very close with both the dreams mad total sense and seemed like I was not dreaming and I didn’t realize I was dreaming until I saw them I never received a message because as soon as I realize it was them I got a feeling of being scared and forced myself awake so I guess I’m wondering why I felt that way and why I couldn’t stay in my dreams long enough to figure out what they were trying to tell me I don’t really remember feeling at peace or love afterward but I felt kind of odd like I didn’t know what was going on left me feeling baffled if u have any explanations or anything that might help to figure this out please do let me know

  147. I have had many visitations dreams. My parents died within a year and half of each other. My father had a sudden stroke and my mother died after and extended illness and surgery.

    When she was at home and transitioning, she sat up in bed and said, he’s here, he’s here. I asked her who- Dad? she said yes. And then the cat who loved my Dad the best, came running down the stairs crying. She came to the foot of my moms bed and sat there. when my mother passed, she hopped on top of her bed and stayed with her until they came to take her body away.

    Since they died they have come to me many times. Recently I had a dream that I was in my childhood home and in the family room my Dad built as an extension to the house. I was happy to see him and told him how much I loved this house. I looked around and our pets (who have passed) were all there. I remarked that I hadn’t seen them in so long. I told my Dad that my sister was in the garage and I should get her so that she could see him and the animals. He asked me to just stay with him and sit. The dream was so vivid- I haven’t forgotten it and it was months ago. It was just Dad and I.

    The other dream I had, I was walking down the sidewalk and a white truck passed me and I noticed dad driving- he got out of the car and I jumped into his arms and said daddy it is so good to see you. he was his young self. in the car was Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner and two nuns. (My dad loved Mel Brook and Carl Reiner- don’t know about the nuns as he was an atheist.) I asked him why they were in the truck and he said they liked driving around. The next thing, I am in a bed and my Mom comes in to tuck me in. She is dressed in a purple pants suit and her hair is red and made up. She kisses me goodnight and I tell her about seeing Dad and being his young self. She said, that ‘s the way Dad wants you to remember him.

    She goes to the door and I said, dont go yet you have to tell me what is going to happen. She looks back and said I don’t want to hear it right now.It’s not good. I said, I want to hear it She says that all she can say is that there is going to be a blackout but she would come back another time to tell me the rest. I woke up.

    each of the dreams, and there are others, I feel contented when I wake. I remember the details for days.

  148. My fiancé passed away July 21st, 2 weeks ago today. Last night, he visited me in my dream. At first in the dream, I was falling towards a crystal clear river, he was beside me. We landed in the river and floated down it for a bit in quiet peace. Then we went into a building where he told me he loved me and wrapped his arms tightly around me. I had been longing to feel him hold me since he passed away and I felt him squeeze me tight. I could smell him. He told me everything would be alright.

    I really hope to keep dreaming of him. I miss him so much. He was my soulmate.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss my dear. your dreams sounds a positive one. as u states falling into crystal(clear) water indicates its a good dream. everything will go and move on its own. keep him in your heart and let him and u should move on. he wants you to be happy.

  149. I recently had my first dream of my mom who passed a few months ago. Me and the wife were in the living room and my mom suddenly appeared. I was shocked and asked her how? She replied, don’t I look good? I said yes. We continue talking about what to do with her belongings. She said keep them if they are worth selling and she also gave me some personal advice. She even joked about me paying her some money I was saving/holding for her. In the dream we were both aware she had passed.. I’m not sure I believe in the after life but the dream was awesome none the less.. I got to see my mom one last time.

  150. My father passed away last year and since then I have had many experiences feeling he is communicating with me both while I am awake and asleep. My sister and I even did a few readings with a physic and there were some very interesting things that happened during those times. My father practiced mediation and Buddhism. The physic thinks that is why he has been able to communicate so many times since passing.
    I’ve had three visitation dreams now, the most recent just last night. Actually earlier in the morning. I get the same feeling every time like my father and I are together. The setting changes every time. When he appears that is when the very vivid dream begins, the part I remember as if I am awake and he is with me. I woke up with a very strong feeling of love and calm. I wish I could have more of these dreams just to be with him again. I have started to read on meditation and other topics like clairvoyance because I hear clear voices some times when I am at our childhood home and the physic said other family members are trying to speak with me. Hopefully I can continue to develop these skills.

  151. I had a dream a couple nights ago about my grandmother visiting us. The scene was my father’s apartment, where my grandmother left us. She passes through our sliding door and materializes inside. My first response was calling my 2 brothers and father to see, yet as i get closer, things feel strange. She’s soaking wet and soft spoken. My initial thought was that she escaped from her grave or something, but she was starting to look fused with her sister’s face and hair. I knew then that it couldn’t be her. Could it?

  152. I have lost 2 people very dear to me in my adult life. First, my grandmother, and second, a friend of mine in high school. I dreamt of both the evenings I learned of their death. I found out my grandmother passed away and I dreamt of her that night telling me she was okay and showing me her favourite pictures of her and I. I dreamt of my friend the night I learned he passed away and although he didn’t talk to me in the dream, I saw him sitting in a circle of people drinking a beer. I walked past the circle of people including him and he smiled at me, I guess indicating that he was okay. Then, I woke up. I very much believe that people communicate with you through dream from the other side!

  153. My dear friend and I have been friends since HS. She recently passed from ovarian cancer after an 8 year courageous battle. I have had two dreams since she passed over 3 months ago. The first dream my friend and I were in the car driving down a long winding highway with beautiful tall trees on either side and a brilliant blue sky. I was driving and she was sitting in the passenger seat. She said told me very clearly and lovingly that she will always be by my side and continue to give me advice. She looked young and healthy, and her hair looked beautiful. Since she had lost it twice during bouts of chemo I was happy to see her look so well!!! The second dream I had of her involved her husband. The two of them were devoted to one another, unlike any couple I have ever seen. In the dream her husband and I were talking and suddenly my friend appeared. I said, (her name) is here. Her husband asked where? I replied, right next to us. She was sitting on her haunches right next to where we were sitting smiling at us. I took her hands in mine. I still can remember how her hands felt in mine… in life, and in the dream. Her husband still couldn’t see her. I said I’m holding her hands. I kissed each of her hands. She didn’t say anything…. just smiled. Then I woke up. My mom passed in Jan. and I am still waiting to hear from her.

  154. My Brother came to me!
    He was Happy and Healthy. When I saw him he appeared young and vibrant..
    We were happy and we were laughing and we were Dancing. I woke up feeling so Blessed and Loved to have received such a Beautiful visit. I am very open minded and spiritual. I believe he is watching over me and my family. I believe they are more alive then we are. They are just on a Higher Plain. This dream was everything described as a Visitation Dream. And I am so Privileged and Blessed to have received One. I woke up feeling Happy and Loved!
    Thank you my Brother!
    God Bless Everyone and their Loved ones in Heaven. Amen.

  155. My mom passed away 7 months ago. I am 22 and never dealt with this large of a loss before. When she first saw me in my dreams I was so happy it was like she was never gone. Just recently she came in my dreams and congratulated me on my accomplishments (I think I graduated college in my dream) and it was a happy moment until she said don’t you wish I was alive and could tell you this? I woke up sobbing and I want to talk to her again.

  156. My mom passed from Cancer. In the final days, she would say to me
    “stop looking so scared, it’s going be ok”. I took care of her during her last few weeks and then it was Hospice. She passed on the 8th day of her stay at Hospice. At first, I felt her spirit constantly. One night I felt someone sit on my bed and then felt a hand brush my face. I had a dream of her and she looked beautiful. I said to her “I thought you were dead?” and she said, “I am dead”. I said “but you look so healthy and beautiful” and she said, “I feel great! I want you to stop worrying, everything is going to be ok”. I woke up.
    Next dream I had was the same, mom looked beautiful and healthy and came to visit me. I was saying hello and she said “Look who I brought with me” and I turned around and there were my father and grandfather. I screamed with joy and jumped into their arms hugging them and I started to cry. They were all happy and appeared very healthy. Then I was told, “everything is ok, stop worrying”.

    I have these dreams about once a month but lately, they have been coming less and less and I don’t want then to stop. These dreams bring me comfort.

  157. My grandfather passed 5 years ago and I fell asleep at 8 8:30 tonight and woke up crying as my grandfather come in my dreams telling me he loved me and was proud of me. It was so real to me he was healthy And happy. The dream looked like his and my grandmothers house. I know he’s in a better place but I just miss him so much. Wish I could dream about him every night

  158. Nearly five years ago, my mother died. My father died two years ago. Last night I had a “dream” – I felt like I was half awake, half asleep. It was so real. Everything was so palpable. I could hear the coffee maker bubbling and smell freshly brewing coffee. I don’t drink coffee, but my parents always did and that was the first thing I would remember upon waking at their home. I just laid in bed, hearing these sounds and smelling the aroma of the coffee become stronger. I felt a very strong force at the right side of my bed. It was dark still in the very early morning, but the presence was so forceful, like gravity. I felt it was a person and my father – and he gently leaned over and kissed my cheek, then quietly and slowly walked out of the room. I felt so peaceful. I touched my cheek where he had kissed me, it felt so real and still warm.

    I have had dreams of my parents before, but last night with both of them it was different.

    Did they come to visit me or did I go to them?

  159. A high school acquaintance of mine died almost 30 years ago. I remember having a crush on him for many years, but we never really talked to each other and weren’t friends. We didn’t have the same friends and never hung around the same places. I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter when he died in a car crash in another state. In the last 30 years I have had many reoccurring dreams about him. Every couple of years I dream of him and in the dreams it is always just him and I and we are always very emotionally close. Last night was the first time that I acknowledged, within the dream, that he had died long ago, and wondered how could he be there with me? I have always wondered why he keeps coming into my dreams. I can’t say that they occur during any particular emotional state in my life or peaceful times vs tumultuous times. Any thoughts on this? It puzzles me each time. I wake up with lots of love for someone who I was never in love with.

  160. I just lost my oldest sister, she committed suicide. On the night it happened i had a dream about her, she said she was ok, and that she took full responsibility for her death. I was real scared and woke up from the dream. I have told my family and hers about this. It did give me some peace of mind about her death…..

  161. I’m posting to see if some one will help me with my visitation dream. My grandpa passed away a year ago and I miss him so much he was a father figure to me. I had this dream of him. We were like in the middle of like a street and It was dark I told him Hi grandpa. And he seem sad or like not him self he did look younger and healthy ! I told him who are you . Cus I felt like he wasn’t himself like if someone was using his body and he said I died backwards. I started to pray In my dream and just saying god is bigger than anything and if that wasn’t him to leave him alone and I left and he was still there lost in the middle of the street. It was a really weird dream I woke up and I searched up dying backwards and it said something about the brain and neurons and happens when ppl hit there head to much. And I remember when they found him in his bead he had a big bump on his head and was bleeding from that injury . And he was in a coma and then passed away . So Idk if he was telling me that’s how he passed away. Cus no one was around when he passed away

  162. 1St time i was maybe 5. I remember getting on a city bus and it was very late. I didnt feel scared although i was alone entering the bus. I sat next to a man that i felt safe with. He embraced me and explained that only once could he spend this night with me. He read me peter cottontail the book. And shortly after he finished the book he embraced me once more. I just had a feeling i knew this man although ive never seen him in person. It was my father, he passed away when i was only 1. 2Nd time i was closer to 10. I dreamt i was in my grandmas house,(where i lived) and in the kitchen stood an elderly woman that i wouldnt know by face. But again, only feelings of comfort. She had a full head of grey hair perfectly wrapped in a bun, in the back of her hair, glasses, and a dress with an apron to compliment it. She only smiled as she stirred something in a pot from off the stove. I told my grandma of this dream, and she asked me a few details of the woman, then brought me a picture of the woman from my dream, she was my great grandma that passed when my mom was about my age. 3rd was recent. My best friend tragically passed away in august, it turned my whole world upside down. And i cried out to her most nights to see me in my dream, and then the night came where i seen her. I was in a marketplace where all these vendors were and i was looking around at all these different items for sale. I remember i took a seat and after a few moments i glanced up and there she was walking through the crowd, with that smile that i missed soo much, and i jumped up in excitement and hugged her, it was the most real feeling contact ive had in a dream. The emotions of seeig her felt real the hug felt real and how much i missed her was there. I never wanted to let her go, but before i could even speak, she was gone again. I cherish these dreams, and i will continue to be open in hopes of future dreams of these precious souls.

  163. last night I dreamt of my ex boss Wayne, I say ex as I had retired before he passed. He was not only my boss but was also a good friend. In the first part of the dream he I would only see him sporadically from a distance and it appeared he did not want to see me. But I hung around for quite some time visiting with other friends and others that I did not even know who they were. Then Wayne came over to me and I started to cry as I felt sad, he gave me a big hug and I felt so comforted, No words were really exchanged by him or myself to each other, Just such a sense of happiness and calm, when I woke up I felt so almost excited, I cannot really explain how I felt , just very happy. I have had many visitation dreams and have always known they were not just dreams. Always when you wake you feel so good and for hours that’s all you seem to think about, Your Visit…

  164. About two months ago, I had a dream about both of my parents. I was sleeping in my bed on my side when all of a sudden, I felt someone holding my hand. It was my mother. She was wearing a light blue sweatshirt and dark blue pants. I was drawn to her beautiful blue eyes. As she looked at me, she continued to hold my hand. Then she said, ” Everything will be alright.” Just at that moment, my dad walked into my bedroom dressed in his green work pants, blue tee shirt, and suspenders. He looked at me and said, Yes, everything will be alright.” I will never forget that dream.

  165. I have thought about it for 6 years. My husband died in 2010 and for about 2 weeks I could sense a difference around me, an aura or a spirit or something then suddenly it was gone and it upset me very much. I went to bed one night and by this time it had been about a month since he had died. I went to bed and was watching tv and I just started crying uncontrollably and grabbing his pillow. Suddenly, the tv went silent, still a picture but silent and I could feel it! I could not actually feel his lips but I KNEW WITHOUT A DOUBT that he was there and kissing me…he was a wonderful kisser! It was a long kiss and when it was over the sound came back on the tv and I was able to sleep. What did I feel? I want to believe it was a visitation and that it might happen again even in a different way but what else could it have been? What a wonderful way to remember our love!

  166. I just this website. I have visit from my mom last night. She passed away 4 months ago. It seemed very real. Mom was looking good. I asked her if she was in heaven and she said no I didn’t go anywhwere. I’m not sure what this means. I was very happy to see her. I know that where ever she is though, she is fine.

  167. I had a dream of friend who had passed 10+ years ago last night. There were people there that we went to school with who she had physically talked too. She told me that she was going to try and come back. (to life) I asked if it was easy, she said people do it all the time. But that she might come back as a human or an alien. I asked her not to come back as a scary alien. I asked her if she had seen her mother since she made herself physical for us to see her. She said no and that she was bad daughter for not doing so. I woke up excited, happy, and filled with more peace than I have had in a long time. Do you believe her clear message of she is trying to come back could be possible?

  168. My brother passed away 15 years ago, I was pregnant for my sun who will be 15 this July. My brother never got to meet him but having my oldest son it was thirteen at the time of his death are just alike. My brother did leave behind his daughter who at the time was about six. Grief-stricken, I sought out a church for comfort. They told me if I really want to say goodbye to talk to him not about him. So that night when I went to bed I was thinking of them and he came in my dream. The house that we were in was a house I had never been in before he was really happy and he was always smiling and the dream as I bawled my eyes out. I walked into the house and showed him what would have been my oldest son’s bedroom since my youngest hadn’t been born yet and his daughter’s room… which was weird because his daughter didn’t live with me in real life. And my niece’s room what’s this purple flowered comforter on the bed now understand that purple happens to be mine and my nieces favorite color but I had never seen this particular comforter a day in my life so it really stood out. I kept telling my brother in the dream that he didn’t make it because he seemed to act like he had survived the accident and yes my brother did die in a car accident. So I continue to cry as he smiled his big smile with his big white beautiful teeth that he always had and I woke up. I was so happy when I woke up my head such a big smile on my face cuz I got to say goodbye it was real as real could be I don’t doubt for a minute that I was given the chance to say goodbye and I feel blessed that he came to me after his passing. Now the kicker to this story is a couple of months had gone by and I was at my mother’s my brother always had a wooden chest. So we happened to open it up we were going through some things and what do you think was in this chest….. the purple comforter with the flowers on it that was on my niece’s bed in my dream. I think my jaw drop to the ground nobody could understand why I was and sheer shock and disbelief but I knew what I was looking at. I can tell this story as I have for almost 15 years now like I had this dream yesterday and I truly believe it was my visitation dream and it was the most peaceful feeling I’ve ever had in my entire life.

  169. So my boyfriend of 3 years recently passed away a month ago. The other day he visited me in a dream. I’ve been sick with a bad cold and was on a bunch of nyquil, so maybe I don’t remember the dream fully but I remember most of it. It was like we were at this hotel music festival (Winter Warmer) like we would go to a lot while he was still here. He seemed relaxed, but I don’t remember what he said to me or if he did. All I knew was it felt so real, just like before, just like how I knew him. It felt as if he never left. Toward the end of the dream he gave me a hug (I try to talk to him often and one of the things I said earlier that day was that I missed his hugs and visited me that night). Then my dream ended and I woke up smiling and felt peaceful.

  170. When my grandma was dying I tried meditating and thinking of her very intently as to help in her last moments. She lived in Peru and I in California. When I went to visit Peru later that year after she died; I slept in her room and her ashes were there, at the time I didn’t know. I had a dream there that my whole family was together in the house she lived when I was growing up. we were crying saying goodbye and then there was a knock on the door, it was my grandpa picking her up. He had been dead since I was a child. Last night I had a dream and I was in the house my grandma saw when she visited us in California. My parents were arguing in the dinning room and I could hear them. I walked into the dinning room and in there was my grandma too, but my parents couldn’t see her, I told them she was there I knew she was a spirit, she approached me and I kissed her on the forehead I picked her up like a baby and sat down next to my dad (both my parents are alive and in Peru right now) my dad extends his arm and my grandma hold it. I tell him that she’s holding his hand and he becomes content. I woke up taking in the dream, looked at my watch and it was 4:44. Right before writing this I remembered the meditating event during her death.
    After waking up I looked at the significance of 444.
    What does it mean?

  171. My dad passed away in 2005 @ the young age of 58 from the horrible disease cancer. In 2010 I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and had a total hysterectomy @ the age of 40. I feel so guilty that god didn’t take me & I survived & my dad didn’t, and took my dad from this awful disease. My dad was my world, he was my hero. I have been having a very hard time lately with the loss of him & I kept asking him to come to me…well last night he did. He walked up to me gave me his famous bear hug & said he loves & misses me so much. I told him I love & miss him & then, we just kept hugging. When I woke up sobbing, I could smell his scent. I know he came to me & I can’t wait til he comes for another visit. I feel @ peace today.

  172. I have had many visitations except the first where I saw my father 3 days after he suddenly passed. In my dreams they are usually telling me they are ok and sometimes the message dream will come through from a friend telling me of another. My most recent 4 nights ago was very clear, as they all are, a co-worker that passed 13 or so years ago-i was not close to her yet she had an important role in a dream-the first time I did not know why – the next day a good friend passed. My family was skeptical of my dreams but now they are used to hearing of them. My mistake sometimes is not telling my hubby the next day and then something comes about-i really like my visitation dreams and think I am lucky to have them.

  173. I have had two visitation dreams now, one was about 7 years ago and the other was last night.
    My first visitation dream was after my great grandpa died. He had had open heart surgery and had ended up with an infection and had passed at home with just he and my grandma. In my dream, we were at his house, it was night time, he and I were the only people in the house. I was sitting on his lap in his chair. He said to me “I’m okay now. Let your grandma know that I love her very much and I’ll see her soon,” and then I was alone, sitting in his chair in their living room. I woke up and I could feel him, it was so weird. I had never experienced anything like it.
    My second visitation dream was last night, which lead me to this article because I wanted to know why this happened again as my grandpa and the person who visited me last night are the only 2 close people I have had die since I’ve been old enough to know. The person who died yesterday is one of my grandparents oldest friends, and he has watched me grow up my entire life, he is basically like my uncle. He was diagnosed with colon cancer 2 years ago and he thought he had it beat and then last year they found out he also had lung cancer which was spreading rapidly, by the time they found it there was nothing they could do. He started declining rapidly and about 2 weeks ago he became really bad. He was put on hospice 3 days ago, and we thought we had more time but he passed quickly and peacefully yesterday. Last night, I was restless, I couldn’t sleep, I was up and down all night but I finally got to sleep and I was sleeping really good and he visited. We were at the lake and he was smiling and laughing and he looked healthy and he had a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, and he just looked like his normal self, before the cancer. He was peaceful and happy.
    Now that I know this was him telling me he’s okay now I feel better. And I’m glad to know I’m not crazy and they really have visited me.

  174. I have had a good amount of what I think to be visitation dreams. They are ALWAYS with my friend derek that passed away when we were about 16. I had last night and in my dream he was healthy and I fully believe he came into my dream just to hug me and tell me he misses me as in the dream I clung on to him and didn’t want to let go. I’m glad i found this article because I always always thought it was him communicating to me through my dreams. In my dreams I am aware of his accident and death and just am so overwhelmed with joy with his presence that I know it has to be a visitation dream.

  175. I have a sister that was a who was murdered when I was a toddler, now I’m a teenager, 15. I’ve gotten two visitation from my sister, mostly when I’m in trouble with emotions or family problems, and I have a lot of those. The first dream I got was when it was my birthday, that day, I wasn’t much appreciated, but I didn’t mind… not until at night. I started breaking down and for about two hours I fell asleep. My dream felt so real… it was my birthday, and everyone was there. It felt good, then I looked around and saw my sister. I ran to her and hugged her as tight as I could. It was weird though because everything disappeared when I collided with her. She apologized that she was late, and I laughed and said,”Better late than never.” I never got to meet her, or have too many memories with her. She said,” It’s all gonna be okay and I love you.” I woke to the realization that this was unreal, she was gone, and have been for a long time. I sat up and began to cry once again, I checked the time and it was 1:30 am. I started listening to some of the music she fancied and it put me to sleep.

    The second time I had a visitation was when my parents were gone in a vacation. They have work that makes us separated for six months or more. I take refuge at his home for the past five years, and he is not anywhere close to being nice. He usually bullies me, or treats me unfairly. Blaming things on me even though I didn’t do anything wrong. So, one night, my uncle yelled at me for what felt like hours. I skipped dinner that night and went straight to bed. In my dream I was playing hide and seek with someone, but I didn’t know who. I was hidden underneath my bed curdled up in a ball with a teddy bear and a blanket. After about a few minutes, I heard an unfamiliar voice, until the woman looked under the bed and smiled. It was her, she’s asked me kindly to come out and I did. She had a big smile on her face and I hugged her. She felt warm and cozy. Then looked at me and said, ” Hey I got to go check on mom and dad okay? I got to go, I love you always.” I begged her to stay, but she walked backwards and smiled at me, waving. I cried and I woke up, I didn’t realize that I was actually crying, not only in the dream but in real.

    I haven’t had been visited in quite a while, I hope I do soon…

  176. Last night I had a visitation dream. It involved a good friend who had been passed away about 8 plus years ago. It was the first one I have ever experienced and it was amazing. He looked great. He told me he couldn’t stay long and had some things to tell me. Unfortunately I remembered every detail of that dream except what he was trying to tell me. At the end I reached over and rubbed his head which was shaved and when I woke I could still feel his scratchy head in my palm. I woke up in the most peaceful manner. I would like to experience that again and find out what he was trying to tell me. How can I do that? Does this put me in the visitation dream category?

  177. It’s been a year and two months since my dad passed. I was away from home for three long years and he left without goodbyes, not meeting each other for those three years. And every now and then I’ve been dreaming of my dad. In my dreams, he was still living among our family, living his everyday life as if nothing has happened. But hundreds of dreams he never even say anything, not a single word. I’ve been missing him every single day and have cried a several times remembering him. Are these visitation dreams or something else?

  178. back in 2010 I had a friend that I was growing close to. Little did I know that he suffered terribly from depression and he ended up taking his life. He was someone that had over a short period of time had grown very dear to me and I missed him so much. His passing really broke me, but eventually I found peace and healing. Unexpectedly one night I had a dream that felt so real I was sure it was a visitation. I remember very clearly that I was at a concert of a band my friend really loved and I saw him in the crowd. He looked so happy as he walked towards me. I will never forget when he hugged me, the embrace felt so real an genuine; it smelled, sounded, and felt like him and I heard him whisper: I’m glad you are happy again”
    I woke up crying, but I was happy and knew that somehow he was reaching out to me.

  179. about a week ago, my dads friend who i was taking care of for a week passed away. he had brain cancer, and i was more than willing to help him clean the whole apartment and cook him dinner every night. he told me before he died that i could clean out his bank account and he would give me his bank info. i honestly would have helped him out for free because he was a close friend and he really needed the help, i didn’t care about the money. well, he passed away on saturday, i think the flu that has been going around killed him as he was doing fine beforehand apart from the rapid weight loss and the usual energy loss. well, he didn’t want to go to the hospital so he stayed at home. it was just myself and his friend jim that was with him. jim left a half an hour or so before he died, and it was just us. he died in my arms. i couldn’t make out what he was saying in the 2 hours that i was there. i obviously wasn’t even thinking about his money. i think he came to me in my dream last night, he was laying in a hospital bed, he was fine, the room was really bright. i was so happy that he was ok, and he kept trying to talk to me to tell me something but i didn’t understand it. then he mentioned the numbers ’26.’ i knew he was talking about his account, but i don’t know if 26 is a part of his pin number or not. i don’t care about his money either way, i just want him back. but he was always the fair type, and wanted to give me something for all of my help. i hope i can see him again in another dream.

  180. I recently lost one of my close friends, he’d been in love with me for 3 years but we both knew that neither of us were ready for more. It was always going to be the ow of us together, regardless of the people we dated, we were just waiting for the right moment. He died before I could finally tell him I was ready to try with him and last night I dreamt of him, in a sense it was what we never got to have. It was us together. It felt so serene and real and he seemed calm like this was an everyday thing for us to just naturally be together. This is the second time I’ve dreamt of him and if these visitation dreams are real I’m glad we got to have a taste of what could have been. He was truly the only person I was ever in love with, he just got me.

  181. My grandmother passed away last year (Feb. 18, 2016). She had been very sick through December – the time she passed away, and gradually got worse. I was one of her main caretakers until we had to admit her into hospice.

    About a week after she passed away, I had a dream of her sitting in her favorite rocking chair. She had a white glow around her and she was happy and smiling, she wasn’t in pain anymore or suffering, and it was a really reassuring dream. From the night I had that dream, I have heavily believed that my grandmother was trying to tell me not to worry about her and that she is healthy and happy again and that she is waiting on the day we can reunite in Heaven. <3

  182. I had a dream lastnight about an ex boyfriend who died 10 years ago and we dated approximately 10 years before that. In my dream I was telling him how much I missed him in the dream we were at someone’s (idk whose) house and he wanted to show me this plane that was on the garage that could take off from the driveway !! I woke up and I was really sad and have been all day !! Practically on the verge of tears. We didn’t have a connection for years before he passed and I’m not really sure what this dream meant. But I am looking for some answers on it! I can’t remember the last time a dream had me feeling so down !!

  183. A friend I considered almost like a brother came to me in my dream last night. He had died a number of years ago very quickly after being diagnosed with cancer. Initially in the dream he sort of scared me a bit as I knew during he was no longer living and he was just standing in the doorway of our bedroom in the dream smiling a very large grin almost like he was laughing at me. I did not come out of the dream but turned away my view and then back to find him still there- I kept asking what he was doing there and he continued grinning that wide smile. After turning away as I seemed to do again in the dream I turned back and he was still there doing the same thing. I was asking him the same questions and I think…and he might have said something but can’t remember that part. He did however start loading a large RV that was parked outside with small items like clothing from my home. I know I was asking why and I believe he was talking while stuffing things into the RV but don’t recall what. This is all I remember but this was so lucid and real I can’t help knowing he had actually come. I am feeling he came to warn me to care for myself better as I haven’t been so much and I have never had a dream of him prior and he has been gone for a number of years now. I have not thought about him for quite awhile now… the visit was at first alarming then alright and then…. a bit disconcerting when he started moving items out of the home. Any ideas would be interesting to me if you have any. I think he was saying things are alright but I need to remember what poor health can do perhaps…. just not sure.

  184. Ok so I literally just woke up from this dream. I had to google everything to make sure I’m not crazy! I had a friend pass way almost 11 years ago. I was close with him in high school, and I guess I do think about him from time to time, and wonder what could have been if he were still alive… Would he still be my friend? Would he be hanging out with me at the same places? Would he have kids and be married? Those types of things. Anyways, in this dream… There were actually 2 people I was talking to. They were two younger guys and one was my friend Keith that I was just talking about. I have no clue who the other guy was. We were out in the woods, and there was a fair amount of snow on the ground. I remember walking through a trail to meet this other guy and he had his hands folded inside the pocket of his sweatshirt, staring down at the ground kind of upset. And I asked what was wrong and he said ,”you missed it.” For some reason I know the date in the dream was jan 31. After this guy said that I missed it, I looked to my right and I saw Keith. He just smiled so big and then I woke up:( I didn’t want to wake up at all! But something just made me grab my phone as soon as I woke up to make sure his Birthday wasn’t jan 31 or something. I don’t know what this dream is supposed to mean?!! It’s gotta mean SOMETHING!

  185. I had a visitation dream last night for the first time. I never really had anyone close to me pass away except for my aunty who passed away a little over a year ago from terminal breast cancer. When she first passed I was kind of jealous cause everyone was having dreams about her but me, until last night. It sounds kind of crazy but my other aunt had a radio that had my auntys voice on it she said that she had been talking to her for hours, when she called my name she sounded so happy she said that she loved me and that she missed me and i told her I loved her too. Thats all that we had said to each other but she sounded so happy. I didnt realize that she was visiting me until I told my mom and she said that was her way of communicating with me. Is it normal for me to not have realized right away? Thw thought of it makes me so happy because I was waiting to hear her voice again. It all seemed so real, i cant get over it.

  186. My name is Mary and last night I had a very vivid dream. I was living in my old townhouse where I lived when single my mother came through front door all full of dirt and said she’s been buried for only 26 years and she was finally happy to had gotten out of her coffin.(my mother died 26 years ago from pancreatic cancer). Then my brother appeared in my living room vacuuming the carpet and I was shock to see him because he died last September. He told me not to be afraid and that he will walk with me. Then I’m headed to the kitchen and booth my grandparents were cooking (they past away back in 1990). Then my aunt comes in through back door and Saids hello to everyone (she past away in 2004). Then I went back to the living room and found two premie baby girls laying in their cradles all dressed and pink. They spoke to me and told me that it was nice to had finally met me since I aborted them back in 1980. What does this mean! Everyone who came to visit me had died years ago! Someone please help me!

  187. The first time I had a dream of my mother was in December of 2007. She passed Oct 8 2007. My first dream of her was also vivid to me. She was standing in one of her favorite royal blue silk dress next to my piano smiling and looking right at me. I was so happy to see her. Somehow a had a strong feeling by just looking at her that she is okay and that she is thinking about us and she loves us. Since than I would she her from time to time in my dreams and wake up feeling very happy. Last night November 27 2016, I was somewhere cleaning up glitter from a drawer and noticed that my feet got all tangled up in the tincle string that we wrap around the tree and then I hear my name being called. I looked to see who it was. It was my mother. I went right up to her and placed my hands on her arms and said, Mom! It’s you! You are here! I said it with joy. She was looking right at me with a smile. And just as I was going to ask her about where she is, something woke me up. I wanted to fall back to sleep to continue but it didn’t work. I wonder, if she came to see me to say hello and that she will be there in the future waiting for us. Also it’s her granddaughter birthday today. Maybe she wanted to tell me that she loves and misses us all and to with my daughter a happy birthday. I hope I will see my mom again. I really miss her. We all do.

  188. This is about an old friend that passed on (I didn’t know she died until I found her on Facebook a couple years ago.) We lost touch … more I left her because she was heavily into drug use and I couldn’t surround myself around people who were users for my own sake. I’ve felt awful about what I did and that I was a terrible friend by leaving like I did.

  189. My girlfriend dreamed of my dad, he died 2yrs ago. She never met him. But in her dream, he came up the drive in his truck pulling a plane on a tralier, smiling ear to ear. I recall him always smiling in all my dreams. I feel that he’s smiling that be all rite now. He has throat cancer. But I’m not not all rite. My whole family isn’t rite after he passed. I feel he was the one that kept us together. Now I typed about it. The dream probably means , that’ he is alrite now. But my girlfriend didn’t know we owned a plane . Weird

  190. My mother in law who has passed came to me in a dream where she was in her favorite color lavender. She was lieing down sleeping & all of a sudden she opens her eyes & says I am awake. Then I woke up from the dream feeling she is really awake. Family were around but I was the only one she spoke to. I felt at peace. What was she trying to tell me?

  191. Ive had a few visits from past love ones but last night really made me happy. In my dream i was at my mothers house and my uncle was there with my mum sitting at the table when they past me the phone. When i answered it was my grandma who passed away 6 years ago. I was so happy in my dream. I even asked her has she seen heaven ? but she laughed of course .She asked how ive been and one thing she told me was about a gold cross and she wanted me to have it and someone has it. Our family had split up for 3 years over a jewellery fight. Where okay now but it felt real . The other dream that scared me was my mums boyfriend who commited suicide was close to me . We grew up without fathers so when he was dead it hit the family hard. 6 years later he appeared in my dreams asking me if i knew where my mum was. I said know all he told me was to tell her hes still searching for her the he disappeared.

  192. I have had af we dreams. One dream was about my Grandma. I went to see her in a hospital, and a doctor was telling me I couldn’t go to her room. I pushed him to the side and went anyway .She was sitting in the bed looking better than I ever remember her looking. Another was a dream about 2 guys I graduated high school with. I was at a high school reunion and everybody kept saying they were there, and I argued that they were dead and couldn’t be. They ended up being there all 3 times I had the dream. I dreamt about my uncle the same way at a family reunion. I had a dream about an aunt trying to tell me something, but I woke up before she could.

  193. Last night I had a dream of a person that I used to date. In my dream I was at home helping my dad move some cars as I was moving a car I saw him from the corner of my eye. Before he passed away we stopped talking and then he passed away. Anyways I was shy I saw him park at my next door neighbor i got off the car and I was walking back inside my house as I was I saw him walking to my front neighbors house as he walked there I saw him face to face and he smiled and winked at me I was shy so I walked in my house. I kept looking out the window hoping I’d see him but there was a van and I couldn’t see him anymore.. But I also remember some people working on the street and his dad was there too the crazy part is that months after he passed his dad passed away too.. I keep thinking about this dream. Thinking to myself what does it mean? He didn’t speake to me he just smiled and winked… When I woke up I thought it was real.. I felt calm and happy I saw him in my dream.. Can someone tell me what it means or if it has some kind of meaning or is it part of me that dreamt him because he passed away while back. I’d appreciate any ones response

  194. I was sleeping and I felt someone sit on the edge of my bed ,it was my Father trying to wake me he’s telling me wake up its time to get up and go to work and I could feel him sitting there and the bed moved from him getting up I wake up and sit up and he gone , but I feel rested and ready for my day. I guess he just decided I needed to wake up and go to work. But I felt the bed move.

  195. I started to have visitation dreams after one of my best friends had passed we we’re freshmen in highschool (2012) she came to an event at our old elementary school we were at my little brothers football practice and she just told me the Jesus let her come say her good byes and she kinda told me where she was hurt from the autopsy and we’ll it’s been 4years since her passing her mother lost her marbles and is now been gone for 3years now not sure where she went but she thought the FBI was after her and all these other things but recently after having no contact with her mother and barely any contact with her older brother she told me in this recent dream that she misses being here with us and to watch out for her brother make sure he was ok in the dream she was very calm it was like we were sitting out side my house like we used too when we were younger but I didn’t feel a sense of relief when I woke up I was worried about her brother I needed to know he was okay I messaged him on fb and got no reply I feel like I need to tell him she came to me in my dream but I don’t want to sound crazy after losing his little sister and his mother shortly after I don’t want him to shut me out either he is like my big brother also

  196. The night before my husband memorial service I was stressed about making it through taps and the presentation of the flag. I was sleeping when I felt my husband lying next to me holding my hand with his leg thrown across mine. I felt I had awaken knowing he was there but I kept my eyes closed so he wouldn’t leave. We laid together until I fell back asleep. I awoke feeling more relaxed and thinking I had his support to help me through. I will be hard to convince that he wasn’t there.

  197. I had a very strange dream last night and I hope someone can help me figure it out. A friend from school died a few years back in a car accident and unfortunately I could not go to his funeral. He was in th car dealership business. He came to me in a dream last night and we talked about a few things having a good laugh then I asked him about the accident. He told me he had no idea what happened bcz he was very careful with hs driving and that he too was still trying to figure it out, he went on to say that after the accident he has always felt so lost like his soul is not in the right place and asked me to help find him. I have no idea what that means and we are not even related

  198. I’m honestly not sure what it means but.. Not long after my Dad passed away. I dreamed several times that we were sitting on the couch. I was cuddled up next to him and his arm was around me. We were watching TV. It’s like I was viewing from behind the couch because all I could see were the back of our heads, yet, I couldn’t see anything on the TV screen. If anyone has any theories as to what this might mean, I am open to suggestions.

  199. Six years ago June 22, 2010 I lost my 16 year old son to suicide, never had a dream until last night, that’s why I’m on here researching, it was so real. This is how it went and this is me texting this to my youngest son who is now 17 After 6 years.. I had a dream abt Aynsley, I was sitting in a car in the court, a group of people were walking, someone walked up to the car, it was him, clear as day.. His hair was short, we went in the house, he sat down, I asked him why he hadn’t gotten ahold of me, he said “I dont want anyone to know I’m not dead” I have a warrant ma” Then I saw him talking to you, ya’ll were just sitting upstairs there were bunk beds he was on the top, u were in a chair, you looked just as u do now and he looked as he did when he had short hair, then I was downstairs he came down n said he was leaving, I think I told him be careful n I woke up, that messed me up, it was soooooo freaking clear.. It not only gave me peace and made me smile n she’d a few tears, it also has me so discombobulated right now.

  200. While my dad was in the hospital and was no longer having lucid moments I whispered in his ear to visit me in my dreams because I know that I have had several visitation dreams from loved ones throughout my life. He passed away almost 4 weeks ago and he has gone through great effort to visit me at least two times already. In the second visitation dream I was so lucid and he hugged me and I spoke to him and told him that I never thought I would get to hug him again. He just smiled and me and held me tightly. I miss him so much and I am having a really hard time coping with his loss however I know that he is still with me both spiritually and in my dreams.

  201. I was visited by my great grandmother. I felt so much guilt that she never met my son before her passing. She came about a year after she died to give me peace. I cried as she gave me comfort and reassurance. She told me how beautiful my son was and how proud she was. That visitation dream gave me comfort and the peace I needed. I haven’t seen her since, but I know she’s with me. We were close in life and we will be close in the afterlife as well.

  202. I had a dream about my brother who passed in January suddenly at 44. I have been so devastated about my brothers passing and often talk to him and ask him to let me know he’s ok. So I had a dream that he walked in the door I was so excited to see him I threw my hands in the air and screamed his name he told me I can’t stay but a few seconds. I said no and I ran to him I couldn’t hug him but I as able to Pat him on the chest. He was bigger then he ever was here and I think he was in white. He was carrying bags and but I never saw what was in them. He told me he was with God and I asked him what heaven was like and he said he couldn’t tell me. I begged him to tell me and he kept saying he couldn’t . Then he was gone. Was this a visitation dream or just my subconscious dying to see him..Im curious what everyone else things

  203. My little cousin Ja’Quan was murderd November 12th 2015 at the age of 21 in Baltimore Maryland. 3 or 4 days ago I finally had my first visitation dream with him in it. It felt so real almost too real that I had to wake myself up because I was kind of scared because it was my first visitation dream I’ve ever had in my life about my love ones. I’ve never in a million years had a visitation dream not even when my best friend passed away & he was 12 at the time. But to make a long story short. I was at my aunt old house (Ja’Quan’s Mother) & I kept seeing his spirit at her house like of him ironing his clothes. So I kept crying every time I went over there because I could see his spirit. His spirit then came to life (while sitting on the bed ironing his clothes) he hopped off the bed & told me cousin stop crying because he was here & he was okay. I feel like he was trying to tell me something because he said that he was okay & that he was here but I’ve been waiting for him to visit me in my dreams because I truly miss him & he finally did & im hoping he could visit me as much as he wants to & as much as I want him to.

    1. One last thing I forgot to mention he also touched me in my dream & I could feel him touching me while I was sleep like he was really here touching me.

  204. I had a dream last night about my mother who just passed away a few weeks ago and a friend who passed was in it as well.
    I dreamed my son and I where running away from some ok nevermind forcing us to go to school. Idk. Lol. Then I found a tree to climb and hide in. When we got to the top my friend who passed 5 yrs ago and I have talked to in dreams before showed up on a magic carpet to rescue us. We jumped on and I told him thank you and asked how he was doing. He said I have to show you something and took us to a parking lot where my mom was standing. She looked so good and almost glowing I don’t know how else to explain it. I don’t think she said anything more like a feeling. I hugged her told her I loved her and that I missed her so much. When I woke up it felt so real and just felt loved. But about an hour later I broke down and cried for about an hour. I think it helped with the healing so I am not sure if this was a visitation or a release dream???

  205. I don’t remember when it happened but I do remember how it happened and how I felt after I’d woken up. It was like a normal dream, I was back home, in Ecuador, surrounded by my family. I was reunited with my family after years of not seeing each other. And then there he was, standing there, looking at me. As I looked at him I was filled with joy, happiness, and every other emotion that could have rushed through me. No one can tell me that this was not real, I clearly remember him there, my grandfather, the one who passed 3 years ago. As i saw him, tears ran down my cheeks. He was smiling, that warm smile that only he showed me, that smile that I miss so much. He opened his arms to me, he was calling me to him, to hug him. As I started towards him I imagine myself reunited with him, once again in his arms. I was so close, his arms where not so far, I was so closed to being embraced in his arms again…but, before I got to his arms everything went into a blur and I woke up. The tears that had been running down my cheeks in the dreams were marked in my face. I woke up to loneliness and sadness. Before I could think of anything I started sobbing, tears rushed down my face, and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I missed his embrace, I missed him, I wanted to be with him again but I couldn’t. That one dream made me realize how much i missed him, it brought back memories that had been hidden in my mind. I remembered how he was to me, who he was the father that I never had, that even though he had physically left me, spiritually he would always be next to me. He is and will always remain to be my father, my granddaddy, and the reason to why I life. I miss him so much, no one can imagine how much I miss him. After that dream, I’ve had other dreams were he was , I felt him next to me, but once again when I try to approach him he disappears and I go back to tears…I can not wait till we are reunited.

  206. I had to immediately register for this site so I could leave a comment right now! An odd thing just happened. First of all, it is early in the morning and I was sitting here reading this website and drinking coffee. I was thinking about a few instances I’ve had with dead relatives visiting me in my dreams (I am sure this is a real phenomenon because it’s happened to me a few times!) Anyway, my 9-year-old daughter just came downstairs. She sat down next to me and without even noticing the website I’m reading, she said “I had the weirdest dream last night.” She went on to tell me that Helen Keller was in her dream, teaching her sign language. Helen told my daughter that she had recovered from deaf-blindness! (Yesterday my daughter and I had a conversation about Ms. Keller as she is reading her book in her class.) So, I do feel that Ms. Keller visited my daughter in her dream last night. Really cool!

  207. My oldest son keith passed away Dec 30 2016 at the age of 26, he would have been 27 on Jan 23 2916, it has been really hard on me. I had not yet had a dream of him yet, but one week ago, I had a dream with keith in it. It wasn’t a sad dream, and at the end of the dream, keith indicated to me that he had to go, I asked him not too..I wasn’t crying or upset, i told him he couldn’t go, but he said he had to, i said no he didnt, we still had to go camping, he just turned to me with his amazing smile and a glittery sparkle in his eyes, and gently said to me ” mum, I have to go, I have alot to do , so much to do, it’s ok..momma bear, you got this”, and as keith walked through the solid wood door, with beautiful etchings on it, into what seemed like clouds Keith slowly walked away from me and went from being 6’5 age 27 through all the years backwards down until he was a baby.
    I woke up and remember the entire dream, even tiny little details, but nothing about the dream desturbed me.
    When I told my mom about the dream, she had a similar dream the next morning as mine, keith was telling her he had to go because he had “so” much to do .
    Love you baby boy xxoo

  208. I had a dream of my friend I haven’t seen in three years, the last time we were together we were at restaurant having lunch and she was having a stroke while sitting at the table across from me, I suddenly got up and went to hold her; she started vomiting and said her head felt like it was going to explode, immediately I told the waiter to call 911. I never saw or heard from her again, nor did the family ever inform me of her situation. I was heart broken and disappointed, however; I knew my friend didn’t want me to see her in that condition, she was always a happy, perky, fun person, and that’s how I remembered her. She passed away two weeks ago and I had two dreams since she passed, both dreams were about her dancing, which she loved to do and she appears at my job both times. The weird part of this last dream is when another person appeared, which I haven’t seen in twenty years and died the same week as my friend, we all worked together at one point. The other woman said to me something about college, which I didn’t understand. I woke up curious and felt a sense of well being.

  209. I had a dream last night not sure what kind of dream it was. Clearly I’m going through a lot right now. So any help would be appreciated.

    So I was dreaming that my brother was leaving not sure where he was going but we were headed to the airport then all of a sudden he disappears like he didn’t show up first flight. Then my grandma who has been passed away for a year now showed up and was walking with me. I put my arm around her it was just like she didn’t speak like I just knew she wanted me to put my arm around her. And it was just peaceful . And in my dream I was wondering where my mom was if I see my grandma. Because delet. And in my dream I was wondering where my mom was if I see my grandma. Because my mom passed away seven months after my grandmother did. And in the dream I was like if I see my grandma why don’t I see my mom. Then all of a sudden my grandma leaves there was me it was bright in the room then I just woke up. But when I woke up I was scared or freaked out I just felt peaceful. Oh woke up I was scared or freaked out I just felt peaceful.

  210. I have had a dream about a person I never met for the past 3 years.. I thought it would stop after a while, but this person visits me every couple of months and the dreams make a total sense..from walking on the beach talking, to this person showing their interests to showing his family and friends.. even sending messages of things that this person disagreed about in regards to decisions i am making.. not sure why this is happening but i do feel a strange sense of peace when he visits.. I believe he has passed, I just get that sense .. I have even woke up crying one night for him and it just freaked me out. And I can’t get this person out of my head.. but once i think the dreams have stopped, I will have another dream about him.. whoever this person is.. he makes me feel calm. Just wished i could have known him. I feel crazy talking about it, because I have never told anyone.

  211. please help me to find the meaning for my dream. today morning i had a dream. i was walking on the road there was a person who have power to talk with died person’s soul.
    i noticed him and asked him ‘could you help me to talk with my dad who passed away when i was 3 years old’.(in 1996). he accepted and he called my dad. my dad came(only we could hear his voice couldn’t see him) and talked with him without any sad. When I called ‘dad’ ‘dad’ with mixture feeling of sadness,emotion and affection(since I was not with him much and I dint get dad’s affection carrying and missed him a lot), and he realized that it is my(daughter’s) voice, he started to worry and cry. I keep on calling him like ‘dad’ ‘dad’. But he could not reply me since his heart is full of worries. I could understand that he is crying because he passed way when I was 3 years and my 2 siblings were 6 years and 8 years and We and our mom struggled a lot without his accompany.( he is worrying that he could not be with us).and I could not continue my dream and woke up and I realised , in real I cried and there was tears in my eyes. My dad never came in to my dream in these 20 years. Really am worrying about this dream. How my dad feel now why he came into my dream. What he was trying to say. Please help me.

  212. I had a dream about my Step Dad –not your typical quick dream appearance, but it was an actual moment that made me question if it was a sign from him.

    We were getting ready to celebrate my Mom’s birthday and he was attempting to put together an EZ-Up –the tarp was red –which seemed strange since they typically are blue. BTW –this is probably completely irrelevant. Anyways, the rope used to hold down the tarp was tangled. He held the rope, flicked it and it magically unraveled. It seemed as if he wasn’t impressed with this, while I just sat there in complete “AWW..”

    He get’s ready to mount the tarp, and shortly after there’s a gush of wind that pushes it over. He immediately breaks down in complete frustration and grunts –but never says anything. I tell him, “Don’t be upset. Look!” as I let my Mom’s balloons go into the air. It didn’t seem to comfort him at all, he walked back into the house without saying a word.

    I felt as if he was trying to show me things he had learned in the Afterlife –which didn’t seem to appeal to him. I didn’t want to tell my Mom, but it felt like he was still longing to be here to celebrate these moments. His reactions to this occurrence and not being able to talk, made me feel like he was frustrated.

    I’ve heard that when loved ones die, they usually convey a message of being at peace. I felt as if he was communicating “frustration”. The dream felt so vivid that it keeps replaying in my head over and over.

    Can this be a true “Visitation Dream” or perhaps a different kind of dream?

  213. I had 2 strange dreams or something actually happening in a real not sure.
    in first dream, I heard voice of my dead father saying loudly stop now and then I saw him far away in a room when I tried to reach him I am pushed by some unknown force and my dream was over.

    Yesterday night around 2 pm I felt someone presence in my room and I saw my father sitting next to me. and suddenly I had a realization that he is dead then how come he is here. I had a sort of panic attack I tried to switch on lights but they were just flickering , then I tried calling one of my friend but no one picked the call. Then I saw my father standing next to a an open almirah door and when I tried reaching him my daughter pulled me back and it was all over. I woken up all shaken as my daughter told me that I was screaming so she woke me up but in my dream I had a feeling of choking and was unable to speak. Since then I was having horrible mood swing not feeling good , scared and could not sleep. I feel like as if his sprit is visited me and trying to take me with him.

  214. in 1996 my fiance shot himself. i was treated very badly by his family and was blamed for his death. i have had very few dreams about him and often thought it was because i was so angry for what he had put me through. i mourned but never sought counselling and i didnt grieve properly. early this morning i dreamt that i was on a bus and someone spoke about him on the bus saying that he was alive and lived in a certain building. i asked them to please take me to that building. i walked in and found him sitting there with some unknown faces. i was shocked and asked him why he didnt tell me he was still alive. he answered that i still had living to do. i was married to my current husband and had my kids in the dream. we kissed and he looked happy and i felt at that moment that i didnt want to leave his side. i knew my husband and kids were waiting for me somewhere but i didnt care. i cannot remember the end of the dream only that i wanted to stay with him.

  215. Last night I dreamed of my Husband that passed 2 years today! In this dream he came to me and asked me to watch over my sons. He also acknowledged how stressed I was. He stated “Kim” you look worn out please take care of yourself and stop stressing so much, you Re taking on to much responsibilities. He then asked me to take a walk with him. Afterwards we where on a boat! On that boat everyone was dressed nice. He lead me down to his room where he stayed, his room was set up nice and neat like he always keep our bedroom. I acknowledge how good he looked and stated Joey you look great! He said thanks, you guys shouldn’t worry about me much I’m fine. So then I said let me take a picture of you, he said ok! As I took the picture I acknowledge that my phone had lines across the screen. I stared at it and said wait let me take another one. This one was “white” the screen was blank. I was stuck! Then their was a knock on his cabin door, a man with a deep voice said it time she has to go he said ok!
    I said what’s wrong babe? He said you’ve got to go now! I said why I wanna stay with you he said it’s not your time yet you must leave now! He brought me up stairs where I was escorted by 2 men that put me on a tug boat. I cried and waved good bye and arrived in Columbia. I woke up and went straight for my phone. This dream was so real and helped me acknowledged that he’s always with me!

  216. I keep having dreams of my grandmother who passed away in November. My recent dream, I was at her funeral as I was viewing her she started to come to live, but then someone came and gave her a shot to put her back to sleep. I Know she passed away in the hospital I dont know what to think about this dream. I have had several dreams of her since she has passed and they all have to do with her funeral.

  217. had a dream last night of my aunt who passed away in 2010. in my dream she was sitting at a table with other people with her head down I saw her and went over and said scoot down so I can sit.. she moved a little never looking up at me.

  218. My mom passed in 2012 an since I’ve felt her presence I also have had numerous dreams of her an in all dream except for one our house looked the way it dead wen she was alive Once I saw her walk right by me an walk right through a wall an the other dreams she’s just there looking at me but not saying anything When she 1st died I was overcome with depression an I was cleaning out my parents closet which is now dads I could feel her energy there an took out one of my dads coat that went with slacks An when I reached into the inside pocket I found this charm that read Laugh I immediately bursts into tears cause Ik that was her Letting me know to laugh to pull myself out of depression an the last dream I had was last Friday Jan 26 I was sleeping in my dads newly remodeled bedroom an I dreamt my mom was present in this room an ready to lay down in this new bed An this was the very 1st dream I had that was present in the bedroom having all new stuff in it especially the bed So i told my dad that I believe mom is trying to let you know through me that she is with him I get goose bumps when dreams like this occur So tell me does anyone have dreams of persons who have passed an in dreams their present but don’t talk Help

  219. I have had numerous dreams with my dad and I have realized
    through out the years that he visits me. I have had him in one way or another relay messages, he has even visited another member of my family to get a message across to me and every single visit is vivid in my mind and I have not forgotten any of his visits. We talk, I huge him, and kiss him.
    In my toughest times he has been there giving me some type of sign or talking to me.

  220. I had a dream last night and I am not completely sure if it was a visitation or if was just a weird dream. My boyfriend’s sister was in a car wreck back in 2006, she was only 16 years old and the impact of the wreck killed her. She was riding with her best friend back from getting her hair done, when she was t-boned and killed on impact. Her best friend walked away without a bruise or bump. From what my boyfriend has told me about her she was the sweetest, most kind person and she lived a really great life. I never did get to meet her. I am only 18 and I think about her often, because her story is so powerful and she was close in age to me when she died. Last night I had a dream about her, she came to me and showed me pictures of her and her friends together, laughing and smiling. She told me how great her life had been on earth and that it was unfair that she was taken so suddenly. Then, out on no where she brought me to her dead body in her casket. She was talking to me while I looked at her body and it was very creepy. She said “Look, I am right here, forever staring at a blank wall.” (her dead eyes were wide open staring at the ceiling) Then I woke up suddenly and I was quiet frightened. I am not sure what it means but I know that I am scarred for life!

  221. My Dad passed away this past June. He had a surgery to remove his mesothelioma cancer and during the recovery of his successful surgery, he got pneumonia. He was in the hospital for months and eventually succumbed to antibiotic resistant pneumonia. I lived out of state and rushed home to be with him when he passed. I was so flustered and going on autopilot at the time, when I had said goodbye to him in the hospital (he was unresponsive) I didn’t get to say everything I had wanted to say. I know without a doubt my Dad is in Heaven. After a few weeks went bye, I was feeling like I just needed to say what I needed to say to him. So by myself in my living room, I told him all the things I wanted to say and figured, that if he was around he’d hear it. That night, I had a dream. It was very vivid. My Dad and Mom were coming into town and going to meet me and one of my client’s for dinner. The strange thing was, we would have all definitely met for dinner, but not with my client 🙂 and although it was supposed to be Mom and Dad in the dream, it was really me and my Dad. We sat in a restaurant setting. Then it was time to leave the restaurant. I heard my Dad clearly say, “I just wanted you to know that I love you and I am proud of you and your work.” Then he gave me the biggest hug I had ever received from him in my life. He was himself – not skinny and sick, my normal healthy Dad. Then I woke up – with tears in my eyes. I knew at that moment that must have really been my Dad – it was unlike any other dream I have ever had. I haven’t had any dreams like that since. I cherish it. It was wonderful.

  222. I dreamt about my deceased father in law. We hated each other. The dream was quick, he was welcoming in the dream, but i woke up out of breath and semi frightened.

  223. I’ve read all the comments hoping to find one similar to mine, to no avail.
    Backstory: while in high school I had a bf that I truly loved. I was 15-16 years of age. Things didnt work out between us but I still thought of him often. The last time we saw each other and talked it was 1984. Since then I’ve married (to a wonderful man) had children and recently had a grandson. In 2010, I found out that he had past away in 2003. I felt a great loss… Every since the day I learned of his passing , he comes to my dreams at least once a week. It’s been 5 years! What does this mean? In the dreams it’s like we’ve never been separated And we are on one adventure or another. The dreams are so real. I’ve tried to research the meaning, but I’m at a loss… Please help, is there something I can do or I’m not doing?? I’m happily married ! I just don’t understand why it’s so frequent ??

  224. Two days after a friend of mine passed I had a dream that she was healthy and well, she was walking which she hasn’t done for around two years, in this dream my friend was chatting with some others people kept telling me that my friend was here to say bye to me, however I rejected her and would not go as I was not ready to say yet. These people continued to dolled me whilst my friend stood and smiled at me. I woke up heart broken. Since then I have had further dreams but in these my friend has been unwell, in the wheelchair, for instance.

  225. This is just what I was looking for. My parents have been deceased since 2001 and 2004. I FREQUENTLY dream I’m an adult and am living with them again, I think due to hard times. I realize it’s time to move out of my parents home again, and I’m sort of sad, but ready to go. Last night, I can not recall the dream but the end was very sad sitting with my mom and I woke up terribly sad. Why do I KEEP having these? I am 58 years old and live with my husband of 21 years. Thank you for this website

  226. My mom passed away unexpectedly about three weeks ago. Exactly a week before her passing I dreamed that my brother passed away, I woke up and the grief felt so real. I knew I needed to go visit my parents and check whether everything is still okey. So I took off the friday and I went to visit, it was a lovely weekend with my son, my brother, my mother and father. All seemed well, so my mom got sick on the Sunday. Nothing unusual when she experienced a lot of stress. She suffered Addison’s disease and this incident has occurred so many times before in her dear life. She always bounced back, she was lively, healthy and always smiling. She was just a ray of sunshine. That wednesday, my mother passed away at lunch time. The weeks following on that, I felt numb, I could not get myself to grief. After her cremation and funeral service I started having dreams about my mother, they felt surreal, as if she was actually with me, no dreaming. We’d have a conversation, she even gave me a tip-off on a little soul ‘mis-carraige’ i’ve had quite few years ago and names her ‘cherise’, she assured me this little soul was fine and I never even knew the ‘gender’ of my baby. The last thing i’ve asked my mom with the last visit on the day of her funeral was, ‘mom, please take care of that tiny human being for me and tell it that I am sorry’. I think this was my mom’s way of ensuring me that all was indeed fine and well. This WAS indeed a visitation dream and I get them every second night.

  227. I had a very vivid dream night before last that I can not get out of my mind. In the dream a friend of mine who passed 4 years ago came to me telling me that she was with her son who passed away 3 years ago, and they were in a good place. She also told me that she was so proud of her daughter, and was always close by. In the dream I asked her how she was able to appear to me, and not others, she told me that it took a lot of energy to appear. We had been pretty close, she was my best friends wife, but they had divorced and we had stayed friends. There was nothing that we couldn’t tell each other. Even though nothing ever happened between the two of us and I am married I was still in love with her. She had a way of making me feel special, and we talked very often. In the dream she was telling me that at least now she can travel for free, and was visiting places that she had always wanted to go. Near the end of the dream she had me lie down next to her and hold her close and listen to her heart so I did. She had passed away from breast cancer, lung cancer, and ovarian cancer. While I was holding her she lifted her shirt and asked me if her breasts were still beautiful to which I said that they were, for the rest of the dream we just laid there and talked. I woke up feeling her presence. I woke up a couple of times during the dream, but each time I did go back to sleep the dream continued from where it left off. When I woke up I had this sense that she wanted me to tell her daughter that she was always there with her. I have never talked to her daughter since she was from her second marriage, and she had told me to go to her sons page and find her name and message her. I did what she said and sent her daughter the message I received. I told her that I didn’t want to upset her, but felt that I needed to get the message to her. Almost immediately I got a response back from her daughter and was told that it made her very happy because her mom knew how to pick her up when she was down. Once I got that message I got this sense of completion and ease of mind. I just can’t stop thinking about the dream. I tried to talk to my wife, but she never liked her because she flirted with me all of the time.

  228. Last night I dreamed I was talking to my cousin. He was sitting in a car. I casually asked him how things were going with his mom, my Aunt. Although I don’t remember his answer. I woke up and asked my husband ehat time it was. He told me 7 O’clock. I walked out of the bedroom and my daughter informed me that my Aunt had passed away at 6:31 that morning. I felt a real peace go over me.

    1. I’m 16 and my aunt passed away 10months ago now, when she first passed I had a dream with her in which she was very poorly more similar to how she looked when she passed, and later on I had a very realistic dream in which me and my cousin, were in some open place that looked beautiful and angelic and there she was sitting at a table having coffee and biscuits, for some reason she couldn’t see me but nor could others there, she looked healthy and so happy, I went to tell my cousin and the room was empty no one at all everyone had disappeared, I woke up and went to put some flowers with my aunt, and there was a cat sat by her grave, my aunt adored cats and this cat was friendly and when she saw me came up and allowed me to stroke her… all my other dreams I’ve forgotten yet I remember everything of this dream without even writing it down once… I want to believe this is her telling me she’s better and healthier than how she was here! But I get doubts every so often…

  229. A good friend of mine passed away due to a drug overdose a year ago. When I found out about his passing I was sad, then immediately angry at him. I hadn’t seen or spoke to him in a couple of years due to our lives growing apart, I had a family and he was still trying to live his life to the fullest, partying and doing his thing in the band he was in. I always knew about his struggles with drugs and addiction, but last I heard he was was clean and doing better. I had heard this only days before I received the news of his death. I was angry with him because of what his family and friends are now going to go through due to his wreckless decisions. He was strong, I had always known it, he just hadn’t figured it out, nor would he ever. I didn’t cry when he died, and I would not attent the funeral because of my resentment towards the whole situation. I did, however, go to the viewing and see him and his family. It broke my heart to see every body so sad due to his death and it made me more resentful. Over the past year I have let that resentment go and have cried more times then I can count because I miss him and I feel awful that I didn’t even go to his funeral. There for I did not get that closure that I needed. The other day he suddenly popped into my head and I cried. I wanted to hug him just one more time. Last night as I dreamt he also just appeared in my dream. It felt so real. He was there and I cried and hugged him hard and told him I missed him very much. I don’t remember what he said back, but I remember hearing his voice and I couldn’t be happier! But what I remember most was the hug. It was real, I know he visited me last night in my dreams!

  230. I know I had a visitation dream in the form of a phone call. My friend has been very ill with cancer. It was very real and I answered my phone. It was her asking me how I was, and I was so happy to hear her. She was so happy and she said Hi, how are you? she was laughing and I said, you sound so good! and I asked her how she was, I then started crying because I told her how much i missed her and it been so long. I remember her saying she just wanted to call. Today I received a phone call from her daughter telling me she had passed away early this morning. I know she called to say goodbye…

  231. My Bestfriend died about a year and a half ago! The night he died I had a visitation dream with him and he told me he loved me and he always would and to take care of myself that he would always be watching!!! But as weeks went passed he kept coming apologizing to be for killing himself and that he was sorry he hurt me! I couldn’t understand why but as I did some research I learned that he needed me to forgive him and to let go of him for him to be able to cross over! So I told him I forgive you and you can cross over I’m letting you go! I didn’t see him again…..then I was in a really bad car accident to the point they gave my parents the lowest percent chance of me living! The entire time he was there! I saw him in the ambulance when I was about to let go and he stood there with his arms cross and shaking his head at me telling me no he said that he knew I was strong and I was gonna fight and get through this! He was there with me I was in intensive care unit for a week and a half the doctors told me I had a angel looking out for me cause that was short time! After that I never saw him again! He was there to serve a purpose and I believe he saved my life! I know he’s always there and he’s not going anywhere but it’s nice to know I have my own guardian angel

  232. I had a dream last week, and for some reason all through out my dream i would see my grandmas face in crowds and in random places. Then finally I walked home and when I looked in the mirror my grandmother was standing behind me, when i turned around she wasn’t there anymore. But I felt good in my dream and felt good when I woke up. I felt like she was telling me she is always there and always watching over me. Then I realized my mom has been burning candles next to my grandmothers pictures and found out it was her birthday the day I had that dream. I thought that was peculiar.

  233. So this is the first time I have talked about this since it happened. One month to the day of my step mom’s death I had a dream where we were sitting on the beach together as if nothing was wrong. She had lost her battle with breast cancer so the visual of her body being I’ll and healthy was drastic. Before her death she was awake but in bed. She was lucid until she tumbled down the stairs accidentally. She was gone a week later. My dad had services in 2 states and everything went on beautifully but I wasn’t able to go to either.
    In the dream she sat with me at the beach as if we were having a family vacation. We started talking and she asked me about my life. Then suddenly everything got clearer and more crispy. She asked me what happened to her. She asked me how she died and what happened. I told her and she seemed shocked but OK. I tried to hold my self together for her because she didn’t need to see me upset. I woke up crying.

    2 months after that she came back to me. This time she was happy and understood what was going on. It was almost as if she grabbed a hold of my dream to talk to me and then placed me back. She specifically asked me about my dad. She wanted to know what he was doing because she couldn’t get through top him. I told her he was song the house and she asked me to stay close to him because she felt he was losing himself. And again I woke up crying.

    Final note…. I’m not worried about the crying. My fiance is Arabic and said crying after a dream is a good sign for the deceased. But I haven’t seen any one else post a comment with a questioning visitation dream.

  234. I’ve had various visitation dreams in my life. My first was when I was 16 and my granddad appeared before me and said, “I am OK. I will see you later.” That dream happened about two minutes after he actually died and before anyone had time to tell me. Two years ago, I dreamed of my grandmother. We were in a grand ballroom with people I recognized from my past and there was a great feast. I saw my grandmother’s wonderful smile and I could smell her perfume. The song, “Heaven, this must be heaven…” was playing. I remember, vividly, she walked over to me, grabbed my hand and asked me to dance. I looked into her sweet, brown eyes and twirled her around. I awoke to the smell of her perfume lingering in our bedroom. Just last night, I dreamed of my grandfather, again. In the dream I was with my teenage son and looked over his shoulder to see my “Pap.” Pap was smiling and walked over to me and whispered, “What is wrong, David?” I told him, ” My mind hurts.” He reached out and gently hugged me. He also pulled my son in on the hug. My hurt left, or was at least tempered. I gently awoke feeling like I wasn’t carrying the burden, alone.

  235. I am curious about a dream I had just last night and wondering if anyone can give me some insite. I usually don’t remember my dreams and when I do they tend to be vague and just pieces of the dream. But in this particular dream I remember being within a group of friends and seeing a girl from high school walking around with a big pregnant belly. Weird part is this girl died over 10 years ago in a car accident. I worked with her the summer she died, and we always talked about future nieces and nephews (we were both in high school so talking about our own kids was a ways away). Only connection I can make is a friend of mine (who was close to the deceased) is struggling with fertility issues currently. Any other view or advise would be handy. I’m tripped out that she would “visit” me in a dream

  236. I had a visitation dream this morning. My pet dog who passed two years ago came running into the room with my three other dogs happily barking and running around. At first I was surprised to see her. She jumped into my arms and looked at me the way she always did – full of love. She was not sick anymore but was well and whole again. I held her and we looked into each others eyes. I was so happy to see her and hold her again. Then she gently faded away.

    1. Another visitation dream I had – and a profound one – was about my father who died over 20 years ago. I ‘woke’ up and there was a spirit form by my bed, who asked me “Do you want to go?” I didn’t know what it meant but I knew it was safe and said yes. This spirit took me through a tunnel in space, traveling very fast, faster than light speed to a far distant space in the universe. I saw beautiful colors of stars and galaxies. I was a little afraid of the speed and the idea of my body dropping in space and turned to look back a few times. The spirit held onto me and moved faster. We suddenly came to a stop. Then I saw my father. Next to him was my brother who died when he was eight and I was four. There were other people standing with them on the line but I didn’t look at them. Behind and all around us were composite figures that I understood to be people, but could not see them or communicate with them. This was to show me that there are many others in this place, which I understood to be ‘heaven’ in the dream.

      The only person who communicated with me was my father, and this was done telepathically. My father was smiling and very happy. He looked his age before he died but completely healthy. He was healed physically, mentally and spiritually. This is significant to me because my father was chronically ill and this was how I knew him for most of my life. He let me know that he was healed now, and that he was fine. Also that my brother was with him. My brother did not speak to me; he just stood next to my Dad but was also smiling.

      The ‘spirit’ then took me back to my bed in a flash. I didn’t see the travel and the cosmic colors as I did on the way there. I felt intense joy and elation in a way that I have not experienced before. I cried but this was from joy and not sadness.

      I came away from this experience with the knowledge that when we die, we no longer have difficulties of the physical body to endure, along with the emotions of past upsets or experiences that we faced in life. This is a promise from God to us- that we will be healed in all ways physical, mental and spiritual.

  237. i had a dream with my grandma my sister was having a party and all of a sudden the door bell rings and i open the door and she there in the living flesh with her body and every thing i was so happy i hugged her and told her how she was and if shes ok where she is now and i tried to talk to her as fast as i could because i knew it was a dream and i was scared i was going to wake up and not finish talking to her but we talked for a long time and laughed and she told me how her kids were and to tell my dad to stop crying for her shes in a great place and i asked her for my grandpa and she said that hes doing things up there and hes busy but that he loves us and misses us and then she said that she was mad with my dad and i know why but thats something else but then all of a sudden while we were all happy and talking she changed and looked at me all crazy and started screaming he killed me he killed me and i was saying no no no and clossing my eyes and i started holding my brothers hand because i was scared and i woke up and i was creaped out and shes been comunicating with me ive had several dreams of her but usually she visits me once or 3 times a year but she allways asks for her kids and says at the end someone killed her and yeah she had someone that hated her alot because of personal stuff but we dont talk to that person anymore she was evil in so many ways that i never knew a human can be like this but i pray to god to protect us from her

  238. Two months ago my father passed away suddenly. I got a call from my grandfathers wife that there was something wrong with my dad and I told her to call 911 and she didnt, saying she didnt think he would go if they came, so they left him sitting in his car to go bring my grandfather. I drove down to where he was and called 911 on the way. it was about a 25 minute drive and i got there before rescue and found him dead in his car. it was very traumatic.
    Last night I dreamt about him as if he were still here. In my dream i knew he had passed but he didnt. we were sitting talking together and i started crying and saying “dad I am not ready for you to go.” He seemed confused and said he wasnt going anywhere and what was I talking about. I just told him how much I loved him and a lady appeared and he was talking about how he was fine except at night he was invisable. I put my hand on his heart and said “dad you had a heart attack and you are no longer with us” he said he felt fine and that he was still with me and looked sad and confused and then i woke up. i just wanted to go back to my dream and be with him. the strangest part was it didnt look at all like my dad but in my dream i knew it was him. i cant shake it. my grandfather passed a few weeks ago (his dad) and it has been a rough couple of months emotionally. in my dream we were working together or something and he paid me but it was only 75 cents and a knick knack or something and thats when i cried and said i dont care about money im just not ready to loose you.

  239. Just yesterday, I was taking a nap before work, in my truck. I was in a deep sleep. My dream was so realistic, i’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. I dreamed my deceased mother was calling my phone. In my dream i could see the exact surroundings that I would see if I were awake. My phone went off in my dream, the same ringtone had set for my mom when she would call. I have a different phone from when she was alive and no longer have that ringtone. Also, my phone is turned off at the moment. Well, I was asleep in my dream, and i woke up and grabbed my phone, confused because there was no way anyone could call me. As I said before, this felt very real. When I looked at the phone and saw it was my mom, I tried to answer it but I passed out from shock before I could press answer. I woke up crying. I have been going trough ALOT and I’m wondering if my mom is trying to give me a message. I miss her dearly and I wish I couldve answered her call.

  240. I have had a visitation dream from my grandfather he passed away in Sept 1994 my son just turned 2 yrs old. He only remembers him in pictures. Telling that to tell you this. It was around 2006, one night I was asleep in my bedroom and my grandfather stepped to the edge of my bed and placed his hand on my shoulder. I immediately awoke and sat up in the bed. I asked him what he was doing here and he replied “Just doing my nightly rounds and thought I would check on you.” He was dressed in a white linen summer outfit and a white sun hat. I asked him where he was going and he told me, he was headed out fishing. I know it was a real visitation from him cause he always went fishing either in wee hours of the morning or very late at night. So he told me that he well come by to check on me later. The next morning me and my son (14 yrs old) was headed to the local store and driving down the road he said mom if I tell you something you promise not to freak out. I told him I promised, so he said “I had a dream about PawPaw last night. “(that’s what they called my grandfather) I said really what was he doing. He said he was going fishing and just to stop by to check on us. I said “really that was cool.” Then I asked my son what was he wearing when you say him. My son replied, “White linen summer outfit with a white sun hat.” I almost teared up and I was trying to control myself. Then my son says “mama he told me to tell you that he loves you”. Then I asked my son what did he do next and he said he bent down kissed my forehead and said he was going to check on you then he was leaving.
    From this night I have only seen my grandfather one more time and this was a few nights after my dad passed away in 2010. I saw a glimpse in heaven my dad, his baby sister, his mama, and his dad were all sitting around a table laughing and drinking coffee together.
    I had such a wonderful relaxing morning. I was at peace and a little bit of excitement. I know my dad and my grandfather is watching over my family everday.

  241. Hell. Recently I had a visitation dream and it was a weird situation. It was my mom who is still alive but in the dream she had just died recently. So I had a dream inside of a dream if that makes sense. Can that happen? Anyway, in the dream I was hysterical and then when I finally calmed down I told my girl that I knew what R. Kelly meant in the ‘I wish’ song when he says, “i wish someday I would see you again” and the instant I said that she grabbed me and hugged me and I knew she was visiting me. I was smiling and at ease for the entire time she was hugging me, It smelled just like her and her skin felt so warm just like it always is. At the end i seen her face but she was sleeping. So I woke myself up immediately. And I felt weird 1) because my mom is still alive. 2) the thought of her dying scared me. I started crying because of the thought of her dying. I called my dad because I know my mom sleeps hard and I just needed him to tell me she was okay. And she was, she got on the phone and talked to me. Told me everything would be okay. She suggested it was my grandmother, my aunt, or cousin who has died. Said when God knows you are scared of The dead he sends a good favor like an angel for that person to try to ease you into seeing someone from your past that passed away. She said it was probably my grandma that came in her scent so that I wouldn’t be scared. But I’m just really confused. I don’t know. Has anyone ever had this happen?

  242. I had a crazy dream that has me worried. An old love committed suicide last week and I have been devastated due to the loss and our lack of closure. I invited him to visit me in a dream and not two minutes later, my dog came to the edge of my bed and began growling and whining. (She had never done anything like that before). After I fell asleep, I dreamed I was in my apartment and it was dark, when I went to turn on the lights a dark figure jumped out and began choking me. It was very vivid and felt very much like a visitation dream (I have had them in the past). The figure wasn’t my loved one because he was short and my loved one was very tall. It was terrifying. Is it possible that when I invited my loved one to visit me, someone else came through instead??? This was really scary.

  243. Ive just found this article after trying to find answers to why I keep having visitations about a passed on celebrity.I have had plenty of visitations from this person since they died, tragically, nearly two years ago. It’s always between in June and November, for the last year and a half.I understand why November, but not June.Anyway, last night I believe I had another visitation.It started off with seeing this person in front of me, clearly the most gorgeous blue eyes, and smiling, then this person appeared really young, younger than he was when he died.He usually appears allot younger for some reason, but he was like a fine wine better with age. Anyway, there were allot of fuzzy people about, the focus was on him, and we were standing at a car street racing event.all the colors, the expensive cars, the fans.He was no longer looking or talking my way, just going about his business looking at these cars.I started trying to take photos on my phone but it wouldn’t work properly.took a photo of this persons face, and the face in the photo was black, his face was burnt in the photo, and the photos kept coming out smoke on my phone. He first appeared older, before he died, and it was the eyes, the bright blue eyes, that caught my attention, and that smile.I was not a fan of this person in life,I think I saw 1 movie he made over 12 years ago.Not somebody I knew anything about, or thought about regularly.I believe this visitation was to show me parts of his younger life, his love of fast expensive cars, the racing scene, and a love that would eventually kill him.The purple car stood out,lll do a bit of research on finding this purple car.thanks for reading.

  244. I was very close to a man many years ago. We were both married to other people and therefore went our separate ways without staying in touch. Recently, after not having thought about him in quite some time, I wondered what happened to him. In googling his name and doing a bit of research, I found that he had passed away in 2006. I was totally floored by this news and have since thought about him off and on, although not usually before I go to bed. I’ve had visitation-type dreams about him several times. He always looks as he did when I knew him. These dreams are not physical in nature but are deeply tender with expressions of love and a desire to be together–something we never vocalized in real life.

    The first time I experienced one of these dreams was roughly around the time he died, although I didn’t know it at the time. There were no other dreams about him until after I found out he had passed away. These dreams are always pleasant and very vivid–not just a rerun of what took place while he was alive. Are these dreams just bitter-sweet nonsense regarding someone who may have been the love of my life? Or have I somehow opened a doorway for him to actually contact me? While I do take any possible meaning of these dreams with a grain of salt, I have to wonder if there’s more to it.

  245. Just recently I have had a dream of my little brothers dad. He died from suicide, and even though he wasn’t my biological dad I loved him like he was. Since my real dad was never around. I’m pretty positive it was a visitation dream.
    I was at his house in the back yard where he did it. Just sitting on the ground. There was nothing there no blood no body nothing. There was nothing at all. I sat there crying. After a few minutes of crying a hand rests on my shoulder. I turn to see who it is. And there he is standing behind me. (This isn’t my first visitation dream about him so I wasn’t all that surprised) I ask him what he is doing here. He doesn’t answer my question he just smiles. I haven’t seen that smile since 2009 before he died. Everything looked and felt so real. I hugged him hard not wanting to let go. And just like every time he visits me I ask the same question. “Why? Why did you do it?” But just like every time he answers the same reply. “Its what I thought was right at the time.” I shake my head “I don’t understand.. what was so wrong you wanted to do that?” I ask he doesn’t answer me and I’m a little upset with him. He smiles and tells me how pretty I’m getting to be. He says he’s been watching over me that he walks with me to my house to make sure I make it all right. He walks me inside his house. And we sit on his old bed. The last words he said was good bye and that I have to remember that he loves me. Then he disappeared.
    It’s been six years since his death. I miss him very much. I was only nine years old when he committed suicide. Now I’m fifteen and I want to make sure no one else decides to take there lives. That your life is worth living for. And that suicide may take away the pain for you but the pain you leave others will never go away.
    This dream felt so real when I woke up I immediately knew it was going to be a good day. But what I don’t get is what he is trying to tell me.

  246. Early hours this morning I experienced what I believe to be a visitation dream from my Father (Pop) who passed August 22nd – 2015, peacefully at home surrounded by family. The dream only lasted all of 10 seconds, if that. In my dream I was laying in bed, the room was dark. The foot of my bed faced the bedroom door. As I lay in bed I saw a figure wearing my Pops distinctive green jersey and white shoes walking past the open bedroom door. As the figure passed, the figure waved at me. In my dream I then sat up and although I was still dreaming I became very conscious (I think one calls this lucid dreaming?) and shouted, “Who is that?”… my mind reasoned how this could be as I know my Pop has passed. The same figure then walked past the bedroom door again, this time in the opposite direction, waving to me once again. Although I couldn’t see his face I knew it was my Pop. Immediately I woke, I sat up out of my bed. I felt so overwhelmed, I called out to him and began crying, sobbing crying. Because of the intensity of emotion I felt upon waking I began questioning, could this be a visitation dream? I wanted to continue the communication but because I was now awake I began writing to him, expressing my feelings toward him presenting himself to me in a dream form. And thanking him for his profound love. To anyone reading this, I feel your pain and suffering and may you find peace. Much love xxx

  247. March 11th I lost my sweet husband of 32 years suddenly. I’m having a terrible time adjusting to life without him and without his love. I have no idea who I am without him and just the thought of living the rest of my life without him bring tears that last for hours and hours. His love for God and all living things was something I have never seen in anyone. I admired him and because of it I became a softer person. A better woman. He always said ” God put enough love in my heart for everyone. ”
    I’m lost for many reasons, one being I thought I would still have a sense that he was still with me. I don’t. Just emptiness where my soul mate use to live.
    Every night I before I go to sleep I say ” I love you Biggin, I miss you. ..”. Last night I said those wprds, then repeated them only loud. I told him I missed his love and asked him to come see me, even if it was only in my dreams. Now, almost everything you wrote here tells me it was a visitation dream. All but a couple really and up until I asked out loud I haven’t had any dreams that I can remember. The dream was very real, like he’d never left. An everyday scene of the two of us in the living room with the tv on and our dog happily chewing on a rawhide stick. All was well but no words spoken until Bella ( our dog) sounded like she might be choking. We both leaned forward in our recliners and he said ” You alright gal? ” and she looked like she was all wiggly then resuming to chew. We both leaned back and the next thing I knew she was yelping and squealing and flopping around! My husband and I were trying to get up. He had had two major back surgeries and always struggled to get up. I got up but wasn’t able to move very fast. My husband yelled.” Oh God, getc her honey! Hurry! “. By the time I could she was limp. I can still feel her limp little body in my hands it seemed so real. She jerked a couple times while I was wiggling her and went limp again. She was dead. I could feel the rawhide stick inside her and figure it some how punctured her lung . Once I began to wake up and realize it was a dream I was so relieved and never in my 54 years have I ever been so happy to see an animal!
    I don’t know the message, I didn’t wake up panicked but not peaceful either and the only unrealistic part in the whole thing was my slow motion movement. You think it was a visitation dream? I hope it was. Even with the horrible ending, it was nice to have him in the house with me again and all I had to do was ask. Once.

  248. For the last 8 years since my dad’s stroke, I have taken care of both my parents. The day after Christmas 2014 my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. After my dad’s diagnosis my mom’s dementia progress rapidly. My dad made me promise to take care of mom if he passed first. That day came in June after another stroke. I was the one who found him just barely hanging on. 10 days after my dad passed my mom had a break from reality and is now in a nursing home. Every friday, I take her ribs, cause that’s what her and my dad use to do. On Sunday night my dad came to me in my dream and told me he knew I was taking care of mom and wanted to help and to look in mom’s pocketbook.. I wrote it off because I had striped my mom’s wallet and pocketbook of all the important stuff and put both in a dresser drawer. 2 nights later he came again and was a little upset that I had ignored him. He said I told you I want to help. Look in your moms wallet. Dig deep it’s from me. I went to hug him and he left. I woke up and went and looked in my mom’s wallet. To my surprise there was $120 in her wallet. I know I striped her wallet. There is no way I missed this. I can’t explain it. Has anyone else had an exprience like this.

  249. i take my dreams very seriously and for the past weeks i have been having recurring dreams about my father who has past away. In the dream he
    keeps getting hurt, the events and situation changes in the dream but he always
    gets hurt. i Have had visiting dreams before. They have always been pleasant
    and leaves me feeling peaceful and happy when i wake up. I am having trouble
    understanding this dream. what could it mean

  250. I had a dream, last night actually. About the kid that just passed away, caleb logan the youtuber. It’s weird bc i didn’t know anything about him until yesterday. Well in the dream he was making a cake, the room was white all white and the cake was a bit huge with some sort of wine color. People came to take a piece of cake, a small girl came as well. But then she started leaving. Caleb and I followed her, her mother was yelling at her to hurry and we told her to wait, we were going to give her a piece of cake. As caleb and I walked back to the house I stopped and said “I’m just waiting for you to do something.” Talking about him to prevent himself from dying. In the dream I knew what was going to happen. I started to cry, and he just smiled and hugged me. He said something which I can’t remember. But this is so weird and I can’t get him out of my head, idk. I feel like crying and I feel like everything relates to him.

  251. My 1st visitation dream was from my dad which happened right after he passed away in June of 1987. I was sleeping and had forgotten to set my alarm for work, then all of a sudden I heard his voice saying, “It’s time to wake up”. I don’t think I have ever had another visitation from him since then.
    Last night, I had a visitation dream from my daughter who just passed on Labor Day 9/7/15. She was in a car accident on 8/31/15 and had suffered a severe brain injury but everyday was improving but sadly passed on 9/7/15 according to the hospital from cardiac arythmia. (They really don’t know why she passed) Her head had entirely swelled and she was gone. The night before she died 9/6/15, she was laying in her hospital bed watching TV and she told me that the TV helped her relax. I felt she was in good hands and we kissed and we both said “I Love You”. And I left figuring I would see her the next morning but instead had received a called from the hospital. She was only 20 years old. This has been a very traumatic thing for me to go through and have been crying constantly for her. So last night, (in my dream) I was going to my bedroom and there she was laying in my bed watching TV (which she did a lot) she in fact had bright red lipstick on which she loved to wear, I called her by her name Sylvia (she did not seem to recognize the name) But then I remember kissing and hugging her. That is all I remember.

  252. I had an amazing yet very sad dream about my friend who died almost 3 years ago now. It felt so real it hurts, I was laying on my bed (in my dream) when she came over to see me, I got up and hugged her and said to her that I missed her very much and asked her to never leave me again, she told me that she never left. There was more to the dream, but that’s the only important part. I believe that people can come to you in your dream and that she clearly knew that just yesterday I was very upset thinking about her. She would be 18 this year… She was my best friend like a sister to me, I hope I have many more dreams to come about her miss her very much :'(

  253. Some amazing dreams. I had my first dream from my dad last night and he has been gone for 3 and a half years. Atleast I think it was a visitation dream. It was weird I don’t know where I was I do know that there were people sitting in chairs and he was sitting next to my mom but she was ignoring him and I was standing by a wall and seeing that he looked pained that she didn’t notice him I started to really cry, he got up walked over and put his arm around me, I was crying in my sleep and woke up from his touch I can’t remember if he said anything or not. I miss my dad a lot. Can this be a visitation dream. Could he be telling me someone in my family is going to be passing because the people were seated in chairs in a line.

  254. My grandmother passed aug. 8th 2015. I never dreamt of her till last night.
    In the dream i was getting my son dressed by my couch in my house. I looked up and she was standing by the TV smiling at us, i kept repeating “grandma”.
    But i felt like i could not breath. But i got up and walked towards her and she was still smiling looking into my eyes. And i i felt her arm then i just grabbed her and hugged her. I still couldnt breathe tho. But i felt everything i smelled everything. And i woke up catching my breath. Ive never had a visitation dream. I knew it was her saying her final goodbyes to me. I put her ashes in the ocean that night before i went to sleep too.

  255. I saw a dream that my grandmother sent my grandfather to me for last see off my grandfather come to me and said son live u life with happiness and they gone to there home, but when i wakeup i called him but he is absolutely fine. What is the meaning of this please reply

  256. I lost the love of my life 2 1/2 years ago. We were both married to other people when he died. I know he has visited me in my dreams since he died. The other night I had a dream where I saw him getting married to someone but I couldn’t see the face of the woman but he just kept looking at me. I don’t know what to make of it. I had this “dream” several nights ago and it has stayed with me. We didn’t say a word to each other in the dream. What do you make of this?

  257. September 1 2015 was the 14th anniversary of my great grandmother’s death. She was 104 when she passed and it was an unexpected death. My aunt mentioned her in Facebook post with photos of her in various ages set up in a collage. Well maybe a week later I dreamed of my great grandmother but at the time I thought I was just having a random conversation with a woman who looked to be in her early fifties with dark shoulder length hair and sort of reminded me of my mother, so we were related somehow. The crazy part was that our entire conversation was in Spanish! I don’t speak Spanish fluently but my abuelita, as all the great grandchildren called her, could only speak Spanish. I only relised the woman I was talking to in my dream was my great grandmother (abuelita) in the last couple of days after my birthday passed because my abuelita came to help my mom after I was born and remembered me vividly as an infant all the way up into old age when we would visit her. My mom is also named after my great grandmother. So it was the day after my 34th birthday my brain put the dream pieces together. In my dream my much younger great grandmother visited me, this is the first she ever visited me since her death. She spoke to me in Spanish and she was smiling and proud of me, she told me that my daughter (who is 3 and very feisty), is beautiful and she is happy for me that I have her. She asked me if i was happy in my life and I said that I was happy. All of this in Spanish. And I understood all of it. It felt good after waking up the next day and I was thinking about her a lot in the last week after my dream..maybe it is because I have several of her things that my mother left to me and I am proud to have those items and I want to pass them down to my daughter one day that my abuelita approved of my dicison to pass on her things…who knows. But if that was a visitation dream, it was pretty amazing.

  258. My father visited me in a dream about six months after he had passed away. In my dream, I was standing in a room and my Dad was standing beside a woman facing me and this woman had her hands clasped in front of her and she also had a smile on her face. She never changed her expression and watched me as Dad spoke to me (always smiling). I did not recognize the woman and she never spoke. Dad told me he was working on some wonderful art projects (he loved painting) and he was holding a painting up for me to see, but I can’t remember what it looked like. Dad was young and talkative in my visitation dream (he was a quiet man) and it was wonderful to see him so happy and busy with his art. He was telling me how busy he has been. Then he walked up to me after showing me his painting and said he had to go as there was so much to do and see. He gave me a big hug and said “I love you daughter” and I told him I loved him too. Then, I woke up! I had been grieving badly since my father had died, but after the dream I knew I wouldn’t grieve anymore. I miss dad, but I know he is in a great place and is not in pain any longer. The dream was so real and gave me peace as dad made sure to let me know he was okay.

  259. My sister passed away last year very unexpectedly. Since then I’ve had some dreams where she comes to me and in every single one of those dreams, without fail, I ask her if shes dead. When I first see her in the dream, I’m ecstatic but then after a while something suddenly seems to concern me and I become aware of her death and I ask her. She’s never surprised or gets angry at the question, but is always reluctant to answer. Then I wake up shortly after. The dreams are so vivid and feel so real. Is she visiting me?

  260. I once had a frightening dream about my father in law. He died related to drug use and an ruptured appendix that took most of his intestines. He survived the surgery but still had difficulty with drugs. He died of an apparent MI and my husband found him. Years later he came to me in a dream. I was at work and I saw him come up the hall trying to make eye contact. It made me so uneasy because I knew he had died. I ran away into the bathroom. He kept knocking on the door and saying “I just want to talk to you”. “No, I don’t want to talk to you, go away”. He then said ” ok, but please tell my son that I am sorry”. I then said, “you go tell him yourself”. He then said that he knew he wouldn’t listen if he tried. He finally went away. I don’t know why it frightened me so much. I almost feel bad that I treated him that way, but I was scared.

  261. i have lucid dreams often, where I am totally aware that I am in a dream state and its not real. My grandfather passed when I was 15. I have met and spoken with my deceased grandfather numerous times. The last dream I had of him, I was dreaming I was back in high school (20 + years ago) and was sitting with my friends in the cafeteria. When he walked up I immediately recognized that it was him and knew he had passed on. My friends each got up and walked away until we were alone. He hugged me and I told him I have missed him because it had been so long since I had seen him in another dream. He said he was sorry and that he had been very busy teaching the children, but he has always been near me. I don’t remember other details, but, I told my mother, his daughter, about the dream and sh began to cry. I thought it was because she dies not see him in her dreams, but she said to me that her father, in life, had wanted to be an elementary school teacher, but was unable to. She said he had a scholarship to play football for a state university, but instead had to stay home at the family farm to help take care of the farm and his other younger siblings. I had never know this. I feel he was telling me he is now fulfilling his life’s dream of teaching children and was happy.

    1. Recently my 13 yr old beagle passed over the rainbow bridge. He had gotten out of the yard with our younger beagle and was hit by a car. We found him and brought him to the vet for cremation so we could take him home. I cut a lock of his hair and wear it in a locket over my heart. The other night I had a dream about him. I saw him and knew it was a dream. He came to me as he always did and leaned up against my chest for a snuggle. I told him how much I miss him and love him. With his eyes he told me how much he loves me too and let me pet and kiss him. I could feel his soft rabbit like fur on my hands and face. He was really there. I feel he wanted me to know he is still with me and is ok. I look everyday at a painting I did of him a few years ago and think of him. I believe he knows how much he is still loved.

  262. Hello. I’ve had some very intense dreams. A friend of mine was murdered and tries to tell me what happened but I wake up. It happened at her wake (in the dream). Had that dream a few time’s.
    My ex that I haven’t seen in years comes to me in my dreams also. He does the same tries to tell me what happened and then I wake up. He was hit by a train in my town. I never get to find out exactly what happened. And I think they try to tell me but something is blocking it or me and that’s why I wake up.
    Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

  263. I didn’t have a dream about a person that I knew, but last night, I had a dream I was at my great grandmothers house and there were a couple different people there and we were trying to get some work done for something. I am in eighth grade, but have been studying vocals and music since I was nine and I am working towards being a singer as a career, and whatever work we were doing was for that. Anyways, I was getting really frustrated and saying things like “This dream of mine is never going to happen.” and “What’s the point?” and then someone was standing on the other side of the room, and was talking (I don’t remember what she said) and I looked up, then did a double take and started crying. It was Marilyn Monroe, one of the people I loved and looked up to (Don’t hate please). She leaned on the counter and smiled and I walked over to her in tears and hugged her and she hugged me back and she hugged me for a long, long time. Then she looked at me and said “I love you, Jade. Remember that. Keep going.” Then I woke up, a tear stained pillow and my face was wet from crying. I want to believe it was really her, but I am not sure…Also is it dangerous to ask dead people to come into your dreams?

  264. My father committed suicide 31 years ago. For at least 15 years I had very disturbing recurring dreams about him – all with the same theme. He always appeared as a homeless man, and led a very sad life. He did not recognize me. I would see him “on the streets” of the city I live in, in different places.. always the same theme.. I had this dream several times a week for all of those years. Then they stopped. I have always felt that the dreams stopped on the date that he was predestined to die – that he was a lost soul – in “purgatory” (or whatever term you might want to use) until that date. I just posted several other (more detailed) re-occurring, visitation, and sequential dreams but forgot to mention this one. My dream really affect my life..

  265. After my husband committed suicide at the age of 34 I had very complicated, detailed sequential dreams for around 6 years – almost nightly. Until I read this page, I had never heard of this term, though that is exactly the way I have always described these dreams. The inched their way forward, night to night, never exactly repeating themselves. To VERY basically describe – at first, I learned that he was really still alive, yet brain-damaged, and that this was being kept from me. As it went on, and he was apparently released to his parents, I saw him in their kitchen, through the window. For so long, I could not get to him, and, being brain-damaged, he did not remember to look for me. Later, it seemed he knew of my presence, but avoided being with me… this part went on, with differing scenarios, for years. Very disturbing. Very gradually, things changed, and he wanted to be with me, but it could not happen – years this went on in my dreams. He would try to be with me, then go away (oh, so simplified!). During this phase of the sequence of dreams I realized that these dreams were, in fact, sequential, and was able to anticipate what would happen next. Finally, I knew that when I had a particular dream, the dreams would finally stop. It happened, and they did stop. 6 years of this!

    For many, many years I had a visitation dream – the same dream every time. It was my beloved aunt, who was like a mother, who died when I was 9. An area in the woods, where we used to play, would gently light up, and she would appear. We would visit – just a feeling of love – and I always knew that she would leave, but that she would always come back to visit, so it did not disturb me. I probably had this dream for 15-20 years. Much later, just a few years ago, I visited the home where I grew up, and where these woods were beside our house. Amazingly, the woman who now lives there, without my mentioning this dream at all to her, asked if I had ever seen a light and presence at night out in those woods. She was hesitant to ask me that, but so happy when I told her about what I believed she had been seeing for years. It was all good!

    Now I am plagued with very vivid dreams about my beloved former in-laws (parents of my beloved husband who committed suicide). They were more like parents to me than my own parents – and were also great friends. They were killed TOGETHER in a car accident over 4 years ago. The dreams are not about death at all, but just vivid dreams of us being together, doing things together. I have them at least 4 nights a week for almost 5 years now. I miss them so. I just wish I would not constantly dream about them – instead of feeling good that I dreamed about them, I find it a very sad reminder.

    Dreams – what does it mean when you have such vivid dreams almost every night of your life – sometimes so realistic and mundane that you are not sure whether you dreamed something, or whether whatever it was really happened? I know most people do not dream like I do – and it does affect me, and always has. What does this mean??

  266. I had a dream last night / early this morning about my best friend that was killed in April and we were both happy we were at a job setting talking and laughing about his son playing football and how my son is playing football and then he turned and said to me I love you and I always will and from here on out just be happy!

  267. Had the craziest dream…
    I was outside my body looking down on me. It was dark and cold. I wasn’t looking the greatest. Then I all of this sudden blacked out. I soon opened my eyes and found myself at Grandma Wilber’s porch. She was down on the deck putting her feet in the water. I was standing next to the rain collector, when I looked up, she was waving me down to come next to her. It felt so real walking to her. I could feel the warmth of the sun touching my skin, the wind blowing through my hair, the grass and acorns I was stepping on. As I walked to her I felt myself stop a little, but I continued my way. I sat next to her. I had also put my feet in the water. Grandma had grabbed my hand and looked at me with her old eyes. When I looked at her she began to say something I couldn’t understand. It was muffled, like I had had water in my ear. Then I woke up… Sweating, tearing and somewhat panicking. It all moved too fast.

  268. This December will be the 10 year anniversary of the my college boyfriend passing. Over the last 10 years I have had several dreams about him- which I believe to be visitation dreams. Every time he visits we are aware of him being “gone”. Sometimes we just stare at each other, sometimes I’m asking where he has been, sometimes I smell his skin, and sometimes he gives me messages. I’ve never had a dream since he’s been gone that he didn’t pass away and that we made more memories and/or lived happily ever after. Each and every dream there is knowledge that he is gone and that we’re “spending time together”. Last night he shared something with me that made me feel a little anxious- he told me “don’t get in the car, just don’t get in the car to go to the hospital”- and he seemed to be in a hurry. This is the first time he actually spoke to me outside of discussing him being gone or how he feels about me. Thoughts?

  269. My father just recently passed away. ( July 30 2015 ) I have been having reoccurring dreams that I see him but he doesn’t recognize me. Most of the dreams occur in a setting that is uncharacteristic for him to be at. I’m very curious to know what this might mean. Thank you

  270. My grandfather past away about two years ago and i had been having vivid dreams involving him ever since but when i woke up i had a feeling the same as i get when i watch a horror movie rather than love and peace keep in Ind that i was 12 at that time. Is this normal?

  271. I had a dream of my mom she passed away in March in my dream we sat and talked while I sat in my bed and she said she needed to tell me something important and then I woke up and every time I fell asleep the dream would repeat itself and I would always wake up before she could tell me what she wanted to tell me. I don’t know what that means and I wish I knew why I kept waking up and what she wanted to tell me.

  272. Last night I had a dream about my father that has been dead for the past 2 years. My father past in a house fire. Never had I dram about him till yesterday. My vision was that I was at my moms present home and I was crying a lot kneeling down in the living room by the sofa and after crying a lot I raise up my head and I see my father in a sofa in the corner of the dinning room. I could see him burned from face as I got closer he became more clear like when he was young. in our conversation we discussed what was he doing there and he didn’t even know that he was dead. He looked so healthy, which he wasn’t when he passed he couldn’t walk was very weak that was one of the reasons he was not able to get up from bed during the fire. My concern during the conversation was how is the other side. Don’t know why I was so curious. Well he started telling me that it started that it was a man with a beard and that he would direct you to different areas or sides. I wish I would of finish hearing until my son woke me up… I wish we would of had a longer conversation it had been 2 years. (I cant remember if I was crying because something happen to my mother, but then my mother comes into the picture and she was suppose to be out of town at my sister house.) I hope that doesn’t mean something is going to happen to my mother.

  273. I’ve had visitation dreams ever since I can remember. My mom would tell me when I was about 3 or 4 ” just don’t be afraid ” One of my favorite visits was from my best friends husband. He passed away from non- Hogkins lymphoma. Soon after I had a visit, or I had visited him. I was in a hospital, but there were no ceilings. Just a very bright golden light. I opened the door to a room, and there get was (my friends husband). I remember being mad at him because he wasn’t sick looking at all. I told him ” you wait ….I’m telling Lisa you lied. Your not sick !” He said to me ” Tell Lisa I’m OK” I still insisted he lied to us all. I told my friend, and later that day she was talking to one of her sons friends. He had mentioned to her that her husband had made a comment about her weight. (Not in a good way) She was so mad! she told me that when they meet up again. (When she passes) She was going to let him have it….This became something she wasn’t going to let go of. For the next 5 years, there wasn’t a week that would go by without her bringing up how mad she was at him for saying that, and how he’s got it coming. Well unexpectedly Lisa had a stroke, and passed away. About a week later, I was woke up in bed by someone rubbing my back. I looked and it was her. So of course the first thing I asked her was did you tell him off?….did you give it to him? She looked at me and smiled with a very calm voice and said ” we don’t do that here”.

  274. I have many many dreams of my family that has passed, but the one that sticks out so clearly was a few ago my father in law passed away I was very close to him and my mother in law even after my marriage ended with there son. He passed away on March and his wife’s birthday sept and there wedding anniversary Oct – it was a few days before my mother in laws birthday the first year he had been gone and I dreamt he came to me to give me. Message for his wife. He wanted me to go to a specific store (bobs tobacco ) and buy a gift for Alice (his wife ) from him. He said it needed to have leaves on it and have gold. I woke up feeling very confused as to whether it was just a dream or a message – so I googled bobs tobacco and sure enough we had a store downtown. I went to find the store and the store was closed 🙁 so I decided to take a peak in the window and OMG on the window of this store that I didn’t even know existed there was a dark blue designer plate with gold trim and gold leaves. Well I went to work freaked right out and waited for the store to open I took my break and went right down to the store and bought the plate while I was at the counter I also seen a picture of wolves ( he loved wolves everything he collected was wolves ) in the back of the picture was gold leaves .. well I bought both lol I wasn’t taking any chances just in case it was an actual message. When I gave Alice her gifts I explained my dream a couple days before. She burst into tears and said that it was Ralph and he must have wanted me to get the gift to her. She told me they used to hold hands and walk by that store and go into to look around all the time, and that Ralph knew that fall was her most favourite season because she loves the beautiful gold coloured leaves that she can see (she is almost completely blind btw and can only see certain things.

    Now that is true love if it was an actual message from Ralph for her through me.

    Since that dream I have dreamt of my departed family so many times with messages for me and / or my family.
    I would love to know if these were real messages from them.. Makes me feel very peaceful to think I still have a connection with them.
    Or if they are just dreams

    1. I completely believe we receive messages from our loved ones. I see them too. I only wish I could remember every detail about the messages, but I seem to forget some of it.

  275. When I was 16 I met someone who had the most amazing impact on my life. I can say I truly loved him. We broke up before I turned 18!but had remained friends. I haven’t spoke to him in about a year, but learned he just died at the hands of someone else. We both had moved on in our lives, me married with a child, and him with his on and off relationships. After he passed I cried for hours and often thought of him throughout the day.. Last night in my dream he was right there. He hugged me, and we just talked for what seemed like hours. After he had left it showed me when I got married. it was the most amazing sense of calm I had ever experienced. I woke up feeling so at peace. I know I will always love him and cherish our memories together. He taught me what love is and I’ll never forget him. This dream gave me my sense of closure with him passing.

  276. My very close friend died a few weeks ago at 19. He had a lot of drug problems and he was very depressed. I felt very guilty after his death because I saw him the day he died and all though I hugged him and told him I loved him and so did others that day, it was not enough. However, I had a dream last night that I was canoeing in a river and I canoed right up to a group of people heading up the river. He was at the back of the pack. I shouted at them to wait and he turned around. He looked like he did when we first met, healthy and happy and clean. He was wearing bright clothes and he seemed very peaceful. I gave him a flower and I told him I felt very lost and alone and sad. He said something, I can’t remember what, all I know was that his voice was very calm and collected, unlike his voice when I knew him. He then hugged me and I cried for a long time. Then he turned around and continued down the river and I continued the dream and other things happened. I feel more sure but stil sad. I hope it was a visitation.

  277. I just had the most disturbing dream I think ever had. Thw dream went on all entire night. If i got up for a drink . Of water it would :continue on. It takes places somewhere i have never beeb. My dad is there. In all of my dreams I never know where I am or how I get there. So, the first thing that I remember that I am trying to sleep and he keeps yelling to wake me up. I am sleeping in a room, this room installs place that i have been before. I am woke up by him yelling my name very loudly “Angela”. When I wake up in the dream he starts by telling me, “I told you that I would haunt you. That you were never going to get away. I just started screaming and trying to run away. The next part I remember is he is trying to enter my body. I am yelling, NO NO you are not getting me. Then things in the room start flying around and he gets a crazy. Screaming and trying to get away. The next part of the dream is he trying to get into my body. I was tied up to a bed and it was like he was a demon. I woke up screaming. Right before woke up I felt something cold touch my arm. Is that possible? What does all this mean?

  278. I had a dream where my grand Ma came to me and showed her new room and said I will let be here now and I have everything , it was a room with white tiles on the floor and walls and the bed was made of tiles as well she showed me a garden from the rooms window , she said this is very comfortable place and I will stay here now I asked her to come with me she made me sit next to her on her bed as said its peaceful here , my wife woke me up and she was crying and said that grandma passed away . I was in another country when my grand Ma passed away and I was made aware of this after 3 days of her gone but she told me she is at peace at her new place before I got the news. I know this can’t be a coinsident it was my grandma who came in really and told me this as she wanted me to know she is not in pain. I know people don’t believe this as real but I know it was for real. I miss u dadima

  279. My ex boyfriend Ryan passed away may 8th of this year… He died of a drug overdose. I never got to tell him that I still care about him and love him… When I found out he passed my heart dropped and it felt like my whole world had ended, I traveled 5 hours on train to return back to my home town for the wake… It was traumatizing, seeing his life less body laying there, it just broke me. I was in love with him. Him and I had went through a lot with each other. People told me that saying goodbye to him at the casket would help with closure, but it didn’t… I wanted to say it directly to him. So now for the past month about, ive been having dreams of seeing him, I indentify with the fact that hes dead and its only his spirit… But in my dream I am the only one who can see/talk to him not even his family… Me and him talk and hangout but I always feel really confused in the dream, I don’t know why…. Also him and I will sometimes make love in the dream… I don’t know what to think of this dream… Someone have any experience in this area??

  280. My grandma passed away 2 years ago and the way it happened it was a very traumatic experience for my family. We were all very close to my grandma , specially my dad, his brother, his son and I.
    After she passed away my dad and uncle started drinking a lot more and things got really bad so I pushed them away and stopped talking to my dad and everyone from that side of the family. One night I had a dream where I was in my dads car and my grandma was outside the door but giving me her back and in front of her were my dad and uncle and I could just hear my grandma yelling at them and them feeling guilty and I could her name and try to open my door to hug her but it was like she couldn’t hear me and then I woke up crying.
    After a year and half I started talking to my dad and family again and I had another dream but in this one my grandma , my cousin and I were hiking and at the top she reached out and gave me a hand to get to the top and when I got up there she hugged me and told me she loved me and everything was going to be ok.

  281. I had a visitation dream of my grandfather 2 years after his death. Before he died he was in a wheelchair but in the dream he was walking perfectly fine. he was trying to tell me something but i couldn’t get close enough to hear what he was trying to tell me.

  282. I had a visitation dream 2 years after his death. Before he died he was in a wheelchair but in the dream he was walking perfectly fine. he was trying to tell me something but i couldn’t get close enough to hear what he was trying to tell me.

  283. I’m not sure if I’m actually having visitation dreams or not, or whether it’s just my mind’s way of processing things. A few days ago I learned that a boy (I’m 17) in my class at school had committed suicide. I was incredibly shocked at the news because he never seemed outwardly sad or unhappy but in fact seemed the opposite. However reading these comments has made me doubt whether its a visitation dream because it all seemed very real; his voice wa real and he was there wearing ordinary clothes and he looke fine and I even gave him a hug and he felt real, but in reality I barely knew him. I new to speak to yes, and I would always say hello but in my dream I felt very close to him and I just wanted to make him feel better because it was such a waste for him to die like that and it breaks my heart to know that he felt so alone that he had to do that.
    Just in need of some clarification or whether it’s just my brain dealing with it. Thanks.

  284. My mom died about 2 weeks ago, last night i had a dream that she was in a white room playing with my daughter. Then she told me to give her a hug, i did and she said she would always be here and i could come anytime i wanted to see her. It felt completly real, i could even feel the hug, then she started to fade and i woke up.

  285. In June, 2009 one of my older brothers passed away. He had been ill, but did not expect his death at that point…in fact he had just been released from the hospital. Two nights after his death and the evening before the funeral I dreamed that I was in a room alone, but suddenly was being backed into a corner by a figure coming toward me. As the figure came close to me I developed a great fear because I knew it was my brother that had just passed and just kept repeating over and over that it could not be so. As he came closer I could tell that his appearance was as he had been 20 years earlier and he looked wonderful. At that point I had reached the wall that I was backing into and he had reached his left hand out for me. As my fear began to lift, I really do not remember if I reached out for his hand, but he spoke and all he said was “Vicki, Everything is O.K.” and with that he was gone. I woke immediately feeling as though this was his way of telling me goodbye and to not worry about him at that point and for that matter, not to fear death. Those feelings flushed over me as to what the message truly was. As it turned out this was not only a comfort to me, but to his wife as well. I was able to give a eulogy at the funeral without any preparation time at all. I was asked to do so 10 minutes before the service. Usually it is difficult to remember dreams, but my memory of this is just as clear as if it happened last night.
    I’m assuming this is a visitation dream for real. Am I right?

  286. My Dad passed a month ago, very sudden, not sick, diagnosed of Liver Cancer on May 7th, 2015 and did not reach June 3rd appointment to
    start treatment, he passed away May 26th. Pain free as if he was going
    into a deep sleep, healthy, happy, family, hard-working, loving husband,
    father and grandfather. Never drank, no drugs, nothing, very sad to say
    my father was 66 with a family of 3 girls, leaving my little sister of 20. He
    was not ready to go, was very afraid, we were all there at the hospital
    at hospice still talking although sleeping, his blood pressure began to
    go down and once the priest gave his blessings at 6:04pm, my Dad gave his
    last slow breath at 6:12pm and he said his inner goodbye. My mother, my
    two sisters, his mother and aunt where next to his bed, I had step out site the room to talk to some when that happen and my brother in-law called me when I ran inside and threw myself into my father. I felt his soul go throw my body, I stayed hugging my father for 20 minutes could not believe
    what had happen why so soon. As prepared as I thought I was, I was angry,
    upset, I had been 20 days next to death bed, 2 days in the hospital with
    my sisters and in his last breath I was not next to him. The nurse told me
    I felt what is called “outer body departure” when the body shuts down, the
    soul departs from the body that can take seconds. I will never forget that
    moment, I prepared myself for a month spiritually, tried to mediate, I
    receive revelations through my dreams. Easter weekend I had a dream
    with my mother and grandmother that we were in a dark cemetery with
    iron doors in the entrance as I was walking in my grandmother that passed
    15 years ago says don’t step on any of the dead be respectful. The key to the dream was that my mother is still alive and I saw her but I hear from behind my grandmother that has passed. In our latin religion, dreaming
    with a loved one and dead one or ill is usually telling you the oppose is ill
    and the cemetery was the sign that my father’s death was very close. The
    iron doors are the doors of the cemetery where he was buried and the stepping on the buried dead meant illness to my father, the dream being
    at night meant the illness was not good which was “Cancer” stage 4 terminal. Last Friday June 26th made one month of his passing, my daughter had a dream the night before, my father came real in the dream
    to say to her in my mother’s room to her he misses us like crazy, she replied
    we love you and miss you too abuelo. I am in the hospital with my husband
    he had major brain surgery on the 13th of this month right after my father’s death. My Dad revealed as if he was not dead with me and my young sister
    in a clothing store he had opened and it seamed so real, I know it was because he was trying to tell me something, my father, husband and I worked in the business together for 15 years. He knows now we need
    him in the business and with my husband in the hospital I am left to run
    the business all alone. Love ones communicate through dreams, sometimes the dreams come to you before they actually happen, even
    when they seen crazy, they all have a mean and they do come true!

  287. I’m actually on this website for a friend who had a diseased
    loved one visit him in a dream. My friend really confided
    and trusted in me to help interpret his experience but the only truth from knowledge I could speak was that he had the dream because he was open to having it. I knew of visitation dreams, but couldn’t articulate on the subject.
    Thank you for creating a guide that helps identify just what kind of dream it really could have been…
    I will share with him the checklist you’ve made along with the notes he took when he awoke from his dream, then we can really sort it out.

  288. i have heard my dead bro since his b-day has passed i kept on hearing hellos and hi’s i think he is trying to communicate with his younger sister that’s all your not going ccrrraaaazyyy i promise

    1. In June, 2009 one of my older brothers passed away. He had been ill, but did not expect his death at that point…in fact he had just been released from the hospital. Two nights after his death and the evening before the funeral I dreamed that I was in a room alone, but suddenly was being backed into a corner by a figure coming toward me. As the figure came close to me I developed a great fear because I knew it was my brother that had just passed and just kept repeating over and over that it could not be so. As he came closer I could tell that his appearance was as he had been 20 years earlier and he looked wonderful. At that point I had reached the wall that I was backing into and he had reached his left hand out for me. As my fear began to lift, I really do not remember if I reached out for his hand, but he spoke and all he said was “Vicki, Everything is O.K.” and with that he was gone. I woke immediately feeling as though this was his way of telling me goodbye and to not worry about him at that point and for that matter, not to fear death. Those feelings flushed over me as to what the message truly was. As it turned out this was not only a comfort to me, but to his wife as well. I was able to give a eulogy at the funeral without any preparation time at all. I was asked to do so 10 minutes before the service. Usually it is difficult to remember dreams, but my memory of this is just as clear as if it happened last night.
      I’m assuming this is a visitation dream for real. Am I right?

  289. Ok im not sure what kind of dream mine was. So, my grammy passed away when I was 8, we were very close and she was my best friend. I took her death really hard. Now I am 19 and I have never had dreams with her in it till last night. In the dream I was my age now and in my backyard and we were having a family party for a reason I don’t know and I looked over and saw her sitting down talking and in my dream I knew she was dead in real life. I walked over to her and just sat on her lap and cried and told her I loved her. I even smelt her scent and everything and buried my face into her neck. It didn’t last long but when I woke up I was crying a little. Is that a visitation dream or just like a regular one?

  290. My mother passed away a little over two years ago, my dad is still alive though. I dreamt last night that I was looking at a baby picture of myself and all of a sudden both my parents appear in the picture, as they were when they were first married, very young. The weird part is that they were moving in the picture! I had a similar dream about my uncle that passed away 10 years ago. I was looking at a picture of him, and he started talking to me from the picture. Does anyone know what this means?

  291. On the night my old boyfriend died I dreamed of him. Before I even had found out of his passing. The dream sequence went on all night, I woke up 3 times and each time went right back into the dream. I remember him telling me he always loved me. When I awoke that morning I felt very peaceful and calm. I had been feeling very on edge and concerned about him as if I knew something was wrong.
    It was very overwhelming once I learned of his death.

  292. I myself have encountered what you call a Visitation Dream. I am 13 years old and I had never properly met my dad until about 7 years ago because for 5 years of my life my dad wasn’t around. Anyway, when I started to see my dad again, he told me that his dad (my granddad) had died when my dad was only 13 years old. Because I had only just met my dad, I didn’t know much at all about his family and this information was new to me. I had never seen a picture of any sort of my granddad, all I knew was that he had the same distinct facial features as my dad. Anyway, one night when I was about 6 or 7, I dreamt that I was lying down and next to me was a little blonde boy. I haven’t yet mentioned that I have a 6 year old brother and at the time of this dream, he wasn’t born and he has blonde hair too and is little so maybe this was a sign that a blonde little boy was going to come into my life. So there I was, cuddling and kissing this little boy (not in that way!) and I look up to the sky as it was a nice, sunny day and a cloud approached. In the clouds, was a man with mousy brown hair, and is a spitting image of my dad. I was quite startled to see this man watching over me in the dream and I said ‘Who are you?’ He replied ‘Don’t worry, it is just your granddad Michael’ and then it ended. It was so vivid and since then I have not been able to get this dream out of my head. I told my dad about the dream the next time I saw him and being so young I was oblivious to all this dream visitation business. My dad explained to me that the deceased could reach you in your dreams to pass on messages and simply communicate with you. He then asked me what my granddad looked like in the dream. I described the features and then my dad showed me a picture of my granddad. It was the same man in my dream. Could this just be a coincidence or could me dead grandfather have actually visited me in my dream now that he knew me and my dad were back on track, maybe he thought this was his chance to talk to me for the first time as I never knew of him beforehand? I guess I will never know. Considering I have never met you, RIP granddad and I hope you have the power to visit me again one day. I wish I could’ve had the chance to meet you, I love you very much <3 x x x x x x

  293. I have dreams about my best friend who passed away in March…and they arent always the best. But I know even in my dream shes passed away..

  294. My very dear friend and brother in law died recently, on Palm Sunday. We were best friends for thirty years. Last week I dreamt that he woke up after being dead several weeks. He was on a table, like at the coroners or something. He looked healthy and was smiling his beautiful contagious smile. I hugged him so hard and I still feel like I’ve really hugged him. I asked the Dr how could this be and he said its rare but it can happen. Something then woke me and I can’t stop feeling that there was more to it that I missed for waking. Its the only dream I’ve seen him in since he passed. I feel inside like I should understand what it meant but cannot grasp it. That’s very frustrating.

  295. Hello,

    My boyfriend died a month ago in a car accident. We had been seperated for four months and had just gotten back together. His death was sudden from a car accident. Imediately after his death some things came to light that he lied to me about and some of these things added salt to my already wounded heart. But what could I do but talk to him aloud about how I felt about what he did to me. So I had a dream that I went to Nates house and that he immediately started crying to me and sayinf that he is so sorry for hurting me and that he loves me and that I am his best friend to please forgive him for taking me for granted. It felt so real, I know that it was him and I woke up feeling peace in my heart. You see I questioned his love for me and he came to answer me.

  296. My earliest encounter with a visitation from someone who recently passed away was before my memory allows me to go. My mom and her mom told me about it. I was around one year old and I woke up saying, “Bob, Bob, Bob, etc.” and not ten minutes later my grandmother got a call that her best friend Bob had died.

    The one that really made me believe that these are real “visitations” and really try to open myself up is this.

    I was lucky enough to spend two weeks with my grandmother a month before she passed away. During that time together, she pointed to a ring that had been my great-great grandmothers. Her mother brought it with her to London when she escaped Nazi Germany. She said, “When I pass, this will be yours.”

    So a month later, I was in the middle of a lucid dream and it just stopped. I see an apparition of what I knew was my grandmother and feel a ring in my finger. I hear the words, “This is now yours.” As soon as she said that my mom woke me up to tell me my grandmother passed away.

    I kind of forgot about this “visitation dream” until we found out what she left us in the will. She left each grandchild a bit of money, and the only other thing she left to me was that ring.

    **side note**
    Two and a half years after her death, I traveled to London to visit my dad. It was my birthday, and he had gathered her purses and told me he had checked all the pockets but if I wanted any of them I could have a look. I picked out a beautiful little purse, reached in, and there was Happy Birthday confetti.

    If that isn’t her coming to me, I don’t know what is.

  297. I just did a Google search for ” I touched my loved ones hand in a dream and it felt real” which lead me to this site. When I was 16 I dated someone who had a major impact on my life. I was in love but it just didn’t work out with us but we remained friends. When I turned 18 I moved out of state and was gone for 2 1/2 years. During this time my friend/ex had a stroke and when I moved back I found out that he passed away due to complications. I was unable to attend the funeral and felt bad for a long time. It has been almost 11 years and last night I had a dream that I was in the hospital (not sure why) but I walk into a room and see a nurse sitting a desk filling out paper work. As soon as I enter the room the nurse turns around and smiles at me, and it was him! I felt the joy in my heart and reached out to him. As he got closer I said I miss you and he reached out and as he said I miss you too, his hand connected with mine. I felt the warmth and pressure of his touch and it was so real I immediately woke up and began to cry. I got down on my knees and prayed for his protection and thanked God for his many blessings, especially my senses. I will never forget that moment or the feeling.

    1. I’ve had 2 visitation dreams through out my life. But my dreams were a bit different from others. My cousin died when I was 16 and I’m 22 now. I’ve had her come to me in my dream. Though she was sobbing and telling me that she didn’t want to die. That she didn’t mean to. She told me to tell our family that she is sorry for passing. Kinda freaked me out. This dream is a couple years old but I still remember it as if I had this dream last night.
      When I was 11 years old my grandmother passed away. Around 2 years ago she came to me. I was much aware she was already dead. I even asked her how is she here how am I talking to her but she ignored my questions and got straight to why she came to me. She was sitting in her favorite seat in her kitchen. I remember seeing my uncle raking leaves in her back yard and her finally answering one of my questions. I asked what is uncle mike doing here since I knew he lived in California. She told me that he will be with her soon and that he will be next to go. Couple years later this passed January he passed away.

  298. I had a visitation dream from a very famous person (i dont want to mention who however). I got interested into his music and i just asked if i could meet him in dreams. After two nights he came to me. the dream was so real and also it later came true. A musician came to me and told me he visited me because he had the ability to, i asked him why he cared about me because he is so famous and i am not even such a big fan… He said it is not important how long i am his fan and that he just could reach me so he felt like taking to me. The dream was sooo real, a guy was staring into my eyes and i felt like totally squeezed in the corner so i can get his message clearly. Also, he said he will stay at my neighbor’s flat for seven days and after that he will go somewhere else. At first the part about my neighbor didnt make sense to me. Until…. seven days after the dream a woman from the flat a musician in my dream mentioned about died. I was in a deep shock… So again, before my sleep i asked the musician if we could meet one more time …. and two days later he came into my dream again. This time he didnt speak verbally and i totally got his message only by looking into his eyes which were more than alive… As i understood he said “yes, it is really me and i am nearby, however if you dont have an important reason to visit, better dont do that, however i am sending you huge love and i will always be nearby”. I felt such a loving and calming feeling in both dreams! And it felt so real… His eyes were amazing and his aura was so soothing… So i am sending him huge thanks and love also 🙂 I am so proud he visited me, it was a life changing experience.

  299. Hi, very recently I had a dream where I showing a very distant family member (senior) who passed away a few months ago a house that my husband I really want to buy. We are now awaiting bond approval. When I showing her the house in the dream (with all excitement), she didn’t seem too impressed. But that’s where the dream ended. I had a lot of respect for this lady and she did a lot for me during my very dark hours. Does this mean she came to tell me good news? Or was she just visiting to let me know that she cares? I was unable to go to her funeral.

  300. Hi, very recently I had a dream where I showing a very distant family member (senior) who passed away a few months ago a house that my husband I really want to buy. We are now awaiting bond approval. When I showing her the house in the dream (with all excitement), she didn’t seem too impressed. But that’s where the dream ended. I had a lot of respect for this lady and she did a lot for me during my very dark hours. Does this mean she came to tell me good news? Or was she just visiting to let me know that she cares? I was unable to go to her funeral.

  301. My grandparents came to me in my dream and asked me how they died so I told each one why they died and then they told me that heaven has been mentioning my name.

  302. My ex step dad committed suicide a few weeks ago. It was unexpected and we don’t know why he did it. (We still kept in touch even though they got divorced). In those few weeks I’ve had 2 dreams. I don’t know what deams they are.
    The first one was a bout a week after the incident. In my dream I was making into a dug out with my team (I play softball. He used tobbe my coach in little league). He comes out of the dug out to talk to me. It seems like his lips are moving but I don’t hear anything. Then I woke up because my boyfriend moved in his sleep. I got upset and started crying because I felt that he was really there but in reality he wasn’t. I felt that he was trying to tell me something important. Was he?
    The next dream I had this morning. I don’t know where the setting was but there was a lot of people and we were outside. So I have a 2 year old sister that I was watching play outside. I went to walk in this house looking ting when I heard my sister repeat something like an announcer said. And then said ‘dese nuts’ (from a new viral video going around) and me being 17, thought it was hilarious so I ran into the house thing to tell my mom what happened and as I’m telling her (she’s outside the doorway in her kneesblike she’s cleaning something up) I see Jeff(step dad) playing with my sister on his hands and knees chasing her and her laughing histarically running to me and hugging my leg. I look at Jeff he looks up at me and gives me the biggest smile. I smiled back and I think I waved. I was like is this real? Is he really here right now? And noticed my mom didn’t see him and I saw his foot go through my mom’s leg like a ghost would. And instantly started crying alerting my mom so she looked up at me and was like what’s wrong? I tried telling her while I was crying. And he disappeared. And then I woke up. by he way i knew it was Jeff who told my sister to say dese nuts because he’s mischievous like that. I woke up and started crying again. When I woke up though I had this feeling that he was trying to tell me watching over my sister or that my sister could see him in real life. Even though that’s not his daughter but he’s met her before. What do you think?

  303. I have a few questions about the visitation dreams. Recently 3 of my friends had died in a car crash, and Ive had a few dreams in the last 2 months,
    The first dream: my friend(the driver) who I’ve been friends with for 14 years, was sat in a car with me and I had asked him ‘how are you?’ And he replied ‘I’m fine! How are you?’ And I said I was fine but carried on to ask ‘are you sure you’re ok?’ And he was certain that he was ok, and then he hugged me and said ‘I lobe you’ and that was it, does anyone think this could have been him telling me he’s ok? Because this was a few days after he had passed away
    The second dream: my friend(the girl) was my friends girlfriend was sat in my house with me, and she was sat on my lap saying ‘I miss my mum and dad, I want to see my mum and dad’ and was crying, do you think this could have been a visitation?
    Also, the third friend hasn’t been in any of my dreams, do you think there is a reason for this?
    I would love for someone to reply and let me know what they think so I have some closure on my dreams.

  304. I think I may have had a visitation dream however I am not sure. My Grandad died in the early hours one morning about a month ago, it was a very long and tiring day that day and my emotions were very sporadic. That night it took a while to get to sleep but when i did it was a very deep sleep. I had a dream where my 2nd cousin came to me, my cousin died suddenly when I was 2 (18 years ago) and I have no memory of him. He was my Grandads nephew and was extremely close to my Dad and my Uncles (his 1st cousins). My cousin was jokingly described as “the 4th son” by my Nan and Grandad as he had taken it upon himself to move in as a teenager as he loved it in their house. When he came to me I can only remember seeing his face, which looked exactly like a picture of him that is in my Nan and Grandads house. When he spoke he sounded just like my Dad. He told me that my Grandad was with him now, and that he was fine, everything was going to be okay, and he was safe. I woke up with a sense of peace, that although he is gone he is still ‘around’ or ‘watching over’ like he hasn’t really left, only for the time being.That was a month ago now and I still have that feeling of calm about his passing, I feel protected. Im not sure if it was a visitation dream or if I was just dreaming about a situation I would like to happen, as I would love him to be safe and happy and having fun with my cousin as they were close.

  305. I have a brother who died in a car accident about 7 years ago now and I believe this dream probably happened a year ago(?). My family was over at my grandmothers house and as I arrived I walked through the front door and could hear everyone talking in the den. Which is basically an extra living room my dad added on to her house years ago. So I walk downstairs into the den and before I step into the room where everyone else is my brother is standing there and he doesn’t say anything at all. He just hugs me tight for a long time. Then after he hugs me he looks at me and we walk into the den and I sit with the family and talk. Then I woke up. I believe this was some sort of visitation/message because I didn’t grow up with this brother. We had different fathers and he was much older than me. I didn’t know him well and wasn’t very close with him as a result. Of course I loved him because he was my brother. But there really was no connection with us in this life. Also I was going through a horrible depression and I remember actually saying to myself before bed how badly I needed a hug and to be comforted. In my dream he was young and healthy and his embrace felt so real and I felt so much love and it made me feel like everything was going to be alright. I wish so badly to have another dream/visitation with him.

  306. i had a visitation from my dad a few times the first one with him was within a week he comes to tell me hes sorry and he loves me and hes crying and sitting on a bench the second dream is we are on the road together on the semi and were talking making jokes just having fun and it felt so real then my dream was over about 5 years later he came to me again. i was chasing my daughter through the park something caught my eye i looked to my right and seen my dad sitting on a bench in the park i stopped and ask him what are you doing he said waiting i said waiting on what and i had no answers my dream was over i haven’t dream of him sense then i miss him and wondering if hes ok is he trying to tell me anything what i want know is where is he and why is he still waiting.

  307. Hye, my ex-bf passed away 3months ago..we had a relationship about 8 years plus and at last broke up before he died. And i could not attend his funeral because of my family not allowed. And since from that day onwards, i always had a dream of him talk to me and chat with me. But most of my dream, he always wont talk but will write something anywhere and will show to me to read. And currently i had a dream that he chat with me and asked to come and meet him at his hometown as he is waiting for me there. And what is the answer for this dream please ?

  308. On boyfriend recently passed away on March 22, 2015 from kidney and heart failure. Two to three weeks after he passed I saw him standing in my hall way. I was sitting on my recliner as if I was waiting for him. When I saw him he didn’t look sick anymore but he was still wearing the same clothes he passed in. The girls were asleep in the couch and as he was walking to the couch to sit down all I could hear is him telling me about all my bad dreams I’ve been having lately. He also asked me what was I dreaming about but to me everything I’m going through now is like a bad dream. The dream felt so real but the minute he sat on the couch wit the girls I could see him talking to me but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. At that moment I felt that that was the only thing he could to see me because that was the time he passed away. What kind of dream was that.

  309. I have had many visitations from father who passed away when I was 20. He was my best friend in the whole world and I was his. Recently I’ve been having weird dreams about him that suggest that he’s not dead and when I see him face to face it’s really him but the connection that we share is distant as if it’s not him. These dreams upset me because we were so close. In these dreams I always mistake him as a stranger until I look up and then it dawns on me that he’s my father. I get extremely excited and always waiting for the right time to ask why did he allow me to believe that he was dead all these years but the right time never comes along. His visits are short, he’ll express his love by embracing me and telling me he loves me but he doesn’t have the sparkle in his eye the way he use to when he looks at me. I always try to leave with him to catch up on lost time but he won’t let me go with him there’s always an excuse or reason as to why I can’t go. This can’t be my father because my father would always let me go with him. My father never told me no. I’m so confused by these dreams!

  310. What if the person appears ill at first, but then magically goes back to the way you remember them? I had a dream about my grandma that I’m pretty sure was a visitation dream. At first she was lying in bed and looked ill, but when I came into the room and started talking to her she instantly got up and became the grandma that I remember. She told me she loved me, and it felt very real. If you think that was still a real visitation dream?

  311. My Mom suffered from brain tumors for 12 years and in late 2013 we learned that she was not going to live past 6 months. We were thankful to have my Mom 14.5 months. My Mom died on March 17, 2015. On March 16th, I was so depressed and wondering if I could go on seeing her go through the Hospice process of dying. That night, I could not get to sleep, so at 2:00 am I started saying the rosary to make myself go to sleep. That night I had a visitation dream. I was sitting beside her Hospice provided bed holding her hand, and I looked at the end of the bed where she way laying, and she was sitting on the corner of the bed looking beautiful. She looked like she did in the last 70’s, hair perfect, blue eyeshadow perfect, and wearing a light color of some sort. She said to me smiling…. “It is all okay.. you will be okay… don’t worry”. The next morning (March 17th), I woke up feeling odd and told my aunt what happened…. she said – your Mom visited you last night. I had never heard of something like this before. Now that I read your article, I truly believe it was a visitation dream. She died at 2:36 pm and I felt that she was at peace. There were several other things that happened over the month I was at home with her going through the dying process and even a few things happened after she passed. To me, March 17th is the luckiest day of the year even though Mom died…. because, on the 17th I finally knew she was not sick anymore and that she was happy.

  312. what does it mean to dream your brother who past away 5 years ago telling you that he is tired and wants to go home? He was killed by someone idk if it means that he cant rest until that someone gets justice for what he did to him. Please help. What do i do?

  313. I had just gone to sleep at around 7:30 and had dreamed about a friend that I had been involved with romantically many years ago. We never had a steady relationship because the timing was never right. But I have always had strong feelings for him. In my dream he was trying to take me with him but his best friend that had passed away several years ago kept saying no she can’t go with you. The next day I found out that my friend had died in a car accident around 8:30. Do you think he was trying to communicate with me.

  314. I had what I believe is my first ever visitation dream 4 nights ago. It’s taking me a few days to figure out what it was with a little research. But mine is a little strange.

    It was my cousin Jeff who I was really close when we were growing up and I moved away when I was 9 or 10 and didn’t see him much after that maybe when we would visit in the summer but the older I got I wouldn’t go visit. He got sick when he was 19 and past away when he was 24. My dream was me grown up how I am now but he still looked the same and we went down to visit family and he came walking in and he gave me the biggest hug ever and we just hugged for what seemed like an hour, then he left and I was at a cookout with my family and every was laughing and dancing and he came back and I told him I missed him and I woke up. It’s been 20+ years since he passed and I don’t know why he came, but I remember after waking up that I felt calm but a little sad. I still feel that hug and maybe that’s what I needed. Wish I knew why he came I haven’t thought about him in a very long time.

  315. Thank you for this information it was really helpful to me. My brother Dion passed away in 2008, while I was 3 months pregnant with my first child who I named after him Kaleah-Dee ( I always called him Dee ). Since then I’ve had 3 more children, my baby is 5 months old and recently I had a dream of walking with my girls home crossing a road walking up stairs to find a policeman sitting waiting for me unsure why the policeman was at my house waiting so I handed my baby boy to a friend told hold while I got my keys out to unlock the door. I’m in a house that in real life I don’t recognize. the front door was open so I thought oh my partner must be home! Walking in the house and through to the kitchen to find my brother washing dishes at the sink. I said oh my god I have missed you so much and cuddled him telling him i loved him, I said” Dion you have to meet your nephew” and he never said a word but he had this cheeky grin on his face looking back at me as if to say I’ve already met him!!! I woke up so happy and while i was hugging him in my dream it felt so real. I will never forget this dream I woundered if this was a message or a sign and you information made it clear to me now thankyou very much 🙂

  316. I had a dream of me sitting in a recreation hall talking to some people .I looked up there were 2 sets of slidding glass doors .My husband who passed 9/17/14 was trying to get out the doors .I told him to try the other door ,he did then turned and smiled at me went through the door ,he started running then dropped to his knees after about 50 ft.I started to run to him woke before reaching him.

  317. I had a dream last night that i saw and spoke to my grandfather. I’am 70 years old and my grandfather passed away when i was 5 years old . I have never that i could remember dreamed of my grandfather before.. I have of my mom and grandmother and other relatives, but never my grandfather whom i dearly love even tho i never really new him. In my dream i walked up to him and said “Grandpa” and hugged him. In my dreamed i noticed i was young like i was when he was alive. The next day he died and i was speaking to my aunt who has also past away, telling her that i saw him and spoke to him. When i woke up i felt a love and peace that maybe they are letting me know that when it is my time to go they will all be waiting for me. I’m not afraid of dying. But i’am hoping when i do die they will all be there for me…

  318. Hi. I had a dream last year about my grandfather. He was in the hospital in a coma and the doctors were telling us he was brain dead. The day beforewe let him go he came to me in a dream saying “let me go; everything will be okay tell your mother that i love her so much” and walked up to this giant white gate and he looked back at me and nodded his head. I wanted to know if this was a release dream or not. I really hope you reply back i really need an answer. I always look back on that day and ask myself if it was real or if i… Just made a bad desition telling my mom before we cut him loose. Please reply i need an answer.thank you.

  319. My mom recently passed, last night I had a dream that she called me from her phone. It was garbled and kept cutting out, I kept saying hello, and after a few attempts I heard my mom. I don’t recall what she said, but it was only one word and she was crying. I started yelling and told her I needed more. the phone went dead, and I dropped to the ground and cried super hard.

  320. Just woke up today and had a dream I was listening to Karen Carpenter, who died in 1973. I was born in 1970. I even woke up with a specific song she sang! And in the dream she was alive??

  321. My mom passed away a year and 3 months now. A week before her 1 year death anniversary, I saw her in my dream. In a church, that all of my relatives wear all white. She look so alive in that dream. She talk to me and said,” every time you visit me I will give you a letter and strands of my hair”._.. I’m just curious until now the meaning of what she said. Can you please help me interpret bout the meaning of she said? Please? Thank you.

  322. I had two visitation dreams. One was about my aborted sister (she would’ve been about 8 years older than me). My living sister and I were in this “space” (I call it a space because I don’t know where it was. It was just a peaceful non descriptive environment), and we met our aborted sister. She looked older than a baby would, between the ages of 15 & 20. We hugged each other. We were so ecstatic to meet her that when I woke up (unfortunately my brother called me on the phone in real life and interrupted my dream), I felt like crying from joy. I didn’t realize who my sister was until I told my living sister about my dream. I was like “I had a dream we met our other sister, but I know we don’t have one”. That’s when my sister was like “That was our sister that was aborted before you were born”. I REALLY knew it was a visitation when I told my mom about the dream, and she said paused and told me that the same night, she heard a voice tell her “*Giggle* Mommy, I’m ok. It’s alright, now. I made it Mommy, I made it! They call me (name here)! I’m so happy, now! I love you.”

    The other dream was about one of my great grandmothers, who I never met. She was trying to tell me where my grandfather’s favorite knife was. She would use it for various things around the farm after he died. She showed me where the knife was–stuck in a piece of wood and stashed inside a locked drawer.

  323. I had two visitation dreams. One was about my aborted sister (she would’ve been about 8 years older than me). My living sister and I were in this “space” (I call it a space because I don’t know where it was. It was just a peaceful non descriptive environment), and we met our aborted sister. She looked older than a baby would, between the ages of 15 & 20. We hugged each other. We were so ecstatic to meet her that when I woke up (unfortunately my brother called me on the phone in real life and interrupted my dream), I felt like crying from joy. I didn’t realize who my sister was until I told my living sister about my dream. I was like “I had a dream we met our other sister, but I know we don’t have one”. That’s when my sister was like “That was our sister that was aborted before you were born”. I REALLY knew it was a visitation when I told my mom about the dream, and she said paused and told me that the same night, she heard a voice tell her “*Giggle* Mommy, I’m ok. It’s alright, now. I made it Mommy, I made it! They call me (name here)! I’m so happy, now! I love you.”

    The other dream was about one of my great grandmothers, who I never met. She was trying to tell me where my grandfather’s favorite knife was. She would use it for various things around the farm after he died. She showed me where it was–stuck in a piece of wood and stashed inside a locked drawer.

  324. I went to bed as normal and was lying in bed, don’t even remember falling asleep so don’t know if I was asleep or awake when this happened to me.
    The end of the bed went down at my feet asif someone had sat down, I was very nervous about this and then all of a sudden I felt the matteress go down behind me and I felt an arm come over me asif someone was cuddling me,At This point I was frightened to death so I clenched my eyes shut and was saying Go Away you’re scaring me,what’s going on. The feeling was still there so I reached out and felt an arm that was over me,which was skinny and also felt a face with stubble on it. I was terrified and couldn’t help but to open my eyes to see a black shadow of a mans face side on and seen what looked like a quiff that had fell over to one side as there head was leaning to one side, this has frightened me and even got to the point I’m scared of being alone in the house and scared to get in my own bed incase it happens again. My dad passed away 5 years ago and also lost my son that died at 14hours old,the more I think about this the more scared I’m getting and it’s not good because I’ve never experienced anything like this before and don’t understand what’s going on and if I was awake or not, Can someone help me and reassure me. Thank you

  325. I think I have just had a visitation dream from my dad, it felt so real and in it he told me to “be happy” which does make sense because I have been very stressed lately and i sat thinking about my dad last night before I went to bed, have been thinking a lot about him recently and do really appreciate him coming to visit me xxx

  326. My husband passed away April 2014, I had a dream the other night that I seen his face and he was his younger self and he gave me a kiss on the lips and he had such a peaceful look on his face..I felt so at peace with myself…What does it mean?/

  327. I made plans to meet an old friend for lunch. His wife died several years ago, she was a dear friend of my husband who recently died also. I had one of my vivid dreams of my husband and It felt like I was awake when my friends wife came in sight and said say hi to my husband for me! It felt so real. Maybe they are together as when they were young?

  328. My daughter had a dream with my father, who pass away two years ago, where he was sitting on a chair, he did not say a word, but there was a very bright light behind him. She said he was not sad, but he was just sitting in the chair like he would when he was alive and in his home.

  329. I lost my husband a year ago and can’t seem to get used to not having him here. We had a great marriage and I know I am lucky to have had him in my life for some 55 years, but still feel like my purpose for living also died along with him. I recently have had several visitation dreams in which he is either hugging me and consoling me or telling me thing will be okay. In my first vivid dream he told me he should have taken better care of himself so we could be together longer. He died at home after a long battle with cancer, with his family around him. I know he misses all of us and hope this is his way of letting us know he’s okay and we will be together again.

  330. I have had a couple of visitation dreams where I was visited by my pet dog who died a couple of years ago. She was over 16 years old when she died and very sick at the end. Both times the visitation was exactly the same. She came through a door from which I could see a blinding white light shining behind it. The door then closes and she is sitting in front of me looking the picture of health. I stroke and cuddle her and smother her with kisses and she seems so happy to be there and I am filled with so much joy at seeing her again. After a while she leaves through the same door again and I am not aware of anything more until I wake up. When I wake up I feel so peaceful and glad to have seen her again. It makes me smile for the rest of the day. It seems so real, like she is really there. I still love her so much and I am happy to know that she can still visit me from time to time so we are never apart.

  331. My brother committed suicide back in 2010 and all my siblings had very scary dreams about him. I was scared to dream about him after their experiences and expressed my fears to my dad. He told me that my brother loved me and not to fear him. I had a dream about him about a month after his death and it was so comforting. It was bright and sunny and he had on orange sunglasses and he was dancing. He told me he was getting on a train and then I woke up. I lost a lot of my memory after he died from the trauma after it, so I don’t totally recall everything he said to me, just that I felt really good after I woke up.

    In August, I had another dream about him, this one much longer and vivid. I was grateful. We were at the last house he lived at with us before his death and we went to a bonfire together. I was scared because there was drinking and I wasn’t used to that kind of atmosphere, so I stuck close to him and he made me feel safe. In my dream, it took me a few seconds to realize that he shouldn’t be at the bonfire because he had died, but once I remembered I just wanted to not think about his death and ask questions. I just wanted to enjoy his company. I made a new memory with him even after his death and I enjoyed that dream very much. It was as if everything was back to normal and it made me remember the way he talked and laughed and the phrases he liked to use.

    I don’t really care to analyze my dreams and wonder if they have any meaning. I’m okay with it just being my subconscious’ way of dealing with my feelings, now five years later. I never really grieved. I’d like to think that Dalton really is able to visit me in my dreams, but I wonder why he’s only done it twice in five years?

  332. In the very early morning of Sunday Feb 8, 2015, I think I had a visitation dream from my brother-in -law, who was murdered on Feb. 11, 2013.

    The dream was very clear. I was kneeling over my husband, who had just passed away in my dream. I was asking my brother-in -law for help, not to take my husband from this world and allow him to stay with me. My brother-in-law told me that he could not help me, but for me to know that my husband will be find and be with him.

    This dream has certainly cause me to me worry a bit. Was it a sign from my bother-in-law, that my husband will soon pass away or was it another message.

    If there is any way that someone can help me to understand this message, I would very much appreciate it. I have been crying now for two days, checking on my husband in the middle of the night. Talking to my brother-in-law when no one is around. I feel like I’m going crazy.

    Please help.

  333. I had a dream about my grandma “gingi” it was real but strange at the same time, she was well but I didn’t know if I was imagining her, so I asked someone if they could see her sitting there, they indeed could, I remember hugging her and feeling her soft wrinkled hands and not wanting her to leave, I was frantically trying to find my 2 sisters so they could see her, my oldest sis was asleep and said she couldn’t because she had to get up early and I could only find my other sisters 2 daughters, gingi was riding a horse and I remember seeing their hooves from under the fence, I also told her she has been dead for longer than what I knew her and she said yes, you are right it has . I miss that woman terribly and wish I could see her in my dreams more and can’t wait until we meet again

  334. I’ve had 4 visitation dreams
    1. My father passed away unexpectedly in 2001. I had not seen him in a few years. The night I finallly processed his death I had a dream he was sitting on the edge of the bed apologizing for everything. Left us abruptly and never gave a reason why in 1978.
    2. My gramma passed in 07 from cancer She too came to me in my room and said she loved me forever and is still here for me
    3. My high school friend died by suicide in 2014. He came in a dream to tell me to eat the corned beef he would be right back and not to leave. I ate the corned beef in my dream and waited and waited he never came back I hate corned beef
    4. My friend just passed yesterday. We learned on Thursday evening she was not going to make it though the night. That night I woke up out of a sound sleep thinking she had walked in our bedroom and flew out the window. She died at 1123 a m the next morning.
    Comment suggestions concerns. PleAse

  335. I sincerely believe I had a visitation dream from my Grandma who passed away May 2006, the same day my cousin got married. It had been 6 months since she passed and I was afraid of her coming to see me so I slept with the light on, thinking that would help. I was walking towards some steps and up to wall that blocked my view until I reached the top. The steps were few. I saw her coming and immediately started to cry and tell her,”Oh Grandma, I miss you. I miss you so much.” She looked at me and said, “Stop that crying, Gal.” I asked her what was she doing, (in my head trying to figure out why she was there). She told me, “Oh, I’m just resting in the Lord.” From that night on, I felt such a peace and didn’t need to sleep with the light on anymore.

  336. I’ve been having visitation dreams from dead relatives and friends. Last one happened a couple of days ago, very real of a relative that died a year ago in a very tragic way. I had not been close to her for years so it was strange when she hugged me in my dream the way she did. Most of my relatives that visited me in my dreams were dressed in white. However, two of them where in regular clothes. The ones that were dressed in white lived pretty calmed lives, family lives. The other two didn’t. One of them died in a very terrible way, she was wearing regular clothes. My grandfather was also wearing regular clothes. I hate to say it, and judge him, but he was not a fair man, and as a grand daughter he was ok not so much as a father, spouse or neighbor..but I am not judging him just giving a little more info to support my dream. Not to mention that My only question is could that be the difference in clothing? Anyone have any other theories or ideas. Could it be they are in different places? Any insight or thoughts..thank you.

  337. I dreamt a girl I knew, she killed herself 2 weeks ago(night I had a dream it was exactly 14 days after she committed suicide). She was standing near bus station,in my street,I was walking towards her, in the whole dream I knew that she is dead and everything.. We hugged and talked, I told her that for whatever reasons she killed herself I don’t judge her and I understand her. She was really,really sad, I have never seen her that sad when she was alive.She was wearing head scarf around her neck *(she hanged herself) We sat on a bench,in the same street,next to me man was sitting,he looked at me strange time to time.Next minute I thought to ask him(if he sees somebody is sitting next to me) I said this will sound strange but please answer, before I could ask him, he said what is more strange than you sitting and talking with yourself? I looked to the other side to make sure she is still there and she was,sitting next to me. I realized I was the only one who see her. She had to go catch a bus(bus I go with everyday),she couldn’t miss it for some reason. While bush was approaching to the station it hit a pigeon before she got into the bus. I ran home and next minute,her parents came and said to me, why aren’t you ready, we are going to the cemetery. And that is where dream ends. I woke up with big smile,after a long long time, I can’t remember last time I woke up with smile.
    There is a belief that 40 days,after person dies, the person’s spirit is still here walking. Their soul wanders between us, until 40 days pass when they leave this world to another place.

  338. I just woke from a visitation dream. Near three weeks ago a best friend of mine died instantly when he struck a hydro pole with his car. This tragedy rocked my community of friends as he had made such an imprint on so many.
    I had been waiting for any sign of comforting communication, I’d even stare at the sky and beg. After hearing a friend had a visitation dream, I figured this would be his choice of communication.
    He loved the beach. Something about the warm sand and the hot sun made him feel alive. He and I never went to the beach together (this is how I know this is not a rememberence dream) but we did hang by his pool and go for a dip in his backyard from time to time.
    Last night I very sequentially had a dream that a bunch of friends were having a party at a beach house I’ve never seen before. My friend who passed was not at this party, but when I stepped outside alone at one point he appeared behind me.
    He called me by my nickname and we hugged for a very long time. I felt his limbs and look into his eyes and said “but Kyle, you’re dead” he put his hands on my shoulders and looked at me and said “awww, I know. But we have right now!?”
    So we bounced around and twirled eachother on the shoreline as the sunset. I don’t remember going back into the house, what happened next was like I had woke up at the party after passing out and it felt like I was very intoxicated. Shortly after this I woke up (as I realized my wallet was missing from my purse! Lol)
    He wasn’t in anymore of the dream, and I don’t know what it signifies, but we’d always dance together and he had always wanted to come up to my cottage.
    Part of me thinks that was us dancing on the shore at my cottage in a symbolic way. I do believe this was real, and I do believe it was him. I woke up peaceful but also very ecstatic that he had come to me.

  339. I have had visitation dreams from my mother before, she passed away in 1998. usually it is just us, sitting in the kitchen of our old house and talking. She knows she is dead but we talk about dad and my sisters and the like. It is comforting.
    However, last night I had two dreams that concerned me. The first was with my mother, and we were driving somewhere, I get the feeling of going home, so that was probably it, and my father was driving. Something woke me up, but I fell back to sleep almost immediately (which also never happens) and had a similar dream only this time it was my aunt Sharon, who passed away just last year. Again my father was driving and I was in the back seat and we were headed home.
    I have no idea what it could mean, but the fact that my father was in the dream twice in one night concerns me. My dreams are usually very odd, things like red cats in Egypt, meeting Johnny Depp or Shamu in a hot tub. I only ever dream of family when it means something. I tried looking up the dreams on line but the meanings didn’t quite fit with the feelings.
    Can anyone offer any suggestions as to what it could mean?

  340. I’m not too sure if I had it a visitation dream but this morning ihad a dream that I’ve seen my cousin who have passed on back in 2010and I kept calling for him wondering where he was and I was with another cousin as well and he told me that he will be ok and that he would be coming back soon. the cousin that told me that he will be back soon has not passed away.but when my cousin who did passed on appeared in my dream I ran towards him gave him a big hug and told them that I loved him and I was in tears and he told me to not worry that he will always be there for me. It felt kind of strange at first and then the next second it felt real and I wanted to call him but I knew I couldn’t and I guess that’s what made it harder on me.

  341. I had a visitation dream last night with my ex-husband, this is not the first one I have had since he pasted away in 2006 by suicide. In other dreams he would be very sweet and we would just hang out and talk and he would tell me that he is okay. The dream I had last night has left me shaken because he asked me for help and told me he does not know what to do. He wanted to show me something and walked a little ways and then these little creatures appeared, he called them “Creepers” and told me to hide. I woke up after that. I wish I knew what it all meant.

  342. I had a visitation dream 2 years after my nan passed away. In the dream I was lay in bed and I heard my nans voice downstairs and I was thinking to myself “why haven’t I see her for so long” (I guess when in dream state I forgot about the fact that she was actually dead and thought I just hadn’t seen her for ages). I got up and went downstairs and my nan was sat talking to my mum, grandad and other nan. I went up to her and gave her a hug, and she hugged me back tightly just like she always used to do. During the hug she whispered to me, “if a boy ever says no to you, don’t worry, your a strong girl” she then whispered something about me deserving something but it was too quiet for me to hear. Then I woke up. The dream was that powerful and realistic I immediately burst into tears, both happy that I had seen her and sad because I missed her. i didn’t know about visitation dreams at this point, but I KNEW it was real!

  343. I had a visitation dream about my dad 2 nights ago. He passed away 23 years ago and all of my siblings had dreamt about him but me. In my dream I saw my dad working on something. He was very busy. He never looked up at me and he never spoke a word to me but he did come up to me and gave me the biggest hug I’ve ever had. I seriously could feel it cuz it was so tight. I didn’t want to wake up but I did and at first I felt relieved and happy that he finally came to me but as the day went on I was crying just like I am now cuz I just don’t understand why he didn’t say something to me. I miss him just as much today as I ever did and I guess I should just be thankful after 23 years that I had that dream.

  344. When my brother passed I miss him and thought I would never see or talk to him again..until one night I dreamt I was in this room with a lot of people standing in line crying. There was a person standing along side them smiling and watching over these people (as a matter of fact my sister who was still alive was in this line crying like everyone else in this line and she was still alive but passed away a few years after my brother). Then I saw my brother who walked away to another room and ran up after him calling out his name. He stopped and smiled at me and I told him I wanted to talk to him and I wanted him to call me and he told me he couldn’t but I kept begging him to. I followed him into a room with many doors and he walked over to one and said he would see me later and told me good bye. He opened the door and a bright light was shining from the other side of the door and he smiled at me and went into the light then I woke up. I just laid there for a few minutes and realized that he was telling me that he is OK and goodbye for now…I really miss him but having that dream made me feel happy for him cause he is in a good place. I never had a dream of him since then….

  345. A couple days after one of my best friends died, I was taking it really hard. My friend Tyler died in a car accident. I cried for like two weeks straight and it was the worst pain I ever experienced in my life. One night I had gone to sleep and when I woke up I had the most amazing feeling in my body. That night I dreamt that I was in a car, and I looked up in a building and in the very top window, my friend Tyler was standing there. I got out of the car and shouted his name. And he yelled down at me to be quiet. I remember his words, “shhh, Haley you have to be quiet nobody can know I’m here.” Then he said to me, “Haley everything’s going to be okay and you will be okay.” When I woke up that morning I was amazed and I couldn’t believe the Dream that I had. I miss him so much.

  346. I’ve had a visitation dream from the same person. They were both where were spending the day together, walking around talking etc. Both times I woke up in the morning feeling happy, like we had actually spent that time together.

  347. Last night I had what I believe to be a Visitation dream. This is the fourth one that I have had in the past year. It is always of my Grandfather he recently passed away (last year) Since birth my grandfather and I have always had a special connection! The first one that I had I do not remember.. The second one I did not see his face but he put his arm around me and told me that he was alright and he gave me a hug. then he simply asked me to get him a beer so on my way back from getting the beer i walked onto the porch that he was on near the old house he used to live in I clearly remember seeing my father who is still alive. After I handed him the beer I woke up and was really freaked out and confused but also happy! the third time I do not recall either.. But last night was different I was sitting on a couch making out with a girl she all of a sudden says that she doesn’t want to make out anymore and i’m like okay? All of a sudden I look to my right and he’s standing there same as last time he says that he is okay but in addition he tells me to keep doing what i’m doing. I don’t believe I said anything to him and if I did I don’t remember. The weird thing was that while making out with this girl i was fully clothed but when I stood up to look at him I did not have pants on and he said some other things that I do not remember (hopefully it comes to me) but to his left this weird looking portal or something was building into the wall he kept talking I could not here him but I must of been eager to see where he went I walked into the next room which had people in it I pulled the shirt I was wearing over my genitals I dont remember what these people looked like but i know that when I walked in the person on the end looked at me then I woke up.

    Please try to help me figure this out if you have any ways of explaining this and letting me know of how i can talk to him and ask him things that would be amazing! Thanks

  348. My husbands ex-wife Amanda has passed away 1 year ago in a car Accident. A few days after her passing I had a very vivid about her. In my dream I was sitting on a couch with my husband and Amanda came walking in and asked my husband if she can talk to him, so I said ok and went into another room and waited while they talked. But i can over hear her saying to him how much she has always loved him since they where kids and sorry for all the stupid things that she has done to him when they where married and after and sorry it never worked out. She was crying when she was saying this and I looked at my husband and he wasnt talking to her it was like he cant see her but can hear her and he started crying to. Then she laid her head on his shoulder and whispered to him that i couldn’t hear. he hugged her and just said okay. I started crying because it was sad and she got up touched my arm and walked out. I woke up from the dream and I thought about it all day and I was still feeling sad. I dont know why. But I told my step daughter that is living with us that i had a dream about her mom last night and she told me ” What….you did?!?!? I had a dream about her too last night and I started crying…me and my mom had a log talk like we always did …like she was here in person”. I dont know why I had Amanda in my dream to talk to my husband and not me…it was weird but very sad….one of those dreams that you just cant stop thinking about. I know they never got along and he did not like her very much..they did not have a good relationship at all.

  349. My loved one took his life on December 12,2011, we had been together for twenty years (not married) had two children but had decided to separate about a year before this happened. He had been seeing someone before we broke it off and was having issues with that relationship before the suicide. As a medical professional and his friend I tried very hard to be there for him, I needed him around for our children. Despite my efforts he left us, he has since visited me several times in my dreams but would tell me he was not dead, just hiding…about three months ago almost three years to the date of his passing he visited me but this time he assured me everything was fine. He didn’t want me to worry anymore. He hasn’t visited me since, even though I keep asking him to…well my family says he’s finally at rest…I suppose it could be true, but I miss him.

  350. My Grandfather had died while I was in high school. 20+ years later, I dreamt that he came to visit me. We had a great visit, walking through a garden. We then came into a church and there was a coffin in the aisle. He told me that he had to leave me now but that he wanted me to know that he was so proud of me and happy that I married a great man and had 3 wonderful daughters. I woke up crying and called my mother. She told me that he had actually died that same day, 24 years earlier.

  351. My closest cousin had recently passed away in December of 2014, in his early twenties. A few days after we had the funeral for my cousin, I started to have realistic dreams about him. In my first dream, he was in my living room, saying that he was “alright now.” I was so happy, so I went over to hug him. His voice sounded so clear, like he was really talking. Then, he put his arm around me, as if to hug me. I really felt the weight of his arm on my shoulder. I mean, I actually saw his freckles that were on his arm. And just like other people,my cousin had this certain…scent to him. It was if I could actually smell his clothes. It was so cool. He said to me that he missed me, and he loved me. It just felt so real, it was nice to hear his voice. He stayed right next to me as I walked around. When I woke up, I honestly knew that that was him, saying that he was okay, and that he loved me. I have had other dreams similar to this, but this dream stuck with me the most.

  352. my father passed away 3 months ago.he is coming in my dream often.he died in an accident and he says I am alive what does it mean and wen someone comes to my house to ask condolence they are shocked to see my father again what does the dream convey

  353. I just recently had a cousin pass at the age of 26 on the 26th of December 2014 . a few nights ago I had a dream of him telling me he was OK and that he was with bears not sure if grizzly bears or stuffed animals bears. He was in active duty in the air force before he passed. Anyone know what this means?

  354. I separated from my husband 2 years ago, I had no choice I had to . I hadn’t been in touch with him due to circumstances and I had a young child, he had his demons…it’s a long story.
    On the 10th of November 2014 I had a dream that he came to me, we hugged each other floating in a very slow spin in darkness with little sparkles of light around us. It was lovely and I dreamt about the good times we had together (not the bad). He didn’t talk, I could feel his love and happyness. He gradually moved higher, I was looking up at him as he smiled down at me, sparkles spinning around us, gradually he descended in to the darkness – It’s hard to explain. It was as if he was saying good bye and a last time together. It was a Lovely calm dream no tears just happiness. I knew then how much I loved him and I felt his love from him. He knew I tried to help him but he could not stop drinking.
    In life my divorce lawyer hadn’t heard from him. The month before that he told her he didn’t want a divorce. I passed his house over a month i noticed his car hadn’t moved. I called his father to ask him if he had heard from him. He hadn’t, I suggested he should call the police to make sure he’s ok. I had called the police the month before because his car had not moved and again my lawyer didn’t hear from him.
    On the 25th November his father called the police to check on him. I received a call late that night to identify my husband. I was totally devastated I could not believe it. He was found dead in his bed and had been dead for at least two weeks fitting in with the same time I had my dream. Was this a visitation dream before he passed away?
    When having this dream I knew then how much I love him, but he had his demons that he could not stop. The dream has helped me a lot because I do feel he came to me to say good bye. I knew I loved him, he still loved me and he was at peace now. When I went to the house it was calm and I was told he died in his sleep peacefully.

  355. I think I had a visitation dream but not sure because I dreamt that I was at this house and I was in a room and this person goes staggering by drunk and this guy pulls up in a car to help his friend who had staggered by. I’m sitting there talking to someone, I look out the window and the guy is helping his friend walk to his car and their is someone helping him. I look closer and it’s my cousin who passed away 5 months ago.. I see him and I just froze my heart was beating fast and I was scared to see him. Suddenly there’s knocking on the door and I start freaking out saying “No I don’t want to see him”. I peak around the corner and there he is standing at the door I just kept saying I didn’t want to see him…. Someone say’s “He just wants to talk to you, go talk to him”. He walks up the stairs and sits down at the table but doesn’t say anything just sits there with his head down, So I walk up to the table and ask him how he’s doing he replies and says “good”. He had his school work with him so I asked if I could look at it.. He hands the papers to me, I look at the date and it says 2/7/14. I look up at him and say “(his name), this was almost a year ago” he doesn’t reply at all still sitting there with his head down then he say’s he going to go now so I told him I loved him and missed him and before walking out the door he stops looks at me and says ” I love you too” and walks out.

    Why was I scared to see him? I still don’t know why….

  356. Please hrlp me understand so ove had abdee dreams of my aunt who passedway in aprol 2014 from brain cancer we had a very love hate relationship i use to be her fav neice. An she wanted me to b her daughtee she never had any but she called cps over n over rill she gor me n my brothers taken drom my mom she would also tell me horrible rhings my mom dod to me as a kid to ake me hate my mom n appreciate her more she also hated her own mother my grandmother for aome of the same tgings she wanted me to.hate my mom for finally at 15 i told her u will mever b my mom n ill never hate my mother so she stpped talking to me n kicked me out if her house i am also only 1 day older thayn her son wich made me belive she really thought i was hers anyway when she wasbpassing away she would not allow me or a few other familyebers say good bye i was able ro go to the funeral after hwr death her other sister hooked up woth the husban ahe left.behimind u 12will years or ao ago theu had an affair n my aunt found out n cut that siater out of her lofe foe good she wasnt aloud even at the funeral wwll my aunt left a buch of jewls and some of the family stated she lwft some dor everyone i just dound out that actually beside hee kids she only left.it to jerom dad two siaters and myseld the jewls were atolen by her.sons anyway thats what the husban days wich shows me she dis lovenm my last dream was he with a man i do not know i just new they were.good frownds and wvwryone on the famoly was thwee to say goodbye and o just had this wonderful peace feeling and her husban she lwft was holding a baby idk y also the an u could tell was a good friends of my aunt but i have never seen hom before anyway they drove up theis beautiful hill like in a woody cabin kind of road while we all waved bue i new in the dream sje would ne back it wasnt a goodbye for ever just more like a good bye dor a vacation and the sky was an orange pink blue. Sky beautiful vwry cloudy too but orange blue n pink clouds alao she dosnt have a baby either sose herbhusban then last night i had another dream an it was the christmas season cause ahe camw back looking so wonderful am healthy an happy amd o i member saying i thought u dided and she said i did but i was brought back to life months later i dont know how i guess they faked it so i could get away from y husban i said oo well im glad ir.home but.i new in the sream she did soe n came back bettrr months later but the feeling on the sram qas soo wonderful n happy am she was veru happy too but it felt like we were very close in the sream almost bonding and we juat keep looking at eachother tjen she givesnme a bag full of qrapped xmas gifts she said ahe had been wanting to.give me an againg my whole family was there not her s mine well her mom dad n her two sisters not the oneith tje husban now

  357. my first love just passed away December 2nd 2014, I have a child with him that is now 10 years old, the last time I got to actually see him was when my son was 3 years old. even though we lived in two different states, and I had found someone else and had children, and he had found someone else had children and got married, he was always the only man I have ever truly loved …with every fiber of my being. he hung his self in his uncle’s kitchen, I know that you recently found out his wife was cheating on him so he had left her. she kept on harassing him by calling him and rubbing this new man in his face, basically that this new man was going to move in and become the father figure of their children. after that phone call is when he hung his self. meanwhile I have been separated from my kids father for three and a half years, and the day that this happened I was at my friend trisha house and I had told her there is only one man in this world that I would leave everything and go back to and that was him (my first love) after finding out the news I was going crazy I love him so much I could not stop crying I was hurt to my soul. well a few days after his death I had a dream, this dream was different from any other dreams I ever had. in my dream he came up to me took my ring on my finger, put it back on my finger, and said now you have a meaning for this ring and smiled at me. I remember thinking how did he know I have no meaning for this ring. I had found a ring about 4 years ago and I wear it on my ring finger because it’s so beautiful and it is a wedding band. but nobody had bought it for me I had no meaning for it. the dream just made me have reassurance that he was with me ,still loved me and now we could be together. I don’t know the dream was very realistic has anyone else had any weird dreams like this? was this a visitation from him?

  358. My husband committed suicide on December 8th 2014. We were having trouble in I had move out due to his 34 years old son lived with us and had a drinking and drug problem i was in the process of moving back when he took his own life after two weeks of verbal abuse from his son which play guilty past childhood against his dad. Justin didn’t want me back into the home knowing I would take up for his dad. Anyways I had a dream so real and made me feel at peace I my chest didn’t feel as heavy my dream was Barry holding me tight I could feel his skin on his back as I kept rubbing his back telling him how much I love him and miss him. He never said a word. As I do research I am so happy and to read how hard it is for the spirit communicate with us. I am so thankful Barry find a way to comfort me. Every day since he left my life has been turn upside down I wake up at 3:00 every morning and hate been able to go back to sleep

  359. I had aborted a child a couple years back my baby father just passed away January 1st 2014 I had a dream that I had the baby girl nd we was a family the baby was so small and light skinned kinda looked like my other daughter it just felt so real but I knew he was gone… I thought maybe he was trying to tell me he was with her and that it was a girl

  360. My lovely Mum died in September 2013 …I woke last night what time I have no idea …I thought I was having a dream because suddenly a couple of familiar sayings that my Mum used to say came to me…my first thought was ‘oh I forgot mum said that …I will tell my sister tomorrow’s when I spk with her’
    After this I had a strange sensation of being elevated or moved I don’t really know how to describe it…..suddenly there was white clouds or mist then and I saw my Mum smiling at me …I immediately called to her ‘oh Mum your here she was healthy and smiling and held her hand out to me and I knew it was her because if the touch which I haven’t felt In years…she then went on to have a chat …which I can’t really remember all I know was she was holding both my hands and I didn’t want to let her go…she kind of faded slowly or maybe quickly I don’t know …I woke up still holding both of her hands. When I realised she was not there anymore I moved my hands to my face to find a trickle of tears. Today. I have Felt really peaceful and I know it was not a dream. My Mum suffered so much before she died … I really feel she came to me last night.

  361. I had a dream about my recently deceased best friend, (15) who kept ignoring me and avoiding me no matter how much I begged her to tell me why she was doing it.
    I’d like to know what it means, please if anyone has an idea .

  362. Two years ago I was very upset about a family issue. That night I went to bed and had the most vivid dream of my grandmother who had passed away 4 years prior. In my dream I was being driven to a house,( which I knew could not possibly be there because it burned down years ago). In font of the house stood my grandmother and great aunts who are still living. I got out of the car confused a bit because I knew in my dream that my grandma had passed. She came to me and gave me the biggest hug and kiss on the cheek like she would do when she was living. She told me, “Everything is alright”. Her mouth never moved but it was the feeling I got. That was the end.. I woke up crying uncontrollably because it was so real. I knew she was with me. This was the first and only time I have ever had a dream about her or anyone that has passed. I still don’t understand why my great aunts were in the dream though, since they are still alive.

  363. I believe I had a visitation dream. My friend died when I turned 16 and we had a rocky relationship. I loved him very much but before he died we weren’t talking. He had said some mean things to me. Just last night almost two years later he shows up in my dream. We hugged and he told me what it was like to die. We talked about just random things. Before I woke up he hugged me again and told me he was sorry for everything he said and that he did love me and he missed me. I woke up sad he was gone but happy I heard his voice and he said that. I really feel he communicated with me. I’m sad it took two years though. I miss him everyday. Visitation dreams are pretty real i believe. Why wouldn’t they be? (;

  364. Well one day when me and my mom were coming back from town and it was very dark out and I saw a very brite star and I said ” Star light Star bright the britghtest star I see tonight I wish I may I wish I might wish this wish I wish tonight.” Then I said ” I wish I could know if Logan remembered all the fun times we had together and knew I loved him as a friend before he passed.” and that night I had a dream where me, my mom and my sister were at Logan’s funeral and then he walked in but for some reason he wasn’t himself he didn’t look like him at all. And about 2 nights ago my mom had a dream where she was talking to one of her co-workers then she said the Logan walk by and started trying to talk to her co-worker. Then she woke up from her dream and started crying for him.

  365. I have had several dreams of people that have passed that I have never met. And people that passed due to someoneelses hand. I wasn’t sure what to do with that one. And then I saw them when I was awake. I wrote it down in my dream book. But my grandmother has left messages and just entered mu dreams and just sat and watched quietly.

  366. My father passed from cancer 5 days ago. He was 75 years old and the cancer had taken a toll on his body, he looked 100.
    I am not a religious person and a skeptic when it comes to these things BUT things have changed for me now…
    On the night of his passing I left hospice around 9pm and whispered in his ear (he was unconscious at this point) that “he could let go now and that we would be ok”. My mother stay at his bed side like she did every night he was ill.
    At 11:55pm i received a call from my mother that woke me from my sleep. She said his breathing had changed but wasn’t sure if it was time yet. I wanted to get up and drive the 30 min back to hospice to be with him but I had taken a sleeping pill to help me sleep and there was no way i could drive 30 min. I felt terrible but had no other option. We hung up at midnight 5 minutes later. I feel back to sleep immediately because of the sleeping pill (tylenol PM was what i took). I then had my vision.
    I saw my father step out of the drivers side of a car and turn around, he was young late 30’s to early 40’s perhaps (no gray hair), he looked like he did when i was a child. his clothes were also from the time period and I remember them vividly. I remember thinking “wow look at him young and strong” he did not say anything to me. I just saw him and then I woke up suddenly and remember thinking “wow!!! I just saw my dad young and healthy”.
    I had an overwhelming feeling of having to know what time it was so I grabbed my cell phone which i always kept next to my bed and checked the time. To my surprise it was 12:10. Only 10 minutes had passed since i had hung up with my mother. I remember thinking “I need to remember 12:10, need to remember. I also found it strange that i actually woke up from a tylenol PM induced sleep only 9-10 after falling asleep.
    Anyways i turned my phone back off and went back to sleep. I received a call from my mom at 7am and she tells me “I’m home already because your father passed away a little after we hung up, he was declared dead at 12:10 so you would have never made it on time anyway…”.
    I swear my heart stopped, I began to shake and was consumed with great peace, joy and understanding. Some people tell me he can to say goodbye but I know that wasn’t his message to me (even though we did not speak a word). He came to let me know he was no longer sick and that there was more to life than what we can “see” and what we think we know.
    It is all still very fresh to me since its only been 5 days but I still sit here in amazement of it all. Just incredible to me that this happened but i know now that there is something else on the other side, something wonderful!
    hope this story can help if you are grieving
    thank you for reading, much love to all

  367. Last night I had a very vivid dream, which I now know was a visitation one.
    My nanny pawpaw, who passed away when I was a little over a year old, was in my bedroom.
    Me and my grandma (his widow) were talking in my room, and we heard someone say something. Then I turned to my left and there he was, playing with my 5 month old son. He walked up to me, and I asked him if I could have a hug. We hugged for so long and I got so emotional.. Then for some reason I asked him who his soul was connected with and he said mine.. Which is amazing to me considering I never really knew him. My mother and grandma have also both had dreams about him, but my mom can never touch him, and he never talks to my grandma.. So I must be pretty special. I want to dream about him like that again so I can figure out why he’s popping up in my dreams, and mind

  368. I had a visitation dream after a friend of mine committed suicide. I’d stayed up for 24 hours after news of her passing, due to grief. When I finally fell asleep I thought I’d be too tired to dream, but I “woke up” in the dream in a very dense fog so that I could only see a few feet in front of me. It was very calm and quiet, with my friend standing in front of me looking completely fine. It was so vivid and I could physically feel her presence. My dreams are never lucid and it was so real feeling. In the dream my friend laughed when she saw my astonishment and said “hey” and I asked “what is it like when you die?” She paused and said “it’s not like they say it is” and then I felt very comforted. The dream faded and I woke up the next day feeling very peaceful.

  369. I had a visitation dream last night. It involved me, my granddaughter and my maternal grandmother who died in 1943 before I was born. My mother was only 11 years old when her mom died of measles complicated by pregnancy she was only 34.
    In the visitation dream my granddaughter was holding a picture and she told me that it was a picture of my grandmother. Well I immediately told her that I wanted to see the picture, but before she showed me the picture I covered my eyes with my hands and quickly took them away to see in the picture a young beautiful woman with the most happiest of smiles. Her smile was so big and lovely it immediately made me so happy, the happiest I have ever felt in my life. Then the picture turned into a video and this beautiful woman (my grandmother) started to dance and float like a butterfly and she danced and danced and just kept releasing this most happy feeling. It was the most happiest of feelings that I have ever experienced. Then I woke up.
    The visitation is still with me.

  370. Hi, last night i dreamed about my mothers brothers wife who passed away, me and my boyfriend were in a room and i was telling him to leave the room asap as any moment she will come, and it will not look nice, all my family members were there.
    then next moment i am seeing him standing in front of my dead aunt, she was smiling at him, he was wearing black shirt, then he bend down to take her blessings( as we do in indian culture), she smiled and given her blessings, and then she looked at me and said but your father is planning your wedding in a months time.

    i really wan to know the meaning of this as i have a strong seance as she wanted to communicate something.

  371. My son passed away May 5, 2012 he was 4 months and 13 days old, Sunday December 14, 2014 I had a dream about my son he said ” I’m OK and I’m 9 years old” I have no clue where the 9 years old comes from but the dream was very real feeling. When I woke up my heart was flying and it felt like someone was staring at me. Was this my son really telling me he was OK?

  372. So far I had 2 dreams that I remeber about a girl who passed I didn’t even know. Her name is talia, and she died of cancer. She did makeup videos and was very popular. I follow her and some fan accounts of talia. My dream that I know very well is that she moved into a new house near the mall and a Starbucks. The thing that confuses me is that I never met talia and I never had followed A LOT of fan accounts for her. I try to think she is watching over me but I never met her and she doesn’t know me either. It confuses me a lot

  373. About 2 years ago I had a dream of my uncle Lee who died of lung cancer. He died in 2010 march. I always looked up to him as my father since my real dad was never around. What I remember most was he came to my mom’s house and since my mom had 9 kids only 6 of us were there. My uncle Lee pulled up in the drive way. Came in the door and I was so excited to see him so we’re my 5 younger siblings. He told us to gather on the couch. He was using a cane which in real life he never used one as we sat on the couch he told us he became sick with cancer, that everything is going to be ok. He loojed so healthy yet ye had a cane. He said he loved each and everyone of us so much. And that he had to leave and it wasn’t goodbye forever. This dream means so much to me. I believe he came to me to deliver a message he couldn’t to my younger siblings. We were taken away from our mother in 2009. And never got to say goodbye to our uncle. So i truly believe he came to visit me.

  374. My aunt passed away 2 weeks ago..very sudden.and known why….i loved her like my mom…last night I dreamt I was looking out my window…and she pulled up in her car..i ran outside to touch to see if she was real…she was….she said tell everyone to stop working about me..then I asked her how she died..she told me she had guide in her lungs….then she told me to make sure my son didn’t get in a car with someone who was drinking and driving..i said ok..then the dream ended…what could it mean??

  375. I feel that I had a visitation dream last night from my 22 year old brother that died suddenly 2.5 years ago.

    I t was so vivid and real and his messages were crystal clear. I was actually having a conversation with him in my dream and he said to me;

    “Say prayers for me as god will answer them. When you set a time aside to talk to me I’m there, it’s a space in time on hold. How are you, this is mad?! (He said this with a smile and it felt like he was saying that it was mad how he could communicate with me in this way).

    He also said; “There were two girls that used to make loads of room in the house and they took the place.” I’m not sure what he meant by this…

    Harvey was ringing my dad on his mobile from heaven and we all sat down to listen. I head his voice so vividly. When I went to ask him how he was and what it’s like there I woke up with a gasp and then burst into tears, I felt great and loved that he had come to visit but also very sad as it’s still so raw, and just brought to mind how he is not here anymore. 🙁

  376. my best friend died 11-30-14 we werent talking at the time we had got into a misunderstanding and that nght he came to me in my dream and hugged me he told me something but i can’t remember what it was! could someone tell me what that dream means????

  377. I justo had a dream about a friend who passed away a few years ago but whe where not that close but un muy dream whe where back un graduation but in highschool not middle school and he was telling me that he remembered a time where we had a fight he said that he cried un the bathroom and then he hugged me. I know he visited me during a dream because he was just the way he was from the way he dressed to the way he talked and also because I didn’t have him in mind at all because we gotten quite distant . He made me understand that our friendship ment more to him than I thought 🙁 and to appreciate all my friends and love ones. When I woke up I thanked him told him I also missed him and I felt at peace it is a wonderfull feeling

  378. I’d just like to add that I’ve just remembered Kurt said something about feeling bored and a bit lonely when I asked him how he was but then he added that it didn’t matter that much that he didn’t talk to people much because he had time to ‘think about things’. I don’t know if this is important or not but I though I should say anyway.

  379. It’s kind of strange because I’ve had dreams where it has included people I’ve never met before who are famous and they all have two things in common which is that they are all dead and they have a connection with music. The people who have been in my dreams include; Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan (From the band Avenged Sevenfold) & Kurt Cobain (From the band Nirvana).

    The first dream I had was one including Kurt Cobain (who I had never really heard speak before) where he was in my house for a social event my parents will have been holding and he was sat on the floor in a corner of the well lit room near a sofa. He was sat so he had was holding his legs close to his chest, his arms wrapped around his legs and his chin resting on his knees whilst he was staring across the room. I went up to him and said ‘Hi’ and he suddenly looked up and just smiled and got up and hugged me which was surprising but I actually heard him talk and say ‘Hey’. The rest of the dream was just a general conversation with him to be honest and just talking about life before he said he had to go before he hugged me and walked through a door.
    My second dream included Jimmy and in the dream I was looking for a friend and I went through a dark, narrow corridor which made me feel slightly uncomfortable as I had to weave in and out of some walls that were sticking out at each side. I got to a slightly dimly light room where my friend was sitting on a black leather sofa with the same sofa opposite and a wooden coffee table in the middle that had crushed beer cans on it and an ash tray with cigarettes in it which showed people had been here but had left. I walked up to her and she got up and smiled and I started walking backwards, I accidently walked into someone and I turned around to see a tall, thin man with spiky black hair who I then realised was Jimmy Sullivan who was being shouted at by a man (He was accusing him of being a Satan worshipper and his band leading a cult which does happen with some bands) . Jimmy was listening to some music and I knew this as I could hear the drums clearly through his black headphones (one of which was in his right ear) I mouthed ‘Sorry’ for bumping into him and he smiled and mouthed ‘its fine’. I turned and walked towards the dark corridor with my friend and turned around to see Jimmy walking past the man and towards an open door with a bright light streaming through it, he then turned and waved at me whilst smiling so I smiled and waved back before he walked through and the dream ended.
    So they were the dreams I had and I just wondered if there was any meaning to them or not as I just thought they were very random as I hadn’t been thinking about these people at all.
    Thanks 🙂

  380. so I had a friend pass away last Thursday and her daughter called me on Monday to tell me that she had passed away and I had a dream that same night and I was standing in front of a mirror praying to God and I said dear God I just lost another best friend and she can’t hear me but I just need to know that she’s OKat that moment she said Brandon stop I’m right here and I’m fine don’t worry about me anymore and she had on a beautiful burgundy shirt and I said well Sarah I want a hug and she said well okay and she gave me a hug that lasted about 5 seconds but when we gave hugs it was the most unconditional love the only thing that can describe it it was it must been the feeling that you have in heavenand then I woke up in the middle of the night and knew that my friend had came to say goodbyecan’t wait to hear if anyone else has had any hug experiences where it’s been overwhelming the feeling is just more than I’ve ever felt in this world there’s no earthly feeling comparable to that it’s just words can’t describe itlet’s hear your thoughts

  381. I had a visitation dream not to long ago. I guy I dated several years ago showed up in my dream and sat behind me at church. He told me I was a wonderful women and wanted to be with me. This dream was so vivid it was all I could think about. I’ve been married for a few years now and gave two children.
    I tried to find this person online. I checked death records and he passed away in 2008. I was so shocked. What could all this mean?

  382. Hi Vanessa! I wanted to share my experience with you, since we almost had the same thing happen to us.
    I’m 21 but through out all my high school years I dated the same boy. I was a year older so after I graduated, he and I became distant and we eventually broke up. He married the girl he had dated before me. After two years since our brake up, I never spoke to him again. I once saw him at a store but I was married myself so he just said hi to my mother. I knew him very will despite of all the time that had passed, that day he looked at me and I could tell he wanted to talk to me. But I, in my foolish pride, walked away. Three months later he passed away in a car accident. That night I was sitting in my living room. It was around 1:30 am. I started crying and I felt a sense of pain and emptiness in my heart. I didn’t understand then but when I got a call he passed away, I knew them. He died that night I cried, around the same time. Why? How did I my body/soul know? I don’t understand.
    Few weeks later my sister told me he came to her in a dream looking for me. My sister let him know where I was and a few days later he came to me.
    I was in our old school bus waiting to go back home. In my dream, I was looking down but I looked up because I heard him coming in. I asked him ” How are you here? You’re supposed to be dead!” He told me they didn’t give him much time but that he wanted to say goodbye. I started crying and as I reached to place my hand on his cheek he began a 10 second countdown. As he got closer to number b1, he faded. I woke up with some sort of peace. I was also mad because they only gave him 10 seconds..
    It’s weird how stuff like this happens right?!

  383. It was the day before Father’s Day and I had a dream that it was Christmas time, with out it being Christmas time. My dad’s house was the was it used to be 15 years ago. My brothers and sisters were the age we are now. My dad was leaving I went to see where he was going, he was wearing his motorcycle vest, a reddish shirt, black pants and his boots that he loved to wear. He said he was leaving and that he loved me and gave me a hug,

  384. I dream of my mother mostly, it is always in present tense & it is always like no biggie that she passed away but yet is in our everyday life.
    We fight like we used to, we talk in the same manners as normal & it is never strange . When I wake up I am always like ” what happened ??”
    It freaked me out at first but later it happens so much it is just like real life with her again.
    I know it sounds strange but I can always feel her just a breathe away, like her energy is just at my fingertips but yet I can’t grasp her.
    In my dreams she says things that are very vague and then she says stuff flat out , just like in real life . I dream of others too, and usually can smell their scent in the morning on my pillows as if they were there, my grandmother always wore a heavy musk perfume , very distinctive and immediately when I smell it I know who it is, my mother in law as well wore a very floral perfume & when I smell it I know she is there .

    Sometime I just feel like i am crazy for being able to have all these dreams remember them & talk about it, where as others disbelieve & doubt themselves.

    Keep dreaming

  385. I was 16 when my dear grandfather left me. We were two peas and a pod and in life he always treated me like a princess. As I treated him like a prince in shinning armor, as he was. When he passed, I broke in half with every piece of my being. The same night he departed, I dreamed of him. It was pouring rain and I was crying hysterically, just as I had been before falling asleep. He pulled up in a limo and opened the door, repeatedly saying the same thing again and again. ” IT’S ALRIGHT CASEY, ITS ALRIGHT.” Over n over he reassured me it was OK. When I woke up, the last part of his saying, echoed through my mind ( I could actually hear his voice in my mind). He said, “hey Casey,always remember to keep your head up!” This confused me as I was still young in experience. I didn’t understand what he meant because I was not ashamed, just sad. 28 years later, having been through some treacherous and long-term abuse, I now understand that he meant in the future, not the present. So, when the time came to stand tall for myself and my babies, I proudly held up my head and let go of the shame. I should have know his last message would be so profound, because he knew that one day I would grant his final, most important request! Writing this has made me aware that in standing up for myself, I made him proud, even from separate universes… Thank you Grandpa, I will ALWAYS keep my head up, and so should anyone in that situation. We all have our guides, all we have to do is listen….

  386. My mother passed away from a heart attack in 2013. My wife would tell me how she would see her mom and asked if I have seen mine. Unfortunately, the answer was no and I was a bit sad about that.
    Then about 6 months after her death, I was dealing with a bad reaction health issue from the Levaquin antibiotic that I was taking. It was hard for me to walk, I was loosing weight and muscle mass and was worried that I was going to get ALS which killed my grandfather over 10 years ago.
    Then one night, I had a dream of me walking outside in a San Francisco type enviroment and was having the hardest time making it up those hills, to the point that I collapsed on the pavement.
    Then I hear a voice come over me, like they were standing over me and the voice says “Brian you are going to be OK, don’t worry”. I woke up and started to process what I was feeling and who that voice was and the more I thought about it and the more it sounded like my mom was telling me everything was going to OK.
    I started to feel better, health and emotion wise, but I still have anxiety issues whenever I hear or had someone I know die.
    However, it’s good to know that something better will be waiting for us when its our time.

  387. On September 25 of this year I had a dream of my ex husband’s biological father that he never met. Mind you we searched for him 10 years ago and was unsuccessful. In my dream he told me to find me please find me chad needs you your kids need you. I knew it was the real father because of the only picture that my ex husband had of his dad was a Sr pic this was him 30 years older. Well when I woke up I did find this man and his family only to find out that he had passed away on September 8th of this year. My ex husband is now talking to his brother and sister that he never knew he had. Just wondering why this man came to me. I’m so confused.

  388. My 21 yr old Daughter Sasha Holt was ran over by a reserve sheriff/fire cheif in great falls MT on july 1, 2009. Every night I dream of her. Sometimes she is 5–other times she is 21. I can fall asleep in a chair and she is their too. I wake up and think she is still here with me but in seconds I realize she is not. She warns me of stuff. I do not know what to do. I am sad all the time. Each night I have her only to wake up later to find she is not here any more.

  389. can anyone help me to find out what it means when you are in a dream with a love one who passed and you expreience his death ?

  390. I don’t really know if I have had a visitation dream. My dream consist of my ex- boyfriend. He was shot the day of my birthday and died the day after. Although we were no longer together till this day I still love him dearly. When he had died no too long after that I found out I was pregnant with my current boyfriend. So that caused me superstition of my son being born for his death. But anyway once he died a few months after that I had my first dream about him. I was in this big older house and it seemed as though we were upstairs and I was talking to him and telling him how much we’ve missed and loved him. He was saying something but I could not hear nor see him. But I was responding to him. Weird right.& I felt his presence and it warmth and happiness all around me. So in the dream I ran outside where it seem to be everyone who loved him and I told everyone that he was coming out soon but he never showed. And every dream about him after that is very similar it always has my ex boyfriend but I cant see or hear him but I know that he is there and I can talk to him. Its going on 2 year now of his death. Until last night I had a dream and physically saw him and felt him. I am unsure what all this mean. When he died I felt guilt and I never got forgiveness from him before he passed. After we broke up he still managed to be a good friend to me and I crossed him and I never called him to apologize. He meant a lot to me. So I beat myself all the time about this. & when I had this dream and physically saw him and heard him it was a shocked. In this dream I told him how sorry I was and he forgave me. I woke up melted in tears. Because thats all I wanted for a very long time. Can anyone tell me what this means?

  391. I would love to get your take on this. I had a visitation dream from my mother – while she was still alive! She’s had Alzheimer’s for many years and hasn’t recognized me for the past several years, yet was very healthy physically. About two months ago, she came to me in a dream. Most of the dream was light-hearted talk as she did the dishes in the kitchen. She looked like she did was I was a kid/teen and she was her old self. She seemed to know what I was up to present day, for example, she suggested foods she thought would be good for my diet. Then, she got very serious, came over to me and whispered in my ear, “November 5th will be a very bad day”. Stunned because I knew she was telling me that was the day she would die, I suddenly woke up and cried. It was so real, I told all my siblings that mom would die that day and even wrote on my calendar “Mom’s Day”. Sure enough, two months later she passed away on that day. Have you ever heard of a visitation dream from a person who is alive but in an impaired mental state, such as a coma or Alzheimers?

  392. I have always wonder if our loved ones can actually be communicating with us? Because I’ve always felt like they can or I could when it comes to my family and those I feel a deep emotional connection with. For example when my baby brother Raymond was suppose to come from Chicago to Spokane Wa, to come visit and meet my first born son (which happened to be my one and only child) whom he called Raymond since that is my son’s middle name. But my brother Raymond didn’t make it instead he called and said he’d be down in a week or so. He knew I was upset so he said listen sis I promise no matter what I will be there I promise you and little Raymond I promise, I said please don’t disappoint me again you should have been here for the 4h of July you promised. He said I will, I will I promise I will be there. I said you promised! he said I promise! Well,that week end afternoon he should have been there and wasn’t. We were at the race track all of a sudden I could barely breath my husband and friends were getting scared I was turning 3 shades of blue and we left they were taking me to the hospital but as we got closer to the house on the way to the hospital I was OK. So I told my husband let’s just go home I’m Ok. Well as we drove into the drive way and got out of the car and opened the kitchen door we stepped into a flooded kitchen floor, living room, bathroom and both bedrooms were flooded with a good inch of water. At first we thought a water pipe broke, the washer was left on (but I hadn’t washed) the toilet backed up (none of those things happened) we lived in a duplex the neighbors apt was dry no sign of water, so our friends, husband and I mopped up the floors and cleaned up. Just as we got done cleaning I got that call you never want to get, it was my older sister Lisa calling from Chicago telling me Raymond had drown that afternoon and they were still looking for his body. A few hours later he was found but that evening as I walked into my son’s room to check on him sleeping his room smelled like when you walk into a flower shop the odor of flowers was so strong, but only in his room and a small dime size light hitting the wall over head he’s crib a light that had never been there before till this night. Couple days and nights when by and still the light was there thinking and looking how a light from out side could at that angle be there when there was no lights coming in from out side or any lights being on. So I decided to move his bed to the opposite side of the room where no outside light could come in or be over his crib. But yet again that night the light was once again on the same spot on the wall over my son’s crib and the odor of flowers still there. My brother Raymond was the first death in our family and he was only 17 when he died so I was crying and praying and talking to him asking if possible to give me a sign he was OK and how much I wished he would have had the chance to see my son who shared his name, cause even though my son’s name is John Raymond my brother said he was never going to call him John he was going to call him Raymond and we use to joke about that when he called he’d say how’s little Raymond and how cool his got my name. And I was like yeah well if you want to call him Raymond you need to come meet him and he’s say went you least expect me I will be there you’ll see. Well after I came back from his funeral, I prayed and talk to him and finally that night in my son’s room I sat there talking to him as I had done every night I said Raymond if this is you and my heart tells me it is I think it is time you rest in peace little brother and I forgive you for not coming when you said you would and I’m not mad at you anymore for not coming or leaving us. I will always love and remember you but it is time you rest and know that we will be ok as long as you promise to be Raymond’s guardian angel cause being your nephew my son his going to need you. Well I lit a candle for him said another prayer and the next day when I woke up my son was jumping, smiling and laughing in his crib banging the head board up against the wall and no more flower smell and that night no more dime size light over my son’s head board. So I believe that my baby brother Raymond kept his promise. Do you think that a visitation is possible? Because my son has also had some close calls and Thank God and I believe my brother and other family members whom I pray to and ask to watch over us are doing just that.

  393. My husband’s grandfather passed away on Christmas day two years ago. While we (my husband’s grandfather ) never have been close, he has come to me several times in my dream
    On one vivid dream he told me to tell his family to take care of his car. I relayed the message and sure enough I was told that a family member had not been servicing the car when needed and also the whole steering wheel was not working. This morning I had a dream of my grandfather in law, he was in a glass building that had several rooms with people in it, he was in room 104, he hugged my husband who I only saw at that point, he was never seen in the dream. His grandfather told me that he was being treated good and he was happy. He said he had missed my husband. I plan on telling my husband but not sure he will believe me.

  394. I’m not sure if its a visitation dream or not but I feel like it is.

    A month and a few days ago a really close friend from the family died from stomach cancer.
    Last night, I had a dream , I was looking out the window and Elsa ( name of the close family member ) was there , she looked so good, she had her her straightened and really long and she had on a really nice long black dress with her makeup done & I go outside , she’s closing her umbrella , cause it just stopped raining & she said something I just can’t remember what and I started crying and said ” You died! We went to your funeral “and again she said something that I can’t remember , she came up the steps and she showed me her leg and she had tattoos and piercings and she said she was in Mexico with a new man & then I woke up .

    Its really confusing since I can’t remember what she said .

  395. hi, im savannah i miss my nana and she past away sick,weak,unhelthy with a heart leak and last night on the 11th month on the 6th day in 2014 i had a dream that she had a orange tree in her back yard and i was picking some then in a snap i was in her room and then instantly i was in the drive way i was scared and then i was happy too see her but then she said (i love you and i miss you but watch your back change your ways okay don’t do wrong and then i woke up sweating) and then know i can’t get over it and i need answers please lord thats what i am praying for.

  396. It just means your grandmother loves you very much.And you miss her so much that you have dreams about seeing her.

  397. I have had visitation dreams about my mother BT they are so horrific. at the tym she died we were Neva in good terms. I sometyms feel I was Neva there for her when she needed me. in those dreams it seems my mother was not ready to die.

  398. I have had visitation dreams about my mother BT they are so horrific. at the tym she died we were Neva in good terms. I sometyms feel I was Neva there for her when she needed me.

  399. HI,i have just recently lost my dad due to an illness,and since that I have been having dreams about him all the dreams are good dreams telling me hes okay and not to worry,But I do cry wen I think of him,i knw hes in a betta place now and ders no pain,but I miss him alot.before he could pass away I didn’t go and see him I regret that so much at that tym I didn’t think he was going to pass away so soon but he did.So maybe hes trying to tell me hes okay now n not to worry.

  400. I am writing Bc I have not gotten over my ex boyfriend’ s death. He died 2 years ago from an overdose. We were broken up at the time. My first dream happened before he died. I was at his funeral and I saw him lying in the casket. He looked so peaceful but I was so angry that he overdosed , I kept saying “why?” He wakes up and grabs my hand , he says “I’m so sorry, please remember you were the one I have alwayed loved, and always will”. Then he laid back down and closed his eyes.
    I woke up in cold sweats and in a panic. When I realized it was just a dream I was so greatful. I started to get ready for my parents friend’s father funeral, then my friend called with the bad news about my ex. I didn’t know how to respond. I told her I just had a dream about him the other night. She couldn’t believe it.
    Since then, I have dreamed about him two more times. Including last night. My dreams are very odd but always ugly outside (cloudy or dark. )
    We always kiss and hug each other. He tells me how much he loves me and will always protect me. His kisses are so warm and filled with life. His face is somewhat pale. There are other people in my dreams that I have never seen before. The dreams are always feeling so real. There was an Indian heavyset guy semi bald or really residing hairline that tells me he sees an aura of my ex, where as I see him completely. Then last night I saw a blond hair girl who was very skinny and pale. She seemed concerned about something, I don’t remember. We were in the woods or park and she told me she takes care of him. That they take care of each other. She then asked said things that I don’t remember. I felt as if they were scared of something.
    I’m so confused as to what these dreams mean. Please help me figure out if he is communicating or I’m just missing him.

  401. Your description of your dreams and what happened prior to your fathers death really hit a nerve. First off i talk alot therefore i write alot with that being said. ive been in tears from beggining to end. In august 2005 my father past away from a heart attack, as I was told by my mother. For the past nine years ive had to listen to the rumors that one: either my mother killed him, or two: he committed suicide. Allow me to add a little back story, my father is one of eight children that grew up mostly in georgia, an airforce brat. His father died in 1983 which i believe began a landslide of depression. In 92-3 his mother died. It was after my brother was deployed to germany post 9/11 that his drinking worsened. To put the cherry on top my father was a neo-natal icu nurse, i could never imagine losing a child much less having to watch babies die no matter how often. Im sure he had every right to be depressed and or to drink. My mother filed for divorce in 2004 because she refused to deal with his drinking anymore instead of helping him and being there for him she also brought a man to live in our home. I was 17 years old when I found out my dad died. I was in my consumer issues class junior year when my campous ministry councelor came and brought me to his office. Im not sure if I ever excepted his death. I know he is not here because its what im told however I dont believe it. I dont believe it because ive had three dreams since his death, and hes told me hes not dead. Dreams 1,2,3, all take place at my childhood home in lebanon, ill. I gew up from 2-17 in a large victorian house with an awesome yard and a barn, we lived in town and had a barn(weird)! There are usually friends and family all over, as we would throw partys in the yard. The first dream I saw him talking to family, he turned and smile at me, in confusion I went over to him. “Your dead, you died, what are you doing here?” I demanded. “It was a joke, I didnt die im still here!” He replied with a smile. Throughout the rest of the dream I followed him asking him questions searching for answers ansking how, why, he could do that to me. But he never really answered me, or at least I cant recall. He just kind of kept mingeling. Like my father I to am a social butterfly and tend to ignore those near to my. The second and third dreams were set much like the first, still joking about his death and how it didnt really happen. Everytime I dreamt about him I felt it was real, I felt I had my life back, my happiness. Then, snap reality, I wake up im in bed. I dont know what I should feel who I should believe, for all I know his death was a comedy and in fact he is alive somewhere. Months before his death he talked about going to Indonesia, new Zealand to work and wanted me to go. He’d say a fresh start, A new life no booze no worries just us. I knew my mother would never go for it, her sons living half a world away. I apologize this was no bullet train through the tunnel kinda if story, I am more of the scenic route traveler, more fraternal traits. The day before he died he was at my girlfriends house. We came home and her mother told me my dad was in jens room and she dudnt kniw what to do, he was drunk. I went to talk to him he was in tears and laying on her bed. He said he wanted to be close to me wanted to see me, I hugged him kissed his cheek and we agreed that we would go shopping the next day after school for school clothes and supplies, two weeks into class and still didnt have anything. I think it was a ccombination of his drinking and a teenagers embarrassment of their parents thst just wanted to push him on his way. With my eyes open I never saw my father alive again.

  402. I had a visitation dream of my grandfather that has been dead for 6 or 7 years.I dreamed we were in a small groceries business store.My grandfather told me in the dream their was something he wanted me to have.In my dream in my mind I was thinking a will is what it is.But I remember he was dead that he could not be giving me that.My grandfather told me in my dream it was the store with were in,he wanted me to take over for him.The little store was owned my him and he wanted me to have it.That God gave him another day to live.I can remember me crying telling him not to leave me.
    I had a dream this morning I was giving my grandfather and father a kiss on the cheek,it seemed so real.It was like a happy dream of them.-Thank you

  403. I had the most amazing, comforting visitation dream this week, nothing ever happened to me like this before. I am a conservative 55 year old professional man that just lost my brother/ best friend 7 months ago to cancer. Simulteneously I have been fighting cancer but successfully. In this dream I was driving on a dirt road in my truck with someone. We parked and I got out of the truck and turned to see my brother about 35 feet away in his full camo hunting outfit. I snapped into a lucid state and instantly became fully aware where I was and who was with me. My brother was analyzing the setting as it related to deer and their habits. Hunting was his passion. I was overcome with amazement and emotion, I remember everything so clearly. Bob was flooded with sunlight thru the high treel canopy, it was an autumn scene and the colors of the fallen foliage were all around him and he was so tall and healthy. He continued to describe the scene and I was so excited to be there with him. I recall in the dream I was so excited to see him that I kept saying, this is Bob, this is Bob to myself. I wanted to contain my emotion so that I didn’t wake up. I heard something in the underbrush and I mentioned it, we both walked to that area and Bob reached in and flushed a few game birds with his left hand. It was so clear! At this time I feel that my brother knew my every thought and utter joy I was feeling to be with him. We both stood and started walking down the road , we cam in on, side by side as we have done so many times in the past. As we walked my heart and mind was racing, I knew Bob was aware of how emotional I was and he was being cautios and quiet as we walked together. I could feel he was enjoying the moment as well. I wanted to hold him so badly and I knew this wasn’t going to last much longer. I finally let loose, and turned and ” bear hugged him! I told hime very emotionally that ” I miss you so much!” I clearly remember burying my face in his jacket and squeezing his healthy body. He paused for a second or two and said ” you have to move on Bill”. At that moment the dream ended and I was thrust into a typical random dream at my sister Inlaws home. In that dream I was still aware of the visitation I just had and was debating if I should share what just happened to me, then I fully awoke. I instantly was feeling overwhelmed with joy and amazement ” What just happened…it was my brother! I will never forget it, it was Bob and this has changed my entire state of mind from here on!

  404. I dreamt of my friend ex boyfriend who was murdered. He has been dead for a month now! In my dream we were laying side by side and I could see he was happy and smiling! He voice was clear and he wanted me to know that he was okay. He said he knows he’s missed and that not to worry cause he’s always around. I heard his laugh it was so beautiful to hear. I think even before I found out he was murdered he was trying to get a hold of me? We knew each other for 20 years and we had stopped speaking two years before his death. A couple of weeks after he was murdered I felt like getting a hold of him like I really felt the need to apologize to him. I still had no idea he had passed till I saw his obituary on his Facebook page. I think he wanted me to know? I miss him! He was such a loving person!

  405. okay my nephew had died a couple years back n i dream about him laying in a casket at my house though and he grabed me, i woke up in sleep paralysis. n now i had lost a brother last week n i dreamed about him and him dying and he grabbed me. what do the grabbing mean

  406. I had a visitation dream about my brother who committed suicide a little over two months ago. In the dream, I walked into a house that was like the two houses we had lived in together. He was wearing a jacket he always wore, as well as the typical outfit he wore daily, a baggy white shirt and baggy jeans. I walked in and he was talking to somebody, they weren’t visible to me. Then when he saw me I was so excited. In the dream however I knew he was still passed away. He and I sat down and talked about how everyone was doing with his passing, and I showed him how people were doing through Facebook kind of. For example, on the page, it showed my other brothers emotions as a status. Then after what seemed like hours we walked into the kitchen and he said he had to go and he gave me a hug. I held on as tight as I could and I woke up. I was very at peace but so emotionally drained after that dream and I really want to have another.

    My mom had one with her father. He passed away suddenly and she was never able to say goodbye. She would have the same dream over and over of her walking into the living room, and her dad would be sitting in the same chair he would always sit in. She had it multiple times and each time she would be so close to hugging him and then she would wake up. She finally got to hug him and hasn’t had the dream since.

    When I told her about my dream she told me that I probably won’t have another one. Is there any way of increasing my likelihood of having another one?

  407. I sometimes dream of my father who has passed away 5 and a half years ago. The thing is when I see him he NEVER says anything to anyone. Sometimes he has a serious look on his face and sometimes he is happy looking. But I never hear his voice. He does not open his mouth to speak. I’ve had a dream of my uncle one time right after his passing. He visited me at my job. He came right in and up to me with open arms telling me that it was OK and not to cry anymore. I wonder why my dad never says anything to me… It sorta makes me sad. I’m happy to see him but sad we don’t speak. Why though??

  408. Hi, I had a vivid and peaceful dream about my step father about 5 years ago when he passed. I was in my mothers house helping her pack some things and staying the night with siblings there. Me and my brother were staying the night in the same room. The whole house kind of had an eerie feel to it, it was odd. I found it hard to fall asleep, I eventually did fall asleep, but it felt as if something forced me too? I was thinking is it possible if my step father did that? Then in my dream, he was there. Except he was standing in front of a brick wall. It was red as any brick wall would be, but proceeded with a kind of peaceful white mist or light? I couldn’t tell. But he did not talk at all. At all. It was odd. But he was dressed so nice. I don’t remember what he was wearing, but all I remembered was that he was nice looking. He just got smaller and smaller. Like in the movies. When the camera would slowly keep moving farther back and fade slowly. I felt like he was telling me that it was me and my siblings jobs to take care of our mother after that. He was saying goodbye in a peaceful and respectful manner? Without saying anything. I sure miss him, but I know he is better and happier and looking down on us and our family.

  409. I recently had a dream that my dead father came to visit me I asked him how he was and he said he was happy and well and that I was not to worry about him, he also came with a message to relay for my brother he told me to tell him to take care of himself, I told my father why ? my brother is good why should I tell him to take care of himself? then I asked him is there anything wrong with him? and my father responded no there isn’t anything wrong with him NOW but just tell him to take care of himself. then he disappeared can anyone tell me what that means?

  410. My father passed away last july and I haven’t felt him at all until Friday night I woke my husband up by yelling ” just come home then!” I think I woke myself up too because I literally had my hand to my ear…..than he proceded to keep me up most of the night. I dont remember what the dreams were bit I cant shake the feeling that it was my dad. I miss him so much

  411. I’ll never forget a dream I had about 8 years ago, my nana died when I was really small and I always got really upset when I thought about the funeral as I wasn’t aloud to attend due to being so small. I was such a brat to her and I’ve always felt bad about it. I remember talking to about her the day before this dream maybe this is why she visited me. I was in my room, my door was closed and a bright light was shining through the spaces in the door, I remember thinking that’ll just be my sister going to the bathroom but I instantly knew the light was just too bright. The door opened and there she was my nana, smiling at me. She looked much younger than she did when I knew her and very healthy too. I remember asking her if it hurt when she died and she told me no she died very peacefully. I asked her about my papa she said he was outsider he wasn’t ready to come in yet and I was so upset then she said goodbye to me and closed the door, the light went out after she left. I was so upset I woke up the next morning in tears and when I described how she looked to my dad (her grandson) he couldn’t even look at me, he asked me so many questions so I think he list have believed me. About a year later I had a similar dream but it was my papa, same bright light but he didn’t say anything he just sat at the end of my bed and smiled. It was very strange but I wasn’t scared at all. I felt very peaceful.
    It’s nice to know I’m not crazy and these things do happen to others!

  412. I still dont know what it means when.my grandfather died of a stoke and he had brain damage and I have been having dreams me and him are in a library we are sitting in blue wooden chairs and all I hear is a voice saying look around and I do but it is not him saying look around I feel like he is trying to tell me something but nothing is coming out of his mouth and I have been noticing in every dream he is wearing the same thing but I’m always wearing something different and I think I am someone else because when I have the dreams I am looking at me and him sitting. PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THIS MEANS IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

  413. Does Anyone Know Anything About Dreams?
    Here’s What’s Going On While I’m Sleeping,
    I Dream About My Family That Has Passes Away.
    I know I Miss Them ,But When I See Them There Very Much Alive.
    Now Here’s What’s Going On,When I See Them ,They Act Like I’m Not There , But Sometime My Mom Walks Up To Me & Ask Me What Are U Doing Here ?
    Then I Wake Up. I Had Another One The Other Day,I Was Running After My Older Brother Trying My Best To Catch Up With Him.He Turned Around,& Told Me To Go Home. Now I’m Having The Same Dreams About My Close Friends
    Dose Anyone Know What My Dreams Are About ? I Talk To My Older Brother & We Can Up With The Same Answer,Were Thinking I’m Trying To Die & My Family & Friends Keep Telling Me To Go Home.
    Does Anyone Know Anything About Dreams?
    Thank U In Advance For Any Comment .
    your Friend.
    ………………..Richard Rotosky Sr

  414. I’m not sure what to make of this dream, but it’s odd to me, bc I don’t know this person. I sometimes watch I.D Investigate, that show disappeared. I had a dream about this missing girl (I barley ever dream, bc I have such a hard time falling asleep half the time) my dream consisted of a missing poster of a girl, it played out like a film in my head. And I didn’t realize her name, but the characteristics sounded so formilliar, that when I typed them in to google, Margaret Haddican came up, and her picture was a spitting image of what I dreamt about. And I feel like her message to me was, Hey, I’m still missing, please never forget me. I wondered why I’d even dream of something like that…to sum this up, as I read an article about her, yesterday was Oct 10th. It marked the 8th year that she has been missing still. I’ve never met this person before, but I feel strongly that she was trying to push me to do something for her..if anyone knows information guarding her case, I strongly suggest you call the police. A women like this wouldn’t seem to have left her daughter behind in a crib, or her other children.

  415. My father has dementia, recently I had a dream that a person in authority was informing me my father was frail and weak and dying.
    in the dream I confirm everything with I know, I know, what does this dream mean.

  416. My daddy passed away 3 years ago, it was sudden and tragic. I keep having the same dream of him sitting at the dining room table waving, he doesn’t say a word… He just sits there smiling and waving. I called my cousin the next day to tell her about it, and she had had the same exact dream! What does it mean? I’m desperate!

  417. I just had a dream that may have been a visitation dream with my best friend Taylor who passed away. Today I am taking a train to Chicago and then heading to Philadelphia. I dreamt the I was in Chicago by the Silver Bean and I saw her reflection. I turned around and she gave me a huge hug. We talked and we went to a house nearby that I haven’t seen before. She told me that she might go on my trip with me, I kept asking how since I knew even in my dream that she had passed away. We talked and played with kittens and she kept saying that now we will always be together and I don’t have to miss her any more. She was with me until my alarm woke me up. The odd thing about it is I’m headed to Chicago today and have been having severe health issues that are unpredictable and potentially fatal, my doctors didn’t want me to go on this trip because they were concerned but I am going anyway. I am wondering if she is trying to tell me something or if it was just a dream?

  418. My father died 2 years ago, i keep dreaming on him and i was like screaming to cry as how much i miss him atleast twice a week, in real before he diedi promise him to see each other but it didnt happen,i told my self please tell in a derict way whzt does he want me to do,now a days im li,e hell to cry in the dream hiw i miss him

  419. I actually just had a dream about one of my friends that passed 5 years ago. I have never really dreamed about him since his passing & think of him every once in awhile. I recently lost my sister a year ago so that passing has been pretty much the only thing n my mind. This dream about my friend was so real. I recently just started this job. Well in my dream my friend walks into to where I work in real life and smiled. I looked and him and was like what the heck. How are you here ya know because your dead. I asked him that and he was like Im not dead. I ran to him and hugged him for awhile. It just seemed so real and it was in my workplace where I just started working. He gave me his number for when I got off work to call him and hang out. Well when I got off work I tried to call him and there was no ring just a weird tone sound, & than it said number was disconnected. It was so real and Im just kind of shooken about it because I havent dreamed about him since his passing & it was just so random and real. Any thoughts about it??

  420. My little brothers mother passed away of suicide 4 years ago, and since her passing i have had a total of 3 dreams with her in them. We were close, and knew eachother for a few years, and i have missed her dearly. After her passing, i had dreamt of her outside of her friends house, standing underneath a tree. There were two bicycles close by, and she looked the same as ever. I walked up to her, and asked her something (i cannot recall right now) and she didnt say anything, but just shook her head. I then asked her if she wanted to ride bikes and talk about it, and she said yes. Then i woke up. I wish i can remember what we talked about. My latest dream was her telling me to not forget her face, and i was searching for her…i love these dreams, makes me happy that she is thinking of me as much as i think of her.

    Amazing and thankful that i can still remember her face.

  421. I had a dream last year about my Japanese Teacher Yukiko who passed away last Halloween. We were in a shopping centre buying Kimonos with our friends from the choir. Throughout the dream I tried to bring her back to life, but by the end of it she became really angry and told me off, she was suffering from cancer in her last hours and I kept asking why someone with so much to live for would leave. Now I think I know she didn’t have a choice in the matter she was in too much pain to continue….. I didn’t wake up from the dream crying I woke up feeling happy we had bought kimonos together. Could this have been a visitation. I had a second one where I saw her through the glass window of a door and I woke up extremely happy!

  422. I really feel like I had a visitation dream from my one aunt who passed away when I was 7. This was about a few months ago. The dream was really vivid. I was walking into my Nana’s house and through her back door and into the porch area. Then there was another door I had to walk into that lead to the kitchen. In the dream as I entered the kitchen, I saw my Aunt Katie sitting at the kitchen table. I remembered that she had longer hair than what I remember her having, but I knew it was her. I remember in the dream walking into that kitchen and feeling a tiny bit of shock. As if I was surprised to see her there. Maybe because I had known she was dead. I walked over to her and we hugged. There was no dialogue or any words said that I could remember, just hugging. What was even weirder was that after that I remember lying in my bed half awake and half asleep and I muttered the words either in head or softly out loud “Thanks for visiting Aunt Katie” and that was it. I woke up a bit later and then remembered the dream shortly after I had woken up. I really feel it was a visitation dream because it felt so real. And in other dreams I have had with departed loved ones, they didn’t feel like this. They were different. And I never had a dream where I spoke to them as If I knew they were there. Also, I had this dream around the anniversary of my aunts death. Do any of you think this was an actual visitation dream?

  423. My grandmother passed away 2 months ago at the age of 91.when we took her body back to the Dominican Republic for burial, I got really spooked by her house. When we came back to our house in NY, I wouldn’t step foot in her room. And if the door was open, I would close it. About 2 weeks after her death I had a visitation dream. In the dream my entire family was having dinner and my grandmother walked down the stairs. We all got scarred because we knew she was dead. My mother gets up and tells her “mom you look great”, my grandmother replied “I’m fine I’m 75, looked how I walked down those stairs without any help. Look how I pull this chair out and I sit and stand up with no help”. I got out of my chair and a walked up to her crying, telling her I missed her and loved her so much. She grabbed me by my shoulders and told me to stop crying that she was fine. And to let her go. I never had a dream like this I woke up crying and went to her room and when I walked in it smelled like if she was there. I would love to know the meaning of this dream