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Lion or Lioness Dream Interpretation and Meaning

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A lion in our dreams can have a number of different meanings.

To understand the meaning of your lion dream, it helps to understand some common lion dream interpretations and to look carefully at other symbols in the dream.

Common Lion Dream Interpretations

Below are some common interpretations for what it means to dream about a lion:

Pride: Lions live in prides, and in dreams a lion can often mean pride. Is there anything in your waking life you are proud of?

Anger/Temper: Lions are usually seen as ferocious and formidable animals. To see a lion in your dream can symbolize your own anger or bad temper, or the anger/temper of someone else in your life recently. It is not unusual to dream of a lion after a heated argument or experiencing a lot of anger.

Control/Power/Leadership: Lions often also known as the “king of the jungle” can also be a great symbol of control, power, and leadership.

Anxiety/Fear: If you are afraid the lion will attack you in the dream, symbolizes your own fears and anxieties. Pay careful attention to the rest of the dream for clues as to what it may be you are anxious over.

Strength: A lion in your dreams can symbolize your own strength or the strength of someone you know. Strength can be physical, but often is emotional in our dreams.

Tips for Interpreting Your Lion Dream

You will always be the best interpreter of your dreams, as dreams are a deeply unique and personal experience. While the above common symbols for lions can give you some insight, here are some tips for further understanding the meaning of your dream.

Describe the Lion in 5 Words: Think about 5 words that describe the lion. These 5 words will give you insight on what the dream symbol means.

Pay attention to setting and context: Dreaming of a lion in a jungle is much different than dreaming of a lion in a house. The setting of the dream and the context of the dream will help you better understand the lion dream meaning.

How did you feel in the dream? Your feelings and emotions in the dream can also help you understand the meaning of the dream. Did you feel frightened by the lion? Did the lion make you feel powerless? By identifying emotions in your dream, it can help you identify emotions you subconsciously feel in waking life.

What events are happening in your life? Think carefully about the events that are going on in your life. Could a lion somehow be a symbol to what is going on in your present life?

The lion is also the zodiac symbol for the Leo astrological sign. This sign falls on the calendar during the months of July and August from July 23 – August 22. Do you know someone who is currently in your life that has a Leo birth date? Or, do you have any events planned for this time of the year?

Do you have any other meanings or interpretations for lions as a symbol in your dreams? Have you had a dream about a lion? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. I had a dream for the first time last night of a male Lion. we were in a school classroom . There were others sitting in desks while the Lion was sitting on a stage with a lot of meats. I was afraid of the Lion in my dream I thought he was going to attack me .my husband and 2 boys were also there sitting in a desk watching and learning .the lion started to talk to me and only I could understand him .he said to me feed me and I did but he complained and threw a roaring fit about what meat I fed him . I turned around and asked if any of the people could understand the Lion they said no . The Lion then started to roar and complain more .i went to him and he layed on top of me I was so afraid and anxious I couldn’t even breath the lion was very heavy . I saw my husband go to leave the classroom and started to become fearful he was going to leave me . I asked him to help me get out up from under the Lion .he said no you have to do that yourself . I did and I left with my husband but the Lion was sad and angry . I think the dream was meant to teach me that the lion in the dream is life and it’s trying to show me a valuable lesson before it’s too late .I’m the only one that can pull myself out of a dark situation and learn from it .no one can do it for me but me. That’s the value of life is lessons and growth .

  2. I dreamt of a coming out of a dug up grave then the lion jumped right back into the grave then came out and fell off a small cliff

    1. I just woke up from my dream where a baby not like a cub tho came into the house i was in, and was walking around i wasn’t the only one in the house the baby lion kept coming to me but not in a attacked type of way. It then bite my wrist but not off my right wrist was in the mouth of the lion i yelled for help. That woke me up

  3. I had this dream early in the morning, I was sitting next to a big massive Lion it was really beautiful, and then I started to pat it with an adorable jester& then I started to comb it with my bare hands, which the beast enjoyed.

  4. The setting of my dream was a very light place with the sun hitting down with bright rays. For some reason I was also in a school bus, in the school bus was a male lion an a female lion. The female white lion laid next to me to comfort me. While the male lion was just protecting. I did not feel scared of any type. This is the first time I dreamed of lions. I also do have 2 children who are boys an are my only 2 leos. Usually I intrepet my own dreams, an most are premonations. So im a bit confused.

  5. I had a dream about a white lion with glowing blue eyes. It was friendly and had an aura of a wise man. It was also huge, about two heads taller than me when it was sitting. I also noticed its fur was flowing slowly even though there wasn’t any wind. I was inside this house with the lion and it was looking outside. I also looked outside and saw everything was covered in snow. A creature was there but I couldn’t identify what it was. All I know is that it has beautiful white fur. The white lion called it the “white spider” (it doesn’t look like a spider) and said something along the lines of, “That fool is trying to sacrifice himself. We must save him.” From what I understand in the dream, the white lion and the white spider is connected. If one of them gets hurt, it affects the others. I also somehow understood that there were more of them. We never got to saving him or even leaving the house because the dream ended there.

  6. i had this dream earlier. we used to have many dogs (not a dream) so i guess i saw many lions in our roof top as pets lying down. i think the other interpretation was wrong in the other websites, i think i got my answer here. i did have an argument and have a recent temper or anger with someone. so i guess that must be it.
    also in my dream, again, they were just laying down on the ground, and they were fine with my other pets like birds. so, i was thinking what to feed these lions as pets. in my dream, i had thought about chicken, then it made me think not to feed them chicken cause i have birds. in my thought it automatically turns to big meet to feed them. you know, the one you already buy from the supermarket, but extra large.

  7. I was walking through a cage of lions and wild animals to go to the toilet. The lioness sort of nodded once I was safe then they all decided to escape from the cage to get their owner. Really weird

  8. Hello I just had a dream of a loin . It wasn’t chasing me tho it was just walking around looking for food. But we were trying to stop it from coming in the house. I was with a few people that was in my house. And the neighbor was over so she went to get it food. But it was a friendly lion. What does it mean I also seen it with a small baby . Hiding from us . I’m also fighting
    termiall cancer. Thank you MrsTorres.

  9. I had a dream last night that, l was having a lioness with four little one as a pet in my house.

  10. I had a lion/s dream last night. I was in a apartment, shop, building or store front. Within an urban setting. Inside there were a few caged lions, a mix of males and females, (mostly females). I then found myself on the street at night walking towards the place where the lions were. But I saw the door was open. As I approached the door I saw the lions had gotten free. And they were thinking about exiting the door. All of the lions were calm and steady. I then felt anxious that they may attack me. And I thought to myself, that they were about to hunting. I then looked them all in the eyes and walked away calmly yet swiftly. To avoid a potential attack. I then entered another door across the street and a few store fronts down. After I entered the store front, I woke up. This is my second lion/s dream in an urban setting within a few months. And my second reoccurring dream, ever.

  11. I dreamed about a male lion who had a big main moved very quick and with a lot of power I was fueling up my car at the gas station with my soon to be wife when he wanted to attack her at first I pushed her inside the gas station but the lion broke through the glass so I went behind the counter with her and helped her up on a ledge in the ceiling when I tried to get up there he got even more angry and broke through the counter leaving me on the ground and her up it stared into my eyes and a massive amount of anger came and we attacked each other I had a knife and stabbed the lion multiple times he bit and scratched me he then tried in one last effort to grab my girl and I slammed him on the ground and killed him what does this dream mean

  12. A dream of a Road full of sleeping lions…was driving around them, trying not to drive over them or wake them up…there was a plethora of them…?

  13. I had this bad lion dream. I was wih bunch of unknown people in a house. We knew there was lion in the backyard. Somehow we all came out of that house but I just go near the backyard window to see if the lion is still there. I am standing near backyard window wall. I am wearing black snow jacket. Somehow the window opened and lion comes out. I get scared and I couldn’t run. I just sit near the wall pretending not to be living being so that lion goes somewhere else. I am very nervous and I am not trying to take breath. Lion comes onto me. It smells me , I am thinking in my mind that it’s gonna eat me today. But then he goes to stairs to pee. I had a chance to run but I still couldn’t because I knew it would come after me. It would attack me after seeing that I moved. So I stick to wall and it removes my head cap. It’s gonna eat me from my head and I am so darn nervous and afraid. I am asking God some help or I wonder if something else distract the lion. Then I woke up to my phn ring.

  14. I’m my dream, we were walking through a den of lions. One of them gripped on to my youngest daughter arm. We called for help. My daughter was screaming and crying. She started going wild trying to fight the lion. Then the lion started attacking like he was about to kill her. I woke up cause it scared the hell out of me.

  15. Ii had a dream the oither night that I was at a very good friends place visiting and when it was time for me to leave, I remember saying that I couldn’t go out a certain way as there were lions in the courtyard so I had to take the other exit as I was afraid of being attacked, when I left the other way it was a beautiful walk along a brightly lit beach however it was night time. Any clues to what that means?

  16. I had a dream of a lot of lions just peacefully hanging out in public with us humans. And humans are like, petting, hugging and just chilling with them. But i was a bit anxious and kinda shouted “do not turn your back on big cats or they’ll pounce on you.”

  17. Hi,
    I had a dream with a big male lion and me and him was inside the house playing, running, throwing the ball and touching him, can you tell me this meaning please ?

    Many thanks


  18. I dreamt of a lion entering our house. Me and my family members got afraid. The lion moved out. Then I saw a lioness moving outside the house who was about to enter. So, I had made a plan. I locked all the doors of the room and kept the room with the entrance door open.i locked myself and my family in another room. We were afraid. Then my cousin brother arrived. He forgot to close one room’s door. I ordered him to slowly close it. As he went to close the door, the lioness came out from the room. My cousin somehow managed to move aside caressing his head. The lioness moved to the room where me and other members were present. I somehow managed to slip
    off myself beside the lioness and rush to the room where my cousin was there. We jumped on the bed. Though I was safe for that moment, my heart beat kept facing up. I was thinking, “hope rveryone is okay. Please, god save them.” I was thinking that once the lioness goes away, I will hug my step mom and never leave her alone like I did today.
    Can you please help me to know the meaning of this dream?

  19. I dreamt that I was on a mountain and I saw a lion and his cub. But they were both very afraid nothing looked lions should be. I was not afraid of them all I felt was compassion and sympathy for these sad animals so if made it my goal to get them to trust me by feeding them. I was in a car when I told my husband I want to go back everyday until I know they are going to be okay. So everyday I went back until the lion was a great lion again and his cub was confident again. In my dream I was hugging the lions and kisses their foreheads. The five words to describe the lions to me would be scared, abused, sad, hurt, but very loving. I don’t know what the dream meant.

  20. had a dream that I was back at my old summer camp and was in my dorm. One of my roommates had a guy over, so I left and walked around for a bit. I saw this facility so I went inside and saw this poor lion. He looked so sad, so I let him out of his cage and took the chains off of his. He motioned to these drops on the counter so I put them in his eyes. It made him talk like a person and he was able to morph into a person, but it wasn’t like a regular person, it was the shape but a ball of light. Anyway, the lion took me outside and he showed me how fast he could run in this field we found. He seemed so happy, but really tired so I got him a bowl of water from a nearby cafe. Little did I know there would be the horrible woman there who kept him locked up. I tried to fight her off but it didn’t work. The lion went with her but was VERY unhappy. We had really bonded. When she got him back to the facility she made sure he could talk anymore or turn into the human light ball. When she went in the cage to experiment with him more, he ate her.

  21. I think it was big institution which built in the forest area. It was sunny day we do our work with some children outside the institution,suddenly every animal in the forest assemble in front of us like a soldiers arranged for a war. So I noticed and alert everyone to move from that place and we moved on and lock the institution door , but after that only I noticed I left one child there but I have no option atleast I have to save others life so I closed the door and watch the doof but I couldn’t stop that animals ,I ran with others to save others life but each every others I lost some people of us and I cried a lot ,why this is happening to me and pray to the god please save us , but some how the stituation get managed I have that guilt that I couldn’t save all of us. In my dream I sees lots of wild animals but lion is only thing in my dream chased us ,luckily I got escaped but unluckily I couldn’t save all of us knowingly I lost some of us. I don’t know what does it trying to.tell me. Pls interpret the dream….
    Thank you

  22. Just two beautiful, light tan lions and two beautiful tigers walking toward me, each separated by several yards – lion on the left, then a tiger, a lion, then a tiger. They appeared to be looking at something to their left. I did not feel threatened but rather was in awe of their magnificence and perfect coats.

  23. I just had a dream of a lion that me my kids and my son’s father was walking at night and my son’s father said rip your clothes because he said he know a dog is in the woods and pop out a lion. I backed up it came at me then it went after my son but it didn’t eat anyone it tried to take my son. I wouldn’t let it and my son is a leo the dream scared me.

  24. I had a dream i was at my parents house and it was night time and i looked outside the windows the blinds where open and i saw a lion glaring at me from the outside i remember feeling confused, as i walked down the hallway i looked in the bedrooms through the windows and i was the lion was following me from bedroom to bedroom from the outside and i remember i started to feel scared that it was following me, i laid down on the floor to avoid the lion being able to find me.. i wonder what it means the dream was so distinct

  25. Just had a dream that I walked in a room of my house and saw a lion, it just attacked/jumped on me and I yelled mom. Woke me up quick!!

  26. I had a dream where I was with family and some random groups of people, felt like a the random people were on a school trip we were on a big dry field little trees, and there were two lions, one male one female. The male was walking around the groups of people then ran off. Then the female started making her way around running and walking up to everyone, then she came to me and my family. And she stayed with me, I was scared but trying to repress my fear so she wouldn’t attack, she just wanted to play with me. Then she laid down infront of me and I tried to hold back my fear and pet her because I felt like that’s what she wanted, I thought she fell asleep after a few minutes, but she then died and was slowly buried in the sand. Me and my family quickly ran to the car to get away but I’m still left confused.

  27. i had a dream a few times where a lioness pinned me down to dominate me. she then made me mate with her, and she was on top. what does it mean?

  28. God’s Blue Eye’d White Lion

    I had a dream that I was in a small 2 story wooden house It was all good till I realized that I was being chased by a white lion with PIERCING light blue eyes and huge white mane and being growled at like 2 Lions when they fight at .It wasnt in hunt mode it was in fight mode. I ran & I got to the toilet I shut the door as it was about too charge me & I woke up. Thank you jesus for everything you

    That happened about 2018.

  29. I had a dream about a lion. My fiancé and I were walking thru a mall, people were dressed up as characters from movies (almost like it was around Halloween or something). There was an adult female dressed like the cowardly lion and she was walking around acting like him and acting out the scenes from the movie. Then all of a sudden, she tripped and fell into a wishing well, the kind where u can walk up and throw pennies in it (usually it’s like a fountain or something in it). Anyway, the male lion was laying in there and he appeared to be sleep and unbothered by anyone around him until she fell in with him. Everyone knew that once that happened, we all had to run. I never even know there was a lion there until she fell in. It was a stampede running in the opposite direction of the lion. It was so many people running that we actually never seen him chase us but the the thought of the lion coming was so frightening. I looked to my left, my fiancé wasn’t there. I think he ran faster than me. I remember I felt like quitting the run because I was so tired and didn’t feel fast enough but the fear was so powerful, I woke up out of breath and scared. What does this mean?

  30. I saw lion and tiger in my dream when I was with my lover in a park and after that I saw zebras and transgender. The transgender was asking for money from us. What is the meaning of this kind of dream

  31. I had a dream yesterday 5-5-20
    It had 2 Lion heads no body.

    The first lion head was a side view, floating in the air with some what of a man face, on the back side of a building that looked something like the Washington monument on side of a cliff. Which is to my right.
    Their was water crashing in front of me.
    With a mountain to my left with two rigidity points.
    Than a left hand with the thumb facing down slap the building into the crashing water. ( Only difference that changes in the first part of my dream is the building crashing into the water, mountain to my right still there) Leaving the lion head turning to face me.
    As that faded away I was standing up to see the second lion head bigger than me. Are noise almost touching. The lion head was calm and a sleep. Then I woke up.

  32. I need help understanding my dream. I dream that me and my late mother was in the woods and this lady came and told us to lock our tents because there’s lions. So I was afraid told my mother let’s leave she said no let’s get some sleep because she’s really tired. I could see the lion’s outside of the tent the Male lion rip the tent and bit my mother on the foot. She kicked it and went back to sleep it jumped over her and tried to attack me.

  33. I had a dream that there were a bunch of pedestals made of random things and some were shorter and they were all different heights, and the lion was on the bottom and I was on top of a pedestal. The lion can jump onto some of the smaller pedestals which meant it could jump to the higher one. The lion was trying to get up and kill me and I had no choice but to throw stuff down at the lion to try and get him to not be able to come up and kill me. And nothing worked at the end before I woke up I started to fall and then I woke up
    The lion was a female

  34. I had a dream of me and someone walking in the field on my brothers farm. My brothers dog abig terrier like dog was running towards a male lion. I was scared and held out to the dog whose name was also Lion, but the lion was friendly with the dog and start rubbing up against the dog. Then a female lion comes and was also playful and rubbing up against the dog. They then ccme towards me and the person with me and rubbing agains our legs. I am not sure who the person is that we’re with me. It might be my brother. We when then home and the lions followed. I went and sit next to my sister, who was still a young girl in my dream, we sad on a bench in the garden and the female lion Ciimb on the bench and lay wit her head on my sisters lab and my sister pet her. Then I wake up.

  35. I had a dream … Golden male proper built in Lion will be walking alone and I see it and go towards it..Night and empty roads with full of trees and just the car light.. Had no fear seeing it but I will try to pull his cheeks somewhere was scared thinking what if it bites me.. But then nothing will happen. It will start living in my house compound .. And night could hear some sound and I come out to the hall .. I could see the lion watching me and waiting for from the window.. I open the door and it came and slept beside and I was pampering and rubbing it’s body.. it wanted to see me.. But neighbours will think the lion might harm their kids.. But I will try to explain .. It is protecting us! I was not scared but was very emotional and attached to it!

  36. I had a dream last night where I was walking on a trail in the darkness with a group of people. I had a flashlight and there was a white light on top of a hill that we came walking down from.

    Suddenly, at a crossroad (the trail is made out of dirt) a pack of mountain lions are lurking around me. A part of me was afraid but I turned around and faced the main lion, stared it down, and started screaming and making myself big to scare it off. It tried to pounce me a couple of times but I continued to scream at it until it ran into the darkness.

    I wasn’t afraid when I stood up to it. I’ve read that it has to do with my emotions and keeping them in check. I also read that darkness has to do with my mental state of mind. It made me think of my professional life and treading carefully. What could it mean in context with the trail and light?

  37. Lion seen on the way of trek down of mountain. And a family putting my family to save thr in front of lion and I try protecting and running to save my family specially kid

  38. I dream of a Lions outside my house, I feel fear to them, and they are strong like a lion king, Everybody screaming, and I feel awareness that the lion cannot go inside my house. Maybe they protect me but I feel scared.

  39. I had a dream about a lioness attacking me as I walked up a familiar porch, she latched on my neck and shoulder and I immediately thought ” so this is how I’m going to die. I turned and jumped off the porch with the lion still attached . Its a two or three story porch so my thoughts were I’m allready gonna die might as well take her with me. We hit and I woke up alive. I’ve never experienced a dream like that. I’ve died in dreams, fell and have even dreamt of animals trying to attack but never has one came out of nowhere like that and had me think if I go your going with me . It felt so real and every detail stayed with me after I woke, that never happens normally. Its not something I’m gunna forget anytime soon and just stood out from past dreams . Kinda weird

  40. Yesterday, I was talking to my niece and fell asleep for like a few seconds and saw a female lion sitting in front of a white car. I do not know where it was though. It did look like the lion was smiling? And I wasn’t scared of it for some reason?

  41. I had a dream, where we 3 of us, were sitting in a boma, around a fire. 2 Male lions enter. One person ordered me to sit still. Avoid eye contact…the Lion will do nothing…just dont move. My life is upside down. Lost my husband 7 months ago in a plane crash.

  42. But last night I had a dream where I had a very large and angry Tiger and a Lion in two separate cages. With some harmless animals in a separate cage. I was scared the the big cats would break free. There was fear and a lot of tension in my dream. There were no fatalities. Just fear! What does this mean?

  43. I used to have dreams about lots of lions that had overtaken a neighborhood. They were everywhere! On the streets, on the roof tops, by the side of roads, everywhere! I was scared of leaving the house. No one could leave their houses. There were no fatal attacks. Just a lot of fear.

  44. Hi please help me interpret my dream. In my dream I saw myself on roof of my old house and when I looked down I saw a big group of male lions and female lions standing around my home. I felt little trapped that I cannot go down. But those lions were not attacking of being aggressive, infact they were busy amongst themselves. Suddenly I saw a group of men dressed in all black trying to enter the house and one of them kills a lion and cuts and throws his head. They saw me looking and came after me. I felt scared of them and took hiding being my house’s water tank. They did not catch me in my dream as after that I woke up. Please help me know what it means.

  45. Hi a lion older outside my yard and I seem afraid of him and others are keepingg him put a lioness keeps scratching at the the door. If they are threatening. And want to hurt the small children please help interpreting this dream.

  46. I was scared at first. But I became proud and happy cause I had control over them and they were actually fighting for me.

  47. At first I was scared but later on, I became proud and happy. Cause I had control them and they were actually fighting for me.

  48. I dreamt that I was in a white room with 3 or 4 lionesses circling around me. I wanted to look outside but the lionesses wouldn’t let me out of the circle. I wasn’t afraid of them at all, I just wanted to know what was outside of the white room.

  49. In my dream I saw a lion sitting with its teeth and I hit it’s mouth with a big log. The lion was in an open land not in my house.

  50. I have seen two lion and tiger together playing in the jungle, and I was watching them. What does this mean?

  51. I am really troubled by the dream I had last night. Please let me know what you think.
    I was homeless and was asking a friend to stay with her. She offered me a really small and dirty room. She had two lions in a fenced yard. There was a pregnant woman watching the lions. When I peaked back into the yard. I saw the pieces of the pregnant lady. No blood. And one of the lions was looking full and sleepy.

    1. Hi Ellie! Many times homes and houses in dreams can sometimes be a symbol of a sense of self or security. If it were my dream, I would maybe think it is related to not feeling secure about a new idea or new change in life. Are there any changes or new things happening in your current life? Changes can sometimes be a challenge to deal with, and so of course this often can manifest in our dreams.

      Everyone is different, so as always you are the best interpreter of your own dreams!

      In addition to the possible dream symbol meanings for lions above, you may also want to check out these other dream symbols:

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    5. Hope that helps!

  52. I had a dream where I had a pet lioness I was so in love with it, I never wanted to let it go but then suddenly a lion came my mom was trying to chase it away and I went to help her n tried to chase the lion but it was of no use. Then I saw that the lion was so calm n wanted to meet the lioness so I let the lion in n it was so happy to meet the lioness n I went n touch both of them they were both happy. J even gave them names lol.

  53. I had a dream that i was locked in this big area with a bunck of other lions. They were being shot and killed by humans standing around the fence. I was hiding behind a tree scared. One lion named bo, grabbed my arm with his mouth. He was dragging me then he threw me on his back and was trying to take me to saftey. He jumped over the fence was climbing over rocks. I could tell he was tired after a while. I told him it was okay he could let me go but he ignored me and took me to this river and tryed to swim us to saftey.

  54. I had a dream that I have a tiger pet and we visit at the lions cage, the lion is very angry and I teach the lion to calm and relax then after that the lion become relax and comfortable I can touch and hug him and we become friend.

  55. I had a dream last night where i was walking in a field of cows in a cage. there were three levels of walkways around the perimeter where you could easily jump down the the ground. all of a sudden i heard this intercom say it’s feeding time. my mom was there with my and she yelled “lucile” which is my cats nickname. i looked up and i saw a female lion. i ran towards the exit which was a couple feet away from me and the lion jumped down and killed me.

  56. I had a dream last night about lions. In the backyard was about 2 female lions, so I walked in the back door there were 3 in the house so I said get softly and they left out of the house. As I started walking towards the front of the house 2 more came out and they too I told to get and they went out of the house without a sound nor roar.

    I got to the living room and there was 2 there and I got them out of the front door, but when they got on the porch they turned into small children.
    I sand hmmm….

    I went and sat down on the couch when I looked up their was another female lion lying on the bed. The house was calm we had eye contact and she made small sound and I would say wave her paw across her nose she never did move one inch. She wanted me to know that she was their.

    I was started panicking and woke up.

    What does this mean?

  57. I’ve had two dreams with lions.
    my first dream was about a week ago, I dreamt I was on a walk with my children and I saw a mountain lion stalking us, we started to back away slowly and it started to creep up on us a little more, somehow I had a small gun and I started to shoot it just as it was starting to run towards us much faster and I killed this mountain lion. But in the midst of all of thi one of my children was lost, my youngest son and I woke up right as I found him in the dream.

    The second dream I just had last night. I was in my home and there was a male lion in my house and he had been mauled, his face was missing and he was really skinny and gravely hurt. while I was trying to figure out how to get this hurt lion out of my house a female lion somehow got in and came upstairs to my children’s room and was attacking my children, my husband jumped up and covered it with a blanket and was trying to hold the Lioness down while I ran to get a knife but as soon as I turned to go back upstairs with the knife I woke up……. I don’t know what it means or why keep dreaming of these big cats but it has caused me to have anxiety and I wish I could just understood them.

  58. I had a dream that I was in a tall narrow house in the sahara but on one side of the house there was a river or an ocean. I was with a friend and we were getting ready to go out to eat and meet up with people. We were on the top floor in her room (my room was down the left staircase) and I sat while she got ready. I was looking through the open doorway, down the left staircase through an open glass door, watching 5-6 male lions attacking a horse. It was horrible and I couldn’t look away, then one of them saw me. I turned to my friend and said we needed to lock ourselves in her room for a bit and she said it wasn’t a big deal because there are many wild animals around all the time. I remember seeing a bunch of weird fish somehow jump through the crack between the wall and the right staircase and then back out and I heard them splash in the water on the side of the house. Then we both looked down the other left stairs out the glass door and saw the lion take a step inside. Shit, said my friend, then went and grabbed a door. I remember looking at this door she grabbed, there was a piece of door already on her doorframe and this door she grabbed locked into the other one somehow but there was still and inch gap between the frame and newly attached door. HIDE, I said. She hid near the door and I farther away behind a room divider with something draped over it. I could still peer around to see the door and I saw the lions eye, staring straight at me. I was terrified. Many hours later I woke up to my friend saying “it puked, ew, it puked!” Then she was rushing and telling me to go to my room to get ready so we could leave. I thought she was out of her mind. I was certain the lion was waiting patiently around the corner for me, then I awoke.

    This friend in my dream is an actual friend I have in the city I live in. In the dream, she called me by my birth name. I no longer go by that name and she isn’t even aware of that name. I would love some insight/suggestions on meanings to this dream.

  59. I have a fragmented dream. On my 1st dream I saw a big lion,it feels like he was our pet coz I was telling my mom “Leo (the name of the lion) was out, ma”.. then on my next dream I was in my room when my nieces came inside, I was supposed to go outside to get new clothes for them (my nieces’ house is just in front of ours) but when I saw outside a group of lions & tigers are waiting lazily outside. I close the big window coz I fear that they will come inside & my father asked why am I closing it & I responded casually “the lions & tiger might get inside, the kids are here”.. I was not scared in both dreams.. can somebody help me interpret this? Thank you.

  60. My dream was that there were 5 lionesses that stayed in an outside hoise. Don’t believe it was a jungle bit was in nature. They were so loving and rubbing up against me. I wasn’t scared I was grateful to be petting them. I tried to put them away but they kept following me.

  61. I dreamt of a sick and diseased lioness looking at me as though she wanted to die. I shot and killed her. The male lion came looking for her later. But did not attack. Everyone at my home gathered together to go hunt the male lion, but i couldnt find the rest of the shotgun shells or the male lion

  62. I find the dream I had last night quite unusual as I haven’t dreamt of lions before.
    I was sitting on top of a tall ant mound in the bush by myself. I looked over to my left and there was another large ant mound with an animal perched on top. I then noticed two lions walking together then one turned and jumped onto the ant mound to the left of me to try claim the mound. The lion then roared in the animals face but the animal didn’t budge then roared back at the lion. The lion then jumped down and joined the other lion.
    I felt a sense of happiness for the animal and felt like I learnt something from it.
    Moments later a lioness was perched right in front of my face, she then roared staring directly into my eyes but I felt no fear. I then roared back at her which didn’t seem to intimidate her whatsoever, I could see it only made her feel more powerful. So I then started staring intensely into her eyes. She then backed down and left. I haven’t been remembering my dreams lately but this one was quite vivid and it left me wondering..

  63. I had a dream where I remember I was arguing about something to do with snow, and so as I was walking home I remember looking down and seeing snow with foot steps and snow accumulated on the side of the sidewalk. As I cross the street and look down the block towards my building towards the left, I see a the back of a lion. Then I see that a lady is holding the end of the collar that is on the lion. At first I am afraid and turn around and hide because I am cautious and I sense the danger but then I see her go inside my building. I follow and I see that she appears to have some sort of control so like other people in the lobby I walk past afraid run up the stairs. When I get to a certain floor I am aware that the woman has lost control. I notice a classmate on the same floor, she has a piece of glass and she pushing it through the door as if it is hurting the lion. I can hear the screams of the lady and they sound like that of a baby. I am scared and so I tell my classmate to stop and she screams at me that we have to do something to save the lady. I don’t know what to do and something I wake up. I have had other dreams in the same setting but although I know it is my building, the inside looks completely different and much bigger

  64. I had a dream that I was in my grandmother’s house and my mum and my dog were there too, but not my partner or my 10 month old.

    My dog was chasing something in the house like a mouse or rat or something. When I looked closer I realised it was a baby lion, but seriously small.
    I told my dog to get it and bring it to me, which he did. I picked the little lion cub up and before I knew it there was a lioness right in front of me in the lounge room, prowling very territorially and growling at me.
    I was trying to just remain calm and not anger it further but I was completely filled with fear from head to toe and terrified that the lioness would sense my fear.
    I wanted to give the cub back but the lioness growled more. I held onto the cub and stroked it lovingly but again, the lioness growled more. Nothing I did seemed to please it or defuse the situation. I felt powerless and scared.

    Before falling asleep my partner did go off at me in an argument and I was worried that he would wake the baby. Also fell asleep worrying about my baby’s growth and development…. I don’t know if any of this ties into it but I found it seriously odd.

  65. Hi! I had a dream of me being seated with a lion. I had named him Leo. We were inseparable and like best friends. We were on a grassland and it was a bright sky. I am 17 and I have this dream very often. Whenever I have this dream I wake up with full energy and a bright smile. I don’t have any good friends to feel comfortable around nor do I get myself to trust them. But dreaming myself with the lion makes me also want to have a good friend in real life. What is the dream trying to tell me?? Coincidently I am also planning on pursuing a career in wildlife.

  66. My boyfriend had a dream about his mother and he’s really afraid for her right now and he thinks she might be in trouble, she’s in jail. It starts off with him holding her in his arms and she’s dying. She has a sore in her
    stomach and it pops revealing a dying tape worm. She turns to him and says “I must go. The lions are coming. Never trust a lion.” And then she died… Please someone answer me this my boyfriend is freaking out…

  67. I had a lion dream last night there was one lion and two lioness walking in and out for my house I was trying to lock them out side they came in I was scared put I did pat them they was so calm and they all went back in the room and slept in the room with them was also cat and kittens so yeah I don’t no if anyone has had same dream or you tell me about mine this would be great thanks ????????

  68. I had a dream that I was laying next to a white lioness in the wild. We were face to face and pretty close up. I felt a little scared but that feeling dissipated and I felt totally comfortable. I heard hunters close by and woke the lioness and got her to follow me in the long brush to hide. The hunters just rounded some trees and I was afraid that they saw us running into the bushes. I put a hand on the lioness to keep her calm as the hunters voices got closer and then I awoke. Has anybody had any similar dreams? Any suggestions as to the meaning?

    1. Hey everyone can u help me. I had a dream last night. I was at a place with a lot.of people and my sister was there. A lion suddenly was there and starts attacking me and I ask my sister for help and he actually doesn’t do nothing but sets the tiger on me, Everytime the tiger attacks me I throw it back at my sister but she keeps setting the tiger on me. After a few rounds of this I wake up.

  69. Last night i had a dream and i saw a lot of lions. I was walking on a road in my city… And i saw atleast 4-5 lions… And i felt like there were 10-15 more lions in the area… I don’t know if there was any female lioness among them. All of these 15-20 lions were friendly with me and didn’t mean any harm to me. Then I saw 2 people wearing doctor clothes and carrying a big sealed bag with a corpse of a dead adult male lion… The head of this dead lion was lying at a distance and a 2nd lion was eating it. On seeing me… This 2nd lion picked the dead lion’s head and ran so that he could finish eating in a secluded place. To reach a secluded place, the 2nd lion had to cross me and hence it came very near to me and i got a bit scared… But this 2nd lion didn’t say anything to me and ran off beside me. Then i woke up.
    Can you please help me in finding meaning of this dream?

  70. I have looked everywhere I can’t find anything on the dream that I had. In my dream I was urgeing my wife to get in this store sheand my daughter was lingering outside and all of a sudden this lion came up and grabbed my daughter. My daughter was crying and hollering daddy it hurts it hurts so bad and as she was saying this I was trying to fight this lion off of her and trying to get it to attack me instead. What does this mean?? Should I be worried about my daughter?? Is this bad??

  71. I had a dream last night, and in it I met a chalk artist on the street. He had only two chalk drawings (that I saw.) The first was of a male lion, he had a golden mane, and his tongue was sticking out irreverently. There were math and algebra symbols in light blue chalk on the left below the lion, then rainbow stripes behind the lion, and shapes among the stripes. A blue or pink heart was on the left above the lion. After I looked at the drawing, I told the man that the drawing was very colorful, then the man said to me,”This is for you.” I looked over and there was another drawing of a mane-less big cat (perhaps a lioness?), which was only done in shades of blue. Then I left. It was interesting to note that the lion -which I assume represents me- was a male lion, as I am often a male in my dreams.

  72. Hopefully someone will read this. My dream seemed to be a bit unique and I had it twice. I was walking in the neighborhood to an acquaintance car when I see a male lion kitty corner to me. I start to walk up the hill to the car analyzing how much distance is between myself and he alley where the car is. My friends run up the street. A lion cub comes down the hill in the direction I am trying to go. It goes right past me. I’m panicked because I know the lions are faster than me so I’m trying to get up the hill but unable to run like in most of my dreams when there’s danger. So I begin to crawl up the hill on all fours and a strange man walks down the hill past me towards the lions and says something like good job panda referencing how the jacket I was wearing was white and black and could make the lion think I was a panda. I make it to the car safely. In my dream I asked if the lions came from the zoo or were they someone’s pet. Someone said they were someone’s pet. I couldn’t understand why they kept getting loose but I had my eye out on them.
    Eventually I went to an abandoned gas station thinking it would be open. I went with about five acquaintances. I saw three lion cubs or really scruffy stray dogs and some people walked towards them. I walked the opposite direction and then did not worry about them. I’ve never dreamed of a lion before.
    I saw a lion and then a cub. In my dream it respresented danger because cubs are precious to the lioness. But I was not attacked. Lions live in packs but in my dream I felt alone. And like I was trying to fit in. I had to hold my own because people were not agreeing with me and starting to dislike me. Yesterday I felt alone and like no one cared about me because none of my family tried to see what I was doing New Year’s Eve except for one cousin who I actually spent time with in my dream. Then by the end of the night I decided that I would go into this new year alone and it would be good for me. And I felt a little frightened about this. When I was crawling up the hill to get to the car and away from the lions I knew I could be attacked because I turned my back on the lions. But my only thought was to get away so I pushed my body through the fear to my destination. I wonder if that was the purpose of my dream. I’m still trying to understand why there were lions though and not another animal. They were predators and I looked like the prey (a panda). How does this manifest in my real life I wonder.

  73. I keep having the same dream about a lion that somehow is like my pet and I’m not afraid of it and it keeps trying to runaway then I’m always feeding it and keep looking for an animal control number than calling it but that s about it … Oh and while in the dream with the lion a rattle snake shows up and we kill it . I’ve been having this dream for 3 days straight it’s pretty weird though.

  74. Hello. I Was dreaming that I was a lion and I was having a women. And suddenly another lion came there and wanted to hunt me because he was feeling that I am a lion to..and I said fuck I don’t want to fight…but That lion was still hunting me and I was hiding…After that I woke up because my alarm was ringing

  75. I have 12 white Lions , males and females, two are getting weak and I feel the eldest is weaker, they are protecting me, from something for it took the Elder White Lions to guard me while I sleep, I wat h them form around me in circle, they are concerned for me, they want me to do something once I’m rested, they love me and they need me, that’d all I know….they conversate with my mind and I feel them….they are breathing around me and staring with white hair flowing and swaying, they are the Bosses and I feel as if I’m in trouble and being hunted, they are waiting to save me. They are not letting anything in while I

  76. Had a very interesting clear dream.

    I was in India or Nepal, a westerner, a young man brought me to a restaruant, we chose one which I have never been, it has a pond and there are stones steps in the pond, at the end there is a staircase leading to second floor.

    We went to the second floor and got our seat. Opposite our seat we saw a junior lion in the opposite building lying by the window, it was frightened and skinny. There gap was narrow between the two building, and the resturant level it was an open floor without walls. I went near the lion and recited Medicine Buddha as I could feel its loneliness and sadness of being trapped by human. It suddenly came out of the window and stepped into the restuarant, people run away, I was frightened too, however I gathered my courage and held its head or hands, and recited Medicine Buddha mantras to it, it has taken the shape of lion but have not grown into its size. It responded to my chanting and looked into my eyes. I saw a pair of eyes filled with sorrows. Later, however it went down to the pond and frightened people who were swimming or playing inside it. As it descended, the pond turned into a cave filled with water. Suddenly it changed its form to a lion cub. Some construction workers came and gentlely put it on their truck, claiming that they will ensure it will be taken to the right place. My friend and me felt sad and prayed that the lion will get to a place where he can be back to its mother or its herd, or be well taken care of before releasing back to the nature.

    I woke up and feel very strange and had a feeling that I was the lion???

  77. I had a dream that I was with some of my new friends and then all the sudden I found myself on a dirt road behind a vehicle that was stopped so after being there for a few and realizing that I didn’t see any reason why we were stopped I went around him. As I looked in my rear view mirror I noticed that he was still there along with cars that were behind me….and I remember thinking that maybe i shouldn’t have continued with my drive and when turned around I saw a lioness pounced through my window and put my head in her mouth…after she bit me she laid down in my back seat and was calm…but I thought that she killed me…but I yelled at her and drove off still trying to figure out if I died or not…..

  78. I dreamed that a lion was standing with its fore legs but in a relaxed posture and just looking at me, on a steep hill. This was the third time in my life I dreamed about lions, and further on I saw a relaxed eagle also relaxed on a tall tree stump, but with the eagle I was very close to it, and at the same height with it.

  79. Image rain the person know that I love dogs and I had already taken into stray dogs I just woke up and took the dog they actually were both black and the lion that this person tried to give me to take it they said was already trying but it was white Pure White look like a baby lion it wasn’t a full-grown lion know it was very playful and just kept wanting to play and jump all over me just like a dogwood but I really didn’t necessarily have any more wrong simply because I wasn’t in the house I was now in an apartment well basically that’s it that’s the dream I never took the Lion Inn the person even tried to force me to take the lion by placing the lion in my car in the front seat and if I remember correctly I started driving from the back seat just because I wasn’t sure if the lion was really tired tonight but yeah that’s how my dream went

  80. I had a dream I was at a party and I stepped out for a walk and as I turned the corner I seen a man running from a pack of pittbulls there was about 8 of them I looked again they where all chained up at looking at me as to warn me but I looked on as to stand my ground then I realized these three lions was run full sprint at me in fear I ran then turned to hold my ground knowing I could not out run them pulled out a knife I always have with me the male lion jumped on me I stabbed him til he stopped fightin g me then I realized the females started to attack as well some how I killed her to by stabbing her as well I’m managed to get to my feet to fight with the last female lion she looked at me roared and turned away and ran I chased her and then she was gone but when I stopped and looked around the 8 pittbulls was all sitting looking at me as they where realized as I being to walk away I looked at the two dead lions they looked as if they was at peace and happy and then I woke up filling relived can someone please tell me what this mean please…..

  81. I had a dream I was with my family and we went to a zoo that lets lions walk around they were calm but when we went to give our tickets one of the liones looked at only me and walked up to me I was extremely afraid and could feel my heart pounding then the liones grabbed me legs kind of like hugging them and kept opening and closing her paws I could feel her nails picking my legs then my mom tried to help me and I told her to walk away and hopefully the liones saw someone else she would be interested in. Then I started thinking she can hear my heart rate so I tried so hard to calm down so she couldn’t smell my fear or hear my heart rate then finally she left and my family was gone and I had pain on my second toe and found out I was bit by a scorpion that was black and white and the affec of that scorpion was that I would get wound all over my body and my tongue would turn into a scorpion. I woke up so scared checked my body because it felt too real.

  82. I had a dream of lions and I was scard and it was my x friends house and an elder rasta man can only control the lions and I was trying to tell my x I was scared of them and I was going down from the house trying to escape from the lions and I trying to catch up to my x but never got close enough and as I was going down from the house the lions was surrounding it try to get me and I finally woke up

  83. Mine was a little weird, I was in my house in the living room and I had this lion since he was a puppy, but then after a quick flash he was more like an adult. he was a brown lion, desperate jumping around supper mad trying to advice me to take a look at the other door where I could see another lion (more like grey). it looks like he was ready fight this other lion but since I was inside and I wasn’t sure, plus I didn’t want him to get hurt, I decided to lock both doors. I was having issues with the grey lion because the lock was broken so instead I decided to locked myself into the room and wait for him to leave but fuck.. then I woke up. lol

  84. In my dream i was at school at noght and i was with my friends inside and for some reason the people who i was friends with i didn’t know them amd the people who im friends with in real life weren’t there. Me and my friend walked outside because she was coming with me to my house. Next thing u know we see lion eyes on the sidewalk. We couldn’t see the actual lion because it was very dark outside and they was walking closer to me and we went inside. When we went inside everyone was coming in the school amdi helped them come in. When i looked outside the school window i saw boys outside messing with the lions. It wasnt different kinds of lions it was the lions with the mains and the mains was big. They were throwing bread and laiughing at them and they crowded the boys and attacked two off them. I was so terrified to go outside. I called my best friend david and he was outside woth the lions and he wasnt trying to come inside. Then i woke up…my dream seemed to real please reply if u have any answers or has the same dream

  85. The dream was a yearling, I believe a male. HE was laying and sleeping at my feet as I pet him. Then his coat of fur started changing to a Bengal Tiger. In which case he became my friend as well. Just me petting him at my feet. It was truly empowering! Thanks for any insight here!

  86. Last night I had a dream about a lion. I was at my house with my parents and my cousin. People with trucks started pulling into our drive way, and then into our yard! The started unloading lions! There was four of them, two males and two females. My mom told me and my cousin to go inside and not to come out of the house, so we did. After a little while we got bored, so we decided to look out the window to see what the people were doing. We looked outside and saw that the people were training the lions! One of the male loins was being a bit more aggressive than the others. So we decided to disobey my mom and go outside. We opened the door and went around the house to the back yard and heard a person saw to their friends “Get back!” in a scared voice. Me and my cousin were really scared then. But as we were running back inside, my shirt got caught on a thorn! I couldn’t get unstuck! Finally after my cousin helped me we ran back inside to find my mom at the front door! “Why the hell were you outside?! We told you to stay in the house!” Then we get grounded. We sit in the living room for a bit and then we hear a scream! I look out the window and see a pool of blood with a guy ripped apart limb by limb with guts, grossness, and gore! I showed my cousin (her face was priceless) and we started to freak out a lot! The lion started coming for the window and we screamed even more! Right before he comes crashing through the window to attack us I woke up, but when I woke up I still saw in my head him attacking me. Then my mind went blank for a second and I realized it was a dream!

  87. Thank you for taking your time to answer. I do apreciate your input into this.
    I had this dream the other day. I was going up on a green hill, everything was beautiful and peaceful, and than a lion came from behind and passed by running free. He was running in a relaxed manner like he was playing. Than a rider passed by me, on a horse chasing the lion. The rider looked majestic and had such a grace. In that moment i was sad. The rider was a good old friend of mine I had not talk in years. I remember the feeling I had, that I was suppose to be that rider chasing the lion. Strangely both they stopped on top of the hill. The view was beautiful. I did not see any fight, more like they were waiting for me. I woke up with a feeling of emptiness.

  88. This happens near a abandoned church . During day time people come their but sunset lion and lioness come their . Seeing them I run to safer place n then they don’t follow me . but those lion talk among themselves and their talks are full of stupidity. I just want to know what does it mean bcoz I have seen the same dream nearly 5 times in last 15 days. Please reply.

  89. I dreamt that I was in a building (looked like a school) and after walking through its rooms i ended up in a room that was open to the yard. In the yard i saw a huge blue lion. After looking at it , the lion started moving and I got scared that it would come after me. So i started running inside the building back the way i came from. On the way back i saw a hyena walking next to me and a dog on a supermarket platform trailer moving towards me. I just kept running woried that the lion could still get me.

    I have checked information regarding the dog race and found out that it was 90% a “lhasa apso” or maybe a “shih tzu” (they look similar). The amazing thing is that lhasa apso is translated from Tibet language as “Bearded Lion Dog” and shih tzu is translated from chinese as “little lion”! I have never heard of those races names in my life.Lhasa apso is a guard dog to alert of any intruders who entered. The ideal Lhasa temperament is to be wary of strangers while being loyal to those closest to them. It was believed that the bodies of the Lhasa Apsos could be entered by souls of deceased lamas while they awaited rebirth into a new body. Lhasas in Tibet were never sold. The only way a person could get one was as a gift.

    I had an intense fight with my wife few hours before sleeping (which ended up fine , with us kissing and falling asleep in each others hug).

    Is the blue lion my wife which i am scared of (she is a powerfull woman)?
    Is the dog my wife as well, since she is loyal to me and she loves me? I consider her to be my soulmate in this life.

    One thing for sure, dreams have amazing meanings and connections.

  90. I he seen a dream where someone is putting the lions to sleep and every other person is sleeping with one tiger/lion.small ones with cubs and big ones with lion /lioness.
    I was afraid and didn’t sleep with it.I locked myself in room.Saw one tiger looking at me from glass door and wanted to brake the door and enter.Suddenly we all were rescued by Army. no one was hurt.
    What this dream means?

  91. I dreamt that i was a raring a lion, feeding and nurturing it. The lion ate whatever i gave to it to eat. What does this mean?

  92. I had a dream right now I was traveling with family and we visited a zoo and then all of a sudden the lion escaped and was coming towards me, then I got scared it was going to eat me but instead it was playing with me, jumping around just like a kitten. What does this mean?

  93. I had a dream that a male lion was walking calmly around a town centre as people calmly walked around. I know I felt scared but calm from a distance and concern for the people around me. I’m not sure about what happened as I woke up but the lion may have attacked someone right at the end of my dream that wasn’t aware of it but I’m not sure about that part as I can’t remember that bit so much. I know that everything was very quiet including the lion. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

  94. Lastnight I had a drean about a lion, lioness, and cub. The weird part: They were a city setting. I saw the cub first; he wanted me to play with him but I was afraid to. Then the lioness picked-up the cub and placed him near my feet so I could play with him. Again, I didn’t move because I was scared. Then the lion placed the cub at my feet for me to play with him. He and the lioness walked away, leaving the cub with me. I then played with him. There was no violence or attackin this dream. I think that’s why I am uncomfortable / bothered by this dream. I looked at some of the meanings above and the only one that makes sense is anger. I was very upset yesterday afternoon regarding my financial situation. Could that be why?

  95. 3 to 4 dreams of encountering three lions, once at the local park near where I live, I managed to get away before I was spotted by them. Second dream I couldn’t get away, I was on my way somewhere, I turned a corner, boom! there they were, sitting idling in the sun, I was too close to them to run, I felt some fear, but decided to squash it and not act like prey but put up a brave front carry on in my direction towards them, I even caressed one of them running my hand through his maine. I was unarmed. Third time, I opened the back gate to my yard, as I did that, there they were again! I was again too close to run afraid If I showed fear that would make things worse again I toughened up and proceed to play with them stroking them etc but this time one of them perhaps accidentally cut me in the chest with his claw. I gently moved away, at that point I remember thinking you do that again I will forget you are a lion and go for you! not sure how that would have worked out. But I remember being so angry that I was convinced I’d kill him if it came to it. Anyway they was another lion dream I had just can’t remember the details of it. Except that I was afraid and managed to outsmart the beast and got away. this was in a house.

    Anyway, I first thought this was me controlling my fiery temper, but I could be wrong. Any ideas out there I would like to hear them. thanks for reading!

  96. I dreamt of a big, gorgeous male lion with a full, bushy mane. He was lying on his back, exposing his belly. I was cuddled up next to him, rubbing his soft belly, which he loved. He was talking to me in grunts and growls, but making words, instructing me on how he wanted to be pet. I understood him and was happy and excited that I could communicate with him. I wondered if it would work with my little dog. Then my little dog manifested into the dream, and it worked with him too. I was really happy with my newfound friend and the ability to communicate. I was only a tiny bit scared that he was a lion before I cuddled next to him. Once I gauged his temperament, I decided that I wouldn’t be afraid and I would just be calm and enjoy him. He reminded me of my husband. Big but gentle. He was such a beautiful lion.

  97. in my dream the setting was like in a church then there was a bed we were in bed with 2 other girls I don’t know. the lion jump over our bed but did not harm us then my name was called out and I won a prize something. it was like the lion was having fun something like jumping competition but he did not harm us.

  98. I had this dream in which there there hundreds of loose lions and lioness in a city. They we’re hunting everything they saw on their way. My brother and I we’re hiding but at some point my brother and I we’re hiding underground.My brother got in first but what happens, a lion and three lioness saw me and started running towards me.There was still my brother going down the pit plus I could not run.

    1. thogh I am not an expert on dream interpretations, but I guess you have been missing your mother lately and overthink about having her in your life. so I guess you need to have the strength to overcome it. Or there are some fears or problems you have and you don’t share it with anyone as you would like to share it with her. I could come up with these interpretations.Thank you 🙂 and stay blessed.

  99. I had a strange dream last night. It is very disturbing to me. I dreamed I was aboard a fed-ex cargo plane we didn’t have a runway only a parking lot to take off. I was up front with the pilot and we had to pull the cargo plane up really fast to avoid running into a building. When we landed it was on a interstate highway our destination was we had to exit at a off ramp. Upon the exit there were animals it looked like from a circus laying dead on the road. The main one was a lion and I recall just seeing a bloody mess as we drove the airplane to our destination. At that point of destination I transferred planes from which it appeared to be a friend of mine who showed me what plane to get on. This time I was a passenger on another Fed-ex cargo plane and we were our own stewardess I was getting peanuts and a coke. Then upon take off one of the crew members said hey! weren’t you an army ranger. i responded yes but that was years ago. Then the alarm went off and I woke up. Please help me with this dream I am very confused by it

  100. I saw a dream today that it was like a whole story. I’ll tell you the lion part. I left the suppossed house of my aunt to buy sth in the night. As i was walking i started running from a car behind me. I felt chased down. As i got down the square of town i saw a lioness shadow lurking around the lights. I started panicking running to the nearest home, it got after me. The woman’s home I busted into was the only one in town square and after I broke in she was panicked as well BUT the moment I turned my head to see whats she s gonna do she was sitting on her sofa totally indifferent about me and the lioness that broke into her yard and was pushing towards a glass door. I was screaming ‘miss please help me take this animal away or help close thisdamn glass door’ but she was totally indifferent. After some time i screamed again and she turned to me laughing ‘oh, isn’t it our sweet lioness?’ she went outside and started petting the lioness and she turned into a completely sweet animal, that was calling me to pet it. I opened the window and hugged it with all my strength; it felt like i really wanted that from the start. Thats where my dream ended but it was overal a disturbing dream given the darkness of town, the bizarre woman and the most strange feeling i got from it,was that the lioness for some seconds, while trying to call me for petting it, got a face of a woman craving for affection. I don’t want to creep anyone out but the whole feeling of my dream ran on the edges of neglection (i left my aunts house because they didn’t want me there and i went on buying sth to make myself wanted, the bizarre woman was totally indifferent towards my call for help when the lioness broke into her yard and even the town where the dream happened, was a dystopia with no one living there having abandoned it) thanks for reading, if anyone can help me describe it it ll be much appreciated.

  101. I am passing by a road in a car and I see a lioness sitting in a small opening on the pavement. As I go further I see starving and dying lionesses and leopards on the pavements . I am heading to the authorities to report this strange phenomenon . I wake up

  102. I saw a group of young lioness, I am travelling in my car with my family, they jumped on to my car, I reach a home in some jungle or unknown place, then those young lioness are walking around that home, I went into a lift in that house to escape from that with my kid, that lift gone underground thousands and thousands of floors down, it was going at super speed, then i suddenly appeared on a giant wheel at a carnival, then i saw my mother and her sister and my wife at that carnival.

  103. Had a Male Adult Lion on a leach like a pet, he was perfectly happy rooled around ont eh ground when someone petted him and folled me gentley where ever I would lead him. He ws full of love, he was happy and content. We walked in a =n open area met many peiple and they all loved him.

  104. I dreamt of being protected by the 2 lionesses and all of the sudden a third lioness which was aggressive attacked me. My protective lionesses dissuaded her by blocking her way towards me but she didn’t give up. She puts her pawns on my shoulders, we starred at each other for a few seconds, I tried to escape and I woke up. Strangely there was someone encouraging the lioness to attack me and someone else was dissuading the lioness to attack me

  105. I had just entered a jungle and I saw a white lioness come towards me, I was afraid at first then it became clear and somehow I knew, maybe the lioness spoke to me, I think so but cant remember that for sure, and I knew the Lioness was not there to hurt me, she was a friend and stayed by my side, sometimes playfully running ahead and back, brushing agaisnt me to be stroked like a dog or a cat would. She stayed with me until I was through the Jungle and I was sad that she would not be coming further with me. I was also concerned as she now had another companion to go through the jungle the other way and I was not sure she was safe with him….I remember an impression of an overweight man and something slightly uncomfotable and untrustworthy about him.

  106. I woke up this morning g remembering my dream abit this fully grown male lion. Before the lion appeared Ito was almost as if I was child with my younger sibling rather than 1 of my kids. But we were sneaking out of a store crawling on the ground , trying to get out. I grabbed a oversized coat and hat ND threw it over the child I was with. I didn’t want us to be recognized trying to leave. I remember there being a lady at the front door that seen is and let us leave. It was late night and dark out with a little rain. We were walk g down the road and hide when a car came. This lion was just all of a sudden leading us. We didn’t know where we were going and still didn’t when the lion started leading us. HE felt familiar to me. He was almost my best friend, like I had known him all my life. We stopped on a little hill to rest. The child was not a child anymore and I wasn’t a child either. I don’t know exactly who was with me. But the lion rolled over in front of me wanting attention, and affection. I hugged and loved on him for what felt like forever. The man with us said something about his behavior. And I replied NO he is just hungry. THE MAN SAID oh I can’t believe your gonna let him do that especially being so hungry. When he said that I looked at the lion and had a slit second of doubt. I got a little scared. The lion continued to keep my warm and sit with me. A few minutes later he stood up and started walking again. He took us to shack pretty much, but it seemed cozy and safe. He immediately laid down and went to sleep. Then I woke up. Does anyone know what this dream might be trying to show me?

  107. My lion dream was about a ill calm wanted hiding white lion that was in my house. For some reason or another I was trying to nurture him back to health he was small also so as I bathed him I trimmed his mane and hid him as a dog. Authority came to my house saying he need to be taken away or put down. For some reason I didn’t trust these people in all black tactical gear. They seemed like poachers. This lion hid when they came. After they left I went looking for my “dog” then I awoke.

  108. I dreamed that I was shopping in a mall. I came down a flight of stairs, went outside and sat down. A black and a normal male lion walked up and though people were around, only charged me. I was holding what appeared to be a white comforter and tried using it to fend off the Lions who attacked separately. There was a young man there with a stick who I kept screaming at to help me. He did try to help but every time I screamed the Lions attacked more. I was not harmed by the Lions but felt sure I would be when the comforter was torn up. I was frightened horribly and could only think (in my dream) that I had dreamed this before it happened. I was actually in the dream thinking I had previously dreamed of the same attack (though I’ve never dreamed of lions before). I also wondered why they only attacked me and why no one really came to help me. Any ideas what this means?

  109. The dream I had I was with friends and we were sitting outside laughing and talking. Then we started walking to our cars and somehow I got of trail but I could still see them. Then the trail started getting rockie and turning into a wall then I was in a cave like place. I was afraid and I looked around and I saw two big lioness sleeping. I couldn’t ask for help afraid of waking them up. But there was a man above me and I whispered to him for help..then I woke up.

  110. I dreamed I was at a camp in the woods. During the night I got out of bed and went walking through the woods with my gun and discovered a lion was stalking me. Oddly I was not afraid in my dream. I raised my riffle and he jumped at me. The next thing I know I have the lions skin and I am home. The whole time I felt like I was in control, but still this dream confuses me.

  111. In my dream, I was sitting on a large sofa in a downstairs living room. I don’t know who’s place it was and have never seen it before. I saw a winding stair case in front of me with a fireplace underneath it and behind/over the sofa, a large ledge or small floor area.

    Suddenly, there was a lioness on the sofa roaring, trying to attack me; clawing at my legs. I was paralyzed in my dream and could only try to “wiggle” away from it. I tried calling out, but could not get anything out; or the most I could get out was gibberish as I strained to vocalize anything. I could feel the pain as the lion clawed at my feet and legs ( I don’t remember seeing any blood).

    Im not sure how, but I then found myself upstairs on a long sofa that went between 2 rooms; with a small opening through the wall at the seat of the sofa. I was trying to wiggle my way through but had a hard time doing so because, again, I was paralyzed. The lion grabbed my hand with it’s teeth (again I felt the pain, but don’t remember seeing blood). I was calling for help, but my sounds were gibberish, strained and muffled. Although I saw the lion, I had the feeling that it was a person I knew (my x wife); whom I have not been in contact with for a while and there is no tension between us. As I continued to call out the best I could, a lady that I know (only as a friend and sister in Christ), awoke in another room (I was calling her name) and answered in a way that I saw as being upset that I’d woken her from a sleep. She came into the room and suddenly I was downstairs again, on the same sofa I started out on (still paralyzed). My arm happened to be stretched over the top of the sofa as I continued to try and call out. The lady who’s name I’d been calling out was seated on the small floored area above/behind the sofa. She was seemingly protected from the lion. I was calling to her to grab my hand and help as the lion continued to scratch and bite me. I was trying with every ounce of energy to roll over, but couldn’t. Suddenly I rolled over and woke up in bed in the act of rolling over and springing to a sitting up position.

    I have had the paralysis before in dreams and I know that because I suffer from occasional sleep paralysis that my body goes paralyzed when sleeping to prevent thrashing in my sleep.

    This dream concerns me because, being a Christian, I only know of one roaring lion, who roams the earth looking for those he can devour.

    Thank you for an interpretation.

  112. tyled) ( The dream was sI also had a lion dream last night. I saw this girl running away from a weird huntetress-like girl who was floating behind me. She kept yelling at me not to hurt the animals. To escape her in the jungle maze, “I” hid in some thorny plants, moved to get comfortable, and waited for a minute. When it was safe, “I” moved out, and a lion jumped out to attack me. Then I woke up.

  113. In my dream 1/7/16, I saw an unusually huge lion kind of like in a house, everyone was scared of it, but as each one passed by it didn’t want to hurt thëm, but when it got to my turn, it came approaching towards me with this revenge look, wanting to hurt me, I was scared at first, but then I had a stronger power and it calmed down unwillingly, and in anger started throwing a lot of good stuff to me (still in anger) that was mines. And one of the stuff I remembered was a lunch-bag size full of silver coins. Then I woke up. Just disturbed about what this could mean. Pls help. Thanks

  114. I had a dream last night that my ex and I were being intimate. He stopped to go into the kitchen to get water. When he opened the kitchen door, a lion came walking through. I started to scream and jumped up to run, but the lion wasn’t after me. He was eyeing my ex. When the lion turned to go towards my ex, I close the door and ran to the other room to close off that part of the room as well. But, the door wouldn’t close all the way. The lion was trying to squeeze through the crack, and eventually he made his way through. My ex was screaming to hide under the table, but instead I jumped up and ran out the front door. Again, because the lion wasn’t after me, but after my ex, I had time to make it out. All the while I was running, I could hear my ex saying don’t leave me and screaming for help. I didn’t stop to help. He eventually said that if I left then he would hate me forever.. I left anyway, and looked back and he was being mauled… not sure why i let that lion eat him, but oh well.

  115. Hi.I had a dream that we were at a zoo park and my ex girlfriend decided to go for a walk with her friend and i was with my friends from school and i asked wheres “Imaan”(ex)then we went out to go look for her and i saw a women with a scary stare with a red outfit.we then carried on into a empty room and i was scared.then we went to go look for Imaan and the we found a dead girl and thought that Imaan and her friend had died so we stopped looking.but my friend said they are somewhere out there and carried on then i saw a lion and the owner said that i should raise my hand n put it back down to show i am no threat and it was calm(lioness)and then Imaan and her friend walked down the track you know what it means

  116. I had a dream that me and a friend of mines was riding in the car, I was driving, we was headed to a gathering in a field where people were bbqing, playing music, talking, laughing, just having a good time. On the way there I looked up in the sky and there was a gold sculpture lion looking down and next to it was another gold sculpture but I couldn’t make out what it really was. What does that mean?

  117. I had a dream wherein my mom and i had gone out for work.i see a lion sleeping and i try to take the risk of walkinh past him without waking him up.he wakes up and now is after my mom.i manage to get her into the the lion is after me and suddenly comes a baby elephant and a lioness to my rescue who escorts me till the car.quite a weird dream but looking for a meaning.If anybody could interpret,it would be nice.Thank you

  118. had this dream that i was leading my female colleague to a forest to show her my year old baby who is sleeping on babys hammock hanging from a tree. i guest he was waking up when i saw a lion approaching. i quickly grab my son and protecting him with my dear life when suddenly group of people come defending after some shouts. not sure who they are and not sure whether my colleague is still around. i woke up soon after. any particular meaning?

  119. i have a recurring dream that two or three adolescent lion cubs are living freely with me in my home. I rescued them as young because they were not being cared for properly. But now the Cubs have matured and are much to dangerous to live in a home as pets. One of them, a male, particularly frightens me. I keep trying to take the lions to a sanctuary but every time I am ignored by the staff members. All the while, I know that it is only a matter of time before the wilder adolescent lion mauls me. Inthe meantime, the lions frequently approach me like pets for attention and affection, which I give them. But all the while I am afraid and feel intense dread that I will be mauled by the wild one. I am always surprised and relieved that Isurvive each interaction without violence. I wake up from the dream at this point and am always very shaken and upset with a hard know of dread and fear in my stomach. I have no idea what this dream means and it really bothers me as Ibelieve it has a meaning and purpose Icmeed to unlock. I have never before felt this way about a dream and it is unsettling.

  120. My dream took place in a forest between 2 competitive Burroughs. I was walking in a group of people when we all saw the pack of lions above us, lounging on rocks and in the trees. A group member had made friends with someone smaller lion and they were planning to meet up. I was fearful of the Lions even though they were a different kind of lion (smaller and more fluffy) they attack small people. There was another group of people walking on the opposite side of our group with the Lions in the center. The lions became alert and started to go after a small boy in the group. This opened up opportunity for the lion and the person to meet up. It gets weird. But it all ready is weird….

  121. I had a dream about a lion and 2 small cubs in my yard. The lion was lying down very peaceful, resting and comfortable in my presence. I was sitting within a foot of the lion. I felt a little uncomfortable, but not frighten. The lion wanted to communicate, perhaps talking to me or me reading his mind. He wanted to live in my backyard and me to fix a special table for the cubs to sit in a chair and eat their food. The lion never got up and I went to work building and getting my yard ready for them and other animals to live there. They were safe and content. There was also a camel and 2 small fish ponds. One was drying up and I tried to take the fish from the dried up pond and put them in the pond with water. Can anyone shed some light on this dream? Other animals were there, but I can’t recall them all. I’ve never had a dream of a lion. He was so peaceful and just swishing his tail; it was a beautiful sunny day. He had a glow about him. Thanks for any insight. TJ

  122. my dream goes like….I see my family in a huge tower , we r put up on 25 floor, the entire floor has one apt. I see someone, a girl, terrified and entering a hotel and the hotel wall is brought down by the lion. further I see a boy taking an elevator to go down while the lion takes the elevator to come up. it presses random buttons and arrives on 25th floor. I see the boy back in the lobby of the 25th floor watching the lion nibbling the shoes. this boy I am talking about isn’t like my brother. he tries to trick the lion into going back downstairs but the lion is enraged. while inside the boy shuts all the doors but we can clearly hearing the roar and pounding of the lion. further I see news, I see that my father and his political party is out on streets trying to help the trapped public. the lion tears open the wall and enters the house. then I see another guy who has his head in lioness’ mouth trying to inject it. he is successful but he dies. he is shown as my frnz bf. I see my mother in kitchen with rolling pin unafraid that therez a beast inside the apt and attempting to shoo it away. the boy who was seen earlier is trying to call the attention of the political party. next I see the lion lying unconscious on the floor. my mother unworried as ever and my father celebrating as he was able to save the day.

  123. i saw two lions nearby distance, when i stopped getting near to them, one of the lion just came near to me started licked my hand, and i have ordered lion to get me a ball some located in some distance, it ran went and bought that to me. other lion was there only and it didn’t come near to me.
    Then after some time my friends comes by car and i went and sit in the car. am not sure what this dream indicates and interprets.

  124. I had a dream of a lioness attacking me and biting my hand and foot trying to drag me off of the top of a fence in which i climbed up the fence to get away from some pitbulls that where trying to attack me. After i ran out of my house because this woman was attacking me and she wouldn’t leave. The police only laughed at me and would not help me. The Lions kept biting my foot trying to drag me off of the fifteen foot fence. The dogs where chasing catching and killing cats and rabbits and i could not get away or get away. It was the worse dream I’ve ever had. It started with a girl attacking me to me being attacked by dogs and lionesses.

  125. Had a cool ass dream this morning that I was chilling and walking with a white tiger, snow leopard and white lioness.
    For some reason the tiger walks off and seems to start preying me. After a few more steps, I look up and the tiger was just about to attack me. Watching it calmly coming towards me while in mid-air I see the lioness jumped and grabbed down the tiger around the neck with its mouth. The lioness looked at me and bit down on the tiger once more confirming its kill. The snow leopard stood casually next to me. I then smiled 🙂

    A badass lioness protected me.
    Thoughts/analysis of the attack and protection?

  126. Hi Good day dear ,
    I had a dream where I went to visit my cousin. On getting there is was so happy that meet his pet , on seeing it was a lion , I was scared and ran then it came after me . Several attempts for my cousin to control it from me proved abortive , then he killed it.

  127. I had a dream about a 2 lions at my house, one looked like a snow lion, he was white as a snow and the other a normal lion. It was me and my little brother at the house, we were inside letting them finish what they were doing, for some reason there was this person we know, I told him to lock them up and he said ok, we waited for him to do that, we waited for hours but he didn’t show up, we went outside to check, my little brother brother was holding a puppy… We saw that they lions were inside their cages closed but they weren’t locked, so I took a stick and closed them myself from a distant, my puppy ran towards them and they took her, I was mad at my little brother for that, we just left our puppy to the die. What does it mean

  128. In the wee hours of the a.m., I dreamed that I was driving along a country road, when I passed by a large mound of dirt and on the top were loins and tigers stretched out. I saw many men walking through them, and I thought they had killed them all. That’s when I rolled down the car window and shouted at them that they better not had killed them. As I drove past the fenced area the lions and tigers were in, I saw an opening in the gate, so I drove in. I got out my car, and as I did, a small dog ran past me. I ran after it, caught it, and as I picked up the dog, a lion was eating at a big bone with meat on it. It stopped and looked at me and I just stood and looked at it. The thing about the was, inspite of his hunger for his food, it didn’t make an attempt to run after toward me. I felt a calm and peace come over me, I wasn’t afraid, nor did fear attempt to rise. As I began to look around, one by one the other lions and tigers began to awaken; yet I still felt no fear. Then I woke up peaceful and calm. Can anyone give me the meaning of this dream?

  129. I just awoke from a dream where I had a full grown lioness and lion. They were gentle, kind, calm and loving. They were the watchers over my house in the yard. I’ve been going through a battle in my waking life but I feel this may be a good sign. I’d love some feedback though. Thanks in advance.

  130. Last night I had a dream about a lioness. She somehow got into my house so I ran outside and my friend and her boyfriend were sitting in her car so I made her drive away but it was like we lived in africa. So she was driving down a dirt road and I saw the lioness again and my friends car was going really slow so the lioness like shattered the car and got me. But the next thing I know I was back at my house and this time my little sister and my dog were in the house so I got them out and when we were all outside I heard the lion again but then I just woke up

  131. Please, anyone. Can you help me interpret my dream.

    So, to begin, I’m in a very tall building, and I’m in a lecture hall. Out of nowhere I stand up, and go to the window. There are mobs of animals, I don’t recall the type, but they pass in different intervals. Then I see a mob of lions, and the biggest, scariest, lion jumps onto the still of the window, then suddenly the other lions disappear, and it’s just one male lion; suddenly the building doesn’t feel so tall. The lion had charged at me, and I stood scared. The lion wanted to hurt me. I yelled, and everyone was alarmed. I ran outside the classroom hall, but some people stayed. I was the one most scared of the lion, whereas everyone else was amazed, but still taunted by it. I would push items to block the entry way, because everytime the lion saw me, he’d get fired up, and he’d try charging at me, from a distance. I only felt safe knowing that there was this guy there, but I was so scared. Luckily the window didn’t break, but out of everyone I was the most alarmed by the male lion.

  132. I came to l, already slowly walking, on a dirt path about 2 or 3 cars wide. It was fall… naked trees… sun was golden like the peak of morning toward noon. There was woods on both sides of me and piles of lions and lioness laying at the edges of both sides. The lions lay on the females and lifted their heads to look at me as I walked through. First alarmed, I calmed to notice they had no pupils… The eye balls were all white. After all these lions, a chihuahua started to chase me toward a parking lot. I found a storage area with food in it and suddenly people were with me. It was as if I were deep in a park somewhere.

  133. In the dream lion is not leaving my wife but it is not harming her
    It want 2 live with her like a child . can any one tell the exact meaning.

  134. I dreamed of a big lion like huge maybe a size of a mountain. He was so big that when I saw him he was at least 6.5 miles away and when he yawned and closed his mouth we all heard this laud bang and that was just the sound of his teeth. He was just sitting ridiculously bigger than any building around him and in the dream that lion killed a friend of mine but I had to admire the size. Then I ran away and he came after me but he was jogging I don’t think he wanted to kill me but the size is overwhelming I had to be scared.

  135. I had a dream a lioness was in a home I was visiting. The owner (I couldn’t see a face) kept telling me it was ok, and not to be afraid. In another room I could see a small child sleeping on the sofa. The owner had a wall that separates the two rooms. The owner kept assuring me the lioness could not and wouldn’t get out. Then I looked up and the lioness was climbing up the wall and I feared it was going after the small child. When I awoke it had reached the top of the wall.

  136. i had a dream,i saw lots of lion in my house,i was scared at first bt i later discover they are harmless then,i chased them out of the house,i need the interpretation please.

  137. I dreamt I was at a safari park a male lion came up to me and started to pet me as if I belonged to it. It then put its scent on me and let me go. Everywhere that I went lions came up to me and wanted me to stroke their fur, I couldn’t go anywhere without being followed by a lion, I wasn’t scared but I felt uncomfortable.

  138. Nbo national park
    My father
    English speaking
    Colour and very clear
    The skin of lion n lot of other gazelles or
    7 lions then i shout each number- they sitting
    Big ones running towards the seated ones
    One young lion, maybe male ? but young – absolutely clear n piercing eyes, comes for me trying to get access from the moving chase- i m also bending staring him in the eyes and ready to fight him – he comes for me and i wake up – my heart beat crazy n pf course cold n scared…. The most striking thing in the dream was the color of the lions skin, eyes, and it was the smaller lions… And also the lion looked like he will not give up…
    Time- dream around 7:35am – 7-45am

  139. I dreamt i was hiding from a lioness which was roaring at me and at that time i was holding my lovely baby girl shielding her away.Sometimes it would disappear and then just find me again just to roar and try to come to me ferociously.All over a sudden i felt it had given up since i could not see it and i relaxed but just as i was about to fully recover hell broke loose and ooops! i saw two lions one big male lion which was colourless and the lioness which to my dismay they acted as though they had not seen me because they walked facing one direction which was ahead.Upon reaching further away they both turned and saw us but they stood still.This was my first time to dream with lion and given achance i would prefer never to do it again because i was so scared in my dream

  140. I was away on a business trip with friends (I am going on one in a few days) The dream started out with everyone searching for a bear, everyone was afraid but we wanted to find it so we could be at peace. Finally I found the bear hanging in my closet, my colleagues came and we carried it out to take it back to its home.
    We were in the city but we kept encountering wild animals. Each time we did there was a lioness among them, we searched for the best place to leave the bear cub. My friends wanted to leave the bear in an area with rows of narrow fences. I said no, if anything tries to attack the cub it will have no way to escape. Then we saw another lioness, then another, there was one that passed by me so close she rubbed my leg. All the lioness were going about their business and ignoring me. Then I became calm when I realized I was in no danger from the lioness.

  141. I was in my trailblazer in my in my dream in the blazer begin to roll in i try to stop it but it would not stop in went in a ditch in bushest in i try to get out i did get and a lioness came out of the brushes in put her mouth over my but didnot bit me i call on the name of Jesus and the loinness back up I left

  142. Honestly i haven’t payed big attention to the meaning of my dreams until now, but today I dreamed some wierd dream and I have a feeling that it’s symbolic somehow.
    I dreamed a small house without furniture with dirty floor and windows through which I could see some group of people-both adults and children with them.
    But the strangest part were the things I saw in front of the house- I saw a cutted big head of a male lion, covered in blood and suddenly this head got up and attacked people who were staying behind it.
    I noticed one child with half body (similar to the condition of the lion) and this child tried to escape but It seemed that lion caught exactly him.
    Even that that seems terrible I just was watching this scene like a movie without fear or sadness or any feeling.

  143. I had a dream their were two male lions standing beside me one on my right and one on my left they were calm and staring straight like they were looking at something i didn’t see i was calm like i knew them as i pat their heads an they didn’t movie, and i was standing outside in the woods but the lines were protecting me and they let me know I could trust them and when i look at the lions the male was on my right and the female was on my left. Please let me know what this dream mean?
    Thank You

  144. I dreamed me, my kids, and my husband were at my mom’s house inside hiding from a male lion and a female lioness. We decided to try to go outside and get in a car to leave. Me and my husband jumped on the hood of the car and we telling the kids to come out and get in the car. I was very concerned about my youngest son and my oldest, my daughter was speaking loudly as if she didn’t see the male lion cause he was hiding under the car. So we told her to be quiet and for them to hurry up and get in the car. The female lion was walking about as if she couldn’t bother us or didn’t want to, I’m not sure. I felt very fearful of both the lions but more of the male. Eventually the male lion jumped on the hood with me and my husband and bent my head over and I could feel his teeth on my neck I was so scared as if I knew I was about to die and then I screamed for my husband’s name and he grabbed the lion’s head but it was as if the lion wanted to kill me but either he couldn’t or didn’t really want to but right after calling for my husband I eventually screamed Jesus and the lion let go and jumped off the car and that’s all I remember. Please help because this really has me confused as well as scared.

  145. I had a dream a lion was on my bed. Funny I was able to speak to the lion, but i don’t remember the conversation I just remember telling the lion to get out and kind of throwing it out my room. But it wasnt easy, the lion then tried to attack my dog before i was able to throw him(the lion) out. I had to injure my dog so he could get out the way. As i threw the lion out my room the lion snapped his jaw on my hand . I was able to turn my hand and remove it from the jaws. While i was trying to close the door my dog kept barking and running up to the door from inside the room. The lion was able to grab my dog by the nose with his mouth and drag it from the room then biting his neck snapping it. The lion drug my dog from my room to the kitchen and started to eat him. I then see my mom and tells her to come to the room quickly while the lion is eating my dog. She walks slowly then ran in the room because the lion was on the move. We thought about calling animal control, but before we did i said I need to call my sis and warn her not to come in the house. I then woke up.
    I was scared in my dream but not when I woke up. Also, the dream happened in my current home.. neither my mom nor sister stays with me. And i haven’t had my dog in over a year. I hope you can interpret it.

  146. I just woke up and had this scary dream. It wasn’t a nightmare but when I woke up I was panting and terrified as if it had been a nightmare. The last time I woke up like this, my grandfather died. The dream was very strange and very confusing

    I woke up in a lightly wooded area with a few friends and immodestly felt as if something was watching me. Over I small hill was a lion seated as if it was waiting. My friends and I ran away and after a while came across a bunch of reindeer and a sleigh and a small person. The lion was following us calmly and so we rushed into the sleigh. The reindeer were old but managed to ride into the sky. We tried riding away, but somehow made a turn back to the clearing where the lion was. We crash landed and without injury, ran away into either and old house or cottage or a big shed, I wasn’t paying attention to me surroundings. We managed to lock ourselves in but I realized that one sore was weak and wouldn’t close properly. So,
    I put my blue suitcase in front of the door on its side to prevent the lion from pushing the door in. This was until I realized that the door could also open to the outside, and that was when we started panicking. Two of the girls I was with had somehow gotten outside and we’re asking to come in, they said that they had ‘gone exploring’. We heard a lions growl as they entered. When they were inside, the same two girls ran to the other side of the room and opened that locked door and started sprinting outside creating a panic as everyone screamed in fear and also ran outside. I was the last one to leave and I felt frustrated that these 2 girls had opened that door and exposed us. When we were running outiside it was clear that we had a set goal and destination but I woke up.

    I am a 15 year old girl going to an all girls boarding school. I am sorry for the long recount, but the dream was very vivid and I think I can remember everything which is not normal for me. My dream kept focusing on one girl in particular or it may be that hers is the only face I recognize. She is one of the girls that ran into the shed after we were safe and unlocked the other door.

  147. Dream 1-mountain lion runs past me in a grassy field in the woods.enters cabin and immediately ascends a laddered entrance into the cabins attic.entrance shuts.
    dream 2- driving with stranger in a wild mountain village.big lion charges vehicle and jumps right over the top.keep driving second big cat charges and clears vehicle.i get out in weird truck depot and find lost friend.

  148. Two nights ago I dreamt that I was in my car in the drivers seat..then I saw a huge male lion walking slowly towards my car..I was afraid so I hid as far down in my seat so it wouldnt see me…the lion walked around silently around my car once as I was hiding… Then it walked away..I have been talking to my online boyfriend for months now about meeting and
    haven’t met yet…and he is a Leo which is his animal sign is a lion…when I told him about my dream he he said that the lion in the dream was him…can someone tell me what this dream meant…

  149. To start off, I never have dreams… But this dream came to me in two sleep patterns (woke up in the middle, then went back to sleep and it picked up right were I left off) and was so vivid I could sense all five senses in the dream.
    I had a lion following me, I was with the lion in a park. At first I was afraid of being attacked by him, but never made a threatening gesture towards. As we were walking four Cubs joined us, and later on a Lioness joined. The Lioness was different from the others, she had a lighter shade coat with blue eyes, with light grey stripes on her back. At first I thought she was a tiger, but noticed her stripes were smaller than a tigers and they didn’t cover her face or body (only a small of her back). I felt propelled to feed them but didn’t know how to feed them.
    I told the Cubs to wait and the lion to follow me, crazy part was he listened to everything I asked or told him to do. The big lion and I went through people’s backyards & homes (sneaking not to be spotted) until we came across a grocery store. I told him to follow me, as we went to the meat section I started to put ribs in a sac and we left. Heading back to the park I noticed the lion was carrying a carcass of a deer. I don’t know where he got it from but it didn’t matter, we both were vigilant to not be seen as we went through the same homes and backyards again.
    During the process of returning, the lioness appeared and joined us as we returned. The lion still carrying his carcass and I with a heavy bag. The Lioness was more vigilant than both of us, but I was still giving orders and they listened. When we cleared the houses and were in the open area in the park, a big sigh of relief came over me and woke up.

  150. Last night I had a Dream that a large male African Lion was sleeping on my back & shoulders & I was lying flat on the bed. It was too heavy & I couldn’t move at all. From what it looked like the lion was a friendly one & was too comfortable & cuddling with me to let me go. I was afraid to make any sudden movements which would make him attack me. Ever since I woke up this morning I’ve had back, shoulder & neck pain. What am I supposed to interpret of this?

  151. I dreamed, I was riding my bicycle at night, the moon was full so I could see what was around me, I get ready to cross this newly built bridge, and all if a sudden there are baby kittens everywhere on the bridge, I get off my bike and start kicking them off the road, and I swing my bike around and 1 lion was right behind me and we locked eyes, then he showed his teeth to me, opened his big mouth and growled, I was terrified, so I through my bike and woke up from my dream because it seemed way to real. I’m also 29 weeks pregnant with my first. And I don’t know what to think of this dream. I know I was scared of the lion even though he didn’t chase me, it was like he was telling me something but in a mean way.

  152. I dreamt a pride of lions were loose on my housing estate. There are a lot of cats where I live and I was trying to get my own cat into my house and my neighbour’s too. The big male tried to get into my bedroom window and I managed to subdue him with a fabric tape measure. They were eventually captured with no casualties. Then I woke up. What does that mean?

  153. I had a dream last night that my family and were on vacation and we went and sat on the lower level of this resort in the jungle. One of the tour guides was attacked by a small crocodile which bit his head off, a kind young deer that was being affectionate with my family was chased by a pack of hyenas. One of the hyenas stopped and smiled at my family, I think in a sinister way to which a female lion jumped out behind it and the hyenas face instantly became serious and moved along. The lion just sat down next to me and my family (at the time I was worried I didn’t think it was protecting us) so I held my family closer especially my little dogs which were with us there for some reason. My parents for some reason eventually felt comfortable enough to just get up and leave calmly leaving two of our dogs with me while the lioness just sat next to me calm but vigilant of her surroundings. Eventually thinking the lioness wouldn’t attack us I got up and left as well. At the time I had the dream I simply thought it was traumatic all these wild animals animals were around attacking people that I didn’t think the lioness was protecting us which I think now.

  154. I had a dream that a male lion was chained to a wall, but had my body pinned down underneath his paws and he was snarling in my face. I was trying to push him off of me, but his body was too heavy for me. The lion never hurt me, and I never felt afraid of him in my dream. Can someone please tell me what this dream means?

    1. Hi Raelyn… This is quite similar to what I dreamt last night… Except my lion wasn’t chained & was comfortable & cuddling with me. No snarling. Is it possible that it could be an indication of being suppressed by the weight of either responsibilities or another close family member? Since we both are not afraid of the lion.

  155. So, my dream was rather strange. First off I never dreamt of lions before – ever! Here goes…
    I was driving an ATV (by myself) down a street (inner city) that turned into a bare country/dirt road. I then proceeded to see people lying on the ground covered in blood and seemingly dead. I did not stop to investigate as it frightened me. I accelerated up and more bodies appeared. Some bodies had lions feasting on them, perhaps there were other large cats as well but I am not certain. 3 or 5 lions started chasing me as I continued to speed up, but they never caught up with me. The bodies on the road become more and more and I had a hard time maneuvering around them. At one point I thought maybe I can drive more erratic and loose the lions, but quickly decided against it as I had a premonition in my dream that I would crash if I tried to do that. So I just kept going and the lions kept gaining on my – I woke up before they did. Thoughts?

  156. I had a dream about a few months ago-when I saw a lion looking down the cloud, then next to the lion God appeared ,they both looked down to earth and God just nodded his head(being upset)then I woke up with Bellville on my mind….I don’t know what it means

  157. I saw a peacock in my dreams standing above me on top of a tree I was trying to identify what kind of bird is that because it was confusing at first.. Then it came down and and then some one beside me chase after it nd it start running nd spread it’s tails immidiatly people applaud to it nd everyone was happy nd I realize they have being waiting for it to spread it’s tail… Then I look beside I saw a lioness coming towards me it was so adorable to me and I said I will like to have it in my home …….

  158. In my dream a friend of mine was hunting and brought a grown male lion to my house. I was scared at first but then I began to stroke his mane and he layed down beside me and I layed on him and fell asleep, then I woke up. What could this mean?

  159. Whenever I saw lion or tiger in my dream, I saw I’m fighting with him for no reason..and its goes on till my dream ends, so anyone tell me what is the reason behind?

  160. I always have dreams about lions and lioness but in this specific dream the lion came for me and attacked me I did see blood all over me but still seen the limbs on my body.

  161. I was walking and I seen something walking towards me in high grass.. In the dark I thought it was a deer but as it got closer I saw that it was a lion.. It was too late for me to run. So I held my arms out to brace myself and prepare for a struggle. I held its face back clenching it tight as it pushed closer and closer. What I thought was my last seconds turned into us both cuddled up together in a blink of an eye.. I felt strong emotions in this dream. Also there was like two ppl watching. Also it was a lioness

  162. Context: My boyfriend and I have been together for two years ands we are planning on getting engaged in the next few months.

  163. Coukd you interpret this lion dream for me? I have had it many nights in a row and I am very confused by it.

    I had a dream that I was walking in a large field with tall grass and canyons on either side. I was carrying a big white comforter and laid it in the grass to rest. As I was drifting off to sleep I looked behind me to the canyon wall and noticed a cave. At the back of the cave I saw two pairs of glowing eyes and realized a male and female lion were watching me from inside. I was immediately afraid and began to walk quickly towards the opposite canyon wall. I did not see the lions following me yet and hoped maybe they had not really seen me.
    I knew I could not outrun a lion in this field with no cover or place to hide so I decided to climb the canyon wall. As I began to climb the lioness appeared below and was circling. I was terrified of falling or not being strong enough to climb away.
    I made it to a ledge which turned into my childhood home. My boyfriend was standing outside and helped me up. We rushed inside and stood in the kitchen, my boyfriend appeared oddly calm and I worried he didn’t believe that there was an actual lioness in pursuit. Somehow, the lion made it inside and we both clambered up onto the kitchen counter with our backs against the cabinets. My boyfriend put his arms around me and shielded me from the lioness with his body as a barrier. The lioness leaped pulling him off the counter and bit him multiple times in the side then one bite to the throat. My boyfriend still appeared stoicly calm but his eyes were pleading. I was screaming and didn’t know what to do, my first thought was to reach out and pry the jaws out of his neck. The lioness gave up and ran away. My boyfriend was not bloody and did not die from the injuries, I took him to the hospital and he appeared only to have a few holes in his side and two on his neck. He said he was fine and even laughed it off, I was shocked.

  164. I am very afraid from my dream so I want to know the meaning of my dream I was never seen this kind of dream in my whole life. My dream was inside of a house… I have remembered everything in my dream there was a mother and I was there looking for something. Suddenly lioness come into my house. I think I was running away from the Lion and want to safe my mother .lioness attacked on me and my mother we went to small room and closed door but lioness try to broke door and walked around room. I was scared and my mother was with me, we were in a room. I have decided I will take a risk because first I want safe my mother so I was in survivor mode when lioness little bit around distance I opened the door and run away other side lioness chase me I went terrace on my house and I got iron in trace I have turned lioness roared and I attacked on lioness by iron rode lioness nose bleeding
    And suddenly lioness change in girl. Girl nose bleeder without any thought I pull-up girl in my hand she has not in sense and my eyes open my dream was end …so I’m scared for everything what is meaning or indication so please reply
    In my life I have never seen this girl face in real world and I’m really afraid.

  165. I had a dream last night that I let my dog outside on her leash. I heard an awful noise and when I went outside a lion was in my yard. It had skinned my dog from the waist down. I ran outside and grabbed my dog carefully and ran back inside my house. I was in an absolute panic and couldn’t find a way to help her because I couldn’t find a phone number for the vet or my keys for the car to rush her to the vet. I woke up terrified.

  166. i had a dream of lion cub,the setting was unclear but i was in a house,maybe my grandmas ,m not sure
    that cub was 1.5 years old and had no canines ,the teeth it eats with
    i found it outside my door and took him in as a pet,i loved him and cared for him a lot

  167. In my dream I was told a lion was looking for me … I felt powerless. I was at home and I was looking for a hiding place but he found me… Some how iI knew he wanted to overpower me…. He was cornering me againsthe wall.

  168. Hello, I am hoping someone can help me with my dream? It was like a lake side resort, I went swimming and was floating on my back, but was able to touch bottom. There was not a lot of people swimming. The lake was calm and it was a sunny day. I felt something in the water behind me and thought it was a shark and got scared. It kept swimming towards me and I stayed where I was, almost frozen on the spot. I thought I was not going to make it and waited for the shark to bite me. It slowly came towards me and when it surfaced it was a lioness. She was beautiful, friendly and very calming. She kept coming towards me in the water and I knew she was not going to hurt me. Then I woke up. Any help interpreting this would be wonderful. Thank you.

  169. My dream I was in a house with a (man made) stream all the way around the the house which led to a swimming pool in the back yard where we were building a shed. There was a large kitchen (2) I was with my son, we had finished working on projects of painting, remodeling. Steve found some black plastic liner for the bottom of an outdoor shed he was building. Steve laid out the pieces on a patio strip by the front door which became a porch with many screens and doors. As I was looking at the misplaced plastic and wondering why he laid it out on the front yard rather than the backyard on the job sight, I spotted a large lion. I ran to make sure all the doors and windows were closed but hoped I would see Louie as Alan tried to run outside. I kept Alan in and saw a baby cat I ran and got the cat, locking and closing multiple doors as I ran. Once in the house the baby cat turned into a small lion in my arms that kept growing fast, I told everyone I must return the baby to the lion. As I ran back the lion meowed like no, no, and I put the baby back it yelled very loud alerting the big lion that chased me and broke down a screen door, metal door and I woke up.

  170. I would love to hear feedback on my dream…

    I saw a white lioness and called her over – she was sitting with me (inside) I felt protected. She started playing around but got too rough – was putting her paw on my throat, choking me, also mouthing me, not quite biting. I knew it was because she loved me.
    I led her to the glass door and put her outside, she went quietly with no fuss. I could still see her outside. It was sad to let her out but relieved as I knew I had to or she may hurt or kill me.

  171. Hi I had a dream last night which of course included lions; I’m so confused and would love to hear your thoughts.
    The dream started with about 6 lions who stayed on top of a mountain were people can come in see them, it looked like a safari in Africa. I must have been there before because I was the tour leader of my family group. Within a split second the lions came off the mountain and started chasing everyone so my group was broken up I was able to hold on to my 2 year old niece. The dream went from a safari setting to an apartment setting this time with a 100 lions they had full control of the compound the people couldn’t come out their living space. I’m not sure how we found this place but my niece and I hid in a bathtub until someone found us; my niece grandfather from her mother side whom no one has ever met. I only knew it was him because he had pictures of her mom and her grandmother he was able to explain what was going on with the animals the bad part is I couldn’t hear what he was saying. The dream switches one last time; to a living room setting. Me, my grandma and a few other people are sitting and talking when a. big lion enters the room! Everyone seem secure except for me I remained still the lion walked to the side of me and whispered in my ear I know when your Really scared that’s why I came to you (his voice was like semba’s uncle from lion king) I remained firm the lion came to the front of me and put my hand in his mouth! and started to bite down until my wrist started to bleed. Once I saw the blood my fear turned into anger so he started to get really aggressive with me, the next time I looked around no one was there I ran down a hallway and came to my bedroom, my niece was their watching tv. I ran in the room all of a sudden my dog appears and tries to protect me I called him into the room and tried to push the door shut with my back but the lion was too strong for me; he broke the door and tried to bite me again, I became upset and tried to fight back at the end I ended up killing the lion by chocking him I felt soo bad because I love animals just like I love people I don’t even kill little bugs flying in my house I catch them and our back outside. I started to cry all of a sudden my husband appears and said not to feel bad because I did what I had to do…This was a long and confusing dream!!

  172. OK I had a lion dream put its nor a lion I know that it looks like a female lion but its in a human form I keep walk down this road to this field and on one side the sky is very beatuful but on the other side its really dark and on the dark side I see this thing in human form I don’t know qat it means do eny of u guys know wat it means

  173. I had a dream last night… I was leaving my house down the road I see a lion attacking someone it’s a dirt road dry grass no one around the lion turns and sees me he starts to chase me I’m running towards my house trying to get in but I didn’t seem to know the code to enter to unlock it so I get on top of something and start shouting at the Lions both the male and female lion are in front of me but the bullet doesn’t harm them the bullets bearly tap them at this point they try to attack me but can’t reach me they walk away.. I wake up middle of the night fall back to sleep and…. I noticed that there is a gate around my yard with the Lions being kept there but there lose my dog is with me and hears them goes after the noise and I can hear my dog crying… I start to cry me and this boy feels like a son to me end up walking inside the house but the boy stops and looks out from the door and runs to save the dog I start screaming and shouting but it’s to late I can hear him yelling I start to cry in the door way on my knees as I look up both lions are in front of me with the little boys jeans on…. I wake up again middle of the night I fall back to sleep.. I’m at a funeral at my house for the little boy everyone leaves… I can’t remember the rest.. please help me understand my dream it keeps playing over and over in my head.

  174. A bit of what’s going on in my life I recently broke up with my girlfriend who I have a son with aged 3. I haven’t been really happy about the way she kinda treated me. In my dream I had been talking to her and still saying that I wanted her and we were in a car with two other people as we drove down the motorway we went past a male lion and all he did was turn and look at us. I was a bit surprised why there was a lion walking freely outside. What could this mean

  175. I dreamt that I was in an unfamiliar building and lion came out of nowhere and saved me from a rattlesnake. It quickly disappeared with the snake then reappeared and was trying to be affectionate with me. It was all cuddly and purring. Not quite sure what to make of this dream.

  176. Today at night i had a dream about 2 lions living in my house. But the weird thing is that in my house was a special room for the lions and they were in cages. I was so scared of them because they could just attack me any second. Later on i just realized that the lions were my parents (on lion was male & the other was a female) after i found out they were my parents the lions didnt want to attack me anymore, they protected me and i would hang out with them in their cages. It was a strange dream. what does it mean?

  177. In my dream the lion was trying to catch me and kill me somehow in the beginning of the dream he couldn’t hurt me because he didn’t had teeth and I kept asking my sister what was I going to do ones he could really hurt me and eat me. Well ones he knew he kept coming at me and somehow I found my self in a zoo type of stable with a a lot of animals giraffes, horses and more but they were the ones I saw more clearly. I climbed a really big type of net roof so he wouldn’t catch and even though I was really high up and I kept telling him to eat any animals he wanted like the horses he wouldn’t he only wanted me. So the more anxious I got he left. And while I was trying to learn how to ride a horse so I could run away with my friend that was trying to help me all along another lion came but this one was my sister that kept attacking me until I woke up because somehow she could climb and almost very close to catching me. Please help can someone please help me understand this dream it is not the first time that I dream about a lion trying chase me and kill just that in the other dream it kept changing from lion to panther to a jaguar and in that dream I did killed the animal when I knew I couldn’t run away and had to confront him. And then when I killed the animal I realized that I lost my group that I was exploring in a like world like the “dinasour world.” Please if anyone can help please please I would like to have a better understanding of what these dreams meant.

  178. I had a dream about three lions last night. I am concerned about this dream because I was at the home of our previous pastor and his wife, who was not our pastor very long. A little background info: We had lots of conflict in the church when he was our pastor especially due to his wife and changes that they tried to make. They were very controlling and wanted everything to be done their way on many matters. When they left our church they left mad and in a hurtful way. We have since spoken to them several times and the pastor/preacher is much more agreeable than his wife and has even been to church to visit a time or two. However his wife has not and has since become a leader over a women’s Christian drug rehabilitation center. For whatever reason every time I hear of her or see her I am bothered. I don’t think I have anything against her really even though things didn’t work out a church. She is nice to me when she sees me and I am to her as well. Back to the dream: In the dream I was in their house as well as my children. I think they had invited us over for a birthday party. When I went outside they had three lions fenced in their yard. The lions got out and began chasing us. We of course got away and I remember feeling relieved. I also remember the pastor’s wife saying something to me before they started chasing me but I don’t remember what. I also remember her being in the dream as I guess you could say a main character. She was always there and I always felt funny around her in the dream. Any help would be great. I am bothered by the dream and I would like to understand more about why I am so troubled by the pastor’s wife. Thanks.

  179. I dreamed that as I was getting out of my car a big lion and a leopard came running I jumped back in my car with my aunt who was driving.They ran up a tree with such force that branches began to break and fall on the car as we speed off. I remember feeling scared and amazed to see such big animals in the city.

  180. I started having dreams that I was a white lion about nine months ago-each time I was jumping through beautiful green rolling hills I would jump as high as 60 feet in the air and then start to fall. Each time I would get worried that I would get hurt when I landed but each time I fell I landed very gracefully and hardly felt the impact at all. I would think about stopping at times to be careful but something in the back of my head told me to not waste anytime worrying and just be free.

  181. my lion was male and eating a deer as my son and I crossed the street (no fear feelings), the deer got up and ran away; the lion prowled in front of the house (not my house…but a house in my dream), we watched him from the window and he walked away. we decided to go home (walk back across the street) and along side the house appeared a long staircase…a man dressed in a lion costume was licking his paw as a human would lick their fingers after eating perhaps fired chicken. end.

  182. Hi! I dreamt that I am living in a building near a lion sanctuary. My school acquaintances are at my place. Every day lions used to go into their dens through my window. But that day one of the friends insisted that she wants to see the white, huge and biggest lion upclose. I warned her. But in vain. She jumped out of the window and tried to act as a bait. Seeing this all of us got scared and decided to ride an open wagon cycle and run away and also protect that stupid friend. The same friend who was acting as a bait was driving the wagon. Notoriously she stepped on the lioness ‘s tail. The white lion saw that and chased us. I was at the end of the wagon and was being attacked. Although nothing happened to me but I was dead scared. Then I woke up. Please interpret my dream. Thanks.

  183. I had a dream that we lived in a huge house out in the middle of nowhere and lions came in to our house and started to destroy the house. In the first part of the dream I was a little girl hiding and scared but then I was an adult and I went hunting for them. I went to a building on our property looking for them and came face to face with two a Male and a female. They were not in attack mode nor aggressive they just stood there looking at me. I can feel the presence of someone behind me and heard them tell me to shoot them. I walked right up to the male and shot him in the temple. He did not go down right away so I shot him again. Then I shot the female who still did not attempt to attack me. After shooting them several times they finally went down. I then went back to the house and all my family was there I remember telling my husband we needed a bigger gun because mine was not big enough. Then more lions started attacking. They attacked one of my cousins and we all went running in the house but I still did not feel safe. We went in defense mode and waited. We could hear them outside but could not see them. Finally one came up the back porch and through the glass door and attacked another cousin. I hid who I think was my future grandchild and made my kids hide. At this point I actually woke up and felt “scared” even though I knew it was a dream. When I fell back asleep I started dreaming right where I left off. This time the lion was attacking someone else in the house and my husband tried to shoot it with a rifle but couldn’t get a good shot at it. I remember hiding and praying for it to go away. Then I woke up again. However in some point of my dream there was also a black panther not just lions. I have not been able to go back to sleep. Can you please help interpret a little more? Thank you in advance.

  184. I had a lioness dream by sterday . as of the dream iam walking on the road wit two of my friends at night , suddenly some thing crossed over the road it’s like rabbit r deer I can’t tell that confirmly but after that there cum a three lioness chaceing it . after it noted and stared at us .I didn’t feared for it , I just took my phone out and turn on the screen and tried to scare three lioness wit the light from phone . in that state iam sure in one thing that if I run ,It will confirmly kill me so I just stand still and tried to act like a alpha but suddenly two of my friends shouted and started to run pulling me , two lioness surrounded one of my friend and one lioness is still chasing me and my another friend , after noticing that one of my friend was surrounded I just shouted his name . a lioness which chasing me pounded on me I just blanked out !

  185. My dream was with multiple female lions and one male. They were at a safe distance walking along side children. I was amazed at the moment to see them walking along side people. It distracted me from my dream which was not pleasant to me for it reflected my current situation. I am in the process of a divorce that I do not want, and I’m having a real hard time coping with the pain and all the emotions that come with the process. What does this dream mean?

  186. I had a strange dream last night, I was looking after a pet for a distant acquaintance, some one I knew but had never met. The pet was unusual, a fully grown lion. The acquaintance was about to take a trip and the lion needed to leave but didn’t know the way. I wasn’t afraid of the lion but it wasn’t until the lion was leaving that I discovered it could talk. I tried to give the lion directions but it didn’t know the area so I had to leave with it to tell it where to go. On the way I discovered the lion was good to know to talk to. I asked if it was alright to take some selfies with the lion, I felt comfortable and at home with the lion which was strange because I would normally have feared it. As the lion spoke I felt full of hope and expectancy. The lion received a call and told me it was the acquaintance who was asking me to go on the trip with him, he had checked and the flight was very inexpensive. The lion encouraged me to go, dropped me at home and I was sad to see the lion go but hopeful at the potential trip to the orient, a place unknown to me and full of intrigue.
    I woke feeling great and full of expectancy but concerned about the practicalities.

  187. I dream constantly about lions and tigers, even though I’m scared at the beginning, I realise they are always friendly and have no intensions of attacking me. In my last dream, I was inside a cave with a lot of people I never met before. The cave had a hole on the top and we could see a sleeping lioness through it. People were scared but she was just peacefully sleeping, like she was guarding us or something. What could this mean?

  188. I had a dream of me sitting in a safari type environment and I was very happy and laughing. All of a sudden, I looked up and a white lion and lioness appeared and was walking towards me gently. I wasn’t afraid, I was very calm and had a blissful feeling and I was reaching my arm out to touch them and they allowed me. They enjoyed my touch like a owner touching his/her pet cat. It was an amazing experience and woke up shortly after and was quite upset it had ended because while I was touching the lions, I felt the utmost peace and it was as though it was just me and the lions in the world and my heart was filled with joy.
    Having a little trouble intpretating this because not many people I see have had a dream of a WHITE lion and lioness.
    Many thanks xxx

  189. Hi, I saw a pack of 3 lions. .2 lions and one lioness in my house and somehow I managed to lock them in a room but they were trying to bring down the door. There was an alternate way opening outside house so I decided to let them out from there and that opening was like a shutter of a shop. ..I partially opened it but was scared hence was woken up. ..This is the second time I have had a nightmare about lions. ..what could be the reason?

  190. Good day. last night I had a dream of lions.(5 of them) one was male and the other either young or female.
    Was riding on back of my father’s truck with my son, my husband was driving on my fathers cattle farm. when out of the grass came 5 lions. they tried to jump onto the truck and I told my son to throw rocks and iron bars and pipes that was on the vehicle to them. after a long struggle we got into the truck throw the window and we came to a gate my husband was seppose to open for my dad. the lions disappeared into the grass. just laying out of reached. he open the gate and then he was gone. i drove back home where he later re-appeared. then it was over. can you tell me what that mean please

  191. Hi there. Its 4 am and I just woke up from this weird dream. Please help??
    I was staying at a upmarket hotel with many people that was with me( traveling with as friends but yet I didn’t know them). When I booked in, the hotel gave me a free room and when I wanted to go to the room, I realised this room is in some type of storage facility in the main reception area. I complained and insisted that I get a normal room(even if I had to pay). Next thing I am at a big lake and there’s a massive swing. I need to take this swing to take me to this room. ( all of a sudden I really want this room ). I take this swing to take me there and the swing almost starts like a pendulum. What starts as slow movement to get me there suddenly becomes too much and the next thing I know this swing takes me km’s past the room I want. Im then on this swing holding on riding into some type of wetlands( almost look like the scene from lion king) with wild animals below me running as I swing above them. I start to enjoy the nature and then…. below me is a lioness that jumps up at me and actually gets me with her claws holding on. She starts eating my hand and while I press my fingers in her eyes another lioness jumps up and holds on and also starts to make a meal. Untill now I sort off enjoyed the dream but then I start to panic as I cannot get these lions off me. And just like that, I realise in the dream that wait….” I am only dreaming” immediately I wake up.

    what can this mean

  192. In my dream I was in a jungle and me and a group of ppl were there then I noticed the lion I got scared and we all ran but then I noticed that he wasn’t chasing us like a prey more like following us but I was still afraid because you know it’s a lion. So we thought we lost it so we took a break by a big rock i was trying to find somewhere to sit when I noticed the lion again he was right besides me I froze I was so scare I just stared at it and the lion stared at me back then he lay down by the rock next to me that’s when I noticed the lion didn’t mean no harm so I started petting it then the ppl who were running with me earlier saw the lion so they decided to attAck it I told them no don’t do anything to him he is mot dangerous but they wouldn’t listen so I yelled at them I said leave the lion alone but they kept going pointing guns at it I stood in front of the lion trying to protect it but i woke up

  193. I usually don’t try and interpret my dreams but this one is persistently sticking in my head. Any ideas?

    I was in my house looking out the windows by the front door while my family was in the kitchen at the opposite end of the house. I saw two zoo keeper looking people playing with two Cubs and I knew that it wasn’t going to end well. I let a girl into the house who was afraid cause I guess she knew too. The zoo keepers disappeared and the Cubs turned into one huge lion. The field behind the lion was a mess: cars were over turned, people were freaking out. The lion charged at my door and I had to hold the door to keep him from getting in but the hinges of the door were really really loose. A few people were also trying to get in but I wasn’t able to let them in because the lion would get in too. My family wasn’t taking my plead for help seriously. The girl I had let in was yelling at me to let the people in and that I was a horrible person. Finally my dad came and held the door while I somehow helped the people and the lion finally disappeared. The people were all my age and were from all different colleges. we all became really good friends and I even ended up falling in love with one of the guys.

    More stuff happened afterwards but it’s not very important.

  194. My dream was inside of a house… I can’t remember everything but there was a woman who was blind and I was there looking for shelter. It was almost as if I knew to go to her house. I left one of my friends outside and then brought them in so they could meet her. Not sure if it was a male or female. I think I was running away from the Lion as if I knew something was chasing me because the next part of the dream I was in a two story house with family and friends. We were all crowded in a room trying to think. I had a plan, I knew how to hide from the lion. Briefly I went downstairs to make another room available for hiding when I heard terrible screams that the lions were in the room and had attacked. I was scared and my mother was with me, we were in a room with three closets. And we’re emptying it out of books and shelves so we can fit inside so if the lion tried to come in, they wouldn’t see anybody. Suddenly, I heard more terrible screams that sounded like death and me and my mother looked at each other. She was still trying to clean and figure things out while I rushed to block off the door. Just in case. I gripped onto something on both sides and held my back up against the door. Then I looked in between the cracks of the door and I saw the lion and the lioness. (5 keywords): patient, calm, fierce, cunning, ferocious. They waited outside the door as I signaled to my mother to stay quiet three times and held on for dear life. I wasn’t scared so much as I was in survivor mode, looking at the empty closet thinking about how I could run inside there now, but I couldn’t. I had to protect us. Then the dream ended. It left me puzzled when waking up… I don’t know what this means.

  195. Hello, This is going to sound completely different! I went through just about all the comments in this blog because I wanted to find something similar to the dreams I’ve had. I could find nothing!!
    Through out the last few years I have had a several dreams that I am turning INTO a lion!! This is too extraordinary to keep to myself. I would have liked to read anyone else who has had the same or similar. But I could not find it.
    In the dreams I can feel myself changing. But it’s good thing. I don’t attack anybody, but everyone around see me, a lion and get scared. In the dream I feel powerful and free. I run and jump and leap and roar!!
    I think I know what it means, but before anyone reply’s You must know that I am a Christian and I understand spiritual things. I don’t think the dreams means that I will become aggravated or restless of which I know a lot of people might say. Because In the dream I am happy and content with my self, having a ball as a lion. LOL Funny I know. But the turning into the lion has a very unique meaning. To be truly honest, I think it means that I will have more confidence in my self as a spiritually strong person. A very Exceptional person! What do you think? Thank you for reading!! 🙂

    1. Just saw your reply. I have thought about that interpretation before. Was also thinking that maybe the lions could represent spirits or angels walking with me. Protecting me.

      As far as your dream goes. I honestly think the lion is your spirit animal. That you are gaining confidence in your spirituality. The roaring is you finding your voice and speaking your mind. The fact that you are a docile lion is a sign that you do not feel you need to defend nor rationalize your beliefs. You are content with both your choices and respect the choices of others. At least that’s the meaning I saw in it.

  196. A few years back I dreamt I was walking an open field. To my left side walked the dominant pair of lions. On my right but in my blind spot I sensed a submissive pair. I felt as if I was leading. I did fear anything. I was calm. We were not hunting. We were just walking. Do not remember what exactly was going on in my waking life at the time of the dream. Would love to finally have this dream interpreted.

    1. Hello!
      It could mean that you will lead or guide
      some important or powerful people.
      (Example): like an adviser to a king or president.
      Or You are completely content with your surroundings
      and life! Maybe both!! 🙂
      God Bless you!

  197. i had a dream about a lion. ln the dream i noticed that the main entrance door to the house was locked and somehow when i got to the lobby that led to the main entrance, there on the floor was lying a lion, alive, looking at me. i was surprised because the door was locked and i wondered who might have openned the door. i was really scared of the lion in the dream. pls interpret.

  198. Please assist
    My dream….
    Was walking in the bush and number of lions followed me and my sister. I was scared but the game ranger said I should not fear as the lions want to make sure my safety to my journey. But still as we walked we where so scared of the lions behind that we came up with a plan to loose track of them in the bush.. One by one they dissappear and only the biggest of them remained with us until to our destination and I turned around as my sister kept walking to say good bye and thank you to the lion but I was still scared it might kill me now that m alone… It got closer and I was shaking . Somehow I got closer too and gave it a hug to thank bit as we are safe. It was a warm hug and i loved it as we pulled apart the lion turned in to a very handsome white male.. and bit left me there and I was so emotional that I wanted the lion back..

    I don’t k now if this has anything to do with my ex boyfriend. . But his name is leon….. confused

    1. Hello!
      I find your dream amazing!!!
      Thank you for sharing it. To
      be honest with you, If you desire to
      have Leon back, then the loin could
      represent him. Dreams can be funny
      sometimes. You have to pay close attention
      to the details. God Bless!!

  199. I have a reoccurring dream. It’s always a male lion. He is always in a home or somewhere a lion does not belong. It never seems weird that he is there as am I.
    I find him beautiful, intriguing, mysterious, yet I’m unsure of whether or not he poses a threat. He never attacks. Ever.
    Yet, I also never confront the lion. I keep my distance and watch from afar, because of that uncertainty. In the latest dream, I woke up in a bedroom and he was sleeping on the floor next to me.
    What do you think?!

    1. Hi…My name is Chris….last night I had this dream about a lion….here’s the thing…..this part of the dream seemed so real that it stands out….the lion had my arm or hand in his mouth….now this is what’s wild about this dream…he didn’t bite….I could move my hand around his mouth…feel his teeth and it seemed so real and a unknown person was there as well….the lion never posed a treat to me or anyone else…it made me so emotional that I woke up crying and still cry when I think about it….please help

  200. Hi! There were two lions in my dream. They were tight with some kind of thread.They also were in some place that looked like a chicken yarn. These two lions were desperate to escape so they were pulling themselves hard. They couldn’t break free though.There was a little field with a fence next door. Over this fence, there were many animals that appeared to be black pigs. I was trying to take control of the lions, they were kind of scared and even though l was near them, they didn’t attack me. Can anybody help me understand such dream? Thank you.

  201. I’ve had this dream before (can’t remember it clearly -just know I was scared as well after the dream and it featured a lion) but the second time instead of one, there were two lionesses guarding my husband, growling and very aggressive towards me, they were in our home-i remember them being HUGE but also beautiful and left me feeling terrified even when I woke I was so scared and upset. I asked my husband to hold me but he was so sleepy he didn’t pay me any attention and this made me even more upset. Someone told me the two lions might represent female figures in his life,like his mom and sister? His star sign is Leo. What could it possible mean?

  202. OK here goes, my dog who only seems to listen to me, turned into a lion after jumping on the hood of the car that my wife and I were in. My wife had left a bowl of food on the hood of this car so he went to eat it. She snatched the bowl from him and he got upset, he showed his teeth and started to approach here in anger. I said his name and asked what was wrong, at first I couldn’t speak but then some words would come out, but when I started talking he turned into an older man. He gave me an evil look and ignored me for a second then he too tried to speak but couldn’t get a word out.

  203. I had a dream last night. I feel like I need clarification.
    I’m usually quite aware; and able to interpret my dreams – but this one seems to escape me.

    I DREAMED THAT I was somewhere where three Elephants were being killed. It was a horrible scene. As an animal lover this was particularly alarming for me. I tried to communicate with the three elephants; but only one was still suffering. I approached him with utmost respect and love – with aim that I might be able to comfort him as he was dying. As soon as I got close, he died. I tried to put up a fight with the killers; but soon realized that they had their reasons – not that I agreed.

    NOW as I turned around; in great sadness, I saw a lion lying on the ground – just like the elephants did. I approached him to see if he was alright. He wasn’t. But he still had enough power to swing his paw at me. I remember his face, his pain, his teeth. I remembered that I loved him. In that moment of coarse. The paw struck my left arm and as soon as I swung from the hit – the lion died. I remember being alarmed, but never frightened. I understood. I looked at my arm and found all his nails wedged in my arm.

    I don’t know what this means.

    I understand the elephants as a disturbance of my subconscious.

    Please. If anyone can help me; it would be much appreciated.

  204. My dream started with me being in an acquaintance house. I see a family room when I enter and I lay down on the couch. Then I see a lion walk pass and get inside a bathtub full of water and subs that had been drawn. Soon it positions itself to potty in the tub. Next, someone I’m familiar with enters and gestures for me to come on we are going to a function. I say that I need some shoes. She gives me a pair and after putting on a shoe I notice a lace is missing. She gives me the shoe lace and says it is a special lace just for that shoe. Then we enter a hall that is attended by many. I sat down next to former president, Bill Clinton, who was at a table with small stacks of money in front of him. Very small like what would be in the average wallet. I remember when he turned to speak with someone I put a $10 and $5 bill from one stack to another stack with a $20 on top which was the closest to me. Basically I thought I was being slick. Something occurred where me and the female person who gave me the lace had to leave. The next thing I remember is being back at the home and the lion was going up the stairs. I asked would it be better if he was locked in a room. She said no that he would not be happy and once he started biting through the walls and ended up harming a couple when he was confined to one room. So she said it was best to let him be able to walk freely. The person then became noticeable and it was a very dear friend of mine who we have had a rift recently. I have not spoke with her in a month. That’s all I can remember of the dream.

  205. I jus had my second very intense and vivid dream about lions. In my first dream my boyfriend (whom I live with) had 3 lions in a pen in the yard, he then let the lions out to roam the yard and the rest of the dream was me trying to warm people that came to visit of the lions roaming around. At one point I looked at the back door was wide open and my daughter, our dog and my brothers dog were outside and I was franticly trying to get them all inside.
    I did not think too much of the first dream, until I had a dream about these lions again, only this time they were in my house. I tried to make my boyfriend take them out of the house, although they seemed to be tame, I kept saying “If anything happens, they could kill our daughter.” Him refusing to listen I went upstairs to get clothes for me and my child, so we could leave. At that point I became more scared of my boyfriend, than the lion, because he was trying to keep us there. Once I got our clothes I picked up my daughter and walked right past a lion that was lying in the stairwell, went outside and put my daughter in the car. I was in such a hurry to leave I drove the end of the road and pulled over to put her in her car seat. It was after we drove to safety at a gas station and met up with my brother, when I woke up.
    In both dreams there were three lions and they didn’t ever hurt anyone but I was definitely scared of them.

  206. i saw a dream where i saw a lion in my x school nd saw many classmates , whom i didnt met for a long time.. then i was the first to saw the lion at schools main gate… he is not allowing me to go out of the school.. den i lock myself in the room in order to protect myself from lion.. nd he was roming here and dere in d campus.. and after dat he knocks my door bt i was nt afraid and after dat he was licking the door.. plz any cn tl wt dat mean..

  207. I’ve experienced the same dream on several different occasions. I am hoping someone can shed some light on it because I don’t particularly enjoy it, and I’d like to fix whatever is causing me to have it.

    I’m at my current house outside and our of nowhere appears a vicious lion. It tries to chase me and my family. (The last time it focused on my cat) whomever it chases is jumping over chain link fences and walking along the top of them. I feel fear in my dream but the lion never gets anyone. In this last dram I had on a red shirt that I removed and was in my bra outside so the lion wouldn’t focus on me. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

  208. A very long time ago from the ages of 4-13I used to have recurring nightmares about a lion that would always kill me no matter what I did. What’s weirder is that it would only show up when I roared like one or walked into a dark shadowy area. Sometimes my deaths would be of him charging at me and ripping me apart or appearing and roaring to scare me to death. However there was once a time that when I roared he never would appear which was a god send but would either be replaced with a breath of relief or another creature to take his place. There was a dream I had when I was young and managed to swallow the lion with him still roaring from my throat. Also there were a few instances where people in my dream were either working for the lion or helping me fight back against him. This would continue for many of my dreams as if to tell a story to destroy this thing once and for all from the beginning of its conception to its death. In recent years I haven’t seen the creature because we were able to destroy him and lock him away from me forever. All the dreams I have now are adventure related and I’m a lot braver than I used to be so I can have more fun when I dream. He did recently appear though to scare me a year ago but since then hasn’t shown up. Still can any one help me understand this because even when I was younger I would use that roar to end my dream without a second thought I was also powerless and terrified every time he showed up.

  209. I dreamt about two lions and one lioness. Lions were being shoved of by one of my office leader. But the lioness killed my brother’s brother in law and scared my girl friend so much that she almost died…… And then I woke up wid a blast shouting her name wid a bad headache

  210. I had an odd lion dream in which I was a passenger in a car and we [an unknown driver and myself] were on the highway.

    As we turned onto an intersection a semi truck was seemingly coming at us straight ahead, however I saw the impression of a large lion head and all at once the semi truck was transparent, and we passed through it, without injury.

    Yet, when I saw the Lion’s head I was afraid of it, not relieved by it.

    I had a deep sense of being ethereal… An ill feeling as though something was very suddenly not alright.

    I then woke up.

  211. I just woke up from a dream about a lioness and I needed to see what it meant because I woke up in fear.

    It was a school setting. I am in college now but it was my high school I was going towards. It was hot I remember, and I was on a run, and I’m going towards the front entrance to my school and I see the lioness laying there yawning and such. I was scared So I went around the school through any other entrance. Then I proceed through the school to a stairwell. Where I hear the lioness breathing heavily and some what growling. Fear has shaken me so far. So I look down the stair well and I see her so I run. So this is the weird part. I saw her at the bottom but I run down the stair because then I hear her above me in the stairwell and I hear her chasing me. Right before she got my I wake up with my heart pounding.

    Will someone help me with what this means?

    I have been going under some stress at college lately but why was the setting my high school not my college?

  212. I had a dream in which I saw a very young child in a clear sky, sits with his leg cross. Kindly help with the meaning.

  213. hey I saw lion 3 tymes. 2 tymes i run n climb on a tree n wake up Bt 3rd tyme i fell down frm tree n lion hold me in his jaws n fell in a whole, when he left back i was okay n watching him slowly keep head n wake up Idk what do this mean?

  214. I had a dream that I was in a room and this guy let 3 lions out, they were looking for me, I saw one coming for me and I was afraid, he opened his mouth and I put my hands on upper and lower jaw and cracked his jaw and he could not bit me…he died. The same thing happened with the other 2 that were left, then when I thought it was all over, the guy let 3 more lions out and the same thing happened, but then my dream switched to an old boyfriend from years ago, he was worried about me and kept wanting to know if I was ok. Then I woke up.

    This was very strange dream for me, I do not understand it.

  215. My dream I was outside by a tree with 2 lions and 2 lioness and I was sitting with them as 1 was lying on my leg and I was rubbing him as they were all surrounding me laying very close as if they were protecting me. It was a very relaxing dream but I’m confused about the meaning. Can some1 help me plz.

  216. Hi . I had a dream last night. I owned 4 lions as my pets. No one could get close to them but me and I kept them in my house. I woke up from my dream and went back to sleep continuing the same dream. What does this mean.

  217. A group of young boys were about to attack me then a liones sudenly aproaches and we all ran away, they took a different direction from mine, so the liones chase after me and when it was about catch me the male lion aproach and liones gaveup then the lion cought my hand and I could feel the pain surprisinlgly it releases me and he rested next to me,it felt like he was saying I am here to protect you considering what is happening my life at these moment.

  218. I had a dream about two lions a female and a male. I remember something that we went back into the past my whole family was there and we went pack to change the past so that a couple family members didn’t die. I had a relationship with this lion it weird but he wouldn’t attack my family because he loved me I was scared of him to some extend but not really his wife the female lion was dying he loved me but he loved his wife more so he couldn’t leave her I wanted to take them to my house because we were in the jungle but I was scared and I didn’t know where I would put them because they were really big I knew I loved this lion which is weird because in my dream I knew it was impossible since he was an animal. I honestly feel like it means something, but I have no idea what it means.

  219. I had a dream of too many lion heads formation in the blue sky and only me and my cousin could see them, the heads heads were pure white

  220. My dream I suppose to cross the bridge I started to seeing a head of lion inside the little water but when I come closer I see lion in full started chasing me I run while calling in the name of jesus, at the end I saw someone cleaning that water no lion anymore, so I’m trying to think what that mean.

  221. I had a dream that two lions escape by nearby zoo I heard screams so I looked out my window and seen two (what seem to be albino lions) they looked up at me and started charging to my house door I try closing the doors but the male one broke through I ran into My room and then I realize where my children were asleep there was no door and believed that the lion killed them .I went n my room n heard lion I’m by the door with bed push against wall with my feet on closet door the lion seen a glance at me n try harder I was so worried about my kids that I open the door willing to die so it wouldn’t hopefully harm my kids so I built courage open the door and the lion disappeared and check My kids they were all fine but bit sure why had that dream

  222. I believe the Lion is my spirit animal, however I have not seen him in a while. I guess that means that I don’t need him right now but I’d still like to learn how he’s trying to guide me. I had a dream I was in a white hallway with a grand, winding staircase. The great lion not minding me at all was walking in my direction. I think I was playing with him, avoiding him in my dream and I tip toed in the shadows to get around him and go up the staircase. When I started to go up the stairs there he was again! He was heading down the staircase and for some reason he was a lioness now with spots transforming on his fur as he descended. I wasn’t scared but I was amazed by her beauty. She opened her mouth to say something to me but then I woke up. What does this mean? I’d really appreciate your input.

  223. i need help understanding my dream about a lion?

    I was in a underground car park having a smoke, as I finish it I went to walk about to wear I was going and I turned around to see a lion running at me, so I hid behind a poll to see the lion walking around it to look at me in my eyes!

    Can someone help me understand this please I can’t stop thinking about what it’s trying to tell me! Thanks

  224. Hi,few days back In my dream I came out of a house and saw in the sky Its Giant Eagle i never saw before. It came out of dark clouds. Today I got a young lion in my dream. It seems friendly it has given shake hand . To know my strength I did arm wrestle with it. Lion strength is awesome.

    Could anyone share thoughts about this……..

  225. I have this dream right, it creeps me out because even when I’m spacing out at work It’s like it’s around the corner or something. So, there’s this lion, golden-brown, golden mane, male with green eyes. In my dream I could be anywhere, just not a jungle, it’s always in a back yard or in areas of my house. So I blink and then it’s standing meters in front of me, tense and glaring at me. Because of the person I am, I tense and hold my head up, nose flared and I got my own evil eyes going. That’s just in my dream. Now at work, I could be walking to the rubbish bin and I suddenly imagine this bloody lion coming around any corner, sometimes behind me. Depraved of sleep and imagination probably due to boredom maybe, wish I could dream of a working man who’s career obsessed like myself. HELP!

  226. Hi there. I was trying to interperet my dream but I find it confusing. So here it is, I wss in my room then when I opened the door I saw black Lion at the main door. I was giving him signal to go away but he continued getting and went straight to the other bedroom where there is this lioness. A kind of a pet in my dream. I was threatened by the lion but not the lioness. All through out I was holding a baby. I dont know who that is.

  227. i saw it last night. i’m not sure it was a lion or lioness but it was young, lovable, adorable. it was my close friend and it obeyed to all i would say. i remember i was outside, green place, maybe in a savanna but still felt close to home. i have the idea the lion was my companion, lived with me. i don’t remember who was telling me to let go off it, to tell it to go away, and i did. the lion left but i could see pain in its eyes, face. it was so gracious, so sweet too i felt so sorry and started blaming the person who told me tell the lion to go, for feeling miserable that i pushed the lion away. i hurt the lion and i hurt me. yeah, i guess it was a lion. than i woke up because i was really feeling so sorry and didn’t know if i could have the lion back. i didn’t know if i had to ask the lion back, see it again and other… i still feel so now that i know it was just a dream but i cannot relate it to anything or anyone. please, help with your comment. thanks

    1. Eva, the bible mentioned according to Revelations 5:5. One of God’s many name is Lion of Judah. To me your dream means, someone is pushing you away from God. God is merciful he is near if you ever need him. Stay connected to him through prayer. He doesn’t want to stay away from you. However, if you don’t want him, he will leave you.

      1. Hi in my dream I saw children playing outside of window of my door. They were all colors all nationalities I remember thinking beautiful when I left the window to go back to bed I could not because the pastor of the church I was attending was sitting on my bed I then ran back to the door and the children were gone there was a male lion rolling around in the red clay dirt that the grass had been plucked out of the ground of. I ran back to the pastor to tell him perhaps because he was familiar to me. I spoke to him and said pastor you know it’s a lion outside mud bathing. He said yes straightened his bow tie and proceeded as if he was leaving to go outside but he never made it to the door. He vanished inside of the hall way I got to the window of the door and looked out again looking for pastor I guess but the grass was back on the ground the Lion spoke to me and said do not fear me I did not come here to hurt you.

  228. I had a dream i was walking my dog (only it wasn’t my dog,it was a golden retriever) and a lion was walking behind us. At first i wasn’t afraid but then it started chasing me and i got scared. Any thoughts? It was very vivid and in my experience vivid dreams usually mean something.

    1. Frida, I don’t know how spiritual you are. However, seeing lion in dreams usually means protection from up above. Its human nature to fear fierce creatures such as this. No fear, he got your back. Afterall, God is the Lion of Judah. Pray about it and get confirmation.

  229. hello,I had a the dream, I saw a was as if I am the owner of lion.seams I was in a farm with the lion .suddenly I saw the lion lying on a road n a lorry was coming,I was shouting@the lorry not to hit my lion.the lorry pasSed over the lion n didn’t hurt the lion.after which the lion and I went into the very scared.what could this mean please

  230. hello,I had a the dream, I saw a was as if I am the owner of lion.seams I was in a farm with the lion .suddenly I saw the lion lying on a road n a lorry was coming,I was shouting@the lorry not to hit my lion.the lorry pasSed over the lion n didn’t hurt the lion.then me and the lion went into the very scarced.what could this mean pls

    1. i had that same dream but i never saw the lion on the road it was on a farm and the neighbor had this lion and he lived next to me so i would always hear it.

  231. i always have the same dream that i have to stay in a house that around the house also living lions it really scary in my dream i ask from every body let them go but it looks they are not bothering them there fore every time i wake up i sweat very badly, i really do not know what is the reason?

    1. Your dream concerns me.
      Pray! Ask God to take away any kind
      of fear. Read Isaiah 41:10 and claim it for
      yourself and over you life. It could be a bad spiritual
      thing to put fear in your heart..
      God Bless you!

  232. Please help. At home with about 7-8 family members there was a lion that just seem to have appeared, but he was like the family pet. Everyone but me was able to get close to it, far less pet it. It was like a roaring lion toward me. I had to climb tables and chairs and dressers and doors to keep that beast from having me to shreds! I was so vexed against my sisters who seem unperturbed at the fury at which this animal was unendingly going after my life!! Anyway I woke up and I am suspicious of my family. Coming to think about it, it had a mane, therefore it was female! Any ideas anyone?

  233. I saw a lion in a dream it tried to attack me , i had a broom in my hands and i chased it away with a broom stick it fell in which was behind it i lighted papers with fire and threw them to lion

  234. Lions have been a recurring theme in my dreams since I was a very young child. (Both African Lions and Mountain Lions, male and female.) They are my favorite animals, probably due to this- or perhaps vice versa. Sometimes (in my dreams) they are aggressive to other people I am with, sometimes even to me, but in the latter scenario- although I am afraid- it seems more like a test; the lion never really harms me. In most cases, it is my protector, my friend- some have called it a “spirit animal” but what I do know is whenever it shows up, something significant is going on in my waking life. It is the most prevalent recurring creature in my dreams, and quite often they are lucid, and I remember them more clearly than other dreams. I would say that if the lion attacks or harms you, it is a sign of warning- lions rarely attack without hunger or provocation- warning of a personal character flaw or a betrayal by someone close to you. If it is non aggressive or protective over you, consider yourself lucky. It is a good sign. 🙂 I had a lion dream last night (that is why I am here); I have recently started dating a Leo. Hmmm….

    1. Dear Supercatfu42 I have been on so many sites trying to find an answer for my dreams about lions, my Grandmother passed away last year July. I could phone her just past 3am & she’ll interpret. Lions has been part of my dreams for the past 10years I’ll say, perhaps more since my Dad died. From protecting, wondering, looking, alluring, perhaps showing an inkling to attack… but never did attack. Now they suddenly, the lionesses get upset if I protect the cubs. Even went so far to take my four year old daughter in a dream… she wakes up, telling me what happened… and I know I was there.
      Normally I will find them in the bush. Now, last night, they came to the neighbourhood, (which I don’t know) but I wanted to alarm everyone…, through my dreams, as you, they do not attach for nothing, yet now they are… I had to compromise with two mails (Alfa’s, bigger heads than a door) to let go of all and rather take me, even offered to be their slave, but not to touch those I love…. I’m very confused about how they changed, I even sacrificed, through a buck to them, alive, to show my compassion and trust… yet they are shifting. If your lions also shifted the last few months it would be interesting to know… and what your thoughts are.

    2. I have a dream similar to yours that is also one of the 4 reoccurring dreams I’ve had since Ive been able to remember. It is so vivid and real that I think that it really has happened before until I realized today when I woke up it was a dream. And that’s the first time I recognized it as a dream. Previously it was just something in my past that really did happen. Or so that I thought or so that I never gave it much thought. I had always just carried it with me as a part of my past and it just seemed normal nothing to ever doubt or question. It was kind of depressing to find out that that wasn’t part of my real life because it was a “normal ” part of me and my history. And it was weird because in these dreams just like you said they would attack people with me that would make sudden moves or would make them feel uncomfortable but only just enough to startle them and never hurt them. and this was with different people in different dreams. And occasionally I felt an overwhelming sense of fear but most the time / more than none I Felt calm and connected and like I belonged. The Only difference is that in my dream there is usually a reoccurring helicopter that is been adapted to me to get into because I am in a wheelchair and I know that the helicopter because I took flying lessons in it in another dream. But what I don’t understand is why I’m always trying to secure or cage them all ( the great regal lion, the lionesses and the Cubs in the garage hanger however the hanger door is old and worn and has holes in tears throughout to where they could get through it if they wanted to. And also was in this last train a sort of over-the-top cartoonish but real raccoon that was buried me and wanted to attack constantly are released look like it did. But this Aardvark would stand on top of it to make it calm down. I never want the dreams to end but I think it does in fear of what could happen if they decide to attack, maybe , who knows. But it sure is a great dream when I have it and I’ll cherish it always.

      1. Early Sat Sept.19, 2015.
        I had a dream from no where of being in a large room and down through the room appeared 3 Lions. The first and closest to me saw me, roared and started toward me at a fast pace. I called for God to help me for I had no where to turn. Suddenly it was like a large hand came down and the pointer finger pushed the lions head down, and it lay straight up. Then the second saw me and the same happened to it as well right behind the first. Then the last started and I called to God not to kill it and the lion did the same. And suddenly rat’s appeared and just died except for one, And they all were risen up and went through the sealing and were gone. I raised my arm’s and with a loud voice praised God and all his Glory.
        Then I woke up.

        1. your dream is very interesting. if I may take a guess, id say that first off, you probably have a strong connection to either god, or your father. its a neat dream nonetheless.

    3. I need help on figuring out my dream and it seems like you know what having a lion or lioness in your dream means. I had a dream about many lioness and just one lioness the day before yesterday and yesterday. My dream on March, 20, 2016 was that I was inside a library with al my classmates and all of a sudden it caught on fire, and than out of no where we were trapped with lionesses! And since the building was on fire everyone was in panic so we started jumping out of Windows or climbing on shelves. The lines were just wondering around, some were aggressive, but than we somehow found a door so we got out, outside there were gates surrounding us and outside those gates were more lionesses. My dream on March, 21,2016 was that my BFF and I were walking in some kind of mechanic shop plaza/ally and we just saw a lioness sitting by a junk yard car and at first it was starting at us than it stared walking towards us, so we panicked and than it was chasing us. We ran through the ally way and the lioness was still behind us, than all of a sudden my dream took place at my house and again I was with my BFF and the lioness was inside my house and was being very aggressive, we kept running around and closing doors on it, at one point the lion was standing by us and we were calm so than I got a cookie and through it in a room we don’t use and it chased It abd I finally locked that lioness in a room. Well that’s both of my dreams I would really appreciate if u help me understand them, I’ve never had a dream with a lip or lioness ever this was my first time and recently my family and I have been in arguments and just negativity idk if it’s bc if that or something else? Please reply back thank you!

  235. I had the same dream. I tried opening the door in my dream and there was a lioness. And i got afraid and I closed the door again. And on the other scenario of my dream I helped a lion from an attack it tried to enter the door and I closed the door again to help the lion.

  236. I had a dream about a male, big,lion. It was really dark and maybe 9:00pm or 10 but my dog got out , a small dog. So me and I don’t know Who it was, was helping me look for it and then I start screscreaming for the dog to get inside and she came but running fast. Then the person that was helping me look for her came running back. Some how I knew I knew because I looked back and there was a huge lion but it was only like a strip of light that was showing him. But then there was like the female lion smaller and it was coming to my door but I Guess there was another “person” still outside but it was a Leopard and it was just standing there then the big lion came over slowly and bit him. I don’t know why but I felt pain for the leopard. Then I look back at the female lion and she’s almost to my door and then she gets to my door and I get scared but I hold on tight to the door then the huge lion starts coming up and when it gets to my door it kills the female lion I fought with the lion and the lion was big and scary and I Wouldnt let it in…then I woke up wall I was in the middle of it fighting because I wouldn’t let it into my house

    1. today @ 4:00 p.m i saw a dream . a lion is sleeping on my bed .. i was look at him .. give him a blanket to protect from cold .. he opened eyes nd smile.. m nt frightened from him n he also… wt its indicate

  237. I had a dream about a lioness and her two cubs…they came out of nowhere we were stopped on the road and there was a house nearby…the cubs came running towards us as did the mom…then the mom turned around as if she was satisfied that her cubs would be okay…she went and layed on the bank while her cubs followed us around wanting to play…then I woke up…what does this mean?

      1. Dear Jay,
        i also had a similar dream, where in I saw myself in a compound of soneones house and I was actually playing and cuddling with Cubs and their father ( Male Lion) also came after sometime having a harmless body language, stating that his kids are safe.
        even during all this short span of dream, I was also calm n normal. The dream timing was early morning. Please help me what does it signifies.
        thanks in advance.

  238. Ok, so this dream was pretty confusing to me… I could use some help on it, so here’s what happened:
    I was at a zoo (I’m pretty sure) and I was with someone, and while we were walking a lioness was there. I was frightened by it, so I ran, but it caught me, and it felt like I was dying, until I woke up. Other websites have said it means something like self-destruction or something. So I would appreciate it if you guys helped me with this! Thanks!

    1. Your dream concerns me, It might mean
      the person you are with can hurt you!
      Be careful who your company is!
      Hope this helps. God Bless!

  239. before 6/8 months i saw lioness in my dream. She was at my right side on safe long distance say 2to 300 mtrs. She was standing and looking towrds me. i was not at all frightened just very firm , stable and quitely observing her. But i remember at that moment i was unble to understand that it was a lioness. When i got up i could understand that it was a lioness.

    There was no any specific incident in my life in those days. and after that till date i have never seen her again in my dream.

  240. I saw a lion and a lioness in a village outskirts .there were very few ppl .none seemed to be afraid because the animals looked pale and also might have not been hungry .suddenly I got attacked from behind by the lion when I decided not proceed further into their territory .and my attempt to hold on to the gate was futile because the gate was not of solid material as seen in vallages I woke up

    1. I would take that as meaning that you are seeing those around you succeed at doing something (avoiding being attacked) but know matter how hard you try, you can’t (weak gate). You might also not be feeling secure (i.e. you are constantly worried that something might happen, even though it isn’t likely).

    2. My dream us totally different from everyone. My Father died in an accident just 2 months ago. A week ago i saw him in my dream and he was telling me that he is a lioness…I’m so confused can anyon try and tell me what this means

  241. Howdy, the following description is of my dream. Are you able to discern it and provide meaning of such dream.

    My dream is of me walking outdoors near some trees and as I walked under a massive tree, with a sun and blue skies as Texas would have with green grass all around, I PERCEIVED that something was above me within the tree. It was as if I was coming from out of a meadow into a tree line, or just in a lightly wooded area with trees.

    So, as I walked about ten to twenty more feet ahead of the tree; I turned around to look up and I noticed what I PERCEIVED as a female lioness or it was a teenage cub.

    This “cub” or adult female lion had PEACE with her/him and was just looking at me with eyes that were loving. It truly had no energy of danger or trouble and I awoke soon afterwards with prayers of thanksgiving, and rejoicing, in God.

    To me, this was an amazing, peaceful, calming, positive dream and it would be nice if someone has the Gift of Prophecy from the Holy Spirit who may have a revelation for me to discern.

    Thank you

    1. You made peace with yourself and everyone around you. Your satisfied with your life. And God is please with you he watching over you and letting you know he is with you

      1. Hi Karen, I was also looking for someone that is connected with God to help me to undertand my dream. I had such a nice sleep last ninght, soo profound as I never had. I dreamt about a Lion, not so huge, but clearly he was the leader and he was beautiful. He was powerfull and as in the same time he could look very scary, he could also look amorous. We were in an outdoor camp with large grass and as I would be walking round he would go by my side. He would hug me and hive me his flufy paws and even talk to me or protect me. Than I woke up. All the dream was about fear, love, care, power… It would be nice if you could jelp me.


    2. Many times until now, i dream about lions. But they never chase me. I am just among them the last night again, similar like month before. Besides me sleep tiger in the bed. I cuddled with. This time i dreamed i has a lion as a Pet. My kitty was frightened and i try to calm both the tiger and the kitty. Strange.

    3. Your dream is so similar to mine. I to was walking and I happened to look up and saw a lioness looking down on me. She had two little baby cubs at her feet. She was so gorgeous and beautiful and she looked down on me with so much love and seemed to smile. I remember tellin someone in my dream how absolutely gorgeous she was. There was no fear in the dream at all. Just so much love and me being at awe of her beauty.

    4. I believe this dream is to always remind you of your connection to God, who is strong, but gentle. Every man has a female side, just as every female has a male side. If you ever feel like your nature may be becoming too aggressive, or that life is too brutal, call upon the memory and sensation of that dream… let the spirit lioness (God’s feminine side: The Divine Feminine) fill you with peace. That peace is of a high spiritual nature (your direct connection to the Source) and you can call upon it throughout your life. That was no ordinary “dream” – but I think you already know that!

  242. Had a lion dream, the lion was in my compound, going after an animal, then I tried to chase it, it saw me and came for me instead, I tried locking the door and calling on people in the house, my late mom that there is a lion at the door, the door was a mesh and the lions tongue could still go through an I was standing to ensure it doesn’t push the door open.the lion is FEMale.

      1. My dream is different. I had a dream that I walked into a room where my father was sitting on the floor petting a lion (my father is a Leo). He was calm just petting the lion. I was terrified and afraid the lion would attack me. Previously there was an argument between my sister and I and it had put my parents in the middle of it. What does this mean.

        1. Well for me I had a dream that I was in a group of lions or lionesses not sure but I was making lion sounds of like cuddles I think then there was a moment were I did the wrong sound and it got tense but I did the right purr and everything was chill again not sure what to make of it to be honest

        2. Last night had a dream where I found All wild Animals together in a forest or a wild place, I and my friends was there and saw all of them together and I saw mostly lions and lioness but none of then were harmful as I was walking very close to them.. I don’t know why they were calm with me

    1. I have a dream where there is this bunch of lions, about 3-4 of them, I was standing at the center table of our front porch and cant get away because this lions we’re guarding me, suddenly I was holding a pile of meat, throw it to them, so they’ll get distracted and I could escape, well…all of them went to eat the meat, but one came back and started to want to attack me, then I woke up.

          1. its almost similar to my own . first i saw huge cows and the lions the sky and they by pass me . i was afraid and nothing shoked me . the were running with top speed .i dont really get this this of mine .

      1. I was waiting by the door inside the house holding a 4by waiting for the lion to break in sothat I can fight but, I woke up before it made it to door

      2. I had a dream i was at my mothers house and thier were 1 male lion and 3 female lions. They were friendly even children were playing with them. The male put himself in a cage to get away from the children. First they were in the basement then in the dinning area. Then i gave them food outside they ate and were happy even to see me because i fed them and put them outside to eat and lay around in the back yard in the sun. Then my mother came in the house from somewhere and i woke up.

      3. The dream represnts bad relationships with people that you have been feeding . They were satisfied to stay in your sphere and dominate and control just as long as you kept feeding their egos. One wants more than control and domination. One wants to take you out. Low self esteem is the root cause of why we empower others but not ourselves. I suggest you work on liking yourself and seeing your self as worthy of being empowered rather than giving others unhealthy attention they crave beause they are taking advantage of your low self esteem. Compassionate people empower those with low self esteem. Proud and puffed up people just want to take advantage of them and dismiss their importance. Your worthy to have those that speak into your life that build you up and make you feel good about you rather than you catering to the all the wrong people from the place of wounding and low self esteem. Take control of what ever the root core of that low self esteem is that causes you to cater to people that take advantage of you.

        1. Thank you for the interpretation….yesterday night I had sdream where out sidenear to my home a female lion came closer to me…I was a bit afraid but was OK then ….now I wondered what that dream and searched on internet to read this…your interpretation is exactely what is going on on my life …I can be sure of this….I have one friend who is trying to take advantage of me and all the things you explained was also in my relationship but a week before I understood the bad side and gamed he play and I went away from him…

        2. This seems very helpful.
          I have a recurring dream of lions in my sister’s house (the house I grew up in). I’m always terrified of them and seem to get them outside or keep them outside with the doors closed. I’m always in disbelief and horror of my sister’s stupidity for having a pet lion/lions. Thoughts of, why in world would she have lions? I am very afraid for the kids and I’m always intent on getting rid of it/them.
          Only reoccurring dream I’ve ever had in my life. Probably had this dream about 5/6 times over the course of a few years.

          1. Hi there Your version is the closest to my dreams however I can not recognize who the house belongs to only that it is someone wealthy .I also felt how and stated to this older I man whom I couldn’t recognize I didn’t agree with being in the same space because it wasn’t wise for obvious reasons one also regarding children present I also had success on getting the lion behind a closed door. This person insists lion would not harm me. I’m not rememberinguch more it’s been many years I no longer have these dreams I believe they are spiritual God bless 🙏

        3. I had a dream my wife and I were in a gully we saw a lion charging toward us it passed us by inches and headed up a hilll

    2. After a fight with my boyfriend I had a scary dream about a lion. I lived in a tall apartment and as I was looking out the window I saw the lion on a nearby rooftop. He started to jump towards my apartment so I ran to a closet to hide. After he made his way to the close door where I was hiding I was so afraid I made myself believe I was dreaming and suddenly woke up.

      1. I was dreamed same , bu i did not remember why ! Lions was jumping on roof of 50 mtr tall appartment. And try to kill me

      2. I had a Dream that I was at a forest that overlapped into a beach like sandy area. Lying on the sand was a lion. Lions are my favorite animals. So I crawled up to it with my moms phone. He looked at me and I took a picture. I looked at my mom then back at the lion. He was playing on my iPad mini! He was playing a lion game I think. Then I woke up.

    3. The way my dream was is that I would dream that I am being chased by the lion but it’s not me…kind of like I’m looking through someone elses eyes at a first person view. It’s a number of times that I dreamed that it has attacked me but it was totally powerless against me, when it lunges at me I would grab it by the mouth easily over pover it and break it’s jaw in a matter of seconds. And I really was just scared of it, no adrenaline or fast heart rate or nothing, but more so be warning people about them

      1. A lion came in my dream…. he passed by me and went onto the hill. Everything was nice and green. Than a horse rider came passing by, going for the lion… And I felt sad…. I felt i was suppose to chase the lion. Instead I was there just watching as things happend.

    4. This is the same dream I had last night. I dreamed that there was a lioness at my door. I tried to shut it with my weight but she overpowered me and broke in. I noticed that when she broke inside my home, there was a pride of lions just laying outside my door. I knew the lion that was attacking me because as she was biting me in my dream I remembered I had bottle fed her when she was little. I felt betrayed.

    5. PLEASE READ! Well i had a pretty strange dream AND I’VE HAD IT TWICE. I’m 13. I have always had anger hidden inside me now too. I have been betrayed maybe a hundred times, and I’ve always hidden my smiles. Aggression and bad temper is ME! I had a dream about visiting my old childhood teachers in my old school. When I arrived at the school feeling stressed and angry. No one was inside of the school so I walked to the big backyard with green grass on. I saw something so beautiful, a Lion laying on top of the grass with pride. He was huge! Strangely I didn’t feel scared… The was a Pride of them with a brunch of lionesses behind him. I turned my head too see If I could go without them noticing. Then a lioness who was hurt and vad scars everywhere noticed me and glared at me. She didnt look to be in the lions pack. She started jumping towards me and tried to attack me, I escaped quickly then I started to RUN She has this big desire to get me and I knew she wouldnt give up. I started to see blur but I would not give up and be a victim I Ran Being angry and worried. It just continued and them I woke up I har this dream twice and the second time I was so scared!?

      1. I think that the lion who was hurt in your dream it was actually you. So you got chased by yourself who has anger and bad temper. You saw your self in a form of lion running after you because you are afraid to change and leave other people approach you in life.

        You probably got hurt many times in that school and maybe you felt that you did not belong with the other pack of lions (people) since they did not treat you fair and nice. To defend yourself you feel that you have to be aggressive and not let other people get close to you, which is normal but actually wrong. You might have got hurt in the past but you are a very strong and proud person. You should never give up in your life and you should not be afraid because you are going to be successfull , you have it inside you! Remember, never give up and don’t let others behavior to keep you aggressive in life. You are going to succeed! Stay away from people with negative energy smile , be confident and make your dreams true no matter what!

      2. Okay i had almost the same dream but i fell in a lions cage like the ones at the zoo and i saw the male lion so calm that i wasnt scared but then two females came out of no where and started to attack me i tryed to get back up but then i couldnt untill my sister pulled me up .

    6. I don’t know how to post my own comment so hopefully it’s ok to post it here. I had a dream last night, there were several lions and lionesses. Kind of scary, yet not too much. They were restless, protective of eachother for sure. I felt like I was ushering someone through them and away from them. Any ideas on meaning plz?

    7. I had a dream a bit similar to yours. I actually just woke up right now. I was walking home from school I’m assuming because I had a back pack on but as I was walking a male and female lion were walking on the opposite side coming my way. I ignored them like they were not there and when they came closer I would tell them to go away. I have a dog that always gets excited to see me when I come home and so she comes running out to approach me but the lions are watching her closely so they can attack. She is a strong dog but the lions totally scare her and make her feel like a pup all over again. I quickly intervene and tell her to go back in the house while I distract and attempt to fight the lions. I ended up waking up kinda frightened but glad it was just a dream. Next thing I know I’m on here trying to interpret it and I still don’t know what it means.

    8. I dreamt that a lion was in my house. He would get in bed with us and go after my daughter. The man that slept beside me never woke up and the child never dies. He never attacks anyone but her. But the phone keeps ringing to tell me to schedule a dr. Appointment and before i wake up there’s a lot of people in the house and one lady is telling me some one is coming to pick the lion up and i ask if they can come today

    9. I had a dream that i was in my house i guess and there was a party going on then i went to the back yard and opened the slider to smoke a cigarette i smoked like half of it then threw it and went to get in the shower when i finished i went back to the back yard to finish smoking and there was kids in the back yard smoking my cig so i went out there and got it from them then said yeah you better give me my stuff back punks then i started walking tall and posturing and these two lions came out of the corner of the yard a male and a female the male came straight for me and i tried to turn to go in and he took me by the back of the neck by his mouth and started to rape me while his female was in front of us trying to present to him

    10. i saw a lion in my dream last night. he was trying yo eat me and there is no more chance that i run for my life cause he was next to me opening his mouth i could even smell his breath and i sacrificed my life to him.. i was so afraid that makes me conscious and woke up in the middle of the night.

    11. I had almost the same dream, infact right now itself. But, in my dream I wasn’t chasing the lion… It was outside my compound and it jumped over the gate. So I called my parents to hide and we hid, but it saw us by sniffing and it growled. Just then, the dream ended

    12. i had a dream yesterday about me and my crush spending some time together then in the dream she pointed across the field (dunno were i was all i know we were on a field) then i saw three lions just staring so then i remember walking up a hill looking to my right seeing the same three but instead of being on grass one was on a rock the other was in a tree and the other was no where to be found then as the two looked at me i felt safe from the one on the tree the other i felt deppresion the third even though I couldn’t see it i felt some love then i woke up

    13. my dream was about helping a suicidal friend.. i saw 2 female lions going to the door and one getting trapped on the otherside. yet at the same time im seeing this happen im talking to my friend. they seemed to be curious, and that is how one got on that side. to be more specific these lions had two different colors. the one inside where we were was a black lion and the other one who got trapped on the outside was white.. i cant seem to come across any help for a dream that is helping a suicidal friend but i did come across the 2 lions that were randomly in the dream.

    14. Last night had a dream where I found All wild Animals together in a forest or a wild place, I and my friends was there and saw all of them together and I saw mostly lions and lioness but none of then were harmful as I was walking very close to them.. I don’t know why they were calm with me

    15. I saw group of lions, there were lots of people ,all running here n there we run n goes on stair watching downstairs lots of people running n crying, above stairs we stuck in some people house..

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