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If you see an axe or a hatchet in your dream, it is important to understand what this symbol means. An axe in a dream can often give you valuable insight about your career, relationships, and other aspects of your life.

What Does it Mean to Dream of an Axe or Hatchet?

axe dream symbol meaning

An axe is a tool frequently used for chopping wood or cutting heavy items with blunt force. In history, there have also been types of battle axes that have also been used as a weapon. A hatchet is a smaller type of axe that is typically used for splitting wood into firewood.

The use of an axe by man has been traced back all the way to the Paleolithic ages – it is one of the very first tools man has created!

To dream of an axe often symbolizes cutting or chopping something in your life. Think carefully about recent events – have you been “axed” from a relationship or career? Have you cut anything out of your life lately?

We often see an axe to symbolize that we are cutting all ties and connection with something or someone. The axe is a symbol of finality: there is no putting back together or repairing what is chopped by an axe.

It is not uncommon if you are quitting an addictive substance like alcohol or stopping problem behavior like gambling or over eating to see an axe in a dream. If this is something you have been battling a long time and you are finally ready to change, then it is possible an axe may appear in your dream. The axe is a symbol that you are truly finally cutting this behavior out of your life.

An axe can also be a symbolism of conflict in your life, whether it be personal struggles or conflict with another person, especially if the axe is used as a weapon in the dream or if the type of axe you see is a battle axe. What types of things are you fighting currently?

If in the dream someone is killed or you are killing someone with an axe, it is helpful to understand the meaning of killing in a dream.

If you are chopping wood with an axe, this can mean that you are working on some aspect in your life. Pay attention to how you feel while chopping wood or seeing wood being chopped in the dream.

If it is difficult to chop the wood in the dream, it could signify that you are not making progress as quickly as you would like. It could be a symbol for frustration in your own personal life.

If in the dream you feel peaceful or relaxed while chopping the wood or watching wood being chopped by someone else, this could be a desire to live a simpler life or go “back to basics”. It could also mean you are seeing success with something you have been working on, either in your personal life or in your career.

Some tips for interpreting your dream about an axe:

Think About the Condition of the Axe or Hatchet: Is it shiny and brand new or rusty and worn out?  A worn out axe may suggest you are tired of something in your life.

What are you doing with the axe? If you are chopping wood, it may symbolize you are putting someone or something on the “chopping block” in your life.

How do you describe the axe? Use 5 words to describe the axe or the actions you did while using the axe. Does this resemble anything or anyone in your waking life?

Did you dream about an axe? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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  1. I dreamt of walking through a house a a strange, ghostly looking woman walked by holding an ax. She turned and looked at me and tapped my arm with the ax.

  2. My dream was about a sharp axe and someone was using it to cut people. At some point I was holding to a rope , the same person had to cut the rope and I had to run away. He throw it towards me but I avoided it . That’s how I woke up and started praying

  3. The axe was blue and silver and it looked more like a tomahawk I was holding it preparing to protect myself.

  4. My dream was about an axe. There was other people in my dream too. One woman called Faye and another called Freya. They were guiding me and reminding me I had to find this axe and that it was very important. It felt that I had to find the axe for battle. There was also an American man. First when I was with him I had a small old pistol, I threw it into a small lake. Then the two women came into the dream they were telling me to find my axe. For some reason the axe seemed very powerful in my dream. I was finding the pieces in the same location in the lake, but in different areas. The water was clear. First I found the shaft which was metal but black with a grey metal lip at the top and bottom. Then the axe head, it had no engravings. It didn’t look like a fire axe or wood chopping axe. The back end of it was square and stuck out slightly, the neck curved and thinned toward the blade that widened again. The metal was all new and the blade sharp. Lastly I found the sheath that seemed to be modern and looked to be made of a grey plastic. I hadn’t put the axe together yet and at the end of my dream the American man and the woman Faye were sort of fighting with Freya, but it didn’t seem like and aggressive way or playful. It seemed more like a task or chore. Then I woke. I never remember my dreams, never. So when I woke and remembered so much detail it seemed very strange to me.

  5. In a room full of men during a tribal war counsel I was trying to join because I had in site into the enemy, I picked up a new tomahawk with a metal head with decorative etchings and a beautifully decorated handle, and I buried it in the table. No one else could take it out.

  6. I dreamt about my mother trying to take an axe from me during a fight but she seemed angrier and trying to fight too.

  7. My dream was that someone had stolen from me i then stabbed the person with a pen on the right hand side of his chest my dad came to help us my daughter was left alone in the car then it jumped to my father chopping off this guys fingers for stealing from us then the dream jumped again and I was in the car with my mother and my daughter and my mother got distracted by something in the car and we crashed down a bank backwards into a river all I can remember was screaming that my daughter can’t swim yet get her out the car first

    1. I had a dream i was kidnapped tied up they pit a thick layer of saran wrap over my eyes and was getting ready to chop into my face i screamed as they wraped the saran wrap around my eyes when they picked up the ace i gorced myself to wake up because i was scared

  8. I dreamt I was walking home and some1 had left the axe at my home as a gift , a child ran out of the house to me with it, it was new and shiny I told them to take it bk in the house I felt pleased in my dream about the gift .

  9. Walking over a field of axes and blades i picked up a decent axe and decent blade then kept walking. Knowing i was not happy in my dream.

  10. I was deceive into a restaurant by a friend and some group of guys want to cut me with axe but i wake up cutting me with it.pls help me with the meaning

  11. I had the worst dream about a axe ice tried to drive away as my ex ran after the vehicle and he smashed out my front window he didnt stopped over and over . all that I ve tried to do was covering my girls eyes and i lay over then so that they dont get hurt.

  12. I dream that I was in a car with a man and a woman and as we were driving along we met a man and the one I was with threw an axe to his chest and he fell to the ground. Then another man came and the same thing happened.

  13. A friend of mine, who I care very dearly for, was chopping wood. We were at a cabin in the woods. He then started to chop his lower arm off and stack it like cordwood. The axe was large, worn and rusty. He was happy about what he had done. But I was in full panic trying to get him into a hospital.

  14. I dreamed of 2 people with axe heads tip toeing threw my room holding hatchet.

    My thoughts: People in my life need to be cut off. Think about it. They sneaking tip toeing threw my room wit some axes finna backstab me. But they got axe heads so I needa cut them. & I wasn’t scared seeing it. I just observed it.

  15. dreamt myself with n axe, i was holding it up above me like after u achieve somthing and u celebrate by lifting the certain object..thats what i dd with my axe

  16. I was in my old village with my sisters and my old friend we were as a group we were heading somewhere then my old friend childhood was with a lot hail he gave me the axe then my sister instructed me to kiss the axe I kissed it at both side and he got the axe and went away

  17. I had the worst nightmare I’ve ever had. I and many other people were hunted down by a few men . I was murde9/butchered with a old rusty axe at least 3 times in three scenes. When I was found I knew the blow was coming. I did not feel it fortunately but the person who did it knew they killed me and I knew I died. But then I would get up and start running to try and not get caught and killed again. I was terrified but kept going until I was found and killed again

      1. In my dream a man called me over and asked me to stop by mr. Hackett and I asked who is mr. Hackett and he said I am

  18. Everyday i have a single feather hanging off my earring.
    But i dreamt that I had replaced the feather with a small hatchet type axe.
    It was gold and obviously looked like and earring but i was hopeing someone could help me explain the reason behind what it means?

  19. i saw me and my friend dancing and the axe was lying on the ground and we have to pose like that axe..please assist with interpretation

  20. My dream was about a lady who is i volved with my patner.she was hitting the patner with an axe and he s reemed called me to come an assist but with a consious that the woman id there,i rushed to addidt but with condious and when i arrive there that woman started trying to use that axe t
    Againdt the end there was a point where she was smahing classes in to sharp organs. Please assist with interpretation.

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