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  1. Dreaming is one of my favorite journeys to experience often they feel so real and mostly they give a message to what is going on in my awaken world.
    I recently I had a dream that feels tattooed in my mind that I can see it at any given moment.
    The Dream
    I was with a group of children and we were outside in the dark of an evening lit up from the colossal amount of stars in the sky, which stood out like someone turned a light upon them.
    What was the incredible WOW factor was all the constellations and zodiac signs were significantly draw out amongst the filled universe of stars and planets that looked liked stars.
    We all were litterly star struck and each one us felt that we saw something that allowed us to feel exalted and so special by this witnessing this site.

    My interpretation with this dream I felt first was,being a part of a chosen group and with all the children it seemed specially purest, more opened minded seeing NEW through the child’s eyes.
    Having experienced something in common that move us all combined with our necks we’re stretched upwards acknowledging what we were seeing as the sounds of our feelings of our elated joy of what we all were witnessing together came out like a symphony. Those unbelievable moments. A Spectacular view! One we all felt connected to! I was a part of a rare event! I felt so much gratitude inside to be in witness of this event.a truely a lasting memory……
    Thanks for listening


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