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Stars Dream Meaning

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Dreaming about stars can mean that you are on a journey of exploration and looking for guidance in some aspect of your life. Stars are rich in symbolism, so it’s important to consider the different meanings of stars, your own personal associations with stars, and of course the context in which they appear in your dream.

When we think of stars, we first think of the stars in the sky – little shining twinkling lights millions of miles away. Stars have mystified people since the very beginning of time – and so it’s not surprising that there are a lot of different meanings they can symbolize.

sky with stars milky way galaxy
Sky With Stars Milky Way Galaxy

Here’s the main dream themes we see with stars:

Your Goals and Aspirations:

For many people, stars in the sky are symbolic of your aspirations – do they seem out of reach? Do you feel like you’re looking for an impossible solution? Are you guilty of wishful thinking and not taking action instead?

What are you currently doing in your life? Is it where you want to be right now? Is there something you are hoping for or longing for?

If you are currently setting goals and thinking about where you want to be in life, it’s important that you make sure that you aren’t looking for “magical” solutions. Often times the stars in our dream remind us that we need to stay grounded in reality and think about the actionable steps we need to take.

Feelings of Connection and Belonging:

Stars can also mean that you are looking for some kind of connection. When I think of stars, I immediately think of the song, Somewhere Out There, from the 1986 animated classic movie An American Tail. In that movie, the main character is separated from his family and the line of the song goes, “It helps to think we might be wishin’ on the same bright star.”

We look for connection in many ways in our lives – whether it’s trying to figure out what your dream means and how it connects to your waking life, or even how we connect to other people around us. Sometimes you might dream of stars when you feel like you aren’t getting through to someone – they are ignoring your message, or they are not quite understanding what you are saying or what you are trying to do.

If you have crazy big dreams and plans for something great in your life, and others aren’t quite accepting or understanding of your plans, a lot of times you will have dreams of stars to remind you that sometimes there is a greater plan for all of us than any of us could ever understand.

The Need for a Spiritual Solution

Dreams about stars can also mean you are looking for a spiritual connection and in order for you to make a difference in your life you need to ask for help from a higher power.

Some things in our life, particularly painful and difficult circumstances such as illness, accidents, addiction and other problems are too difficult for us to overcome on our own or even with another person’s help. We need to ask God (our higher power) to help us – and there’s no other way to get past that.

If you feel spiritually disconnected, there are many things you can do to help with that – whether it’s through meditation, prayer, or even writing in a journal about how you feel. Opening your spiritual connection to God doesn’t mean going to church or reading the Bible (though you certainly may do those things if you wish!) – often times, it is through simply allowing yourself to feel your emotions, and asking for God’s help and allowing for it.

A lot of people don’t like to hear “you need god” when they have a dream interepreted, but a lot of times our dreams do indicate that – a spiritual disconnection or a problem too great for any of us to solve as humans. Sometimes God doesn’t “fix” our problems – but God will help you find peace even through the most difficult of times.

You Feel Judged

Five stars rating
Five Stars Rating

While most symbolism for stars goes back to ancient times, we see stars a lot in our everyday regular modern lives too. Have you ever “gotten a gold star” for some sort of achievement, such as a homework assignment or doing all of your tasks?

Maybe you’ve recently ordered something online and either read the reviews or left a review for something – did you rate it with stars?

Whether you dream of stars drawn out like a picture or stars in the sky – stars are stars and so sometimes we’ll see stars because we feel like we are being judged for our actions by others, or that we might even have a guilty conscious – are we doing what we should be? Are there things we are neglecting?

How to Interpret Your Dream About Stars:

Under the stars
Under The Stars

When you dream about stars, the first thing to do is ask yourself some questions about the dream – Pay attention to the details! Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Who was in the dream? How do I relate to these people? Is there something currently happening in my life or in the past that involved these people? If not, who or what could these people represent?
  • How did you feel in the dream? Did you feel peaceful and calm or anxious and worried?
  • What colors were in the dream?
  • What other symbols appeared in the dream?
  • What are my own personal associations with stars? What do I first think of when I think of the word stars?

Doing this will help you get on the right path to understanding what the dream means specifically for you. Dreams are highly personal in nature – which means while I can tell you exactly what stars symbolize, only you are going to know what is exactly true for you.

Did you have a dream about stars? Tell us all about your dream and what you think it means for you in the comments below! While I can’t reply to them all or offer individual interpretations, I do read each and every one of your dreams and it’s hugely helpful for others who visit our site as well!

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One Comment

  1. Dreaming is one of my favorite journeys to experience often they feel so real and mostly they give a message to what is going on in my awaken world.
    I recently I had a dream that feels tattooed in my mind that I can see it at any given moment.
    The Dream
    I was with a group of children and we were outside in the dark of an evening lit up from the colossal amount of stars in the sky, which stood out like someone turned a light upon them.
    What was the incredible WOW factor was all the constellations and zodiac signs were significantly draw out amongst the filled universe of stars and planets that looked liked stars.
    We all were litterly star struck and each one us felt that we saw something that allowed us to feel exalted and so special by this witnessing this site.

    My interpretation with this dream I felt first was,being a part of a chosen group and with all the children it seemed specially purest, more opened minded seeing NEW through the child’s eyes.
    Having experienced something in common that move us all combined with our necks we’re stretched upwards acknowledging what we were seeing as the sounds of our feelings of our elated joy of what we all were witnessing together came out like a symphony. Those unbelievable moments. A Spectacular view! One we all felt connected to! I was a part of a rare event! I felt so much gratitude inside to be in witness of this event.a truely a lasting memory……
    Thanks for listening

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