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Library Dream Symbol & Sign Meaning

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Wondering what it means to dream of a library or what a library might symbolize? The type of library, as well as features of the library, will all help you understand the meaning of the dream.

Common Library Dream Meanings:

There are many things a library can mean, whether you dream of being in a library or seem to notice a lot of current things in your life seem to surround a theme of being in or near a library.

A library is a collection of books and can be a public community library or a private library in someone’s home.

Here are some of the common symbol meanings and things we associate with libraries:

what it means to dream of a library symbol

Wisdom: A library is a great source of knowledge and research, and can often be seen as a symbol of wisdom in our dreams.

Hidden Knowledge: A library can be a sign of hidden knowledge and wisdom. You may need to do some research! It could also mean that things are not as they first appear, and you need to dig deeper.

Search for Knowledge and Ideas: To be looking for a book in the library symbolizes your search for knowledge and ideas. It could represent the need to find a solution for a situation in your life, or your quest to find the meaning in your life.

Tapping Into Your Intuition: A library is often viewed as a symbol to dig deeper into your own inner wisdom and intuition. If you dream about a library, it may mean that you are beginning to explore your intuitive gifts.

Looking Into History: A library can be a symbol for historical information and record keeping. There may be clues about past lives, or it could mean there is something in your current life that is surfacing because of the past.

Private Library: A private library denotes your subconscious wisdom. It can also represent your own private thoughts. It may mean there are things you are not quite ready to share with others.

Questions to Ask to Help You Interpret a Dream About a Library

Sometimes, when you are trying to understand what a sign in your life or dreams may mean, it can be helpful to pay attention to the details! Here are some questions to ask yourself that may help provide more insight into what the library may mean in your own current life.

What words do you use to describe the library?

Think of 5 words that describe the library. Is there a situation in your life that can be also described by these same words?

What are the characteristics of the library?

If the library is old, it may represent past learning experiences – if it is new and modern it may represent your quest for knowledge.

Think about the different features of the library – are the shelves low or high? The height of the shelving may have something to do with your ambition.

Is the library well lit or dark? The lighting may represent your enlightenment about a situation in your life.

Is this a library you have visited before?

If you are dreaming of a library you have visited before, what associations do you have with that place in your waking life?

If it is not one you have visited before, does it remind you of any other places you have seen or been to?

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Do you have any other possible dream interpretation meanings for library? Do you have any dreams where you were in a library that you might like to share?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. I dreamt I was looking at beautifully leather bounded books on a shelf in a library. I glanced to the end of the aisle I was and Elvis rounded the corner and looked at books at the end of my toe. He didn’t seem to pay any attention to me, but he handsome and actually beautiful as always.

    1. In this dream, the leather-bound books represent a longing for stability, security, and structure in your life. The library symbolizes a need for knowledge and understanding, while the aisle represents a journey of self-discovery. Elvis, with his timeless beauty, is a reminder to stay true to yourself no matter the circumstances. He is also a sign that you are on the right path in your journey and that you can trust your intuition.

  2. Ive just had a strange dream. I got a new job at an old library at night. I had my own bed in one of the rooms. I had to look for some keys in another part downstairs but it was haunted and there were handprints on the walls. I was so scared to venture around on my own. Id already noticed baby birds nesting up in the ceiling. Newspapers had been knocked off a table. Outside there were old factorys around the library. There was a guy in bed with me before i had to look for the keys but it seemed briefly intimate?! What on earth does any of this mean?

  3. My dreams are lucid. A friend had inherited a 3 story house. On the 2nd floor was a huge library complete with sliding ladder. The books were old some even ancient , mainly reference books and atlases. There were also many collectables in glass display cases. There was a stairway going to the third floor. A little girl in a white gown with black hair and black eyes carrying a glass guitar case with one hand was coming down the stairs. She said in an English accent” You wouldn’t want to forget this.” And sat it down. She headed toward the door and disappeared. the case was too heavy for me to lift with both hands. It had no way to open the case. Inside the case was a guitar made entirely out of green glass. It was broken. But you could tell it had arms and legs and a tail like s monkey grinder. on it’s head that was broken off was a red hat. It looked like when it was whole it could play it’s self. The glass case it was in was clear and each seam was sealed with brass and lead.

    1. Hi Kevin! Sounds like a very vivid dream experience!

      Our post on guitar dream meaning may have some additional insight, as well as our interpretation for houses in dreams.

      You are always the best interpreter of your dreams, but if it were my dream, I might ask if the broken guitar being sealed is related to anything I may not be sure how to express or communicate with someone in my life. With the color green present, I would also explore whether this could potentially be related to finances or health, since green is a color for vibrancy and the heart chakra.

      I appreciate you sharing your dream with us!

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