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Gambling Dream Interpretation and Meaning

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To dream you are gambling can symbolize a number of different things. Understanding what it means to gamble as a dream symbol can help you better understand what might be happening in your life.

Common Dream Symbol Meanings for Gambling

gambling in dream meaning

There are a lot of things we associate with the act of gambling and taking chances. Here are some of the common dream meanings and themes.

Taking Risks

Have you been taking a lot of risks lately? Or none at all? If you have been taking a lot of risks lately, it may be your subconscious’s way of telling you that you are taking too many risks and need to slow down or find security. If you never take any risks, it may mean you need to give life a “chance” and live a little.


Gambling in a dream can also be a symbol of being irresponsible. Think carefully about recent events in your life – have you acted irresponsibly lately about a situation? Have you been dodging responsibility somewhere in your life?

Are you thinking about changing jobs or are you thinking about adding to your family and trying to get pregnant? Sometimes gambling in a dream can show that you are unsure of a decision that could cause additional responsibility or there are new responsibilities coming into the picture.

Making Predictions:

Have you been trying to make predictions about the outcome of something? Are you wondering what will happen next in your life? Dreaming about gambling may mean that you are trying to predict what happens next, even though it may be out of your control.


Did you recently do something that involved lying or cheating and you are worried that you will be discovered? Or, if you dream about someone else gambling, is it possible that person could be lying or cheating?


Gambling can be a sign of your own insecurity about something in your life. Is there something you are uncertain about the outcome of? Sometimes it can be difficult to deal with feelings of insecurity, and so this naturally manifests itself into our dreams.

Chasing Unlikely Opportunities

Are you one who spends way too much energy and time trying to improve your circumstances with things that are not likely to work? If you’ve fallen for one too many “get rich quick” schemes or are taking shortcuts to try to get rich you may wasting your valuable time and energy by chasing opportunities that are very risky and unlikely to work out.

Problem Gambling:

If you frequently gamble and dream about gambling, it may be a sign that you have a problem with gambling and may need to seek help to quit.

Tips to Help You Interpret Your Dream About Gambling:

Think About Recent Events: Were there any situations where you were irresponsible, told a small white lie, or felt insecure over the past few days? Are you anxious to find out the outcome of a problem you are facing or a situation you are in?

Consider Context of the Dream: Think about the setting of the dream. Where did the dream take place? Are you gambling in a casino or around a kitchen table playing poker? The setting of the dream will likely provide additional clues as to what gambling in your dream means.

Since gambling is frequently associated with money, you may also wish to look up the meaning of money in your dreams, especially if money or coins were present in this dream.

Do you have any other possible dream interpretations for gambling or a dream about gambling you’d like to share? Comments are always welcome below!

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  1. I dreamt of people gambling and making bets and I kept telling them they would lose their money. And I was disappointed in them for betting their money. What does it mean?

  2. I dream of playing tong it’s in dreams
    Then suddenly the armory car was park then the uniform people came out from that armory car drop by in the house so then the they asking a name of person they want to arrest by then. And so many people was there at my house talking civilians.

  3. I dreamt that my husband started gambling and owing money to a bookie. It got so bad we lost our house, had to move to a small apartment. When I tried to make a deal with the bookie to pay him off if he would stop giving him money all he wanted was where my husband could see us. I of course said NO! The bookie was constantly following me and harassing me to scare us.

  4. My boyfriend had a dream that I was betting with my friends to make him be in a relationship with me. What does this mean for him and for him?

  5. I dream all the time/I play big 2 hands @ $100 a hand.Spanish 21.It is at a casino I don’t know.This is what bothers me in my dream.I have a suited match.But there is no match play put in play in my dream.I have these dreams when I put together a 3-4 + months not gambling.What does it mean?Does it just mean I want to go gamble a couple thousand?Why in my dream do I get a suited match but I didn’t match.Which I do all the time!!Strange to me/A’m I alone?

    1. Me again/I’m a compulsive gambler and see a Dr. Twice a month for it.I just wonder about my dream I explained.

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