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Quilt Dream Meaning

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A quilt symbolizes the connection between our past memories and the present moment. Quilts in dreams often represent warmth, family, creativity, and being able to overcome challenges.

quilt dream meaning

What it Means to Dream About a Quilt

There are many themes we see in dreams about quilts. Here are some things that quilts symbolize.

Connection and Family

Dreaming about a quilt can mean that you are looking to connect with other people in your life. Just as quilters connect pieces of fabric together, you too may be seeking to form closer relationships and friendships.

folded patchwork shawl from various silk strips

A quilt can also represent family history. Quilts are typically passed on from generation to generation, and in this way quilts are symbols of keeping the past alive and bringing new life into the world.

Dreams about our family members are common, and so often times when a quilt shows in a dream it can help us better understand our relationship with a family member. It can give us some wisdom on things we can do to better strengthen our family bonds.

Warmth, Safety, and Security

Sleeping dog on a quilt

We often think of quilts as warm blankets that we can snuggle up under in chilly weather. If we are lucky, we may even have a quilt that was lovingly made by someone who cares for us.

To dream of being wrapped up under a quilt can show your sense of security, or need for security in the world. You may be longing to go back to old familiar territory or looking for ways to protect yourself from a situation.

Creativity and Resourcefulness

Quilting Sewing

Quilting is a popular hobby and it can be a great creative outlet for many people to explore. There are so many patterns and beautiful fabrics to work with.

Patchwork quilting dates all the way back to early Egyptian times, but it really gained popularity in Colonial times. Fabric was hard to come by, and so many people simply patched up their clothing and blankets.

For this reason, quilting is often considered to be a symbol of resourcefulness. It is about doing the best you can with what you have. Sometimes, not having everything you need can help you find ways to be more creative to achieve a result.

Now that we understand the main central themes to the symbolism of quilts, let’s look at some common dream examples.

A hand pets a small dog lying face-up on a quilt.

Dreams About Quilts and What They Mean

To be sleeping under a quilt in a dream means that you are in a secure and cozy situation. If the quilt is made by someone you love or admire, then this can symbolize a connection with that person.

Dreaming about a quilt wrapped around someone means that you need to pay attention to whether you are showing the people in your life that you care about them. Someone you love may be going through a hard time, and you may be thinking about the best way to support them right now.

When a dream about a quilt takes place outside during the winter, it represents a need to feel safe and secure. You may be trying to work through some icy emotions.

Making a bed with a quilt on it can mean that you are taking care of someone or something in your life. You may be caring for a family member, or you may be making amends with your past.

SHAPES! Blue and White Chevron Pattern!

A quilt with a specific pattern can mean that there are patterns in your life you need to be aware of. It can be an invitation from the universe to work on developing your intuition. It can also remind you to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them.

Making a quilt in a dream means that you need to find a safe way to express yourself. You are looking to share your feelings without fear of being judged. It can also mean that you need to be resourceful in life; you need to look for a creative solution for whatever challenges come your way.

Hanging a quilt on the wall means that you are creating order out of chaos in some area of your life. You are taking control and starting fresh. It can also mean that you are seeking recognition for your talents, but not in an egotistical way. You simply want to know that your hard work is appreciated.

Seeing an old quilt in your dream represents the feelings of comfort and security that you had when you were younger. It can also mean that you need to slow down, take a breath, and enjoy life more often.

Grandmother’s Flower Garden pattern on handmade quilt hanging over banister

A quilt on the ground represents a neglected aspect of your life that you need to work on. You may feel like you have been ignoring your family members or you have been trying to avoid responsibilities.

Throwing away a quilt in your dreams means that you are trying to erase the past. You are looking for ways to move on and start fresh. See the meaning of trash in dreams.

Ripping or tearing a quilt means that there is something in your life that you are trying to cut ties with. You may be trying to escape from something in your life, or you might be closing the door on an old relationship.

A dirty or stained quilt means that you do not appreciate what others are doing for you. You may be feeling guilty about something you did and it’s time to “come clean” and make things right.

To see a quilt on a clothesline in your dream means that you need to clear the air with a family member. You may have had an argument and there are some hard feelings you need to talk about with them.

Senior man having a picnic

To dream about buying a quilt means you are looking to make your life more stable and secure. You may be weighing your options in making a decision. The quilt can represent it may be better to go with the safe route instead of making big risks. See shopping in dreams.

How to Interpret Your Dreams About a Quilt

If you have a dream about a quilt or quilting, it’s important to think about your own personal associations with quilts. Did you have a favorite quilt as a child? Do you enjoy hobbies like sewing?

You may also want to consider the colors that are in the quilt you dreamed about. You can learn about the meaning of colors in dreams here.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I long for from the past?
  • What am I currently missing in my life?
  • Who or what am I trying to preserve and protect?
  • Do I feel safe and secure in life?
  • How can I show more creativity in my life?
  • Is there a relationship, project, or situation that needs more attention from me?

Once you have analyzed your dream about quilts, you should be able to get a better insight into what is troubling you in life and come up with a solution to make positive changes.

Did you have a dream about a quilt? What do you think it means? Share your quilting dreams below!

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