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Mirror Dream Meaning

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Dreams of mirrors are often metaphors for the truth. When you dream about a mirror, it is important for you to look closely at your life and ask whether or not things are truly as they appear.

Mirror dreams can also symbolize a need for self-reflection and introspection. They can show you how you currently view yourself and others.

Dreaming About Mirrors

Mirrors as Symbols for Illusions and The Need for Truth and Honesty

A mirror can appear in your dreams as a symbol that things are not as they seem. This is especially true if you look into a mirror and your dream and you do not see the reflection you would expect.

In this sense, a mirror can point out something in your life that does not add up. It can signify that someone is lying to you or you may even be lying to yourself.

Do you feel that things are not as they should be? If so, this may be a sign that you need to look deeper into the situation and find the truth.

Think about what is currently happening in your life. Do you feel as if someone may be trying to deceive you? Do you feel as if you are deceiving someone else?

A Need for Self Reflection and Introspection

Reflect of mirror

Mirrors can also indicate the need for self-reflection. A dream about looking in the mirror reminds you to take a closer look at your own behavior and actions.

Introspection means looking within and examining your feelings and motivations. If you dream of looking at yourself in a mirror, it may be time to do exactly this.

There are many times in our lives where self-reflection and introspection can be beneficial. By looking at what we may have done in the past, we can learn to not repeat the same mistakes in the future.

The answers you need in life often come from within. By reflecting on who you are and why you do things, you are better equipped to make decisions and take positive actions in your life.

Dreams of Mirrors as Indicators of the Past, Present, and Future

Ranunculus flower on a vintage mirror with magical streaming light

Mirrors can shed some insight on our feelings about past events, what is currently happening and what may happen in the future.

While none of us can predict the future, a mirror in your dreams may appear as a sign that you need to think about how your current actions may impact the future.

Mirrors in our dreams appear to remind us that what we do today will influence everything that happens from this point forward. For example, if you take care to eat healthily and exercise, it will likely prevent issues from happening later down the road.

Examples of Mirror Dreams and What They Mean

Round mirror in a gold frame psd

Now that we understand the main themes that appear in dreams about mirrors, let’s look at some specific concrete examples of mirror dream interpretations.

To look into a mirror and appear older can mean that you are worried about the future. You may feel as if time is slipping by too fast.

To look into a mirror and appear younger can mean that you may feel as if time is on your side and that things will take care of themselves.

To be looking at your clothes in a mirror means that you are concerned about how others may perceive you or that you are in a situation where your appearance may be important. See meaning of clothes in a dream.

To be applying makeup in a dream in a mirror can mean that you are worried about what others may think of you.

To be wearing jewelry in a mirror in a dream can mean that you are looking to impress others or are trying to influence someone. See dream meaning of jewelry.

To fix your hair in the mirror can mean that you are trying to smooth things over or that you need to do your best in a situation. See dream meaning of hair.

Woman in green dress looks at herselfes in the mirror at home
Woman In Green Dress Looks At Herselfes In The Mirror At Home

If you dream of seeing yourself in a mirror, but your reflection does not look like you at all, it indicates that you are trying to avoid looking directly at an issue or problem in your life. It is possible you are not being honest with yourself or you feel as if someone is lying to you.

If you dream that you look in a mirror and see nothing, it means you may feel lost in some way or be questioning who you really are.

To see a funhouse mirror or a mirror where your image is distorted can mean that how you see things may not be an accurate reflection of how things really are.

Breaking a mirror in a dream can mean that you are not prepared to deal with the truth or that there is some part of yourself or your past that you wish you could change. You may not wish to face the truth about a situation.

old vintage mirror with scratches and dust.

A scratched or dirty mirror can mean that you are not seeing the truth of a situation. Your perception of what is happening in your life may be distorted. There may be some aspect of your life that you are neglecting.

If you see a broken mirror in a dream, it often means that something has been shattered or destroyed. This could be your sense of identity or beliefs about yourself. A broken mirror can represent self-doubt, illusions of failure, or shattered confidence.

To see an enchanted mirror in your dream means that you are hoping for a magical solution for your problems, but you need to face the reality of what is really going on.

Mirrors can also come in many forms and shapes and sizes. Here are some meanings for the different types of mirrors you may encounter in a dream:

Compact powder on white marble, copy space

A compact mirror for makeup can mean that you are trying to look better on the outside to hide something that is happening on the inside.

A bathroom vanity mirror in your dream symbolizes the need for truth and purity in a situation.

An antique mirror in an ornate frame indicates that something is bothering you from the past.

A square or rectangular-shaped mirror can mean that you need to look at a situation in your life from all angles.

A round mirror can mean that you are repeating a cycle of behavior in your life.

Reflection in the car mirror

Seeing a rearview mirror in a car can mean that you are looking back on the past or that you need to be more aware of what is happening around you so that you are not blindsided.

If you dream of looking at your reflection in the water, it often indicates that you need to explore your emotions in more depth. See water dream meaning.

To see your reflection in glass, such as a window or vase, can mean that you are seeking transparency in a situation. See the dream meaning of glass.

How to Interpret Dreams of Mirrors

In order to fully interpret your dream about a mirror, it’s very important that you think about your personal associations with mirrors and what is currently happening in your life.

Consider these details of the dream:

  • How did I feel when I woke up from the dream?
  • Who was in the dream?
  • What colors were present in the dream?
  • What other symbols appeared in the dream?

It can be very beneficial to journal after dreaming about a mirror. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself in your journal:

  • Has something happened in my life where appearances may not be as they seem?
  • Is there anything happening in my life where I feel like I am being deceived?
  • How do I view myself? How do I think others view myself?
  • Are my thoughts and actions reflecting my authentic self?
  • If I look within for the answers, what do I learn?

I hope this dream interpretation for mirrors is helpful for you and of course if you had a dream about a mirror, I would love to hear about your dream in the comments section below!

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