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Galaxy Dream Symbol Meaning

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Dreaming about the galaxy can have many different possible dream meanings and interpretations.

Here are some common meanings of what it means to dream of the galaxy:

Seeing the Bigger Picture in Life: To dream of the galaxy symbolizes that you are seeing the bigger picture in life. You can view things objectively, and see all sides of a situation in your life.

Open Mindedness: Dreaming of the galaxy can also mean you are open minded. Is there a situation in your life you recently experienced where you needed to be open minded?

Free From Limitations: Another common dream symbol meaning is that it can mean you are free from limitations. Think about the current events in your life, is there anything you have total freedom over?

Creativity: The galaxy can also be a symbol for creativity and artistic expression. Have you been expressing yourself creatively or felt the need to be creative lately?

Spirituality and Expanding Consciousness: Your dream about the galaxy may also be a longing to connect with your cosmic origins or to expand your spirituality. You may be ready to begin exploring ways to develop your conscious awareness in life.

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Have you had a dream involving the galaxy or have any other possible dream meanings for this dream symbol? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. My dream was I was floating in space then I noticed a god came out of know where and he pointed to another galaxy now the feeling was like am I suppose to go there as it felt like my old galaxy well the world we live on was being left behind so I went there and what I noticed was 6 planets circling the sun he then said to me look so I stayed focus on what he was doing he then took the flame away from the sun then more less showed me that there is nothing to be scared of as he was bouncing around the hot surface of the sun what then baffled me was 5others showed up and the feeling I got was half human half something else we all were sitting on each of the six planets forming around the sun but for some reason I was still in the same spot like I wasn’t moving but I was very slowly. So to me my journey is to stay on track and catch up to those that left me behind and not to fall of my path.

  2. I had a dream that I was in this room filled with opened shackles and when I tried to walk out of the opened door i seen the galexy.

  3. I had a dream in which I travelled 3-4 years back ,in the body of my younger self and I have every memories of my future too. I told the entire story to my mom in the dream and told everyone whom I know about what will be going to happen in future,warned people who are going to die, and started working toward my future in the way I want in order to not to have same regrets I have in my present life. After that I saw two galaxies merging together in beautiful way with horrifying sound outside my house and I was the only one who was able to see two merging galaxies and suddenly the rainbow colour light which was coming from those merging galaxies falls on me and I was awoken in my present life.
    Will anyone help me to interpret what is the meaning of this dream…it was too real for me..like I travelled to parallel universe and come bake to my present life…PLEASE HELP ME.

    1. i have same dreams but somtimes they arent just dreams. its more like my present self is syncing with the future. i hope we could talk more because everyone thinks i am crazy

  4. I had a dream about a galaxy
    My fiancé took me outside handed me a card
    Some sort of mantra / song
    I looked up to the sky it was the most beautiful galaxy I ever seen
    The sky was filled with different colors
    Glowing sparkly red lights maybe red stars? It was beautiful then I remember telling My brother to come outside and see for himself
    The stars were still outside but not as dark
    It was day time *

  5. My dream started with me being underwater with my family members , I was able to breath inside water i could see fishes and other sea animals roaming around me in clear blue waters, suddenly I manage to get scope from my brother I started looking at skies with it I saw one planet , and then I saw galaxy looking at which I got very excited and was very happy about it

  6. I opened the curtains and it was raining but the sky was clear and I saw the entire Milky Way galaxy, I was confused and had a strong urge to go outside and walk around but I didn’t, then I saw a pit bull and cat sleeping next to me.

  7. lmao i had a dream where i looked up to the sky, saw clouds, took my phone, zoomed in and saw a galaxy or a couple of galaxies it was so funny when i woke up, that my phone could do that

  8. I just had a dream with the Milky Way. It was cloudy, but then i knew I just needed to wait a bit for the sky to get clear. And in matter of moments, I saw the clouds clearing out and there it was a beautiful view of the entire galaxy Milky Way. I felt it was a positive dream, I was excited and astonished to see the galaxy at naked eye.

  9. I had dreamt of The Andromeda galaxy collide with the Milky Way Galaxy, which isn’t supposed to happen until a few billion years. I was in my house looking out the window, seeing a galaxy, most likely the Andromeda galaxy. Colliding with the Milky Way. Everything on the earth was rumbling but I just stood there.

    1. Why everyone see only andromeda galaxy?
      Last night i saw andromeda galaxy and then i was on a planet in saggitarius constellation with floating alien..

  10. I didn’t dream of the Milky Way, but it was definetly a group of stars that might not even exist in this reality. What would a row of ten white stars mean?

  11. so DT WS a dream WHR I WS sittin on ma bed..
    n seeing two beautiful galaxies merging together…
    creating a vast clouds of clusters… in vary gold blue red base colours…
    relate it…

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