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Garbage Symbol and Dream Meaning

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Most people do not like garbage – in waking life or while dreaming! It’s usually stinky and smelly and full of rotten things!

So, it should not be surprising to you then to see garbage in your dream symbolizes something that is equally repulsive and needs to be disposed of.

In dreams, our “garbage” is often tied deeply to emotions and feelings, such as old past feelings for someone who has no interest in us, or feelings of being worthless.

The good news is, our dreams are here to help us understand what we are thinking and feeling! When we are able to acknowledge our true thoughts and feelings, we are then able to make the changes necessary to improve our situation.

If you are dreaming of giant bags of trash, do not despair! This is a sign that you are ready to start making positive changes in your life!

Here are some Common Dream Meanings for Garbage and Trash:

Feeling worthless: Garbage is most commonly seen as something which has no value. Are you feeling undervalued at work or in your relationships? Do you feel as if you are being treated badly?

Emotional Baggage: Do you feel like you or someone you know might have a lot of emotional baggage they are carrying around? Many people harbor emotions and energy from past events for a long time, even when these emotions are not worth holding onto! Think about the context of the dream – was this your own trash or the trash of someone else?

Being Repulsed: Pay attention to the feelings you experienced while you were having the dream. Did you feel disgusted or repulsed? There may be something going on in your everyday daily life that is bothering you, and you are not willing or ready to look at it yet.

Littering: Litter is a common problem where people discard their trash in public spaces such as on sidewalks, on the sides of roads, or even in the grass. Litter in a dream can mean that someone is not taking care of their responsibilities.

To help you apply the garbage in your dream to improving your waking life, here are some questions to ask:

What type of garbage did you see? There are all types of garbage, from piles of old junk to bags of kitchen trash. Then you have dumpsters and landfills. Identifying the type and characteristics of what you see will help you know a little more about the dream.

For example, to dream of a trash bag might suggest you are trying to conceal your garbage or are carrying a lot of emotions and thoughts around. A landfill might suggest you are overwhelmed by a negative situation that is happening in your life.

Describe the garbage. Think of 5 words to describe the garbage. What emotions do you feel? Is there anything in your waking life that can be described the same way?

Think About What You Need to Get Rid of in Your Life: Do you carry emotional baggage? Do you have anything in your life that seems disposable or you need to get rid of?

Do you have any dream experiences about garbage and trash? What does this symbol mean to you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I dreamt i was staring at a garbage container, and i noticed a baby’s arm, and the fingers were moving, i then shouted, and got the baby out of the container, and suddenly the baby was clean and in my arms wrapped in a blanket, my passed on mom was next to me, sins i was noticing the baby, which i at first thought was dead. No idea what this could mean.

  2. Wanted to drop a baby and the baby said no that she will go with me and i told the baby i wont stay long and she said no so i went with her to where i was going to

  3. I dreamt I took off my dress and swam into a large body of water and immediately bumped into trash. I started grabbing all the trash I could find and tossing it onto land.

  4. I dreamt that people were trying to take my garbage bins and I was trying to stop them.
    I didn’t like that they were trying to take them bc we need them. The garage bins seemed really important to me.

  5. I dreamt that someone gave me a basket filled with garbage. At first I delayed carrying the basket but I later did. I felt good at the moment. Please what’s the meaning?

    1. Are you feeling put upon, or do you have the need to feel appreciated more. Are you attending to other people’s problems a lot ❓ ?

  6. I dremt I was trying to get home but something happened to the shortcut I used to take, it was filled with garbage, especially some dead pigs heads on which I had to step to move forward.

  7. I dreamt that the bin men came to our estate (not where we actually live) and took everyone’s bins and recycling containers and replaced them with bigger bulkier ones. It was very odd as the bin men were aliens ?

  8. Two nights ago I dreamt of picking up a new crisp one dollar bill from amonst pieces of broken concrete, rebar, and wood. Like construction debris. And this is not normal for me. I never have had a dream like this before.

  9. I dreamt there was a lot of garbage scattered around a church I use to attend. I didn’t like the way it looked so I started picking it up and putting it into a garbage bag

  10. I saw a lot of rotten kitchen garbage along with period pads stocked up that too in my bathroom. Although no one does that at my home. I was so disgusting by seeing all of that, still I was trying to clean up.

  11. I dreamed of the time my ex husband left me. He had been having affairs and one I suspected with a person I still have as a friend. This friend took me to a roof top restaurant above a garbage place that smelled terrible.

  12. Hi could someone tell me what the meaning of dreaming my perfume in a bag with something else I can’t remember what the other thing were but the bag were in a hole and it were dirty and the perfume i saw in my dream is the same perfume I’m using right now can someone help me with this dream I’m confuse

  13. I dreamt that someone came to me and asked for my garbage plastic bucket to help me throw it away. I was hesitant and he said he only wanted to do me a favour. I gave it to him, he emptied it into his truck and returned my bucket. I thanked him and apologized to him for not recognizing him.
    What does the dream mean?

  14. It feels there might be several issues I felt my job, I’m wasting time there no advancement, my personal life I’ve gone through a separation from my wife, I feel that I need to talk to her but not for love relationship, to get my car back from her.

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