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Mind Mapping to Interpret Your Dreams

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Creating a mind map of your dream can be a great way to interpret its meaning. In this post we’ll explain what a mind map is, and how you can use it to better understand the meaning of your dreams.

What is a Mind Map?

A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a central keyword or idea.

In dream interpretation, we can use this creative exercise to create a diagram that displays words and ideas about the dream and the dream symbols.

Here is an example of what a mindmap in dream interpretation might look like:

Your own dream interpretation diagram can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.

You can use software, or you can draw it on a piece of paper. It can be done with one pen, or you can make it very colorful. Mind maps can be a great creative outlet for interpreting your dreams!

3 Mind Map Examples for Interpreting Dreams

Here are a few examples of dream interpretation mind maps to help you understand how they are used and how they can help you understand the meaning of your dreams.

Example 1: Simple Basic Mind Map

This example below shows how you can write down the symbols in the dream, and then write about descriptive words, feelings and emotions that have personal meaning to you in the dream.

It is a very simple and basic way to interpret the meaning of a dream, as well as understand what different dream symbols mean to you.

Example 2: Sunburst Shaped Mind Map

In this example, the dreamer had a dream about a small alligator on a playground. She ran away. On her way to safety (a nearby auditorium), she encountered a much larger alligator.

This example shows some of the thoughts, feelings, actions, and descriptive words that came to mind when describing the dream. Note that it makes a “sunburst” pattern, and doesn’t follow the traditional layout you might expect.

In this instance, the dreamer is able to see some common themes that related to her everyday life – spending too much time in a stressful work environment where everything is bothering her – not enough playfulness and creative expression.

Understanding this dream helped her see that finding a way to reduce stress at work and make more time for the activities she enjoyed would help her find a better balance in her current life.

Example 3: Free Association Dream Interpretation Using a Mind Map

In this example above, I had a dream of walking along a sidewalk with rainbow colored bricks. I had a dream that I was shopping at a store that was empty and abandoned and only sold child-sized clothes.

In the dream I was disappointed they didn’t have clothes that would fit me. By freely associating what the different symbols in the dream helped me realize I was feeling like I was outgrowing my current job at the time and was ready to move onto bigger and better things.

5. Tips for Making a Mind Map to Interpret Your Dreams

Making a mind map to interpret your dreams doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some tips to help you in the process.

1. Keep it Simple:

Your mind map doesn’t have to be elaborate or fancy. The simpler it is, the easier it will be to interpret. Start in the center with the main title/topic of the dream, and then branch out from there using descriptive words and phrases and thoughts that come to mind when you think of the dream.

2. Use Different Colors:

Using three or more colors will help you better organize the thoughts of your dream.

For example, you could make all symbols one color, all action words another color, all emotions and feelings another color, all people another color, etc..

If you find yourself drawn t o using a certain color while you think about different symbols or thoughts, you may also want to look at the meaning of colors in dreams – there just might be a subconscious reason for it.

3. Use Software If You Like:

Not good at drawing or organizing your thoughts on your own? Do you have messy illegible handwriting? There are a number of free mind mapping software, apps and online tools you can use to make all sorts of diagrams for dream interpretation.

Some of my favorite desktop apps are Scapple and MindMaple – but there are also plenty of great options available for desktops and smart phones.

If you’ve read my post on How to Record Your Dreams, you know I usually recommend not using software when initially recording the details of the dream in a journal.

However, once you get the dream written down in your notebook, the apps can be a wonderful way to better explore and understand the meaning of the dream, especially if a lack of creative talent is holding you back from trying this dream interpretation technique.

4. Write Down Every Thought or Idea That Comes to You:

Making a mind map is an exercise that will help open your mind. Do not judge or criticize the ideas that come to mind – write them down! They may provide a lot of insight into what the dream means when you are done.

5. Use Images & Drawings:

Adding illustrations, symbols, or drawings can help you to better understand your dream more than if you were just using words. Feel free to doodle, sketch, or draw while you are making associations and thinking about what different dream symbols might mean to you.

6. Use Association:

When you think of one word, what other words do you think of? Using association to add more and more to your mind map will help give you further insight into the meaning of the dream.

For example, if you think of alligators, what else do you think of? Swamps, scaly skin, crocodiles, etc.- all examples of association.

Have you used mind mapping as a technique to interpret your dreams? What do you enjoy about mind mapping? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I constantly have the same dream that I’m driving someone else’s car and I have a single car accident with it, leaving it obviously damaged. I seem to have a problem getting my foot to the brake and that’s what causes the accident.

  2. I dream the Crocodile it was very hanyer , I was afride and I fented and it went away , I was in a strange place

  3. I had a very vivid dream last night. my partner passed away almost a year ago suddenly he was 35 years old with no health issues
    Since I have moved house with the children and we are settled now, I don’t dream about him often I don’t know why
    but last night I had a dream he was outside my house in a digger he was digging up the road and gardens, he was smiling and laughing he then came to the window and said you come to me, I got excited and ran to the door I said to him what a mess the garden was in and he said yes I know OUR garden is a mess but its ok gave me a kiss and a cuddle and I woke up
    I could feel him cuddling me it was so real and I woke up happy and excited that I had seen him and he was ok

    I spoke to my friend who is a medium she said that this could mean he’s happy where we are living and always there
    the digger thing confused me but she said it was his way of saying he’s tendering the earth for me
    gave me great happiness once I figured out the messages

  4. My dreams involve loved ones that have passed and are very vivid, but really crazy. They’re all mixed up and go from one situation to another. When I wake up I’m usually scared and confused. They are scaring me.

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